The impact of science and systems on the way we grow, consume, market, fortify, manage, purchase and interact with what we eat.
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0 in this issue of Intelligent Dialogue. purchase it and interact with it? The short answer: The changes are significant – and the impact is growing. consume it. What’s a marketer to do? And what are the major communications challenges and opportunities as Food 3. fortify it. PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3. The complete story is far more complex.0 | 3 .0 continues to evolve? Porter Novelli leaders and experts weigh in on Food 3.0 How is technology changing our relationship with food? How do science and systems impact the way we grow it. manage it. market it.Introduction FOOD 3.

Some fret over projections of what genomics may bring. So. “ THERE WOULDN ’T BE WORLD HUNGER IF PEOPLE WOULD LIVE WHERE THE FOOD IS!” The outrageous stand-up was no futurist. or nanotechnology. others are skeptical of innovation related to functionality and fortification. and years later. why – for so many – is “tech” a four-letter word when it comes to our food supply? Some critics focus on agriculture or manufacturing. When was the last time you heard a manufacturing boss cry foul at tools that assist his business in completing a job better. boosting nutrition and maximizing yield. Washington.973. DC Contact Mary at Mary.3601 WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD Be a Four-Letter Word? ACCORDING TO THE LATE COMEDIAN SAM KINISON. faster and more efficiently? WHY MUST “TECH” 4 | PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3.0 . while others worry about environmental impact or even increased variety and abundance. yet their counterparts in other sectors are considered behind the times. but he had a point. cutting-edge technology speaks to it: While hunger persists around the globe. Technological innovations are also enhancing food safety. Sound like progress? I certainly think so.MARY CHRIST-ERWIN Partner Porter Novelli Public Services. innovations have begun to dramatically improve people’s ability to grow and access food.Christ-Erwin@porternovelli. Food techno-resisters have a real voice in the food-supply or 202.

nutrition research demonstrates that most people suffer from nutrient inadequacies – calcium.S. It helps us live well. potassium.” Why is there such reluctance to combine the need for food with the power of technology? I believe in large part it’s a communications failure. IT HELPS US LIVE WELL. PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3. Perhaps some products are ahead of their time – early attempts to include more healthful items on fast-food menus are good examples. For example. to add cholesterol-lowering stanols and plant sterols into orange juice or baked goods – such as Minute Maid® Premium Heart WiseTM or VitaTops muffin tops with CoroWiseTM plant sterols – and to creatively deliver calcium. food scientists have found ways to include whole grains in cereals. a challenging mineral to work with. WE CRAVE IT. In response. Fundamentally. magnesium. technology enhances us.“FUNDAMENTALLY. based upon the few framing the dialogue for the many.0 | 5 . And sometimes products exported from one region or country to another don’t translate culturally. WE DEPEND ON IT.. while Europeans – who have consumed probiotic foods for years – looked on in amazement. probioticenhanced yogurt took significant time and communications effort to gain traction among both health professionals and consumers in the U. We crave it. We depend on it. fiber. At the most basic level. TECHNOLOGY ENHANCES US.

Apple & Eve® FruitablesTM. offers food for thought: “The debate over functional foods has. Dannon® Dan-o-Nino® or spaghetti sauce enhanced with vegetables in getting nutrients into children without an argument. most consumers can now choose how processed they want their food to be – from minimally processed whole fruits and vegetables to packaged versions intended to deliver servings in novel ways. sustainable and local food has begun to associate itself with the desire for “non-engineered.” But the truth is. Today. When the priority is ensuring children consume nutrients. They’re hindered by legal and regulatory limitations and the call by public health advocates to limit the manufacturer’s marketing voice. offering both nutrition and desirability. The head of Porter Novelli’s global regulatory work. functional foods sales are projected to reach $109 billion this year. as well as technological innovation that offers enhanced nutritional value. nearly every food is processed on some level. but not all of them are working to their best advantage. according to Global Industry Analysts. The reality is that food performs for us at multiple levels. a functional food is a product that has been given additional nutrition potency through science. A tool with significant promise – and very real challenges – is the opportunity manufacturers have to speak about new nutrition research. who previously worked for the Food and Drug Administration. and they demand a lot. With the multitude of choices available. focused on the functionality given a product by Mother Nature. and what types of health claims can be communicated to consumers. to date.0 . and the regulations are a moving target. So what is a food manufacturer or marketer to do? Innovate. first and foremost for safety. What hasn’t changed is the regulatory definition of a functional food. The dialogue over what food labels should include is contentious. sometimes the technology sneer falls off the radar. Yet. This lack of clarity has had the perverse effect of holding back responsible 6 | PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3. Consumers are savvier than ever. Talk to parents of picky eaters about the important role of Wonder® Bread. but don’t talk tech? Manufacturers have numerous communications tools at their fingertips. Peter Pitts. That’s not good for consumers and not good for business. globally.So why all the uproar? The widespread movement for organic.



The right balance. among consumers.0 | 9 . Manufacturers and retailers face quite a challenge in marketing health and nutrition benefits in ways that consumers do not feel are being shoved down their throats. even more contentious. not break it. delicious. nutritional phenotype and delivery of personalized nutrition • Processing impact and bioavailability issues of botanicals MORE. FOOD TECHNOLOGY HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DELIVER MUCH Institute for Food Technologists: • Designing macronutrient ingredients for enhanced satiety • Nutrigenomics. production and manufacturing work in concert. We need to bring to a halt the all-or-nothing discussion on food science and technology and identify ways to make all manner of agriculture. A celebration of our varied needs and wants and the technologies that deliver against them.players while emboldening fringe elements. Let’s build the toolbox. If we want to truly drive better health through better nutrition. the government must become both clearer and more dynamic in its efforts to clarify nutritional health claims over a wide variety of foods. safe choices that meet their individual needs? The right conversations. Places of agreement – among stakeholders.” The battle over food claims in the European Union is. among us all. Keith Taylor of Porter Novelli London encapsulates the challenge: “The mismanaged EU health-claims process has exacerbated consumers’ uncertainty when it comes to food. if possible.” So what’s needed to cut through the rhetoric and offer consumers what they want – clear. Take a look at the topics included in the July 2010 meeting of the • Novel processes and food safety for military and space feeding • Translating overseas health and wellness trends for American consumers PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3.

Intelligent Dialogue 10 | PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3.0 .

the greatest challenge is balancing the messages to ensure that they are persuasive and or 202. because it’s never that black or white.762. Therefore.WHAT ARE THE GREATEST CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR MANUFACTURERS IN ENHANCING FOOD TECHNOLOGIES (E. We work with a local registered dietitian on behalf of a foodservice provider.2943 In a word – taste. Washington. dietary fiber. etc. We feel the real opportunity is not to lecture people about the dos and don’ts of what they consume. nutritional values.Weiss@porternovelli.0 | 11 . doesn’t resonate very strongly with the typical consumer. or consumers won’t buy it. SHEILA WEISS Account Supervisor Porter Novelli Public Services.973. From a stakeholder perspective. PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3. DC Contact Sheila at Sheila. What we’ve found is that behavior changes can and should be subtle and simple. SENSORY APPROACHES)? BILL KOLBERG Managing Director Porter Novelli Los Angeles Contact Bill at Bill. yet within the regulatory framework.. INNOVATIVE FOOD FORMATS. COMMUNIC ATING THE BENEFITS OF NUTRITION– FORTIFIC ATION. but true. FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS. The food has to taste good.Kolberg@porternovelli..2480 The biggest challenge is simply that consumers don’t ‘eat’ nutrition. like adding or subtracting an ingredient from a recipe versus discarding it altogether. they eat food – flavors and textures. I know. communication about fat from or 323. Our challenge is to simplify consumers’ understanding of the nutritional quality of the food they eat.G. Obvious.

241. So many big manufacturers’ business models were built on a one-size-fits-all premise.2240 One of the biggest challenges for food manufacturers is providing a variety of products that meet the needs of the increasingly diverse palate of the American eater. niche food manufacturers suddenly have more relevance in the food industry. What this means is that small. while also turning a profit. they have greater freedom to demand what they want.BRAD McCORMICK Executive Vice President. leading to market fragmentation. And big food manufacturers are taking notice. 12 | PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3.McCormick@porternovelli. the economies of scale don’t apply. Because technology is empowering consumers. Increasingly. and why Perdue would launch a small niche brand like or 512.0 . Global Digital Director Porter Novelli Austin Contact Brad at Brad. That’s why Kellogg’s purchased a smaller niche food company like Kashi.



Users have all the information they could possibly want or need.224588 Mobile technology is tapping into the desire for convenience. Other grocery-related apps let shoppers compare prices. PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3. Here in the U. right in their pockets. online delivery service Ocado lets iPhone users order and pay for grocery delivery. Perhaps one of the most interesting apps is StickyBits.K. Users can annotate information ( or +44.. so they can make more informed purchasing decisions. The opportunities for consumer-to-consumer and retaileror manufacturer-to-consumer dialogue are boundless.HOW ARE MOBILE TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA AND IMPACTING THEIR PURCHASES? CHANGING CONSUMERS’ RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD – KEITH TAYLOR Director Porter Novelli London Contact Keith at Keith.Taylor@porternovelli. Shopping lists can be built gradually. It shouldn’t be long before a user scans a label on a tub of ice cream and receives the manufacturer’s recommendation for optimal toppings. photographs) to a bar code.1295. video. hire one now. The business implication? Manufacturers and retailers must ensure that they become part of the conversation – and part of the purchasing decision.0 | 15 . but they’re better informed than they were even a year ago. If you have a major food brand and you don’t have a community manager. People are using their phones to look up recipes as they grocery shop. and items can be bookmarked as favorites. driving more informed choices and enabling more spontaneity. Most also have a network of people offering or asking for suggestions. Purchases may be less planned.

16 | PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3. The apps are consultative (Should I have the chicken salad or the salmon with risotto?). the bestsubstantiated wisdom – count your calories – seems to be bubbling to the top. Put simply. Emerging Media and Technology Porter Novelli New York Contact Israel at or 212. As consumers share information with one another about what matters to them when it comes to staying healthy and eating right. Food diaries have been found to be one of the most effective vehicles for developing and maintaining healthy eating habits – a food diary that’s easy to use and carry is likely to have a strong impact on your eating habits.ISRAEL MIRSKY Executive Vice President. Apps that help identify responsibly sourced foods are proliferating – witness Seafood Watch. which helps identify whether the sushi on the plate is ocean-friendly or not.0 . Mobile applications like Calorie Counter and Food Tracker/DailyBurn help people track the calories they Google Search Trends on Food ingest and burn more easily than ever before. aiming to inform consumers at a glance whether they’re contributing to overfishing. the Internet is helping consumers get smarter about what they eat.8314 Recent research indicates that consumers globally are becoming more concerned with calories than with organic or healthy eating choices.


the producers can leverage a single experience into a broader shared one with fans. Though it was never really linear (anyone or anything could interrupt a purchase decision. On the brand side. whether that consumer has purchased the product or not. food technologies and even the environmental or cultural impact of “eating” are driving a broader conversation. of course. consumer and brand. smartphones might help a consumer to “like” the wine on Facebook.601. and mobile technology is likely to be the bridge between the product. In other words.Johnson@porternovelli. Barcoo links products with customer reviews right at the shelf through a mobile app for smartphones. start a dialogue with the producer or note it for consumption later. it’s impossible to look at the impact of mobile technologies on our purchase decisions without first understanding and acknowledging that consumer demand for information about food. As A. The brand can now keep the consumer engaged in a conversation about its product. The data possibilities are virtually endless: from user reviews and ratings to price comparisons or even allergy information. tweet the tasting or bookmark the wine to a “favorites” list. trial to loyalty.JOEL JOHNSON Executive Vice President. Mobile technologies are transforming the purchase funnel.” The implication is that consumers are defining the relationship they want to have with producers. In Germany. enabling consumers to skip whole steps). tasting a fine wine in your wine shop doesn’t have to be the last step before trial – in fact. In addition to enabling a mobile information search. mobile allows consumers to capture the experience in a social network. “consumer is boss.0 . retailers and marketers of food – the purchase funnel is the battleground. smartphones empower consumers to make more informed decisions as they move from say. For example. they have the earned media assets to do this – a community.8322 Social commerce or socially enabled e-commerce is now mobile enabled. followers and even critics in online conversations ( or 212. it could be the first step in establishing a relationship with the brand through conversation. A third player in this conversation is the expert out there who might influence a consumer’s relationship with the wine on 18 | PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3. a community manager and branded social network activity). Integrated Planning Director Porter Novelli New York Contact Joel at Joel. But.G. Lafley of Procter & Gamble has stated.

Perhaps the motivational trigger for one consumer is recommendations by other wine lovers who prefer biodynamic wines or wines that come from vintners with best-inclass labor practices. mobile technologies benefit consumers by providing real-time connection of products to social networks for approval. price and taste.0 | 19 . but it could easily be affinity too. PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3.” different fronts – quality. not just information (which may be better gleaned from advertising or the wine shop owner). In that case.“THE BRAND CAN NOW KEEP THE CONSUMER ENGAGED IN A CONVERSATION ABOUT ITS PRODUCTS. come to mind.


• The growth of mobile food trucks that rely on social media technologies to alert followers. Trucks are increasing in popularity due to the economic downturn.0 | 21 . Millennials’ impact on lifestyles and an increasing public interest in food culture. PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3.” • PR crises will sprout up around food. images. QR. with their own mobile technologies helping to influence the consumer at the shelf — which sets the stage for a potential marketing conflict of interest between individual brands and producers. • Retailers will move to act as middlemen.HERE’S WHAT WE’RE GOING TO SEE IN THE NEXT YEAR BETWEEN CONSUMERS AND THE FOOD THEY EAT: OR TWO IN MOBILE THAT WILL IMPACT THE RELATIONSHIP • More mobile apps will connect consumers at the shelf with their social network and affinity groups. comparison data and other “recommendations. FTC and FDA involvement in claims from user reviews. bar codes and augmented reality readers. • In the U. as marketers struggle with increased scrutiny from consumers demanding more transparency (either through mobile social networks or mobile commerce). we’ll see more FCC.. • More brands will try to influence consumers at the shelf through location-based services like Gowalla and FourSquare. • More producers will enable their food products to be scanned and uploaded via mobile.S.

roast the potatoes or take bread out of the oven) TIPULATOR Computes a tip based on a check total. mocha. americano. cities POCKET COCKTAILS Photos of hundreds of pretty cocktails with step-by-step recipes FAST FOOD CALORIE COUNTER Nutritional info for 6.S. and other delightful espresso beverages 8 3 4 9 5 10 6 22 | PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3. and splits it among the people in the party 7 2 URBANSPOON Turns the iPhone into a slot machine to help find a place to eat.0 . one for cuisine type and one for price YELP Uses the phone’s GPS capability to deliver information and candid user reviews for nearby restaurants.000 recipes. with color photos of the finished products LOCALEATS The best 100 restaurants in each of the 50 largest U. bars and other businesses VEGOUT Uses the iPhone’s GPS to find nearby vegetarian restaurants BARISTA Guides users through the process of creating a latte. There’s a reel for the neighborhood.000 menu items from the 55 top fast food restaurants COOKIT Alerts users when it’s time to start cooking specific parts of the meal (when to boil the pasta.10 iPhone Apps for FOODIES 4 5 6 1 2 3 7 8 9 10 1 BIGOVEN 170. cappuccino.



Give us a call. Contact Porter Novelli CEO Gary Stockman with your challenge: Gary.0 . We’ll assemble a team of experts for an Intelligent Dialogue discussion focused on you.What’s Keeping You UP AT NIGHT? At Porter or 212. 25 | PORTER NOVELLI: FOOD 3.8114.601. we thrive on communications challenges. and let us take a crack at the challenges keeping you up at night.

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