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UCLA Ideal ASDA Scrapbook 2013

UCLA Ideal ASDA Scrapbook 2013

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UCLA Ideal ASDA Scrapbook 2013
UCLA Ideal ASDA Scrapbook 2013

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Published by: BruinASDA on Feb 06, 2013
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Go|d Crown Awards

|ogo concept 5
2013 Go|d Crown Chapter Achievement
Awards App|ication
The Gold Crown Chapter Awards honor outstanding achievements by American Student
Dental Association chapters in serving members in accordance with the ldeal Chapter
criteria. All materials must be uploaded and received by Jan. 31, 2013. Please note: This
year the committee will accept iBooks. All entries must be submitted as both a PDF a
hard copy or iBook.
__University of CaIifornia, Los AngeIes________________________________________________________________________________________
___Barrett Nordstrom_______________________________________________________________________________________
your name
____nordstrom@ucIa.edu_____________________(617) 335-3015_________________________________________________________________
e-ma|| address phone
Your application must include this page, a one page description of the chapter's achievements in the award
categories you are applying for and supporting materials as needed. You may apply for more than one
category. Please check all categories you're applying for below.
ldeal ASDA Chapter
Most lmproved Chapter
Rookie Chapter of the Year
Outstanding Membership & Communication
Outstanding lnvolvement with Organized Dentistry
Outstanding Activities
Outstanding Fundraising
Outstanding Predental lnvolvement
Outstanding Ethical Awareness
The following awards will also be presented but require an application:
1. The recruited chapter with the largest membership market share as of Dec. 31, 2012
2. The application that has the best design
3. Chapters that convert to automatic enrollment between Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2012

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