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My client is my mom she likes the following places or things: Snow Switzerland, New Zeeland, Kashmir Badminton Music: Akon Her artist Mediation Orange Fruit Watching TV According to this information I have made a multimedia product using all of the above in order

This is going to play for about 5-10 seconds because I am going to be using flash to animate the rivers fog.

Picture 2

Photo 3

In this photo she will be going inside the cave this will take around 5 seconds as its not a animation

In this picture my client is going to be playing a badminton match winning. This will take 5-8 seconds because I will be zooming in the shot that she is going to take.

In this picture my client is going to be mediating and this picture is going to be animated as my client being connected to god. This is going to take around 5-10 seconds

In this photo my client is shrined and climbing the orange to eat, this will take around 5-10 seconds since the climbing the orange is going to be animated.

In this photo I will be using my client in T.V in BBC as she likes watching TV a lot, why not add her in a TV. This will take 5 second as I will be zooming in the TV

I will be using sound cloud for my music this is by: