Adreanne L.

Sescon BCA 20 BM

December 7, 2012

Is Database system am important tool in today’s business? Why?

Yes, because in today’s generation all the things are incorporated with technologies that helps our business and work easier. Especially Database system that helps collects information’s and details. A database can help us find pertinent information quite quickly. Having a database of qualified applicants can be of great assistance in the hiring process. You can run queries to find information regarding your clients, products, services, etc. from an expertly created database. It's basically a must have for a small business, especially as you begin to grow, as you can aggregate data very quickly and help your customers and clients utilize said data as well. It is very important in a business to have a Database system for us to store the files of our customers to be quicker in serving our guest. It is storage of large amount of information base on the amount of our clients.