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Client Feedback Front Cover

I spoke with my client and gained some feedback, she said that as a whole the magazine meets all the criteria and the needs of the target audience. The theme of the front cover is very good as it follows all the conventions such as masthead, selling line, main cover line and cover lines. It is different and unusual and the best part the front cover was the manipulation of the main image when I changed the colour from brown to black as if it was still brown it would not fit in at all. However there was one flaw and that was to do with my sub-editing as there was a spelling mistake in the selling line.

Double Page Spread

With my double page spread again she said the theme is good and follows the conventions of mixmag and that the quote on the main image is good as it links with the front cover, another good thing about my article is that it to links with the front cover as the content talks about him and his onesies. A problem she found with the double page spread is that again there were spelling mistakes so a flaw that I have identified was that I need to take more care when subediting. A thing she would have liked is that I could have linked the head line with the front cover and show the wild nature of Adam who through the article as it just stops on the front cover and is a bit irrelevant.