Cholesterol is needed to make ALL hormones produced in adrenal cortex, - glucocorticoids, Mineralcorticoids, corticoids, Progesterone, estrogens, testosterone. Less Cholesterol = Less Hormones

Stop eating this




Less hormones = MORE DISEASE Good for Business
•Uric Acid levels •Blood pressure •Triglycerides

All Drop on a Low-carb diet





Low cholesterol has been linked to: •Depression •Increased suicide rates •Alzheimer's •Parkinson's •Cancer – especially with cholesterol below 140 Cholesterol lowering can also lead to:
•Blood sugar problems •Edema •Mineral deficiencies •Chronic inflammation •Difficulty in healing •Allergies •Asthma •Reduced libido •Infertility •Various reproductive problems

The Good Oils
Coconut Oil Palm Oil (unrefined) Butter Olive Oil Animal fats

Eat like this

The Bad Oils (STOP)
Margarine Cottonseed oil Corn oil Canola oil Vegetable oil Anything Hydrogenated

Low-Fat Causes Cancer Low-Fat Causes Heart Disease

Remember: All Stress hormones are made from CHOLESTEROL

/ NO Cholesterol = NO Hormones = More Stress

Eat to Lose Weight, Stop Heart Disease, Correct Blood Sugar
Low-Fat Causes Cancer Low-Fat Causes Heart Disease

•Any type of animal meat (beef, lamb, chicken, pork, sausage, etc, organic-grass feed if possible) •All kinds of animal fats •Fish •Eggs (unlimited amounts) •Cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, plain yogurt (w/o sugar) •Salads, nearly any vegetables (with the exception of potatoes) •Alcoholic beverages (unsweetened, and in small amounts) •Nuts ( in moderate amounts)
This diet Corrects Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Etc.

Any food that contains virtually no carbohydrates can be eaten freely

Don’t Eat / Reduce
•All carbohydrate containing foods (breads, pasta, cereals, grains, potatoes, pastries, bagels) •Sweet fruits •Sweetened foods of all kinds (yogurt, sodas, desserts, candy) •Dried fruits •Fruit juiced – no juices in nature (except Buko)
Thi s di et promo tes Diabet es, Can ce r, Hea rt disease, Al zhe imer 's, Art hri tis, and Al l de ge ne rative disease

You could never chronically consume carbohydrates in nature. No even today.