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What Makes a Good Accountant

What Makes a Good Accountant

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Published by Binay Bhandari
good accountant
good accountant

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Published by: Binay Bhandari on Feb 07, 2013
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What makes a good accountant?

I am studying to be an accountant. when i go for interviews they ask me why i think i would make a good accountant. What are good things to say?

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The primary characteristics of a good accountant are integrity and objectivity. To be a professional who commands the respect that is typical for the profession, you must be absolutely honest and ethical in everything you do. That means your personal as well as professional life. In performing your accounting duties, you must also be totally objective, and not let your feelings or biases affect your work. You may also mention that you would not want to tackle an assignment for which you are not qualified without first ensuring that you have the background to handle it. This does not mean assignments given you by your supervisor that enable you to learn your job, but accounting engagements for a client who is relying on your expertise. Finally, you should have the qualities required of any job situation: punctuality, honesty, confidentiality, and doing the best you can. Your grades in school will have a lot of bearing on the kinds of job offers you get.

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