ACTIVE TAGS - RFID tags equipped with a transmitter.

Unlike passive tags, they can not only return signals from the reader, but can also send back information to the reader ANTENNA- The conductive element that enables the tag to exchange data with the reader (sending and receiving) through conducting electromagnetic energy BARCODE-A standard method of identifying items based on lines of varying widths and spacing that are visually read by a scanner EAN(European Article Numbering)- The bar code standard used throughout Europe, Asia, and South America, administered by EAN International EPC(Electronic Product Code)- An identification standard created by the Auto-ID Center that provides more information than bar codes do. The EPC can identify manufacturers, product categories, and individual items. PASSIVE TAGS – RFID tags that do not contain a battery; the power is supplied by the reader. When radio waves from the reader reach the chip’s antenna, the energy is converted by the antenna into electricity powering up the microchip in the tag and enabling the tag to send back information stored on the microchip RFID(Radio frequency identification)- A method of identifying unique items using radio waves.