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Works of Rizal

Works of Rizal

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Literary This Literary Works Bibliography (including novels, poems, essays, notes, speeches, etc.

) is based on the list provided by the Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission, particularly in its publication entitled Quotations from Rizal’s Writings, which is translated in English by Encarnacion Alzona from the original Pensamientos de Rizal in Spanish. This bibliography, on the other hand, is presumed from the thesis of Angel Tiaoqui Hidalgo (Saturnina Rizal-Hidalgo’s grandson) but is uncredited. The early bibliographies of Rizal such as Wenceslao E. Retana’s Bibliografia Rizalina (1907), and the works of Luis Montilla (former director of the National Library) found in Rafael Palma’s Bibliografia de Rizal (1949) were also used as cross references in compiling all of Rizal’s literary works. In Filipiniana.net’s complete bibliography of Rizal’s works, the titles are arranged both chronologically and thematically, to make it easier for readers as they conduct researches on Rizal. Created/ Physical Originally Published in Description Published in No signature. Three pages. 16 cm. X 22.5 De Veyra, J. C. cm. The Dapitan Poesias de Rizal, original 1946, pp. 60-62 manuscript is found in the National Library. Content Description/Sum mary




A. D. Ricardo Carnicero (English Poem Translation: To Don Ricardo Carnicero)

It is a laudatory poem dedicated to D. Ricardo Carnicero, who 1892 was the politicoAugust military governor of 26 Dapitan when Rizal was exiled there on June, 1892. This contains Rizal's reply to. an article published by La Defensa in its 30th of March, 1889 issue, refuting the views expressed by Don 1889 Patricio de la April 30 Escosura, and calling the attention of all to the "pernicious influence of the friar (in the Philippines) in this age." It forms part of "Memorias y Apuntes" in Documentos Rizalinos which were presented as

A “La Defensa” Essay

No signature. Nine pages. 21.5 cm. X La 13 cm. The Solidaridad original , No.6 manuscript is found in the National Library.

A mi Criador



Documentos Rizalinos.

a gift by the Spanish people to the Filipino people in 1953. This is an incomplete poem of three stanzas in which the author makes an invocation of his Creator. The original manuscript is in the form of letter addressed to Dr. A. B. Meyer dated in London, 7 January 1889 and signed ―Jose Rizal‖. 15 pp. written in black ink on stationary London paper. Original manuscript found in the Meyer Collection of the Newberry Library, Chicago. Facsimile copy is in the National Library. No title. Eight pages, written in black ink on ordinary paper. 15.2 cm. X 21.5 cm. The original manuscript is found in the

Acerca de Tawalisi de Ibn Notes Batuta

It is believed that this work forms part of Notes (in collaboration with A. B. Meyer and F. Blumentritt) on a Chinese code in the Middle Ages (See No. 88, 1889 Bibliography II), January translated from the 07 German by Dr. Hirth. In brief, the work says that "Tawalisi" may refer to the northern part of Luzon or to any of the adjoining islands.

Academia de Ciencias Filosoficosnaturales

It includes the following: 1. Secretary of the Academy of Filosofico-Natural sciences. 2. First reunion of the alumni of the Academy, 10 February 1881. (Thursday) 3. Second reunion at


Newberry Library (Ayer Collection), Chicago.

Ampliacion a No signature mi mapa de la nor date. isla de Five pages. Mindanao 94.7 cm. X (English 21.5 cm. Translation Dapitan Translation: The original Enlargement manuscript of my Map of is in the the Island of National Mindanao) Library.

the close of the school term, 18801881. 4. School term, 1881-1882: first session 5. School term, 18811882: second session 6. School term, 1881-1882: third session 7. School term, 18811882: fourth session Interpolated in these records is a composition "A wheel around the hub" in English, which is unfinished. It seems to have been copied from a book. A translation into Spanish by J. Rizal and dedicated to the author of this monograph, Prof. Blumentritt. The original is a rough draft with deletions and corrections. Written in black ink on commercial ruled paper of five sheets, written on one side. Included is an unnumbered page which treats of the mountains, etc., of the said island. This incomplete translation taken from a detailed description made by Prof. Ferdinand Blumentritt in German of the various maps of the island of Mindanao, like the map


Ang Dalawang Magkapatid Other (Cuento writings tendecioso)

Without title. No signature, no date. Two written pages. 13.5 cm. 21 cm. Written in Tagalog. The original manuscript is found in the National Library.

Ang mga nangagsipamu no sa Bayan ng Calamba, Sapol ng Maging Bayan, Hangan sa Hina- rap na Panahon. Other Alinsunod sa writings mga Sulat na Iningatan ni Dn. Vicente Llamas, ni D. Mariano Alcasid. ni D. Gervasio Alviar.

No date. Six written pages and 14 blank pages. Written in Tagalog in Hongkong black ink. ? 35.5 cm. X 21.7 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library.

published by Fr. Juan Era in 1890 and the map of the eastern parts of Mindanao by Dr. S. F. Montano. This monograph also refers to the mountains of Mindanao and the eruptions of the Macaturing and Catarman volcanoes. A fragment of the rough draft of this work is included in the notebook entitled Fragments de various borradores. It is a story in which the Spanish colonies and Spain are symbolized by two sisters who live with a cruel aunt. It is an unfinished story. A chronological list of the municipal officials of Calamba, from the first tenientegobernadorcillo (1742) up to Capitan Municipal Lucas Quintero. (1891). The year of service of every municipal official together with an act or a notable event that has transpired during the incumbency of each is mentioned. It must have been written with the help of his brother, Paciano.


Apuntes Clinica

Medical notes

No signature. 74 pages in all. On the front cover may be read the followng: Cuaderno de Apuntes sobre la lengua griega. It Hospital of contains 68 Madrid pages written in violet ink, and six blank pages. 21 cm. X 15.8 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Without title. There is no mention of date nor place where written. The manuscript is a small notebook without cover, composed of Madrid commercial lined paper folded into four parts, being 13.7 cm. X 10.5 cm. There are 124 pages and 41 lessons, the latter being

The notebook contains case histories of patients under the observation of Dr. Rizal, together with an index of all the cases of the patients. In the notebook there is also found part of a 1883 fictional narrative in October English of five 4 to pages, the 1884 "Penitent Robber" May 29 which appears in the Cuaderno de Apuntes sobre la lengua griega (See #22) and a short hebraic vocabulary with its own characters and meanings in Spanish (See #102).

Apuntes de Clinica Quirurgica

Medical notes


unfinished. The first pages are missing correspondi ng to the first lessons and the beginning of the third. The original manuscript is in the National Library. These notes are found in the Ayer Collection, Newberry Library. Apuntes sobre They form gramatica Notes part of francesa French Composition Exercises by Jose Rizal edited by Austin Craig. Without title. Listed as Estudio del idioma drabe in the National Library. Apuntes sobre Without la conjugation date. One del verbo Notes Madrid written “matar” en page. 20.5 arabe. cm. x 26.5 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Spanish Arte Metrica Translation Translation del Tagalog. of the

The work treats of a part of the Between conjugation of the 1883 verb "to kill" with its and translation in 1885 Arabic symbols.

Suriang Pambansa Publication,

A Spanish translation, amplified and

1887 April

32. and published by the "Suriang Pambansa Publication" in Manila. Regalado. Tagalische Verskunst. 1943 revised from the original in German.German." Included in the rough draft is a Spanish translation by Ponce of the part which deals with "stanzas. The manuscript is a rough draft with deletions and corrections." and on the other sheet is a note of Ponce which says that Rizal did not finish the translation of the final paragraphs of the original German. This Spanish translation was in turn translated into Tagalog with a preface by Inigo Ed. written in five pages. Manila. Japan. commercial paper." written in pencil on two leaves of paper with the letter-head "Philippine Delegation. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. member of the Institute of National Language. Tagalische Verskunst. .At the foot of the first page is this notation: "This work was read before the Ethnographic Society of Berlin in April of 1887 and published by the said society in the same year. X 20.5 cm. 1943. It treats of Tagalog versification.5 cm.

and studying Arabic in Madrid during the school term 1884-1885. de Veyra.Avesta Vendidad Canto de Maria Clara No date. part of ―ZendAvesta‖ dialogue betweem Ormuzd and Zoroaster. x 21. Taken from Noli Me Tangere Chapter Poem XXIII. A Spanish translation of the book of Liturgy. C. ―Fishing. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. and the rest in violet ink. W. The original is a rough draft Translation Madrid with deletions and corrections. The first nine pages and over a half of the tenth are written in black ink. page 114. Rizal Man and Martyr 1905 February 28 .C.‖ In the original manuscript of the Noli. but it was possibly written during the time when he was taking up Philosophy and Letters. 18841885 Retana. 35 cm. Poesias de Rizal. This part to the dialogue between AhuraMazda (Ormuzd) and Zoroaster or Zarathustra deals with the creation of "the worlds filled with people". F. E. page 55. Vida y Escritos.5 cm. J. Laubach. on commercial ruled paper. 11 pp.

including methods of teaching. Eight written pages. paper. The original manuscript is in the National Library. No signature nor date. no date. Two pages. 21 written pages with some pages blank.Caracteres hebraicos con Other sus writings significados en castellano Charadas de Rizal Notes Colegio Moderno (English Other Translation: writings Prospectus of Colegio Moderno) Colon y Juan 2°.5 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. x 21. It is a tribute to Christopher Columbus. It is a prospectus which deals with the objectives of a college. using Manila only one side. (Lira) Poem this song appears with two stanzas more. in the handwriting Documentos Rizalinos. the courses. 10. It consists of a collection of charades in Spanish. No signature. 1887 . Without title. and the administration of the college. 34 cm.6 cm. the discoverer of the New World. It forms part of ―Memorias y Apuntes‖ in Documentos Rizalinos Madrid which were presented as a gift by the Spanish people in in 1953. x 23 cm.25 cm. The poem is Academy written on of Spanish commercial Literature. 18 cm. x 15.

in black ink. the National consultor del Library. 32 cm. 11 pinos" por el written Dr.Contrato de sociedad entre Rizal y Ramon Contract Carreon para construir un calero. The original manuscript with typewritten copies is found in the National Library. Correcciones de los No "Sucesos de signature. The original document is written on both sides of rectangular Catalan paper. with the signatures of the contracting partners at Dapitan the bottom of the document. Antonio de pages. The la Real writings original Audencia de la manuscript Nueva is found in Espana. Two pages. x 22 cm. In a note on the first page. the original copy in the British Museum had been missing. of Rizal and signed by him. Rizal says: "When this work was published. It is a contract of partnership to 1883 establish a lime-kiln May 14 with more than 400 cavans in capacity.5 Morga Alcalde Annotation/ cm. las Islas Filino date. commercial size. 18. x 25. and the annotator could not check up the proofs with the original as he .5 del crimen de Other cm. It contains a list of the errors of printing and omissions made by the transcriber in the edition of the Sucesos anotated by Rizal. Santo Oficio de Inquisition.

its alphabet. and a paragraph. x 21. medicine. Apparently these were copied from books while he was studying languages in Madrid.25 cm. in German. In this notebook there are also four paragraphs of Chapter V of the Penitent Bobber in English. together with a classification of its consonants and vowels. Mercado" was sketched by Rizal as well as the other Questions and answers of lessons on universal history (75 lessons including those of universal history). This notebook is composed of 105 sheets of catalan paper or 210 pages in all. spherical trigonometry. The first page of the Manila notebook which reads: "Cuaderno de varias preguntas escritas por J. No date. geometry. without title. Mercado. The Madrid original manuscript is found in the National Library. algebra. R. a paragraph in Spanish. 18741875 .Cuaderno de apuntes sobre Other la lengua writings griega Without title. wished. Six written pages. R. 17 cm. 18831885 Cuaderno de varias Other preguntas writings escritas por J." It is a short study of the Greek language. 12 pages being blank. for which reason there were omissions in the original as well as in the manuscript. grammar (preliminary) and geography.

23 cm. . 19 novel with this title June 1918 in which Rizal describes the town of Dapitan. Unfinished emendation Dapitan novel s. The original manuscript is in the National Library. quarto-size. etc.. according to M.Dapitan sketches which appear in the notebook. Introduction or the beginning of a Dia Filipinos. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. 21 cm. Eight pages.5 cm. and is the beginning of a novel (an introduction. Unfinished and undated. x 35. It is really a rough draft with corrections. deletions. Ponce in a little paper which accompanie s the last page). The manuscript is written in fine and small letters on Catalan paper. x 16 cm. on both sides of the paper.

he says er 12 he does not know it nor has he maintained relations nor correspondence with the founder of this organization. with respect to the Liga Filipino.3 cm. x 32. It contains the date furnished by Dr. Eight written pages. with 1896 respect with the Decemb Katipunan. Rizal to his legal counsel for the preparation of his defense. and with respect to the Asociacion Hispano-Filipina and La Solidaridad he says that it is false that he has founded such societies. Diarios de viaje Diary/ Travel notes It is also known as Su Defensa escrita por el en calabozo de la Fuerza de Santiago. Rizal says that he has always opposed such a movement. 22 cm. In this diary Rizal gives us his impressions of a . with respect to Masonry he says that it is false that he has given orders to Pedro Serrano to introduce masonry in the Philippines.Datos para mi Other defensa writings Without title. not separation of the Philippines. The Fort original Santiago manuscript is found in the National Library. With respect to the rebellion. he says that he has always wanted civil liberties.

11. This diary is written 1888 in a pocket May 16notebook of the 25 c. No signature. 80).75 cm. Without date. De Marsella a Manila. Diario de Diary/ viaje. This is a part of the diary of his life included in one of the pages in P. (Monday). This is a diary of a trip with various sketches made by the author and with a monogram on the cover. 2. 1887. which are as follows: 1. No a. Heidelberg. French. The original manuscript is found in the National Library.trip from Heidelberg. (See No. 65 pp. Jacinto: Memorias de un Estudiante 1886 August 06 b. Be Travel Nueva York a notes . x 20 cm. 11. and Frankfurt up to Leipzig. De Heildelberg a Diary/ Leipzig Travel pasando por el notes Rhin.75 cm. 11. 1886 From Saigon to August Manila. 3 July. Be Binan a Manila en el vapor Bakal. x 20 cm. Jacinto: Memorias de un Estudiante. Written in Spanish with paragraphs in German. 11. Diary/ 6 August 1886 Travel (Friday) notes P. 31 pp. A bordo del "Haiphong". 2 August. 12 pp. no date. 3. Probably in 1888. x 20 cm. With 09 various sketches of the author. Included in this manuscript are three other diaries of trips. Eight pages.75 cm. With various sketches of the author. passing through the famous Rhine river. Mannheim. x 20 cm. and Italian inserted in the text. 9 August 1886. 1887. With various sketches of the author. Mainz.75 cm.

x 14 cm.5 cm. title. and it may be supposed to have been written during the trip. 1889 Brief notes about the city. 1889 . No date. Ten written Dieppe pages. 21 cm. It gives a brief history of the city of Dieppe. 10 cm. but it is probable that this was written in 1889 in Dieppe. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. 16 to 25 May. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. d. 1888. The original manuscript is found in the National This diary gives his impressions of his companions on the train from Paris to Dieppe. It is written in French with Dieppe some intermingled Spanish phrases. Two written pages. 31 cm. Germany. Dieppe Diary/ Travel notes Without date. but it is probable that this was written in 1889 in Dieppe." It contains impressions of his trip on board the "City of Rome" from New York to Liverpool. type distributed by the Palmer Company entitled "Palmer's European Pocket Guide. x 16.5 cm.Liverpool. Eight written pages. Be Paris a Dieppe (Impressions of a Trip) Diary/ Travel notes e. x 16.

objects. Diario de viaje. 26 notes June to 17 July 1892. . 23 cm. Three written pages. x 32. It treats of his observations during his voyage from Marseille passing through Alexandria. but the National Library gave this diary the preceeding title. the June 26 concession of the to July pardon of his father 17 and sisters. 7 March 1892.Library. Be Marsella a Diary/ Hongkong. Without title. Port Said. no date. 18 Travel October to 19 notes November 1891.5 cm. Included in the manuscript is the work Fabrication de Champagne (See No. Diario de Rizal. Saigon up to Hongkong. f) No signature. g. f. 20. These notes are found in the last two pages of the Diario de viaje. 39 pp.5 cm. and his exile to Dapitan. 8 of the appendix to 1891 Bibliography I). Diary/ Travel notes h. and persons that called his attention during the voyage. De su llegada a Diary/ Manila hasta Travel Dapitan. x 16. October Elio in his 18 to Bibliografia Novemb Rizalina entitled er 19 this work Diario de viaje de Marsella a Hongkong. De Marsella a Hongkong (See #26. It contains many sketches of the places. Without title. Colombo. Notas de viaje en camino para Hongkong desde Sandakan. Aden. V. Suez Canal.5 1892 March 07 Rizal narrates his arrival in Manila. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. his imprisonment in Fort Santiago. Singapore. his interviews with Governor General Don Eulogio 1892 Despujol.

It is possible that this diary was written in Dapitan.7 cm. psicologicosWritten in sentimentales Unfinished five quartosobre diversos writings size paper estados de with the animo reverse side of the paper blank. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. as a gift by the Spanish people to the Filipino people in 1953. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. This document is written on Catalan paper with numerous deletions. . erasures and corrections. Five pages. De "Memorias y Dapitan a Apuntes" in Diary/ Barcelona. Diario de forms part of viaje. . . x Digresiones 16. 64 Documentos Travel dias sin tocar Rizalinos notes tierra. Without title nor date. The diary gives the events of his voyage from 31 July to 2 November 1896. 20. is an introduction to the first chapter of an unfinished novel.cm. This work. it i. it lacks the Documentos Rizalinos. without any doubt.5 cm. It contains a sensitive dedication to A. De which were Barcelona a presented Manila.

the first page. Discurso pronunciado Speech final and.Dimanche des Rameaux Essay (Palm Sunday) Discurso pronunciado en el banquete celebrado en Speech el Cafe de Madrid el 31 de Diciembre de 1883. Original manuscript in French is found in the Ayer Collection of the Newberry Berlin Library. in which the title of this work must have been written. Elio in his Bibliografia . Noli Me Tangere Quarter Centennial Series. 1887 It is a review of the events with respect Retana. (manuscript originally owned by Eduardo de Lete) No signature nor date. (ed. 16 Craig. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Facsimile copy can be found in the National Library. Like most writings of the author. W. 23 cm. Two written pages. E. V. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. during 1883.) French Composition Exercises by Jose Rizal. it seems. to Filipinos in Spain Vida y Escritos. Austin. Chicago. the style of the language is subtly ironical. x 32 cm. and it page 461 expresses his hopes for the coming year.

traces the history and death of the Circulo Hispano — Filipino. Doña Other Geronima (The writings Enchantress) It consists of six written pages with the title of Cuentos y Ley end as de Filipinos. . gives the summary of the events during the three years in Spain.5 cm. x 16." Dr. Rizalina gives this work the title Discurso en el banquete de la colonia filipina de Madrid.5 cm. Leoncio LopezRizal believes this speech of Rizal was read by another person in 1885. The manuscript is found in the National Library.25 cm. na-Bato. This is a legend about a lady who lives in a grotto near the MalapadCultura Filipina. which does not contain the date of writing. and appeals to all to maintain union and solidarity among the members of the colony.en el Cafe Habanero written pages. en la noche del 31 de Diciemhre de 1890 en el "Café Habanero. 18. This May 1911. The original manuscript. is found in the National Library. In this speech Rizal describes the progressive transformation of the Filipino colony. x 23 cm. 19. legend is found in a shorter version in the third chapter of El Filibusterismo.

Meyer-Van seething with by Maucci. chapter II. Loo.6 cm. praising Columbus Poesias de Rizal. x 21." This novel dedicated to the memory of Fathers Manila. fomenting rebellion. 1908. vengeance Barcelona and Vlaanderes because of the Madrid (without -traat. E. 1900.5 cm. 1891 El Heroismo Poem The poem is written on commercial paper. Ibarra of the Noli). Chofre Gomez.75 cm. which the seeds of nationalism are sown.1891 has suffered and Granada. published in the Poesias de Rizal. It is Pangasinan. Barcelona. (the persecuted anotated by W. by second part of Noli the Manila Me Tangere which Filatelica. Ghent. 1909. x 3. and relating the 1946. 36. . J. rij F. the last page is missing. is the Manila. original manuscript 1946. dialogue between Columbus and Neptune. El Filibusterismo (English Novel Translation: The Reign of Greed) The original manuscript with many measures and corrections was acquired from Valentin Ventura in 1925 and is now in the National Library. Ilocano less a novel. in and Ilongo. Boekdrudd and misunderstood Retana. This poem as it was published in the Fili differs from that which was de Veyra. presents Simoun Barcelona. 1908. C. using only one side in the handwriting of Rizal. and Zamora. page 26. de Veyra. after the other. Two pages. and 279 sheets. Translated into which fails one English. J.El Agua y el Fuego Poem A poem quoted in El Filibusterism o. Manila Incomplete. Tagalog. page 59 of this novel in that the eighth line reads "Creemos" instead of "Formemos. The original An epic song written in octaves. 33. The main text contains four preliminary. injustices which he date) by F.5 cm. but Cebuano. 66. C. more realistic. Burgos and Co.

El Sentimiento Other de lo Bello writings Essai su Pierre Essay Corneille.. Facsimile copy can be found in the National Library. (ed. x 16 cm.5 cm. Estado de religiosidad de Essay los pueblos en manuscript is found in the National Library. erasures." Craig. it is incomplete and is unsigned. Without date.) French Composition Exercises by Jose Rizal. The original manuscript in French is in the Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library. It is an essay in which Rizal treats of the appreciation of the beauty of "that feeling in herent in nature. The manuscript is written in black ink on quarto-size Catalan paper and on one side only. given by God to man and by man perfected. It is a rough draft with corrections. Eight pages. 43 sheets A psychological disquisition on the sentiment of beauty. The original manuscript with typewritten copies is found in the National Library. 22. and deletions. Chicago. Noli Me Tangere Quarter Centennial Series. Austin. 18851887 The work is an analysis and a study of the moral 1881 .

No signature nor date. E. W. now somewhat blurred with blots and corrections. C. Flor entre flores Poem de Veyra. The manuscript is merely a rough draft with many Madrid corrections. It treats of the concepts cherished by the Filipino on the Divinity. 59 . the immortality of the soul. The original manuscript Filipinas desgaciada Other writings state and religious spirit of the Filipino in all the acts of life from his birth to his death. the after life. 20. It consists of a list of Egyptian hieroglyphics with their signification. and pilgrimages. x 27 cm. have afflicted the Vida y Escritos. particularly that of Our Lady of Antipolo. written on one side or 43 pages.75 cm. x 16 cm. 1946. promises and offerings. Six pages. The original manuscript with typewritten copies is found in the National Library. Estudio de jeroglificos egipcios Other writings Without title. prayers. It treats of the earthquakes 1880. which Retana. It was probably written in Madrid. Without title. Four pages. and it page 461 ends with an appeal to "the noble heart of the people" to aid the towns of Colon and Magallanes. J. the horrible fire. the Virgin and the Saints. Philippines. the cholera.Filipinos. virtue and sin. Written on square commercial paper in violet ink. Poesias de Rizal. and the typhoon. 22 cm.

3. Intercontinental politics. 5. Fragment of a rough draft of Las Luclias de Nuestros Dias. 6. Bibliography II). the others consisting of one or two paragraphs only. His first impressions of Madrid. 11. Lib. 21 1886 Septemb er . 2. 48. nor Trahediang Is is the place inulat ni Translation indicated. Fragmento of Ang Dalawang Magkapatid. F.) Notes written in German. 84 Leipzig Schiller sa written salitang pages. c.5 cm. No date. Fragment of Ensanamiento (See No. Fragment of a letter. a. Pi y Margall. x 32.is found in the National Library. 20 cm.) Notes written in Spanish. No signature nor date.. Notes for the preparation of Filipinas dentro de Cien Años. Without title. A key of numbers with their corresponding significations. 7. 7.) Notes written in French. Stenographic signs. Manila. 10. It contains the following: 1. 9. A list of medicines frequently used with their corresponding dosages. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. The work consists of fragments of various works on different sizes of paper. Bibliography I). 8. Manila Filatelica. (See No. b. 4. 18891890 Guillermo Tell. 1907 Fragmenton de varias Other borradores de writings escritas de Rizal. by I). 20 written pages. some barely begun. Bibliographical notes of Torcuato Tasso.

(1912) A story of Hans Andersen translated from the German into French. no date. Unpublished . (ed. Austin. the Newberry Library. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. It forms part of the French Histoire d'une composition clef (The Other s in the Ayer Berlin history of a writings Collection of key). The National Library has a facsimile of this work. The manuscript has deletions. x 24 cm. Written in violet ink. and changes.) French Composition Exercises by Jose Rizal. Introduccion (A The original history that Other of this work seems to be a writings is found on novel) the reverse 1887 Craig. 1887 March 05 1872? . The National Library has a facsimile of this work.aleman. It forms part of the French composition s in the Ayer Histoire d'une Collection of mere (The the Translation Berlin history of a Newberry mother) Library. corrections. isinalin ni Jose Rizal sa Tagalog cm. No signature. Noli Me Tangere Quarter Centennial Series. Chicago. Chicago.

written in French. but according to Ponce. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. and er 15 that made by the Mangagaway (bewitchment by suggestion). it is written on ruled commercial paper. Seven pages. the first refers in general. and Retana supposes about the Written expressly for the Illus. to a man who is born with this power. it was written Madrid? in Madrid. Apuntes heehos para el estudio de la Other Medicina writings Filipina (English Translation: The Treatment of the Bewitched) La fete de Sain Isidro (The Chronicle feast of San Isidro) side of the original manuscript of Manila en el mes de Diciembre de 1872. D. The manuscript is a rough draft with erasures and corrections by the author.La Curacion de los Hechizados. Inspector General (Second-Class) Chief of Administration and honorary superior. A monograph on the two forms of supposed enchantment (bewitchment) more common in the Philippines: the enchantment 1895 Dia Filipino. It describes the various kinds of bewitchment of the Mangkukulam and the Mangagaway. on the picturesque and traditional feast of 1884 or San Isidro 1885 Labrador.x 21 cm. and. Without date. 19 caused by the Novemb June 1921 Mangkukulam. which is annually celebrated in Madrid with a flower festival. A chronicle. With the work is a page in which are found vivid sketches of Dapitan the healer and the bewitched in the latter's different stages of the crisis or attacks of said evil. 27 cm. A . second is always a woman. Benito Francia.

but Retana presumes that this article was one of the many which Rizal wrote Dissertatio and while a Madrid n recent arrival in Madrid in 1882 (it may have been at a latter date). written in pencil made by Ponce at the petition of V. Four pages. x 17. nor is the place indicated where written. apathy or indolence.5 cm. 1882 .La Instruction year 1884 or 1885. No date. but to the neglect of the representatives of its government in the Philippines. Sotto. 21 cm. It is written on one side of 29 sheets of quarto-sized Catalan paper in verse of Alfred de Musset heads this chronicle: "What more do you desire of me who am about to die?" A dissertation on teaching in the Philippines. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. It is written on two quartosize sheets together with a Spanish translation consisting of five pages and a half. seeking for improvements in schools as well as in methods of teaching and maintaining that the backwardness of the country is not due to our indifference.

Speech Virtud y Trabajo) La Politico. Rizal dwells on virtue. 19 June 1956. which he defines as "the The place constant where performance of written is not duty." a pen-name of Rizal. The Translated into original English by Michael manuscript Golden-berg and is found in published in the National pamphlet form with Library. Fragment of a manuscript is found in the National La Masoneria (or Ciencia. Other writings . The original manuscript is found in the National Library. 18 "Solidarida 22 September Delivered in the 1890 1906 written d. 16 pp." and he mentioned.5 1890. In this speech. 1890. 1889 or lodge Masonica. explains duties. Manila. and with the passage of time. 19. Colonial en Filipinas. Virtue and Labor. the paper has become faded and blurred.5 53. cm. but it is their concepts and believed to practices. 1890. x 17 cm. cm. 1889 or 1890." pages. x 16.violet ink. Madrid. It is also have been Delivered known as Discurso written in in the en una Logia El Renacimiento." Number lodge "Solidaridad. Madrid. 23 cm. the title Science. Number 53. It is signed "LaongLaan.

Austin. 1894 .La Pecheuse et le Poisson (The Fisherwoman and the Fish) La Retractacion La Sibila Cumana Library. which is alleged to have been found 39 years (1935) after the execution of the hero. 32 cm. On the upper left hand corner of the document and on the letter "C" of "Creo" Other appear Fort writings holes made Santiago by bookworms. It is a part of the French composition s in the Ayer Collection of the Translation Newberry Berlin Library. alleging that it is apocryphal. The effigy of the Cumaean Sibyl is Other sketched in Dapitan writings ink on one of the first pages. 1877 This document. x 22 cm. Noli Me Tangere Quarter Centennial Series. The National Library has a facsimile of this work. (ed. It seems to have been a translation of a story by Hans Christian Andersen. Chicago. Written on Craig. is an 1896 object of Decemb controversy.) French Composition Exercises by Jose Rizal. The paper bears the water-mark "Hijo de J. there er 229 are many persons who doubt the authenticity of this retraction. It is an oracle consisting of questions and answers. Jover y Serra" continuously across the two sheets. Written on a folded double sheet of catalan paper.

as told in English and Manila. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. pp. pp. First Grade Primer. will be destroyed in the end.. May 1911It is a fable which shows that the egoist. 1912. 31 March 1895. New York. Manila.. Kern from the Dutch into Spanish which is called El Cuento de la Tortuga y El Mono. 1913. 69-71. VII. Mary H. 148. It was first published in La Solidaridad.La Tortuga y El Mono Other writings Las Dudas Other writings ruled paper in black ink. 33 pp. It is written in violet ink Madrid on both sides of La Solidaridad. Lineage. In this charming 1882 essay. pp. Fee. based on this fable. No. 1914. 148. VII. It has been translated into English and published with the title of The Monkey and the Tortoise—A Tagalog tale. 69-71. no matter how clever he be. 31 March 1895. There is also a translation of the commentari es of Dr. No. Rizal Novemb discusses the er 07 beginning of doubts . Vol. 267279. 74 pp. pp. apart from this story. Vol. a legend of Doña Geronima and the article "Paalaala sa mga mapangusapin" published with the title of Cuentos y Leyendas in Cultura Filipina. 117-123 It is a part of a notebook which contains. World Book Co. Life and Labors of Jose Rizal.

that gold is still gold even if it be found in mud and sand. nor is the place where written indicated. but on the reverse side of the third or last page may be read. and he counsels us "that we should learn to appreciate the things for what they are worth in themselves and separate those elements that are not related with them. A French legend which shows the vanity and foolish pride of the Milanese. wounds him. among other things. at the end of the work. Madrid. x 20. so despairing. Seven pages. It is very probable that these two essays are one and the same.8 cm. It is signed "LaongLaan. who like an eaglet gives himself the air and majesty of the kind of the birds until he encounters the stronger and more aggressive falcon that pursues him. 27 cm. and tears him into . 28 May 1887. the following: in Youth." There is another article with the title Dudas which is said to have been published in España en Filipinas. The original manuscript is found in the National Library.three and a half sheets of thin commercial paper." but the work ends with optimism. just like truth is still certain even if it be spoken by a comedian or a deceiver. so imposing." the pseudonym used by Rizal. causing later in mature age "the void so great. Le Milan et la Poule (The Milanese and the Falcon) Other writings Without date.

Three pages.) French Composition Exercises by Jose Rizal. written in French. The original is written on three pages of stationary paper. (ed. The first quarto-sized pages of this article of Rizal are missing. A fragment of a critical judgment of Rizal. It forms part of the French composition in the Ayer Collection of the Germany Newberry Library.5 cm. Various words in French and some lines that appear to be a sketch or a plan are written on the reverse side of the third page. Noli Me Tangere Quarter Centennial Series. Atelier 12Hidalgo". without signature.Le Pistolet de la Petite Baronne (The Other Small Pistol of writings the Little Baroness) "Boulevard Arago-68. Craig. but according to Retana. Without date. Austin. On pieces. Chicago. only the last page remains. 20. it was written in Germany in 1886. 1886 . x 13 cm. on this work.

1877 . Written in octaves de Veyra.the reverse side of this page is the hymn "Sobre el Rhin Aleman" in French. C. This Desdicha poem is written on four fulllength sheets of commercial paper. It forms part of the Ayer Collection of the Lecciones de Newberry Clinica Medical Library. no date. forms of verse on 1946. page 21 the voyage of Columbus. and in other minor Poesias de Rizal. It scheme of cal notes is written on lectures) four pages of commercial paper in black ink. x 17. x 21.4 cm. which does not form part of this article.5 cm. 15. No signature. Two pages. quirurgica (A paper/Medi Chicago. 21. but it may be affirmed that it was written in Manila. J.3 cm. Leyenda Gran possibly in Consuelo en la the year Poem Manila mayor 1877.5 cm. The third page is It consists of a list of 93 lessons in surgery. Without date.

Six written Hongkong pages. the Archipelago.5 cm. of which L(iga) F(ilipina) Political writings It contains many erasures and deletions written on commercial paper. 32. 20. esp. de lit. and government. The work consists of the rules or statutes of the Liga Filipina conceived by Rizal.5 cm. since it has proved impossible to expect results from the Spanish nation.—J. 1892 Lista de la coleccion de conchas Scientific writing The original manuscript. The catalogue consists of 203 species or varieties. x 32. E. Dapitan which is considerably 18921896 . according to Palma in his Biography (p.5 cm. Its purpose would be to achieve the Archipelago's progress and wellbeing. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. thus the poem is incomplete.missing. It bears the following signature "El pref[ecto] de la Acad. W. 220) as "a great association which would have ramifications in all parts. under the guidance pp. even in the remotest corners of Retana. Rizal" Three pages. x 43. 236-241 and direction of the association's own authority. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Vida y Escritos.5 cm.

The last five pages contain the rough draft of the work.5 Calamba? cm. and their language is understood by the author since he has been born on a night of the full moon on Saint Solomon's day. five are land shells. x 22 cm. x 16.5 cm. Six written pages. no date. is in the possession of the Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission . 13. which Collas. 19. J. The place where this essay was written is also not indicated. 1953. Rizal's distills bitterness. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. This is an incomplete story. disappointments and irony of life. 13 are fresh water shells. and the rest are sea shells.Llanto y Risa (English Translation: Laughter and Tears) Essay defective. although it Madrid may be supposed to have been in Madrid. This article.5 cm. 18841885 Los Animales de Suan Story No signature. 15 written pages. No date but it is believed to have been written between 1884-1885. 18871888 . The original manuscript is found in the National Library. This is a satirical story in which domestic animals are given human characteristics. Unknown depicts the Writings.

1886 Palimbagan Ilagan-Sanga. pp. x 21. 15. 6870. 1912. Only two chapters have been written. as well as other authorities and inhabitants of the town. No date. pp. As M. Translation: Chicago. Noli Me Tangere QuarterCentennial Series. Only two chapters have been written. pp. . written in ironical style. We believe that it might have been in Hongkong. the parish priest who is all powerful in the town.4 cm. 1943. An incomplete novel in Tagalog. Craig. nor is the place indicated where written. This incomplete novel depicts a certain Father Agaton. Biografia de Rizal.The original manuscript in the form of letter written in French is found in the Ayer Collection in the Madrid Newberry (English Library.4 cm. W. A. 62-65. W. Palma. Retana. when Rizal informed Blumentritt in his letter dated 31 January Retana. Ponce believes. Vida y Escritos. but according to V. Five written pages in black ink. the title pertains more to a chapter than to the novel itself. Essay Germany Rizal's The rough Impressions of draft of this Madrid) letter is found in the notebook containing Apuntes de Clinica. Nuestro Tiempo. Manila. Elio it may have Unfinished Makamisa been in novel Dapitan in 1894. February 1905. (ed) French Composition Exercises by Jose Rizal. 100-102.

1943. The original manuscript of this incomplete novel in Tagalog. Published in the Palimbagan IlaganSanga. is written in . x 22cm. Ten pages 34 cm. There exists another manuscript in Spanish with the same ideas and with the same characters but with different names. The original manuscript of this rough draft is found in the National Library. which is found in the National Library.1892 that he was beginning a novel in Tagalog but that he had to discontinue writing the novel since he found it difficult to do so.

It consists of 44 pages. No Manila en el title.black ink on commercial paper and on one side only. the author started to write this novel in Madrid. Manila Chronicle (19 June 1954) On the reverse side of the manuscript there is an article entitled Introduccion (Historia al parecer novela). J. 1953. It mes de contains Article Diciembre de deletions 1872 and corrections. ―The Tagalog Nobility. No title. Four pages Collas. 21 cm. No signature nor date. 45 of this series. No signature nor date. but according to Ponce. novel Me Tangere. this Sinagtala (Una is a previous Novela work to the Historica Unfinished novel Noli Incompletas.‖ Rizal's Unknown Writings. x 33 cm. it contains corrections and deletions. one page blank and six pages illegible or defective. . Principio de The original una Novela manuscript Historica with Incompleta) typewritten copies is found in the National Library. Written in Spanish. and Maligaya y according to Maria Retana. See No.

Manila It deals with the Imp. well-shaped. reproduced in the Homenaje a Jose Written in Spanish. the Novemb eyes and long Cablenews er 23 abundant hair. 25 December 1918. (Tagalog 1890 with large black Translation). Unpublished . a Pagsilang.5 cm. Written in Madrid. 22." American. Rizal. 23 Madrid November 1890. published it in the form of a pamphlet in 1916. "La legend of the Democracia" . the fable of the turtle and the monkey. the army and the Governor-General because "each one has already cast his own net. Ten written pages in all. The original manuscript is in the National Library. Hiding Mariang Makiling." pseudonym of Rizal. The Independent. etc. 31 December 1890 (abridged version). 19 who lived in the June 1913 beautiful mountain (English version). It was written on a page of the notebook Cuentos y Leyendas together with the legend of Dona Geronima. benefactress 1899. that separates the Professor Craig provinces of translated it into Laguna and English and Tayabas (Quezon). Maximas Other writings . and a translation Mariang Makiling (A Tagalog Legend) Story It is mostly written on quarto-size catalan paper in violet ink and on one side only." La Solidaridad. x 17 cm. December 1903 "tall. 29 kind young lady.written in pencil and the rest in ink. This is an article in which the author says that the month of December of 1872 was calamitous for the people of Manila but not for the omnipotent friars. and with the signature "LaongLaan.

La Republica Filipina. W. Homenaje a Jose Rizal. The poem consists of six ten-line stanzas in which the cry of nostalgia for country vibrates. Chicago. etc. Me Piden Versos! (English Translation: They Ask Me for Verses) Poem La Solidaridad.C. and in which he sings its beauties and remembers his past inspiration in the bosom of his 1882 mother country. de Veyra. H. er 06 Blumentritt. .” Ang Buhay ni Jose Rizal. 30 December 1898. with some corrections. using one side only. The National Library has a facsimile of this work. The manuscript. appears to Madrid be a copy made by Ponce containing the previous corrections made by Rizal in the revised poem. 1946. There are also two other copies: one which.‖ 9 pages. 31 March 1889 (signed LaongLaan). Retana.) to a Chinese code by Dr. The original manuscript is found in the Ayer Collection of London the Newberry Library. Written in violet ink on two pages of catalan paper. Signed ―Rizal. which is found in the National Library. J.into Tagalog of a fable concerning disputants. x 18 cm. 25 September 1898. “Pinatutula Ako. October This is the poem that is said to have been requested by the mother of Rizal. Poesias de Rizal. according to Ma-yi Notes It is believed that this article is a part of the Notas (in 1888 collaboration with Decemb A. Lopez. 1899. La Independencia. Hirth. 1907. Vida y Escritos. which is not true. 11 cm. since Rizal has written this for a meeting of the Circulo HispanoFilipino. B. Meyer y F. 1905. Nuestro Tiempo.

This fragment of his memoirs is El Renacimiento. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. deletions and corrections. It is not known where these copies are. short and satirical June 1911 autobiography of a rooster. Vida. about the moth and 2 January 1908 the flame. It It seems to be a Cultura Filipina. The author believes that . No date nor is the place indicated Madrid? where it was written. nor signature. Two pages. Unpublished . is "in the handwriting of Rizal. 4 cm. No date. Unfinished.Memorias de un Gallo Other writings Mi Primer Recuerdo Diary (Fragmento de mis Memorias) Ponce.15 cm. 460). and another copy sent to Marciano Rivera. x 26. It is written on both sides of a sheet of commercial paper in Madrid? violet ink. in which he introduces some corrections improving the verses" (Retana. p. The manuscript contains erasure.

x 2. This work was . x 23 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. The manuscript contains three preliminary sheets and the main text 465 Berlin sheets.Noli Me Tangere (English Translation: The Social Cancer) Novel (Tagalog Translation: Huag Acong Salangin Nino Man) seems to have been written during the time in which he wrote P. x 15. Eight written pages. and is considered the bible of the Filipino people." The Noli is the first novel by Rizal.75 cm.5 cm. The novel.2 cm. political and 21 religious — during the second half of the nineteenth century of the Philippines. This work seems to be an addition to his memoirs. Jacinto: Memorias de un Estudiante. There exist a manuscript in the "the light is the most beautiful thing in all creation and that it is suitable that a man should sacrifice his life for it.7 cm. which is based on reality. The manuscript contains deletions. 19. 37. It is written on eight sheets and on one side only. reflects the 1887 conditions — February social. erasures and corrections.

the speech transcribed in the 1887 dedicatory from the June 26 palace of the Archbishop of Manila upon the arrival of General D. Catalan. Pangasinan. Japanese. Burgos. The note is written at the bottom of the dedicatory on the last page of the typewritten copy of Maremagnum of Madrid P. Carlos Ma. We believe. Italian. No date. Cebuano. where written. 22. 171 pages. Lain. Indonesian. that there must be a mistake regarding translated into English. Tagalog. but it must have been in Madrid. Hiligaynon and Pampango with different titles. Chinese. . Visayan (Samar-Leyte). Swedish. x 17 cm. Bicol.Nota de Rizal al Notes “Maremagnum ” National Library. de la Torre. German.5 cm. which Herminigildo Cruz edited and published. nor is the place indicated. It is a note attesting to the fact that Father Burgos has given. French. Vietnamese. Esperanto. J. Sanskrit. Signed by the author. which is apparently the first chapter of this novel since it contains the same ideas although the characters are given different names. however. Ilocano. Hungarian. more or less.

25 cm. No date. . x 21.5 cm. but the National Library gave this work the preceding title. No title. Chicago. to Napoleon's Oraculum. These are notes of places. 15. 17 written pages. nor is the place indicated. together with Clinical Notes and Case Histories. apparently.25 cm. Preguntas y respuetas del oraculo Notes the place or the date. 8. since Rizal was not in Madrid on the date indicated. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. No date. dates and answers to questions propounded.4 cm. x 15. It contains 137 pages written on commercial paper in black ink. It is written on a It consists of the clinical histories and observations in the development of the sicknesses of the patients which he has studied.Notas Clinicas Notes Notas Varias. where these notes were written. This forms part of the Ayer Collection in the Newberry Library.

These notes will not be published in the centennial edition of Rizal's works. The article contains erasures and corrections. Jacinto – Memorias de Diary un Estudiante de Manila The manuscript consists of six chapters and one addition. Two written pages.5 cm. Novela. Without signature. It forms part of the Unfinished notebook of writings Rizal en el ano de 1876 a 1877. This is a rough draft of an incomplete article.4 x 13. this is a chapter of an unfinished novel in which Elisa and Vicente appear as the principal characters. It is not known when and where it was written. fragmento de Nuestras Infrantiles Creencias (or Fragmento de un articulo que Other trata de la writings religion cristiana to the National Library) It deals with the Christian religion in the Archipelago. The first . P. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. The original manuscript is found in the National Apparently. 20.small pocket note book. It is written on both sides of a sheet of stationery paper.

5 cm.. the fourth. 53 written pages. This is a narration of the life of the author from his birth. the fifth. "P. 1927.. (with equitable by Jules the title. in Manila. in Calamba. 1881. The original manuscript of this article . Paalala sa mga Mapagusapin Other writings No title. 28 October in #22 Salcedo St. 17. Jacinto" is the pseudonym used by Rizal. 7 April 1879. chapter is dated 11 September 1878. the second.Library. Un judgement May 1911. 19 June 1861 up to December 1878.5 cm. and no addition from June '78 to December of the same year". One page. It has been published several times together with its translation into English. written in Tagalog in which the inconvenien ces of those entitled to lawsuits are narrated. Sta. Cruz. x 26. 1 December in Manila and the sixth from "April '77 up to December of the same year. 16 Nov. Ginn & Co. Cuentos Lazare in his book y Leyendas) Lectures Faciles pour les comenzants. where the narration was cut off. This is a short history very similar to another written in French entitled Cultura Filipina.. the third on 1 November 1878 in #22 Salcedo St. Dulumbayan 8." dated in Manila. Monday.

x 20. This article. Austin. The This is an essay in which Rizal weighs the advantages and disadvantages of declaring himself anti or pro friar. it may have been in 1884. Life and Hongkong Artigas.Pensamientos Other de un Filipino writings Pobres Frailes Other writings forms part of a notebook. Seven pages. which is found in the National Library. is undated but according to V. 1884? A satirical article which deals with the financial losses suffered by the Dominican Corporation due to the bankruptcy of 1892 June 13? . Without date. concluding with the advice of neutrality in order not to end in the gallows or in exile. 33 cm.6 cm. Elio. it Labors of Jose ? was written Rizal (English on 13 June translation) 1892. The original manuscript with typewritten copies is found in the National Library. which is written in an ironical style. containing likewise the legend of Doña Geronima and the fable of the monkey and the turtle. according to Lineage. Written in black ink on one side only of commercial sized paper. but Craig.

Geminiano de Ocampo and Dr Leoncio LopezRizal. some." "The 1874? Shepherd and the rich Farmer. Rizal says that everyone may remain tranquil even if the Dominicans have lost hundreds of thousands of pesos because "the Filipinos will always be willing to go on a fast in order to give them alms. Some belong to the original collections of D." . The stories are entitled as follows: "Abhorrence for the 1873Curser. It consists of 17 prescriptions . Four pages. Jacinto" Prescripciones Medical medicas prescription Primeros ejercicios de composiciones Other en castellano writings en el Ateneo Municipal. others were taken from photostatic copies in the possession of Dr. although it seems to have been published in Hongkong." "Bad Companion. Manila. Alfonso Ongpin and Friedrich C. some of these have been ascertained. Umbreit. de los Amigos del Pais. The manuscript is written in black ink on quartersized." It was published in the form of handbills. 21 cm. x 17 cm. ruled commercial paper on one side only. from the Rizaliana of Mr. bearing the printer's name of Imp.original manuscript with typewritten copies is found in the National Library. Umbreit. Without the New Oriental Bank. It is signed by "Fr. Without title. and another from the Apuntes de Clinica. but the National Manila Library gave (Ateneo this work the Municipal) preceeding title.

The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Nine Borneo (?) written pages. Eight written pages." that is. These exercises must have been his first compositions. The project contains the bases and conditions submitted by Rizal for the signatures of the representatives of .5 cm. It was the custom at the Ateneo to require the students to write "compositions. Other writings date. With the project are included various letters written between Rizal and other persons regarding this project.Proyecto de colonization del British North Borneo por Filipinos. There also exists a French version of this document "Constancy and Work. also various printed matter (a map. but undoubtedly written when Rizal was a student at the Ateneo. and an Official Gazette). The original manuscript is found in the National Library." and a composition on the various kinds of orations. Without date.5 cm. x 21. where Sandakan. a list of the states of 1892 British North April ? Borneo. 32. 22 cm. x 16 cm. It consists of four short stories with a moral attached at the end of each story. Written on ordinary stationary paper with many erasures. nor is the place indicated. perhaps between 1873 and 1874. they are made to write on a subject given by the professor. written.

Revisita de Madrid Other writings more detailed that the Projecto with the title Colonisation du "British North. it was written for the Diariong Tagalog. Signed with the pseudonym "LaongLaan." Madrid. Novemb Velasco Gemma er 02 Cuniberti — The Commandant Mayet The Modern Idolatry — The free-trade meeting — The SpanishFilipino circle — The newspapers of Manila. Borneo" por des families des iles Philippines. although it was not published because the newspaper has already ceased publication.3 cm." . According to Ponce. x 16. This work is registered in Madrid the National Library as written for the magazine of the SpanishFilipino Circle. Six pages. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. 2 November the British North Borneo and those of the Filipino colony. It treats of the following subjects: "The cold Don Estanislao Figueras — The birth of a new Infanta — Bargossi 1882 of Bielsa — To Dr. 26. An account of the more notable events in Madrid. 1892.7 cm.

78). 20. 87 written and 77 on blank ruled paper. The title of the notebook was made by Rizal as well as the sketches in pencil which appear in the first and last pages of the notebook. A notebook which contains the following: A study on the history of Spanish Literature (classical authors)." and of the melodrama "Junto al Pasig. entitled Tinipung karunungan ng kaibigan ng mga taga Rhin by Hebel." some notes on medicine. 14 written pages. 21. x 16 cm. four pages of which are Ateneo devoted to Municipal the frontispiece. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Sobre el Rhin Other Aleman.5 cm. and articles in Tagalog. some written in ink and others in pencil. fragments of rough drafts of a chapter of a short unfinished novel (See No.5 cm. (See No. x 15 cm. Rizal en el ano Other de 1876 a writings 1877 The original manuscript is found in the National Library and it consists of a notebook of 168 pages. 93 of this Series). including a translation in Tagalog.1882. of the allegory "The Council of the Gods. writings This manuscript in French is written on the back side of the . Unpublished .

57). Five written pages." Adding that public conscience has protested in Spain. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. which the author says. x 34. it belongs to those open ulcers which do not heal of themselves alone but rather bring about the death of a personality. the National Library gave this work the preceeding title.5 cm." Sobre los Sucesos de Calamba Other writings A rough draft of an article. We are not sure if this work is a translation made by Rizal of the hymn or only a copy made by Rizal. and in Europe in vain. Without title. is not "a passing problem that intriguing politics exploits. . Rizal says that no one erased the bloody stain on the page of Spanish-Filipino civilization. it belongs to those which bring a long social condition and which with the passage of time increase in consequences. in the Philippines. This article treats of the problem of Calamba.last page of the manuscript entitled Le Pistolet de la Petite Baronne (See No. 22 cm. but undoubtedly written in Hongkong. Without date and without any indication of the place where written.

a rough draft with erasures and corrections is written on two sheets of commercial ruled paper with the signature of Rizal on the third page. corrected and substituted by another written in ink. on the fourth is a paragraph written in pencil. Austin. Noli Me Tangere 1877 .5 cm. x 21. 13 of this series) .) French This work refers to Composition a romance of Exercises by Alphonse Daudet. This same work has been translated into Tagalog by Rizal and is entitled Arte Metrica del Tagalog (See No.Tagalische Verskunst Speech Tartarin sur les Other Alps writings The original manuscript is found in the National Library. This work was read before the Ethnographic Etnographic Society of Berlin Society of Berlin on April 1887 and published by the said society in the same year. 34.6 cm. Jose Rizal. It forms partof the existing French composition s in the Ayer On Metrical Tagalog art written in German. Four pages. (ed. The manuscript. 1887 Craig.

" Of the many Bibliografico de la poems of Rizal. 1912 ―Ultimo Adios‖ (English Translation: Poem Last Poem of Rizal) Two pages. was known by all Hongkong. W. translated into . Republica one of the best Filipina. 30 1896 poems of the December 1898. although this work is included in the note-book Rizal en el ano 1876-1877. of 29 December Aparato 1896. but it must have been written in 1887. with Pensamiento". execution. No.Collection of the Newberry Library. 1898. but afterwards it Vol. The National Library has a facsimile of this work. 4. The original Fort manuscript Santiago is found in the National Library. Decemb national hero. is the last poem of Germinal. Chicago. Santiago and Vol. mga Taga as Ponce Rhin. This work Tinipung must have Karunungan been written ng Kaibigan ng Translation Germany in Germany. Poem without title. This Rizal's picture). May by the preceding 1898 (by Ponce title as well as by in the form of the title "Ultimo handbill. er was written during Archivo del his last days of Fort Bibliofilo Filipino. it Retana. this Historia General is the only poem de Filipinas. 1906. that has been Madrid. La before his Independencia. It is the beginning of a Tagalog translation of a book by Hebel. Without signature nor date.5 cm. hidden in a small Revisita Blanca alcohol stove and of Madrid. Rizal written days 9 June 1897. Quarter Centennial Series. Madrid. Odds and Ends. 15.5 cm. IV. The last 25 September and considered as 1898. believes. I. 15 given to his family April 1899. "on the afternoon Retana. x 9. w.

It is written on Madrid one side of quartersized cataldn paper. but according to Ponce. Indonesian. 23. Italian. Esperanto. Chinese. etc. Without signature. German. The original manuscript with Un Libre Pensador Story It is a subtly satirical story in which Rizal portrays a free thinker. x 17 cm.different languages. nor is the place given. 16 pp. Japanese. where written. 1884? Un Recuerdo (Costumbres Filipinas) Story A romantic story that more than fiction seems to be . The original manuscript is found in the National Library. with corrections.5 cm. Without date. it might have been written in Madrid in the year 1884. French. writen in small fine handwriting. It was translated into Tagalog and other principal dialects of the country as well as in English. and emendation s. in black ink. erasures.

this work based on some incident in the author's life. (Mentioned in the bibliography of Retana with the title Una Novela en Unfinished Castellano. Vida p. 43-44. 30 The manuscript is a December 1920 rough draft of the (with the title beginnings of a Cuentos Ineditos novel. to judge by the writing. 467. No signature nor date. perhaps during the first years of his stay in Europe.) novel According to M. In the original manuscript. Una visita del Señor a Filipinas Dia Filipino.. Ponce in Retana. Fragmento corrections.. pp. Jose erasures and Rizal. XIII. There are del Dr. above the title Un Recuerdo. Vol. de una oora inedita) . appear the words "Costumbre s Filipinas" in a handwriting distinct from that of the author. but from the text it may be conjectured that this story was written by the author while he was abroad.typewritten copies is found in the National Library.".

Rizal was . Written on two notebooks. B) pertains to the type of 'Vision de P. it gives a criticism of the state and conditions of the country in the mouth of celestial beings.. also written on one side. Without title. 44 pp.5 The Independent. x 17 cm. B. the second contains 13 sheets on quartersized paper. x 22 cm. Two pages. 22 September 1817 (Translated by Ponce in English from the original French text) A chronicle written in French concerning the feast or reunion held at the house of Mr. the second. 35 cm x. B.Una Soiree Chez M. to which Dr.. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. .5 cm. 21. 22 cm. Rodriguez'. 35. The first notebook.. No date nor signature." Incomplete. (A Other reunion in the writings house of Mr. the first contains 31 written sheets on one side of ruled commercial paper and five sheets are blank.

but it was probably written in Berlin in 1887. It is a short vocabulary work which is interposed in Apuntes de Clinica (See No. Without signature nor date.) French Composition Exercises by It treats of the Jose Rizal. It forms part of the composition s in French in the Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library. (ed. The original is written on two pages of ruled commercial paper. Quarter Centennial Series. Austin. Craig. Noli beautiful Berlin Me Tangere boulevard. and where Rizal had a pleasant time. 9 of this series). It may have been the beginning of a dictionary of the Tagalog language which he intended . Other writings Vocabulario Ingles – Tagalog Other writings This is included in the documents given as a Documentos Rizalinos. B. Chicago. The National Library has a manuscript copied in pencil by Ponce of this work invited. 1912 Vocabulario HebreoCastellano. It deals with a reunion in the house of Mr. with the signature of Rizal at the end. The corrections are made in violet ink.Unter den Linden Other writings cm. on the second day of Easter Week.

The original manuscript is found in the National Library. page 465 1887 These copies are written in Latin interposed with a paragraph in Spanish. 24 pages. according to a letter from his brother-in-law D.R. 28 cm." and at the end it gives a vocabulary of the dialects of Guam. x 21. Lucas. D. Seven to write.5 cm. but the National Library gave this work the preceeding title. This work gives us the location of the island of Canela and describes the port of Bohol. 20. it relates the arrival of "Patax" called "S. E. Copias de Varias disposiciones eclesiasticas Other sobre la writings adquisicion y posesion de bienes por las gift by the Spanish people to the Filipino people in 1953. Retana.. Manuel T. The copy made by Rizal is in the National Library. D. W. IV.Algunas Other Noticias de writings Bohol y Guam An account of the Life and Writings of Mr.S. Hidalgo dated 5 June (Epistolario Rizalino. Chicago. Vida y Escritos. The copy made by Rizal is found in the Newberry Library. Two written pages. . Germany The National Library has a facsimile of this copy. 206). It is incomplete. Without date. and published in Documentos Rizalinos. x 23 cm. Without title. The copy made by Rizal is found in the National Library.5 cm. F. James Other Thompson by writings Patrick Murdoch.

One letter is dated in Manila. 18. 30 August 1896. and the other two letters are dated Manila. The manuscript is found in the collection of D. 29 cm.Una Other Tolentina con writings los Augustinos Fr. Francisco de Victoria y Fr. 26 pp. This is a copy of the "information made by the office against Olalla de Rojas and Justina Tolentina for living together scandalously and without the benefit of marriage to two members of the Order of Saint Augustine named Fr. Juan de Torres.7 cm. Neither the place nor the date when Rizal made the copy is mentioned. It is not written by Rizal. 1 July 1896. x 23. This copy made by Rizal is found in the National Library.oredenes religiosas Copias manuscritas hechas por Rizal de tres Other cartas del writings Capitan General de Filipinas Ramon Blanco Duo de “La Africana. This is a song taken from a zarsuela of the same title. 1650 . Juan de Torres." The manuscript is a copy of the record El Concubinato de Dona Olalla de Rojas y Jus. x 17.” Other writings pages. Francisco de Victoria and Fr. Eugenio Lopez.74 cm.5 cm It forms part of Documentos Rizalinos which were given as a gift by the Spanish people to the Filipino people in 1953.

18 Octubre a 19 Noviembre 1891. 26 f). (See No. It is possible however. written on 26 sheets of ruled paper taken from a notebook of accounts. It is very probable that during one of his trips he visited a plant that manufactured champagne and took notes in the preparation of the . and which is known by the title "Orillas del Pasig". It seems that there is some confusion in some biographies and bibliographies of Rizal in mistaking this poem for the Kundimam of Paterno which is said to be sung by Miss Dolores Ocampo in Paris. This work forms part of Diario de Viaje de Marsella a Hongkong. using one side of the paper only. that this poem "En la Ausencia" attributed to Rizal is the poem of Paterno with the same title published in his collection of poems entitled Sampaguitas.―En la Ausencia‖ Poem The manuscript which is found in the National Library is a copy made by Miss Nelly Boustead dedicated to "My Antonio." ―Fabricacion de Champagne‖ Notes of the case filed in court against the said mistresses of the friars.

309-310 Revista del Liceo Artistico Literario de Manila. Laubach. O timid flower. It forms part of the Ayer Collection in the Newberry Library. in which for the first time in public the Philippines is alluded . This is a patriotic poem in which Rizal says in part: "My muse. pp. 25-26. Without date. Poesias de Rizal." (Veloso) This short poem was improvised by Rizal in Dapitan. the Society de Veyra. this work must have been copied from another work or. Six pp. According to Retana.same. from some technical magazine. Rizal Man and Martyr. This ode. Beglas para determinar Other writings Mentioned in the bibliography of Retana as written in English. year 1. This poem is a call to the Filipino youth. x 21. with the theme: "Grow.C.5 cm. Chicago. Mandaluyong. 1895. pp. which consisted of a silver pen. The National Library has a facsimile of this work. after a visit by Josephine Bracken. in the Republica Filipina. perhaps. 15 cm. ―A Filipinas‖ (A Poem sonnet) La Independecia. page 68. supplement to N. J. 1879." (English Poem Translation: To the Philippine Youth) De Veyra. in the Literary Contest sponsored by the Artistic — Literary Society in 1879.o IV. 25 September 1898. 30 December 1898." obtained the first prize. C. 1946. J. 29 album of December 1898. of Poesias de Rizal. murmurous with 1889 tenderness Sings February to her among naiads and undines My joy and fortune I offer her. Published also in the La Independencia. A Josefina Poem "A la Juventud Filipina. Sculptors page 33. In the Malabon. Rizal.

Ponce. E. de Veyra. 31. Ang Buhay ni Dr. 1907. . where now you stand. 32-33. 22 December 1904 "She was born in the Philippines. Poesias de Rizal. A romantic. she possessed a talent and a knowledge uncommon in those days. C. etc. pp. is a copy made by M. Let the bright sheen Of your grace be seen Fair hope of my Fatherland! A La Patria Other writings AC Poem This manuscript. pp. This sentiment is found in the first stanza of the poem as follows: Hold high the brow serene. Madrid. Don Pablo. Jose Rizal. pp. 29 Biografia (p. p. Madrid. Retana. 1577-1578. in Idem. 1901. Aparato Bibliografico. III. It consists of a short answer to an article in La Patria published 26 September of the same year. in whose house in Madrid the Filipinos used to gather once a El week. This poem was dedicated to the daughter of Counsellor of Ultramar. Orphaned of her mother since childhood. 55). Rizal. 21-22. in W. According to 1883 Renacimiento. 1904.in the Homenaje a Jose Rizal. Manila. La Solidaridad . December.but grew up in Spain. 1946. 1906. the Nuestro Tiempo. which is found in the National Madrid Library. J. 393-395. See also the Tagalog translation in Honorio Lopez. Vida. 15 November 1899 to as the fatherland of the Filipinos. O youth.Ma Palma in his August nila.

W. pages 459-460 A la Virgen Maria Sonnet V. We do not have a copy of this work. and comely maiden. K. Jacinto: Memorias de un estudiante de Manila. Rizal took a fancy to her." La Alborada. the painful melancholy which overpowered him after seeing her for the last time on the road to Calamba as she was returning to her town from Manila to get married to a distant relative . gracious. Manila. . and for more than two years frequented her house without frankly revealing his feelings. perhaps out of respect to the memory of the absent Leonor. who in his P. Elio believes that this was written in Manila in Manila 1889. Retana.A La Señorita Poem S. The original was burned during the 1889? ." Dedicated by the author to Miss Segunda Katigbak. 30 December 1901. in which she was a student. the past scenes in the parlor of Concordia College. Vida y Escritos. This work appears in the bibliography of Elio but not in those of Retana and Palma. he describes with the sub lime ingenuity of a pure soul the sentiments and the dreams which this woman has inspired in him. .

caution not to open June 20 Epistolario these letters till Rizalino. to Dr. La Independencia. 15 December 1890. Lorenzo P. after his death. 45 A Nuestra Other Paris. with the 1892 243-244. Marques. Vida Portugues friend of y Escritos. J. Dia Filipino. 1946. Poesias de Rizal. were entrusted before his return to the Philippines on June. III.II. a Retana. Vol. December 1890. page 56. de Veyra. who provided the typewritten copies of this testament. the hero. 346-347 According to Dr. pp. pp. pp.liberation of Manila. 30 This manifesto is a 1889 A los Filipinos (Testaments Letter Politico) Hongkong A mi.. the original manuscripts which he kept before they were burned had been brought to Manila by Marciano Rivera in 1898. Imp. 1899. sisters and friends and bearing the same date. Republica Filipina. W. 25 September 1898. Decemb an invocation to the 397-400. 20 June 1892. with another letter addressed to his parents. No. 30 This poem is December 1898. written in stanzas Homenaje a Jose 1890 of five lines. 30 inspiration. 1892. 1945. being Rizal. page 8. Paris . Dia er 15 muse or to sacred Filipino. This letter dated in Hongkong. 10 May 1906.. Nuestro Tiempo. Poem A poem published under the pseudonym Laong-Laan La Solidaridad . Leoncio LopezRizal.C.

Abd-el-Azis y Mahoma. According Vida y Escritos. J." — Retana. 1907.C.Querida Madre writings Patria Charaire. honor of the A Historical Immaculate Romance. A manifesto which includes another one issued by Felipe Buencamino in Manila. 29-31. E. Elio. copying at the beginning the manifesto of Buencamino followed by La historia de Buencamino! and after some brief considerations. p. 8 Conception. pp. Poem Adiciones a mi Other defensa writings It is believed that the original of this work is found together Fort with the Santiago documents of the trial of Rizal in the Military Archives of Segovia. on the 8th of Poesias de Rizal. It concludes in a disdainful tone with these words. "A sheet with the text written in three columns. 19 . December 1879 in 1946. 30 Manuel Fernandez December 1912. patron December 1879 of the Ateneo Municipal de Manila. 24 August 1889. Decemb to Retana. It was also published in the Dia Filipino. December 1912 reply to another signed by Felipe Buencamino in the name of the Filipinos dated in the Philippines. 1896 before the council Retana. de stage presentation Veyra. This came out in Paris. Additional arguments in his defense read by Rizal in the 26th of December. Vida. "I possess a copy of the original" — V. With the title Mahoma se Estremece. 1896 of war. it was declaimed by Mr. 467. y Maninang in the page 67. it was pp. 404-408 er 26 published for the first time in the Nuestro Tiempo. W. Dia Filipino. 1889.

An unpublished poem dated in Manila. Poesias de Rizal. Poesias de Rizal. J. the copy which he had was one of the first 1881 which at that time January passed from hand 25 to hand among the students of the Ateneo who belonged to the Academy of Spanish Literature. Rector writings del Ateneo en sus dias de Veyra. P. 1874-1875. pp. 1946. Al Muy R. 15 294-303. Pablo Ramos. J. pp. pp. La Epistolario Solidaridad Rizalino. without indicating the year. It is an article in the form of a letter. Alianza intima entre la Poem Religion y la Educacion de Veyra. January 1890. 1946. Al Niño Jesus Poem The original manuscript was burned during the liberation of Manila in Manila 1945 in the possession of Don Leoncio Lopez-Rizal. Retana believes Nov 14 that this poem was written during the time when Rizal was in his second year at the Ateneo. dealt by Rizal to Barrantes.Al Excmo. Retana April 01 entitles this poem Alianza intima entre la religion y la . de Veyra. replying in a subtle and sarcastic manner an article of Barrantes that was published in the Espana Mo derm. 14 November. 22-23. 1946. page 5. a political one. Jose Rizal. 169-187. 17 1890 February 1917. The February Independent. Other S. Vicente writings Barrantes Homenaje a. According to Retana. II. 17-18 June 1917. page 49. this letter is one of the chastisements. A sapphic ode. J. The author was only 15 years old when he wrote this 1876 poem. Poesias de Rizal. . Other D. about the Noli. C. C. pp. dated 25 January 1881. According to Retana. C.. J. 1899. Sr.

and therefore. Ponce. according to Don Epifanio de los Santos." — M. A kundiman written in Tagalog which. Molina has made researches on this song and affirms that even the music is composed by Rizal. 18911892 Apuntes de Literatura Española de Notes The original manuscript nor a copy 18841885 . Interposed in a notebook. Vida. A tagalog translation of the Rights of Man proclaimed by the French Revolution in 1789. 470. Antonio J. between November 1891 and June 1892. p. Santos has made a Spanish translation of this poem.Alin Mang Lahi Other writings Ang mga Karampatan ng Tao Translation Hongkong buena education. is by Rizal."— Retana. It was published bilingually in great quantities in the form of handbills (SpanishTagalog). H. Molina has made two transcriptions of the music of this work. Prof. "I suppose that these handbills which may be classified among those which in the Philippines are given the generic name of manifesto. Prof. was issued during Rizal's stay in Hongkong.

we cannot find this work. E. According to Retana. 125. Eduardo de Lete. p. Vida. these notes are found in the notebook which contains Memorias intimas. Rizal mentions in Datos para mi Defensa. According to Retana in Vida. Mr. which notebook was in the possession of D. 461. del Rosario. the draft of this letter is found Retana. p. "I" described filibusterism in a newspaper in Madrid (El Progreso) on June 1884. 125-126. calling the attention of the government to its causes and its future. However. de Lete sold the notebook to the Philippine Government through the mediation of Dr. Mariano V. Clinica after a pp. in the Cuaderno de Vida y Escritos. In turn. and literary study Nuestro Tiempo entitled Essai sur (extracts only) Pierre Corneille and after a translation of a story dated "Berlin.Hebreo y Arabe of this is not to be found in the National Library. (See 31a). Apuntes de Obstetricia Notes 18821883 Articulo que habla del filibusterismo en Filipinas Political writings No copy of this article exist 1884 July Autocritica del Essay/ Noli Me Analysis Tangere This is the title which appears in the bibliography of Retana Berlin given to a letter of Rizal in French to Felix Resurreccio 1887 March . W.

19 June 1878 (in English). . 359La 372. referring to the Noli Me Tangere El Renacimiento. . 331-332. José Rizal with members of his family.n Hidalgo. 15 15 September December 1898 (one third of 1870 the article was published) This poem describes the life of the author of Don Quijote de la Mancha. Rizal in Cultura a. 5 March 1887". It is an analysis and a critique of his purpose in writing the Noli. enumerating the blunders of the administration. pp. with his friends and with different persons. This is a compilation of the correspondence of Dr. Rizal discourses on the misgovernment of his country. native and foreign. Como se engaña a la Patria. D. 19 June 1921. J. Political writings Corresoponde Letter ncia Espistolar Autógrafos Inéditos de Rizal en Cultura Filipina. 1912. Dia Filipino. December 1932. Canto del Viajero Poem Dapitan 1896 Cervantes en Argamasilla de Poem Alba 295 poetic lines.C. La Solidaridad Independencia. Also about 26 letters written by Rizal to his family were also published with the title Cartas Familiares del Dr. La Vanguardia. de Veyra. No copy of this article exist Homenaje a José Rizal. 1946. Miguel Cervantes Saavedra In this article. Manila. pp. Manila. Poesias de Rizal. W. Retana. 29 December 1903. Epistolario Rizalino Letter There are some letters already included in the Epistolario which have been published in other books and publications. Vida y Escritos. page 68. and in Día Filipino. December.

Signed with España en the initial ―R‖ Filipinas. Sisters. One Hundred Letters of José Rizal to his Letter Parents. 19 June 1959. Eugenio Lopez. 17 June 1916. 28 April 1887 the article This was This work was 1887 April 28 . Manila. the author attacks the newspapers of the Philippines. in the The Independent. pp. Letters found in Documentos Rizalinos. at the end of Madrid. 30 April 240. regaados por el pueblo Letter español al pueblo filipino. 221. Descripcion de Other With sarcasm and mordant irony. Cosas de Filipinas Other writings Deducciones – El segun Él. Relatives. 200 pages Many of the letters in this book have not yet been published and the majority of these letters are in the possession of D. May 1911. and ends 1890 with a condemnation of the Guardia Civil for their abuses and cruelties. 30 December 1930. Brothers. La Homenaje a José particularly the Solidaridad Rizal. 1953. b. Visayas.Filipina. and the Día Filipino. 1953. Philippine National Historical Society. Bureau of Printing.Porvenir de . Other Por un writings Pigmco. c. Manila.

when he was caught by the Revolution of 1898. The same diary which appears in Retana's Travel diaries This is an account of his impressions from the moment of his departure from . mentioned in Dr.Scholar and Scientist in 1946 Descripciones de plantas medicinales. Mc Year believed that the manuscript must have been destroyed. maderas de contruccion. heteropsidos y antopsidos de una colleccion naturalista. especies olcoginosas o Other resinosas. Jose P. Diario de Viajes De Calamba a Barcelona y Diary Travel diaries whose original manuscripts are not extant. and captured by the Filipinos. written in Dapitan. The same year Mc. Contains the descriptive catalogue of a naturalist's collection of specimens.algunos peces writings con dibujos. Diarios de Viajes Diary a. The original manuscript was burned during the liberation of Manila in 1945. those whose originals are extant appear in the list of original manuscripts. Bantug. Year affirms that about two thirds of other classifications represented Rizal's collaboration with the Governor who was later transferred to Mindoro. Mc Year has seen a thick manuscript with more than 400 sheets in the possession of the Governor of Dapitan at the time in which Rizal was exiled. Rizal. y de writings algunos metales. J. R. many descriptions made by Rizal signed with the initials Dr.

Numbers 2. 1 January to June 1884. The original of this diary was in the possession of E. however. annotated by Molina in Unitas. Antonio M. del Rosario in 1944 which was published with the title Memorias de J. According to Retana. this diary was carried by Rizal in a desk diary as has been said. Presently. Molina secured a copy of the manuscript from Dr.) 1953. de Lete. del Rosario. 3 & 4 (AprilDec. Clemente J. it cannot be located. Mariano V. It came to the possession of D. Zulueta. together with the notebook Calamba on 1 May 1882 (Monday) up to 3 May 1883. Rizal. and was sold to the Philippine Government through the efforts of Dr. Prof. .Madrid b. Diario en Madrid Diary Bibliography entitled Memorias intimas.

It 1921 begins on 3 June 19 February 1888 and ends on 13 April 1888.containing his Clinical Notes: At present. pp.E. 14 . 19 May 1888. Nacional Filipina. Diario de Viaje. It 1889 La Patria. Vicente Elio. Macao and Japan. 15 refers to the Septemb August 1889 September differences of er 15 1888 criteria between the two newspapers . According to Mr. pp. Vida. Mr. This was Published published in part in the 19 by Manuel June 1921 Artigas y Cuerva issue of in the monthly the Dia publication. Diario de Viaje: A traves de Norte Diary America. This was published in the 19 June 1921 issue of the Dia Filipno. c. in its June 20. both documents belong to the collection of the said North American bibliofile. Biblioteca pp. d. some parts have been published in several Filipino newspapers. April to May 1888. 1910 issues with the title Diario de Un Viaje de Manila Al Japon 1888. 49-51. Ayer. This is a counter La reply to the article Solidaridad Verdades Viejas. Filipino. 4951. Diferencias Essay Describes Rizal's impressions since his arrival in San Francisco on the morning of Retana. E. De Manila a Japon via Hongkong y Macao Diary It is a diary of his observations in Hongkong. 1888 until his departure for New York on Wednesday. 28 April 153-155. Saturday.

pp.Discurso del Dr. with respect to the actual governmental reforms in the Philippines. replying to the greetings addressed to him by the President of this association Herr Jose Krombhols. Blumentritt. Dos Mundos. Discurso brindis de Rizal en Barcelona Speech No copy Discurso en Leitmeritz. This famous speech was delivered on 25 June 1884 in honor of Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo who obtained first and second prizes. Rizal por Maximo Viola It is an extemporaneous speech delivered in the Tourists' Club of Leitmeritz. 1888. respectively. 94-98. 19 June 1921. things which (according to Palma in his Biografia ―nobody (filipino) had ever attempted before‖ Discursio brindis de Rizal en Barcelona in the house occupied by Maximo Viola— according to the Mis Viajes con Dr. March 1905 and in W. Madrid. 47. Vida pp. Austria. Dr. p. in the Fine Arts contest held in the Madrid Exposition of 1884. Madrid. who 1884 . Rizal en el Banquete Speech dado en honor de los pintores Filipinos.E. Retana. 1884 Also published in the Homenaje a Luna. 97-104 in the Nuestro Tiempo. Bohemia Speech Dia Filipino. Rizal had frankly and openly exposed the political situation in the Philippines.

―LaongHerlado de la Laan. supplement. The with the warmth of Bureau of an apostle about Public love of country. Centennial Newberry Library. June 1882 . Diciembre 1898 X 17 cm. 30 pp. by Austin Craig. It is probable that this and the article entitled Las Dusdas are one and the same. 21. translation of this has a copy Manila. in the Ponce. The last Philippine nine compositions Education except Proverbes Company. Dudas Other writings Espana en Filipinas. are mentioned in 108 pp. Chicago. Bibliography I. 31 1882 at the same Written with Spain in special June 1882. No copy.7 cm. published in the signed. 20 of the article entitled Ang August 1882. October 1899. French the last ten Composition exercises with the Exercises by exception of Composition Jose Rizal. Homenaje a on both translation is not Rizal. Series. The original It is an article in does not which Rizal talks exist. Libraries There is a Tagalog Diariong Tagalog. Manila. Revolucion.5 cm x QuarterCollection‖ 18.was present. Barcelona. It is pamphlet form. 11 Bulacan. black ink. M.2 cm. Some booklet entitled are translations. 1912. of Rizal. of the ―Ayer 12. Filipina. It was sides. Madrid 1887 May 28 Ejercicios en Lengua Francesca Other writings El Amor Patrio Poem Composition Published in a exercises. person. transcribed the speech. The cuarto size. edited Proverbs from part Exercises.‖ Revolucion pseudonym Barasoain. published in the Published in the another Heraldo de la Diariong Tagalog. It Pag-ibig Sa manuscript was also made by Tinubuang Lupa. in time as the the Republica Spanish orginal. and in Rizal's.

Retana's This is a eulogy 1874 .E. Virgil and Cervantes is established. according to Father page 7 Sanchez El Consejo de Play los Dioses La Solidaridad. It is an allegory in which a parallelism among Homer. It deals with the victory of Don Diego and the capture of the Moslem Boabdil. 1581-1586. The manuscript is now in the archives of the Bureau of Public Libraries. Ateneo Municipal. 31 December 1900.C.E. 30 April 1893. El Embarque – Poem W. Aparato Bibliografico. de Veyra's ―Poesias de Rizal‖ page 10. Poblete. It reappeared in pamphlet form in another dramatic adaptation by Lope Blas Hucapte in Manila Revista del 1915. Parts Liceo of the poem Artistico de appeared in Manila. 23 a notebook April 1889 containing a manuscript of the hero entitled Rizal en el Ano de 1876 a 1877. El Cautiverio y El Triunfo: Batalla de Poem Lucena y prision de Boabdil El Combate: Urbiztondo. J. a poem in 4 lines.Honorio Lopez. De Veyra's A romantic poem Poesias de Rizal. Retana. Jaime C. Poem terror de Jolo. La Patria.Rizal.‖Ang Buhay ni Dr. El Comercio.‖ Manila. It was arranged in dramatic form in Tagalog by Pascual H. 99 63-72. III. W. 1909.

into account the VI. closing lines of the article. pp. por la gracia de Dios y de su senora la Marquesa Other de las writings Loterias. Manila. pp. pp. the Marquesa Hongkong de las Loterias. Sultan de Filipinas. etc. Part I in No. It has the initial ―J. V.Himno de la Flota de Magallanes (English Translation: The Embarkation) El Historiador De Filipinas.C. 30 Vida. etc. De 1899 Veyra Poesias de Rizal.‖ Espana en at the end of Filipinas the article. 19 March 1889 but was not sent to the La Solidaridad. Other Don Fernando writings Blumentritt. of the Epistolario However. El Historiador quoted by Ponce in Retana's Vida p. There exist a doubt as to whether or not this work is the same as the El Historiador de Filipinas Don Fernando Blumentritt Published in described herewith Volume V. 6-7. This poem was mentioned by Rizal in his letter to Mariano Ponce dated Paris. and encomium to the brave Spanish soldiers under the command of Ferdinand Magellan. 26-27 December and in J. 43. It is a satirical pamphlet about the supposed Marques de Malinta and his lady. it seems that the two are different from each other. if we take Rizalino. En El Bosque Poem En Eulogio de Other Blumentritt. 465.R. but in real life it refers to the Governor General of the Philippines at that time. writings . El Marques de Malinta.

In his letter to Dr. 21 sing. loading. Dapitan. Ma Rincon). 1894. according to Mariano Ponce as quoted by Retana in his Vida p. ―which you will find at the end of the book: I believe that this dialect is easy to learn. 1917. 15 August Manililla on 1 certain Bachiller 1889 June 1889.p. although it is already included in the Epistolario Rizalino IV. 465. Germany Maximo Viola. 193194. Ferdinand La Satirical Blumentritt against Solidaridad newspaper.. an article of a . Estatutos de la Sociedad de Other Agricultores writings Dapitanos Original manuscript now lost was previously in the possession of Dr.. 1 The Independent. No copy Escrito Dirigido Al Capitan Other General de writings Filipinas. It is a defense of Dr. of the merchandise owned and acquired by the Society. etc.En las Montanas Poem No copy Ensanamiento Other writings Esbozo Sobre Other La Lengua writings “Tiruray”. January 27 October unloading. 1887 1886 . M. Ferdinand Blumentritt (Epistolario Rizalino. 33) Rizal intimated that he wrote a short script. Manuel de Veras (assumed name of D. The aim of the Association is to dedicate itself to the purchase. V. sale.‖ Mentioned in the bibliography prepared by Vicente Elio.warehou 1895.

R. S. Mr. Guerrero. In 1893. ―The vibrant spirit of Rizal in this article gave the poor Barrantes a sample of the fine and delicate Voltairian irony. The original manuscript. Sanchez.J. The Spanish savant was subjected by the illustrious Filipino to the most complete ridicule.‖ Apparently written in Dapitan in 1895. Barcelona. Begleitwarte Zu Meiner des Insel Mindanao. 10 February 1917. Etnografia de la Isla de Mindanao Translation No copy Excmo. V. p. was included in the bibliography prepared by Retana. II 186198. 15 and 30 June 1889. Biblioteca Filipina. Vicente Barrantes (siguen los Other titulos y writings condecoracion es. etcetera. 85. which appeared in the La Ilustracion Artistica of Barcelona.H. In pamphlets form with the title Barrantes y El Teatro Tagalo. p. Manila. D. Possas 1889. Sr. Also published in the Homenaje a Jose Rizal.Barcelona .is kept by Father Sanchez.Estudios Sobre La Other Lengua Tagala writings 1893.‖ T. etc. Francisco de P. Blumetritt. Felicitacion Poem The original Jaime C. and The Independent. The translator dedicates this version to its Austrian author ―in token of affection and consideration. 1889. p. Elio mentions this work with the title Gramatica Tagala.) La Solidaridad . in the Epistolarion Rizalino. It comprises a small notebook – Retana. Vida. R. and with this title. 30 December 1899. Pardo de Tavera. It is a humorous letter about some articles. This poem was 1875 . No. according to Mr. A Tagalog translation of this work was made by Prof. etc. 51. Manila. La Patria. Cecilio Lopez under the title Mga Pa-aaral Sa Wikang Tagalog. 365. 471. Treaties written in Dapitan and dedicated to F. This is a translation of an article by Dr.

Homenaje a Jose Rizal. 265-315. Revista Historica de Filipinas. representation in the Cortes. 107. etc. on the occasion of his birthday (28 December). I. La Solidaridad of 30 September . and 1 February 1890. Retana. 3 during the liberation of Manila in 1945. equitable administration of justice. Manila.(English Translation: Felicitation) manuscript de Veyra's of this poem Poesias de was burned Rizal. without date etc. in the Manila Filatelica. Filipinas dentro de Cien Article Anos This work has been translated into Tagalog and English. Filipinas En El Other Congreso writings La Solidaridad The Independent on 31 on 10 March March 1917. p. Antonio Lopez. Rizal praises the address of Congressman Francisco Calvo Munoz in the Congress asking for the representation of the Philippines in . 1953. written in honor of his brother-in-law. Narcisa Rizal.E. V. because ―the Philippines then shall either remain under Spanish domination but with more rights and privileges or shall declare itself independent after shedding blood and causing bloodshed to the Mother Land. Madrid. In this politicosocial study. Because of this poem. Rizal wrote it as a form of greetings by his sisters. in the Nueva Era Press. 31 October. Rizal resented remarks made by F. 1905. The Spanish text published in pamphlet form with the same title in Manila in 1922. Archivo del Bibliofilo Filipino. 1897. 85-142. W. 15 December 1889. husband of Da. pp. 1890. the author says that the ―advancement and moral progress of the Philippines is inevitable‖ and that Spain should effect such reforms as a free press. Leoncio Lopez.

405. IV. that which opens the path to parliamentary representation. It is a novel which El Renacimiento talks of. Retana. No copy available. because the free press is the inseparable companion. 15 Translation: To 407. etc. 1905 he holds for his possibly in W. in it Rizal of the La Heidelberg Homenaje a Jose appeals to the Bureau of Solidaridad (English Rizal. Written in English. d. Heidelberg) of February.T. ineditos del Dr. governor in the town of Concordia. in the in 1887.C. De person Veyra's Poesias de Rizal. This is the Filipino. beloved done by Vida. politico-military Jose Rizal. another and in J. Imprenta composed of six Archivo del (English Poem Manila Filatelica. among Unpublished in 1902 under the other things. Tagala bibliography of writings Unpublilshe Comparada Retana. La Independencia. the Fragmento de Unfinished and Dapitan title Escritos arrival of the new Una Novela. or better yet. pp. Left Gramatica Mentioned in the Unfinished incomplete. pp. writings Incomplete. 25 September The 1898.the Spanish Cortes and since this proposal has not been approved. Hymn to Veyra's Poesias poem in which in 1887 .C.flowers to go to his Poem Public . 5455. in the country to assuage Libraries is December the Flowers of Nuestro Tiempo the sad memories only a copy 1889. De chorus. stanzas and Bibliofilo Translation: in J. pp. The full hymn is Reatana's Talisay Ongpin. he then asked for freedom of the press. Himno A (partial) in A. in the manuscript Republica Filipina This nostalgic in the of 30 December poem was written possession Flores de 18'8. 103-104 Philippines.E.


Himno Al Trabajo


Historia de la Familia Rizal de Calamba

Other writings

Inconsecuenci Other as writings

de Rizal, pp. 63- other translations in 64; etc. ―Written English was in Dapitan on 13 erroneously given October 1895. the title of Hymn to What was the Talisay tree. published in Talisay was the Volume IV of the name of the site Archivo del where Rizal lived in Bibliofilo Filipino Dapitan. is nothing more than the second stanza to which was added three verses of the fifth. J.C. De Veyra's It is believed that Poesias de Rizal, this poem was pp. 53-54; Rafael written in honor of Palma, Biografia the town of Lipa, de Rizal, pp. 106Batangas when it 107; in Ocampo, was converted into Ella and a municipality, Hernandez, Rizal 1888(?). It is a as Economist and hymn on the Educator, Part III; importance of labor in Zaide, Rizal's whether in time of Life, Works and war or in time of Writings, pp. 278peace. 279,etc. This is a genealogical treatise of the Rizal family from his paternal and maternal Dia Filipino, V, 30 ascendants...Accor Dapitan December 1920, ding to Professor pp. 44-45. Austin Craig, this is an unpublished manuscript that Rizal dedicated to his family. It was written in Dapitan for his nephews. It is a reply to an article of Celso Mir La Deas, columnist of Solidarida the Pueblo on 30 Sobrano which November published in its 1889 issue of 9 November a

Informe Al Administrador de Hacienda Publilca de La Other Hacienda de writings los PP Dominicos de Calamba.


Other writings

personal attack against the painter Juan Luna, taking him as ―Taga-Ilog‖ who was none other than Antonio Luna. This was published by Marcelo H. del Pilar in the Appendix of the Soberania Monacal. No date (January 1880). It was signed by the Gobernadorcillo, the Principalia and 70 well known residents of Calamba. It is the origin, the first stone hurled and which motivated the celebrated case between the town and a powerful religious corporation – M. Ponce in Retana, Vida, p. 446. It is a reply in the La form of a comment Solidaridad El Dia in its issue to a dated 29 , 15 correspondence December 1889. January from the 1890. Philippines. This Rizal article appeared in the La Revista Hispano Americana, Barcelona, 28 February 1886, Ano VII Num. 278.‖ With a picture of the famous Filipino

Juan Luna

Other writings

It is a short but heartfelt biography of his friend and It is reproduced in illustrious the La compatriot, the Solidaridad of 15 great painter, Juan December 1892. Luna, author of the celebrated ―Spolarium.‖

painter in the front page of the newspaper.‖ --M. Ponce. Signed ―Laong Laang.‖ Translated into Tagalog by Patricio Mariano. The Spanish original which was published in the La Patria was printed in the new pamphlet edited by the Dia Filipino, Manila, 1915, entitled Junto al Pasig. Melodrama in verse in one act. Words by Dr. Jose Rizal presented for the first time on 8 Decmeber 1880 with music by Blas Echegoyen, on the stage of the Ateneo Municipal de Manila. The second presentation was made in the Velada Literaria Lirica Musical organized by the newspaper Dia Filipino with a musical score by Manuel Velez which took place on 19 June 1915. Portions of this work appear in the notebook containing Rizal en el Ano 1876 a 1877, Ateneo Municipal, whose original manuscript is found in the Bureau of Public

Junto Al Pasig Play

Reproduced in the Nuestro Tiempo by W. E. La Patria, Retana. Also Manila, 30 appears in December Retana, Vida, pp. 1902. 37-50; published in J.C. De Veyra, Poesias de Rizal, pp. 34-48; etc.

pp. 36-37. dated 3 Decmeber 1876—Ramon R. pp. Kundiman (English Translation: Kundiman) Poem The original manuscript of this work that formed part of the Epifanio de los Santos Collection was burned during the liberation of Manila in 1945. p. Rizal. De Veyra's Poesias de Rizal.C. The Spanish version also belong to him. 58-59. 1216 According to Retana on page 458 of his Vida to which he gave the title of La Conquista de Granada: abre la ciudad sus puertas a los vencedores. A tagalog translation of the chorus of this melodrama was made by Honorio Lopez and published in Ang Buhay ni Dr. Published in Tagalog in the Dia Filipino. Rizal's Political Writings.C. 1933. La Conquista de Granada Play . It was published previously under the title Entrada Triunfal de los Reyes Catolocos en Granda in the Decmeber 31. pp. pp. this work is ―a legend in verse.‖ It is a letter in English to the Director of the Hongkong Telegraph about the events which happened in Calamba and signed by Philippino. The Spanish version appears in J. De Veyra's Poesias de Rizal. Libraires. 1931 issue of the Dia Filipino. 321. 18 with the title ―Sa Virgen ng Antipolo. etc.Justice in the Philippines Letter It also appeared in Austin Craig. 15. in J. p. 17. 30 December 1921.

1892 calling the attention to the frequency of the intentional fires in Manila at that time. on May 31.pp.‖ There was a Tagalog translation of this work entitled Ang Mapulang Kamay. No copy Guerrero. although in it neither this date nor these initials appear—Retana. This work is also known as A La Industria Azucarera de Filipinas according to Mr.La exportacion Other del Azucar writings Filipino. 2 April 1889. This article was mentioned by Rizal in his letter to ―los Solis‖ dated at Paris. 470. 64-72.as communicated to him by F. 1889. 33-49. but there will be sure and terrible if it continues to be seen. Comments on the demoralization of the colonial government in the Philippines and closes with a warning that ―There is still no filibusterismo. made by G. 1889. pp. Sanchez.M. p. La Vision De Essay A pamphlet Published in the . ―This is another paper which treats of the exportation of Philippine sugar. 1894. Solidaridad Barcelona. In October. Vicente Elio. Printed in Hongkong late in 1891 or in the early part of 1892. and published also as a leaflet. and in the Homenaje a Jose Rizal.‖ In this satire. Vida. Rizal La Mano Roja Other writings Leaflet printed in Hongkong in June. No copy La Muerte de Magallanes Other writings No copy La Verdad Para Todos Other writings Published also by Plaridel in the La Frailocracia La Filipina.

Pi y Margall and makes a critical study of La the same ―in so far La Luchas de Solidaridad Homenaje a Jose as they refer to the Nuestros Dias Other . with another work 461 entitled Apantes de Clinica. De Rivas in Chicago Story of the Philippines by Murat Halstead. this fairy tales by Hans Limang Salita has work of the hero Christian na Ysinalin sa Translation disappeared was published by Andersen. signed Libraries published by the ―Joseph‖. Vida. It was also nieces. 337. 15 and 30 Rizal. Chicago. These are commentaries of Rizal about this work. Manila in nephews and of Public 1944. pp.M. Published anew in Ponteverda.F.Fray Rodriguez (English Translation: The Vision of Friar Rodriguez) surreptitiousl y published under the pseudonym Dimas Alang in Barcelona 1889. Also published in the Homenaje a Jose Rizal pp.life of the towns por D. Rodriguez. calling the attention over the ideas in consonance or dissonance with Philippine aspirations. pp. However. and of individuals Margall 1890 in general and of the colonies in particular. 143168. dated at . the Bureau of dedication to his Jose Rizal the Bureau Printing. 1898. pp. translation of five of this work Villanueva. 4 which are included Lecciones de October 1883 to Medical in a clinical Clininca 25 May 1884 – notes notebook together Medica Retana. He recommends this works of Mr. with a Tagalog ni .‖ These are notes in clinical Medicine Madrid. Translated in English by Mr. 46 pages. The original With a preface by This is a Tagalog manuscript Antonia R. Negros gives a sound lesson to the Augustinian Friar in the form of a dialogue between San Agustin and F. Pi y writings November 358. F. 220-235.

4 May 1918 It is a study of the ethnography of the Malayan countries. Ilagan possesses a facsimile of this work. Bureau of Public Libraries. No. According to Mariano Ponce. filosofico-historical the Barcelona on 15 than literary. Manual of Information.Cacho Hermanos Inc.7 of the series. Leipzig. Mrs. without any signature. Retana on page 150 of his Vida. more 1882 under La Solidaridad. 14 October 1886. Flora A. Pueblos del Archipelago Indico Paper Los Viajes Paper According to Wenceslao E. this is Rizal's. The Independe nt. 1st ed. A translation of this work into Tagalog was published in the Diariong . pseudony May 1889. 19-7 x 13.has a photostatic copy of the manuscript. Los Agricultores Filipinos Other writings This article appeared in the 15 March 1889 issue of the La Solidaridad. it is Diariong an interesting Tagalog in dissertation. emphasizing the m Laong advantages of Laan traveling. XIII—74 pp. There are illustrations made by Rizal. The author expounds the difficulties of the Filipino farmer and proposes to the Foreign Affairs Minister remedies for the abuses committed against him. Manila. 1954.5 cm.

Vida. A mi madre (English Poem Translation: My Retreat) Retana. ―These are light descriptive notes of the acts and scenes which are Mi Retiro. p. 374 and Manila on in the Dia Filipino 15 of 19 June 1921 December on p.Manifesto a Algunos Filipinos (English Translation: Manifesto to Certain Filipinos) Other writings Fort Retana. in the El Nuevo Dia of Cebu. 1890 The Independe nt. etc. 241on 15 May 253. 1895 Minuta de un drama en 4 Notes actos.C. 27 April 1918. in J. pp. This is a statement written by Rizal during his trial addressed to some Filipinos to expound his point of view regarding the uprising. Man and Martyr. 56. Dapitan in 1895. Vida. 290-294. Malasia. Rizal describes his house. Polinesia Other writings Tagalog under the title Ang Pangingibang Lupa. Santiago. pp. pp. 1907. his manner of living and alludes to his longings and difficulties. Malasia and Polinesia. The Auditor General. This is an article that deals with the same matter treated in the article entitled Cosas de Filipinas This article is a study of the ethnography of Melanesia. pp. first published in Republica Filipina of 30 December 1898 No copy Melanesia. 19-21. Nicolas de la Pena did not permit the publication of this statement with a pretext that ―it might spark the progress of the spirit of rebellion‖ among the Filipinos. simultaneously with the Spanish original. (1895?) . 328-331. 1896 Mas sobre el asunto de Negros Other writings La Homenaje a Jose Solidaridad Rizal. De Veyra's Poesias de Rizal and in Laubach's Rizal.

It is believed that This was the place and the signed by date are erroneous Rizal. Blumentritt) a un codice chino de la Edad Media Notes Nota de Rizal a la Introduccion del “Mare Magnum” Notes Pensamiento dedicado al malogrado Jose Maria Panganiban Other writings Poesia satirica Poem to make up the drama. Archbishop of Manila. from the Hermenegild Palace of the o Cruz. but the same could not be found in the said issue. 30 Filipino of 30 and of the loss for September December 1916. It is a the last note affirming that page of the Father Burgos copy edited delivered this by address.. the cause of the 1890 p.Notas (en colaboracion con A. Meyer y F. p. this work was published in the 30 April 1889 issue of the La Solidaridad. whose principal characters are Filipinos‖ Mariano Ponce as quoted by Vicente Elio in his Bibliografia Rizalina In these notes are apparently included the original works entitled Mayi and Acerca de Tawalisi de Ybu Batuta. Hirth to Dr. The because it seems note was that Rizal is not in written at Madrid on the date the foot of indicated. 193 as the patriotic virtues Solidaridad well as in the Dia of the deceased . 441 Philippines that his death has occasioned.E. In Retana's Translated Bibliography it is in German said that according by Dr. In this homage to his companion and W. Rizal talks of La Vida. friend. B. Blumentritt. No copy in One stanza of this . Retana.

Revista de Noticias Politicas Other writings This work does nor exist Sa Aking mga Poem Kabata This poem in Tagalog was poem translated in English appears in Rizal's Life and Minor Writings by Austin Craig.sobre las colegialas de la Concordia. The original in Spanish and its English translation were published by Juan Collas in his Rizal's Unknown Writings. Spanish of this work Por la educacion Poem recibe lustre la Patria El Retana's Vida on Renacimie pp. 467.. This poem was written when Rizal was in the fifth year in the course leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Ateneo Municipal (1876-1877) It is a satirical article placing in ridicule the Reverend Father Salvador Font who penned the censorship of the Noli Me Tangere for the religious Orders. proprietor of the Diariong Tagalog. p. 64. Philippine Education Co. 19-20. 1927. Manila 1912. ―A small pamphlet surreptitiously published with the pseudonym‖ Dimas Alang. 1906 pp. Vida.C. Por Telefono (English Essay Translation: By Telephone) This work was published in Barcelona in 1889. in the year 1882.‖ -Retana. p. Translated into English by Charles Derbyshire and published in pamphlet form by Austin Craig in his Rizal's Life and Minor Writings. etc. 1953. Manila. De Veyra's January Poesias de Rizal. This is a review written at the petition of Basilio Teodoro Moran. 27-29 an din nto of 2 J. This is the first poem written by 18761877 1869 . 20 pages.

p. 1929. 99. This is a letter in Tagalog dated 22 February 1889.published in the Kung sino ang kumatha ng Florante of Hermenegildo Cruz. The Spanish This is a leaflet printed in Hongkong in December of the year 1891 and also refers to the Calamba affair – Mariano Ponce quoted by Retana in his Vida. This has been written at the request of Marcelo H. Gwekoh (Editor). page 470. 187188. January. pp. 25. in Europe. Poesias del Dr. 7-8. Rizal in 1869. Manila 1906. at the age of 8. Sa Mga Kababayan Other writings No copy Sa Mga Kababayang Dalaga sa Malolos (English Letter Translation: To My Young Countrywomen of Malolos) According to Ponce was published for the first time in the supplementary pamphlet of the El Renacimiento in 1902. del Pilar for the young women of Malolos who have . in Sol H. 24. 1917. It speaks of love fro our own language. is published in the Revista Filipina (Philippine Review) of December 1916. etc. The Spanish translation entitled A mis Camaradas by Epifanio de los Santos.Rizal. The English translation entitled To My Comrades was published in the Philippine Review. p. Manila.

Manila. it was included in some notes or writings that Rizal had regarding medical practices in the Philippines. 233 in the Epistolario Rizalino. In the Dia Filipino. mentioned by Rizal in his article entitled La Curacion de los Hechizados. 1952. It was also published as a Letter to the Young Women of Malolos (in English. it consists of one stanza of four lines. II. It was published in Letter No. This is an article about Mali-mali (of the Tagalogs) or sakit latahr of the Malays. Tagalog and Spanish) by the Bureau of Printing.Sakit Latahr Other writings Neither original nor a copy is available and nothing is known whether it has even been published. Leoncio Lopez Rizal who furnished the version which is included in the Centennial edition these four lines were dictated to . Bureau of Printing 1931. 122. According to Dr. Saludo al ano Poem nuevo translation was elevated a petition made by Epifanio to the Governor de los Santos General asking that Cristobal and was they be given published in the permission to open La Revista a night school for Filipina in the teaching of December 1916. Spanish. Apparently. in 32 pages.

S.J. 19 June 1922 and 30 December 1923. . 205 pages 8284 Semblanzas Other writings The Independe nt of 28 July 1917. ―This is a tragedy arranged in Spanish verse (April and May 1876) by the student of the Ateneo de Manila. him by his mother Narcisa RizalLopez which were the only ones she remembered out of a long poem written in Dapitan. Martir Paper The original of this work was burned during the liberation of Manila in the year 1945. Seamos Justos Other writings La Solidaridad Homenaje a Jose of 15 April Rizal. Jose Protacio Rizal based on the work written in Italian (1869) by Father Enrique Valle. pages 1951890.San Eustaquio. ―in 8 pages. It is supposed that this was written in Madrid between 1882 to 1885. This article supports the protest of several Filipinos against an article published in La Opinion of Manila entitled Justica Seca in which the declaration of martial law in Negros was being asked as a result of a case of homicide committed in that island.and by J. pp. These are personality and character studies of 3 Filipino classmates of his in Medicine in Madrid. The dedication is dated in Calamba 2 June 1876. Poesias de Rizal. De Veyra. 20-21. Published in Dia Filipino.C. page 71-131. 1895. in order to greet the New Year.

regarding a petition of the tenants of the Hacienda de Calamba in the possession of the Reverend Dominican Fathers. 27-32. February 1890. pp. according to the Diario en Madrid. Also reproduced in Austin Craig's Rizal's Life and Minor Writings. This is an article refuting another one published in Madrid by Mr.Sin Nombre Other writings La Solidaridad Homenaje a Jose of 28 Rizal pp. Manila 1913. In this detailed politicosocial study . Ferdinand . Manuel Lorenzo D 'Ayot written on 6 May 1884. 261-326 August and of 15 of September 1890. Translated into English by Charles Derbyshire and published in pamphlet from entitled The Indolence of the Filipinos edited by Austin Craig. Weyler. Sobre La Nueva Ortografia de Other writings La La Solidaridad Independencia.Mr. 66 pages. 15 Homenaje a Jose and 31 Rizal pp. on 15 April 27 September This short article denounced the anomalous procedure followed by the Governor General. 264-309. Rizal discourses on the causes and circumstances that contributed to the existence of the socalled indolence of the Filipinos. Sobre el Essay Teatro Tagalo No copy Sobre la Indolencia de los Filipinos (English Translation: Indolence of the Filipinos) Essay La Solidaridad of 15 and 31 July. Translated into German by Prof.

por Dr. It explains the proposed reforms to Tagalog ortography. 311-320. III. The book consists of eight chapters. 1890 . in the Epistolario Rizalino. pp.Manila Limbagan ng Manila Simbunsya. 1021. 1943. 1892. de Veyra.5 cm Paris. X 4. and Minor Writings 1889. 1933. 1899. obra publicada en Mejico el ano de 1609 Other nuevamente writings sacada a luz y anotada por Jose Rizal y precedida de un prologo del Profesor Fernando It is not known where the original manuscript is 372. III Verses Blumentritt and published in a pamphlet entitled Die Transcription Des Tagalog von Dr. and in Rizal's Life 2 London. Proverbial Other Sayings. 103104. May. pp. Libreria de Garnier Hermanos. pp. Record. pp. II writings Puzzles.I. edited by Jaime C. 45-46. Rizal annotated all of them. Jose Rizal. by the same author. 261326. particularly the eight. 22 cm. Life and published in the Labors of Jose Trubner's Rizal pp. An extract of this article appeared in Austin Craig's This work was Lineage. making an extensive and conscientious investigation of the old books and documents that could be found in the British Museum at London for almost one year (1888-1889). 1898. Antonio de Morga. No. pp. Gravenhage. Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas. 152-153. Manila. Vol. in the Homenaje a Jose Rizal. p.--In die.37 pages. Translated into Tagalog by the Institute of National Language.La Lengua Tagalog 1890 Specimens of Tagal Folklore: I. Bijdragen tot de taal-land en Volkenkunde von Nen. 207.

These were written in Calamba in the last days of 1887. p. This is also mentioned in a letter of Rizal to Blumentritt dated at Calamba on 19 October 1887 (Epistolario Rizalino. p. The original manuscript was burned during the liberation of Manila in 1945. July 1889 issue Vol. No copy A Spanish translation was published in the Cultura Filipina. No copy Calamba. p. V. 466. 276-298. Vicente Elio says that the poems were Goethe's. Vol. 1887. pp.I No. according to information given by Professor Blumentritt— Retana. this curious was the object of extensive comment when Two Eastern Fables Other writings Trubner's Record.Blumentritt. 465. Traduccion de poesias Other alemanas al writings tagalo. October 1911. . According to Retana in his Vida. 216) that he would translate the poem of Von Wildernath into Tagalog but it seems that he has not been able to do so. Vida. 1887 Tratado sobre Other Conchologia writings This work consists of five incomplete pages.3.

30 J. 4 and in 1899 others. It has never been published and no copy is available. Jacinto and affirms that it was shown for the first time in College at the end of course 1875 or 1876 – M. De Veyra's December Poesias de Rizal. his poetic composition in P.C. Ponce says that this poem must have been written in 1876. p. La Publicidad (Barcelona ) in 1886. La Patria. p. but Elio assures that even in 1876 Rizal did not make it known that he wrote it in Un dialogo alusivo a la Paper despedida de los Colegiales Un recuerdo a Paper mi Pueblo El Pueblo. ―Rizal mention this. this simple poem was presented by its author in one of the sessions being held by Ateneo Municipal de Manila that took place every Sunday morning. 1946. According to Vicente Elio in Retana's Vida. .read before the International Congress of Orientalists in Stockholm and Christiania in 1889. Ponce as quoted by Retana in his Vida. Elio adds that M. 457. 457. p. Manila. Un articulo acerca de la Other cuestion de las writings Carolinas No copy The original papers of this work has been burned in the liberation of Manila in 1945.Cebu on June 1901. It treats of the Filipino and Japanese versions of the fable of the turtle and the monkey.

pp. 167-169 Mariano Herbosa in July 1889. It is an article without signature in which the author La bitterly complains Solidaridad against the on 31 persecutions and August injustices 1890 committed against his brother. Barcelona printed by of Vicente Belloc y on 31 July Alfonso Ongpin in Sanchez in his 1889. Rizal deplores the fall of the liberal La party in Madrid to Solidaridad Homenaje a Jose which Mr. This anonymous article denounces the injustice and baseness of La interring his Solildarida Retana's Vida. 75-85 country and refutes Solidaridad and re-edited and certain statements . In this reply. pp. is affiliated. his sisters and his brothers-in-law. Madrid on Rizal. Rizal answers the La observations of Solidaridad Homenaje a Jose Don Isabelo de los of 31 Rizal. Mr.Reyes about October 366 Rizal's comments 1890 on the Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas of Morga. It is a defense of the reform Homenaje a Jose movement in his La Rizal. a high place out of the town of Calamba and not in the town Cemetery. . Manila in 1957. in Madrid. pp. letter published in the La Patria. Una Esperanza Other writings Una Profanacion Other writings Venganzas Cobardes Other writings Verdades Nuevas Other writings the said Academia. 327.Una contestacion a Other D. brother-in-law. 225who worked fro 15 July 260. Becerra. on 4 July . Isabelo de writings los Reyes. d of 31 pp. reforms for the 1890 Philippines.

It is doubted whether this work is Rizal's or not for various reasons. According to Don Antonio Ma.--M. of 28 January 1907. among them the style. p. 9December 1875. brought about by the estate owned by the latter in the said town. 460 10. pp. this is an article published in the Filipino Students Magazine. Regidor. de Rizal.1889. 470. Manila. de A roundelay poem of 19 June Veyra's Poesias written on 5 1921. Y es espanol: Elcano el Primero en dar Poem vuelta al Mundo Dia Filipino Jaime C. reproduced in the El Renacimiento. It refers to the wellknown case between the people of Clamba and the Dominican fathers. Rizal arrived in Hongkong on 17 November 1891. p. Ponce in Retana's Vida. the signatures that appear at the bottom of the leaflet and the date of its publication. printed in Hongkong on 11 November 1891. This song was written by Rizal and sung in a a gathering in Paris in 1889 by the ―lady from Binondo A la Nacion Espanola Other writings A Orillas del Pasig Other writings . This is a leaflet without a date.

‖ It is a very short poetic composition supposedly dedicated to his fiance. which is believed to have been written before his departure for Europe in 1882. 15 March 1889 Hasta el Other Ultimo Suspiro writings . According to Dr. but it is much doubted whether it is his. it cannot be considered as a work of Rizal. this article is not written by Rizal. Leoncio LopezRizal. This is included here only because many attribute its authorship to Rizal. This appeared in the 15 March 1889 issue of the La Solidaridad without any signature. Burgos Anotaciones a La Lucha de la Religion Contra La Ciencia. El Solfeo de La Defensa Other writings La Solidaridad . The authorship of the poem is also attributed to Rizal. This is mentioned in the bibliography of the works of Father Burgos Anotaciones al trabajo Ciencias y Costumbres de los Filipinas. For various reasons. 50 Loleng Ocampo. por el P. p.Adios a Leonor (English Translation: Poem Goodbye to Leonor) Jaime C. de Veyra's Poesias de Rizal. It is a reply to the article of the publication La Defensa. Burgos Other writings No copy Other writings No copy This is mentioned in the bibliography of the works of Father Burgos.por el P.

Leoncio Lopez Rizal. According to allegations. this poem was composed by his brother. According to Dr. This was included in Vicente Elio's bibliography but not in those of Retana and Palma. Alejandro Vinteres. the music of which was composed by Mr. . It is positively known that Rizal did not see Leonor either in 1887 or in 1888.Leonor Poem Mi Primera Inspiracion Poem A poem attributed to Rizal. Antonio Lopez. this poem was written by Rizal when he went to visit Leonor in Dagupan in 1887.

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