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Look at these health problems. Match the problem with the advice. PROBLEMS
1. A toothache 2. A burn 3. A backache 4. A Sore throat 5. A headache 6. A cold 7. A cough 8. A fever

ADVICE a. Take some aspirin. b. Go to bed and rest. c. Put some ointment on it. d. See the dentist. e. Drink lots of liquids. f. Take some vitamin C. g. Put it under cold water. h. Put heating pad on it.

A. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.
1. Runny nose Cut 2. Broken leg Sunburn 3. Fever 17. Measles 4. Cough 5. Bump 8. Stomachache 9. Broken nose 10. Bruise 11. Backache 12. Toothache 18. Queasy 19. 15. 16.

1. a ___________ of bandages. Bottle 2. a ___________ of tissues. Box 3. a ___________ of foot spray. Can 4. a ___________ of ointment. Package 5. a ___________ of aspirin. Tube

B. Look and read. My Family’s Remedies My family has remedies for headache and cold. It’s from my grandmother. Here are the remedies for headache and cold. If you have a headache you can apply an ice pack or cold cloth to your head, or splash your face with cold water. It’s also a good idea to put your hands into hot water and leave them there for several minutes. Also, you shouldn’t read or watch TV. Lots of people eat hot chicken soup when they have a cold. They find it clears the head and the nose. Some people rub oil o their chest for a cold. Other people drink a mixture of red pepper, hot water, sugar, lemon juice, and milk or vinegar. Answer the questions. 1. What should you do when you have a headache? __________________________________________________________ 2. What shouldn’t you do when you have a headache? __________________________________________________________ 3. What can you eat when you have a cold? __________________________________________________________ 4. How does hot chicken soup help people who catch a cold? __________________________________________________________ 5. Mention other remedies for cold. __________________________________________________________

C. Complete the sentences. Use should or shouldn’t. 1. You ____________ drink 8 glasses of water everyday. 2. Jack ___________ use helmet when riding a motorcycle. 3. Jane ____________ use soap and water to clean the cut. 4. You ____________ forget to put on sunscreen when you go to swim. 5. Sarah ____________ eat too many sweets. 6. Cindy ___________ wash your hands before eating. 7. You ______________ exercise everyday. 8. Jim ______________ forget to visit the dentist twice a year. 8. You _____________ drink a lot of water for your cold. 9. They ____________ playing outside. They have cold. 10. Jim _____________ see the doctor for her broken leg. D. Make your own dialogue with your friends. Ex: Doctor: Good morning.
Patient: Good morning, doctor. I have a bad cold. Doctor: How do you feel now? Patient: I have a fever, and running nose. It feels like burning. Doctor: Take this medicine. You should also drink a lot of water and rest in bed. Patient: Thank you, doctor. Doctor: You’re welcome.

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