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LDR300 / LDR 300 / Week 5 DQs

LDR300 / LDR 300 / Week 5 DQs


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LDR300 / LDR 300 / Week 5 DQs

LDR300 / LDR 300 / Week 5 DQs

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Week 5 DQs

Provide an example of change that may take place in an organization. How may that change be perceived, based on a person’s position? Moving towards a desired future state, a company goes through some internal changes from its current stage. Changes are evident within the system of the organization or the organizational level. Changes occur

1. Now as the change occurs. how would you handle the situation differently? Provide a rationale for your answer. The structure from top to down is changed with introducing self directing teams. Some employees find it difficult to accept the change but with proper planning this resistance can be overcome. the supervisor must work with his subordinates. Employees often show increased motivation. my team would be send forth to give suggestions and draw conclusions to play their role in the management thus motivating . A successful organizational change occurs when the cost and employee resistance is minimized with maximum effectiveness and efforts of the change. When the change occurs for a supervisor. What are some positive and negative results you have experienced because of organizational change? If you had been in leadership or management. it occurs on when people report to him. Changes in organizations are shown by both positive and negative reactions from employees. As a leader I would first bring changes in my own behavior for my team to follow me as an example. unable to give up on old habits of working or by fear of dejection in case of an unfavorable outcome. Changes occur when organizations face troubles. On organizational changes.either in the structure of the organization or the culture of the organization.

them to accept changes. development of effective team planning will help in accepting changes within the organization. Other than this. compromise and avoidance. These strategies can be used when the decisions need to be made fast or when different viewpoints are gathered to find . Negative effects can be viewed as a result of conflicts in an organization. In order to avoid conflicts. Conflicts are not necessarily bad as they can be served as opportunity for creative thinking. 2. clarification of view points and development of capabilities. collaboration. accommodation. As a part of being in the management. Loss of productivity between departments when there is an uprising conflict or underperformance of the organization. How would you define conflict? Is conflict always bad? How does conflict affect an organization? What conflict resolution strategies exist for organizational leaders? In what situations may these strategies be used? Conflicts arise when two parties have contradicting goals and values among each other. Organizations. groups or individuals may develop conflicts among each other. leaders can use strategies which consist of competition. my aim would be to highlight financial benefits for my team with the occurring changes.

. when peace inside the organization is foremost priority. when cost of conflict is high and when there is no option other than accepting default decisions.solutions.

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