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You Find Yourself Loosing Friends

You Find Yourself Loosing Friends

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Published by: effstonem on Feb 05, 2013
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You find yourself loosing friends, more and more.

It’s harder to get on with people, including your parents. You wish they would notice that you weren’t ok, although you don’t want them to fuss. You want help but you also want to be left alone. You worry that people think you’re an attention seeker by constantly looking upset, so you try and smile and keep happy, but you break down when you get home and no one is watching. You’re worried that your friends actually hate you, you become overwhelmingly paranoid. Nobody is there, you feel so alone. You hate growing up. You desperately want to go back in time. You go home, get under the covers and cry. You wish you were

You find yourself smiling less. Some days you just need to listen to music. You feeling guilty for wishing this though because there’s so many people out there dying that don’t want to be.’ You constantly feel miserable.dead. you use it to drown out the world. . You want to change so much about yourself. You hate the word ‘depressed.

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