Noughts And Crosses, Orbits And Stabilizers

Written By Adi Cox 2005 Looking at noughts and crosses where crosses win and where the yellow squares represent crosses and the white squares represent the noughts. So there are five crosses and four noughts. Using the following symmetry group G: G = { r0, r90, r180, r270, q0, q45, q90, q135 } Where r is a rotation about the central point and q a reflection measured in degrees from a vertical line through the central point. The number of possible outcomes is:

And so the 126 combinations are shown below in the curly brackets of the 23 orbits: 2 x 1 + 11 x 4 + 10 x 8 = 126

There are seven obits that have two winning lines; orb01 to orb05 plus orb13 and orb14. The others have only one winning line except for the five orbits; orb11, orb12, orb13, orb22 and orb23 which have no winning lines and represents the draws in noughts and crosses. So we get 28 possible ways to draw:

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