Business ethics encompasses the rules, roles, and values that inform ethical conduct.

It is the context of compliance behavior, risk management, business strategy and growth. Click here for the steps that organizations can take to integrate ethics and compliance and create value. ITAP understands both the global and local implications of business ethics, and offers a variety of services to help you strengthen the ethics in your organization: Ethics Training: Promote ethical conduct by developing awareness and communication skills. Online Ethics Training: Provide stand-alone e-courses as well as online pre-work and refreshers to enhance face-to-face ethical conduct training. Learning Needs Assessment: Identify the most relevant learning objectives for ethical conduct training. Ethical Culture Audit: Identify the levers that promote ethical conduct in your organization. The Team Risk Profiler: Identify and overcome barriers to ethical conduct in teams. Individual Risk Profiler: Identify and overcome barriers to ethical conduct. Assessing the Impact of Learning: Determine whether workshops and training have the desired effect. Culturally Appropriate Communication:

Code of Conduct: Communicate your organization's Code of Conduct across cultures and languages. Ethics Hotline: Ensure that your hotline communication scripts meet the needs of your diverse base of managers, employees, suppliers, and service providers.

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