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We struck with our swords!

Why should a warrior cower before the ranks, when braving the blizzard of spearpoints? He who mourns his demise has never fed meat often to eagles in the edge-game. Its hard to urge on weaklings; no coward takes courage from his craven heart. We struck with our swords! I say its right for a lad to dare to dash at foemen as they draw swords together. Let thane not shrink from thane that long was the warriors way; maids darlings should be dauntless in the din of swords, always. We struck with our swords! It seems to me an ordeal that our fates we must follow; few escape the Norns craft. I didnt imagine Aelle as the end of my life, when I fed blood-falcons and forced keels through the water; we gave wolves worthy payment widely, in Scotlands bays. We struck with our swords! My soul is glad, for I know that Balders fathers benches for a banquet are made ready. Well toss back toasts of ale from bent trees of the skulls; no warrior bewails his death in the wondrous house of Fjolnir. Not one word of weakness will I speak in Vidrirs hall. We struck with our swords! The sons of Aslaug all would rouse the wrath of Hild here with their ruthless sword-blades, if they fathomed fully how far I have traveled, how so many serpents stab me with their poison. My sons hearts will help them: they have their mothers lineage. We struck with our swords! Soon my life will have passed; Goinn scars me sorely,

settles in my hearts hall; I wish the wand of Vidrir would wound Aelle, one day. My sons must feel great fury that their father is put to death; my daring swains wont suffer in silence when they hear this. We struck with our swords! I have stood in the ranks at fifty-one folk-battles, foremost of the lance-meet. Never did I dream that a different king could ever be found, braver than me I bloodied spears when young. Aesir will ask us to feast; no anguish for my death. I desire my death now. The disir call me home, whom Herjan hastens onward from his hall, to take me. On the high bench, boldly, Ill drink beer with the Aesir; hope of life is lost now, laughing shall I die!