3/1/1980Enter Date of Birth (month,day,year) 28Age SaturdayDay you were born 10,578Days lived #NAME?Months lived #NAME?Exact age as at 15/02/09 253880:37:38Time alive (Press & Hold F9 button) 253,881 Hours lived 15232837Minutes lived 913970258Seconds lived 84,627Approx hours slept 3,526Days sleeping 33%% of life asleep 9.7Years asleep 1,096,764,310 Approx number of heart beats #NAME?Zodiac Sign Monkey Chinese Star Sign Roger Daltry, Ron Howard, Pete Rozelle 55Desired Retirement Age 2/28/2035Retirement Date Share Birthday with 26Years to Retirement 9509Days to Retirement 6,792Approx number of workdays Not Married Years Married Years to 50th Golden Anniversary Years to 25th Silver Anniversary

Enter Marriage Date

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