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Arrival and Departure mark the same moment in time based on perceptual understanding of that time-space. Place then occupies a ripple in time, de ned by the “making” and “breaking” processes and materialized through infrastructural strategies. When mapped in sequence, this cycle begins to suggest an attitude towards degrees of permence

Sequence Cycle

Brea k in g

Arriving Departing


Sequences Frequencies




Back to Back

Folding of Time
Permanent Frequency

Slab City
Permanent Frequency Overlayed with Seasonal Frequency
Permanent frequencies provide a constant baseline Overlapping frequencies plug into the base frequency as unmeasured and eratic beats Seasonal frequencies plug into the base frequency as measured beats re ecting seasonal environmental conditions

Black Rock City
Annual frequency sets up a new baseline of permanence
Permanent frequencies maintains a measured frequency Overlapping frequencies occur at a smaller scale, creating unmeasured ripples within the permanent frequency Seasonal frequencies are consitututed by non-consecutive ripples

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