victor sanahuja fall 2012 BIO

photographic inspirations: henri cartier-bresson.Victor Sanahuja was born in terrassa.. when his curiosity for photography gets a major upgrade moving from digital compact camera to DSLR. and a micro 4/3. and loves to use other accessories as: speedlights. DIY stuff. He is skilled in technology. lightpainting. passing by portraits. He explored several topics in photography from architecture. severin koller. macro. He moved from several cameras and gear since 2005. and among others. lali masriera. chris weeks. polaroid. street. music. gels. painting and juggling . reflectors. He tries to stay with prime lenses for all of their work. Creative minded also. passing by film rangefinders and SLRs. sports. barcelona on 1982 A self-taught photographer since 2005.. computers. food. flickr users.

terrassa. pupilles gustatives. barakaldo.collective. centre de cultura contemporania de barcelona . spain 2008 december all-out .collective.PAST EXHIBITIONS 2005 october exposición interforos fotograficos . spain 2011 september-october barcelona 2000-2010 . spain .barcelona.collective.

or architecture thats seems to be impossible inspired victor to create this serie. letting visitors to explore their own based limits on real word. Sometimes we can’t know if a photography is real or imaginary.PROJECT: FICTION OR REALITY This project is done in DSLR and m4/3 trying to transmit perception of photograph eye. that imagination and subconsciousness are directly related to our real word. All images are captured in catalonia and valencian communitiy . People fading into sun.

evening reflections 70x50 matte .

deeper horizon 70x50 matte .

mouth and tupé 70x50 matte .

three of them 50x70 matte .

horse in the air 70x50 matte .

dayjob morning on barcelona 70x50 matte .

cloudy alonity 70x50 matte .

the tiny river 70x50 matte .

cards 70x50 matte .

breath and inspire 70x50 matte .

portraits. design. spanish.CONTACT: Available for hire and/or order prints topics: documentary. fashion. english Victor Sanahuja Palomo +34606982493 @piscue on twitter facebook.sanahuja also you can visit my blog: and flickr: http://flickr. .withtheflow. stock. landscapes. studio languages: catalan. architecture.

victor sanahuja 2013 .

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