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Distribution & Logistics Management on Bose Corporation India
PresentersKritica Ojha Saloni Jain Aditya Sharma Jalaj Kukreja Parakram Singh Saurav Haldar Vikram Sharma

. Massachusetts.S. Amar G. Bose.A. • The Company has 5 plants in U. • Bob Maresca (Since 2005) is the CEO leading the organisation till present.S and all Manufacturing are done by these units. • Bose is Headquartered @Framingham.Amity Business School • Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by then Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Dr.U.

• Home Entertainment Systems Product Categories Amity Business School • Professional Systems Car Audio Solutions .

Amity Business School Home Entertainment Systems • A. • • • Home theater systems 5.1-channel systems Lifestyle® V-class® system Lifestyle® T20 system Lifestyle® 48 system 2.1-channel systems Lifestyle® 235 system CineMate® system 3·2·1® GS system Home theater speaker • Acoustimass® 10 speakers • Acoustimass® 6 speakers • CineMate® II system • VCS-10® speaker • VCS-30® package . • • • B.

Amity Business School Professional Sound Systems L1® Systems Loudspeaker Systems • • • • • 802 Deluxe 802 Extended 802 Basic 402 Extended 402 Basic Loudspeakers •802® Series lll Loudspeakers •402® Series ll Loudspeakers •Panaray® MB4 Modular Bass r Controllers •Panaray® System Digital .

Amity Business School Car Audio Systems Built for Manufacturers • • • • • • • Audi Chevrolet Fiat Maybach Nissan Porsche Renault .

Marketing Mix in Channel Management Product Strategy (Quality/Branding) Amity Business School Distribution strategy Pricing Marketing Strategy Mix (Wholesale/Retail/Consumer) Promotion Strategy (Push/Pull) .

s when it comes to the Bose® Stores. • Spatial Convenience is high because of product demonstrations. • Waiting Time-is low for Bose® Stores as they usually have ready stock of the models on Display. .SODS @BOSE Amity Business School • Bulk Breaking is High as the Stock is not sold in large no.

SODS Continued Amity Business School • Variety & Assortment-is High as Bose has a variety of Sound Solutions. • Customer Service is given high importance as educating and installation services have to be provided to the Customers. .

Bose Verticals • First Division Handles the Home Entertainment Systems • Product Reach a) Through Company owned Showrooms b) Online Merchandising • FranchisingThere are no franchising offered by the company and all Bose ® stores are company owned. Amity Business School .

Bose VerticalsProduct Reach(Corporate) •The Other Division handles Professional & Car Sound Solutions. b)Delivery by Company-Direct Delivery to Customers. . Amity Business School Product Reach a)Corporate Sales-Bose Representatives to Corporate Customers.

• Bose has a delivery Truck fleet of 200 Vehicles. of Company Owned Outlets-55. Bose has a Distribution facility in every city they are present in India. Shipments are collected by Bose Pick ups from the Airport. . • No.Amity Business School Bose Distribution Network • • • • All Products are Imported from HeadQuarter Plant. The Shipment Tie Ups are with Forex Cargo. • Bose Corporate Office is in New Delhi from where operations in India are handled.

•New Delhi . Chennai. •Noida. Bangalore. Ghaziabad. •Hyderabad. •Mumbai. Gurgaon.Presence of Bose in India• • • • • • Ahmedabad. •Jaipur. Chandigarh. •Kolkata. •Ludhiana. •Pune •Thane Amity Business School .

Bose Representatives Corporate/Business Customers .Bose Distribution Channels •For B2C Distribution Bose Follows: 1 Level ChannelBose Distribution Unit Company Stores Amity Business School Customers •For B2B Clients Distribution is done by: Zero(0) Level Channel or in other words Direct Selling.

including connecting new and existing equipment Configuring Bose remote control to operate your equipment Programming AM/FM stations as presets in your remote control Testing and demonstrating the system As applicable. Bose Home Solutions services provide the following: Comprehensive one-on-one instruction to help you learn to use and get the most out of your system Complete product integration. setup and installation services • • • • • • • • • • • • • Installation services managed directly through Bose Certified installation service specialists understand best how Bose® systems integrate with other components.Amity Business School In-home delivery. the service also includes: Concealing wires in your walls Running the ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system for optimal performance Getting you started storing your music collection in systems with the uMusic® intelligent playback system Conducting video calibration to optimize your video performance .

Amity Business School Bose in-home consultation service • • • • • • • . a Bose Custom Design Consultant will: Personally manage your job from beginning to end—from scheduling through the completed installation Oversee the installation process and arrange for delivery of all the products you purchased right to your home Offer personal instruction on how to operate the new system once installation is complete. .A Bose Custom Design Consultant will: Walk through your home with you and discuss options based on your unique space Develop a proposal and offer a recommendation for products and installation services Once the proposal is accepted.

and three additional speakers set up Up to six speakers installed with wires concealed Multi-room expansion services for Lifestyle® systems Video services • • • • Pre-wiring Expansion setup SA amplifier and two speakers mounted indoors with speaker wires concealed SA amplifier and two speakers mounted outdoor with speaker wires Pre-wiring Television setup Plasma/LCD screen mounted without wires concealed Plasma/LCD screen mounted with video wires concealed .Additional professional services Amity Business School Home theater services • • • • • • • • Pre-wiring System setup Two speakers installed with wires concealed.

Conclusion Amity Business School • Bose has 2 Sub Divisions to sell their Products. • Bose is world No. • We came to know the SOD’s for Bose. . • Targeting the Urban Educated Market for their Sound Systems. • Bose manages its product Distribution through two Channel Streams.1 in Professional Sound Systems.

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