Atmospheric Pollution Detection

. and the lack of harder laws on the industries. • The predominance of individual transportation as cars. • Respiratory diseases are common. are factors that can explain the high taxes of pollution on this cities.• Atmospheric Pollution is one of the biggest cause of diseases and deaths in Latin America. affecting principally children of the biggest latin american big cities.

• Some of it’s compounds are emmited by human action and some are biogenic. . • The inhalable material is classificated as PM10.• The particulate material is the name we give to solid and liquid material suspended by the air.5 (thin particles). smaller than 2. • The thin particles can penetrate to deeper parts of the lungs. to the smaller than 10 micrometers and PM2.5 micrometers. and aren't necessarely nocive.

birth defects. and premature death. cardiovascular issues.• The effects of inhaling particulate matter that have been widely studied in humans and animals now include asthma. . lung cancer.

the tax of PM are usually between 20 and 50 unities. . • In São Paulo. and in other south american countries is around 50 µg/m³. the maximum recomended of PM is 20 µg/m³ in Brazil. • In European countries.• So many countries set standards of particulate material which is considered safe.

• One of the few projects in L. Bogotá. ..Our Project • Analyze the particulate material collected in the biggest latin american cities: • São Paulo. among others. Santiago. Lima.. Buenos Aires.A.


The Equipment .

• The organic compounds are separated from the others. • Then the filter is taken to the laboratory.• The machine pumps air through the filter during one day • The particulate matter is deposited on filtter. . and then it’s concentration its mesured.

Chromatography Equipment .

. some of them carcinogenic • Alcanes. the presence indicates if the emission is biogenic or by human action.Organic Compounds • Measures the kind and the concentration of each organic compound studied in the material colected on filtter: • HPA.

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