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Rundown 2013 Program Flow

Rundown 2013 Program Flow

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What is The Rundown 2013? The Rundown 2013 is a student-created, student-oriented senate elections forum.

In partnership with around 50 student organizations from the biggest universities and colleges around Metro Manila, The Rundown is a senate elections forum that strives to inform and educate young Filipino voters about the senate elections candidates. It aims to provide a thorough analysis of each of the candidate’s plans, platforms and stand on pertinent issues affecting the country today. Being a student-oriented forum, The Rundown 2013 provides an interactive platform where students can voice out their issues and concerns addressed to the senatorial candidates. Its primary goal is to help the youth, a strong and growing segment of the Filipino electorate, be well-equipped with the right information in order to have an educated choice in the coming 2013 elections. When: February 7, 2013, 5:15pm-8:30pm Where: GT Toyota Auditorium Who: 500 students from the universities of Metro Manila

Program To discuss more about the specifics of the event, we would like to inform you that the program will start with an introduction of all participating senatorial candidates. The order of introduction will be determined randomly by the organizers prior to the event. After being introduced, each candidate will be given a maximum of 2 minutes to talk before the audience, giving an overview of his or her vision and platforms. He or she may use this time to focus on specific issues he or she may want to address. After all the participating candidates deliver their speeches, The Rundown will be capped off by an interactive forum. The floor will be open to a. Questions from a selected panel. The panel is composed of a representative from the media, a representative from a selected youth organization, and delegates from the economic, education, and health sectors. This segment will be divided into 2 rounds: For each round, each panelist will ask 1 question addressed to all candidates randomly “assigned” to him or her for that specific round. For example, Panelist 1 will ask 1 question to the first set of candidates assigned to him for the first round. For the second round, Panelist 1 will ask a different question addressed to a different set of candidates assigned to him for the second round. The random assignment of candidates will occur before the program starts. The panelists will be asked to draw lots in order to determine the candidates assigned to them for the 2 rounds. Shortly after, the organizers will tell the candidates who the panelists assigned to them are, to help them prepare for possible questions that may be fielded by the panelists. Each panelist’s question must be relevant to the field he or she is representing (i.e. media, youth, economy/business, education, and health). Each responding candidate will be given 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer. The first round will end after all panelists have asked their questions and all candidates have responded to the corresponding panelists assigned to them.

The second round will follow the same rules as stated above, but with a different panelist-candidates assignment, also determined by the draw lots of panelists prior to the event. b. Questions from the audience. Each candidate will have his or her turn to be called in front of the podium. The hosts will then ask if anyone from the audience have a question addressed to the candidate who is in front of the podium. A maximum of 2 questions for each candidate will be allowed. Any follow-up question shall be included in the first question to be asked. No other follow-up question shall be entertained. Each responding candidate will be given one (1) minute to answer questions in this part of the program. The program will last for around three (3) hours. In order to adequately prepare for The Rundown and to clarify questions regarding the format of the program, participating senatorial candidates will have a briefing with the organizers an hour before the event starts. Hence, we would like to request the panelists and the participating candidates to come at 4pm on February 7. Below is a rough estimate of The Rundown’s program flow. Program Flow for The Rundown, February 6, Wednesday [5:15pm-8:30pm] Duration (in mins) 30 30 Start End Activity

4:00 4:31 4:31 4:45

4:30 5:00 onwards onwards 5:15

Briefing with The Panelists Briefing with The Candidates Registration Open House Videos (Teasers, Promotion of EcoSoc/Partner Org/Sponsor Events) Voice over, Playing of the National Anthem Entrance of hosts, Opening Spiel Opening Remarks EcoSoc and The Rundown Video Recognition of Partner Organizations and Sponsors Introduction of Candidates Mechanics for the Speeches Speech of Candidates



5 5 5 5 5 10 5 35

5:16 5:21 5:26 5:31 5:36 5:41 5:51 5:56

5:20 5:25 5:30 5:35 5:40 5:50 5:55 6:30

5 60 25 15 5 10 30

6:31 6:36 7:36 8:01 8:16 8:21 8:31

6:35 7:35 8:00 8:15 8:20 8:30 9:00

Mechanics of Q&A with The Panel Q&A with The Panel Open Forum Presentation of Tokens to Candidates Closing Remarks Ending Spiel Egress

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