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41922287 Street Hypnosis Conversational Hypnosis Private Question and Answer Session

41922287 Street Hypnosis Conversational Hypnosis Private Question and Answer Session

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Published by: nomadeuz on Feb 06, 2013
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Welcome to Street Hypnosis. This is a wonderful opportunity that we
have right now in terms of an open forum question and answer session.
Any questions, comments or concerns you ever had about hypnosis I will
endeavor to answer today.

We have a bunch of people on the call who have hopefully got a long list
of questions to ask me. We’re basically going to go through them, in no
particular order and no particular rhyme or reason, we’ll just take each
question as it comes and see where it takes us.

You have carte blanche to ask anything you want.

Some questions I will not be able to answer, in which case, I’m sorry. I’ll
give you my best answer or my best guesstimate as to what I might do
in that situation, but I’ll be quite up front if I don’t know what the correct
answer would be or if I don’t have experience of that.

However, I hope for most of the questions you have I will have a solution
or something of value to present; we’ll see as that goes along. The one
favor I want to ask you not do is, don’t ask me to start reviewing other
people’s products or courses and seminars that’s not what this is about.

This is about hypnosis itself, it’s not a walk through where we get to
analyze or criticize other people’s materials. There are some great
hypnotists out there and some not so great hypnotists -- and it’s better
for you to form your own judgment based on solid hypnotic principles
than rely on my opinion on that.

With that happy thought, let’s kick in with the first person who has a
question for me.

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