History Notes 2

 The scopes trial -High school teacher who was charged with teaching evolution -Two leading attorneys were Clarence Darrow for Scopes and William Jennings Bryan for prosecution -Courts ruled in favor against Scopes but was later overturned by technicality Lost Generation -popular authors were disillusioned w/ conformity and traditionalism -writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis Red Scare - Wake of Russian Revolution and communist activity; tried to undermine the US - Socialist expelled from NY in 1920 - Anarchist Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti arrested for murder of paymaster at shoe factory in MA in 1920 Immigration - Anti-immigrant sentiment that resulted in mid-1920s. had to have a quota of immigrants allowed in with countries like eastern Europe and Asia having lower quotas than western Europe. Politics - Prime minister Liberal Willam Lyon MacKenzie King becomes PM in 1921 and remains in office until 1930. - Represented a shift away from Progressive Era idealism in favor of laissez-faire pro-business stances - Presidents were pro-business Scandal: Harding Administration - Involved Albert Fall, Secretary of Interior - Fall got Navy oil reserves such as Teapot in Wyoming to be transferred to Department of Interior. Fall leased land to Mammoth Oil; he was bribed to do it. - Convicted of bribery in 1929 Stock Market crashed in 1929

and state churches. Leadership operates through the military. Socialism/Communism  Totally reconstructs society in favor of working class .Fascism   Controls society but keeps existing elites power structure of estates. private industry. Intensely nationalistic with strong military presence.

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