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  • Forword
  • Editorial Policy:
  • Book II
  • Book III
  • Book IV
  • BOOK I
  • 1. Introduction
  • 3. That it is also Beneficial
  • 4. Of the Power of the Planets
  • 5. Of Beneficent and Maleficent Planets
  • 6. Of Masculine and Feminine Planets
  • 7. Of Diurnal and Nocturnal Planets
  • 8. Of the Power of the Aspects to the Sun
  • 9. Of the Power of the Fixed Stars
  • 10. Of the Effect of the Seasons and of the Four Angles
  • 12. Of Masculine and Feminine Signs
  • 13. Of the Aspects of the Signs
  • 14. Of Commanding and Obeying Signs
  • 15. Of Signs which Behold each other and Signs of Equal Power
  • 16. Of Disjunct Signs
  • 17. Of the Houses of the Several Planets
  • 18. Of the Triangles
  • 19. Of Exaltations
  • 20. Of the Disposition of Terms
  • Terms according to the Egyptians
  • 21. According to the Chaldaeans
  • Terms according to Ptolemy
  • 22. 0f Places and Degrees
  • 23. Of Faces, Chariots, and the Like
  • 24. Of Applications and Separations and the Other Powers
  • 1. lntroduction
  • 2. Of the Characteristics of the lnhabitants of the General Climes
  • 3. Of the Familiarities between Countries and the Triplicities and Stars
  • 4. Method of Making Particular Predictions
  • 5. 0f the Examination of the Countries Affected
  • 6. Of the Time of the Predicted Events
  • 7. Of the Class of those Affected
  • 8. Of the Quality of the Predicted Event
  • 10. Concerning the New Moon of the Year
  • 11. Of the Nature of the Signs, Part by Part, and their Effect upon the Weather
  • 12. Of the Investigation of Weather in Detail
  • 13. Of the Significance of Atmospheric Signs
  • 2. Of the Degree of the Horoscopic Point
  • 3. The Subdivision of the Science of Nativities
  • 4. Of Parents
  • 5. Of Brothers and Sisters
  • 6. Of Males and Females
  • 7. Of Twins
  • 8. Of Monsters
  • 9. Of Children that are not Reared
  • 10. Of Length of Life
  • 11. Of Bodily Form and Temperament
  • 12. Of Bodily Injuries and Diseases
  • 13: Of the Quality of the Soul
  • 14. Of Diseases of the Soul
  • 2. Of Material Fortune
  • 3. Of the Fortune of Dignity
  • 5. Of Marriage
  • 6. Of Children
  • 7. Of Friends and Enemies
  • 8. Of Foreign Travel
  • Conclusion according to Parisinus 2425:
  • Conclusion according to MADProc.Cam.:

After this introductory exanimation it would be the next task to deal
briefly with the procedure of the predictions, and first with those
concerned with general conditions of countries or cities. The method of
the inquiry will be as follows: The first and most potent cause of such
events lies in the conjunctions of the sun and moon at eclipse and the
movements of the stars at the time. Of the prediction itself, one portion is
regional; therein we must foresee for what countries or cities there is
significance in the various eclipses or in the occasional regular stations of
the planet, that is, of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, whenever they halt, for
then they are significant. Another division of the prediction is
chronological; therein the need will be to foretell the time of the portents
and their duration. A part, too, is generic; through this we ought to
understand with what classes the event will be concerned. And finally
there is the specific aspect, by which we shall discern the quality of the
event itself.

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