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CMBC Bible Study Lesson

Pastor Anthony E. Moore

The Attributes of God

February 6, 2013
1. The Sufficiency of God 2. The Holiness of God 3. The Sovereignty of God 4. The Glory of God 5. The Omniscience of God 6. The Omnipresence of God 7. The Omnipotence of God 8. The Wisdom of God 9. The Word of God 10. The Goodness of God 11. The Wrath of God 12. The Love of God 13. The Grace of God 14. The Incarnation of God 1. 2. 3. 4. Job 26:14 The Sufficiency of God The Sufficiency of God means He is Totally and Absolutely Complete within Himself There are 4 Truths about the Sufficiency of God God is Responsible for His Creation God is Independent of His Creation We are Dependent on Gods Sufficiency We find our Completeness Only in God

1. God is Responsible for His Creation - This means He is totally Responsible for all of his creation Colossians 1:15-16 A. Creation reveals His Person Colossians 1:15-16 Psalm 19:1 Job 38:4 WHY DID GOD CREATE THE UNIVERSE? B. Creation Revels His Pleasure Ephesians 1:5 When we know Him, we will want what pleases Him 2. God is Independent of His Creation

Acts 17:22-25 God does not need anything from His created order to enable Him to continue being God. God does not function out of necessity. A. Not outside influences B. No necessary relationships (Isaiah 6:2-3) C. No external needs Job 35:7-8