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The subject of monsters is not foreign to the present inquiry; for, in the
first place, in such cases the luminaries are ,found to be as far as possible
removed from the horoscope or in no way related to it, and the angles are
separated by the maleficent planets. Whenever, then, such a disposition is
observed, for it frequently occurs in humble and unlucky nativities, even
though they are not the genitures of monsters, One should at once look for
the last preceding new or full moon, and the lord of this and of the
luminaries of the birth. For if the places of the birth, of the moon, and of

the horoscope, all or the majority of them, happen to be unrelated to the
place of the preceding syzygy, it must be supposed that the child will be
nondescript. Now if, under such conditions, the luminaries are found in
four-footed or animal-shaped signs, and the two måleficent planets are
centred, the child will not even belong to the human race, but if no
beneficent planet witnesses to the luminaries, but the maleficent planets
do so, it will be completely savage, an animal with wild and harmful
nature; but if Jupiter or Venus witness, it will be one of the kinds regarded
as sacred, as for example dogs, cats, and the like; if Mercury witnesses,
one of those that are of use to man, such as birds, swine, oxen, goats, and
the like. If the luminaries are found in signs of human form, but the other
planets are disposed in the same way, what is born will be, indeed, of the
human race or to be classed with humans, but monsters and nondescript
in qualitative character, and their qualities in this case too are to be
observed from the form of the signs in which the maleficent planets which
separate the luminaries or the angles happen to be. Now if even in this
case not one of the beneficent planets bears witness to any of the places
mentioned, the offspring are entirely irrational and in the true sense of the
word nondescript; but if Jupiter or Venus bears witness, the type of
monster will be honoured and seemly, such as is usually the case with
hermaphrodites or the so-called harpocratiacs, and the like. If Mercury
should bear witness, along with the foregoing, this disposition produces
prophets who also make money thereby; but when alone, Mercury makes
them toothless and deaf and dumb, though otherwise clever and cunning.

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