Sir, as I am fresher I need a platform to enhance my product knowledge and be an expert.

I am very curious to learn new things and a quick learner too. I am a g ood team player who can work along with a team and can adapt to any situation ac cordingly. So if given opportunity to work for the company, I would give my 100%.

Good evening sir, First of all, I would like say thank you for giving this opportunity to introduc e myself. I am Chaitra came from Anantapur. Coming to education qualification, I completed my graduation at Kuppam engineeri ng college, Kuppam with an AGG of 73.9%. I completed my intermediate at chaitanya jr. College, Thirupati WITH 92.8%. And, I completed my schooling at govt school with 85.5%. My hobbies are playing chess. My strengths are, I am self motivator, positive thinker and adaptable to any env ironment. My short term goal is get a job in reputed company. My long term goal is to create identity at myself in workplace. Coming to my family, consist of 5 members, my father is farmer, my mother is hom e maker, and I have two sisters. Thank you.

Apart from the positive boost that a person s career gets, an MBA degree also offe rs three side benefits. Some may argue that these are the main benefits: 1. An MBA course is a hot-house where you are pushed to deliver. You are introdu ced to fierce competition. The conditions work on you in such a way that either you break-down and leave the course half-way, or you end up becoming a tough pro fessional. 2. An MBA programme exposes you to a very wide area of experience in terms of su bjects and people. You get exposed to varied subjects like macro-economics, cons umer behaviour, psychology, marketing, cultural heritage, communication theory, operations research, quantitative techniques, finance, HR, etc. Most programmes cover over 30 subjects! Apart from exposure to subjects, you meet people from va rious backgrounds and places. This really broadens your outlook!

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