Racism Survey



In our questionnaire we wanted talk about an important topic for our society, and to know what people think about racism. We started this questionnaire with the idea that racism exists in our daily lives, and that will not disappear. We want to know that the students for Social Science agree with our idea or not. We have used the web site www.surveymonkey.com This site has been very helpful to publish our questionnaire and then analyze the results.

For this questionnaire we have used the method of Likert scale. A Likert scale is a psychometric scale especially used in questionnaire, and is the most used scale in survey research. Our Likert items are: •Racism has changed relationships between people •Even in our daily life there are forms of racism •Racism hasn't completely disappeared •Adults shouldn't teach the discrimination of other people to the children •Nowadays woman is considered lower than men To express the opinion the students had to choose between: •strongly agree •agree •neither agree or not disagree •disagree •strongly disagree

First item

In this sentence 27 students are in agreement that racism has changed relationships between people. No students are opposed to this sentence.

Second item

Half of students agree with this sentence.

6 responders are not agree, but nobody is completely in disagree. There is 1 skipped question.

Third item

the majority of students at Martino Martini think that racism hasn’t completely disappeared;

2 people think that racism is disappeared.

There is 1 skipped question.

Fourth item

22 our colleagues are in agreement that adults shouldn’t teach the discrimination of other people to the children;

We really didn’t expect that 3 people think it is right to teach to the children the discrimination of other people.

Fifth item

the majority people who answered our survey believe that women is considered equal to men.

At the end of our questionnaire we have seen that more than half the students of Martino Martini are in agreement with our previous ideas. We are pleased because we have never done this type of survey, and we have learnt new english words. We have a lot of fun!

Thanks for your attention

Jessica S. Giulia C. & Erika B.

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