How to Write Good-Quality Quiz Feedback eImprov

Learn from your answer by generalizing beyond the specific problem. By carefully thinking about the particular misunderstanding or missing info, you should develop a better understanding of the basic physics principles. In your writing you should identify this new thinking and describe how it will prevent you from having similar problems in the future. Please note that merely writing down the correct solution is not feedback. You are expected to generalize beyond the specific problem to discuss the general principles of physics. Poor generalization doesn’t relate to the specific question • • “I learned to read the question carefully” “I learned to pick the right equations before solving a problem” Good Generalization – Uses the specific question to draw a conclusion that is true in general • • Add a cause, formula, diagram, or other addition from the “Understand” phase “The important thing to remember is that when I increases, it doesn’t do it for no reason. You can’t tell a battery how much current to output. If I increases, it’s either because the battery voltage went up, or the circuit resistance went down.” “I didn’t realize how important it is to distinguish between voltage drop and voltage rise. I learned that by increasing the resistance of one component, you can increase the voltage drop across it, but you can’t change the voltage rise of the battery.”

Poor generalization doesn’t relate to anything other than the specific question • “I learned that the amount of voltage drop from A to B is the same as the voltage drop from B to F.” I learned that the answer is 2mA.

Skill: Write good-quality feedback to yourself. 1. Write feedback to yourself about a question where you got the answer correct, but you think you could improve your reasoning. (Understand, Improve) 2. Write feedback to yourself about two questions where you got an incorrect answer, and you think you could improve your reasoning. (Understand, Diagnose, Improve) 3. Submit to instructor: a. Original test b. Feedback

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