Music Presentation

.What is fusion music? • Fusion music is a genre that combines two or more styles of music • They include variations of tempo and rhythm and different parts of the song can include a range of these.

Types of Fusion Music There are hundreds of different type of fusion music but some examples are: • Jazz funk .jazz + funk • Acid jazz – jazz + hip hop/dance music • Pop rock – pop + rock .

Famous Fusion Artists • Ray Charles – gospel and jazz-blues • Stevie Ray Vaughan – rock and blues .

• It is a folk dance that celebrates the Harvest season • It uses Indian instruments such as the tumbli. dhol and many other drum instruments. .Bhangra • Bhangra is a fusion of classical and folk music from the Punjab region of India.

• It uses jazzy horns and several types of guitar .Highlife • Highlife music originated in Ghana and spread to other West-African countries in the early 1900s.

Folk Music • Folk is a traditional English genre • It uses acoustic instruments and sometimes religious lyrics Some famous artists are: • Bob Dylan • Judy Collins • The Weavers .