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Classedge Brochure eBook

Classedge Brochure eBook

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Published by: Dheeraj Bhoma on Feb 07, 2013
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Tata ClassEdge is designed to help teachers deliver high quality instruction. with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive multimedia. skills. If we want our students to actively participate in the process of learning. Tata ClassEdge. Students participate in mastering key topics through a variety of activities. creative and critical thinking activities. including A good teacher knows that teaching is the art of helping students discover things. ClassEdge aims to enhance students’ thinking ensuring a thorough understanding of the curriculum content. The aim is to help create an active learning environment with an effective blend of innovative classroom and outdoor activities.The Multiple Learning Experiences Model (M-LEx)—the Tata ClassEdge instructional framework—is based on the premise that students learn better through a variety of multisensory experiences and instructionally sound activities. Based on the Multiple Learning Experiences Model (M-LEx™). To achieve this. It’s about making students realise how each subject is interesting in itself. The instructional strategies recommended by Tata ClassEdge are expected to help students engage actively with the curriculum Beyond Just Multimedia content. we need to combine the use of media with effective pedagogy. debates. discussions. . because for us. collaborative research. an instructional framework developed by Tata social Interactive and Systems. projects and multimedia. teaching is not just about making a subject interesting. of the from reflects Tata this hands-on activities. Tata while We don’t just rely on multimedia. it’s not enough to introduce multimedia along with the traditional chalk and talk method. And the best way to do this is to get them involved in the learning process. a holistic educational Interactive understanding solution Systems. field trips and multimedia. teaching- learning process.

called Plug Points. mirrors. Teachers can make use of multimedia assets that are embedded in these lesson plans to visually illustrate complex concepts and utilise other interactive tools on the portal. These plans provide several tips to elicit student participation. Teachers will now have access to well-designed lesson plans that they can use to make their classes engaging and memorable. The lesson plans also incorporate several interesting facts. Teachers can add notes or upload any resources. lenses and maps to maximise efficiency in classrooms. such as geometry constructions.Power to Teachers Tata ClassEdge provides teachers with effective instructional support. to correlate subjects with one another. Tata ClassEdge doesn’t just provide instructional support to teachers. The lesson plan framework is flexible and easy to use. The School The teacher accesses Tata ClassEdge web portal to: Activity-Based Tata ClassEdge Server Paper-Based Projector-Based Projects Individual/Group Activities Extensions Worksheets Handouts Assessment Interactive Tools Multimedia Quizzes . They can even share these notes and resources with other teachers in the school. from a PowerPoint presentation to a lesson plan. algebra tiles. it also enables them to develop a collaborative knowledge network for the teaching community. In short. including reinforcement activities for struggling learners and challenging assignments for high achievers.

When students use multiple senses and are involved in a variety of carefully planned activities. they tend to get more involved with learning and retain concepts better. Tata ClassEdge makes use of distinct types of activities that promote diverse skills in students. And that’s why Tata ClassEdge Lesson Plans have been carefully designed by instructional design experts with a wide exposure to Indian and international teaching methodologies. research has proven that students’ comprehension level reduces when the visual assets are of longer durations.Different Facets of Tata ClassEdge Activity-oriented Lesson Plans Research shows that students benefit from. and appreciate well-structured lessons. As a result. Tata ClassEdge makes use of short-duration multimedia assets to: Briefly explain concepts that are difficult to visualise Arouse curiosity about a topic Generate discussions in classrooms Provide opportunities to interact with the medium and receive feedback Tata ClassEdge also makes use of more immersive multimedia formats like Virtual Labs and Games. That said. . each lesson plan makes use of well thought-out individual and group activities. We call this instructional framework the Multiple Learning Experiences Model (M-LEx)—a model designed by Tata Interactive Systems. field trips and projects. This is why multimedia is one of the main facets of Tata ClassEdge. Therefore. Multimedia – A true differentiator! Students today are more attracted to the visual medium than just textual information. Therefore.

Aisha and Pasha who bring out various learning concepts through interesting conversations and contexts. . which is why we have characters like Jiggy. stories and rhymes. letters.Characters Teach Primary school children relate very well to characters who are somewhat like them. We have also created a group of friendly animals who will introduce pre-primary children to the world of numbers. Jiya.

Collaborative Platforms. Interactive Tools. Tata ClassEdge provides a platform for teachers to collaborate with each other. application and analytical skills. Teachers can easily plot line graphs. GAME BASED LEARNING Reports User Management Solid Shaper Algebra Tiles Periodic Table Lenses Maps And more. They get the flexibility to add their notes to a lesson plan and upload their presentations or other relevant media to the School Resources section on the portal. Quick Solutions. bar graphs or histograms. thanks to the Tata ClassEdge Data Representation Tool. Teaching Strategies Activities Multimedia Worksheets & Handouts Quizzes Plug Points Extension Question Bank Test Paper Creator Add Notes Share Notes Add Resources Share Resources Innovative Game Formats Reinforces Concepts Across Multiple Subjects . We have in place several other interactive tools like Solid Shaper. It serves as a quick revision to increase their understanding. Number Line and Periodic Table..Let’s play a Quiz. We have interesting quizzes after every lesson. A common source for information. These tools enable better utilisation of teachers’ time. These quizzes test the students' comprehension. which help students recall the main points.. We live in a networked world where collaboration is key. They can also share their notes or resources with other teachers in the school—a feature that is aimed at developing a collaborative knowledge sharing community of teachers within each school. Who’s got the answer? Using quizzes is a great way to elicit student participation.

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) connectivity to schools enables new content to be immediately uploaded onto the school server. The Edge Coordinator will provide teacher support whenever required. This includes how to maximise the use of the recommended teaching methods provided in the lesson plans and demonstrate efficient use of multimedia. Taking care of everything necessary. The connectivity allows schools to collaborate through a secured network and build a knowledge sharing community. even good intentions fail. That’s why. We help teachers adopt our solutions smoothly through a comprehensive training on conducting classes using Tata ClassEdge. we provide two TeacherEdge sessions—our proprietary teacher training service on innovative teaching methods—per academic year. We also make suitable arrangements to provide internet connectivity to schools to access the Tata ClassEdge web-based portal and online educational content. That’s not all. the Edge Coordinator. an educational consultant. is just a call away. In addition to this.Infrastructure. Teacher Training and Support. A team effort. we provide best-in-class infrastructure including ultra short-throw interactive projectors and efficient power back-up systems. Teaching methods should be simple and easy to follow. We also take them through the different ways in which they could make use of our interactive tools. . An EdgeCentre will be set-up in schools to enable teachers to have access to the content and prepare for their classes. Without the right resources.

• Integrates differentiated Extension Activities for struggling and gifted students. 2012. and India.tatainteractive. • Enables efficient use of teacher time through interactive teacher tools. • Utilises non-obtrusive. these plans help teachers provide multisensory learning and develop social and thinking skills in students. www. mainland Europe. Its learning solutions are designed to enable the success of key organisational initiatives and have proven their effectiveness at more than 60 Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Switzerland.com Toll Free: 1-800-209-9022 | E-mail: classedgesales@tatainteractive. the UK.tataclassedge. • Provides effective. . mapped to state boards.Why Tata ClassEdge? • Offers well-designed lesson plans. CBSE and ICSE curricula. Its solutions have won nearly 50 prestigious international awards over the last 10 years. TIS has development centers in Germany. Its sales and marketing operations span the US. Based on the multiple learning experiences model. About Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) is the global leader in e-Learning Solutions and Simulations. New Zealand. short-duration multimedia elements and worksheets designed to promote critical and creative thinking. Canada. TIS is the only learning solutions organisation in the world to be assessed at Level 5 in both the SEI-CMM and P-CMM frameworks. advanced technology projectors that can convert even a classroom wall into an interactive white board. Australia. Proprietary and Confidential Information of Tata Interactive Systems. Tata Interactive Systems.com | Website: www.com © Copyrights. the Middle East and India.

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