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Almore Cato, II Professor Caro Freshman Seminar October 28, 2012 Reflective writing 8 This week we have to look

at three of our classmates previous reflections and comment and expand on them. I chose to look at the reflections from the week where we talked about our college problems and how we are coping with that. After reading through these challenges, I found that most of my classmates are just like me. Upon entering college, none of us knew what to expect. I mean we've seen shows and movies about college, and maybe some of us have talked to other college students, but we did not know how classes were going to be and how we would fit in. My classmates and I have been trying to get adjusted in college. Not only do we have to worry about doing well in our classes, but we also have to get adjusted to a new school, new people, new rules, and in some people s case, a new city. After two months of college and midterm grades, I can say that I am doing well. I believe that I have fully adjusted to the work load and responsibilities of college. I think it is mostly because I was prepared well in high school, which made the transition much easier. This makes me happy to have went to a more advanced high school, but it also makes me wonder about other people. I see other people struggling with their classes and adjusting to the work load, and it's hard for me to understand that. I just hope that I can continue to do well and not be stressed.