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What is annotating?

Definition- A method of using symbols & notations to

highlight textbook material for future study. One of the thinking strategies good readers use during reading.

Why use annotating?

Mark the Thesis and main points
Mark key themes Underline important ideas

Write questions/comments
Mark confusing parts of the text Underline any sources

Main Ideas
Underline minor details Possible essay exam question

( ) __________

Highlighted Red Highlighted Yellow (1), (2), (3). ?

Word to define
Definition Important Details

Re-read/didnt understand


The General Adaptation Syndrome

Alarm Stage

Adrenal cortex releases hormones called glucocorticoids It supplies a burst of energy that helps a person deal with the stressful event

Resistance Stage

The organism enters The adrenal cortex continues to release glucocorticoids. Length depends on the intensity of the stressor & the bodys power to adapt

Exhaustion Stage

It is only needed if the organism fails to resist All stores of deep energy are depleted Disintegration and death follow