Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder

Instruction Manual & Gurantee Card

) Material of Body Material of Jars Material of Dome Blade Assemblies Speed Controls Flex Cord Country of Origin : A. : Rotary Switch with 3 speeds and Incher : PVC approx.S. CANADA. ESTABLISHED IN 1978 3. .) Size of Carton : 44 cm (L) x 22 cm (W) x 31 cm (H) Guarantee : One Year In pursuance of our policy of continuous product improvement.Technical Specifications Model & No. Machine Ground and Polished.) With load speed 10.20 litre 2 Power Consumption : 550 Watts Maya Appliances (P) Ltd. No load speed 18.MG 138 : 110V AC 60 Hz : Class F : Class I : 30 Minutes : Universal 550 Watts High Power Motor.40 Litre 0.75 litre 0. MIDDLE EAST.40 litre Rated Capacity Dry Wet 0.30 litre 0.50 litres 1. specifications are subject to change without notice.00 litre 0. : India JAR CAPACITY: Jar Big Jar Medium Jar Chutney Jar Size 1.0 kgs (approx.B.000 RPM (approx.500 RPM (approx. : Stainless Steel : Polycarbonate : Stainless Steel. Minium Capacity for all the above . FAR EAST AND SRI LANKA.At least up to Blade level Gross Weight : 6. Voltage Insulation Protection Rating Motor : Eco Plus .40 litre 0. 2 metres long with 10 Amps 3-pin Plug.6 MILLION CUSTOMERS 47 CUSTOMERS CARE CENTRES 360 AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRES OVER 4500 DEALERS EXPORTS TO USA.30 litre 0.

1.00 LITRE JAR DOME LID POLYCARBONATE DOME DOME LID POLYCARBONATE DOME DOME GASKET DOME GASKET JAR HANDLE Jar Handle Removable Blade 1.) ROTARY SWITCH WITH INCHER BOTTOM PLATE LEG 3 . ensuring that the Locks fit properly in the Grooves of the Top Cap. Inching .Turn Rotary Switch anti-clockwise for a few seconds and release for momentary operation.G GASKET FIXED MULTIPURPOSE BLADE JAR COUPLER MOTOR COUPLER GROOVE Jar Handle Fixed Multipurpose Blade TOP CAP MIXIE BODY NOTE: JAR SEATING: Seat Jar on Top Cap.50 LITRE JAR CHUTNEY JAR Polycarbonate Lid C. (This is especially useful for wet grinding of chutneys. grating vegetables. mincing meat. etc. crushing ice. SPEED CONTROL: Turn Rotary Switch clockwise for Speed 1. as desired.2 or 3.

coriander seeds. GRATING / MINCING: Mincing meat. etc. Remove all BONES and trim fat from meat. It is ideal for Wet grinding of thick pastes like Vada. The 1. etc. re-ground and sieved again. dal. Add water and dilute mixture. raw rice. 2. fruit juices etc. bonda. Note: Minimum capacity for all above functions is upto Blade Level at least. Repeat till the material is minced or grated as required. Plug the Power Cord to a 110 Volts AC supply only. . IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS 1. It has nothing to do with the Motor. nuts and coconuts. dal. For Grating and Mincing. So do not worry.50 LITRE JAR DRY GRIND / WET GRIND / LIQUIDISE CHURN / GRATE / MINCE / CRUSH 1. Dome and Blade are thoroughly dried before use. rotation of the Blade.00 LITRE JAR DRY GRIND / WET GRIND / LIQUIDISE / CHURN / GRATE / MINCE / CRUSH 1. This Jar is especially useful for dry grinding. 2. friction may heat up the Jar. 1.HOW TO USE YOUR PREETHI is provided with a 10 Amps 3-pin Plug and a 2 metre Cord. stop the Mixie. dry masala. lassi. use Incher only. Stirrer and re-start the Mixie. spices. Idli. 1. roasted coffee seeds. Jar. CHUTNEY JAR DRY GRIND / WET GRIND Specially suitable for Dry and Wet grinding of very small quantities of curries. 3. CHURNING: Butter churning. coconut paste. chutneys. chutney. pepper. 2. red chillies. FUNCTION & PURPOSE DRY GRINDING: Roasted cereals. Do not run continuously even on Speed 1.00 litre Jar is a multi-functional Jar with removable Blade Assembly. wet grinding and liquidising. 2. Hold the Dome firmly with your hands as the Jar will vibrate. 2. This is due to the uneven load on the Mixie while grating. For Butter Churning. cold coffee. When the mixture is too thick while WET GRINDING / LIQUIDISING: Wet Grinding and slows down the Soups. coffee powder. 3. pastes for idli. Contents should be liquid enough to permit free circulation. use Speed 1 only. milk shakes. raw or boiled rice. Crushing ice etc. 2. The 1. CUT all meat and vegetables into 1” CUBES. 1. etc for day to day use. While Dry Grinding. For fine grinding sieve ground substance through a fine nylon sieve to consistency required. 1. fruit juices etc. stir with vada. Grating Vegetables. Leftovers can then be put in the Jar.50 litre Jar is a multi-functional Jar with fixed Blade Assemby. 4 1. Ensure that the ingredients. 4. dosa.

For Sambar / Rasam Powder. 3. Ensure free circulation by adding enough water. Then add other ingredients. 9. Stop and stir when necessary and run again on Speed 1. 5. Inch 5 to 7 times to powder ingredients. If material sticks to the sides of the Jar. into Jar. 5. air bubbles may go inside the paste & the Blade will rotate empty. ROASTED COFFEE POWDER. Operate in ‘Pulse’ mode only when using the Mincer Blade. 2. where thick paste is required. DOSA. 4.GRINDING INSTRUCTIONS IDLI. 3. stir the paste & restart. ETC: Use Chutney Jar 1. 2. Run again on Speed 1. 5. Repeat if quantity is more. If so stop.50 litre Jar) 0. Drain water from ingredients. GRATING VEGETABLES: 1. 6.40 litre (1. 3. 8. adding water gradually through Dome Lid. tamarind & finally big pieces. 3. 7. inch and run on Speed 3. CORIANDER & MINT CHUTNEY. UTTAPPAM.0. The noise will be heavy. Run on Speed 1. CHILLI POWDER (MOLAGAI PODI). Then add water as required. 5 .30 litre (1. SAMBAR / RASAM POWDER. use Dry & Wet Grinding Jar. Do not add too much water. use Big Jar and run on Speed 3. 6. Grind twice if quantity is more. Always put leaves first. ETC: Use Chutney Jar 1. Trim fat from meat & remove all bones. Jar Dome and Ingredients are totally dry. APPAM. Fill up to Blade Level only. For large quantities. Note : 1. stop & stir using Stirrer. Run on Speed 1. Maximum . PESRATTU & VADA: Use Dry & Wet Grinding Jar 1. 2. 10. 4.Upto Blade level at least. Grind on speed 1. Ensure Blade.00 litre Jar) DO NOT EXCEED ABOVE QUANTITIES AS THE MOTOR WILL GET OVER LOADED OR THE BATTER WILL GET HEATED UP . Minimum . Use the Mincer Blade for mincing operation only. CURRY LEAF POWDER. like coconut. NOTE: While tough wet grinding. Cut meat into 1” cubes. 2. then chillies. 2. Inch 10 to 20 times or till material is minced / grated. TOMATO & ONION CHUTNEY. Do not allow batter to get heated up. MINCING MEAT. Soak Rice / Dal for 4 to 5 hours as required. COCONUT CHUTNEY. DHANIYA JEERA POWDER. 4.

6. 7. 10. DON’Ts 1. while the Motor is running. When operating the unit for the first time. If not. Do not operate unless Jar and Dome are in proper position. Keep PREETHI away from children. Do not put your hand inside the Jar. after switching off the Motor. . switch off the Motor and wait for 3 minutes. When Wet Grinding. when the Mixie is running. to reduce the necessity of repeated cleaning. Do not remove Jar assembly before the Blade comes to a complete stop. Do not grind hot ingredients in the Mixie. ensure proper circulation is maintained. Do not tamper or attempt to repair PREETHI. before re-starting. 11. 8. Do not allow the turning of the Blades to slow down. Make sure the Stainless Steel Jars are clean and dry. Give Dry Grinding jobs over Wet Grinding. While adding ingredients. 4. 11. 9. 3. (Refer Page 8) 12. (otherwise dust will be sucked up through the Bottom Plate and the unit will be unstable. Ensure that the Dome Gasket is properly fitted to the Dome and that the assembly is firmly seated in the Jar (use the Dome Lid for sealing the Dome) before operating the unit. Do not burden the Motor with loads heavier than the specified capacity given in our instructions. Unplug from Power source before fixing. 7. Do not operate with damaged Plug and Cord. 4. Keep Dome and Lid fixed on the Jar at all times. 10. take it to one of our Customer Care Centre. removing attachments and also while cleaning or when not in use. or when the unit has been shifted over a long distance. stop. Do not use the Mincer Blade for operations other than mincing. hard and clean surface.) 3. 2. 13. remove the Dome Lid and use the opening in the Dome. Do not run the Motor without any Load. 5. In the event of the unit needing attention. add liquid and then run the Motor. Hold the Dome gently while operating. 6. Keep the unit away from direct heat and sunlight. when the Motor is running. Ensure that the Locks of the Stainless Steel Jar are properly seated in the Grooves provided inside the Top Cap. The Motor is not to be run for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Do not add solid ingredients. 9.6 DOs 1. to prevent contents from spilling out. 2. smooth. Ensure that PREETHI is placed on an even. 5. (No operation takes more than 3 minutes if instructions are properly followed). rotate the Motor Shaft by hand through the Motor Coupler. until the Motor Shaft rotates freely. stir. Place PREETHI at a convenient height for easy operation. 12. 8. Do not touch moving parts or remove any attachments. When hot air emanates from the openings on the Top Cap. or after long storage.

4. Remove some material which is being ground from the Jar. FIRST SWITCH OFF THE MIXIE. STAINLESS STEEL JARS 1. Fill in 1/2 litre of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of any mild cleaning powder. CLEANING BODY AND TOP CAP 1. 5. 7 . 3. 3. 2. Run the unit on Speed 1 for 30 seconds. due to operation of the Overload protector. 2.AUTO OVERLOAD PROTECTOR If your Mixie stops in usage. to allow water to drain off. then: 1. Lift the Unit and press the RED KNOB projecting out of Bottom Plate. Rinse and dry. Do not use abrasives or water for cleaning. Always store Jars in inverted position. Clean Body and Top Cap with a damp cloth and wipe dry. 4. 2. to decrease the load. Wait for 3 minutes. Re-start the Mixie.

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