10-Clients, 29-Projects
Queue (by Sector):
• • • • • • • • • • 12 New Multi-Family 5 Student Housing 5 Distressed Asset 2 Energy (Oil/BD) 2 Metals/Mining 1 Existing M/F 1 Commercial 1 Renewable 23 Development 6 Post Revenue

• • BG/Firestone Distressed SF

Moves: Changes:

aps capital notes:

Project Queue
IR/FL M/F4; Renewable Fuels TBD; M/F Distressed DL/TX M/F4; Student Housing x3; FD/TX M/F4 Metals/Mining TBD; IR/FL M/F3 ($25M SD) DL/TX M/F3; FD/TX M/F3; M/F Distressed IR/FL M/F2 ($25M SD); M/F Distressed IR/Estero, FL M/F ($25M SD) DL/TX M/F2; FD/TX M/F2 KE/US Coal ($1.65M/$15-18M PE) IR/SE US 5-S/H ($129M PE, LOI) Bio Diesel ($39.6M D/E) RG/TX Oil Leases ($25M D/E) TS/SRB CRE, FL ($1.65M SD/PE) Atlanta Hotel ($3.5M pending offer) WDW area condos (offer accepted) River Club SS (offer accepted) Provenance (offer accepted)


Queue (by Type):

Q3 Q2

2013 Q1

DL/Houston M/F ($8.4M MD, LOI, DD) Central FL M/F ($25M pending offer) San Diego ($8M debt/equity bid) Clark Springs (offer accepted) Marker One (offer accepted)

Iron Ore Mine, $5M/260M pending offer)

2012 Q4


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