1. He ______ everyday at 7 o'clock. Across 2. He ______ his shirt in the car. 3. I _______my pajamas every morning. 4. 7. He wants to ______ the dentist. 5. My father ______ his beard every morning. 8. My father ______ a red car. 6. I ______my teeth every morning at 8.A.M. 9. He ______ the curtains every morning. I______ comic books at night.

10. I_______ my pajamas before going to bed.

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I put on my pajamas before going to bed. I brush my teeth every morning at 7.A. . Down 1. 5. I read comic books at night. 4. My father drives a black car. I take off my pajamas every morning. He wears his shirt in the car. He wants to see the dentist 8. 7. Copyright © Kisito Futonge 2006 www.english-4kids.esl-galaxy. My father shaves his beard every morning. 2.Answers – For teachers only Across 3. He opens the curtains every & www. He gets up everyday at 7 o'clock. 6.M. 10.

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