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23805790 Mind Control Language Patterns Dantalion Jones

23805790 Mind Control Language Patterns Dantalion Jones

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Punctuation ambiguities are wonderful tools to help deliver a
message to the unconscious mind. You'll notice as you say them to peo-
ple that the listener will easily overlook the strangeness of the sentence,
as if nothing were wrong. To create your own punctuation ambiguity,
pick a word that can be used as both and noun and a verb. That will be
the "pivot" word of the ambiguity. There is a list of "pivot words" at the
end ofthese examples.

Once you have a pivot word, work it into an ordinary sentence
as a noun, and when you say it, let the words that follow it be a whole
and complete command. Once you have stated the command which
started with the pivot word, simply go back to your original subject, like
nothing was the matter.

The reason this is so effective is that the command is so out of
context from the surrounding sentence that the conscious mind ignores
it completely, but the subconscious mind is aware of it as a command.

Address " ...and you might remember how you found your latest address
me with an understanding of what I'm telling you ... "

Before " ... This change could have never happened thinking like you've
been before will get you nowhere ..."

"...and all these values can become stronger than ever before you
know it you're a different person that values these reasons ..."

Benefit " ... and you can easily see, simply hear and convincingly feel
how this can be of benefit by taking this change into your life ...

Block " ... and you may be able to understand this in chunks so let me
give you the first block out any hesitation to learn this unconsciously .... "

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Mind Control Language Patterns
Challenge " ...and some may say that this is a challenge yourself to go
even further ... "

" .... and if you're up to the challenge any resistance to what I say and
destroy it you can do this by simply .... "

Days ".... and the beginning of that change may come about in hours or
even days -and confuse and eliminate any thoughts contrary to what I
say .... "

Direct"...and this is a way to make that change direct your unconsciolls
to profoundly achieve your goals ..."

Drain " ...and working too hard can cause you a real drain your mind of
any resistance to my suggestions ..."

Dive " ... and this is an aspect of your life on which you can truly dive
head first to find agreement..."

Focus"...and through this awareness you can bring your mind to a clear
focus all ofyour skills to a level of betterment and as a result..."

Force"...allow your mind to cause you to more clearly understand how
you control this powerful force all obstacles far, far behind you because
it's the strength of your mind that can make this happen ..."

Free " ...and from this place you can allow your mind to wander and be
and feel completely free yourself from even conscious thought because
it's a place where anything can be true ... "

Loop " ... and using this power of your unconscious mind creates an ever
improving loop all your positive feelings into this process to make it
even stronger ... "

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Mind Control Language Patterns

Match " ... and when you compare this to your outcome you can find a
match all your values to these suggestions so they really fit into the
change you want... "

Place " ... in a wonderful, and relaxed place all your objections in a bas
ket and put them far behind you because you know how pleasant it can
feel to be led in this manner ..."

Power"...because this type of change has power all those thoughts deep
into your unconscious now ..."

Seal " ... and as you grow in making this change easier and easier you
can place on it your seal this with a large dose of understanding."

Understand "...now there is so much out there that you can more better
understand the power of what I'm saying."

Work "...you can find that things can be done a lot easier when you use
this type of work this deeply into your mind ... "

Fish, Fix, Flower, Glue, Happen, Heat, Home, Index, Land, Lead, Like,
Love, Make, Map, Mark, Microwave, Mind, Name, Open, Pay, Picture,
Pile, Reveal, Ring, Seal, Salt, Shield, Shoot, Smoke, Tease, Tie, Toss,
Understand, Veil, X-ray

(Note This is NOT an extensive list. As you practice this, you will find
many more examples to use.)

Write at least five paragraphs that each have at least one example of
punctuation ambiguities.

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Mind Control Language Patterns

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