Jobs, Professions, Occupations

president, vice-president, executive officer (CEO); director, deputy director, managing director, financial director, marketing director; general manager, assistant manager, manager; personnel manager, production manager, marketing manager, sales manager, accounts manager; supervisor, inspector;

office clerk, receptionist, secretary, typist, stenographer;

banker, bank officer, accountant, bookkeeper, economist, teller, cashier, auditor;

doctor, physician, family doctor, general practitioner; eye specialist, throat specialist, heart specialist; cardiologist, surgeon, pediatrician, psychiatrist, dentist, dietician, pharmacist, veterinarian; nurse, paramedic;

chef, head cook, cook; maitre d', headwaiter, waiter, waitress, bartender, barman;

Sales and stores
sales representative, sales manager; salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, salesgirl, salesclerk, cashier;

technician. photographer. policeman. journalist. mathematician. student. dancer. mechanic. Law and order judge. philosopher. traffic officer. researcher. professor. chemist. artist. scenarist. guard. bricklayer. police officer. painter. scholar. actor. retailer. web-designer. pupil. economist. architect. dramatist. singer. builder. actress. School and college principal. biologist. Science scientist. detective. producer. physicist. astronomer. attorney. reporter. buyer. designer. wholesale buyer.seller. writer. wholesaler. construction worker. explorer. teacher. legal adviser. dean. welder. mason. author. advertising agent. repairer. Art and creative work musician. Construction engineer. historian. plumber. playwright. distributor. archeologist. Other . composer. interior designer. film director. carpenter. psychologist. painter. cameraman. lawyer. bodyguard.

specialist. agency. computer operator. work agreement. to apply for a job. firm. flight attendant. an interesting job. to quit one's job. hotel. a teaching job. cleaning lady. librarian. driver. season worker. interview. priest. wages. a good job. travel cosmetologist. model. consultant. beautician. a boring job. taxi driver. Related terms to hire. a part-time job. pilot. hospital. a temporary job. salary. computer programmer. janitor. a badly paid job. factory. company. temporary worker. to work part-time. firefighter. jobless. a position as secretary. income. contract. staff member. employer. a challenging job. a highly paid job. adviser. Describing a job a job in electronics. to have a part-time job. letter of application for a job. a well-paid job. shop. a difficult job. cleaning woman. bus driver. resume. truck driver. a permanent job. to be paid by the hour. Places of work office. to be on staff. unemployed. a low-paid job. tailor. to look for a job. plant. to be paid by the month. employee. to fire. school. CV. politician. to work full-time. a full-time job. farmer. hairstylist. . stewardess. to work overtime. pay. barber. hairdresser.

I work at a small travel agency.monthly pay. Their annual pay is twenty-three thousand dollars. I am unemployed at the moment. I have a small business of my own. I sell computers. He is looking for a place as a housekeeper. Her hourly pay is ten dollars. I'd like to apply for a job. sick leave. gross pay. I work for a film company. take-home pay. I am a car dealer. hourly pay. I am a homemaker. I am looking for a job as a driver. She is paid ten dollars an hour. I work at home. She is looking for a place as a cook. expenses. I am seeking a position as librarian. I work at a hotel. Related phrases What do you do? What business are you in? I am a teacher. I work for a newspaper. overtime pay. I am in advertising. I am looking for a job right now. fringe benefits. weekly pay. medical insurance. . I am seeking a position as office clerk. His salary is thirty-four thousand dollars a year. net pay. bonus. I am looking for a job in marketing. I'd like to apply for the position of shop assistant. yearly pay. I work as a psychologist. deductions. He gets two thousand dollars a month. I am in real estate. I am a sales representative. They get twenty-three thousand dollars a year. I work at a bank. annual pay. I am a freelance writer. I work at a transportation company. She gets ten dollars an hour. taxes. I work as a stockbroker. His monthly pay is two thousand dollars.

Prepare and sell fish. They work in a bar. Hair dressers Cut and style people's hair.He was offered the position of salesclerk. Shave men's beards and cut men's hair. Defend and prosecute people. They work in a hair salon. They work in an airplane. They work in a hotel. Judge and sentence people. She has a position as cashier. Flight attendants Look after passengers. They work in a dentists. Work . Where do they work? They work in an office. Prepare and cook food. Serve drinks. Look after people's health. Judges They work in a law court. Clean and tidy rooms. Barmen/women Butchers Chambermaids Chefs Dentists Doctors Fishmongers Look after people's teeth. Prepare and sell meat. Lawyers Nurses . They work in a bakery. They work in a hospital or surgery. They work in a barbers. pub or restaurant. They work in a butchers. They work in a fishmongers.What do they do? Where do they work? Job Accountants Bakers Barbers What do they do? Look after the finances in an organisastion. They work in a hospital or doctor's surgery. They work in a kitchen. They work in a law court and in a lawyers office. Look after patients . Bake bread.

Weld metal to make things. Serve people food and drink. Vets Waiters/Waitresses Welders Names . Teach people. They work in a hospital. They work in factories and construction. make. Look after people's animals.Opticians Look after people's eye sight. Surgeons Operate on people who are sick. Secretaries type letters and organise They work in an office. Carry other people's bags and luggage. meetings. They work in a restaurant. They work in reception. Arrange appointments. Sell goods and look after customers. Tailors Teachers Technicians They work in factories and shops. alter or repair garments. They work everywhere! They work in a veterinary surgery or vets. Design. They work in an opticians. Porters Receptionists Sales Assistants They work in a hotel or train station. Meet and greet visitors. They work in a school. They work in a shop. Organise and repair technical equipment.

Do you like your job? Yes. Marital Status Are you married / single? Yes. What is your surname / last name? My surname / last name is _______. Work & Occupation What do you do? I am a _______. or No I'm not. I don't. I am. Why do you like your job? I like my job because _______. Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend? Yes. . I have _______ children. or No.What is your name? My name is _______. or No. I don't What are their names? Their names are _______. Do you have a nickname? Yes. Where do you work? I work at _______. How many brothers and sister do you have? I have _______ brothers and _______ sisters. I don't. or No. I do. I do. I don't. my nickname is _______ or No. Family Do you have any children? Yes. What is your partner's name? My partner's name is _______.

I don't. What is your phone number? My phone number is _______. Who do you live with? I live with my _______. Do you live alone? Yes. Free time activities What do you do in your free time? In my free time I _______. I don't. I do. I do. What is your e-mail address? My e-mail address is _______. Do you live with your parents? Yes. What is your cell phone number? My cell phone number is _______. What are your hobbies? My hobbies are _______. Do you live in a house or an apartment? I live in a/an _______. What is your address? My address is _______.Age How old are you? I am _______ years old. Contact Information Where are you from? I am from _______. Where were you born? I was born in _______. or No. or No. When is your birthday? My birthday is on the _______ of _______. .

What type of music do you like? I like _______ music. Do you have any pets? Yes. or No. I don't. I do. or No. Other Personal Information What is your favourite food? My favourite food is _______. one of my bad habits is _______. I don't. I don't like _______. I do. or No. Do you have a favourite singer or group? My favourite singer / group is _______. or I like all food. I don't. What types of movies do you like? I like _______ movies. or No. I don't. . What languages do you speak? I speak _______. Habits Do you have any bad habits? Yes. I do. Do you smoke? Yes. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? I smoke _______ cigarettes a day. What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is _______. Why do you want to learn English? I want to learn English because _______. I do. Is there any food that you do not like? Yes. Do you like to read? Yes. Do you snore? Yes. What do you like to read? I like to read _______.

I am _______ and _______. Describe yourself using only two words. Chicago. What is something you do not do well? I am bad at _______. What is something you do well? I am good at . Are you romantic? _______ romantic. Are you a good cook/singer/driver? Yes. Do you have any tattoos? Yes. Do you have a favourite team? My favourite team is _______. I don't. I do. or No. IL 60622 773-972-6745 http://www.a-stw.What pets do you have? I have _______. I don't. Which sports do you like? The sport I like is _______. What are their names? Their names are _______. Augusta Blvd. I do. Partial listing of addresses A-Squared Theatre Workshop 1941 W. What makes you happy? I am happy when _______. or No.

209/463-2139 Asian American Repertory Theatre PO BOX 81796 San Diego. Suite 211 San Francisco. Artistic AADP@unbound-spirit. Executive Director Valerie Acoba. Board Pres. Asia On Stage aos@BostonInfo. CA 92138-1796 (888)568-2278 or (888) 568-AART email: info@asianamericanrep.J. Chu.5638 Pamela A.543.unbound-spirit. Producing Director . Doris C. Artistic Director Bill Yee. MA 02116 (617) 542-4599 Asian American Repertory Theatre PO BOX 691443 atran at Asian American Theater Company Asian American Theater Company 690 Fifth Street.asianamericanrep.Asia On Stage/Chinese Culture Institute 276 Tremont Street. CA 94107-1517 phone website: http://www.5738 fax 415. CA Steven (This may be an inactive group) Asian American Dance Performances 1310 Mission Street San Francisco. Wu. CA 94103 (415) 820-3930 www. Publicist Dorothy Okura. Boston.543.

Craig Rd. CA 94103 Asian Arts Initiative 1219-1223 Vine Street (this group may be inactive) Asian Story Theater 1250 Weaver Street. NV 89130 702/809-7135 APPAAINC@aol.bindlestiffstudio. #470 San info@asianamericantheater.appaa. PA 19107 Phone: (215) 557-0455 Website: May not be currently active Asian Pacific Theatre Project see InterACT Asian Stories in American Theatre (ASIA) PO Box 41063 Arlington VA 22204 703-418-9703 e-mail: asianplays@aol. Suite 291 Las Bindlestiff Studios 1072 Folsom Street. Artistic Director www. San Diego CA 92114 (619) 527-2816 Asian Pacific Performing Arts Alliance 4933 http://www.asianamericantheater. Lee Brisby.

CA 95959 Phone: 530/273-6362 Lisa http://www.asiantheater. Artistic Director/President www. part of actors' playhouse 1409 info@asiantheater.coldtofu. 10016 info@cuchipinoy. CA 90086 213/739-4142 http://www. Suite 610 Cuchipinoy Productions 244 Madison Ave. Fourth St. # 88 Nevada Ctiy. NY .com (213) 739-4142 Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra 228 Commercial St. #277 New York .Cahoots Theatre Project 174 Spandia Cold Tofu PO Box 86605 Los Deep Yellow/New Asian-American Theatre Co. CA 95112 Ph: (408) 298 – 2287 Fax: (408) 280 – 0407 www. ON M5T 2C2 Telephone (416) 203-9000 Fax (416) 203-9002 Box Office (416) 203-9000 Email CATS email Contemporary Asian Theatre Scene 565 North Fifth Street San Jose. .catsweb.

CA 562/590-9396 may not be active .Los Angeles.

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