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The Knights Templar



1, 1,







33°, P. C.

Republican-Times Printing Company,

Commander Ottawa Commandery,


10, 1886-7, 1891-2.

Historian Ottawa Commandery.






R. E,




Commander Ottawa Commandery,



Grand Commander Grand Commandery,
Died July


A. D.



R. E.






Commander Ottawa Commandery,

K. T.,

Grand Commander Grand Commandery,


A. D. 1907.

Their good works will live long after their day.

He ascended into heaven. the third day He rose from the dead. born of the Virgin Mary. from thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMAXDERY. THE APOSTLES' CREED. the Resurrection of the Body. was conceived by the Holy Ghost. . in Maker of heaven and earth. the Holy Catholic Church lasting. of Saints . the Communion the Forgiveness of Sins. Holy Ghost. His only Son. suffered under Pontius Pilate. and buried He descended into hell. and our Lord. dead. Who 1 believe in the . was crucified. Jesus Christ. and the Life Ever- Amen. the Father Almighty. . and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty. I believe in God.

high our gieat deliv'rer reigns. and save!" Then "O death. Born to redeem. off How Say "Live forever. O Grave?" — . Sing how he spoil'd the hosts ot hell. The rising God forsakes the tomb. And shout him welcome to the skies. Cherubic legions guard him home. where is thy sting? And where thv victorv. Up to his Father's court he flies. glorious King. Break your tears. and tell. instruct. ye saints. And led the tyrant Death in chains.I II E KNIGHTS T!-:m PLAR.



in which is found the names of men who ranked high in their professions and councils of our nation. long be- fore ninety-rive per cent. Its publica- tion arose from a desire to perpetuate the fond recollections of days and associations long since vanished. published ?" "Why is this book Xo person asked me to write this book. It is recorded of an ancient author. and were men of national fame in military and sense of just pride that civil life. three colonels. in two majors.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. who were foremost in the develop- only our immediate locality. We regret that to give a it is not possible to allot space of more extended biographical sketch Ottawa Commandery who have been prominent in military and civil life or in the different grades of Free Masonry. or even a synopsis of prominent in this all volume the members of incidents connected with their lives. "Who asked yon to write it?" Jt might be asked with equal propriety. as well as in the congress of our nation. six captains subordinate Ottawa Commandery has been honored both branches of our state legislature. In civil life. Days that were epoch-making born. Two of our mem- . but the great state of Illinois. officers. It is with a we record in this volume the roster of Ottawa Commandery. It in the valley of the Illinois. he was interrupted by the inquiry. INTRODUCTORY. and our order in particular. Suffice in to say that Ottawa Commandery was represented ice of the the military serv- United States during the civil war by two genand other erals. of the readers of this volume were arose from a desire to perpetuate the names of the of our order not members ment of. that while apologiz- ing for the imperfections of one of his books.

tinguished in as above stated. Men have been chosen from the ranks o\ Ottawa Commandery to till every county office in the gift of the electorate. and several times lias the city ^i Ottawa chosen its mayor from the membership of Ottawa Com- and mandery. a member life of the board of trustees several in and holds membership certificate No. County Probate Courts arc graced by members of Ottawa Commandery. Two have presided over the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. while others are prominent life. the Grand Commandery of Illinois by being elected to by the honored position of Grand Commander. that institution. the noblest and most ideal life of all. S. Three members have. as a recognition of their Masonic in services. The in fraters Ottawa Commandery have been active other Masonic bodies.tO 111 I". and Oriental Council. Some have rilled the chairs in and Humboldt Lodges. been awarded the 33d and in last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite sonic Jurisdiction of the U. La Grange. for i and was years. and in are holding positions ^\ pubprofessional and trust. and commissioners to-day lic at is present one of the city's most progressive a its many of member members of Ottawa Commandery. Royal and Two of its members have been honored Select Masters. Shabbona Chapter. and one has presided over the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Illinois. mercantile and others engaged of in agricultural pursuits.AK. He also holds a certificate of honorary mem- bership of its Fortitude Lodge. Ky. A. and he was also one of the Occidental Royal original promoters of the Illinois Masonic Orphans' Home. our courts of justice. so many have that it been dis- military and civil life would seem . KNIGHTS TKM I'l. bers have been In Attorney Generals of the state of Illinois. the Northern Ma- Although. No. the benches of the Circuit. Arch Masons. 47.

George \Y. like the We had the pleasure of all having been intimately acquainted with the Past Com- manders of Ottawa Commandery. look in vain for a Gray. siding over the destinies of who preceded me in in pre- Ottawa Commandery." is a labor of love. a and their relation the Royal to Free Masonry. as the senior Past Commander of Ottawa Coma mandery. a Nash. and the dedicatees of this work. a McArthur. a Smith.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. E. now growing over them. Wallace and T. a Peckham. We Wade. yet there are some who have been justice to their so conspicuous in Masonic circles that memories. a a Burgess. all seems but a short time since they were the green grass is with us. and from whatever capacity I whom It I obtained my inspiration may have but served Ottawa Commandery. Past Commanders of Ottawa Commandery and Past Grand Commanders of the Grand Commandery of Illinois. the introduction of Arch and Knights Templar degrees and orders . Ran- W. We that this hook. the two Gibsons. down to the present 1 time. a Trimble. Lininger. some of whom are with us no more forever. do not hestitate in stating "White Apron. scanning the vast horizon for a glimpse of a sail. on whose lap sat when a boy. from Oliver Cromwell Gray. white I seem to be standing alone on the shore of great ocean. L. In compiling the History of Ottawa Commandery I compendium of the history of Chivalry and the Crusades and a more extended summary of the history of the order of Knights Templar have introduced in the forepart. To-day. Generals som. 11. invidious to II make special mention of any one. G. the first commander of Ottawa Commandery. a Lininger. a Rhoads. demands more than a passing notice: Oliver Cromwell Gray. whose biographical pages will he found in this volume.

equipped from "armory" social of templar by he- precepts. the oldest ComTemplar in the United States. No. which. In compiling this work we have been about equal author and compiler. generous friendship. our words to While work. down to the organization of the (irand Kncampment of Knights Templar iii Blue of the United States of America in [816. the same sentence. also an extended account of the history of Charleston of Knights Commandery. That the almighty force and importance of Truth will . that this vol- ume will also assist in maintaining the cultivation of that ancient sentiment of refined courtesy. Lodges or Symbolic Masonry. by your historian. to wield a half moral and destitute power in of innocent maidens. to whom Ottawa Com- mandery owes mandery in allegiance. It make of him and better man. if member and make himself each metal is will grace his library with at least familiar with will its contents. Ottawa Commandery and it is hoped that one copy. which is one of the distinguishing characteristics of our order. and the Grand Commandery of Illinois in [857. is hoped. and that it will he instrumental in inspiring the every heart. 1. a better knight the a in him. if not the world. often intermingling. helpless or- phans and the Christian religion.the thoughts and words of others. vet of it will is! he of interest others as a historical it compiled for the benefit of the members in particular. with noble and honorable emotions. one toward the other among our fraters. reliable writers on Chivalry and Templar his- and. we have frequently changed and added to the lanin guage. with theirs. in incorporating. widows. since we have condensed quite a considerable of its historical data from the works of some of the earliest and most tory.\ 2 III E K NIGHTS TEM PLAR. and alleviating charity. bound knightly vows.

10. Historian Ottawa Commandery.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COM M ANDERY. No. . radiate your 13 pathway with citizenship. the wish of Fraternally thine. K. T. is the brilliancy of a pure morality and an exalted which so much distinguished the founders of our order.

point to me the path of truth! Thy dread omnipotence I own.— !_|. Shall man confine his Maker's of sway To gothic domes Thy temple is the mouldering stone? face of day. groveling on the ground. And live beyond the bounds of Time? Whose . Whose soul a different hope supplies. yet amend. Father of Light! Great God of Heaven! Hear'st thou the accents of despair? Can guilt like man's be e'er forgiven? Can vice atone for crimes by prayer? Father of Life. thy boundless throne. With tales of mystic rites beguile. heaven. ocean. Or doctrines less severe inspire? Shall these.AK. shrine I seek. Let superstition hail the pile. Spare. Thou who can mark the sparrow's fall. Unless they bend in pompous form? Tell us that all. the faults of youth. Shall man condemn his race to hell. No Let bigots rear a gloomy fane. Avert from me the death of sin. Prepare a fancied bliss or woe? Shall reptiles. Yet doom his brother to expire. years float on in daily crime Shall they by faith for guilt atone. to sects unknown. Oh. Let priests. Earth. Their great Creator's purpose know? Shall those who live for self alone. Musi perish in the mingling storm? Shall each pretend to reach the skies. Til E KNIGHTS TE M I'l. by creeds they can't expound. to spread their sable reign. THE PRAYER OF NATURE. on thee 1 call! Thou seest my soul is dark within. for one who fell.

In Thy protection I confide. if wings. Father! no prophet's laws I seek Thy laws in nature's works appear. when thou wilt. Who calms the elemental war. Extend to me Thy wide defence. Thou. By Thy command I rise or fall. who canst guide the wandering star Through trackless realms of ether's space. who in wisdom placed me here. .— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDER Y. To Thee I breathe my humble strain. I own myself corrupt and weak. — Byron. To Thee. Ah! whilst I tread this earthly sphere. While life yet throbs I raise my prayer. Whose hand from pole to pole I trace. when this dust to dust's restored. Yet will I pray. Though doom'd no more to quit the dead. And hope. If. My soul shall float on airy How shall Thy glorious name But. adored Inspire her feeble voice to sing! this fleeting spirit share With clay the grave's eternal bed. for thou wilt hear! I 5 Thou. my God. to Thee again This erring life may fly at last. Grateful for all Thy mercies past. to Thee I call! Whatever weal or woe betide. Who. my God. canst take me hence.

the good forefather's dream. Old Glory hears the great salute. to every star and stripe. the white. Your flag and my flag. and O. and fifers shrilly pipe. the red. Glorified the whole world wide. the flag for me and you. how much it holds.]6 nil KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. a shelter thro the night. the white. the blue. the blue. The one flag. it never held a lie. Snow-white and soul-white. Sun-kissed and wind-tossed. Your land and my land secure within its folds. Sky-blue and true-blue. Your heart and my heart beat quicker at the sight. as hearts beat. its stripes forever gleam. the great flag. Your flag and Drums beat . its brightness fills the sky. and half the world away. Your hope and my hope. OLD GLORY. flag and my flag. Your In Your flag and my flag. The glorified guidon of the day. Rose-red and blood-red. and ripples at the sound. your land and my land. and all the world around. the red. and how it flies to-day. my flag. Home land and far land. with stars that gleam aright.


Milligan. No. by displaying the Stars and Stripes. held P. and in large numbers paraded the streets of the city. moved the adoption of the following resolution. L. a Eociety. State of Illinois: "Whereas. In 1896. the flag of the United States of America. to represent their fidelity to the greatest government of history. four years later. the latter part of January. page 217. From the earliest organization of our Illustrious Order of the Temple. 1892.OLD During the winter of 1891-2 (iLOKY. C. Sir W. may be carried the flag of our language. be it "Resolved. for a full record of which. without reference: "To the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar. P. It would be becoming for the subordinate commanderies of this grand jurisdiction to follow the patriotic example of this Grand Commandery just taken. That we recommend that each Commandery of this grand jurisdiction be requested to procure a regulation United States flag. find Sir Milligan formally presented the flag. presented the following resolution. he purchased for Ottawa Commandery a beautiful silk regulation American flag with the intention of presenting same to the commandery on Washington's birthday. the flag of our common country. and which was carried: "Whereas. therefore. C. with the beauseant and banner of our faith. It was. G. That a committee of three be appointed to purchase for this Grand Commandery a silk regulation flag of the United States that. 1892. Colorado. which was adopted in the city of Chicago. copied from the records of Ottawa Commandery for year 1S92. Annual Conclave of the Grand General John C. Green. then commander of Ottawa Com mandery. the symbol of our faith. therefore. suggested that the formal presentation be delayed until the day of departure of the commandery to the Triennial Conclave of Knights Templar." . which he submitted. carrying only a "red fla-" as their symbol of defy to organized government. when with the presentation of the flag Ottawa Commandery would Accordingly. conceived the idea of setting an menaced ihe peace example of patriotism for such organizations. G. August. by the side of the beauseant (the battle flag of the Ancient Templars) in our asylums and when appearing in public. the Christian's Cross. "Resolved." of the city of Chicago with their defy to consi it uted authority. Smith. 10. at the Commandery. Knights Templar. has been a distinguishing mark upon our banners and worn by the Templar as an evidence of the faith that is in him. during August following. and as the beauseant has been the battle flag beside which was ever the flag of the country from which the Templar came." Following which Sir Hamer H. on the sixth of pull off a "red-letter" day in Ottawa. called the "Anarchists. however. the symbol of cur republic. to be held in Denver. the day of the commandery's departure for Denver. then Grand Warder. Accordingly. in this volume.

" a union between the Red Cross of St... I. George. the banner of Richard Cioeur de Lion by Sebastian Cabot. in 1606 — the flag of the May- In 1606 Scotland was added to England. George of England and the White Cross of island of Scotland under James flower. Andrew be used in Antichrist. and King I. Andrew. placed the White Cross of the national flag. in honor of the union. Richard Coeur de Lion sought the aid of St. James St. the colony. Patrick. changing the field Andrew on from white to blue. fimbriated on Red Cross of St. For 250 years. Edward III. defaced ill Not with of intent to England. George the patron saint of England.7 HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY.. or until 1606. as the Royal Ensign of Henry the Seventh of England. the Cross of St. 1 OURl FLAGS. B'ishop of Cappadocia. the Court of iMassachusetts ordered that the Cross of St. thus creating the Union Jack. in 1492.) In 1 192. San Salvador. He gave the King the Red Cross of St. George as a banner.. red diagonal. In Novemrelic ber of that year Endicott. George was England's banner. Massachusetts' records speak of it in 1634. George. by order of George III. in 1620. in 1497. planted the Spanish colors on the 192. (Columbus. Ireland became a part of the United Kingdom. The second flag to float over permanent settlements in America. it. a To commemorate the that event. the Red' Cross of St. "The King's Colors. made St. In 1801. was. one of the Bahama group. but the Red Cross was a In 1651. . of Salem. in 1345. planted at Labrador. The Cross of in 1 first flag to float over American soil was the Red St. George and St. and floated over Virginia.

" Flag used by the colonies was carried by The Fifth men of the southern colonies of North Carolina. and used until 1770. green pine tree. when the crimson. with a pine tree or globe in the upper corner. and was much discussion. with "Beware! Don't tread. The color of the field was changed to crimson. his celebrated picture battle of Bunker Hill. white corner. or the flag of American independence. . body and die rather than surrender. Flag. The Fourth Flag: tree as her Massachusetts had used the pine It is symbol for some time. Trumbull. in on the of the silver coins of that colon}". known as the court flag of Massachusetts. the flag of Cromwell and II. represents the red flag. will strike his fangs into his own the motto. The Appeal the troops of to "An Heaven. in the rotunda of the Capitol at Washington. This was called the Cromwell flag. was not accepted by the United Colonies the cause of in New World. The flag was pure white. They continued to use the King's Colors until 1707. upon its area was coiled a rattlesnake. was the first striped flag ever made. The rattlesnake will fight to the last when escape becomes impossible. and used during the year 1775. South Carolina and Georgia. was decided on as the marine flag for This (lag was our vessels. and was first . on me!" which meant no surrender. various minor changes were made. The Seventh Flag. Under Cromwell and Charles 11. Aboul Charles the 1707 the Third Flag. the plain white flag. and the two crosses were placed on the upper corner. This flag was used during the years [776 and 1777. and in such form was never accepted by the colonies. known as the snake flag. Massachusetts adopted the words. bine or white held was adopted. with a pine tree The Sixth in the center of the area.[8 III E KNIGH IS TEW PL \K..

and said. 1777. used at Fort Stanwix (now Reno). and Colonel Ross. when Congress: "Resolved. who phia. had thirteen stripes. the French Our flag flags have always had the five-pointed stars." the Alfred. 1795." The committee. and the united crosses of St. the six-pointed. Wash1. The 7 was in first New York. first John Paul Jones hoisted this flag on his vessel.HISTORY OF OTTAWA I'OMMANDERY. When the bill came up House of Representatives there was considerable The bill finally passed in July. representing a new constellation. 1777. the English rule. She changed the rule. called on Betsv Ross. George and St. our coins. or The Eighth Old Glory. IO. in session at teenth of June. reported in England it was alluded as the "Thirteen Rebellious Stripes. Massachusetts. in 1704. consisting of General Washington. when attacked by the The Ninth Flag. alternate red and white. in The Senate passed a bill. to Washington had drawn five points. January 1776. on the four- American Congress. Philadel- Robert Morris. the English. Andrew on to a blue When Lieut. . the debate. and asked her to make showed her." Flag. fifteen stripe flag. or Vermont came into 1792. increasing the numin ber of stripes to fifteen. held. white on a blue field. Union in 1701. was adopted by the Philadelphia. Kentucky. kept an upholsterer's shop in Arch street. the stars to be arranged in a circle. "The hag of America floats for the time over an American man-of-war. Hung It to the breeze at Cambridge. That the Flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes. ington's headquarters. alternate red and write. the union to be thirteen stars. a flag after the design they stars with six points.

the number The matter was increasing the referred to Captain Reid. for flag Giving up the sea. Maine. to secrete the flag. It was laid over by Conwas passed April 4. and number Pluribus of stars. We used the fifteen-stripe flag for twenty-three years. and has been continued since. in The plan of arranging the stars rows was adopted in 1818. a part of Alaska. Stephen Driver had been a sea captain. was at this time that Old Glory was first applied to our Flag. a beautiful Old Glory to-day: Forty-eight stars. but "E Unum. thirty-five years before the Philip- is So pine Islands were taken under our care. flag. one for each state. Once in a foreign port. the motto to be as gress. to take effect July 4th It of that year. thirteen. to him. no star was taken from the flag during the conflict of 1 861-1865. He named it "Old Glory!" American some was presented service rendered. stars AJt first they reported in favor of twenty of states then in the Union.20 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. As the tie that hinds the United States was held by the government at Washington to be one that could not be severed. extend so far that when it is sunset on the most westerly part sunrise in Eastport. that since 1867. westward it The Aleutian Islands. and stripes. Massachusetts. sailing from Salem. When the war began. 1818. he sewed it in a quilt. and every night slept beneath it." The committee reported recommended by Captain Reid. star takes its place The new on the flag on the Fourth hill of July following the passage of any admitting a state. before the civil war. Tennessee. He advised re- ducing the stripes to the original number. The SUN NEVER SETS ON THE AMERICAN FLAG! . he made his home in Nashville. The tenth pointed in Old Glory: A committee was ap- 181 6 to inquire into the expediency of again altering the flag.

O Time. let your brown hair just lighted with on your shoulders again as of old. mother rock me to sleep! — . Many a summer the grass has grown green. mother — rock heavy lids creep me to sleep! Fall Come. Slumber's soft calm o'er my Rock me to sleep. the untrue. Smooth the few silver threads out of my hair. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Blossomed and faded. flow backward. mother rock me to sleep! — Backward. our faces between. O tide of the years! I am so weary of toil. Shading my faint eyes away from the light For with its sunny-edged shadows once more Happy will throng the sweet visions of yore Lovingly. other worship abides and endures Faithful. in the days that are flown. love like a mother's love ever has shown. and of tears Toil without recompense tears all in vain Take them. Mother. None like a mother can charm away pain From the sick soul and the world-weary brain. Weary of sowing for others to reap— Rock me to sleep. Yet with strong yearning. turn backward.——— — — —— ! . come back from Over my slumbers your loving watch keep Rock me to sleep. the base. Mother. mother rock me to sleep! — Over No No my heart. Come from the silence so long and so deep Rock me to sleep. MOTHER. your flight. its bright billows sweet Rock me to sleep. and passionate pain. softly. and give me childhood again! I have grown weary of dust and decay Weary of flinging my soul-wealth away. my heart calls for you. O mother. Long I to-night for your presence again. just for to-night the echoless shore. Make me a child again. mother rock me to sleep! — — Tired of the hollow. unselfish. and patient like yours. Take me again to your heart as of yore. Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care. gold. 21 ROCK ME TO' SLEEP. Let it drop over my forehead to-night. in Backward.

I — — — . Sing. and unto my heart it shall seem Womanhood's years have been only a dreamClasped to your heart in a loving embrace. mother rock me to sleep! Florence Percy. Never hereafter to wake 01 to weep Rock me to sleep. Mother. then. With your light lashes just sweeping my face.THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. dear mot her. the years have been long Since last listened to your lullaby song.

1 thank yon for the light in my eyes. and the strength took from you. the days. the hours. All that in I am I is by you. Forgive T me the brought yon fears the subs and moans and for Forgive wrung from alarms von. the bone and the sinew. the made for you. All from you who bore me. who nursed me. the hope you had for me. for your trust 1 and your pride. the voice that directed me. and I my mother. All thank yon for your praise and your chiding. the blood in my that veins. of Washington. for your vigils and ministerings. for the visions my mother. I thank yon. the songs that you sang for me. mother. . the hand that led me. 23 A MOTHER'S DAY PRAYER. 1 forgive me. I thank yon. my mother. For the sore and despairs. and the years 1 claimed from you. for my life. thank yon for the tears you shed over me. the lap is am that rested me. peril 1 travail that I caused you. the heart and the brain that are yours. for I my speech. I gave! you. my mother. toils I me the joys de- prived you. for the jus- tice you bred into me and the honor you made mine. to. For the faith you had in me. forgive me. of Seattle. for my being. For your smile the morning and your kiss at night. the prayers you said for me. For all the love that you gave me. I thank you. that 1 am you taught me.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Congressman Humphry. given and the following prayer to "My Mother" For the body you gave me. my mother. forgive me. contributed remarkable ago. my mother. I thank you. article a to the Congressional Record not long Consent was appeared He asked unanimous consent to have published "a piece" written by Tom Dillon. mother. the For the dreads. unmeasured from 1 thank you for the beginning. forgive me.

24 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. did not learn. forgive Forgive me my pride in my youth and my glory in my strength that forgot the holiness. forgive me. forever and ever. Forgive me for my angers and revolts. for wishes I 1 did not heed. my mother. For the times that I hurt you. mother. for my deceits and evasions. mother. the times I had no smile for vou. of your years and all the veneration of vour weakness. for all the pangs and sorrows 1 brought to you. my mother. my mother. Amen. . for the counsels did not obey. forgive me. for the great depths of vour love that I have not paid. forgive me. all And may the peace and the joy that passeth under- standing he yours. 1 For your lessons me.

which she hardly seemed to touch. which ennobled everything it touched. respectful love. In expressing his deep regret in the existence of a con- dition of society in which so foul a crime could be tolerated as the execution of the lovely and unfortunate Queen of France. and the principle. a more delightful vision. and calculators has succeeded. subsisted and influenced through a long succession of generations. it should ever be totally extinguished the loss. and surely never lighted on this orb. to Litcontemplate. that she would ever be obliged like the "Oh! sharp antidote against disgrace concealed in that did I dream that I should have lived to see such disasters fallen upon her in a nation of gallant men. "If . and what a heart must I have. and the glory of Europe is extinguished forever. I saw her just above the horizon. must have leaped from their scabbards to avenge even a look that threatened her with insult. which a stain like a wound. then the dauphiness. never more shall we behold that generous loyalty to rank and sex. which kept alive. I fear. Edmund Burke remarked "It is now sixteen or seventeen years since I saw the Queen of France. which inspired courage. the cheap defense of nations. be great. in a nation I thought ten thousand swords of men of honor and of cavaliers. and splendor and joy. and distinguished it in its advantage from the states of Asia. and under which vice itself lost half its evil by losing all its grossness. little gone. is felt "This mixed system of opinion and sentiment had its origin the ancient chivalry. 25 CHIVALRY. even to the in time will we live in. Never. without emotion. It is this which has given its character to modern Europe. though varied in its appearance by the varying state of human affairs. decorating and cheering the elevated sphere she just began to move in. But the age of chivalry is gone. even in servitude itself. the nurse of manly sentiment. economists. full of life. that proud submission. It to carry the bosom. the spirit of exalted freedom. that of sophisters. from those states which flourished in the most brilliant periods of the antique world. when she added titles of veneration to those of enthusiastic. It is this which has distinguished it under all its forms of government. while it mitigated ferocity. distant. glittering morning star. "The unbought grace of life. that elevation and that fall! tle did I dream. that chastity of honor. what a revolution. that dignified obedience. and possibly.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. that sensibility of principle. that subordination of heart. at Versailles. and heroic enterprise is gone.

and gave a domination vanquishers of laws. cased in glittering steel. "The independence of chivalry. it subdued the force of pride it obliged sovereigns to submit to the soft collar of esteem. encouraging their champions at the tilt. and only known by a device or emblazoned shield. "Who does not love to read of the fair and haughty dames. to win the prize of valor. "It was this which. or fear of failure. and so gallant in danger. in quest adventure or an errand of love. poetic charm. loyal and brave. man's history. the glowing words of Montague: "The age of chivalry indeed is gone. without confounding ranks. amid the animated music of the minstrels and the shouts of the assembled multitudes?" of . bestowed by the queen of beauty. and inspire your reverence for chivalry. without calculation of chances. issued forth._'() 111 E KNIGHTS TKM IM. surrounded by his men-at-arms. not without danger. compelled stern authority to submit to elegance. so generous in action. to be subdued by manners. we hate to divest it even of its fictions. "There is something peculiarly delightful and exciting in those stories which represent the hero of the middle ages. worked with their own hands? "Who does not dwell with delight on the gorgeous description of the tournament. must ever have rare attractions to the enthusiastic and the aspiring. covered with shining armor.AK. bent on the accomplishment invested with a more We love the heroic in of lofty ends. and all that rank and beauty had ennobled among the fair. social What let a beautiful and eloquent tribute to chivalry. but its blazonry We is have piled away its Still we love the past. and issuing forth from his lordly castle. but us further quote from. panions. had produced a noble equality. when the combatants. where the place enclosed with sovereigns and bishops and barons. superbly mounted. so frank in friendship. so munificent in courtesy. "Without force or opposition. and rewarding their valor with sacred banners. helmets and its spears. and banded il down through all the gradations of this opinion which mitigated kings into comIt was social life. and raised private men into fellows with kings." and power.

The its sacred banner or standard. and that his valor and obedience were rewarded by the decisive victory that followed. hanging down from stones. however. who was yet undetermined as to religion. intersected by a transverse beam. of in history of the conversion Clonstantine. Eusebius. and all march under it. gives. and. A silken veil of a purple color. . a tionably took barutu. the beam. com- posed by Caecilius. with an assurance of victory against his enemies. But his astonishment was converted celestial during the following night. Constantine was admonished the in a dream to inscribe the shields of his soldiers with "the celestial sign of God. directed Constantine to to make a similar standard. that he executed the monogram commands of of heaven. He states that Consaw with his own eyes the luminous trophy of the divine monogram placed above the meridian sun and inscribed with the following words: "En touto Nika" ("By this Conquer"). ferent account The appearance as well as its in the sky astonished the whole army the choice of into faith commander. The summit of the pike supported a crown of gold which enclosed the mysterious monogram. the sacred name of Christ . a dif- from that of Caecilius. displaying the same sign.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY." The stantine Christian writer. and curiously inwrought with the images of the reigning monarch and was adorned with precious his children. for the Crucified One appeared before his eyes. 2J THE The CROSS. combining the two initial letters ("X" and "P") of the Greek name of Christ. which unquesorigin at that period. It was called the La- was long pike. declares that ceded the final the night which pre- struggle with Makentius.

It was formerly given called Masonic degree in what the were try. is the Cross of Jerusalem. . as adopted by Baldwyn. is Baldwyn as the arms of the kingand since deemed a symbol of the Holy Knights of the Holy Sepulhe conferred' in the is Land. because it the It Supreme Council is of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. The Cross of Salem three lines." allusion to the this command. ing- Councils of the Trinity. intrusted to a color- The guard station ol safety of the fifty Labarum was men of approved valor and fidelity. the insignia of the Grand Encampment of and also of the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar of the United Sovereign Grand Commander of Cross.M PLAR. the next after Christian Mark: hut it is no longer conferred in this counand may now he considered as obsolete as far as beconferred as a Masonic degree. Pontifical is also called the borne before the Rope. The name of the cross or jewel of this degree or order. The Maltese Cross 'Idie is a cross of eight points and worn by Knights Templar as the jewel of the Knights of Malta. of Jerusalem. and such it superstitious reverence surrounded that the sight of the Labarum opposing The in battle scattered terror and dismay through the forces. States. "a comthe mand. whose was marked with honors and emoluments. or Jerusalem. eight points are said to refer to the eight beatitudes. name Labarum in is derived from lavar.28 Til E K\ It. the upper It is is an upright piece crossed by and lower being shorter than the middle one. "Conquer. on Roman as a Catholics of noble birth. through power i^\ Sign !" The cross adopted by dom cher. 1 1 IS TI'. also the jewel of the an order that in said to Holy Land. by the Reverendissimo or Superior of the Franciscans.

or Grand Scottish Knight of of the St. this cross forms a part of the jewel of the Grand Master with a St. potent. compasses. of a Commander or Past Commander of a Commandery of Knights Templar in the United States. prescribed Prior to 1146 the Templars wore a white mantle without any cross. As he the patron saint of Scotland. The Cross "X. charged with another cross double potent or (gold). of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. or jewel. having in the center a held. The Templar Cross notched like in is same form as the Maltese Cross with this difference: the limbs or projections are not the form of the Maltese or cross patte. with the square a circle of and segment of and the points of the compasses resting the center. Andrew. The Teutonic Cross has been adopted as the jewel of the Knight Kadosh of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Kite in the United Stales in place of the original jewel of the It degree. sable is a cross (black). and surcharged with an escutcheon ar- gent (silver). bearing a double-headed eagle (sable).HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. which was a Latin or Passion Cross. . the sun glory. it is the insignia. This cross is also the jewel of the twenty-ninth degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Andrew suffered martyrdom. pendent therefrom the compasses extended. for them a red cross on the breast. to Andrew is in the form of the is letter he the form of the cross on which St. charged Andrew on 90 degrees In in . the cross of gold. which is a brilliant star. between the square full on the segment. With rays issuing from the point of intersection of the limbs. 29 The Passion Cross is the most common form of the Cross. but in that year Pope Eugenius III. This form of cross is worn by the Teutonic Knights. as a symbol of the martyrdom to which the}' were constantly exposed. azure." and said of St.

or they were im- and to this upright stake the Latin strictly applicable. and. save in cases of sedition. C. the Macedonian. hut later Josephus gives of in his account of the siege of and final de- struction of Jerusalem horrifying details of the crucifixion numbers of wretched beings who escaped fall from the misery of famine within the city to outside of it. and of death. the called crux the criminal were tied. the nations of antiquity used the it was naturally looked upon with the profoundest horror. among the Syrians. to die. hut name very crux was originally and more generally a cross-piece was added to the stake. and so paled upon it. THE CROSS AS AN INSTRUMENT OF PUNISHMENT. of its be<>\ close connection with the ideas of pain. it of punishment sians. and as such of Oonstantine the Great. In war of the Jews (86 B. >. the cross-piece was fastened at right angles below the summit of the upright stake the cross was when the cross-piece was fastened at . where under it monarchial government extended indiscriminately it came to he regarded as the mosl infamous of deaths.AK. cause ot guilt. to every rank. It ignominy. when he carried by storm of the domestic crucified in Tyre (33-' B. But in no part of the ancient world was in punishment the so resorted to as earl_\- the Roman Empire. into this torture Malefactors were sometimes fastened to a left simple upright stake. From the earliest period of history until the time cross as an instrument of capital punishment. or his hands and feet When immissa . Per- and especially the Carthagenians.30 Til E KNIGH IS I i:.) 800 men were one daw by order of Alexander Jannaeus. was the usual mode Egyptians. C.000 Tyrians hv Alexander.M IM. Jews. abundantly testifies. and to the was not unknown the city Greeks. as the crucifixion of 2. was indicted only on slaves and malefactors of the lowest class. in this the city of Jerusalem. to which arms of were nailed.

dis- Cross and replace with the Chrono- gram or Cross of Constantine. appears that if the Knights Templar desire ner they should. IN ( yet it is more mild than dew on of Knights Templar the words "In Hoc Signo Vinces" are inscribed over a "blood-red Passion Cross. the tender grass. out of respect for the followers of Christ. after obtaining the victory sign of the cross. as he believed. as described in the vision . translation of )n the grand standard of HOC SIGNO VINCES. is energy the beyond the force of thunder. but the monogram of Christ It as described on a preceding page. card the Passion to retain the motto on it their ban- for the sake of historical accuracy.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. cross as an is emblem of Christianity and the jewel of our order a sublime and affecting evidence of the transformation from an instrument of punishment to the transforming spirit of Christianity thai this token has been changed into an image of justly it light is and glory. honor and immarvelous light. This peculiar and barbarous mode of punishment was angles across the top of the upright it crux commissa. 313). over Maxentius through the influence. How called a gives eyes to the blind to look in upon himself. such as now used on modern Templar standard. Its It mortality. Their meaning is a substantial. a Commandery the original stantine the Greek "Eh touto Nika. and when continued until the time of Constantine the Great (A. D. right 31 stake it was was formed of two beams crossing one another obliquely it was crux decussata. who. of the Labarum. of the abolished its use throughout the Roman The world." and they constitute in part the motto of the American branch of the order. whose cause he had espoused." The vision of Conwas not a Passion Cn>ss. but not literal.

one-half black. D. A. signify- ing their determination t<> conquer or to die —quarter never 1 having been asked or given. . not unto us. as the war-cry of the order. This was afterwards replaced by the celebrated "Beauseant. sed nomini tuo da gloriam. I). the other white.32 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. un- furled a white banner charged with the Red Cross. Domine non nobis." "Not unto us. This word was also used and was never heard but It to insure terror to their foes. The beauseant is the banner of the Masonic order of Knights Templar. i [48 the Templars. 1892 was the nobis. bore the pious inscription. only banner or flag borne by a States. O Lord. "Non This is. but unto Thy name give Glory. at the siege of Damascus. in the United which time your historian a silk presented Ottawa Commandery to be carried American and which has since been recognized and adopted as one of the banners or flags jurisdiction of the several and displayed by all Commanderies under the grand and subordinate Com- manderies under the jurisdiction of the Grand Encampment of the United States of America. and until A." their war banner." It was the ancient Templars' shout of victory. at Commandery tlag. THE BEAUSEANT.

no hand to beg. will! it bids the weak be strong. And e'en the headman's ax may flash Thy message unto men. O God! be there. Thine arm made That righteous will bare. 33 THY WILL BE DONE. And cries exulting unto thee: "O Lord! Thy will be done!" Not in dumb We lift When Upon the common Thou dost not bid us tyrant feet are tramping weal. Not like the nerveless fatalist. cringe and writhe Beneath the iron heel. . No brow to seek the dust. Our faith springs like the eagle That soars to meet the sun. bids the strong be just. In Thy name we assert our rights With sword and tongue and pen. No lip to fawn. resignation our hands on high. be done. Thy It Wherever man oppresses man Beneath Thy liberal sun.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Content to trust and die. —John Hay.

to feast their eyes . As soon as the people of the West became converted to Christianity they turned their eyes to the East. A. whether in a state of glory or of abasement. lable cost. THE CRUS The spirit of \DF. the travelers found their sympathies stronger. and to return home.had embraced. and the Christian world on foot to iden- tify others. although not ab- solutely due to Helena. to be immersed in the swift waters of upon scenes once hallowed by the presence of the Son of Man. mother of Constantine. upon every spot marked the narrative of Jesus. and the splendid structures everywhere reared. all from the forests of Germany. first made visits it fashionable to go to the Holy Land. Jerusalem. under her direction. From the depths of France. first enabled the tourist to identify the sacred Idealiestablished set for her with accuracy very many famous places. and their devotions more fervent behi ilding the scenes of the ministry of the Divine in Master than is simply reading the narrative of His day. Tt so to this Many thousands of pilgrims and tourists gather from parts of the world to visit the Hoi}- Land and kneel at the sacred places. and as perceptible objects awaken associated thoughts and feelings. has ever since been held dear and sacred by the Christian. from the countries of Europe. new Christians were to be seen hastening' to visit the cradle of the faith the}. In the early ages of the church a religious curiosity prompted people to visit those places which the Scriptures have sanctified. She as she ties. pilgrimages to the East. 326-7. at incalcuin queen-mother visited the lands of the Bible. the Jordan. was made in popular and intensified by the imperial state which the D.S.34 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. all life.

among the spoils of the vanquished. until the which lasted several centuries. A. real danger and considerable Sometimes pilgrimages were attended with cost. on the banks of the Jordan. this 35 lives one romance of their hard and proverty-stricken gratified.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. triumphed over the enemies of Christianity and the empire. his reign the armies of Chosroes. that peace which seemed banished from the rest of the world. and contumely and privations always sure. vast City fell the hands of the worshipers of King of The Holy fire. 610-641. and brought back to Jerusalem . and shed tears when they learned that the King of Persia had carried off. into Palestine and Egypt. the Cross of the Savior. Heaven. touched by the tions of the Christians. insult rather than certain death disguise often necessary. invaded Syria. at length. and sometimes even followed the pilgrims to Jeru- salem. Under Persia. was not troubled reign of Heraclius. the faithful deplored the misfortunes of Jerusalem. The of All conquerors bore away into captivity numbers Christians and profaned the churches of Jesus Christ. after ten years of reverses. and the Vandals. a poor pilhis grim who bore fields of scrip and staff often passed through carnage and traveled without fear and unmolested amidst armies which threatened the empires of the East and the West. which had been preserved in the Church of the Resurrection. In those times of trouble and desolation. Christians then found. A service of risk and . the Huns. who began to respect the Cross of Christ. blessed the prayers and afflicarms of Heraclius. When Pious travelers were protected by the hospitable virtues of the barbarians. who. was ravaged by the Goths. pilgrimages to the Holy Land were not the world at all interrupted. This peace. D.

accompanied by Peter. [o88. He remained nine months at Jerusalem. Victor of A. The Pope. died without realiz- ing his promise of attacking the infidels in Asia. then under the dominion oi the enemies of Christ.3< > I M I KNIGHTS TKM PLAR. set out Arculphus. 111. who were setting out tine He traversed Syria. The glory delivering Jerusalem belonged to a simple pilgrim. It was Peter the Hermit who gave the signal to the . Antonius. carrying on his shoulders to the Christians Calvary the wood "l the true cross. possessed of no other power than the influence of his character and his genius. Among in the faithful West who arrived in Asia his- the midst of the early conquests of the Mussulmans. On his arrival on the hanks of the Jordan Judea had not yet fallen into the hands of the City. tory has preserved the Ajntonius. names of St. but fame of armies were the their victories already tilled the East. infidels. The latter had borne arms with to follow the pilgrims when he determined for Jerusalem. Pales- and Egypt. On his return to all Europe he related what he had seen in Palestine and in of the West.. from the coast of England bound for Syria. whose chains he had broken. a French hermit. 1). and their threatening" the Holy Several years after the pilgrimage of St. Arculphus and St. the sacred spots visited by the Pilgrims The accounts of his pilgrimage were drawn up by a Holy Monk of the Hebrides for the information and edification of the faithful. which he considered the most glorious tropin of his victories." and the kings of the West sent of the ambassadors to congratulate him. of distinction Plaisance. When Heraclius re-entered Constantinople he was received as "the Liberator of the Christians. Then was to be seen an emperor oi the Easl walking barefooted in the streets of the Holy City.

ance of Jerusalem. and wept Palestine. applauded his design. by the ascendancy of his tears and prayers alone. landed on the coast of to cast himself at the feet of the Pope. he quitted Italy.. and a portion of hair pulled from the mule he rode upon was At the sound of his voice difpreserved as a holy relic. A. he believed that he heard the voice of Christ saying to the tribulations of him — "Peter. and hastened was then occupied. Crusaders. ingly in his and that the holy places should be delivered. could touch his vestments esteemed themselves happy. the poor were comforted. is time my servants should receive help Full of the spirit of these words. The by Urban project who had been which had been entertained by his predecessors. the debauched blushed at their errors.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Auvergne. mass upon One day. A ber. chair of St. and charged with letters from the patri- arch Simeon. he received Peter as a Prophet. crossed the sea. ferences in families were reconciled. walls all The city was scarcely able to contain within the princes. The preacher of the Holy War was reThey who ceived everywhere as a messenger from God. its 1095. and prelates who had repaired to the council. so that towards the mid- dle of the month of November the cities and villages oi . and bade him go forth and announce the approaching deliver- The people followed the footsteps of Peter in crowds. D. in Novem- A." which sounded unceasears.ed in moving Asia. ambassadors. D. it arise! hasten to proclaim my people. the disciple and confidant of Urban embraced with ardor a both Gregory and Victor. of the Christians. succeed. council of the most renowned holy men and learned in doctors assembled at Clermont. while Peter was prostrate before the Holy the to precipitate itself in a Sepulcher at Jerusalem. 1088. Peter II. and 2)7 who without West fortune and without name. with over the whom ills he had met in Jerusalem.

" said he. The Pope then addressed the people.1 $8 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Led by heroes. More noble triumphs await you. although cold. who formed "Nation beloved by God. the species of throne which had been prepared in that At his side was Peter the Hermit. under the guidance of the : God of armies. the season and the country were exits The council tenth sitting in square or place of Clermont. Pope ascended for him. clad whimsical and uncouth garb which had everywhere drawn upon him attention and the respect of the multitude. they saved the West from shameful slavery. am come You have to not forgotten that the land which you inhabit has been invaded by the Saracens. all in his peroration at the nations represented and particularly to the French. filled the neighborhood were so with people that they were in compelled to tremely great erect tents and pavilions held the fields and the tilled meadows. the feel- countenance of Peter was cast down. which was soon with an immense crowd. and exhibited ings of consternation and horror. whose names shall never die. J3-?) and Charlemagne (A. and while describing the misfortunes and degradation of Christians. they delivered your country. D. Peter the addressed the multitude.. It is because I am well acquainted with your piety and your the majority: bravery that I have crossed the Alps and preach the word of God in these countries. You will delivei Europe and Asia and you will save the city of Jesus Christ . and the close addressed himself to at the council. and but for the exploits of Charles Martel (A. and lively emotion penetrated every heart. a Followed by his cardinals. 768-800) France would have received the laws of Mohammed. D. his voice was choked with sobs. "it is in your courage that the Christian church has placed its hope. Recall without ceasing to your minds the dangers and glories to your fathers.

from which the dross had to be skimmed off. as fit for the mad hospital as any of them.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 39 that Jerusalem which was chosen by the Lord. and mainly contributed to preserve Europe from Turkish desolation. as Gibbon observes. and the deep religious fervor and warm fresh feelings of bygone ages have given . heterogeneous and most unmilitary crowd. At this distant day. The preachings of Peter the Hermit and the exhortations of Pope Urban forthwith aroused Christendom. in woolen gown and with cowl and sandals. and fighting the battles of Christendom on the plains of Asia. To every class of the community the Crusades became the great business of life all things else were playthings for the only real business — — children." When Urban had ceased to speak loud acclamations hurst forth from the multitude. when the times and scenes in which the Templars acted are changed. this order became the firmest bulwark of Christianity in the East. his - England included. Immense armies were soon raised throughout Europe. The Christian provinces of the Greek empire of Constantinople were recovered from the grasp of the infidels and the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem was reared upon the ruins of the Turkish empire of Sultan Soliman. and probably from Turkish conquest. . figured at the head of that oddest of columns. riding jovially that same she-mule which had carried him over all Europe. was a motly. and from whence the law is to come to us. The monastic and military Order of the Temple was then called into existence for the purpose of checking the power of the infidels. but guided by an intelligent and far-reaching policy. The zealous It Peter the Hermit. Suggested by fanaticism. The Turkish power was broken. Europe was armed and precipitated upon Asia.

.. nobleness.. for objects which they believed to and noble.Ak. 131'': Urban II. and of they all the endearments of domestic life. 1124. 1088. 1130." List of Popes from A. e\ er put spur in the rest. And man man thou wert the truest friend to thy lover that ever bestrode a horse.. How soul can any one he indifferent to their has been touched by this recorded whose lament over a deceased knight: "Thou wert never matched of none earthly knight's hand. II. And thou wert the truest lover of a sinful a that ever loved that ever struck And thou wert the kindest And thou wert the goodliest person that ever came among press of knights. 1118. [088 to A. the dangers.. promoted first crusade. Gelasius Calixtus II. . sincerity of the military friars. to cold and calculating philosophy. 1096 to 1099. the sacrifice of personal comforts. we must ever rank the generous impulses by which they were actuated among' the sublime emotions which can influence the human character in those periods when men feel rather than calculate. Pascal II. before knowlsensibilities. made without any prospect of worldly gain or temlie poral advantage. way lity. which just. to which they voluntarily devoted themselves in a far dis- tant land. II. And thou wert the sternest knight to try mortal foe that woman. we may doubt the their zeal. exclaim against their credu- and deride But when we call to mind the hardships and fatigues. Honorius Innocent II. 11 19. 1099.. sufferings and death. with sword._p III E KNIGHTS TKM I'l. And thou wert the meekest man and the gentlest that ever ate in hall with ladies. and righteous. And thou wert the courte- ousest knight that ever bare a shield. edge has chilled the or selfish indifference harden the heart. of the ties of kindred. D. 1).

. John XXII. Adrian IV.. promoted sixth crusade. III.. Adrian V... Urban III. Vicedominus.. 185. . Honorius IV.. 1227. Alexander III. promoted third crusade. 1303. 1281.. Gregory VIII. Clement V.. Celestine 191 198. Nicholas IV. . promoted eighth and last crusade. 1146. 1241.. 1 1 41 143. promoted fourth crusade. Clement III.. 1285. Lucius II.... Celestine II. 1 Lucius III. 1187. Benedict XL. iSS. Clement IV. 1271. 1 1 Anastasius IV 53. [195-7. 1305.. 1254. 11X7. 1 1 . promoted seventh crusade. 1198. 1265. 1228. 1261. 159. 1276.. 1316. 1145. Boniface VI II...HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Martin IV.. 1216... Gregory X. Celestine V. 144. Alexander IV. Celestine IV.. Innocent V. 1243. 1 Honorius III.... Innocent III. 1 1 181. 1294. Urban IV. 1 154.. promoted fifth crusade. John XX. Eugenius III... Nicholas III.. 1277. Gregory IX.. Innocent IV. promoted second crusade.. 1288.

Became. Oh. tinted crown. for the kindness that clings and twines Over life's broken wall. Beneficent. THE VINE OF KINDNESS.AU. At last its mantle of softest tint Covered each jagged seam. with that leafy. That spreads rich mantels of tender thought O'er life's hard places. half broken down. Ragged and rough and gray. wayside wall.42 I'll K KNIGHTS TKM 1M. complete. ministering hands. for the helpful. Striving to hold them all! Oh. — — . till time has wrought divine. Over a winding. willing feet. Tireless day by day. clinging vine. Fair as an artist's dream. It's healing Christian Advocate. The struggling wall. That blossoms above the scars of pain. There crept a tender.

is no subject more calculated to excite the in- and arouse the imagination of a member of our order. Inspired by this pure and holy devotion. the affections. attracted Never in the history of the has any body of men. the emotions. It is with pride we recall the heroism of that illustri- . with no selfish expectations or care . or the adherence to a logical and carefully defined dogmatic belief? As written by an eminent divine. rather than the intellectual ac- ceptance of a system of doctrines. whose prowess demands our admiration. the swords that had been belted around each neophite when the vows of knighthood were ice first uttered by lips sanctified by their reception of the sacrament of redemption. Is it any wonder that Modern Knighthood or the Knights Templar of the twentieth century proudly boast of their descent from the old-time knighthood of history. in the serv- of the Christian faith. the feelings. united for a secret tie. than a reference to the history of the Knights lar of the Tempworld middle ages. There terest. they were influenced by no hope of fee or reward. even unto death. the flower of chivalry went forth to defend and uplift the cross and wield. the annals of Christian knighthood abound in instances of heroic constancy. and whose cruel persecution enlists our warmest sympathy. 43 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OF THE MIDDLE AGES. whose valiant soldiers delivered the holy sepulcher from "Moslem caitiff's and infidel hounds. William Stevens Perry 32 Bishop of Iowa. a religion of the heart. common object by a more romantic interest than the order of Knights Templar during the middle ages.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV." whose religion was a religion of motives. for personal aggrandizement.

when in to captivity. lon. valiant and magnanimous knight. There was then. that heroic Knight Templar. Such was the religious enthusiasm of those valiant men who>c proudest boast was to he "a true knight and servant of Jesus Christ. is proud "Mori Pro Christo Non Timuit" — he feared not to die for Christ. these teachings then. the great historic truths relating to the life and life-work the teachings of the Son o\ Cmd when here on earth.. Gladly do we record the daring of Jakaline de Mailliacus. who. brought out. accepted martyrdom at the executioners' rather than renounce their faith in the prison. John.M PL \K. one against a thousand. The Christ. religion n\ chivalry was founded on of the incarnation and the atoning death upon the cross of In the sting in sweet words of the [ntroid for Tuesday in holy-week.44 ous. as the old chronicler to tell us. Templars and St. symbolism in the ritual and observances of knighthood. on the advance of Saladin into Palestine. by prelate or priest. Lord Jesus Christ. who scorned. Renaud de ChatilGrand Master of the Templars. purchase life on condition of apostacy from the Christian faith. amidst the solemn There was then. din. and solemn cadences in every preceptory or . and was beheaded by the hand of Sala- We cannot forget the constancy and devotion of the crowd of knights of the who hands joyously in two orders. with startling clearness and with no uncertain sound. in a battle near Tiberiod. because. dogmatic teachings hreathed into the strained ear. rushed boldly into the midst of the Saracens. 'I'll E KNIGHTS TI. as now." Of the religion of chivalry he further said that it was not merely a blind and superstitious acceptance of priestly teachings and ecclesiastical rites. as now. as now. accessories of initiation and adoption into the brotherhood of Christion knights.

Lawries' History of Free Masonry. in whom is our salvation. priest ant versal of Christ — — I united with consenting voice: cross of life and "We ought to glory in the our Lord Jesus Christ." These knights of old may not have been scantv libraries of their day. grading superstitition had usurped rights of the lower orders of the great. but they with the the folios patristic theology burdening the shelves ot knew and animas. believed and lived the legend. The political were with sacrificed to the interests War was carried on savage cruelty. chapel of the Templars. as the 45 commemoration of the great day of atonement the Good Friday of the Church Uniknight drew nigh. "In Hoc Signo Vinces. even. 1804. they fought and died under the blazonry of the symbol of our redemption. they were doomed to the most laborious oc- cupations. to the vanquished." there no health in the soul. prelate. no humanity to The female sex. "Non est sains is nee spes aeternae vitae. and deserted and despised by that very sex on . D. and threatened ruin to the reason and the dignity of man. Their legend was that of the churches' earlier days of triumph. resurrection. nisi in cruce. save in the cross. A. published that Edinburg. were sunk below their natnral level. A deable. Scotland. equalled only by the sanguinary contentions of the beasts of prey. nor hope of eternal life. by whom we have been saved and familial- delivered." Sir David Brewster says in in Alex. but they wore the blood- red cross upon their hearts.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. it entered into their very lite and soul. They may have known or cared little for the theories of the philosophers or the teachings of the schoolmen. no elemenev was shown the captive. its place. when chivalry made its first appearance the moral and political condition of Europe was in every respect deplorThe religion of Jesus existed only in name.

eradicate that ignorance and depravity which engendered those awful have enumerated.46 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. that chivalry was from and not. we the Until the breaking out of the present it great European war. from the public investure the with arms. and to decide judically. to practice the Christian tues. arose. indeed. whose members swore to defend the Christian religion. minds. principle of honor which often checks the religious their considerations would when moral and make no impression on Such was the origin of chivalry. . natural a To remedy these disorders a few intelligent and pious men formed an association. ferocity of war. It has. notwithstanding. undoubtedly. this association. and which times they are entitled to hold. chivalry pro- duced a considerable It change in manners and sentiments evils that of the great. and introduced licentious. and such the blessings which it imparted. to protect vir- widows and orphans. any disputes that good effects. which contributed much civilization of the toward the world and the perpetuity of that the Christian religion. and friendship. might arise about their It and not by arms. and the weaker sex. as some think. sympathy. But. was supposed to have softened have restored the and to fair sex to that at all honorable rank which they should possess. could not. inspired sentiments of gener- osity. whatever was the origin. sympathy they had so whose protection and claim.

Guard well the dreams of youth. No manly breast now fronts No strong arm waves the the spear. Or stay oppression's hand. And with devoted firmness true Crusaders for the truth! . The minstrel pilgrimage has ceased. To vindicate the rightful cause. 47 CRUSADERS FOR THE TRUTH. The lance is rusting on the wall. Rejoice in beauty more than gain. And every Knightly strain is hushed In castle. Chivalric days are o'er. camp and grove.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. brand. And fiery steeds bear noble men To Palestine no more. No laurel crowns are wove.

I). of Jerusalem." object way through Holy their the passes In City. Godfrey called Payens de Montidier. the keeping of their it arms and ammunition. in consequence of the services they had rendered the Chris- tians and pilgrims to the Holy Land. consequence of his . was the protection of pilgrims on their and defiles of the mountains to the the Church of the Resurrection they took live vows before Garimont." forbade the possession of individual sanctioned in shared by a fraternity any amount of wealth when common. Augustine. THE ANCIENT ORDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. This site a habitation was given the Knights Templars by Baldwyn. and the Order was enriched with in many land grants and money. in cause of having camped near the temple or church Jerufor salem which was dedicated to our Savior.48 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Aman. i was perfected in the year lie- i i(S. Tins mighty brotherhood was founded nineteen years after the capture of Jerusalem. [ "Master of the visit 1 1 8. Andrew de Montbar. and Count de Bisol. but of poverty adopted by the Templars was that It termed "media. Archibald de St. The kind property. Godfrey. by nine of the Crusaders: Hugo de Payens. St. the and within a street between and the royal palace. Gondemar. according to the rule of the if and bound themselves to canons A. first Hugo Temple" de in Payens was chosen the A. few years the white mantle bearing a red cross became the distinguishing costume of the Templars. and received the title of Knights Templar. Rural. i St. and the abbot and canons of the temple assigned them. or order This organization I). Omer. The king and his barons for contributed to their support. and their They themselves "Poor fellow soldiers of Jesus Christ. the patriarch.

A. an in oath be administered. on their admission. which vited to attend. D. He was delegated with the power of admitting members. the abbot of Clairvaux. D.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. it permitted the Templars to admit into their fraternity "honest and good clergymen and priests. this great religious and These statutes were subsequently confirmed by a papal bull. 1172." the As Brother Odo of de St. subject to the control and direction of the Master. During the rule of Odo the bull of Pope Alexander. proper for the gov- ernment of military fraternity. and granting them additional ones. Amongst other things. in A. D. 11 70. "Onine Datum Optimum. undertook the preparation of a code of statutes. this year a great ecclesiastical council was assembled at Troves. It was his duty to its manage the estates of the fraternity." and afterwards "Master of the Temple. and required that. and providing means for fulfill their transport to the far East. Hugo de Payens and his brother were in- and the rules of the Templars being there described. Order increased in England "sub-priors" were appointed." St. Amand was appointed seventh Grand Master the Templars upon the resignation of the king. St. to 49 In Normandy. Before his departure at the Hugo de Payens placed a knight called the Prior of the head of the order. to the duties of their profession." A. Bernard. styled Odo de Amand the master and bishop. . England. confirming the privileges of the Templars. was published in England. "the book which these things are It contained being placed upon the altar. Philip de Naples. and was the procurator and vicegerent of the master. and became the rule of the order. and the superior was then called "Grand Prior. and transmit revenues to Jerusalem. and Scotland. who was Temple. 1128." but exacted a probation of one year.

at the battle of Jacob's ford. In the battle near Ascalon. Templars were killed or taken prisfell and the Master. and the Count all of Tripoli also. htit the haughty Templar replied that he would newer by his example encourage any of his knights to surrender. London. ll'S | TKM I'l. and forced Saladin to In the following year. A. on a scale of grandeur commensurate with the dignity and importance . November i. "the Old and in forced their chief. It was one of the rules of the order that a knight should give nothing' of more value than his girdle and his knife as a ransom. fly. adjointhe sawn exchange for two. but subsesite quently purchased the the of the property called in now known At the as Temple. fighting. were liberty." A. with eighty knights. New Temple they erected a monastic establishment. I ). purchase peace. in which the infidels were defeated. and Odo de St. the oners.50 lii Til E K NIC. in ransom of his own nephew. The Templars first established the chief house of the order in England. broke through the famous guard of Mamlooks. Saladin burned down de St. D. i i ~2 the Templars conquered the Assassins. except the most distinguished. and that he had nothing to give tor his ransom but his girdle and his knife. Amand. Odo." as distinguished from the original Holborn. the and all Templars taken the place. in in Odo into the fortress. who was a prisoner in the hands of the Templars. that a Templar ought either to vanquish or to die. slew their commander. The proud spirit of the Grand Master could htit ill-brook confinement. the hands of the enemy. where there was much hard Hospital having lied. i 177. Amand languished and died in the dungeons of Damascus. Man on of the Mountain. the Master of the covered with wounds. without Holborn Bars. \k. It was then the "New Temple. Saladin offered Odo his ing the present site of Southampton buildings.

by the patriarch HeI). strife whither he had retired to rest from the turmoil and of upwards of half a century of constant warfare. as given being then by Dugdale. at its Each house of the order had a prior vince was governed by a head.1 HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. I). In every country in Europe the liberality and piety of princes and nobles had augmented the treasuries and enlarged the possessions of the lars. [ 185 their revenues in England. the synonym at for every chivalric and martial virtue. 11 60 the venerable Raymond. besides a large revenue. John at Jerusalem. Mathew Paris. A. John attained house in to great magnificence. the number of which. during its which the order attained prominent position amidst the . In every province they possessed churches and chapels. The Grand Prior of England sat in Parliament as a baron of the realm. John. In the year A. of the chief in 5 house of the religio-military society of the Temple Britain. raclius of Jerusalem. and each pro- Grand Prior. and the on the [oth of February. engaged in of St. Temple church was consecrated 1S5. under the gallant in Raymond many successful military undertakings support of Baldwin 111. be- upon come years. The Knights one thousand and fifty. will convey some idea of the wealth of annual great fraternity. i cording to The order rapidly increased in wealth and power. who represented the Grand Master. D. aged 80 the hospital died of St. the Templars possessed in Acnine thousand manors Christendom. D. their entire income estimated at not less than six millions sterling. during these eventful vears. and the name of HosJohn had. and the church and hospital of There was scarcely a noble the white cross pitaller of St.. Europe of which some scion did not bear his breast. in the year A. is said to have been as man}. 1240. arising" and immense riches from pious persons. Tempthis In A. St.

and a series of disastrous in in comD. by which distinction the head of the fraternity was always afterwards known. which resulted in the loss of Margat in A. Clerkenwell was consecrated in [185. Grand Master. though advantage did not lead at any further successes by the Christian arm}'. 1). left to survive the fatal In the I). dated November [8. John obtained great chivalry of Europe. Victory favored the Hospiin A. and received from Pope Clej0~. of St. and there continued those charitable duties which. A.duration: for within a short period Saladin bats 1 was again closed in the field. until the banner of the cross waved only on the walls of Acre. distinction The order in in and importance England. had never been forgotten. The order now much reduced num- bers as well as in wealth. hud the military orders engaged this in We now to the siege and reduction of Acre. [259 the whole force of the fraternities a general engagement. 1 title of Fortress after fortress fell before the victorious forces of die Saracens. [237 three hundred knights left the priory the Clerkenwell for the wars of the Holy Land. [287. 1179 a truce was signed between the great Saladin and the Christians. and A. A. when the garrison retired to Acre. tallers and scarcely a Templar was year A. with the capitulation of Jerusalem of St. I).. subsequently they were engaged against Korasmins. 1). established itself in the town of Margat. [259 Hugh de Revel was nominated Master of the Hospitallers. and defeated them. In A. 187. the by bull. John. but which even then promised only a temporal"). I). Disputes arose between the Hospitallers and Temp- and in met day. lars. Of the magnificence of that city . D. in its most prosperous days. ment IV. D. Expeditions Egypt had engaged in the fraternity during several years. and the priory of A.2 5 T 1 1 E KNIGHTS TEM TLAR. New wars arose with the infidels.

when with the Hospitallers. died. as well as the theatre in renown. and the After the distinguished nobles of the land at the Temple. the Knights of St. 1295 by Brother Jaques de Molay. 1244. in Limisso. Idle Templars reoccupied Jerusalem the)'. fostered the growth of wickedness and demoralization until. Gaudini. and the Sultan commenced an ex- pedition against the city. and. but the riches of the East. and its doom had been declared. and the vices of ease and indolence. was again abandoned in A. re-established their hospital. and was sucA. The Grand Masters o\ both military orders requested a compliance with this request. and sorrow." Acts of outrage had been tants of perpetrated by the inhabi- Acre upon neighboring Moslems. combined with the heterogeneous nature of its thronged inhabitants. tradition paints a. 53 gorgeous and romantic picture. D. the Grand Master. D. upon his death. and. for the fourth time. in the town found another home. of the ceeded . emptied their treaswalls. 124 1 . con- tinued by his son Khaled. however. the cry (if it bad gone up unto the Lord. The its small relic of the order of St. the luxuries of art. loss of at Acre the Templars also retired to Cyprus. of Limisso. and. which was. its the darkness turned steps to the island of Cyprus. uries in rebuilding The city. princes. John then quitted the shores of that land which bad so long- been the scene of of its deeds of charity. and the Sultan Mansour demanded reparation. but was refused.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. In England King John was resident at the Temple when be was compelled by bis barons to sign Magna Charter. before overwhelming bers. The order in England exercised a magniheient hospitality. where. John i)\ grief Here. and constantly entertained kings. "like Sodom of old. the last num- bloody act of the drama was consummated by the fall of Acre. D. its in the year A.

of England. ended the dominion of the order in Palestine. and. and charged against the fraternity. the Emperor of Jerusalem. although satisfied with plunder. The persecution of the order appears to have been especially vigorous Philip the example set by was followed by other sovereigns. in family of the Lords of Longvic and Kaon. the Mogul Tartars. once again entered The illness of Casar Cham. The persecutions of the for Templars continued unabated [8th last some years. Hems. and other cities. in all countries participating in their oppression. the constitution Grand Master of original Ancient Order of the Templars. Burgundy. A. A dark day at last dawned upon the fortunes of the Templars. Jaques de Molay. and burned at the . they were mostl) in France. Damascus. and. seized between the clergy and of Philip A. with four other distinguished brethren. the Templars in France were simultane- ously arrested. Europe became jealous of them. after defeating the army of the Sultans Master. were brought from their imprisonment of nearly six years. D. D. and. and the reduction of Aleppo. and. the English This illustrious brother was province at at the head to of the the period of his election dignity of Grand of Jn A. 1307. the [313. and on the or day of March. D. disputes arose the order. [299 the Templars joined the Tartar forces. they incurred the hatred le Bel of France. their moneys were by Edward I. on the all 13th of October.. without the terrible and tragic addi- tion of the stake..54 'I'll E KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Damascus and Egypt. subsequently deprived the Templars n! the Tartar forces. with their consequent retirement to again Limisso. Their persecutions were of the most cruel and barbarous crimes of the most unparalleled and dreadful character being invented.

114O. Sir killed in Ascalon. 5. them the gratitude and applause of mankind. . whose charity and valor had procured suffering death. died 136. died June 6. _'. penance and mortifica- Bernard de Tremelay (Trenellape) the battle of . . An illustrious knight. 1 A pious and God-fearing man. and whatever opin- we may entertain concerning the character of that unhappy order every mind of sensibility will compassionate the fate of the Templars and curse the inhuman policy of Philip the Fair. of this - members This mournful scene extorted tears from the lowest of the vulgar. 1153. 4. and devoted his tion. Paris. a spectacle well calculated to excite emotions of pity ion the hardest hearts. in was. (Blanchefort) . ab- installed 3. LIST OF I. Hugh Robert 1 1 installed February Robert 15. without fear the most cruel and ignominious indeed. stake at the Isle de la Cite. installed 1154. installed 1151. detail of the cruelties prac- Space does not here permit a ticed against the grand and chivalric order. 11 13. Ecerard de Barres (De Barri) life to installed dicated 1151. de Payens . 30. whose only crimes of pride and wealth have been long obliterated from the page of history by the stains of their persecution and blood. . Valiant knights. Bertrand de iq.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. ^\ Burgundy (Lord de Crayon). near the spot where 55 now stands the equestrian statue of Henry IV. a valiant and experienced soldier. Philip de 1(7: abdicated in Naplous (Philip of Nablous) installed Me was the first Grand Master 1170. 1 Blanquefort [56. 1 GRAND MASTERS OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.

Allison says . in captiv- [179. or Troye) installed Had filled some [180. 2 18. 8.. Robert de Sable : (Sabloil. 56 born in THE KNIGHTS TEMPJ Palestine. (De Plesseis. of the chief situations of the order. it. or Du Plessis) installed 14. 19. in- stalled 10. Reginald de Yichier ( Yieherius ) : 1251. . William de Beaujen. 1184. burned the stake. died. James de Molay (Jacques de Molai) at [295. 1247. 1 191. in the battle of Gaza. killed installed in the battle of 18. Damietta. 9. 1244. Thomas Berard (Beraud) . installed 1257: died at Acre 1273. ity. (De Gaudini. installed 1189. installed 1170. 1249. October Sabboil.) 1217. Arnold de Torroge (Torrage. He resigned great possessions. \K. Duplessies died 12 17. or Gaudinius) installed installed 22. died 1257. killed in the battle of Acre. de Perigord in- stalled 16. died. Hermann 1233. installed 1273: 20. Amand. . died T295. Walter installed . 21. 185. William de Sonnac. T313. or Gralius) Philip installed 111)4. on a visit to Europe. 1201 . installed 1217: died in Egypt 15. tle. 1291. of undaunted cour- age and resolution. killed (Herman installed Petragorius) : in- stalled 17. Odo de St. Gilbert Horal (Erail. A proud and fiery warrior. Gerard de Riderfort (Rjiderford or Ridefort) 1 . and be- came 7. at killed in bat- Acre. . . tie . William de Chartres (Carnota. 4. a Templar after the death of his wife. or or Sab- laeus) 12. Peter 1 Montaigu (Thomas de Montagu). at Paris. Theobald Gaudin 129] . 13. [189.

an Italian was (and the theory is still maintained by the order at Paris). who attested as Grand Master in 1804. his the office of Grand it and ten years after issued a charter. under Fabre and his col- now to assume high prerogatives as the only . 1313. with the right of making a similar appointment before his death. The theory Father of the Duke or Orleans and his accomplice. As Molay said to to the continuation of the order after the death of there is a diversity of opinions among four the historians. Some authors nth of March. The succession to the Grand Mastership fell to Fahre Palaprat. by manner transmitted through a long to authority whom line of was in like Grand Masters. On the death oi Molay Larmenius accordingly assumed A Taster. 13 14. began of the Temple. he sent for Larmenius. and in which body the Duke of Sussex was knighted and received authority to establish a Grand Conclave in England. that when Molay was about to suffer at the stake. Mackey nth of March. with Sir William Sidney Smith as Grand Master. 1313. which would therefore make as many divisions of the order: First The Templars who claim John Mark Larmenius as the successor of Molar. a list of which is in our possession carrying same down to 1840. who claim their legitimacy by authority From this Larmenius by Molay. from which spring the Tem- — plars of France.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Jesuit. The Order leagues. Bonani. which he did hut of a charter given to never held but one conclave. 18th $7 March. and in prison. appointed him his successor. Their connection with the Masonic Knights Templar is have been derived through sources. transmitting Theobaldus Alexandrinus. charter sprang the French Templars. with the consent and approbation of such knights as were present.

1724. 1681. 1705.24. John de Croy. [615. Louis Henry Bourbon Conde. James Henry. Due de Duras. Louis Augustus Bourbon. 1340. Arnold de Braque. Charles de Valois. 1357. 1574. Bernard Arminiacus. 147S. [497. and Excellent Prince. FROM A.AK. Philip Chabot. [516. John Arminiacus. 1392.M I'l. 13. D. The Grand Master was distinguished by the high sounding titles of "Most Eminent Highness. John . otherwise Francis John Arminiacus. John de Claremont.58 III i: K \ [GHTS TI'. notwithstanding the genuineness of authority is its questioned and pronounced a forgery by many Masonic historians. 1451. James Ruxellius de Granceio. and denounces the all only others as spurious. 147-. Galeatius de Salazar. ." It still claims to be the tme depository Ancient of the powers and privileges of Order of ECnights Templar. Very Great. T419. and Most Serene Lord. Philip. Gasperd de Galtiaco Tavanensis. 1340. Henry de Montmorency. 1313 TO 1S40. LIST OF GRAND MASTERS. 1544. Duke of Orleans. Powerful. 1313. Robert Lenoncourt. Bertrand du Guesclin. Bernard Embault. Mark Larmenius. ACCORDING TO THE FRENCH SYSTEM. 1737. 1381. representative of ancient Templarism. Thomas Theobald Alexandrinus Thomas Theobald. [651.

Hence. died. which since 1776 has heen known as the "United German Lodges. 1776.. Alexander Laurie holds to this theory. we have from de Auin mont Strict the Templars Scotland and the Kile of Observance. Louis Hercules Timoleon. as the successor of IMolay This legend is closely connected with Andrew Michael Ramsey's tradition. the nephew of Molay. who claimed that all Free Masons were Knights Templar. or German Templar Masonry. Due de Cosse Brissac. 1804. in Paris. Nov. in fact. organized by Chevalier de Bonneville. and member of the Order of the Knights of Christ. which he intro- duced in Germany Scottish in 1754." Third Those Templars who derive their Templarism from Count Beaujen. Chevillon. that Free Masonry sprang from Templarism. after the reform of Ramsey. Bernard Raymund Fabre Palaprat. Knights of the Eagle. This chapter conferred the three degrees of Symbolic Masonry. 1838. a and from them conceived modification of Masonry. 1754. in 1743. The Chapter of Clermont. 1840. the high degrees in this chapter the Rite of Strict Observance. R.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 59 Louis Francis Bourbon Conty. 1792. Illustrious Knights Templar. Claude M. the name assumed by — . Second — The Templars who recognize Peter d'Aurriont and who claim that d'Aumont Knights Templar into Scotland and tied with several sought refuge with the fraternity of Free Masons. and Sublime Illustrious Knight and other high MaBaron Hund received sonic degrees. 1741. Sir William Sidney Smith. grades and orders. which had heen created in Templar sys- Lyons. adopted the tem. based on the Order of Knights Templar.

them embraced the Protestant faith. Templars of Portugal. in which The try. . and Scotland the only country Templars were not persecuted. independent Fourth — Those Templars who claim an origin and refuse to recognize the authority of either of the three or of Larmenius. where he incorporated it with Free Masonry. Knight of Malta and Knights Templar. Therefore the Templar Masons of Sweden claim their this descent from is Beaujen and the Swedish Rite through source a Templar system. Scotland and England were the Scotch and the English. Aumont or Beaujen.60 the ill I. York and Salisbury. Scottish preceptories continued to exist long after <^\~ the dissolution the order in every other European coun- One portion of the Scotch Templars entered the army Order of Scotland by him after the battle of Bannockburn. Bath. which. of their order are supposed to have united with the Free Masons. There are two subdivisions ^i this class of Templars. Another portion of the Scotch Templars united with the Knights of Robert Bruce and were in merged the Royal Hospitallers of St. were formed by members of the preceptory which had long existed at Bristol. The Masonic Templars of Sooly^wr are said to have descended from that body called the "Baldwin Encampment." or from one of the four co-ordinate encampments of London. said that he intro- duced the order into Sweden. KNIGHTS Tl'. and on the dissolution Many of . where they conferred the degrees of Knight of the Sepulcher. John. Some ^\ them united with the Free Masons and established "The \ncient Lodge'* at Sterling. and had It authority is from that order to disseminate the orders. it is claimed.M l'LAR. countries in which the independent Templars the only found a foothold.

. The Great Religious and Military Order of the Tem- Scotland and the colonies and dependencies of the British da. Sub- ordinate bodies are called preceptories and presided over by a prior." long enough. The governing bodies of Great Britain and her dependencies are: "The Great Priory of the United Orders of the Temple and of St. Rhodes and Malta sonic in England and the colonies and dependencies of the United of the British Crown. 6 existed it The Baldwin Encampment from "time immemorial. and the Sovereign Great Priory of CanaEach body presided over by a Great Prior. John of Jerusalem. in fact." Crown. the system adopted United States different from not only that of Great Britain hut from all other countries where the order exists. Palestine. while in the for the Order of the Temple are hold membership in both lodge and chapter. and Knights Templar.1 HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. to priority it claims to have Historians have traced back over all other English En- campments. and belief in profess the United States candidates required to Holy and Undivided Trinity. The Great Priory Orders of the Temple and Malta Ma- in Ireland and the colonies and dependencies of the British Priory of the ple in Crown. the Knights Templar of the United States and is from this division of Great Britain owe their origin. While there is a similarity in the ritualistic and cere- monial forms of the priories of Great Britain and her dependencies with those of commanderies working under the jurisdiction of is the a Grand Encampment in of the United in States there respects. whose forefathers fled for security into the Lodges of Free Masonry. The requirements of a candidate for the above orders are that he must have been a "Royal Arch Mason and to a a Master Mason of two years standing. is difference the two systems in the other In fact.

in [769. 1805. however. in the reign of Darius. 1783. permitted to he communiin Canadian preceptories to visit order to qualify our Canadian fraters the border." a privilege that was he. Charleston. and has no analogy with the chivalric orders of knighthood. our commanderies on this side of There has been much speculation among Ma- sonic authors as to when in this degree or order first made upon its appearance It is in our American commanderies. in St. Andrews Royal Arch Lodge. It is generally agreed by Masonic authors and writers . of. and thereafter the degree seems to have keen regularly worked. of Portland. in this country The legend of the order dates far anterior to the Christian era.. that body "voted that the Knights of the Red Cross. The Order that as it of the "Red in Cross'' is not embraced in of the is English. lonish Pass.62 yet THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Boston. and instead of being subscribers to a beliei in the "Holy and Undivided Trinity'' they subscribe no time limit as to the to a "firm belief in the Christian Religion. our Commanderies. European. there is when they may apply for Templar orders. Jr. taken It is called in Great Britain the a Persian legend. is Baby- from The Red cated in Cross. not availed Boston council was established in in the year 1802. not enumerated among the degrees conferred upon Bro. permitted to make their records in the hook of the chapter. hut in 1707. William Davis. and King" Darius council. to establish the Templar degrees or orders by South Carolina. and they are hereby. however." The require- Holy and Undivided was eliminated from the requirements at the formation of the Grand Encampment of the United States in ments as to professing a belief in the Trinity [81 6. the diploma which is mentioned relied St. in Andrews It is lodge. or Canadian preceptories. by Brother Benjamin Hurd.

[913. of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. of Ireland. at Denver." . At the Thirty-Second Triennial Conclave of the Grand Encampment. of Scotland. and that peace and harmony exist between the Orders of Christian Knighthood throughout the world. Knight of the East and West.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. that it 63 was manufactured by Thomas Smith Webb from the Knight of the East or Sword. the committee on foreign relations reported as follows: relations has the "Your committee on foreign honor to report that most amicable and fraternal relations exist between the Grand Encampment Priories of the United States and the various Great of England and Wales. and of the Dominion of Canada. Each of these bodies has accepted the Concordat of 1910 as binding upon it in its relations to other governing bodies of the Order of the Temple.

Knights of Rhodes. which had keen fostered by Gerard no longer suited the warlike genius of his successor. who changed the character of the order by which it In 1 1 iS became a military order. to take up arms against the infense fidels. . and with a continual war upon their hands. obedience. It then received many accessions from the Crusaders. was of capable the joining the peaceful virtues of religion with most distinguishing courage This order. and chastity.<>4 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. which. which afterwards became a military society. laying aside their anus. The Knights of Malta was a fraternity of Hospitallers. the names. John of Jerusalem. hut lived to see the City conquered by the Christian Knights. and. tor It was then that Gerard. by pious merchants of Amalfi. induced the brethren to take upon the habit of the order. instituted upon the motives of charity. the possession of the Hoi)- when the city was Mohammedans. various times in the progress of its history received St. an order. amidst the noise and clashing of swords. when the peaceful habits and monastic seclusion of the Brethren of the Hospital. of Knights Hospitallers. which was established Jerusalem. and clothed themselves in was a plain black robe hearing a white cross of eight points on the left breast. devoted to active labors in the fields and the protection of Palestine from the encroachments of the infidels. owes Hospitalin in lers of Jerusalem. who. This was in the year moo- Gerard died and was succeeded by Raymond du Puy. KNIGHTS OF MALTA. and. which themselves the vows of poverty. its Knights of Malta. 1048. prompted by a zeal for the deot the holy land. which at in the held. the Rec- of the Hospital. devoted themselves to the pious avocation of attending the sick. origin to the at Knights of lastly.

which in that year had been captured by which still the Christians. On the 5th of August. Acre. On account of heavy taxes and other rigorous exactions by the king became so disgusted that they determined some other residence. the island of Rhodes became the prize of the conquering forces of the order. and fortified their stronghold the Hospitallers to 1 seek with those great defenses which attest at this day the architectural pital. In 1191 they made Acre. Syria was abandoned by the Latin found refuge in race and the Hospitallers Cyprus. at the hands of the infidels in Patriarch of Jerusalem. in sanguinary contests with Saracens and other infidel hordes. 3 10. by all historians. fell beneath the blows of the the Island of Moslems. the members took a new oath. their principal place of residence. of which Raymond du Puy Grand Master. 1 When they lost Jerusalem to Saladin. but on no This act. by which they bound themselves to defend the cause of Christianity against the the Holy Land 1 1 to the last drop of their blood. a town and fortress of Pales- tine. who had been by a continual warfare. in done 18. acknowledged the Christian sway. The history of the deemed the Knights from is first this time until the middle of the sixteenth century but a continued warfare with the enemies of the Christian faith. Baldwin 1 65 harr'assed 1. in 187.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. John. chronicle of is. With varied success. basis. King of Jerusalem. gladly accepted this addition to The order being thus organized on a military his forces. John here established themselves. and engineering skill of the brethren of the Hos- . account bear arms for any other purpose. where they established their convent. they retired to Margat. for one hundred years.. is considered the beginning of the establishment of the Order of Knights Hospitaller of St. and the Knights of St. their last stronghold victorious in the Holy Land.

renders this stronghold a place of the greatest interest to the antiquary and historian. to the French army under Bonaparte: and this event may he considered as the beginning of the end of the order as an active power. St. and from this period they were commonly known Malta sustained a and successful defense of the Knights. in 1522. by grant dated the 24th of May. where the Emperor Paul had a few years before been proclaimed the pro- . the of Spain bestowed on the Knights of Emperor Charles Y. adding new lustre to the brildis- achievements for which their career had been so In in raising those tinguished. In the year 1530. not least. they hade adieu to Rhodes and found refuge in Candia. as well as the armory and cemetery. when. For two hundred and twelve years the Knights of St. the heroic their 26th of October following. on the 26th of fell after one of the most December in that year. with the tombs and heraldic insignia of the Knights. The great body of the order proceeded to Russia. where they arrived on the as the "Knights of Malta.66 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. under brave Grand Master La liant Yallette. On the night of January 1. John made their home in the Island of Rhodes. and." In 1505 powerful siege by the Turks. The beautiful church of St. Malta the Knights expended vast treasure. the imbecile and pusil- lanimous Grand Master. John the Island of Malta. memorable defenses in the records of warfare. the library of records of the order. [523. and excited the admiration of Europe. In 1798 it was surrendered without a struggle by Louis de Homepesch. it was besieged with overwhelming force by the great Solyman. John. skill and displayed great fications wondrous forti- which remain an imperishable record of their en- ergy and perseverance. For 268 years the order retained possession of the Island of Malta. a defense which shed glory on the defeated. and.

Mackey. On the 27th of October. and the Emperor Paul will not dwell further I. was elected Grand Master. by Philip the Fair. Mackey day to make a modern Knight Templar accept into a hated and antagonistic order is lamentable and dis- plays an ignorance of the facts of history. says that the attempt at this initiation behind them the bitterest imprecations on the disciples Dr. amounted to actual strife. which on some occasions. Petersburg was held. a of the order. 13 13. St. in that year A. on the dispersion of the in The Knights of the Knights Hosthe Knights Templar. The Order of John or Knights of Malta never were connected with Free Masonry. D. left as they passed and the unhappy children of from the theater of knighthood. pitallers. tector 6j 1798. All this order.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. De Molay. of France. The Templars never felt nor expressed a very kindly feeling towards the Knights of St. St. were the beneficiaries of this dispersion they were the recipients of whatever revenues and possessions that were saved from the spoliations after the despersion of the Templars that had belonged to the unfortunate Knights Templar. on the contrarv they seem to have been in- . John of Jerusalem. The propriety of the Order of Knight of Malta being an appendant to the Order of the Temple has been derided by such writers as Dr. as the real history of the disgraceful capitulation of Malta in since that has its remained of it is but the diluted shadow of former existence. of the Hospital. and since they accepted of an unjust appropriation of goods and treasure in their the hour of disaster. while both were in Palestine. We on a detailed history of order ends with the 1798. marked by unhappy contentions. It seems that there had al- ways been a bitter rivalry between the two orders. John or Knights of Malta. keenly added to the sentiment of ill-well. sometimes called and Knights of Malta. chapter of such of the Knights as were in St.

68 imical to Free 1 1 1 I . The short form constitutes the Scripture readings and the modes of recogniColumbus. and in somewhat decayed condition. KX IGHTS TEM PLAR. Ohio. in 1862. and same person the possessor of both orders. their ceremonies being always open and public in the reception rites. and almost contemptuously repudiate the so-called Masonic branch of the order. left the Island of Malta in 1797. . and perhaps the reason for rejecting the Knights of Malta as an appendant to the Order of the Temple is to be found in the fact that the order still exists.. 1856 the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States. with Homepesch. it tion and is required to be communicated to the neophyte before he shall be permitted to subscribe to the by-laws of Commanderv and become a member thereof. the full form being seldom used. the full . but at the session of the at from the Grand Encampment was again restored and is now provided with a full form and a short form ritual. A third. best. Your historian. conferred the Order of Knights of Malta in full form and ceremony. at its ses- sion at Hartford that year had the order stricken constitution. The form ceremonial is a beautiful and impressive lesson. was all absurd and a violation of historic truth. utterly disclaim any connection with Free Masonry.n two or three occasions. and that its members claim an uninterrupted descent from the Knights who. their actions ^Masonry from when in Malta. The}. and threw themselves under the protection of Paul of Russia. with however hut few in membership.never adopted a secret ceremony like the Free Ma- sons and Rnigffts Templar. being convinced that the incorporaIn tion of the making the Order of Malta with the Knight Templar. when Commander of Ottawa Commandery in 1886-7.

That the spring gives place. To the mellowing tints of the autumn woods. Where the quivering discs of the stars appear. through the mists of the past are seen The ghosts of the joys that once have been. But yet we cling to the firmer hope That each will be seen in its wider scope: And out of His mercy we be hailed With a large allowance where we failed. Which we fail to see in the noonday glare. . And where. Wish comes my and not As the old year passes. The vista made by these sixty years! Gone. Lie the graves of the things of long ago? Is it When Nay. as I backward turn mine eye. in the Wrapped shroud of the winter's snow. fair But the rather and clear. So would friends. I. 6() SEXTENNIAL. Where the lingering rays of the sunlight rest. Where the sunshine fades in the west away? It is only the tip of the mountain crest. sad and slow. More days of brightness than days of gray. feeblest spark. Finds. O'er the faded days that behind me lie. BY FAY HEMPSTED. and forever. For he who holds By the simple faith that the world enfolds. Beyond recall. And stars come out in the evening air. the red west glows with its parting beam. in twilight. in its varied moods. nay. to depart thus calmly. and nothing more. As the day And dies out in a golden gleam. May 20. the years have come to the triple score? Is it only the close of a winter's day. Each deed for itself to stand or fall. That the seasons bring. Poet Laureate of Free Masonry. That the daylight far exceeds the dark. 1915. And here. when it lot. the lees of life.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Not that. far below. unto life's last. as they glide away. How like a flitting glimpse appears. In the eyes of Him who judgeth all. While down in the valley.

that the Templars performed its ceremonies. published I).the unfavorable condi- tion of that province. it may be in- some readers. in Edinburg. and existed there for considerable would be no improbable supposition that they received their Masonic knowledge from the lodges in that quarter. Almost all the secret associations of the ancients either flourished or originated tries. . this association well known that was an order of chivalry. it the order of the Templars. was regulated by the maxims. notwithstanding. There is a difference of opinion manifested by Ma- sonic historians as to the origin of the relationship existing between the Knights Templar and Free Masons. therefore. Before leaving teresting. chiv- Scotland. and the Kasideans arose. and necessary for the satisfac- tion of others. several From - this country also came members of that trading in which appeared o\ Masons. on Mount Li- banus. A. says: is The connection between excellently It Free Masonry exemplified in the is fraternity of the Knights Templar.7<> THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. there exists at this day. one of those Syrian fraternities. KNIGHTS TEMPLAR AND FREE MASONSRELATIONSHIP TO EACH OTHER. that. to show in what manner the Knights Templar became depositaries of the Masonic mysteries. and were influenced by its precepts. Europe during the dark ages. alry and 1804. in was a originally Syria. in Laurie his History of Free Masonry. As formed time. It in Syria and the adjacent coun- was here that the Dionysian artists. the this subject. and we association are assured. says Laurie. and we have already shown that the same association was initiated into the mysteries. and practiced the rites of Free Masonry.

returned to their homes in Scotland and affiliated with the Symbolic Lodges in their respective home towns. which quartered near Dublin. after serving their time in the military service. Tt has not been . James. were in pos- of these so-called Haute Grades (high degrees). It the ceremonies of the to their benefactors is well known that Royal Arch and Knights Templar in were communicated as bolic one degree in the Military Sym- Lodge. while conquered still How and dispersed by their enemies. between the years 1771 and 1778 through. to have spirit retained the martial the of old and joined their fortunes with armies becoming members of the military lodges. Free Masons. It is known that members of the military lodges lo- cated at and session in the vicinity of Dublin. for we are expressly informed by a foreign author (Adler de Donsis Montis Libani. of the British Isles and. Ireland. 1786) who was well acquainted with the history and customs of Syria. and several of them. Ireland. This being true how natural for the persecuted Knights in Templar of the fourteenth century persecutors to seek a refuge fleeing from their among the various lodges of Isles. The Royal Arch degree was introduced into Ayershire. Newton-upon-Ayr. that the Knights Templar were actually members of the Syrian fraternities. the medium of the Hibernian element which then permeated bole Royal the Lodge St.1 HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. communicated the ceremonies of the Knights Templar to a particular friendly brother Free Mason. and that as early as 1796 the degrees of Royal Arch and Knights Templar were conferred as one degree in the May- Arch Lodge. natural for the fugitive knights. both on the continent and the British and secretly communicate their secrets and create them Knights Templar. Scotland. Scotland. Rom. But J we are fortunately in this case not left to conjecture.

and the high degrees was through its members that a desire for was created in their own province. who were in possession of Knights Templar and surreptitiously began to confer the high degrees." which title. however. In 1796 a few members of the Lodge Maybole. . but conferred also the Knights it Templar. they soon abandoned because of very few Masonic Lodges acknowledging them as a Masonic Lodge with such a title. together with one or two Irish brethren. the ceremonies for both constituting one ceremonial. definitely whether during this period they dubbed Masonic Knights. but their pretensions to the knowledge and practice of degrees other than those of Craft Masonry were supported by their assumption of the title of "Super-Excellent Royal Arch Lodge of Ayr.M I'f./ascertained I'll E KNIGHTS TF. James. constituted themselves into an assembly of the degrees of Royal Arch Mason and Knights Templar." the}' not only continued to work the Royal Arch degree.AR. "Lodge St. When they resumed their proper title.

Now ask thyself. weary. G. struggling manhood think Think of the day when thou wert young. wert true. 73 NOT AFRAID TO DIE. art thou afraid to die? Art thou afraid to meet that mother dear on high? Art thou afraid to make thy peace with God Ere this poor hulk of flesh and bone shall rest beneath the sod? Ah. her life. F. — — . her purity of soul Placed one small seed within thy heart? 'Though sown amongst a field of tares Hath not that one small seed found root ? And. Afraid to die? And why? Hath not that mother love that taught thee how to live Prepared a way to die? Hath not the prayer thou lisped at her dear knee Remained a solace and a guide to thee? Hath not her love. Forget this weary race for gold and place Look back in memory meet thy mother face to face.—— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. with a smile upon thy lips. methinks thou'rt not afraid to die. And. Will not that one small seed bear fruit? Oh. nurtured on by mother's tears and prayers. And when thy race on earth shall be full run — Thou'lt close thine eyes in thy last sleep. Orgibet. wandering. no. Thou'lt go to meet thy God and loved ones gone Prepared by mother's love and prayers to j&teJLi**^ Prepared by mother's love and prayer to die.

also did Maybole Royal Arch Lodge of Scotland. in this country or Great Britain. warranted October 1779. and Kilwinning Lodge. Andrew's Royal Arch Lodge was instituted in Bos- ton. is significant that both St. which shows that conferring the its charter was used as the authority for Royal Arch. A. Andrew's Lodge of Boston. first Mass. Super-Excellent. Arch which being read. by the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1756. and was accordingly made by receiving the four steps. ddie next earliest records of the order of the Temple that ^\ 8. The neophyte after passing the veils ot the tabernacle of the Royal Arch found himself standing . received So their warrants from the Grand Lodge of Scotland. [NTRO'DUCTION OF THE >RDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLAR INTO AMERICA. Its recorded meeting' was held August 18. and Knights Templar. the Royal Arch and Knights Templar were conferred in one ceremonial. was received. ( St. S. in which Mass. and he unanimously voted in. that of Excellent.74 THE KNIGHTS TKM l'LAk. I". Knights Templar and Rose in Groix degrees and orders It 1782. is Kilwinning Lodge. as is now a prerequisite any other country than the United States of America. and the record of that meeting is sonic hall. that "Brother to The records Andrew's Lodge show Royal William Davis came before the lodge begging receive the parts belonging to the have and Masons. of St. being conferred in a lodge of Symbolic Masons Ireland.." The Red Cross was order of the Temple not not then a prerequisite to the it in this in or any other country. first the account of the conferring the order of Knights Tem- plar. so far as known. in MaBoston. Ireland.. 1769. Royal Arch..

up and view it. Something on a table under a white cloth being uncovered was perceived to be n s a h which the neophyte was desired to take 1. and which the neophyte was desired to drink. under panel Andrew put the point of the sword "1 into then touched the witness's head. and dub thee in the name of the Father. The special law enacted in regard to . Bart. it One was extinguished by the neophyte and was who betrayed his Masone was burning dim. in Though it this species of still crime may not have occurred it our law before. The it. but this could not be imputed to the prosecutor. 17. Christ. The one in the center represented Jesus the other twelve in a triangular form the twelve Apostles. They first preferred charges against them in the Grand Lodge of Scotland with using Paine's Age of Reason instead of the Holy Scriptures.). so. and denied s 1. for it did not appear that he had delayed bringing the action after he got the informa- tion. told ter. 75 before a table in a triangular form on which were thirteen burning tapers. the law may be applied to remedy when does occur. who had not been favored with the high degrees by their brethren of Haute Grades. and was told it was a real s of a brother called Simon Magnus. Porter was poured into the 1 weakened. and was called Peter who had represented Judas Jscariot. It Lord Justice-Clerk (Sir David Rae of was a case brought about through the jealousies of brethren in the Maybole Lodge. saying: the presidency of the Eskgrove. his Master.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. Sept. 1800. Son. he did it was handed round to the Knights assembled. and that the obligations assumed were derogatory to the government After the Lord Justice-Clerk summed up the evidence the in the trial at Ayr he observed "that he wished that this prosecution had been brought sooner. Scotland. and Holy Ghost." The above is from the testimony of one William Hamilton before the court which sat at Ayr.

M IM. its The the next husiness of the court on resuming sitting morning was to receive the verdict of "That we all in one voice find the facts in the jury: liheled not proven.y6 it Til E KNIGHTS TI'." After concluding his charge to the jury he instructed them to retire first and return their verdict the next morning. It was to the military lodge Ayr and Renfrew Militia so Arch and Templar degrees. Murray Lyon his History of Free Masonry in Scotland says that the custom of Knights Templar ento a consid- campments fraternizing with lodges prevailed inces. This exchange of courtesies tended to wider dissemination in lodges of a taste for the much so that possession of made a prerequisite to office-holding under the charters oi the Grand Lodge. yet the oath ployed for that purpose. may he emHis lordship said he could not any such ceremonies were employed in Masons' they are so because abominable and impious: it rather appeared that this was a panels. and the distinction of honorary mem- bership was frequently conferred on Knights Templar as an expression of the brethrens' admiration of the high degrees. The oath not innocent even as limited by the witnesses for is the panels: though there tered into a design i<\ proof that the panels had en- leading persons they admitted into their society to seditious practices.AU. particularly in the western provat the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries. does not is infringe on the law as At-© it stood before. erable extent in Scotland." D. these was in some instances . The encampments on their part reciprocated the compliment by initiating the office bearers of the lodges in which they were received into the several degrees worked by them. new oath introduced by the and not in use before in admitting Masons. helieve that lodges.

1799. Newton-on-Ayr. or received the degrees. Lyon. Mass. after having regularly passed the chair of the lodge..HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. W. and likewise duly dubt Night Templars. or introduced the degrees and orders in St. Mass. drew's records at Boston. JJ Paul. viz the R. and that they were introduced Scotch Lodge lodges while by brethren serving in who had received them in military in brethren and the Andrew's Lodge at Boston. Royal Arch had been introduced in by the Lodge that order. M. At an emergent meeting of the Lodge. AnAnthe warrant from Grand Lodge of Scotland. Ayr and Renfrew St. were admitted to that of Excellent and SuperExcellent Royal Arch Masons. says Bro. St. Paul's Master Masons. of Ireland or in secretly favoring a in the military lodge some of the Scotch lodges which had been few of their brethren with the high deini- grees before any minutes or records were kept of such tiations. but that from the records that he has seen there is evidence enough that some such union existed.. who applied for the warrant of edge of them. into which the St. the fact charter or that St. St. and it is reasonable to suppose Arch and Knights Templar degrees were conferred at a much earlier date in Scotland than the records in the show. 22. that 1799 the lodges in Sterling were indebted for their knowdedge of The connection the Royal existing between Symbolic Lodges and Arch and Knights Templar of which we speak in cannot as a rule be traced the minute books of the craft. the following brethren. Andrew's Lodge must have received their knowlthe militia and quartered Ireland. "Sterling. James." While the above are of drew's Lodge obtained that the Roval its later date than that of is St. Nov. of Sterling Royal : Arch. The Order of the Temple continued to be conferred . .

Grand Lodsfe . respectively. when encampments began encampments to spring up. 3 of in his history of Knights Tem1 plar in Pennsylvania asserts that Commanderies Nos. although Sir Alfred Creigh 2 Philadelphia. the years 1793 and 1797.78 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. in the under lodge warrants constituted United States of America until self- about the beginning of the nineteenth century. None to the of the of Knights Templar prior organization of the General Grand Encampment in [816 worked under any other but self-constituted authority. and organized in Harrisburg and Xo. derived their authority from "Blue Lodge" warrants issued by the of Pennsylvania. Xo. 4 of Carlisle.

Why not? since through life's little Our heads such sad effects produce. And circle in the goblet's shape The drink of gods. Than nurse the earth-worm's slimy brood. I lived. 79 LINES INSCRIBED UPON A CUP FROM A SKULL. Start not In FORMED —nor deem my spirit fled. unlike a living head. are' sped. — . The worm hath fouler lips than thine. Redeem'd from worms and wasting clay. May rescue thee from earth's embrace. let died: Better to hold the sparkling grape.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. This chance is day theirs. Fill up— thou canst not injure me. is Whatever flows 1 never dull. than reptile's food. Byron. I loved. I quaff'd like thee: earth my bones resign. When thou and thine. And when. hath shone. like me. Where once my wit. And rhyme and revel with the dead. to be of use. perchance. alas! our brains are gone. me From behold the only skull. which. What nobler substitute than wine? Quaff while thou canst: another race. In aid of others let me shine.

the investigation from Sir Knight fifth district. 1880. his address before the Grand Encampment in iSS^ made the following report on South Carolina and Templar Hisissued a dispensation 1 tory : "On to in full the 8th of December. Commander Carolina Commandery No. Jennison. for the purpose of celebrating. Commander of South Carolina Commandery Xo. Eminent Commander of South Carolina Commandery Xo. Grand Master of the Grand Encampment in of Knights Templar of the United States of America. Dean. and learning. is found the following: 1. had led me to believe it possible that our orders of Knighthood had been conferred in CharlesS. Georgia Commandery Xo. of Knights in was established . and Palestine Commandery Xo. 1855. then 1. of J. and the appendant orders. the date claimed ( tjSo). Gourdin. by Theodore S. to appear in public Templar costume on the twenty-ninth day of Deits cember. I South Carolina Commandery No. 1880. valuable assistance In this 1 country received unE. Xo. Pollard. S.the one hun- dredth anniversary of organization. 1. ton as earl). 7. 1. representative of the S. bration to "Previous conversations with Eminent Sir Knight E. Eminent 1. Templar. W. A in claim so in- teresting and so at variance with the opinion of many re- garding the early history of Tenrplarism challenged examination. I also issued dis- pensations for a like appearance in public to join in the cele- Columbia Commandery Xo. March 23. 2. "'The South Carolina Encampment. C.8o THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. THE OLDEST COMMANDERS OF KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. and from Sir Knight South Jennison. in In a lecture exhibiting great research Charleston.

previous to Nov." to which refers. was estabany reference in the lished in 1780. No. 1824. of Knights Templar. 1780. he be considered a his life member of this encampment. 7. that this encampment was in active operation in 1803.: 1 HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. to the existence of I South have. 1. but does not appear from what source our ancestors derived their first charter. Gourdin belonged to that body. all of our records. and the appendant orders. involved in — The seal exact date of the introduction of the Templar order of Knight- hood into South Carolina is much obscurity. deducing his opinion from an old archives. and that membership take date from November. No. who regularly paid his arrears to this encampment for more than twenty years. consumed by fire. That. in consideration of the long. says that the South Carolina Encampment. in Gourdin. it was "Resolved. for. Francis Sylvester Curtis. in however. " T have been unable to find con- temporarv journals of the day Carolina Encampment. 1. 1823." "In Mackey's History of Free Masonry in South Carois lina found the following commencing on pag£ 487. I 'The proof of what have stated is contained in a . and faithful services of our Most Eminent Past Grand Com1823. however. and have no doubt that the seal with the date "1780. and afterwards came into the possession of South Carolina Encampment. " 'Knights Templarism in South Carolina. at that early period. as it 8 is evident from the old seal in our archives. been more successful obtaining indisputable evidence that the degrees of Knight of the Red Cross and in a Knights Templar were conferred larly I in Charleston regu- organized body as far back as the year 1783. " 'It is clear. chap- ter LI. having been lost or mander. on December 29. and continued so until long after the date of our oldest record.

with two seals red. The first device." last cross. on parchment. one black. and the other Knights Templar. "In " 'The reference of the three devices is evidently to the 'Idle Royal Arch. No. been raised to the sublime degrees of an Excellent. and a Knight of that of Most Holy. Captain Commandant St. and "Holiness to the Lord" for the motto. and a the fourth is the skull and cross-bones surmounted by hoc signo vinces. the Red Cross and the Templar degrees. Sir Henry Beaumont. and "Memento Mori". with the motto. Knights Hos- . in 1 have in my in possession a diploma written a in very neat chirog- raphy. S. under charter from the Grand Lodge of the Southern District of North America. star of seven points. of the wax in attached. small compass. and. Knight of the K^d Cross. pillars. the third is the cross and brazen serpent. of the Cross. hence. with the ineffable name in is the center. held Charleston. 'The upper part of the diploma contains four devices within tour circles. thev show the dependence of the order of Templarism " in the state at that time upon the Ancient and Accepted Rite. Invincible and Magnanimous Order Knights Templar. created on a bridge. and "Jesus Salvator Hominum" for the motto.: 82 III E KM CI ll'S TKM is I'LAU. Super-Excellent. all skillfully executed with is the a pen. of the Royal Arch. C. Royal Arch Mason. and Captain General of that most Holy and Invincible Order of i. Ancient Masons. Knights Templar of in Andrew's Lodge. is first certainly a symbol of the Lodge of Perfection. the second an arch on two the all-seeing' eye on the keystone. the motto. connectedlv. 'The diploma is in these words "We. beginning in the lett hand. but the testimony irrefutable. and a sun be- neath the arch. hath passed the chair. \\?(\ the High Priest. do herebv certify that our true and well-beloved brother.

"Given under our hands and the this first seal of our Lodge. was for many years the pre- siding officer of that body. in a few instances. Recorder. Having learned from Sir Knight Jennison that the Hon. Mason." "This Gourdin. day of August. by Theodore S. around the globe. Pashlev. M." fol- 'A note : at the bottom of page 487 contains the historical lowing in this "For much of the chapter I information contained am indebted to an Historical Sketch of the ' Order of Knights Templar. E. 5783. Gen'l. I confess. "To a considerable share of Masonic learning and talent in he added an unusual amount of laborious research investigation of any subject the "In the work just upon which he was engaged. Mackey. 1855. or in contemporary records. however. quoted. . was in Washington. ' Nisbett. which several a orders are above delineated. he has collected almost everv fact relevant to the subject which was contained in the minutes of the Commandery. and once or twice have been com- pelled to correct his statements. and he. "Wm. having conducted himself like true and faithful brother. the son of Albert G. Capt. 83 Knights of Rhodes and of Malta. and probably .HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. and of Malta 3517. Mackey. "I have. "George Carter. is an address delivered before South Carolina in Commandery. Mr. "R. 1st King. pitaller. \Y. wherever assembled. ventured. ""'Thos. to dissent from his theories. Gourdin. we affectionately recommend him to all the Fraternity of Ancient Masons. whose only objection is its brevity. I have. 2d King. the author of the history of Free Masonry in South Carolina. found little to glean in the held over which he passed. who has since died.

' find in Charleston.84 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. and the investigation was pursued with more vigor after the possession of the diploma. " 'I which he says: from the South Carolina Gazette. present to you. 1783. by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. in and subsequently. The letters and papers were mislaid for a while. author- ized me his name present I it to Grand Encamp- ment of it the United States. any other connection of this Lodge No 40 with An- . These words and figures were not as prominent as and seem to have escaped the other legends on the seal. Mackey's History of Free Masonry South Carolina for St. now. with pleasure. that at "He also called my attention to the recovery by Sir Knight Jennison of valuable papers relating to the Encampment. No. 40. in J. letter Sir Knight W. had the original diploma mentioned in the history. Andrew's Lodge. Mackey. Albert G. "On the 6th of May. I became acquanted with him and he kindly placed the diploma in my possession. to at my the request. Pollard. and that it was moved to Charleston about 1783.' words 'Lodge No. and was chartered as a York Lodge in the city of Charleston. called St. the attention of Bro. Sir Knight Jennison also sent me copies of the papers. showing in in that there originally four seals attached to the diploma. One of these ribbons is quite rotten. I looked vain through Bro. July. because of a conversation with him Boston. some period not clearly defined there was a Lodge established in West Florida. "A careful examination discovered the remains of in two were ribbons under those sight. 1881. wrote me a long and interesting in on the history of Free Masonry in South Carolina and Georgia. A careful examination of the diploma discovered on the seal the 40.

2.. in i. of which 1 now quote: " 'Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. A. West Florida. St. G. S. referring and recommend- ing them to our worthy brother. are appointed to that business. 85 and for any of the names mentioned in the diploma. " 'Present. Lodge of 40 was granted to brethren. OTTAWA COMMANDERV. and are desired . Win. 5878. and now of Charleston. 1783. DeSaussure. were full laid before this lodge and received a reading. Adcock. Grand Master..' . that a letter be written to the master and of brethren of St. Wilmot I G. with sundry papers relative thereto. 1783. No. I looked other directions with like re- sults. and then of Charleston. >jj "In following out the clew I examined the minutes and proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. No. Andrew's Lodge. on the T2th of July. July 8. 1. is Lodge No. late of West Florida. Free and Accepted Masons. sent W. No. Hamilton and to Vannost." together with Bros. >. M. compiled and published by the library committee of Pennsylvania. formerly of 1. granting full to directions to power and authority to act agreeably be given to him by this Grand Lodge. on 10th of December. Edward Weyman. W. C. " 'The committee. L. 4. which was kindly me by : Sir Knight Pollard. 38. P. "Agreed. Grand Master. from page 39 and 40. to whom a letter also requested to be written. 9. found these words for (while speaking of warrants issued by the Grand Pennsylvania) 'That (the warrant) St. addressed to the R. " 'A memorial from the brethren of Andrew's Lodge. R. >[. 13 'Lodges Nos. and 19 represented. 3. ' W. Andrew's Lodge. until in an address on the History of Free Masonry in South Carolina by M.]. No.HISTORY OF drew's Lodge.

list 16. joined the Grand Lodge of South Carolina. 40 was 25. 2.8< - III E K NIGH TS T E M I'LAR. 'Lodges Nos. \Y. ordered. surrendered September 24. October iy 1785. 1785. 1784: 28. November 1788. December 27. lay their proceedings before the Grand Lodge at their next meeting. 1784. surrendered and renewed May 2^. 1784. 1788. Andrew's Lodge. granted July 12. 1783. Andrew's Lodge. 1787. livered to the Lodge No. 40. 4. 1788. 4. 1785. Master 1. 40.' . Master of Lodge No. 1784. Adcock. December 1787. '( )n motion. South Carolina. by him de- which warrant of to be transmitted to Weyman. namely: -/• December 1783. 1787. of lodges at the end of this volume is found : No. No. Xo. provided that the Master and members of said lodge are found to be of this Ancient and Honorable Fraternity and accept to be under this jurisdiction. 1785. 'R. 1785. December 2~. 1787. December 3. 10. 38. 13 and [9 are represented. 6. is draw No. June 18. 1786. 1787. Wey- man. February 17. March 26. 3. April 21. March 31. 1784. 1787. that the secretary prepare and St. June 17. Charleston.' "The same publication shows that Lodge No. April 16. December 20. Andrew's Lodge. Grand Master. December ^^S: March August March 8. 1788. their several letters to Bn>. 9. June 20. 1788. December zy. they are unanimously accepted. represented at the following meetings of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. June December "In the 15.' ''Grand Lodge of Emergency. 1788. 1784. to be St. Master and members of 38. St. last 'The committee appointed before this Grand meeting' having laid Lodge 1. January 21. 1785. July " ' i_\ [783. 1785. 1 a ) warrant (for the brethren of to be No. October 29. Bro. October y 29. ' and to the Master of St. Andrew's Lodge.

Jennison. with a power appointing Michael Jennings proxies in behalf of him and Bro. are directed to write to. was read. page 43. 40. W. the proceedings. of from brother George Carter.' I also myself wrote to Sir Knight Charles K. I beg leave to state that none of the parties named in same appear on the books of this office. by the hands of Bro. viz: Wm.. Charleston County. Petrie. Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Sir Knight Jennison sent me an original Pennsylvania. C . L. as also one other letter to 'A letter Lodge No. of Charleston. Bros. KERRISON. "At the Grand Lodge held June ' 17. KERRISON. which 1784. Several transactions of his are recorded between the^years 1779 and 17S4. Bro. late of ( proxies to> said lodges. 40. and a representation of the irregularities of Lodges No. as you may so desire. informing that he had received the warrant sent him by this Grand Lodge. Grand Master. M. South Carolina. C. "'Dear Sir and Brother: In reply to yours of the 13th. Master of 40. " 'Very respectfully. Lodge No. JR. Proctor. 1783. " 'I write this officially. also inquiry should be made whether the records of the ter Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania show to whom charNo. and give them such brotherly admonition as may appear necessary." "To still further establish the authenticity of the diplo'the best service ma I wrote Sir Knight Jennison that is you can render to prove the existence of the signers of the diploma. 87 "At the meeting. Young. of which the following" is a copy: " 'C.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY.of September the proceedings ' 9. but one. Howell and Jennings. appears the following: 'In consequence of a letter received by Alexander Lodge No. " 'Register. Esq. " 'Register " 'E. Joseph Howell. Weyman. Meyer. Young). 38 and 40 communicated by Bro. official communication. Mesne Conveyance. JR. page 49 of was admitted. 40 was given. addressed to the R. Nesbett.

M. 1783. and was located at Charleston. do not think they ever returned any names. C. "The word 'August' and date are in '3' and the figure '7' in the a different handwriting (probably that of the from the body of the diploma. D.AK. Junior Warden. M.' and 'Lodge No.. "Copies of some documents relating ery with explanatory to this Commandin memoranda will he found Appen- dix 'F. and Andrew's Lodge. applications. J. W.' "These valuable documents were found hv Sir Knight . and therefore it proves what is contained in it that the Lodge was held 'under charter from the Grand Lodge of the Southern District of North America. by William Adcock. date is 'i day of August. G. its body of the diploma.. " 'The Lodge has no name.. G. 1 have been trying to gain you some information about Lodge No. D. 40. William Nesbett. G. Senior Warden.. and Recorder) that it was merely filled out and the seal attached after- wards. George Ord. of which George Carter was to be the first Master. " 'I have searched the records and find no further record.88 "Sir follows " : III E KNIGHTS I I'.' and that it conferred the degrees of Knighthood — in mentioned it. G. and that the warrant from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania was authorized on the 12th of July previous. Knight Charles Meyers replied to my inquiry as 'Pardon my seeming delay or neglect in answering your letter. i. 40. No.M I'l. Alex Rutherford. "The evidence of the authenticity of the diploma would seem to be condensive. S. A warrant was directed to be issued on July 12. except in the book of warrants as above. 40' is on the seal. but was number forty on our list. or list of names.' I "It will be noticed that in the it is St. Thomas Pashley. There are no papers. Thomas Proctor. showing the diploma was one of a number prepared in advance. for Lodge No. W.

That. Stacker Williams. Ohio. on diligent search being archives." "The Charter of Recognition. The Knight Jennison that he found them in wrote to Sir and thought they ought to he in the possession of i. "They consist of a full record of the proceedings for the re-opening of the Encampment on the 27th of August. who wrote there winter of 1880. including a petition for a charter of recognition from the General Grand Encampment of the United States.1 to E. and that he wished to get $5. that they belonged to a widow of a son of John Snow. of Newark. subsequent. in speaking Encampment. Jennison. Burke. time out of mind. S. of the General States. upwards of thirty years ago. Knight S. Grand Encampment of the United "One of the resolutions passed at the meeting of the 27th of August. it clearly appears that this made in the Encampment was in full operation under the sanction of the warrant of Blue Lodge.00 for them for her. and continued in operation many years. 89 in the Stacker Williams. Brother Burke sent the Brother E. S. Secretary of the if Grand a live Chapter of South Carolina. with the exception that 'Lodge . who obtained them through latter Sir a box among other Masonic papers. 1823. G. J. No. and the dispensation issued in pursuance thereof hy John Snow. It also further appears that the said Encampment has lain dor- mant of the for several years past. No. 1823. and has. caused to he made and used a common seal. of the age "The seals on the documents found in Ohio are the same as that on the circular.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. South Carolina Commandery. G. uses the same words. 40. G. read as follows: " 'Resolved. asking was Knight Templar letter to in Charleston.

also said it was valuable hecause was it heing told that pirates did not make their own money but stole other people's money. and parted with it. saying that he bought of a cook of in the a schooner Dover. "But this is not all. he did not think it was worth so much. On Maine. He bought it Massa- chusetts Centennial year for one dollar. had such a seal in his He in to me to he disposed of according it my discretion.E 90 No. The impression of the on the diploma identical with. Enc. No. for its safe preservation. of which seals were made at the time of its date. It is of silver. the seal '*! am about to describe. duct on the part of South Carolina is Commandery. it X. pirate He money.' the date 'Lodge No.Ak. the valuable "I seal of which 1 have just given you a history. of possession. which are and the circumstances of the the unknown. of South Carolina now have the pleasure. I and no doubt an imof the pression from. X.' on the is circular. H. Xo. and that probably was connected with the Knights Templar. Xo. Xo. seal 1. The industry of Sir Knight Jenstill nison appears to have heen further rewarded. 1. and in behalf Commandery. This con1. The cook house it said that he had a little time before thrown it up out of the ground. in the name of. story finding- now come seal to the curious of 1. Haley. 17K0. 40' is T 1 1 E KX [GHTS T MI'I. C. vvorthv of hierh commendation. and 'S. In con- . on the documents found is in Ohio. "My researches in Grand Secretary's office in Massachusetts brought the information that Sir Knight A. seal of loss of which appears to have heen the original 40. H.. to Salmon gave Falls. G. to present to this Grand Encampment. the original of South Carolina Encampment. in while hanking up the earth around his Bath.

It then became known as the Southern District of the British possessions in America. Pa. C. and with them it seems St. " 'James Grant was made Governor of East Florida. Esq. Pensacola was deserted by many of its inhabitants. of Scotland to establish a Lodge in St.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 1883. S. Andrew's Lodge. S. I think) he established a Lodge in West Florida at Pensacola. of " 'I West Florida. Jennison the Southern District of North is now pursuing investigation by correspondence with the Grand Lodge of Scotland. and also the records of the G. of Pennsylvania. L. throwing a flood of his light upon the Grand Lodge for America. the author of 'Washington and his Masonic Compeers/ the result of which was the following letter. This removal was mostly in 1783. at the close of the old French war. Jennison.. " 'My infirmities of age are such as to prevent me from answering very fully your letter. Please accept my sincere thanks for this interesting document. " 'We know nothing of Masonry in Florida (if any existed there) till after Florida became a British province in 1763. also your pamphlet relating to S. last week. L. called East and West Florida. 1783. No. This was called St. and the year before. C. and my physician forbids me to tax mind or body with study or labor to any extent that fatigue me. Its registry number in Scotland was 143. so I can only give you a brief reply. Andrew's Lodge was also removed. Bro. of Scotland as provincial Grand Master of the Southern District of North America. who had been British subjects. they removing to Charleston. " 'E. May 1. and in 1768 he received a charter from the G. "'Dear Sir and Brother: I received. " 'St. of Atlanta. 1. when. Georgia. of Pennsyl- . which embraced East and West Florida. as this diploma shows. and it applied in July. 91 sequence of information derived from Sir Knight Calvin Fay. he corresponded with Brother Sidney Hayden. 1. over each of which an English colonial government was appointed. have worked at Pensacola until about the close of the Revolution. for a charter from the G. with their respective capitals at St. Augustine. as Florida became again a Spanish province. No. " 'Sayre. L. your letter of April 25th. and was divided by the English government into two provinces. know of no other Lodges which he established Andrew's appears to in his dis- trict. Augustine and Pensacola. L. Soon after his appointment (in 1770. Commandery. the same year (1768) he was also appointed by the G.

was granted . The receipt of this fa. as shown by its date. of Bos- "Sketches from the records. page 7. to its former officers. HAYDEN. which its " 'I have subsequent notes relating to this Lodge. warrant was acknowledged by Geo. 40. " 'I do not feel able to extend this letter to you further. was like the inscription on the fourth design at the head of This the diploma. was probably adopted after the Lodge became connected with the Ancient York G. I am too feeble to fix my mind on the subject or make it very plain to you. L. '"(Signed) S. 40. 29. Carter. 1780. " 'Thanking you for your great kindness I am. but what was then the common or unwritten law in Masonry. at the bottom. " 'The print of the seal in your pamphlet. to confer the higher degrees in that Lodge may have begun "The foregoing a calls for something more. seal was probably adopted after the Lodge became No.. as they are connected through so many papers and subjects. C. registry. with No. as it gives no number of its S. and to copy all my notes relating to it in full would be a task with and scattered I can not undertake. Mass. " 'The seal of this Lodge. "Sir Knight Alford F. vania. 40 of Pa. with some design as former above. its Encampment adopted.M I'l.. Andrew's Royal Arch Chapter.Inly 12. by which a regular Master's Lodge conferred any higher degrees of which they had knowledge on worthy Master Masons. Andrew's. 1. instead of Pa. 1783. entitled ton. that yon may have a bird's-eye view of the condition of Templar Masonry hundred years ago. "Detached important extracts from the records have . 40. C. but they are too tedious for me to copy. These higher degrees in those times were conferred by no statute in Masonry. G. dear sir and Truly yours. with S. of S. Enc. on the Pa. " distinct from it may have assumed to be an former Lodge when this seal was 'The date 1780 may have been traditionally true.' 'St. Sept. at the bottom. " 'The first seal you give print of with Lodge No. 1783. or perhaps. Chapman has just published a volume. Mackey in his description. after it became No.<)_' III E K NIGHTS I'I'. or the year or even before in Pensacola. No. was not the seal of this Lodge while St.AK. L. as shown by Bro. 1. C. brother. its Master. and it was between the time of its granting and the time it was received that this diploma was given. No. registry.

to distribute one to each member. "I desire to call your attention briefly to such matters summons taken from a plate for the summonses of the chapter. says: "On the 25th day of August. however. though much worn. " 'As described. 1791. Chapman's. Hurd. "'The record shows that at the meeting held October 21. Grooves and Hurd be a therein as relate to the order of Knighthood.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. so fortunate as to procure the use of a summons printed from the plate." 'Thus authorized. 'Some of my correspondents. is still was designed by Bro. Chapman. Moore. 1790. speaking of the South Carolina diplomas. " 'First. 1877. from which the heliotype now presented was taken. a committee was appointed to procure jewels for the lodge. A. 1801. vol. bearing date September 14. also to prepare a form of cer- . quoting from the record of St. it was "Voted. and it in the possession of the chapter. Bro. now in the archives of the chapter. 93 They were so important as to justify the publication of Bro. McKean.. it. that but few more im- pressions could be taken from ' T was. on page 194 of the Liberal Free Mason. A study of the vari- ous emblems delineated upon this record that the four degrees of Royal Arch the " summons verities the Mason included Order of Knights Templar. Chapter. I present you with a heliotype of a committee to procure a plate for the a plate summonses " to be stamped on. Andrew's R. The plate itself. is so much worn and some of the emblems are so indistinct that no more impressions could be taken from it. The plate is so much worn it. the plate is ten by six and one-half inches. That Bros. had never heard of the officers "1st and 2d Kings" in any Masonic body. V. been published heretofore. a sufficient number of impressions were printed from June. and directed to Charles Rummy.

Super-Excellent. in Boston. of our Royal Arch Lodge. worthy to be received as such at all Royal Arch Chapters. did. him to the degrees of Excellent. not contain the first reference to Templarism. this day of in the 1 791. the " Lodere. Andrew's Royal Arch Lodge" or "Lodge of Royal Arch Masons. and on the mark due and zeal. 1791. what glory. Andrew's Royal Arch Chapter was at first called "St. however. held at Boston. brethren. 5791. any brother who might apply. and ple that see the peo- came from the East! Priest. and under the sanction of St." and "and" in the attesting clause. true. X<>." and was held under the sanction of the charter of St. and Royal Arch Mason and Knight Templar.94 tificate T HE to be given to KNIGH TS TEM PLAR.'' ' vear of at some time.. do hereby certify and attest to all men enlightened that the bearer hereof. either when adopted or word "and Knight Templar. prompt the conclusion that the "and Knight Templar" were not erased unThe summons does til they ceased to confer that order. and at the following form was accepted the meeting in Sep- tember : 'Now. as a B. was by us received to his diligence as a and well beloved Master Mason. 82. First 'We. of the Register of Scotland.' . Brother A. and of Royal Arch Masonry 3291. our faithful. Andrew's Lodge. the High and Second King. day of exalt in the year of our Lord. Andrew's 'It appears that later. the subsequent records. were erased by drawing a pen through them. and as such we recommend him to all Royal Arch Lodges on the face of "'"(riven under our hand and the seal the globe. and Scribe of Royal Arch Chapter. behold. St. and Masonry.

Brother James Brown. S. and was accordingly made by receiving the four steps. D. Joshua Loring." or "steps. it was received. Charles Chambers. which being read was received." are in the subse- quent records alluded to as the "four degrees of a Royal Arch Mason. Esq. who was slain at the battle of Bunker Hill. May. and he was accordingly made. . The lodge was a "Royal Arch Lodge. S. ." So he. the R. 95 The "At first record of the chapter or lodge having referis ence to the orders of Knight Templar a as follows : Royal Arch Lodge held at Mason's hall. "The petition of Brother William Davis coming before the lodge begging to have and receive the part belonging to a Royal Arch Mason. August 28. too. M. 1769. Boston. 1770.. William McKean. and accordingly made. and he was unanimously voted in. gratis. England. or "parts. was a Knight Templar.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. . and was unanimously accepted. "Present. "Listen. Royal Arch and Knight Templar. "Voted. records of the 14th of The The record of another meeting reads: "The petition of Bro. has this: Most Worshipful Joseph Warren. Winthrop Gray. J. that the should lie made a Royal Arch Mason this evening." These degrees. and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere." Thus it appears that Gen." There could not be four degrees of a Royal Arch Mason without including Knight Templar. John Waddington. W. Joseph Warren. Paul Revere coming before the lodge begging to become an Arch Mason. my children. was a Knight Templar. SuperExcellent. New . that of an Excellent. W. W." and the words "Royal Arch Mason" included the possession of the Order of the Temple.

be.96 On Hardly THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Jr. 1).. permitted make their records on the books of the chapter.. Boston first as a Council of Knights of the Red Cross.. 1 7<>-4. claimed a continuous existence body of Knights. and there is no subsequent Templar or Knights of the at Red Cross. Andrew's Royal Arch Lodge. Commandery. Red Cross is when it was to the "Voted. in [883. subsequently. etc. by its Eminent Commander. from [769. Cross" record." Again. however." says: "The fire of Templarism was lighted upon our altar as early as February 14. when the time arrived. and afterwards embracing the three Orders of Knighthood. Alfred Creigh." only reference to Knights of the following record made February 8. and put forth the right to rank from that date. for the separa- from the craft masonry. K. after giving certain reasons of Pennsylvania refused at first why the Templars to join in the formation of . Jr.. in seventy-five. The record speaks already existing. (he eighteenth of April. and are hereby. These Knights. T. John as a L. the last years before the ''Red Royal Arch There can be no question that Masons and Templars of St. Benjamine This I turd. Red Cross was made as a Templar March 20." notice in the records of Knights was not done. Stevenson.. in his "History of Knights Templar of Pennsylvania. Royal Arch Lodge were also Knights of the Red Cross. that the Knights of the \<cd Cross. a man in Who remembers I'lk' that town alive famous day and year. eigbt Htircl. formed Boston Encampment. 1797. Andrew's quoted. by Bro. though under different organizations. LL. which is the earliest record in her possession. and of the Knights of the Benjamine [789. How long the Knights of the Red Cross had been work there are no means of ascertaining with certainty. thus made tion of the chivalric in St.

and his associates is the manufactured by Webb it was from the Knight of the East or Sword. and that his Masonic labors in Massachusetts and date. he says: "But another insuperable objection was the degree of the Knights of the Red Cross." Let us examine into the character of the Red Cross order. Andrew's Royal Arch Chapter con- tains the following entry "On January Ephraim 7. fashioned. Rhode Island were after that And. in at this late day. now. and see if it is not as foreign to the Order of Christian Knighthood as the parables of Christ are to the building of the temple in the degree. manufactured for New England and its dependencies. 1790." Sir Knight Creigh says that Webb received his Masonic degrees in Philadelphia prior to 1802. !" nition under the May we not well exclaim with our illustrious Bro. and other degrees of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. on which occasion the words 'Knight Templar' are entered in the records. of the Knight of the we discover that the orders Red Cross and Knight Templar were earliest hisin 1783 toriographer — eleven years before the date of the —conferred a lodge holding charter of recogGrand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Again. formed. Knight of the East. "How little we know of the early history of Masonry in this country The records of St. he says: degree of Knight of "Do you ask me from whence the Red Cross derived? I reply. William Cordwell . the degrees were conferred on Carter.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Pike. the 97 Grand Encampment of the United States. and our illustrious brother has well said that the Grand Encampment of Massachusetts and Rhode Island has furnished the ritual which is now used in all the Templar Orders in the United States. and Knight of the East and West.



was present, also Samuel Moore and John Cadewas Tyler; this shows that Cordwell, as well as the others, was a Knight
"Sept. 25, 3294." that

1794, "present, Win. S. Moore,

M. and R. A. M.
well, A.


W. Harris, W. Williams,


W. McKean, W.



"Candidates to he advanced to the degree of Excellent,
Super-Excellent, Royal Arch and Knight

Robert Harris, William Francis and Ehenezer Perkins, of

Past Grand Master Gardner says: "Newhnryport Encampment of Knights Templar was







records have been
tion cannot

and the particulars of



he obtained.

was formed by an uncon-

stituted association of Knights."




When friendship or love our sympathies move, When Truth in a glance should appear, The lips may beguile with a dimple or smile,
But the test of affection's a

Too oft is a smile but the hypocrite's wile To mask detestation or fear;



the soft sigh, whilst the soul-telling eye for a time with a tear.

Mid charity's glow, to us mortals below, Shows the soul from barbarity clear; Compassion will melt where this virtue is






diffused in a tear.

The man doom'd to sail with the blast of the Through billows Atlantic to steer, As he bends o'er the wave which may soon be The green sparkles bright with a tear.

his grave,

soldier braves death for a fanciful wreath In Glory's romantic career; But he raises the foe when in battle laid low.

And bathes every wound with a


with high-bounding pride he return to his bride,

Renouncing the gore-crimson'd spear, All his toils are repaid, when, embracing the maid,

From her

eyelid he kisses the tear.

my youth! seat of friendship and Truth, "Where love chased each fast-fleeting year, Loth to leave thee, I mourn'd, for a last look I turn'd, But thy spire was scarce seen through a tear.
Sweet scene of

Though my vows I can pour to my Mary no more, My Mary to love once so dear, In the shade of her bower I remember the hour She rewarded those vows with a Tear.

By another possest, may she live ever blest Her name still my heart must revere: With a sigh I resign what I once thought was mine, And forgive her deceit with a tear.


Ye friends





from you



heart, ere


This hope to my breast is most near: again we shall meet in this rural retreat, May we meet, as we part, with a tear.

When my soul wings her flight to the regions of night, And my corpse shall recline on its bier, As ye pass by the tomb where my ashes consume,
Oh! moisten their dust with a Tear.

May no marble bestow

the splendor of woe,

Which the children of vanity rear; No fiction of fame shall blazon my name,






a Tear.




The Grand Lodge
had authority

of Scotland granted charters to the

following lodges in America, which are supposed to have
to confer the

Royal Arch and Knights Tem1756.

Hampton, Virginia, March


Andrew's, Boston, Mass., No. 81, Nov.




Co., Virginia,

No. 82, Feb.

Union Lodge, South Carolina, No. 98, Feb. 19, 1760. St. John Lodge, Norfolk, Virginia, Aug. 8, 1763. St. John Lodge, Philadelphia, 1773. There were also chartered in Virginia by the Lodge of

Tappahannock, 1758, and Falmouth,


and the Lodge Grants, No. 143. East Florida, was chartered March 15, 1768, and at the same time Gov. James Grant was made Prow Grand Master of the Scotch lodges in the Southern District of North America.

May 31, 1769, Dr. Joseph Warren, at the request of the Boston lodges, was appointed ''Prov. Grand Master over the
lodges in Boston."
It is

supposed that Gov. Grant chartered other lodges


Florida than those above named, and did not report the

Grand Lodge of Scotland. We make mention of these Scotch lodges in connection with this work because of the fact that the Royal Arch and Templar Masonry owe its origin largely to the Symbolic
fact to the

lodges of Scotland.
rind the earliest mention Royal Arch in this country in Florida, South Carolina. Massachusetts and Pennsylvania

As heretofore mentioned we

of the conferring of the

in the

Scotch lodges.






[805 a Grand






Providence, R.

claiming jurisdiction
not a



territory wherein there



Grand Encampment reguhad two subordinates in Rhode
(including Maine).

Island and three in Massachusetts
styled itself the




"United States Grand Encampment." committee from this body, of which Thomas
chairman, was appointed to correspond


Webb was

with other Encampments, with a view of securing their

This committee reported progress the next

year and was continued, hut no further report


But on



1S15. the following resolutions were

other Grand

That three delegates he appointed from this

Grand Encampment to meet and confer with any or all Encampments that are now established within
the United States, or with such delegates as


be ap-

Grand Encampments upon all the Encampments of the United States under one head and general form of government, and that the said delegates be and are hereby invested with full power and authority to enter into such engagements and stipulations, and make such arrangements upon the said subject as they may deem expedient and proper to promote the honor and interests of the orders of
pointed by any or

of the said

the subject of a general union of

"Resolved, That M.

Henry Fowle,

of Boston, and

W. Thomas. Smith Webb and \Y. W. Sir John Snow, of

Providence, he, and they are hereby, appointed delegates
for the before

mentioned purposes."
also at this time a

There was

Xew York. It Encampment had

Grand Encampment in had no subordinates, although Columbian
applied for a charter of recognition and

one had been ordered issued.



this body,



a special

meeting of




to consider the propriety of appointing a delegate to the

convention, "to be held in Philadelphia on Tuesday next,"

was unanimously resolved "That

be delegated from this Grand

Sir Thomas Lowndes Encampment to said conven-

with powers to propose the acknowledgment of a

General Grand


tor the




America, should one be formed by said convention; provided the said General Grand


recognizes this

Grand Encampment
over the state of

in its present

powers, and as supreme



Grand Encampment in Pennsylvania. The holding of the convention was evidently based upon the expectation that the three grand bodies named would be represented and participate. The convention was held, but no record of its action, if any was ever made, lias been preserved. At the next meeting of the United States Grand Encampment Webb made a report stating that it was impossible for the three Grand Encampments to unite in effecting the object for which they had met whereupon
There was also

"a part of the delegates agreed to adjourn to the city of


York, and the convention was dissolved."

delegates returned to New York and a convention was held there by'parties claiming to be "Delegates or Knight companions from eight councils," etc. The record of the formation of the Grand Encampment of the United States of America reads as follows "At a convention holden at Masons' Hall in the city of New York, on the 20th and 21st of June, 1816, consisting of delegates or Knights Companions from eight councils and Encampments of Knights Templar and ap-



pendant orders, viz

"Boston Encampment, Boston.





"St. John's

Encampment, Providence.

"Ancient Encampment,



"Templar Encampment, Albany. "Montg< wmery Encampment, Stillwater. "St. Paul's Encampment. Newburyport. "Newport Encampment, Newport.
"Darius Council, Portland."
In [816, when the national organization of Templars was commenced, it was denominated "The General Grand Encampment of Knights Templar and Appendant Orders

fur the

United States of America."


their subordinates

grand bodies were called Grand Encampments, Encampments. There was no protitle

vision in the constitution fixing the

of officers in either

of the three grades of
prefix of

Encampments, but usage gave the Most Eminent to each. The General Grand Encampment was formed after the model of the General Grand Chapter, and the constitution of the General Grand Chapter was taken as the basis of the constitution framed in Xew York in 1816. For General Grand Chapter was substituted General Grand Encampment: for Most Excellent General Grand High Priest, Most Eminent General Grand Master for state Grand Chapters, state Grand Encampment; for Most Excellent Grand High Priest. Most Eminent Grand Master; for Chapters, Encampments: and for Most Excellent High Priest. Most Eminent Commander. It might be noted here that in the old constitution of Encampments of Knights Templar prior to 1816 there were no Grand Prelate nor Grand Warden. The Grand Master was called Most Worshipful, and other grand officers Worshipful; then titles were changed from Worshipful to Em;

inent in


In 1856,


the General

Grand Encampment met


Hartford, Connecticut,
the constitution, and



was considered necessary to amend it conform to the existing" and

contemplated prosperity of the Order.




meeting- that the changes in


nomenclature were made, and
in the constitution to the




powers of the central gov-


The word "General" was

stricken out. so that the na-

body was called ''Grand Encampment," the state grand bodies, "Grand Commanderies," and their subordinates, "Commanderies." The titles were also changed so that in the Grand Encampment of the United States we have M. E, Grand Master, R. E. Deputv Grand Master, and V. E. for the other Grand Officers. In the state Grand Commanderies, R. E. Grand Commander, V. E. Deputy Grand Commander, and E, for the other Grand Officers. In the subordinate Commanderies, E. Commander. At this meeting the terminal "s" was omitted from the word "Templar" in "Knights Templar."

At the adoption of the present constitution of the Grand in 1856 there were eleven Grand Commanderies with a membership of not to exceed thirty-five hun-



The Grand Commanderies under the jurisdiction of the Grand Encampment, in 1856, were: Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Maine. Vermont, Connecticut, Xew York,
Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Texas.

diction of

There were forty-two Commanderies outside the jurisGrand Commanderies under the jurisdiction of

Grand Encampment with a membership of one thousand three hundred and sixty-six, which, added to the membership under allegiance to Grand Commanderies,




made a total membership under the jurisdiction of the* Grand Encampment of the United States of America of
not to exceed five thousand, while
arc forty-seven

the present time there

Grand Cbmmanderies and nine subordinate Commanderies working by authority of the Grand Encampment of the United States of America with a membership in [913 of 221. /Sj, Illinois ranking third with a membership of 17.14-'.


Massachusetts and Rhode Island




New York




Vermont New Hampshire

June June




Ohio Kentucky Maine

Oct. Oct.




Jan. Jan.




[3. 14.














20. Georgia





23- Louisiana



Kansas Maryland Nebraska Arkansas


2 5- Minnesota
? - 7-


28. 29.




West Virginia





North Carolina South Dakota

May May

3738: 39-

Oregon Washington


Montana North Dakota






Indian Territory
District of



Oklahoma Territory New Mexico




46. South Carolina



Y. .. 22. died Ninth Conclave — 1844 — Archibald Troy. Mexico. Las Cascadas. CayuSeventh Conclave — 1838 —James Madison N. 1.1868 it. 3. . n. of above and there are 46 in Alaska. 1912 Commanderies. Y. New York. Jonathan Nye. X. X'. 1. 1. N. GRAND MASTERS OF THE GRAND ENCAMPMENT. T . Second Conclave — 1819— De Witt Clinton. Tenth Conclave — 1847 — William Blackstone Hubbard. 131 in Hawaii. 99. July Canal Zone. 147 in Mexico. December died 1865. Y. John's Commander}'. First Conclave Clinton. Allen. Date of Death.. Giving Number of Conclave. X. ga. Panama April 1. if Not — 1816—De Witt New York. No. Year Held. Canal Zone. C. Nev Sept. Claremont. Y. 1828. X Y. 106 in the Philippines. . Reno. Third Conclave — 1826 — De Witt Clinton. H. CayuEighth Conclave — 1841 — James Madison Y. Jonathan Nye. died April Cayuga. Malta. I). Allen. . No. Panama. X. Allen. °f which Membership number St. No. Deleware. ga. Living. Mexico City. i.July DeWitt Clinton. t08 I'll E KNIGHTS TKM PLAR. Wilmington. . Claremont. T907 1 Goldfield. 11. and. No. O. New York. Columbus. . 1843. Mexico City. X. Las Cascadas. Fifth Conclave — 1832 — Rev. H. Bull. 1907 15. died February Fourth Conclave — 1829— Rev. 1. Nev . Y.203. Sixth Conclave — 1835 — James Madison X. has 513.

New York. died May 1909. O. . Pa.. Cal. ers. . 2S. . kee. Palmer. Seventeenth Conclave — 1868 — William Sewall GardiNewton. died September 1907. P. died June 1890. Twenty-Second Conclave — 1883-— Robert Enoch WithWythesville. died April 1888. Twenty-Fifth Conclave— 1892 — Hugh McCurdy. Twenty-Third Conclave — 1886— Charles Roome. Nineteenth Conclave — 1874 — James Herron Hopkins.. Columbus. C. D. Fourteenth Conclave — 1859-— Benjamin Brown French. D. died July 1896. San Francisco. . ton. La. . Va. Columbus. 18. died January 1866. 16. S.. 24. . O. A. Twenty-Sixth Conclave — 1895 — Warren La Rue ThomDanville.. died June 1904. 1909. 111. 12. 4. 9. died August 1870. Twenty-First Conclave — 1880— Benjamin Dean. D. as. Twentieth Conclave — 1877 — Vincent Lombard HurlChicago. Fifteenth Conclave — 1862 — Benjamin Brown French. 21. but. Ky. 28. C. died November 1897. died March 10. Eleventh lOO. Fellows. C. Conclave — 1898 — Reuben Hedley Twenty-Seventh Conclave bard. died April 1897.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. — 1850— William Blackstone HubTwelfth Conclave — 1853 — William Blackstone Hubbard. Washington. 1. Washington. N. L.. Lloyd. Corruna. Mass. O. . BosMass.. Washington. New Orleans. 7. Y. ner. died July 1908. MilwauSixteenth Conclave — 1865 — Henry Wis. . Thirteenth Conclave — 1856 — William Blackstone Hubbard. Columbus. Twenty-Fourth Conclave — 1889— John Gobin. died May 1910. 5. Eighteenth Conclave — 1871 —John O. Mich. Lebanon.

C"oncla\e \Y. Twenty-Ninth Conclave — 1904 — George Mayhew MoulChicago. Twenty-Eighth Conclave 1 dard. Thirtieth I\.V . 1910. Provi- I. ton. Cincinnati. N. July William Bromwell MelThirty-First Conclave — 1910 O. dence. Texas. 111. — 1907 — Henry Rugg. ish.— 1IO THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. — 190 —Henry Bates StodBryan.. Conclave — 1913 — Arthur Thirty-Second Mc Arthur. Troy. died 2J.


1 1 I

The roses nowhere bloom so bright As in Illinois; The sunshine shines nowhere so bright As in Illinois; The birds sing nowhere quite so sweet, And nowhere hearts so lightly beat, For Heaven and earth both seem to meet
In Illinois.

The days are never quite so long As in Illinois; Nor quite so filled witb happy song As in Illinois; And when my time lias come to die,
Just take me back and let me lie Close where the river comes rolling by
In Illinois.



nowhere a land

so fair


in Illinois;

full of

song, so free of care,

As in Illinois; And I believe that happy land The Lord's prepared for mortal man,
Is built

exactly on the plan





Templar organized in was Apollo Commandery, No. I, Chicago, whose petitioners received a dispensation from Jas. K. Stapleton, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of the



of Knights


United States, dated





dispensation was received



1845. and au-

thorized the petitioners "to open and hold an
of Knights


Templar and Knights of Malta, and council of

the appendant orders at the city of Chicago, by the



Apollo Encampment, No.
the second


with the officers and other

privileges, in accord with the prayer of the petitioners, un-

Thursday of September, in the year 1847." same date the dispensation was received Apollo Encampment, No. 1, was duly formed and opened in solemn form. There were present Most Excellent and Reverend EmiSir William Frederick Walker, Grand Commander nent Sir John Roman Case, Generalissimo Eminent Sir William Stuart, Captain General, and Sir Knights Henry lirown, William Moreland, Davis Ryan, A. B. Lewis and John Ranney. The above named Sir Knights, together with S. H. Gilbert, Isaac Haight and G. C. Blodgett, were appendant to the petition for an encampment. The first conclave was held in the forenoon of May 20. [845, in the Masonic hall, Loomis building, corner Clark and Water streets, at which Conclave the order of the Red Cross was conferred on Companions Jacob Beison, W. A. Rowlatt, W. S. Brown, P. P. Robinson. Charles Robert Starkweather, Charles Follansbee and C. Britain. On May 23. 1845, the Order of the Temple was conferred upon Illustrious Knights of the Red Cross Philip P. Robinson, W. S. Brown and Rev. W. A. Rowlatt.





Apollo Encampment, No.


continued to work under


when, on September


Grand Encampment ordered a charter issued. The second Commandery of Knights Templar organized in the slate of Illinois was Belvidere Encampment, Xo. 2, at Alton, 111., under dispensation from the Grand Encampment, dated



of Knights

Templar organized in the state of Illinois was Center Encampment, at Decatur, under dispensation from the Grand Encampment, dated



July 22, 1856.

On November


[856, the

Grand Master, upon


extended and renewed the

of this dispensation, chang-

ing the name to Central Commander)', until the second Tuesday in Septemher, [859, when a further dispensation was granted by the Grand Encampment of the United States, in session Septemher [9, 1859, until the ensuing session of the Grand Commandery- of Illinois, when, on November 3, 1859, a further dispensation was granted by the Grand Commandery of Illinois, to expire October 27. i860', changing the name to Beaumanoir Commandery, by

which name


has since been known, and as Xo.



Grand Commander)The fourth encampment established by the Grand Encampment of the United States in Illinois was Peoria Enthe jurisdiction of the

of Illinois.

campment, at Peoria, 111., by dispensation issued by the Grand Master July 2$, [856, and was chartered September


The fifth encampment established by the Grand Encampment of the United States in Illinois was Freeport Encampment. Xo. 5, by dispensation dated June 10, 1857; chartered September 16, [859. This was the last encampment created by the Grand Encampment of the United
States in Illinois.




TEMPLAR, was organized

The Grand Commandery
convention of

of Illinois

at a

Knights Templar, convened

the city of

Chicago en Tuesday, the 27th October, 1857, A. (). 739, at 10:30 o'clock a. M., agreeable to a call of the several commanderies of the state, for the purpose of forming a Grand


of Knights


for the state of Illinois,

by order of lM. E. Sir William Blackstone Hubbard, (irand

Master of Knights Templar of the United States of America.

[See History G. C.


vol. 2,



Grand Commander of the (irand Commandery of Illinois received at the same time two petitions for dispensation to form and open commanderies, the one at Joliet and the other at Morris, 111., both signed by a constitutional number of Knights Templar, and both recommended, on the same date, by Apollo Commandery, No. I, neither petition having precedence in date of application, the two cities being only a few miles distant from each other. The Grand Commander granted a dispensation to the Sir Knights at Joliet to form and open a Commandery of Knights Templar and the appendant orders, at the city of Joliet, by the name of Joliet Commandery, and also granted a dispensation to the Sir Knights of Morris to form and open a Commandery of Knights Templar and appendant orders in that city by the name of Blaney Commandery.



of December, 1857, the

both dispensations bearing date February


1858. A. O.


October 26, 1858, the (irand

Commandery granted

Commandery. as No. 4. and to Blaney Commandery, as No. 5. They are the twin commanderies of the (irand Commandery of Illinois, and Blaney Commandery, No. 5, is the mother commandery of Ottawa Comcharters to Joliet

mandery, Xo.



W. H.








Daniel H. Ashton, S. C. Miner and Ouincy D. Whitman,


the petitioners

mandery, No.

and charter members of Ottawa Comwere knighted in Blaney Commandery,

and Blaney Commandery recommended the prayer of the petitioners for a commandery at Ottawa. 111., to the favorable consideration <>f the Grand Commander}- of Illinois,

and the best of fraternal relations have always existed

between the two commanderies.
Oliver Cromwell Gray and James Rhoads, the two
officers of Ottawa Commandery, were knighted burg Commandery, No. 1, Pittsburg, Pa.


R. E.



whose memory we dedicate this work, was Eminent Commander of Ottawa Commandery during the years [869 and 1877, inclusive, and Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Illinois in 1878. He was one f the first created a Knights Templar in Ottawa Commandery. At the time of his death he was the ranking Past Commander of Ottawa Commander}', and Past Commander of the Grand Commandery by
John Fisk Nash,

seniority of service,

and by far the senior in age. Knight Nash was born at Williamsburg, Mass., De[6,


1824, and

came west


1840, locating at Gran-

ville, 111., where he married on the 26th of November, 1847, Lura M. Penned, who died January 18, [917, in her ninety-

second year.

He came






where he
Clerk of

began the study of law
to the bar in

October. 1849, and was admitted
later elected Circuit

He was


Salle count}-,


he held

five years.

later chief clerk of the State


at Springfield.

He was He was

cashier of the First National
years, resigning




for thirty-five

from that position


1900, being then at








R. E. SIR JOHN FISK NASH, Grand Commander Grand Commandcry, 1S7S. Born December 16, 1824; died July 6, 1913.




entitled to a rest

age of seventy-seven years, and feeling that he from the labors of what to most men
raised Master

a life time.

He was



Occidental Lodge



exalted Royal Arch

and was Master of the lodge during the years [863-64. Mason in Shabbona Chapter, No..
A. M., June 2



[856, and

chapter in 1865.


created a

was High Priest of said Knights Templar in Otunder
of the








Was Eminent Commander from
and Grand Commander

[869 to

1877, inclusive,

Grand Com-


of Illinois in r.878. these official positions he



efficient serv-

of his brothers

and fraters


his faithful



died Sunday, July



His funeral services

were held from Christ Episcopal Church on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, after which the body was conveyed to

Ottawa Avenue Cemetery, escorted by Ottawa Commandery, Xo. to, K. T.. where the beautiful Templar burial

were rendered under the direction of K. E. Sir
T., ol Illinois.

William Leslie Sharp., Grand Commander of the Grand

Commander}', K.


sleeps like one

around him and

Knight of the Knights Templar. Knight of Malta of the Order of )ohn of Jerusalem. Mail and farewell!

who drew the drapery of his couch down to pleasant dreams. valiant and magnanimous Order of

R. E.


Grand Commander, 1906-7.



R. E. Sir Albert Frederick Schoch, one of the dedicatees of this work,

devoted to the Order of Knighthood, and



Til E


R. E.

SIR ALBERT FREDERICK SCHOCH 33 Grand Commander Grand Commandery, 1906.




Templar circles is well known and most popular, not only the grand jurisdiction of Illinois, but throughput the
like everything- else in

United States.

which Sir Schoch be-


interested, received, without falter, the full force of

his energy, zeal



His watchword has always
of his

been the "upbuilding" of everything he undertook, not only



but in

civil affairs

community and

state at large.

Without doubt he

one of the most progres-


and public-spirited men of Ottawa, and

means and

influences have been used unsparingly in advancing enterprises, industries

his nativity,

and improvements in the beautiful city of where he was born on the 18th of December.


of his parents. Philip and Caroline S.


Schoch, were born near Strasburg, Germany.
being born



Gertsheim. Alsace, July 26,

1832, and the



Obenheim, Alsace,




They came


the United States in 185 1, locating in Ottawa, which con-

tinued to be their
dise of


until they

were called to the Para-

a gentleman of scholarly tastes

R. E. Sir Schoch




proficient in literature



and and

reads and speaks French and

German almost

as readily as

he does English.



proud of the

fact that

he obtained

elementary education

in the public

grammar and high

schools of Ottawa, and subsequently pursued a special course
of study in French

two terms

in a

French school.


eighteen years of age he took the competitive examination
for admission to


Point, standing second


twenty-two young men who presented themselves for that
rigorous ordeal.
In the fall of 1873 the business career of Sir A. Schoch commenced by his accepting a position as clerk








John Rush Cameron. At the end of sixteen months he became connected with the National City Having proved his fidelity and perfect Bank of Ottawa. trustworthiness as a messenger boy, at the end of three years
the postoffice under

Three years he was promoted to the post of bookkeeper. nmre had scarcely passed, when his merits and stability oi
character being fully recognized by the officials of the bank,

he was elected a


of the hoard of directors January
assistant cashier on the fourth

[885, and
the mi

was appointed
five years,



At the end of
he acted


a part of

which period
to the

the capacity


cashier, he

was advanced



which he has since occupied, that of

president of the bank.


also holds the position of vice-president of the First

National Bank of Grand Ridge and First National Bank of
Illinois. He was president for Ottawa Development Association, the commercial club of the city of Ottawa, and is also treasurer of the Valley Building and Loan Association, in which or-

Ransom, La

Salle county,

several years of the

ganization he takes an active interest, having done


towards the building of new homes



view of the fact that he

career empty-handed, his success



commenced his business is the more remarkable, record must prove an inspiration to many young


starting out, as he did. with no capital save brains, in-


determination and perseverance, which, after

the best capital,

and without which wealth, influence and



to naught.


great financial enterprises and a multiplicity
a large share of his time

of interests


and energy.

Schoch might have occupied almost any

within the gift of the people for


years past.


he was overtaxed


times, he has endeavored to do his

A. was School Treasurer of the Congressional township. and ( . introduction of poand tire alarm systems.. from 1887 to 1889. and climbed the ladder hand Commander of the of fame until he was elected Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the state of Illinois at the Annual Conclave.. he was elected Grand Warder. 1893. No. such as the paving of streets. which he was raised 1883. he was appointed by Governor Tan- ner as a to Board of Special Commissioners inspect the Chicago drainage canal. No. 1893. and in recognition of his meritorious services in the Masonic vine- Shabbona Chapter. teer fire 3. in which he was Ottawa Commandery. A. Range the nominee for the office of State Treasurer. he 555. in which he was created November 9. R. Knights Templar of Illinois. 10. from [889 to 1891 he was City Treasurer. F. to December. and was prominently mentioned at one of the Republican state conventions as 33. in June. 1899. M. is a in member 37. and admiration of the people for his wise.*' He was known low his He refused to al- name to he used as a candidate for the mayoralty office for a third time. October 23. as will bo seen by From 1891 to 1895 he was the brief summary following: Mayor of Ottawa. the laying of sewers and buildof waterworks. and served as secreof the member tary of said commission. was member of the volundepartment for sixteen years. of Humboldt Lodge. clave of the Grand Commandery. No. M. in Mayor lice ing" he succeeded While he was having many material improvements instituted. was member of the Board of Education two terms. progressive In May. duty by the public in 121 spite of this fact. as the "boy mayor. will and retired from the with the good policy. At the forty-third Annual Con1896.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. Fraternallv. 1906. No. and served as Eminent Commander from December. exalted in June. & A. Knights Templar. 1899.

He is also a member of Medina Temple. A. and to the most casual ob- server gives evidence of the culture. He at present a member Grand Comand the representative of the Grand Commandery of Colorado near the Grand Commandery of Illinois. Location. member of Oriental Consistory. Chicago Sept. one of To this union has been born Ottawa's leading citizens. office of He sion. Sharp. Valley of Chicago. yard he was crowned Sovereign Grand Inspector General. 1856 3— Peoria Peoria Oct. States of America. Name. He is also. M. A.. three daughters — Carrie U. O. Workers One of the most pleasing events in the career of Sir Schoch was solemnized December 17.[22 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. as Prince of the Royal Secret. When Chartered. 26. B. C. ( )asis of Chicago. excellence of taste and traits of character of the family of R.. 17. T. at home. and at the last seswas re-elected. Alton 2— Belvidere Sept. E. and Lulu C. SUBORDINATE COMMANDERIES UNDER JURISDICTION GRAND COMMANDERY OF ILLINOIS. 32 a of the jurisprudence committee of the Illinois mander).of . 1847 1— Apollo 1853 Sept. . thirty-third and last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. 15. September 16. of Ottawa. has held the of the Supreme Banker of the Mystic World for twenty years. of Sir Schoch is The home in unpretentious. O. daughter of Henry Wolfe.000. This is an insurance organization with a membership of over 90. a and Esther S. recently married to Dr. 1858 Joliet 4— Joliet 19-. but is home the best sense of the word. S. 1879. N. when he married Miss Minnie Wolfe. No. and hohorar) cil member 1 of the Supreme Counis for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United 9 3 1 . recently held. Sir Albert Fred- erick Schoch.

Oct. Oct. Oct. 1867 22. 1870 26. 1868 27. Oct. Aldemar 48— Delta 49— Ascalon 50— Tancred 51— Constantine 52— Chevalier Bayard 53— Montjoie 54— Siloam 56— Rushville Mendota Carrollton Litchfield Oct. Omer 31— Hospitaler 32— Almoner 33— Ivanhoe 34— St. Oct. Oct. 1878 25. 1872 24. Pulaski 40— Galena 41— Gethsemane 42— Damascus 43— Coeur de Leon 44— Godfrey de Bouillon 45— Athelston 47— St. John Sycamore Urbana Rockford Oct. Oct. Bernard 36— Bethel 37— Melita 38— Mt. Oct. Oct. 1866 23. Oct. Oct. 1875 23. 1869 27. 1870 26. Oct.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. 1882 24. 1868 27. Oct. 1867 22. 1866 23. 1869 26. 1870 26. Oct. 1874 27. 1870 26. Pulaski Galena Metropolis Havana El Paso Mattoon Danville Petersburg Clayton Pittsfield Belleville Lincoln Chicago Chicago Oak Park Rushville Dec. 1869 27. 1867 22. Jacksonville Augusta Kankakee Fairbury Chicago Elgin Tuscola Paxton Mt. 1874 28. Oct. 1866 23. 1871 22. 1865 24. 1875 26. Paul 35— St. 1878 22. 1867 27. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. 1881 24. Oct. 1877 22. 1882 26. 1865 24. Oct. Oct. 1881 25. 25. 1861 25. 1858 1859 26. 1865 23. 1867 22. Oct. Oct. 1 23 5— Blaney 6— Elwood 7— Freeport 8— Galesburg 9— Beaumanoir 10— Ottawa 12— Waukegan 13— Cairo 14— Gorin 15 Morris Springfield Freeport Galesburg Decatur Ottawa Waukegan Cairo — Sycamore Olney 16— Urbana 17— Crusader IS— Rock Island 19— Chicago 20— Temple 21— Dixon 22— Aurora 23— Cyrene 24— DeMolay 25— Calvary 26— St. July Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct.1859 23. Oct. 1860 23. Oct. Rock Island Chicago Princeton Dixon Aurora Centralia Bloomington Woodstock Peru Paris 27— Palestine 28— Bethany 29— Hugh de Payens 30— St. 1865 24. Oct. 1866 23. Oct. 1864 24. Oct. Olivet 39— Mt. Oct. Oct. 1861 23. 1860 23. 1870 24. Oct. 1872 22. Oct. . 1866 22. Oct. 1868 2. 1871 22. Oct. Oct. 1873 28. Oct. Oct. Oct.

1894 23. C. Oct. 57— Sterling 58— Evanston 59—Englewood 60— Long 61 — Macomb 62— Calumet 63— Columbia 64— Lincoln Park 65— St. 1892 25. Oct. C. H. Oct. Barnard 75— Inglevere 76— Wocdlawn 77— Quincy 78— Chicago Heights 79— Humboldt Park 80— Trinity SI— East St. Turner* George W. C. Hurlbut* Jerome R. 1903 24. Louis Mt. Ranney Ranney Ranney Ranney Miles Miles Miles Miles Miles H. Elmo 66— Clinton 67— Mary OS— Champaign 69— Patton 70— Streator 71 Sterling Evanston Englewood Mt. Year. Sept. Oct. Oct. 1912 IS. James V. 1912 28. Oct. Gorin* Charles E. Oct. Oct. Oct. H. IIS I TKM PLAR. Ranney George C. Sept. Oct. Carroll Macomb Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Clinton Dec. 1912 18. Carmel S3— St. Oct. 1909 26. Oct. 1905 24. Oct. Deering* Henry Henry Henry Henry James James James James James C. 1894 25. Oct. 1915 GRAND COMMANDERS AND RECORDERS OF THE GRAND COMMANDERY SINCE ITS FORMATION.I 24 I'll E K NIC. Z. 1912 18. Blaney James V. Sept. Blaney* Josiah Hunt* Hosmer A. Oct. 1911 IS. Louis 82— Mt. Sept. Cecelia 84— Austin Carthage Chicago Quincy Chicago Heights Chicago La Grange East St. Oct.1884 27. 1896 2. Sept. . Munger* Grand Recorder. Deering* William H. Prentice* Henry C. Johnson* George W. 1S57. 1891 26. William H. 1913 28. 1907 26. Oct.1913 28. Carmel Chicago Chicago 29. Turner William H. 1886 28. Oct. Z. Oct. Oct. 1895 28. Oct. 1905 24. Oct. 1857 185S 1859 1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869 Grand Commander. 1909 24.1906 23. Turner William H. Watseka Champaign Mt. Turner* Nathan H.1913 28. 1891 18. Vernon Streator — Kewanee Kewanee Chicago Chicago Sullivan 72— Illinois 73— Mizpah 74— Gil W. Lamphere* Vincent L. 1893 24.1886 26. 1906 24. H. OCTOBER 27. H. Johnson Hosmer A.

Green* G. Gil. Gil. Augustus L. W. Gross* John D. D. J. Gil. W. W. Spring Charles G. Gil. W. McKinlay* Charles M. W. Gil. W. Barnard Gil. Gassette* George M. Miles James H. W. Clarke* John L. Miles James H. P. W. Purinton E. Elwood Haswell C. Gil. Pearson* Wiley M. Gil. W. Barnard Gil. Gil. Sherwin* George W. Miles James H. Webster Edward C. Moulton Joseph E. W. Mulliner T. White* Wilbur F. D. I). Gil. Stevens Louis A. Gil. W. Pierson Thomas A. Gil. Gil. Schoch Wilderman* Ohara* Whipple Smythe Crooks William L. Loyal L. D. 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1S81 1S82 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1S89 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1S98 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 125 John M. Edward Norman C. Gil. James H. W. Gil.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Cleveland Harry H.o S. Montgomery Gil. Gil. Broomfield* Gil. Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard Barnard* Harris A. W. W. Gil. Redmond Delmar Delmar Delmar Delmar Delmar Delmar Delmar D. Gil. Alon. W. Gil. W. W. W. Miles* Gil. Pace* James P. Gil. W. Mac* Harvey M. Alfred A. Munn* Henry Turner* James G. Miles James H. D. Miles James 11. W. Wheeler Andrew ^Deceased. McFatrich* Charles P. Curtis James B. Gil. Gil. Gil. W. Morse* John C. Gil.. Dyas Sylvester O. W. Otman William Leslie Sharp Stuart E. W. Gil. Darrah Darrah Darrah Darrah Darrah Darrah Darrah . D. Hubbard* Theodore Philander T. Egan* Daniel Dustin* James A. Hawley* Hiram W. Mills W. Cleaveland Arthur M. W. W. Albert F. W. Hamer Holman George H. Kane Gil. W. Gurney* Barclay* Nash* Robert L. W. Hall* Henry H. W. Gil. Wheeler Harris A. W. Smith* John F. Miles James H.

fast. a place called Geth- Then comcth Jesus with them unto go and pray yonder. from the chief priests and elders of the people. it. saying". one of the twelve. And p. us he going. that same is he. while I And he took with him Peter and the to he two sons of Zebedee.[26 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. them asleep again. for their eyes And he left them. my I if this cup may not pass drink thy will he done. away from me. except And he came and found were heavy. What! could ye not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed lie is willing'. Father. xxvi : ^0-49. and the Son of Pise. hut the flesh is weak. and said. and kissed him. came. saith Then cometh he to his disciples. nevertheless. let Man is betrayed into the is hands of sinners. saying the same words. and take your rest. O. and findeth them asleep and said unto> he went a little further. titude. my Father. a Now he that betrayed him gave them 1 sign. THE BITTER semane. and went away again. fail. . O. and cup prayed. Whomsoever And forthwith he came to Jesus. be possible. heavy. tarry ye here. — Matt. saying. and began sorrowful and very is Then saith he unto them. Master. saying. And he cometh unto the disciples. disciples. and sayeth unto the CUP. and prayed the third time. My soul exceeding sor- rowful. behold he at lo. And while he yet spake. hut as thou wilt. hand that doth betray me. even unto death. Sleep on now. Judas. not as will. I let this from me. Sit ye here. behold is at the hour hand. hold him I shall kiss. and unto them. and prayed. and with him a great mul- with swords and staves. and if it fell on his face. went away again a second time. and watch with me.



Illinois The meanderings of the placid waters of the among the innumerable wooded islands. T. 10. model schools. OTTAWA. and the memory of those times is not recollection but sensation. shaded lawns." OUR HOME. NO. and. sands to make elass for venerations vet . The home souls ILLINOIS. 10. hue residences. make one of the most substantial cities in Illinois. artesian fountains. Illi- Peter's sandstone to unite with the blue waters of the nois ages far Its down the vista of time. though there is to be no other spring. waters of the Fox cut their where the way through St. un- surpassed in the West. city. "More precious than rubies and pearls are the times in earlier years which first get the fibers in tune with never-to-be-forgotten joys. through with a soil as rich a valley and fertile as that of the Xile. is a most beautiful and model — with a population of 15. K. for they are the source of happiness distilled for the spirit.000 souls for all of our people have fertile valley of the — located in the beautiful silver-like and Illinois river. "So the autumn and winter of life are brightened. 1861-1916. The landscape scenery surrounding such that no artist in this beautiful city is the wildest luxuriance of his fancy could picture the grandeur and beauty that meet the eye on every side. of Ottawa Cbmmandery. 1 29 OTTAWA COMMANDERY. subcostly stantial business houses. colleges and public libraries. churches. manufacturing it and shipping facilities. as a residence city of refined taste. paved streets. tenuous like a ray of light. ethereal.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. K.. No. T. abounding with clays with which to manufacture the most substantial building material.


the Illini. flow through the valley ful in purling. smoother stream. being besieged on this impregnable fortress by their adversaries. like an island fortress commanding the valley for miles east and west. preferred death tion rather than an by starvatheir ignominious one at the hands of enemies. last resting place of which. sparkling brooks. and that Hennepin. called the valley of the the "Delights of the Xew World"? Looking down the valley of the Illinois. . from the depths of which the eye merrily from out the dark and quaint and yawning canyon. and participating Illinois. Peter's to rock. the Indian falo.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDKKV. and hillsides thickly wooded and filled 131 with coal to propel the machinery of the world. the great French exIllini plorer. it mind delights in contemplating. singing a mournful dirge as they bathe the the once powerful tribe of rocky sides of Lover's Leap and wash the base of Starved Rock. and the buf- and deer were in his his herds. Crossing the blue is "weary pilgrim travelling from afar" grasped by a friendly hand and guided through paths he had not known. the builded their largest city in this beautiful and fertile valley. along noisy. Glens and grottos divinely carved in St. stands Buffalo Rbck. scene which the Is tion. partaking of his nature. the nomadic habits. stretching far til away unforms a their outlines are blended with the blue horizon. the Iroquois. gliding grewsome and many a meeting a broader. strains upward walls of in reach the eagle's lofty nest. where less than four score years and one. any wonder that the once great and powerful naIllini. elk was the possessor of wild prairies. to the westward. and from its wooded plateau the sojourner can look over the woodland hills of the Illinois far out on the cornfields and wheatfields of the prairie farmer. grace- windings. unborn.


its he beholds meridian height. Marseilles hills. the crab apple had yielded to the rambo and pippin. clover and blue grass. man's industry and the sun at its Turning to the south. and on. Dark. he neatly furnished farm houses. where the resin-weed had given away to the cornfields. no cry was heard That spoke of life to death preferred. "Here chief met chief in [33 dubious strife. and gage plum and damson. cities of tlu j Illinois.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. the abiding homes of sup- culture and industry. stern. the "pilgrim warrior" now climbs to the summit of Starved Illini. at the "Wind the mighty secrets of the And turn the key of time!" Arising from his bended knees. he beholds the up the beautiful valley of Ottawa. Looking to the east. his vision rests Illini. Turning first to the west. the wild cut away to give a place to the green Turning sees to the north. sullen. with which the white man had planted the wigwam and lodge of the red man. the twin cities of La works and Peru and the smoke stacks of the largest zinc in the world towering heavenward as monuments to skill. Rock and. the wild rose and native grasses were choked out by timothy. and Morris. and on beyond the village of Ltica. he beholds a most magnificent scene. neither yielded but his life. sitting peacefully a between the woodland and the smoke of on the site hundred factories drifting away into the immeasurable space. looking across the beautiful valley of the Illinois. shedding refulgent ravs upon thousands of acres of prairie. ." And — Having changed sepulchre of the his garb. sit- ting like Salle Rome on its Seven Hills. kneeling implores the Great I Am to past. of the great city of the where the cross of the aborigines Our in Blessed Savior was planted among the valley of the Illini by the French Jesuits centuries still ago. far beyond the rising bluff on the north.




Ashley. Ashley. one of the early members Occidental Lodge. Douglas. John D. Lyle Dickey sat on the bench and heard pleadings Illinois. Occidental Lodge.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Milligan. as well as the late high school building. 19 10. its wish might bound Through life to dwell delighted here. l$J well might the pil- grim penitent exclaim. Douglas. 1895. On either side are houses of worship dedicated to Almighty God. Henry L. Arnold. The corner-stone of the present Masonic temple was laid November 3. F. once the seat of the Supreme Court of the Northern Grand Division of which such men as Sidney Breese. Nor could on earth a spot be found. in Templar Itinerary. and was dedicated for Masonic purposes June J/. Not far away is the temple of justice. Grand Master. the Appellate Court-house. in the language of Byron : — "The naughtiest breast. Samuel B. all symbolic of the lofty principles of Free Masonry. Ottawa Commandery. L. Caton and T. and William I). Fullerton. Seeking his chamber of reflection. A more appropriate location chairman Al. Grand Master. B. conSchoch." W. R. given to the citizens of is Ottawa by Wilof liam Reddick. while just across the way in Washington Park is the huge boulder erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution to mark the spot where the first joint debate took place between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Bradford. To nature and to me so dear. Nearby are several other churches. Just across the way from the Appellate Court-house the public library. in from Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. for the execution and completion of this magnificent Masonic temple. sisting of Great credit is due the building committee. by Most Worshipful A. could not have been selected. Humboldt Lodge. THE HOME OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Shabbona Chapter. . by Most Worshipful A. 191 1. Boston Triennial.


10. as Generalissimo. 111.. NO. Past Master of Humboldt Lodge. as Captain General. No. The names on the dispensation cannot be given. "Lamme" being the maiden name of his mother. Illinois. That charters be granted to Ottawa Com: mander}'. 1861 "Resolved. Wallace in Commander Generalissimo Captain General *Quite all historians writing the life of General Wallace have. OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Grand Orator. Sir David Walker. author of "Life and Letters of General Wallace. Sir Hosmer A. The same error crept into the author's "History of the White Apron. for the reason that it was never made a matter of record. error. and Sir * William Hervy Lamme Wallace. On son. the 29th of January. one by Al. who made the introductory remarks. Milligan. 1861. Schoch. the senior of the two There were two addresses. LI. Miss Isabel Wallace. F.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COM M ANDERY. No." We have it direct from his daughter. D. 10. upon the recommendation of Blaney Commander. written his name William Henry Lamb Wallace. 5. granted a dispensation for a Comrnandery of Knights Templar at Ottawa." that his name was William Hervy Lamme Wallace.. D. E. L. T. Sir Oliver Cromwell (Tray was named as Eminent Commander. and the dedicatory address delivered by William L." Officers U. M. Oliver Cromwell Gray David Walker W. U. L. I 3c) The ceremonies lodges in Ottawa. . John- Grand Commander of the Grand Comrnandery of Knights Templar of Illinois. The committee on charters and dispensations reported to the Grand Comrnandery October 23. K. W. Morris. Past Master of Occidental Lodge. as Ottawa Comrnandery. of dedicating the new temple were un- der the auspices o\ Occidental Lodge.

PAST EMINENT COMMANDERS. 1868* . 1863* Wade. L862* John B. 1864 and 6* George J. Rhoads. George W. Peekham. Gray. 1865* William '"Deceased. 1867- Gibson. 1861* Thomas J. L. James A. Oliver C. Burgess. Lininger.

Stone. Johnson authorizing the forming and opening Commandery. who read a dispensation from R. Crane and Daniel H. N. E. H. corner of Court and Madison streets. S. C. the most prominent business and professional men in the city of Ottawa. Ashton. David Walker. Knights Templar. D. Daniel C. I4I Prelate Peckham James Rhoads S. Ashton W. Goodsell Junior Warden Treasurer Levi Mason McMillen Crane of the D. Goodsell. John F. Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Daniel Stone C. Grand Commander Ibismer A. 10. Lamb. Samuel C. on the day of February. 743- There were present at this conclave Sir Knights Oliver Cromwell Gray. Avery. Samuel E. Miner. The Commandery was opened without ceremony by Oliver Cromwell Gray. under dispensation. F. James Rhoads. was convened hall. J. in the on the third the floor the Glover & Cook now Gedney first building. Temple was conferred in [861 on the Theodore Cunningham Gibson. Quincy D. Charles S. George W. Peckham. under dispensation. Whitman. Reir N. John B. C. John F. Warder Captain of the Guard The Order following: son L. A. for the transaction work as legalized under said dispensation until the next conclave of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the state of Illinois. Baldwin. Nash. A. Senior Warden R. The Masonic building. William B. Minor B. B. [861. first conclave of Ottawa Commander)-. Lininger. William Gibson.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. J. Walker and Julius C. of No. McMillan. William Hervy Lramme Wallace. O. of a of such business and . Thomas JefferWade.

consisting James Rhoads. of Commandery that all members it was ordered by Ottawa Command- ery furnish themselves with uniforms according to regulations pertaining thereto. were received clave. 1X61. fuel and necessary re- . Theodore C. Daniel C. Stone and Charles S.1-1- THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. first The petition for the in Gibson and William L. consisting of Sir Knights James Rhoads. conferred Orders of Knighthood to he Ottawa Commandery. the committee on by-laws presented their report. which was taken up in sections and adopted. on and uniforms. lights. conclave of the conclave that for the at this they had secured a lease from Occidental Lodge by agreeing to pay one-third of Kent. to confer with Occidental Lodge in regard to the rental of the Masonic hall for Commandery purposes. The Commandery was then closed fifth without ceremony until the day of February. consisting of Sir Knights Sir Knights fees David Walker. Crane. was appointed to prepare and report a code of by-laws for the Commandery. Petitions for the at this conclave from Companions George 111. to-wit: pairs. The committee appointed at the Commandery on rent of hall reported use of the Masonic the expenses. Order of Knighthood were received W. Gibson. C. At this conclave dt" a committee was appointed. consisting of those of Companions Levi Mason. Clark. "called off" until Tuesday even- At the conclave held February 12. 5. Miner. Henry F. 1861. A committee was also appointed. The Commandery was ing at 7 o'clock. C. William Hervy Lamme Wallace and David Walker. James Rhoads and Samuel E. Lininger and first C. at this con- A committee. Perrin. of Peru. At the conclave of February the 1861. hall.

and resided on Ottawa avenue. February 13. After conferring the illustrious order of the Red Cross on the above mentioned postulants. Gibson was postmaster of the city of Ottawa. Theodore Cunningham Gibson was in the furniture business on La. Levi Mason. 1861. John Fisk Nash and Thomas Jefferson Wade were declared duly elected to receive the Orders of Knighthood in Otta- The petitions of of Knights Templar. Salle street. Your historian has the honor (if having been personally Companion Wilaccpiainted with the above petitioners. wa Commandery liam L. and resided on East Pearl street. all then young and enterprising business men. [861. and resided on East ent of the gas Main street. Thomas Jefferson Wade. Levi Mason was superintend- company. the Council of Knights of the Rjed Cross was closed and a Commandery of Knights . Theodore Cunningham Gibson. John Fisk Nash.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. when Companions William L. John Fisk Nash was Clerk of the Circuit Court. pioneers of The first the West. Levi Mason and Theodore Cunningham Gibson. The first balloting for candidates for the Orders of Knighthood in Ottawa Commandery was taken at a conclave held March 7. Gibson. at 7:30 o'clock. and Thomas Jefferson Wade was streets. and resided on East Congress street. Companions John Fisk Nash and Thomas Jefferson W^ade were presented at this same conclave. FIRST BALLOTING. proprietor of the Mansion House. Gibson. work in Ottawa Commandery was done at this conclave when a Council of Knights of the Red Cross was opened and the illustrions order conferred on Companions William L. located on the corner of Court and Main FIRST WORK. 1 43 The Commandery was "called off" until the following evening.

C. of Morris. and to whom a thanks was extended by Ottawa Commandery for . and the Order of the Temple was conferred on Knights of the \\i. a Council of Knights of Red Cross was opened .22. No. Eminent Commander. [861. lurlburd 32 ery of vote of Illinois. ]). by Sir Knight Frank K. The Commandery was presided I over. Sir Knights William W. presided over by the gifted Oliver Crom- well Gray. their presence Mitchell. officers and members of Blaney Commandery. Cleveland. March 8. Jonathan W. the Order of the Temple was conferred on Knights of the Red Cross William L.42. Hurlburd. Gibson and Thomas Jefferson Wade. Lott. Grand Generalissimo of the Grand CommandThere were also present. Armstrong. Arnold M. C. Couch and E.and the illustrious order conferred on Companions George W. No.144 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. It balance due the master of finance of men. At a special conclave of Ottawa Commander}-.^\ Cross Theodore Cunningham Gibson. C. Henry F. After conferring the Order of the Temple on Sir Knights William L. the Commandery was "called off" until the next morning. W. Gibson and Thomas Jefferson Wade. (J. who were the first ones knighted Templar opened and Ottawa Commandery. Lininger. Lininger were elected to receive the Orders of Knighthood. and assistance. May the 14. Perry A. 111. and they evidently was a glorious company had a glorious time. Levi Mason in and John Fisk Nash. Knights Templar. Friday.20 and the ex- penses $330. and the orders conferred at the above conclaves.. such as has ewer been one of the dis- tinguishing characteristics of Ottawa Commandery. Perrin and . Knights Templar. Clark. C. Levi P. Perrin and George W. in. leaving of $6. 5. [861. The receipts at this conclave a were $324. Massy. when Companions Julius Caesar Avery. John Amis. Uriah B.

at which time the illustrious order of the Red Cross was conferred on Samuel C. and John F. a prosperous farmer residing in Rutland township. sonic honors both in Illinois and Nebraska. at 1 o'clock p.. Lamb was created a Knight Templar at a special conclave of Ottawa Command- Red Cross Julius Ca?sar Avery was created a Knight Templar at a special conclave of Ottawa Commandery August 27. were received and balloted on and both declared elected. who has since been honored with high Ma1868. October 23. and Knight of the and after the expiration of the dispensation. the petitions of W. a charter was authorized to be issued to Ottawa Commandery. a brilliant young attorney. At the annual conclave of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of Illinois. as No. where he passed to his eternal few years ago. Commandery Knights Templar of adopted rest a Nebraska. Walker and John F. 1867. Lamb. Avery. He was Grand Illinois High Priest of the Grand Chapter of in having been elected to the exalted station in October. 1861. 1 861. Julius C. Lininger. He was of the also elected Grand Master of of the Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and Grand Commander his Grand state. on the roll of the Grand Commandery of Illinois. Walker. 1861. At a special conclave July 23. Lamb. But before the Commandery was constituted under charter. ery August 13. Knight of the Red Cross John F. one of the leading practitioners of the Salle county bar. Companions Samuel C. which expired on the date of the annual conclave of the Grand Command- . when the Commandery was "called off" to Wednesday July 10. m. 10. 1861. 1861.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. I45 La At the regular conclave of the Commandery July 2. the Order of the Temple was conferred on Knight of the Red Cross George 1861.

Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of of the the state of Illinois. ery in summoned the Command- conclave March 6. 1862. and its officers legally installed. and ordered same spread upon the records. a conclave of the ery Commandery was i convened under a dispensation November the following officers elected. 111. sum- To all Sir Knights to Whom — .l-4 n in THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Flenry D. having met and unwittingly conferred the Orders of Knighthood upon certain companions. March 6. Brown and John Brooks Rice. issued the following proclamation. These Presents May Come Greeting: Whereas. after having taken evidence relative to said irregularities. therefore be it known that I. Miner John F. Hosmer Allen Johnson. Clark. October. to-wit: _\ [861. by the said elected. Hosmer Allen Johnson. Lininger Before the Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder constituted under charter installed into their reofficered Commandery was officers and the above spective were legally said stations. the Commandery. members of Ottawa Commandery.. to-wit : Ottawa. 1862. Avery Walker Warden Warden Treasurer Mason Recorder Samuel E. held a "called meet- ing" and conferred the Order of the Temple on Knights Red Cross Henry F. [861. Goodsell Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate John B. without said Commandery having been constituted. and. while under dispensation. and James Rhoads David Walker Rier N. It having come to my knowledge that certain Sir Knights. having learned of this irregularity on the part of the so-called officers. but not installed. Lamb George W. officers. Peckham J( >hn Fisk Nash Senior Junior Julius Cseser Samuel Levi C. Grand Commander.

H. or until their successors should be regularly elected and installed. A. B. or cause to be healed. C. 10. finding the same was done in ignorance. D. No. and did install into office Sir O. W. after examination. whereupon a ballot being taken the following Knights were declared duly elected: Commander James Rhoads Generalissimo David Walker R. after which the memorahle conclave was closed. H. a dispensation to proceed to the election of officers. John Lamb Crane and that the above named Sir Knights were duly installed into office for the ensuing Masonic year. Sir H. Peckham (proxy L. C. Nash B. Samuel S. S. Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Captain of the Guard approved by the Grand Commandery were then (again) presented and unanimously adopted. as G. 10. Commander. Knights the . Walker as Commander as Generalissimo for Sir J. HENRY RANNEY. N. (Signed) C. Sir J. Hatheway. C. No. Marshal. Recorder. B. Wallace) as Captain General and by virtue of the high power in me vested as G. Julius C. Brown. Goodsell J.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. C. G. 10. Ranney of by-laws off. Gray Sir D. vows. E. No. forth. C. Avery Walker Levi Mason Miner F. And I do hereby grant authority to the E. I granted Ottawa Commandery. JOHNSON. aijy companion who has been illegally created as Knight of the Red Cross and Knight Templar. Commander to heal. moned 1 47 the Sir Knights to appear before me in conclave. Hatheway were received and balloted on and the Orders (if the Red Cross and Knights Templar were conferred on Companion E. and Ottawa Commandery. C. C. Captain General Prelate Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Peckham John F. and not through any desire on their part to violate their Knightly. as already set The code E. Furthermore. Rice and Sir John Colwell as Sir Knights of the Red Cross and Knights Templar. I did regularly constitute and create (by healing) Sir H. After which the following work was done per order of Grand Commander: The petitions of Companions John Stout and E. did constitute said Commandery. C. and.

and our beloved Sir \Y. and ever ready and willing to wield their swords in the defense of innocent maidens. and dore. March winds wafted from her swords untarnished 1>v and how proudly she has buffeted the waves and kept the faith with flight or shame is well attested by two of her manders of members wearing the insigna of Past Comthe Grand Commandery of Illinois and her memvaliant knights loyal in bership of nearly three hundred their allegiance to the cause of universal benevolence. soon followed their Wallace. set sail Templar. plowshares were being beaten into swords and pruning hooks uel. was ignored. in the brother against brother but that valiant knights of the order would be arrayed against each other in deadly conflict on In his endeavor to prevent this the bloody field of battle. brother was into spears. The Gibsons. on behalf of the Grand Encampment. the Emman- Prince of Peace.I_p^ THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. the reign of arrayed against brother. was exerting his prerogatives in the interest of the Prince of Peace. French. Knight H. with her beauseant unfurled to the bleak the prairies of Illinois. L. helpless orphans the Christian religion. \Yallace his buckled - on his armor and Theo- left his fireside and Commander) to do battle for the preservation of the Union. critical periods in the history of our A terrible fratricidal war was impending. and * * * * Ottawa Commandery was organized under dispensation during one of the most beloved country. destitute widows. \Y. Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States. great and impending conflict he issued the following stirring and knightly appeal to all the Knights Templar throughout . L. by whose side they fought war with Mexico. well knowing that it would be a terrible and bloody war of not only at Santa Anna Beuna Vista. Benjamin B.

I implore every Templar Knight on the continent of America. let us as one man unite in one grand effort to prevent the shedding of fraternal blood. He works through human instruments. A. after humbly seeking strength and aid from on High. Let each Templar. and that the appeal may not be in vain. Let all call to mind how the Knights of Virginia. but I ask every one to labor and to pray that such counsels may take place between the contending parties. 743. infinite — which dread calamity may God. when another year had passed away. He alone who rules the destinies of nations can prevent it. of binding up the and comforting those who mourn. Casting aside every political aspiration. — then call on every Knights Templar I in His to per- form wounds of the afflcted which so well becomes our order. then. remember how often we have stood at each other's side and raised our voice in prayer for the prosperity of a common country and a common cause. Each one has his influence in the circles about him. Peace. with hearts on fire with love for each other and for their countrymen. But the appeal of a Christian Knight Commander was . and. Never. and. which. as to restore harmony and kind feeling. and to inaugurate here that blessed result which our Lord and Master initiated: "Peace on earth and good will to men." Templars! You count in this land by tens of thousands. Forward. and avoid the curse of having fraternal blood crying to Heaven from the ground and bringing down its maledictions on our children's children through all future time! Labor and pray that hostilities may be suspended until the mild counsels of peace can be appealed to. and asking every Templar to do the same. in the state of Virginia. 1861. the land I49 North and South. I ask no one to surrender a principle that has become dear to his heart. to human vision. who have so many years acted with a common impulse.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. go forth among those countrymen and implore the arbitrament of peace instead of that of the sword. to the rescue of your country from fratricidal war! But if war must come mercy. to exert all the means at his command to avert the dread calamity. mingling To An awful brotherhood with those of Massachusetts. pledged themBunker Hill only a few brief years ago. the same noble band stood in fraternal selves to each other on together in the city of Richmond. the birthplace of Washington. All — — dated at True and Patriotic Templars: Brotherly Love. D. O. no never. East and West Washington. to whom this may come. seems inevitable. Honor: fratricidal conflict seems to be impending. C. avert his duty. was an opportunity to exert that influence in a more holy cause or more sublime purpose. April [8. and with mutual vows bound their souls in an everlasting covenant! Let them remember these things.

he was borne to his last rest- place overlooking this beautiful valley by his knight crowned by the rays of Eternal Light by his Supreme Commander in the Realms of Eternal Peace. and finally bravest contending armies the world has ever known. honorable. hospitable man ever lived than Sir ECnight William llervy Lamme his Wallace. Xo more honest.[5O in THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. I vain. fellow Honored in his profession. or body of men. did more. never more. the burning tapers on the triangle of Christian Knighthood were never extinguished. Through all that dreadful struggle. such digni- the obedience to lawful authority as that witnessed when Grand Commanderies of Knights Templar south of the Mason and Dixon line renewed their allegiance to the Grand Encampment of the United States of America. rein spected hy citizens. in the hospitals. charitable. he bloody conflict was on. when the great struggle was over. or organization. purehearted. idolized by his comrades arms and loved by ing- his family. fied such grand submission to a victor. illustrating the universal benevolence and chivalry of modern knighthood. no political power. one Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America. shall we behold such generous loyalty to a country. but continued fulgent rays on the to reflect their re- pathway of friend and foe on the bloody field of battle. between two of the fraters. and around the firesides of desolate homes. during the reconstruction days of the defeated Confederate States. . succoring the needy and binding up the wounds of the afflicted. and inseparable. and just one month beloved from the day that Ottawa Comffiandery was constituted our Wallace fell on the bloody field of Shiloh slain — fighting tor his country! Xo more worthy Sir Knight ever girded a sword upon his thigh." than the now and forever. Never. and. to regenerate and reaffiliate the different sections into a "Union.

. At the annual conclave of Ottawa 10. were appointed to draft John F. 40. Armstrong. 5. Henry \V. Apollo. killed EXCERPTA: Rather let us remain a few.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Died: in hattle." 1863. John Colwell. Wallace. under whose charge the obsequies were conducted. the following officers elected for the ensuing Templar year: Tohn B. M. 10.. but unfortunately not made a part of created in the record. than. Chicago. Ranney. Morris. John Stout and Philo The following were 10. & A. H. General William Hervy Lamme Wallace. No. 111. suitable resolutions pertaining to the deceased. He was Captain General of Ottawa death. Morris and Chicago assisted ceremonies. No. lose our good name. Ottawa Commandery. A. L. Blaney. No. Nash. who was slain at the hattle of Shiloh on April 6th. were held December 2. tions which resoluwere reported. during the year 1862: Lindley. and not only Commandery at the time of his Ottawa Commandery and the comcalled a special conclave on munity his loss. Commandery. No. Ottawa Commandery. Elias Cushman Hatheway. Festus R. Prominent Knights Templar in the from Sirs Joliet. but the entire nation mourned Ottawa Commandery learning of his death and acted as escort to Occidental Lodge. bearing it ever in mind that a "good name in man or woman is the immediate jewel of their souls. Expelled: William B. in which he resided. McMillan. and Perry A. No. 1862. The most distressing loss to Ottawa 1 5 I Commandery dur- ing the year 1862 was that of General \V. being many. No. F. Cleveland. 1. Peckham Commander .

and to endeavor to be led and guided by Him who is the great leader of the Hosts of Israel! 1864. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commanderv. Goodsell Treasurer Recorder Senior Warden . Goodsell Theodore C. Gibson Samuel E. Walker Thomas H. Clark Reir N. Bross. Edward Martin Wade and Silas W. C. EXCERPTA: As Sir Knights of the Cross we ought ever to bear in mind the great sacrifice offered on Mount Mcriah to cancel the sins of the world. Williams. Miner Captain General Prelate Seymour Stover Samuel C. D emitted: Festus R. Nash John Colwell Samuel E. George J. X. Cheever. Brown Samuel C. the following officers were elected for the ensuing Templar year Thomas Jefferson Wade Commander Generalissimo Theodore C. H. Thomas H. George S. Perrin Treasurer Recorder Senior Warden Junior Warden Sword Bearer Warder Standard Bearer John F. held December 1. KNIGHTS TKM PLAR. William Affiliated: Seymour Stover. Ira B. Miner C. Walker John Stout John F. Generalissimo Reir X. Lamb election of Captain of the The Guards was for some rea- son postponed. Gustave Koch. Gibson Captain General Prelate Henry D. Created : Stebhins. Cleveland. Clark. 1863. Burgess.: I 5_' 'I'll I".

Affiliated: Matthew Magill and Rev. 1864.y. T. Rhoads. No. Gray. E.. William Palmer. 153 Henry F. G. the following officers were elected for the ensuing Templar year George J( J. ComOr- mandery refused to accept usual ders of Knighthood on him. 10. E. Covington. William E.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COM M ANDERY. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. James Peckham. Ransom. Clark Junior Warden John B. Sir Seymour Stover was Grand Prelate of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Illinois in 1864. Thomas E. Sir B. 7. Stebbins George Captain General . Goodsell. In consideration of the eminent services of G. Rev. Ransom. not only through your years of warfare and trial. Sir O. Sir Matthew Magill affiliated by demit from Covington Commandeiw. Sir John both of Past Commanders: whom died in the service of their country. Rawson. C. but also through those of hope and joy. 1865. Pied: Philo Lindley and Thomas E. No. G. T. Seymour Stover. T. held December 6. Demitled: William H. Lamb S. Stebbins Standard Bearer Lamb John George John Burgess I\ Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard E. Jonathan Duff. Rice George S. T. Bowman. Ransom in the services of his country Ottawa Thomas E. Burgess Commander Generalissimo )hn F. Created: De Witt S. K. K. fee for conferring the EXCERPTA: As a Knights Templar it is hoped that you fully realize the high vocation you are called upon to fulfill. Williams and Reir N.

1866. to care for the bereaved ones. held December 5. Gray. and E. Sir Thomas (>o. Wade was Grand Standard Bearer of Grand Commandery of Illinois in 1865. Wade Commander Generalissimo John William L. was elected to receive the Orders of Knighthood in Ottawa Commandery. Levi Mason. Charles F. Wade.154 ™ Jefferson E KNIGHTS Tl-l. T. of Peru (afterwards the Chicago candy manufacturer). No. requires faithfulness on the part of every Sir Knight. Clark John Col well Samuel C. No. Ramsey. C. Sir John Peckham and E.M PLAR. Recorder Standard Bearer Charles S. Pern it ted: E. Sir B. Burgess was on the grievance committee of the Grand Commandery of Illinois in 1865. E.. E. Rhoads. the following officers were elected for the ensuing Templar year: Thomas P. K. Gunther. C. 10. Crane William E. James J. 'relate Thomas I Wade Senior ! lenry F. Sir George J. Bowman William Palmer Past Commanders: Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard E. EXCERPT A: To espouse the cause of her who is deprived of earthly support. 1865. Created: John L. At the animal conclave of Ottawa Commandery. yet courageous. Walker Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Thomas Clark Levi Mason 1 1. Sir 0. Sir the Thomas J. to watch over the standard of moral truth. and to be humble. of Peru Chapter. Gibson Lamb Captain General . J.

in the cause of Faith. James Rhoads. Hope and Charity. Miner and Joseph L. 1 55 George W. J. Zeigler. 1866. Fawcett. and received the Orders of the TemOttawa Commandery at a stated conclave April 10. Matthew Magill. Philo Zeigler. George Crossley. George Crossley. Lininger Prelate Henry F.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. David Walker. Gray. until with Jus- . Fawcett. Moore. Wil- liam I. Wade and George E. Moore. Joseph Mercer. Sir Knights Jefferson H. EXCERPTA: will I trust that the Grand Encampment of Virginia be found in the ranks of the Grand Encampment of the United States. Philo H. The prayer was subsequently granted for a new Commandery at Princeton. Jefferson H. battling side by side with those of her sister states.. and the above named Sir Knights became charter members of Princeton Commandery. Fawcett. Gibson William E. William Moore. Joseph Mercer. Thomas Created: 11. C. Walker Thomas H. Burgess. Joseph Mercer. ple in 111. This petition was unanimously recommended by Ottawa Commandery to the Grand Commandery. North and South. Jefferson H. I. Joseph Gondolf. Peckham. and at the same conclave presented their petition to the Grand Commandery of Illinois for a Commandery of Knights Templar at Princeton. 111. William I. Ramsey. Rice William Palmer Past Commanders: Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard O. Chapman. Clark Senior John Colwell Samuel C. Washington Bushnell and Charles Houghtaling. Bell. J. William Frank B. Clark Theodore C. Samuel E. Demitted: Gustave Koch. Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Bowman John B. John B. George Crossley and Levi Zeigler lived at or near Princeton.

Bross. Norris. 10. De Witt Rawson. S. Gray.. Created: Conrad A. 1866. J. Demitted: Charles Houghtaling. no West. John Brevoort.officers were elected for the ensuing Templar year: George W. Liscom. Stannard. — Grand Commander Gill. Preston J. George Emerson. and all uniting in obeying the teachings of that Grand Master on High. John Peckham and George J. the above Lininger. T. Burgess. Bowman Theodore C. S. 1S66. David A. Reuben Everts. Lamb Ira B. George Emerson. E. Fortitude and Mercy. Liscom. no East. George F. John Brevoort and George H. James Rhoads. Davis. X. At the animal conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Casper Ruedy. held December 4. George E. Preston J. Conrad A. Lininger William L. Cook. T. tice. Davis.I 56 I'll E KNIGHTS TKM PL \K. Past Commanders: O. Clark John Col well William E. K. Stannard and Henry D. Holmes. Virginia. Holmes. Commander Generalissimo Gibson Stebbins George ( Captain General Prelate reorge Burgess Senior Junior John F. Casper Ruedy. George W. Reuben Everts. Walker Treasurer Thomas H. knowing no North. No. With the exception of Charles Houghtaling. X. M. C. Gibson Joseph Gondolf Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard B. Jason M. Brown. 1867. the following. which requires that we should do unto others as we would that they should do unto us. Ira B. Jason . Bross Warden Warden Recorder Samuel C. David A. Cook. T. E. no South.

Joliet Cornet Band. Tyler with drawn sword. Herrick. and For entertaining the guests on the occasion the Masonic bodies guaranteed the ladies of the Congregational church five hundred plates at $1. No. King. Knights Templar. Peru Commandery band was secured five dollars. Masters of Lodges. two Stewards with drawn swords. at an expense of two hundred and expenses. John L. 4. Stewards. the Episcopal - The order of procession was as follows : Great Western 10. Grand . the Holy Writings. Royal Arch Masons. A. The procession was formed at 2 130 p. George \Y. McCaleb. Ward- Senior Wardens. A. Joliet Commandery. The ladies of Church also provided meals. H.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Fellow Crafts. Ottawa Commandery. Junior Deacons. on Clinton street. Suspended: Daniel H. Ashton. Marriner and H. Secretary. demitted and assisted in the I 57 organization of St. Morrison. assisted by EL L. Master Masons. Joliet Commander) was present with a brass band. John's day. Light Guard Band. Knights Templar escort. an expense of one hundred and twentydollars and the Great Western Light Guard Band. Entered Apprentices. Frank J. June 24. Stebhins. 111. m. John F. Fuchs. Junior ens. John's Com- mandery Pied: at Peru. Washington hall was secured for a Masonic ball in the evening. Peru Masonic Band. Rising. 1867. Past Masters. the right resting on Madison street. No. bodies to No at expense was spared by the Masonic make the occasion a success. Douglas llapeman. of fifty Chicago. Koch as aids. Treasurer.00 per plate. George circles The year 1867 was marked in as a most auspicious one Masonic by one of the greatest Masonic events in ever having been held La Salle county — St. S. Senior Deacons. L. under the direction of General John Morrill as grand marshal of the day.

John A. Tiffany. on the banks of the Illinois river. — Rev. Charles A. which was largely attended. By the decree of an All Wise and Omnipotent Commander. [867. O. was presented and adopted by Ottawa K.. Nearly one thousand Masons were in in line. the Washington hall. Stebbins. Vocal music. George S. Gray. frator. Benediction Sir Kt. George Rice. Avery. Sir Knight George S. where the following" exercises were held: Invocation by the Chaplain Gilbert. officers of Grand proces- Chapter. in in A magnificent banquet was served until and dancing was participated after the banquet. Vocal music. T. Music Great Western Light Guard Band. — — — Oration— Rev. Bro. in the west part of town. Julius C. wee sma' hours Ottawa Commandery acted as escort to Occidental Lodge at the funeral of George S. S. has been summoned from his post of duty on earth . Sir Kt. 10. No. Address of welcome Sir Kt. — Rev. J. as f( (Hows Whereas. to the The procession was reformed and returned sonic hall Ma- and there dishanded. ( Grand Lodge. officers of Chaplain. our companion. The sion proceeded through the principal streets. H. Burgess Commandery. tribute to Sir Knight George Stebbins. Stebbins. as he was held in the highest esteem by his brothers and fraters. prepared by Sirs Washington Bushnell. A Templar and John ber B. Stebbins —Died November 29. and was halted the grove. at a stated conclave Decem: [867.I 58 ( THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Music Joliet Cornet Band. 3.

That. That while we mourn the loss of onr brother and companion. true and devoted memlost ber. is not forgotten. active." Resolved. has so early finished the his pilgrimage sword he hath hung upon infinitely the wall ever remind us of the "daily beauty of his life. . Sir Knight Gorge and warfare on earth. who. and where virtuous and honorable actions ever receive their true and reward. to appear before a I 59 Commandery which knows no just rest from pleasant duty. though dead. and one in who was ever ready to draw his sword the cause of a worthy com- mind of more than ordinary capacity." and and honorable actions are more to be prized than wealth or fame. and society has lost a prominent. have one who. and that we. highest regard and love. by his Knightly courtesy and magnanimity. ever respecting the rights of others. that virtuous let S. onr in this city Commandery and the different Masonic bodies haye lost a chivalrous. Resolved. That we deeply sympathize with that all the widow will and family of onr departed companion. as members of this Commandery. onr Commandery one of its brightest gems.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. in the death of Sir Knight George S. and untiring industry and an independent integrity. had won our panion. Stebbins. and the fraternity at large one "who. and where their memory is preserved on tablets which neither time nor acci- dent can efface. and guided right. impelled by noble in all and generous impulses. in his his actions by the highest sense of honor and he was always a kind and reliable friend. ford to her and to her children we af- the aid and solace in onr power as companions and Sir Knights. useful death and influential member. Stebbins. Resolved. gentle and Possessing a unobtrusive in his manners. in the prime of his usefulness.

That these resolutions he published of the city papers each and in the seal Masonic Trowel. The above named officers were installed into office by Peckham Monday.: l6o Resolved. Wade Senior John F. Resolved. iS()j. records of THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. That these resolutions he spread upon the this Commandery. Tohn B. Clark William H. the following officers were elected for the Stated conclaves on the ensuing' Templar year William L. Walker Warden Junior Warden Thomas II. and ever to stand forth as the champions of the Christian religion. one worthy of its fair fame Let it be your constant duty to preserve its ancient renown. Decemher 9. that worth and virtues of our departed in memory of the companion may bloom the in perfect fragrance. to Commandery. Whitman Joseph Gondolf Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Captain of the Guards P. under the sented panion. At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery held Decemher 3. . to inculcate the great moral and religious duties which our ritual teaches. and of the that a lie copy thereof. Bowman George J. Gibson Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate Henry F. first Tuesday of each month. Bell Quincy D. Nash Samuel C. Burgess Thomas J. [868. unsullied its high standing. C. pre- the widow and family of our departed com- EXCERPTA: and ing position in the Templar Masonry occupies a high and commandcivilized world. Clark William E. which you have once solemnly vowed to maintain. 1867.

Peckham. and if we stand shoulder to shoulder. D. John L. Joseph Ford. Douglas Hapeman and David Batcheller. but by every noble aspiration of the human heart. H. At the stated conclave of 1. with unbroken ranks. Wade and George Bur- Created: Robert M. December 1869. Brown. Dcmittcd: C. Clark William E. James Rhoads. J. Thomas gess. we may rely upon the continued favor and protection of our blessed Immanuel. the strong right hand of each grasping ever the mystic blade of truth. John B. Herrick Charles S. Fiske. Tuesday. Sir Knights. Morrison Robert M. helpless orphans and the Christian religion. McArthur. C. Past l6l Commanders: Oliver C. the Ottawa Comrhandery. 1869. Bowman David Batcheller Edward L. by every precept of that Christianity for the defense of which our lives are solemnly pledged. McArthur John R. J. Crane Captain General Prelate Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guards . Morrison. Francis L.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Cameron Thomas H. held following officers were elected for the ensuing Templar year: John Fisk Nash Commander Generalissimo Henry F Clark Edward H. and wielding it with justice impartial in defense of destitute widows. Stone. Gray. Stated conclaves held on the first Tuesday of each month. Jonathan Duff and Daniel EXCERPTA: We. Smith George J. Burgess John L. are bound together not only by the sacred vows of Knighthood.

82-3* Cairo D. 1S69-76* . McArthur.PAST EMINENT COMMANDERS. *Deceased. Gibson. 1877-8-9. 1884-5* John P. Trimble. 1880* Theodore C. Nash. Edward H. Smith. 1881* Robert M.

Captain General of the Commandery. William W. Walter Todd. an honored member and one of the most brilliant young attorneys then practicing at the La Salle county bar. Edwin Coan and Samuel C. Simon. and by the frequency of this as a lesson. of a beautiful sword to Sir Edward H. In the events of daily this passing existence. Peckham. John T. Thomas J. Past Commanders: 163 John son. Walker. Erastus R. Nichol. Anthony D. Affiliated: W'illiam Demitted: Wilmot Eastabrook. 1869. David Created: Colwell. we are reminded of the mortality of the human body. James Rhoads. October 26. Samuel Poundstone. 1869. Oliver Cromwell Gray. as well as by the teachings of the solemn rites of our order. through its Commander. George J. Brundage. McCaleb. was the presentation by the Commandery. Deceased: The by-laws claves of the Commandery were amended on of each April 6th. Walker. presented by Julius C. this great truth that it we become little so familiar with awakens or no emotion in our . MacKinlay. William A. Eastabrook. Avery. Hubert A. Ottawa CommandTemplar year. committee Whereas. on the 16th of November. Smith. John F. at a special conclave of the Commandery. Nash. Wade. GibEhenezer Barber. changing the time of convening the stated con- from the first Tuesday evening month to the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. William G. John De Wolf. Smith and Walter Todd. Gregg. Burgess and William L. Justus Harris. One of the happy events occurring in ery during the Resolutions of respect adopted by Ottawa Commandery on the death of Samuel C. Gibson and Robert M. Mc- Arthur. John F. B. William L.

well trained by early education. stant as a brother and companion could wish. faithful Knight should and conHis very and generous as a friend could all desire. who. our hearts that our lamentations cannot it. That while we will of bow with submission to the Divine Providence let us improve the present hour that we may more forever. as a Commander}-. Death in our midst is always sad. Walker of a poignant sorrow seldom felt. we are conscious He was true to his Ma- sonic obligations. earnestly seek an immortality beyond the fleeting life where the messenger of death can come no more Resolved. yet decease of Sir Knight Samuel C. removing from our asylum. We recogour departed Sir Knight a mind richly endowed by These accomplishments. and conversational us all. "the soul of honor.I I > I I'll E K NIGHTS TKM PLAR." in all the relations of life. and garnered full of varied and useful information. there- fore. be Resolved. into another our beloved in the brother and companion. valiant and courteous as a be. Sir Knight Samuel C. finest social qualities made his company courted by is We can ill- afford to lose such friends. hearts until aroused by the grim messenger of death in our immediate presence to — thus has mortality been again brought summons from in our view by the execution of the solemn the Sovereign Master of Heaven and Earth state of existence. and with subdued hearts and softened affections imitate the virtues n\ our departed Sir Knight. and. while bereavement. was Resolved. renew our solemn obligations in love and fellowship to each other. manner nize in of speech and action impressed with his truthful- ness that when he spoke he needed no voucher. Whereas. That we. That while the memory of his virtues linger . nature. Walker. and. there void in a vacancy in we mourn our sad our Commandery and a till. combined with the [lowers.

] 1870. Smith William W. we knelt beside each other's bloody forms. That we extend to the widow and relatives of our deceased companion the assurance of our deepest sympathy in their great bereavement. asylum December 1869. the following officers : were elected for the ensuing Templar year John F. Estabrook Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate . 1868. and in the spirit of Knighthood and Christianity we ministered to each other's comfort. and whether the vestments which covered it were blue or gray the soul considered not. Resolved. T. Stated conclaves the second Thursday of each month. It was a Templar's bosom that warmed a brother's heart. became precious to us. Nash George J. not hope from the noble army of who profess to have these high virtues as the cardinal rules of their lives? When we bled on fields of strife. Mont- EXCERPTA: What may we Knights Templar in our country — gomery. Ala. and from wounds given and received in obedience to demands which we believed were imposed upon us by honor and sanctioned by law and duty. widow of the deceased. December. That these resolutions be spread upon the records of our Commandery and a copy delivered to the Resolved. through wounds we bad inflicted. Morgan at banquet on occasion of installation of officers of the Grand Commandery K. [Oration by John T. The heart whose weary throbbings seemed about to stop with weariness of life moved with a new impulse when it was warmed in a brother's bosom. of Alabama. The life that seemed ready to pass away. and we prayed that it might remain to gladden us in future peaceful hours. con9.luster from beyond the portals of the tomb. and prepare us to renew our fraternal greetings on the other side of time.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. so should it cheer our weary pilgrimage here below. Burgess Edward H. in 165 our remembrance and reflects its shining. At the vened in the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery.

: resolutions. November 22(\. Gibson 1 Treasurer Standard Bearer )a\ id Batcheller Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guards 1 )avid R. and that the funeral would take place on the next day at 2 o'clock from the residence of his brother. Peckham. In the death of Companion Sir Knight Julius C. John C. Bowman William L. McArthur Warden Warden Recorder John Stout Thomas II. who presented the following which were adopted by the Commandery. L. Francis P. Burgess and William L.[66 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Julius Cfeesar Died: Avery and Charles At a special conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Nash. Avery. John Morrison Senior Junior Rlobert M. Charles Miller Carpenter. George J. E. son 11. Thomas J. Arthur Lockwood. Wade. Arthur and Robert Henning. This sad event calls to mind the striking is and oft repeated lesson o\ mortality that man born to . and our asylum shrouded the deepest gloom. one of the most highly esteemed and valiant Knights of Ottawa Commandery. GibArthur Lockwood. George The following committee on resolutions was appointed by the Eminent Commander Thomas Robert McJ. Tyler. Tyler. Rising. Leman A. Charles Created: Marcus Catlin. the Eminent Commander an- nounced the death of Sir Knight Julius C. Alvin Plain. Gregg Past Commanders: John son. Clark. John Bohlander. Avery. Black. Leverett O. Fulton. Avery. a bright burning taper of iu life has been extinin guished our Commandery. Wade. convened on Thursday. R James Rhoads. Robert Henning. Clark William E. Whereas. East Ottawa. Du Henry Clay Nash and AddiP. John F.

.order has lost one of its brightest jewels. are engaged in a noble and glorious cause. yet we will ever cherish his memory as a true and courteous Knight. remembering that We The drying up a single tear has more Of honest fame than shedding seas of gore.History of Ottawa cOmmandery. That in the death of Sir Knight Julius A ven- om. as in days gone by. full who has fallen in life's struggle knightly with his it armor on prepared for knightly deeds. high-minded Resolved. and societv an citizen. It i&j also revives our faith and points us to a blessed im- mortality beyond the grave. instruction. yet we should endeavor. active. EXCERPTA: a warfare against vices. That our asylum be draped that the members of the in mourning and Commander). and whose lips will never more thrill our hearts with the eloquence of truth. therefore. the. imitate his and ever bear testimony to his integrity as a just and upright man. honorable.wear crepe on their swords for ninety days. we will cherish his memory. That virtues. whose foot-falls never more he heard within our council halls. Resolved. That these resolutions records of the lie spread in upon the Commandery and published to the the city papers. de- and a certified copy be transmitted family of ceased. although we may not be called upon to perform the deeds of noble daring that characterized the Knights of the olden time. and the importance of that preparation for the last great change that must soon pass upon us While thus in called to mourn the loss of a will cherished companion arms. as members of our beloved order. die. errors and superstitions of the day. he Resolved. and. thus impressing our minds with lessons of wisdom and all. to mark our path through life with deeds of charity and pure benevolence. Resolved.










At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery, con


asylum on December
for the


1S70, the following

were elected

ensuing Templar year:







Edward Henry Smith
William Wilmot Estabrook



McKim McArthur

David Batcheller


Warden Warden

Henry Clay Nash Edward Livingston Herrick
Francis L. Fiske


Standard Bearer

Hubert Arrville McCaleb

Leman Aranah

Sword Bearer Warder
Captain of the Guard
Burgess, James Rhoads,

David Robbins Gregg
Past Commanders:



William L. Gibson, John B. Peckham and Thomas J. Wade. Created: Eliphalet Follett Bull. George Lee Walker,

George Beatty and William C. Tillson. David Walker and Henry M. Fusselman. Affiliated: Demitted: Charles Stout. John F. Lamb, Frank B. Chapman and William W. Estabrook.


De Wolf.
Ottawa Commandery, March


the stated conclave of

1871, the committee,

W. W.



Clark and R. M. McArthur, appointed to draft resolutions
expressing the sense of the

Commandery on

the death of

the Rev. Sir Knight Charles P. Clark, reported the following,

which were unanimously adopted

Whereas, By the lessons taught through the tenets of
our order our minds become so familiar with the emblems
of mortality
















messenger of death sounds an alarm
realities of life

at the

door of our asylum, and summons hence one of our

number, we are startled with the
fleetness of time.

and the

Thus have we been again reminded

the death of our companion. Sir Knight Rev. Charles P.

Clark, that the pilgrimage of




but a few

days and


of trouble"; therefore, be

Resolved, That we. as a Commander}',
of this



sad event, renew our solemn obligations to each

other in a closer fraternal fellowship, ever remembering
that the day

not far distant

when we

too must go the




the earth.

Resolved, That while cherishing the
parted companion
''sunny side" of


memory of our we should always remember
his wit



especially in connection with the genial

associations of the banquet hall,

and humor

was ever ready

to enliven



Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the
records and that our swords be draped with the usual badge
of mourning".

At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery December 14, 1871, E. C. John F. Nash, on behalf of the Commandery, presented to Rev. Sir W. \Y. Estabrook, who

was about

to leave the jurisdiction of the



gold watch chain, with a beautiful Templar



as a testimonial of their appreciation of his services


conduct as a man, a Mason and a courteous Knight.

Knight Estabrook accepted the
thanks to the members of the





for the same.


Give your flowers to those you love while they post-mortem fragrance dies on the empty air. One rose in life is better than seven harps with a broken string after the loved one Your floral gates-ajar wilting in has vanished from your view. a cheerless cemetery are emblems of your despair, while the beloved walks amid the fadeless lilies in the King's Garden.



[87 2. At the slated conclave of Ottawa Commandery, con-




asylum on December
for the


[871, the following

were elected

ensuing Templar year:


Nash Walker Edward H. Smith George J. Burgess Henry C. Nash



Captain General


L. Herrick Robert M. McArthur David Batcheller

Treasurer Recorder
Senior Junior

Warden Warden

Francis L. Fiske

Standard Bearer

Hubert A. McCaleb
A. Rising Justus Harris


Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard

Past Commanders:




Gibson, John B. Peckham. James




William H. Moore and Henry
Joseph Gondolf.




John F. Lamb, William W. Estabrook, Frank B. Chapman and Ouincy I). Whitman. John F. Nash was elected Grand Standard Bearer of the Grand Commandery in 1872.
a brother errs be not the first to shun him. bad habits and evil ways be not the first by Hold cold neglect or more active means to accelerate his fall. him up rather, encourage him, stimulate him to exertion, encourage him to fight manfully the good fight against temptations, the vanities, the follies of this world to which our weak natures are so
If If


a brother falls into


At the stated conclave





in the


asylum December
for the ensuing


1872, the following

were elected

Templar year

John Fisk Nash John Rush Cameron Edward Henry Smith George John Burgess


Captain General

McKim McArthur

David Batcheller

Warden Junior Warden

Henry Clay Nash Edward Livingston Herrick James N. Colwell



Standard Bearer


Eliphalet Follett Bull

Justus Harris

Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard

Past Commanders:




Gibson, John B. Peckham, James Rnoads and








De Motte and

William H. Dent.


William E.


At the

stated conclave of the

1873, on invitation of the

Grand Commander, and L. Grand Commandery of Illinois, were received by the Commandery. This was a festive occasion for old OtThere were present the officers and tawa Commandery. members of Joliet Commandery, No. 4; Blaney Commandery, No. 5; Aurora Commandery, No. 22; St. John's Comeral of the

Commandery. March 13, Commandery, Daniel Dustin, E. Osborn, Grand Captain Gen-

mandery. No.




and many


from other


John Fisk Nash, in his truly characteristic style, added the laurals of Ottawa Commandery on this occasion.

EXCERPTA: We. as an order, claim to be an association of Christian gentlemen; as Knights Templar we bow at the Christian's


altar and


worship the Christian's God. Within our asylums are taught those sublime lessons which should sink deep into the heart with soothing influences, like murmurs of the falling flood. It is here that The pulse of avarice forgets to move, A purer rapture fills the breast of love, Devotion lifts to heaven a holier eye, And tenderest pity heaves a softer sigh.


At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commander}-, convened in the asylum December i, [873, the following offi1


were elected for the ensuing Templar year

John Fisk Xash John Rush Cameron Edward H. Smith George J. Burgess
Robert M. McArthur


Captain General


)a\ id



Warden Warden

Edward L. Herrick Henry C. Nash
John L. Morrison Theodore C. Gibson
E. Follett Bull


Sword Bearer
Standard Bearer

Captain of the Guard

Justus Harris


George J. Burgess, William L. GibJohn B. Peckham, James Rhoads and Thomas J. Wade. A. C. Mclntire, Patrick Ryan. D. H. Slagie. Created: Charles Wilkins and 1). C. Withrow.

Pasi Commanders:

EXCERPTA: Our object is to strengthen and maintain an If order upon a certain distinct and plain wrought foundation. novitiates have not confidence in the foundation laid, then they have no part in the superstructure, for, in this Temple, foundation stone, buttressed wall and climbing tower are all hewn from the same rock and polished by the same rule. The foundation is


atonement and resurrection of Christ Jesus,







our Lord. Every living stone added to the superstructure, before being incorporated into the wall, must be permeated by His life, made alive through His crucifixion and atonement.


At the stated conclave of Ottawa Cbmmandery, convened in the asylum of the Commandery, December 10, 1874, the following officers were elected for the ensuing Templar

John Fisk Nash John R. Cameron Edward H. Smith George J. Burgess
Robert M. McArthur


Captain General


David Batcheller Henry C. Nash


Warden Warden



L. Herrick


John L. Morrison Arthur Cox Mclntire
E. Follett Bull

Sword Bearer
Standard Bearer
Captain of

Justus Harris

Warder the Guard

George J. John B. Peckham, James Rhoads and Thomas J. Wade. William C. Hall, Henry Mayo, James O'DonCreated: nell, James Rathbun, William Thomas, Walter B. Titus and

Past Commanders:

Burgess, William L. Gib-

John H. Widmer. George H. Norris, Edward Dcmitted


Tillotson and

William C. Tillson.


Charles M. Catlin and Joseph Ford.

This was the last conclave (December 10th) held by Ottawa Commandery in their new asylum, which was deThe stroyed by fire on the night of December 2J, 1874. next conclave of the Commanderv was held in the old Ma-

sonic hall, in the



block, on








which time

dispensation from the

Grand Com-

mander was read empowering

claves and transact business of the

Commandery to hold conCommandery until a new
one destroyed by

mid be issued

to take the place of


which destroyed the Masonic Temple on the night
the occasion of the loss by

)ecember 27. [874.



of the relics

Ottawa Commandery by and paraphernalia and arms,

necessary for the conferring' of the orders, Joliet


came forward with

resolutions of

sympathy and

offered the use of their equipments until such time as Ot-

This offer a new outfit. was very courteously accepted by Ottawa Commandery with thanks and a beautiful reply was formulated by that valiant and magnanimous Knight, Sir Robert M. McArthur, which was adopted by the Commandery by an unanimous voice.

tawa Commandery had provided




however, necessary


Ottawa Commandery

to avail herself of the

for every

magnanim< us offer of Joliet, No. 4. Knight of Ottawa Commandery came forward with an open purse and soon had the necessary equipments
for carrying on the


of the


We are not a dilettante, pleasure-seeking soChristianity is our foundation; its maintenance the avowed As a Knight Templar we accept the object of our organization. whole teachings of the order. We can so follow out these teachings that wherever a Templar walks a halo of purity shall exhale from his life as perfume from a flower. The oppressed shall recognize him from afar. The oppressor, the contaminator of virtue, the plotter against manhood, shall shun him as they shun death.

At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery, con-


in the

asylum of the Commandery, December




the following- officers were elected for the ensuing





John Fisk Nash John L. Morrison


Edward H. Smith

Captain General


Henry C. Nash Edward L. Herrick Robert M. Mc Arthur
Walter B. Titus John H. Widmer Arthur C. Mclntire

Treasurer Recorder


Warden Warden Sword Bearer

Standard Bearer
Captain of the Guard

Leman A. Rising
Justus Harris






William L.

Gibson, John B. Peckham, James Rhoads and Thomas J. Wade. Charles Henry Gilman, John Chrysostom Created:

Campbell, August Haeberlin, Jacob Winfield Moon, Robert
G. Ewing, George Washington Landers and William



Cairo D. Trimble,

Henry W. Ensminger,

Charles A. Hanley and Charles E. Stephens.

Peckham, Seymore Stover, James CXDonnell, John Bohlander, Dwight W. Fuller and E. M. Wade. Ottawa Commandery was inspected by James G. Elwood, Grand Warder of the Grand Commandery of Illinois,

Charles M. Catlin. Edward L. lerrick. Remitted: Thomas H. Clark, John



on the 27th of April.

There were present, besides T. T.
of the

Gurney, Grand


Grand Commandery


representatives of seven sister commanderies.


The time has come when men are judged by




what they are rather than what they profess to he. The paraphernalia of our order gathers lustre and reflects honor only in proportion as we illustrate the principles which are thus symbolized.


At the stated conclave of Ottawa




asylum of the Commandery, December

[876, the

following officers were elected for the ensuing

Templar year

Edward Henry Smith Robert McKim McArthur
John Lyal Morrison George John Burgess Walter Briggs Titus
Cairo Darius Trimble


Captain General



Warden Warden

Henry Clay Nash
John Fisk Nash John Henry Widmer


Leman Aranah Rising
David Robbins Gregg

Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard

Commanders: George J. Burgess, William L. GibJames Rhoads, Thomas J. Wade and John Fisk Nash. Created: Lester O. Phillips, Walter 1). Strawn and
C. Lewis.


David A. Cook.

liam Palmer,


F. Clark, Charles S. C. Crane, Wil-

Walker, Henry

Thomas J. Wade, Addison H. Tyler, David W. Fusselman, William H. Dent, Henry W.

Ensminger and Arthur C. Mclntire. Suspended John Colwell, William Fulton and Francis P. DuPlain.

C. Smith,

John C.

Degraded: Charles H. Hawley. Ottawa Commandery was honored by


Grand Com-






mandery at the annual conclave by the election of John Fisk Nash as Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the state of Illinois. Ottawa Commandery was inspected by James G. Elwood, Grand Sword Bearer of the Grand Commandery, June 2ist, and he made the following report to the Grand

"Ottawa Commandery, No.
2 1st, and, in

courteously invited


inspection, at their beautiful asylum,

on the evening of June

Eminent Commander of most enjoyable Templar reunion of the gallant Knights of that Commandery. "The work upon the Order of the Red Cross by Eminent Sir E. H. Smith was faultless and most remarkable, it being one of his first efforts as Commander, and the assistance from his officers, whose familiar faces make Ottawa asylum so welcome, was rendered in such smooth and even manner as to add greatly to the exemplification of the order."

company with





participated in a

The faith of the Templar is broad as the necesneedy world, and high as heaven. Lived out in thought, word and deed it produces characters like palm trees, glorious in their symmetry and beauty.
sity of a



At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery, held December [3, 1877, the following officers were elected for the ensuing" Templar year

Edward Henry Smith Robert McKim McArthur
John Lyal Morrison George John Burgess Walter Briggs Titus


Captain General


Cushman Hatheway

Warden Warden

At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. MacKinlay and Henry J. the following officers were elected for the ensuing Templar year : Edward Henrv Smith Robert McKim McArthur Cairo Darius Trimble ( Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate ieorge John Burgess Walter Briggs Titus Elias Cnshman Ilathewav Henry Clay Nash Warden Junior Warden Senior Treasurer Rec< irder John Stout Francis Lyman Fiske John Henrv Widmer Standard Bearer Sword Bearer . The boisterous lashings of seas and oceans mingle with its morning orisons. Wade. it stretches from the Occident to the orient. Created: Ezekiel Howland and Asa Mann Hoffman. 1878. Waite.I7§ THE KNIGHTS TEM PLAR. Per- EXCERPTA: Ours is an order such as earth and heaven may foster in the sweeping march of man's restoration and the yearning instincts of the human heart. held December 12. and untrammelled by political despotism. Campbell and Christopher C. Past Conmmmders: Suspended: rin. Nash. Henry Clay Nash > k Nash James Edward Rathbun John Henry W'idmer >avid Alpheus Cook David Robbins Gregg John •' I Treasurer i Recorder Standard Bearer I Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard Thomas James Rhoads. 1879. William L. J. Demitted: John F. Burgess and John F. Unscathed from prejudices. John C. while the gentle zephyrs of continents harmonize with its evening hymns. Gibson. George J.

There were but four conclaves of Ottawa Commandery held during the year 1879. Smith. Rising. Gibson. and clothed them with luxuriant beauty. and John Fisk Nash. Gibson. Wade. and the desert of crafty selfishness assumes the loveliness of Eden. George : James Rhoads. impregnated the spots on which they fell with luxuriant Thus it is vegetation. the following officers were elected for the ensuing Templar year : Robert McKim McArthur Washington Bushnell Cairo Darius Trimble Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate George John Burgess Walter Briggs Titus Senior Junior Cushman Hatheway Henry Clay Nash Asa Mann Hoffman Douglas Hapeman Theodore Cunningham Gibson Elias Warden Warden Treasurer John Fisk Nash Patrick Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer W'arder Captain of the Guard Ryan Past Comiiuhiiders: Thomas J. EXCERPTA: It was one of the beautiful fictions of ancient mythology that the bubbles leaped from the magic chaldron of Media. William L. J. Wade. Nash and . John Fisk Nash David Robbins Gregg' Past Commanders: 1 79 Warder Captain of the Guard Thomas J. John F. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Edward H. Burgess. held December 11. James Rhoads. with Knight Templarism. The presence of our order is attested in its march through the land where flowers of unearthly time and fragrance spring from the spot the Knight has trod. 1879.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. William L. D emitted — 1880. George J. Burgess Leman A.

[80 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. whence he had moved. Many of the individual fraters of the Commandery. however. and came west to Pern. attended and were overwhelmed with the beauty of the imposing pageant on the day of the grand parade. in 1840. Gilman was the father of II. Sir was untimely. The twenty-first triennial conclave of the Grand En- campment 7 th. H. a Being large and well proportioned. of Knights Templar of the United States of in America was held the city of Chicago. John C. Gibson. Charles H. In in Ottawa Command- Sir Charles March 1. Illinois. Conn. of East Ottawa. he I conspicuous man among men. Cook Charles II. David A. 1817. Charles H. and Sir William Sir Gilman. Suspended: Died: William A. There fe was man of brilliant intellect and a tine linguist. Nichols. Fulton. and in 1869 was elected judge of the County Court of La Salle county. his son-in-law. . Gilman was a a man was of fine physique. beginning August Ottawa Commandery did not attend this conclave as a Commandery. 111. His with David A. 1880. Gilman was born in East Windom. John T. Walker. Mrs. later Memoriam — Sir A few years he engaged in the practice of law in Mendota. and occurred April 14. formed death a law partnership with Washington Bushnell and. Robert Henning.. Gilman. Cook. George L. notwithstanding the conclave being held in our own state and within a couple of hours' ride from our home. and moved After serving as judge of the County Court he to Ottawa. Nothing worthy of note transpired ery during the Templar year of 1880.. Ozell Trask and John C. William L. Gilman. subsequently. Brundage. Reinstated: Demitted: Fulton.

produced the inspiration that led to an active participation in the study of Free Masonry and kindred orders. mingled with his ritual. [8l was not a more learned man in Ottawa than Sir Gilman. — — 188 1.. To a friend he was as true as the needle to the pole. Gilman and his L. and to him.a HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. R. M. BXCERPTA: Let us not linger around the days of ancient chivalry for character or commendation. M. At the annual conclave of Ottawa January 17. As lar a Free Mason he was greatly wrapped up in Capituwork." kind-hearted and charitable to an unusual degree. 111. and having a perfect command of language and a marked degree of dignity. hail and farewell! W. together with the personal interest he took in your historian's pre- man on the farm. from 1875 to 1879. improving the time. A. grades and orders of Free Masonry. inclusive. impressive manner of rendering the ferment.. but be up and doing. the following officers were elected the ensuing Templar year : Cairo Darius Trimble Commander Generalissimo Robert McKim McArthur . Sir Charles at was buried by the Knights Templar Mendota. No. but pressing forward to the prize of our high calling prize no less than a crown of immortality and which will be given to those onlv who are faithful unto death. is he greatly indebted for his active participation and preferment in the several degrees. Gilman. 37. not wholly forgetting those things that are behind. H. lie was one of the type of men known as "nature's noblemen. Sir Charles H. Commandery. Being of a commanding and pleasing personality. while yet a young which. held for 1881. funeral was largely attended by the fraternity and friends. from whom your historian received the Royal Arch degree. having occupied the position of High Priest of - Shabbona Chapter.

Sir James Elwood. I Edward tenry Smith Captain General Prelate Walter Briggs Titus John Fisk Xash Sir Klias I Cushman I [atheway Warden Junior Warden Senior lenry Clay Xash Asa Mann Hoffman Past Treasurer Recorder Commanders: J. De Motte and Patrick Ryan. William Henry Gilman. Paul Teissedre. Ottawa Commandery was inspected by E. Ottawa Commandery acted as escort to Most Worshipful Grand Master. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge. Garfield. Their wonderful maneuvers in forming Templar emblems excited the wonder and admiration of the assembled multitude of people. William H. Died: John J.. Edward H. James A. . 1881. 188 1. treated: Demitted: George W. Burgess. hut that it was a pleasing sight to see Past Right Eminent Sir Xash at his post as Senior Warden of his Commandery. on the evening of September 22. Holmer G. Webster Wesley Arnold. Masons and Knights Templar on this occasion. was mortally wounded by a cowardly G. and a Knight Templar. & A. on July 4. George James RJhoads. George Abram Mills. Landes. Purinton. William Lee Roy Milligan. A. Smith and Robert M. M. Wilbur. Me Arthur. Suspended: Charles M. Wade. President of the United States. George R. Lothrop Perkins. Scott. Bernard Commandery. F. Grand Captain General of the Grand Commander}'. John F. among others was the celebrated drill corps of St. Catlin. He reported the attendance small. on the occasion of the laying of the corner-stone for the La Salle There was a large attendance of countv court-house. Thomas J.[82 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Xash. under command of that eminent drill-master and prince of good fellows.

We must or do honor to the craft. September in all when he closed his earthly pilgrimage. and yet has not the depth or force of character to comprehend the full meaning of all their various parts. ipated in by all The ceremonies of the as escort mandery acted therein. C's of our lesson. B. assassin on the 2d day of July. Gilman William L. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: Edward H. Milligan David R. rise above mere signs and symbols that are the A. Nash Asa Mann Hoffman Elias C. Junior Warden Treasurer Recorder George A. can never become eminent in the order His ideas are too crude. or the ability to digest them and make them realities in his life. if we would fitly perform our parts in the great relation that Masonry holds with humanitv. fortitude the pains of death until 1S3 and bore with knightly 19. and study and grasp the teachings of our institution in its wholeness. Mills William H. 1882.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. Ottawa were particcivil societies. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. 1881. Funeral ceremonies were held in the the principal cities to United States at the hour his body was consigned Mother Earth. Gregg Sword Bearer Standard Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard . held December 8. 1881. and Ottawa Comto the Masonic bodies participating held in EXCERPTA: The Mason who receives the numerous degrees merely for the sake of being known as a high Mason. 1881. Smith Robert McKim McArthur Theodore Cunningham Gibson Walter Briggs Titus Lothrop Perkins Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate Senior Warden Hatheway Henry C.

. Jr Walter Briggs Titus Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate Lothrop Perkins William Lee Roy Milligan Senior Junior Warden Warden Henry Clay Nash Asa Mann Hoffman William Henry Gilman George Abram Mills Thomas E. its most inspiring memory. or ought to be. January Created: William Stormont. MacKinlay David Kobbins Gregg Treasurer Recorder Standard Rearer Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard The above the officers were 11. Joseph New1 ton hi n a way. active. its EXCERPTA: 1883. Farnsworth. ter Created: John \Y. Jr. Demitted: Charles E. Jesse Emerson Morgan. Stephens and William Thomas. the Crusades. at a stated conclave of Commandery.[84 I'll E K NIGHTS TKM PLAR. a living. held December 14. everlasting symbol. the Cross. Celestine . Knights Templarism is. principle. MacKinlay. At the animal conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Sir John Fisk Nash [883. Thomas E. installed into their respective stations by R. Qegg. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing. [882. WalMcDonald Woodward. The above officers were installed into their respective stations at a public installation held in the i i asylum January . [882. into the martial spirit of which knighthood was baptized by fire and sword for the redemption of the Holv Land. James Milligan. E.Templar year: Edward Henry Smith Theodore Cunningham Gibson James Milligan. Richard Charles Egbert Pettit.

quiet and obscure. He gave us all he could and what he had. my fraters. Louis Rohrer. the rock-ribbed. Before it stood a parted soul alone. And tender thoughts and help in need Sprang up In like leaves by soft spring showers fed some waste corner. Black. He brought no glory to its daily strife. for his earthly life Had passed in dull. can come no night. south and north. unnoted calm away. And rolling east and west.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. The struggle told of troubles shared by him. — Hark! from the solemn concourse. the blossom of the tree no more appear. Born in the shadow dying 'mid the poor. that if the paths it leads us to are trod. ungifted. the silver cord be loosed and the^iiw«r5bwl be broken. Rohrer. Ottawa Commandery was not inspected during the Tem- plar year 1883. the voice came forth. the waters may fade from the sea. No wreath of fame. Louis Scheidecker. Weak. the obscure life. Suspended: John L. to Masonry. shine until old Time. EXCERPTA. the orphan's blessing rose. but what is taught to Templars by that letter G shall. Thomas Garvy Reedy. Vailed in its roseate clouds. Morrison and Leverett O. The mighty accents summoned quick and dead: "Who speaks for this man ere his doom be said?" Shivering he listened. John Stewart 185 Ryburn. And we do believe. the hidden worth of this existence shall speak of us as of him they spoke when at the bar the question came: "Who speaks for this man?" from the great white throne. alone. Affiliated: 1 Corydon Cornelius Halladay and )onaldson. and while it lingers. sown by chance-flung seed. And like a chorus spoke the crushed and sad. The lonely of cheered hours and softened woes. hills to the plain return. The stars may be blotted out. Like the sun in the natural world it (the letter G) marks the place whence comes the light which ushers in Masonic day. hushed and dim. The widow's prayer. . In grateful wonder heard the modest soul Such trifles gathered to so blest a whole. Murphy. as noontime splendor. then even the lowly place. shall lay his head on the lap of earth to die. weary with the weight of many centuries. John J. And little words of kindness said. Daniel Fletcher Hitt. nor genius' fiery ray.

E. Some witness at your trial hour to speak. Withrow. Died: Paster service at Ottawa Commandery attended Congregational church April beingr in line. WilWilliam Henry Stead. The store so little and the hand so frail. Nash Treasurer Asa M. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Warren C. \U. twenty-eight swords . Lothrop Perkins. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: Theodore C. [3. Hodgson. And raise from brethren poor and weak. [883. Hoffman John W. Tyler and Daniel C. George Beattv. CI egg Paul Teissedre Recorder Sword Bearer Standard Bearer William H. 19 13.Mills Captain General Prelate George A. Milligan . Do but the best you can to all around. Let sympathy be true nor courage fail. White.[86 "() Til E KNIGHTS TKM I'l. Gibson Commander Generalissimo Robert M. Alvin E." [884. Silas Riale and Martin C. Abel M. Sir John Fisk Xash at a special conclave December liam Evan 20. John Fletcher Gibson. the [884. Created: Prichard. ye by circumstances strong fetters bound. held December 13. Pciiiittcd: W. McArthur Lothrop Perkins Walter William B. Gilman Justus Harris Warder Captain of the Guard The above officers were installed into their respective stations by R. Cheever. Titus L. I Warden Junior Warden Senior tenry C.

No. 26. 4. Xo. No. 10. stationed at Ottawa. and composed of the best citizens of the county it "With two Chapters in which it is located. . Their equipments and paraphernalia are good. by Eminent Sir Edward Starr Mulliner. 4. which do credit to the excellent recorder. 5. I made an official visit to that arrival Commandery on the 27th day of May. Sir Gibson. Eminent Commander. Sir McDonald and other Sir Knights of St.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. E. E. on my in that beautiful city. Sir Nash and E. No. and staff. and. The inspecting officer was pleased to make the following report to the Grand Commandery: "Responding to the invitation of Ottawa Commandery. "The work out in saying. 1 87 of Ottawa Commandery was inspected on the 27th day May. No. "The occasion was made a notable one by the presence of the Right Eminent Grand Commander. John's Commandery. to would seem that Ottawa Commandery must continue enjoy a steady growth. "Their books and records in the tactics of the are pleasing specimens of neatness and faithful detail. and several members of Joliet Commandery. while their financial condition. drill as yon will bear me up to the average. -was taken prisoner by R. membership of which aggregates one hundred and fifty-four. and E. the indebtedness whatever. is of this fully Commandery. and asylum fair. as well as from other Commanderies. and also from Blaney. Ottawa Commandery displayed some thirty-five or forty swords in line. There was a large attendance of the members and a large delegation from Juliet Commandery. the Commandery having no in its jurisdiction. is shown by their sound. as report. Sir Wilcox. "The Commandery met in special conclave and conferred the Order of the Temple. 1884.

E. on this occasion acted as James G. a and magnanimous Templar. Joliet escort to R. citizen. E. "The work of the asylum and ceremony of inspection were supplemented by a handsome banquet spread at the Clifton. which was read by Sir Wil- In Memoriam. especially of its younger memhers. whose death we sincerely mourn. That a we mourn in his loss as a worthy and trusted his duties. whose presence was a source of enjoyment to Ottawa Commandery. Sir At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery Nov. He that doeth all things well hath removed from our midst the valiant and magnanimous Sir Knight. 27. and whose memory we will ever fondly cherish. Elwood. followed by numerous speeches by host and guests. No. That we are called upon to record his death with feelings of deepest regret and profound sorrow. faithful the discharge of all public and private. 18S4. Whereas. Lothrop Perkins. Ottawa Commandery demonstrating the ability of its members as talkers as well as workers. disclosed in impromptu remarks. friend in valiant whose integrity we had the utmost confidence.[88 I'll E KNIGHTS IT. presented liam L. the memorial committee appointed to prepare a to the memorial memory of Sir Lothrop Perkins. Milligan." Commandery. were a continuous source of pleasure to the close. me in the- palm to Mtawa. consist- ing of Sirs William L. No.M PLAR. Milligan. Bull and Henry Mayo. whose well earned fame . Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Illinois. 4. their report. whose maturity of thought and elegance of diction. "For von ( true knightly courtesy and unbounded according hospitality will doubtless join with 10. Resolved. F. one whom in life was loved for his many knightly virtues.

a copy thereof. as we assert. 1884. some of the Christian virtues. this tribute to his memory be placed upon the records of our Commandery and our own. at least. and whose exalted and Knightly Christian that the highest is worthy our institution. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year Theodore Cunningham Gibson William Lee Roy Milligan George Abram Mills Walter Briggs Titus Thomas E. we can offer to his memory to pledge ourselves to follow in his footsteps and to emulate his virtues. it is evident that to be a worthy member of it. Resolved.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. That ily we tender to his afflicted widow and fam- That renewed assurances of our abiding sympathy. is be presented to her whose loss incomparably greater than — EXCERPTA: If our solemn ceremonies mean anything if they are not all a sham. under the seal of the same. if not by profession. held December 11. had spread both virtures are well tribute of respect far 189 and wide for deeds of charity and pure life. and should exemplify in his daily life. MacKinlay William Evan Prichard Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Henry Clay Nash Asa Mann Hoffman William Henrv Gilman Recorder Standard Bearer . when the angelic anthem. a mockery if. "Glory to God and peace to man. — — I88 5 . benevolence." first burst upon the ears of a waiting world if founded also upon the practice of the Christian virtues. a man should be a Christian in belief. our order is founded upon the Christian religion. the religion which had its birth in a stable at Bethlehem.

Ottawa Commandery attended Episcopal church April line." Memorial to Washington Bushnell. is very the Sir Knights are as well equipped as one has a right to expect. There were thirty-one Sir Knights of Ottawa Commandery present. . John Dawdle Hammond. Sir Prom his report we quote: "It caused me no little surI prise to note such correctness. Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Commandery of Illinois. helped me in the discharge of my duties. No. and Right Eminent Sii John Fisk Nash. 10. Cassette. E. John William Clegg Warren C. and the records are apparently correct and in due form. "The asylum of Ottawa Commandery. consisting of Sirs W. Foster Ilcild McKinney. Commander. Past Grand Commander. when the frequency of ritual exemplification considered. Demitted: Died: Thomas Coxey Fullerton and August Haeherlin. ritualistically speaking".UJO THE KNIGHTS TEM I'LAR. 1885. Sir John Fisk Nash at a special conclave December 18. in comparison with Commanderies located in the city of Chicago. William Henry Watts. 1885. Riale Paul Teissedre Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard were installed The above stations by l\. 5. officers into their respective E. C. and the officers and Sir Knights did everything they could to render the inspection satisfactory and complete. g 1. twenty-two swords being in Ottawa Commandery was inspected October 1. L. Gibson. Created: Charles Blanchard. [884. The committee on obituaries. as find in the Commanderies of is the state. "Eminent Sir T. by Norman T. Easter service at the Washington Bushnell.

we have sustained in we do. therefore. McArthur and W.: Once again rior. nor exchange with us the grasp of friendship and fraternal love. Sir Washington Bushnell. a true Knight. reported on as follows. 1885. Character is the jewel of the heart. That it is with feelings of deepest regret and profoundest sorrow that we place upon our records the death of our beloved frater. Resolved.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. easily regained. yielded up his armor. 767. Reputation is the football of the rabble. easily lost. 'tis easily soiled. a loving companion. That we hereby tender to his afflicted family renewed assurances of our abiding" sympathy. Milligan. of the loss which the death of our beloved frater man and citizen. a pilgrim war- and magnanimous. Resolve. Titus. with lifeblood pulsating in its arteries and flowing through its veins. 'tis personal wealth that has . an indulgent father. For the loss of such as he tears are not unmanly. and ever lost it cannot be restored. Robert the death of Sir I9I M. upright In view. EXCERPTA: Reputation is oft obtained without merit and lost without deserving. Washington Bushnell the angel B. Tis a garment that can be easily put on and off at pleasure. has crossed the dark river from whose bourne no traveler returns. A. affectionate husband. and an honest. Let them fall in honor of one whose life was that of a kind and. at his command. on the evening of the thirtieth day of June. and. our esteemed and beloved frater. 'tis public property to be disposed of at the pleasure of the populace. and passed into realms beyond the It veil of the earthly tabernacle to that rest pre- pared from the foundation of the world. never again to greet us here. But character is a living body. O. A. seems difficult to realize that he who so lately was with us and commanded our mother highest regard and confidence now to sleeps in earth. valiant of death has crossed the lines of our dominions. Every bruise gives pain and in healing it oftimes leaves an ugly scar and deformity. D. At his home.

Charles E. Created: Alexander Hanna. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. John Charles Farnsworth. Gay. Frederick W. Jr David Batcheller Henry Clay Nash Asa Mann Hoffman William Henry Gilman Richard Farnsworth I Warden Junior Warden Senior Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer 'aul Teissedre ( David iregg" Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard installed into The above officers were stations by their respective Em. Ames. William Reeves. it can only be wasted and squandered by the prodigality of its possessor. Willard Stanley Wheeler. 1885. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing" Templar year: William Lee Roy Milligan Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate George Abram Mills Thomas MacKinlay William Evan Prichard E. Daniel Charles Mills. J. held December 10. Barnett L. John Michael Purrucker. Oakley Matthew William Jack. William Sloan Cherry. Hayes Lukins. 'tis a treasure that cannot be appropriated by any other person. John Lewis Summers. Dunbar. Gibson at the stated con- clave December 24. Benjamin foshua P. llinkson. John Charles Corcoran. Luther. F. Milo Griggs. Alex- . Henry Schmidt. John Calvin Pirkey. John C.192 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Walter Rodgers. James Milligan. Simeon Guilford Gay. 1885. Oswin Hallet Bourne. Bonar. Harry Earl Rockwood. been earned. Winfield Scott Milton Eben Blanchard. Sir Theodore C. hoarded and polished by personal exertion. Sweet. [886.

one at six m. Ottawa Commandery was inspected by Em. There were present on this occasion fifty-three Sir Knights. April 25. McArthur. 1886. suspensions or expulsions Joseph Adams during the year 1886. There were no affiliations. Two banquets were served by the ladies of the Episcopal p. Halladay. Died: Robert M. .HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Bernard. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter Twenty-eight service at the Methodist Episcopal church. David A. swords in line. 1886. Israel C. and the order of the Temple on two postulants in the evening. Moulton. Louis. ander Wylie. a coat of arms was adopted by the its mimandery. 1886. the Eminent Commander appointed Sirs John F. members of Ottawa Commandery. Sir George M. and one at midnight. Englewood and other The order of the Red Cross was conferred in the afternoon on a class of 13. Demitted: Garvy Donaldson. to attend the triennial conclave of the to be held in St. Cook and Asa M. Commandery's Grand Encampment Louis September 21. 1886. Grand Captain General of the Grand Commandery of Illinois. Nash. July 1. Corydon C. 1886. James Anderson. 1886. March 25th the triennial committee submitted for the report as having perfected arrangements attending the triennial conclave of the at St. Wilson. Hoffman a committee to make all the necessary arrangements for the Commandery Encampment. Grand beginning September March C< 11. Charles Howard Smith and Samuel McFeely. neighboring Commanderies. February 25. John Francis Cleave. Cope. Eugene Moffit. church. 21. 193 Frank Thomas Neff. and fifty visit- ing Sir Knights from St. Charles Branson Anderson.

Milligan. Mills. 1886-7. 188S Henry Mayo. 1900-1* Deceased. Dunaway. 1889-90* Albert F. 1896-7-8-9 George A. William L. Schoch. 1893-4-5 Joseph N.PAST EMINENT COMMANDERS. Titus. 91-2 Waller B. .

so that a goodly number debarked from the train at Ottawa. No. The line of inarch was taken to the asylum. 10. Templar Commandery is 10. will take a front rank among the Commanderies of this jurisdiction. altogether. Purinton. Em. Banquet was then served by the Ottawa. and a brass band. where R. joined the party at Morris. Its present membership is 1 1 1. of the usual Mow of eloquence. No. and. Sir Knight Nash was in waiting with a detachment of Sir Knights from Ottawa Commandery. Bernard. lately Commandery.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. No. U. Ottawa well be considered as one of jurisdiction. of which 37 have been created . The work was well done and strictly in conformity to the of Knights ritual. D. 10. G. may grand affairs has honor and credit to this A revival of interest in taken place there. 1 95 Of this inspection report to the we quote from the inspection officer's Grand Commandery: "July ist I enjoyed the extreme pleasure of visiting Ottawa Commander}'. Sir Knight William L. followed by In the evening a ladies of Christ Episcopal church. Sir Knights from Blaney. Sir Milligan Ottawa. The financial condition of the good. 35. It was my good fortune to be accompanied by at Ottawa. 5. Commandery Templar was opened and the order conferred Another banquet in the on two of the afternoon class. under the leadership of Sir Knight H. hours of the morning concluded the exercises of the early day. No. No. the afternoon thirteen candidates received the illustrious order of the Red Cross. and also had the pleasure of the company of Eminent Commander Kirk and About a dozen staff of Englewood Commandery. eighteen Sir Knights of St. and under the able and zealous man- agement of Em. 10. No. where we were received with honors in During the council of Red Cross Knights then in session. Sir Knight Nash and by the official staff and members of the Commandery. Em. Em. Milligan was ably assisted in the discharge of his duties by R.

Slagle. C. E. M. Blanchard. ard Farnsworth. Gen. Louis.. Teissedre. Xeff. Em. T. Moffitt. St. I). S. from Streator joined the Commandery at Dwight. J. Prelate. D. tery on the 14th of August. to be during the present year. T.... ( i. II. Roh- E. D. C. Treas. II. Some of the members who accompanied Ottawa Commandery on this pilgrimage are shown in picture herein of the Commandery taken in front of the opera house the day of departure. J. P. Clegg.. G. E.attended conclave of the Grand the twenty-third triennial at St. C. Cook. Rodgers. J. Dunbar.. J. C.h)o I'll E KNIGHTS TEW PLAR. F. J. including C. E. J. C. Asa W. Mills. \V. Dunaway. J. Beginning with front rank. C. Sir Robert McKim McArthur. Farnsworth. D. Smith. Fullerton. '^Qfeivi y-hve swords were displayed first line in the ( parade. lowland. [886. II. I C. E. lint. X. Prichard. Mann Hoffman. W. W. Hammond. and which outstrips all previous records in some of the Chicago Com- manderies. W. M. Corcoran. P>. Col. F.. Pur- rucker. Rev. Rec. White." August loss i -'th the Commandery was called to by death of one of their best loved Past mourn the Commanders. David Batcheller. an unprecedented amount of work performed in an interior Commandery. II. His funeral services were under the auspices of Ottawa Commandery. IP Watts. P. P. Milligan. J. A. IP Anderson. S. Rockwood. L. Bowman. Besides the above several. J. Dr. G. C. W. Widmer. Christian Suppes. W. O. left to right. P. Rohrer. Walter Reeves and Ames. Paul E. Ottawa Commander}. E. Cay. E. Encampment Mo. II. Mills. reading from are: they W. Hall. J. [886. Bonar. Nash. C. S. A. . This was the triennial conclave that Commandery ever attended in a body. and he was placed in his resting place in Ottawa Avenue ceme- Em. RichJ. Hinkson.. C. C. Mayo. A. Warder. Dr. Sepin tember )ttawa 21. Pirkey. W. rer. Oakley Griggs. 1). \V.

of Ottawa Commander) In the - . His earthly record is complete. committee. the learned. and appreciated his mam - knightly virtues. in is the hearts of those who knew him His work He no longer of this earth. be . we to die. His monument longest and best. of the loss in which we have sustained it the death of our beloved frater. to its scabbard. In view. Nash. Walter B. The places that once knew him shall know him no more forever. the ignorant and all all alike. Xo frater. most honored and most beloved.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. death of our beloved frater. alike share the the humble and the exalted. December 23. can equal what should jointly he awarded him by all who knew to him. and same heritage. Sir Robert Titus and T. whom rest to He sword will never again answer to the roll-call of the Sir his Knights of Ottawa Commandery. Words ef eulogy can add nothing to the honor due his name and character. therefore. J. Gibson. C. which should stimulate those upon responsibilities in the present and may in the future higher ideals and stricter integrity. He good has returned tight He fought a and finished his course. among men is ended. Em. and of those who are cognizant ol the services which he rendered is our cherished institution. no tribute the which we can here bring to memory of our beloved whose friendship to it was our privilege so long and so uninterruptedly to enjoy. eulogium which we can here pronounce. !<)7 The following resolutions of respect to the memory of Em. are again reminded that title man is that rank and are no safeguards against the that the attack of the relentless archer. Mcborn Kim McArthur. fall beneath his unerring shaft. [886. Sir Robert McKim McArthur were read and ordered spread upon the records at a stated conclave F. a resting place in our mother earth.

because impure hands hold the cress. Mills Edward H. held December 9. Corcoran Fullerton Guard Charles E. Wheeler Henrv Clay Nash Asa Mann Hoffman William H. Sir John Disk Nash . That in him. Em. and Templarism is not degraded. We find consolation in the reflection that he lived to do great good to those around Resolved. Dunbar Thomas C. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year : William L. R. set Resolved. Milligan Commander Generalissimo George A. we mourn with them for the loving father.Junior Warden Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder First John C. and left behind him a stainless memory. Farnsworth Rani Teissedre Senior Warden . Second Guard Third Guard Organist Captain of the Guard installed Anthony D. 1886. Gilman John C. sympathy with the orphan daughters whom he has left behind. Simon David Robbins Gregg into their respective The above officers were stations on December 23." EXCERPTA: some who wear its 1887. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Smith William E.I98 T 1 1 E K NIGH TS TEMPLAR. Prichard Captain General Prelate David Batcheller Willard S. though garb are hypocrites. counselor and friend. "Christianity remains pure and spotless. That a page of our records be suitably inscribed to the apart and memory of our departed pilgrim. [886.

I Memoria in a Terna. Edwin T. . IQQ C. which was members of the Commandery. Heermans. Created: Mitchell. I must not stay. Pied: John Francis Cleave. John Nixon Shinn. Grand Captain General of the Grand Commandery. Affiliated: Timothy Elias C. Daniel Edward Daly. 1887. Luman Se- ward Sampson. John Marshall Davidson. says. N. Moulton. Ottawa Commandery was inspected June 3. Asa Mann Hoffman was Recorder of Ottawa Commandery at the time of his death and also Treasurer of La Demitted: Salle count}'. Rathbun. Hatheway and James E. This page is dedicated to our beloved frater Sir Asa. 1887. Asa Mann Hoffman. Eullerton was installing officer. service at the Rev. and there was more money in the treasury than at any time during the history of the Commandery. Reed. Ellis Gapen. rector. assisted by Sir Thomas as marshal. that forty-nine At the annual conclave the Eminent Commander stated had been added to the membership of the Commandery during the years 1886 and 1887. Em. greatly appreciated by the There were present on this occasion fifty-two Sir Knights of Ottawa Commandery and twelve visiting fraters.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Nile Wynkoop Heermans. on which occasion the Order of the Temple was conferred on two candidates. Sir George M. see a hand you cannot see. W. George Morrison Rig-den. by R. John Arnold ECoeppen and John Philip Scheying. heard a voice you cannot hear. delivered a very appropriate sermon. Edward Clark Modes. Which I Which beckons me away. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter Episcopal church April 10. Austin Valentine Oscar Benton Ryan.

10. Theodore C. R. [886. and T. [838.. As neighbor. which were adopted by Ottawa Commandery May 12.. 1887: E. M. T. October 7.M I'l. I at 1 1 130 o'clock a. m.AR. magnanimous order of Knights Templar in Ottawa Commandery. Whereas. 63.. friend. R. in Shabbona Chapter. Tt has pleased our Heavenly Father to sum- mon another of our members from our asylum to that grand asylum above.. 1884. McKenny and Thomas MacKinlay presented resolutions of respect to the memory of Em. which knows no closing." It was with sincere sorrow that we learned that on the morning of October 10. 1S77. he was always truly consistent and loving. May ter 4. S. . R. Was member of Oriental Council. knight. well becomes each of us who remain to see to it that our life work shall in the future and the influence of our example shall be such that when we shall be called hence our life work- have been well done. M. A. A. October a citizen. K. 40. 111. [887. May 15. Em.2( H > Til E KNIGHTS TI'. A. A. Sir Corydon C. I died at Ackley. No. charter 37. lc was raised to the sublime degree of Wednesday. man. No. Gibson. December 4. results of and where the our life work shall be opened to the it light of eternal justice tempered with mercy and truth. "Let him enter. Constituted a S. Foster H. 10. 32 . Recorder of Ottawa Commandery. R. No... Iofkm an. P. No. Exalted to the august degree of Royal Arch 1S78. and be permitted to hear the welcome. No. our highly esteemed frater. December 24. F. M. Halladav. husband and father. Iowa. 1878. Mas- Mason in Occidental Lodge. l\. S. Mason. Valley of Chicago. lie was born in Peru. and where each shall stand alone to answer the necessary questions for himself with no attending escort to answer for him. Manx [O. Sir Corydon Cornelius Halladay. & Created and dubbed a Knight of the valiant and S. & A.

but a brief time married. he has laid aside his earthly tenements. Halladay. Mills. has been clothed with at his loss. We miss his cheerful countenance and hearty grasp of the as well as his kindly hand words of counsel and advice and walks of life genial friendship. Gibson. after a long 201 and protracted and very painful illness of many months' duration. presented resolutions of respect to the memory of John Francis Cleave. and the family a kind husband and an indulgent father. and our late frater. these upon the records of the Commanderv. Eugene Moffitt and T. which were adopted by Ottawa Commanderv May 6. and we hereby extend to them our sincere and heartfelt sympathy in this hour of their deep affliction. consisting of Daniel C. Resolved. John Francis Cleave. in contact in a business Resolved. had passed quietly away from our midst to enter upon the untried realities of that other life beyond. The committee. G C. and only a short no longer. has answered the comYoung. 1887. and his ever ready assistance and cheerful manner in filling any of the positions of our order won for him our warmest friendship and esteem. and spread upon the records. That in his departure we have lost one highly esteemed as a friend and a brother. Therefore. Sir mand. and those with whom he came way knew him only to respect him in the highest degree. The white winged messenger from our Supreme Grand Commander has called for another human life. sorrow deeply . No. C.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. that a copy of the above be presented to the family of a token of our respect to his Sir As Em. tegrity In the every day his in- was unquestioned. although his fraters of Ottawa Commanderv. time our frater. resolutions be spread also memory. and. Pilgrim robes. celestial 10.

Ic At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Sir William L. he it. Prichard Timothy E. Dunbar Thomas E. 1887. 1887. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: George Abram Mills Commander Generalissimo James Milligan. Wilson John P. Milligan William H. EXCERPTA: In this age of our order we seek the cultivation of the arts of peace. Scheying Alexander Hanna Senior Junior Warden Warden Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel The above stations on officers were installed into their respective December 22.AK. Therefore. Jr Paul Teissedre Captain General Prelate William E. Wherefore mourn? phan to the love of We commend his widow and or- Him who has promised to care for the widow and the fatherless. Milli- . and especially to maintain with unswerving integrity the holy tenets of Him who was and is the Savior of the world. Ever faithful to his vows. That the foregoing he transcribed upon our records and a copy thereof he sent to his widow and or- phaned family. the education of all in the useful things that God has given for our. study.2< >_' I'll E KNIGHTS TEM I'l. MacKinlay William L. he was prepared to obey the last command. Resolved. and we share with them the sorrow which time alone can soften. held December 8. Gapen Charles E. Gilman Joseph A. Em. We honor his memory and invoke blessings upon all whom he loved.

Sir William L. On June 1st R. Byrth. 203 and was assisted by Sir David Charles H. John Rosene. gan was installing officer. Died let : John Lewis Summers. Past Commanders John F. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter seryice at Christ There was a large attendance of the fraters. Ottawa Commandery Past Commander Milligan. presented R. John William Teetzel. Clarence Smith. Em. Milligan a beautiful Past Commander's jewel. which was duly appreciated by the yestry and the Episcopal church. James E. Thomas Corwin Tridell. Gibson an honorary member. Augustin Griggs. Recorder of Ottawa Commandery. James Stewart. William Kellogg Stewart and William J. on behalf of the Commandery. Nash. Ruffin Drew Fletcher. as manifested by their recognition in a pleasant worded set of resolutions to the Commandery receiyed April 26. Albert Atwood Colley. the first presentation o\ a jewel to a Past Commander of this Commandery. Nash and James Rhoads were each elected life members of Ottawa Commandery and William L. Rising. vowed to .HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. The Commander). Sir John F. Commandery a history of the Commandery from organization to 1888. William L. church. Justus Harris and Elipha- Follett Bull. Howard Jennings. Affiliated: Leman A. Steen. 1888. On authority of William L. EXCERPTA: let In this day of bold and aggressive are soldiers of the infidelity us not forget that we Cross. Henry Sansom. and was awarded the thanks of the Commandery for the efficient manner in prepared and presented the which same was compiled. Em. 1888. On March 22. Batcheller as marshal. Bell.was not inspected during the year 1888. Created': Austin J. Cooke.

Thomas H. William Batie Jones. Ezra Hunt Bailey. stood before the pyramids of Egypt. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar vear Walter Briggs Titus Commander Generalissimo Thomas Coxy Fullerton Edward H. with his warriors. Colley Junior Warden Warden Recorder Treasurer Standard Bearer John Alexander Hanna P." Soldiers of the Cross. Prichard Paul Teissedre Captain General Prelate Senior James E. forty centuries look down upon you from yonder pyramids. Be loyal. and to uphold its glorious banner. more than nineteen hundred years look down upon you from Calvary's bloody brow. and I will give thee a crown of life. Em. Sir John F. Created: James Sexton. assisted by Em. William Wilson. held December 13. R. You cannot grasp the crossof your swords without being reminded of the awful scene there enacted. Charles Christian Modes." hilts 1889. stand forth in defense of the Christian religion. brave and true. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Nash being the installing officer. Cooke Thomas E. Henry Waldecker. Scheying Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard The above officers were installed into their respective stations on December 1888. Sir George A. "Be thou faithful unto death. and forget not the admonition of the great Captain of our Salvation. 1888.: 204 I'M E K NIGHTS TKM PLAR. MacKinlay David Batcheller Theodore C. Mills as Marshal. Wil- . he said: "Soldiers of France. Smith William E. Fisher. Gibson Albert A. Benjamin Franklin Colehour. William James Williams. _> 1 . When Napoleon. Charles E. Spencer.

N. Gustav Knenssl. White. and the all the minor details were strictly adhered to. D. in recognition of his efficient serv- Eminent Commander of Ottawa Commandery dur- ing the year 1888. James Gentleman and William Hitt Penballagan. Nash. William Henry Knowles. Heermans Webster Suspended Nash. No. The asylum was handsomely decorated After conclave closed for the occasion. Abram ander Wylie. Case and Newton Poston. The Order of the Temple was conferred. Grand Generalissimo of the Grand Commandery. Abram Cross Clair. 1889. Sir John F. after which the asylum tactics were performed and the Commandery was closed in form. George A. Dyas. Murphy and Henry Clay Died: Thomas Reedy. on behalf of the Commandery. May 17. David Robert Watson Law. John J. Deinitted: Daniel Jesse Emerson and AlexArnold. Short speeches were made and social conversation indulged in until long.after midnight. W r . M. Fletcher Hitt. 10. Sir Joseph E. 205 Ham Ellis St. Fifty-five Sir Knights were present. P. the Commandery was inspected by Em. Godfrey. ) : Wesley Charles M. Em.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. C. Edward Gardner. to a where about twenty guests sat down repast. presented Past Em. Mills a beautiful Commander's sword. W. Carpenter. carriages con- veyed us to the residence of R. Ibis enjoyable meeting was presided over by our estimable host. Of this inspection Em. Affiliated: F. (N. Samuel Hood. . F'ullerton. Sir Generalissimo Thomas C. Sir Dyas reported to the Grand Commander as follows: "May 17th I visited Ottawa Commandery. Morgan. January ices as 1889. 10. The officers of this Commandery are thoroughly proficient in the ritual and drill.

he a citizen. Illinois. his record complete. His work on earth is fin- ished. idolized his children The is true type of a gentleman. who departed this at home. adored his wife. I will meet you striving there again! It is with the most profound grief that we record the life death of Sir John L. He heard an inward Leave home. [888: x Memoriam — John call Lewis Summers. Go. and he now sits on the right hand of the blesl Emmanuel enjoying ineffable and eternal happiness. "Fraters. But be gone! The places that once knew him shall forever. and father. he affable to all. presented the following'. his 14. 1888. in Allen township. July As a man. and domestic hapand loved bis was courteous and piness reigned where'er he moved. Boldly endure and bravely stand. La Salle county. The determined brave resolutions which nerved our departed frater herculean labors while living have alike succumbed to the all powerful King of Terrors. si the Commandery attended Easter services at the Methodist church. He home. and brightened the home circle. David Batcheller and Daniel E. his presence and was loving and indulgent. swords being in line. as a husband. Milligan. he ranked with the highest. And with this ruddy cross. be strong for life's demand. leave country. as a friend he was true as the needle to the pole. committee on obituaries. Summers. know him no more longer be seen at His stately form will will in no and his our gatherings.— — 206 April _' i THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Daly. all That loved you and are loved Leave wealth and fame. His "term of penance" has in- deed ended. fifty-nine VV. L. . which was adopted September 1 [3. To go and battle in your Majesty's name! There where I walked in early days with men.

he inscribed upon our records and copies sent to the relatives of the departed. to Justus Harris. which was adopted December 27. A. but we do not sorrow as they who are separated from friends. io. Cook and Thos. That these. C. our heartfelt words. but as they who believe that we shall all soon mingle with the Heavenly Host. His hood. We who tarry yet awhile mourn his loss. presented the fol- committee on memorial lowing. we pray that He who hath smitten may also sustain and comfort them. Ottawa Commandery has again been summoned portals of the tomb. and sleeps with his fraters gone before. which was In Memoriam. Prichard. Resolved. Gibson and Paul Teissedre. turning their present grief into everlasting joy. T. and most loved. Fullerton." 207 Remembering our duty to weep with those who weep. 1888: Whereas. No. contended valiantly with the grim mes- senger and fearlessly yielded to the silent angel. The Sir Knights of Ottawa Commandery. W. we tender otir cordial sympathy to his afflicted family in the great sorrow which has befallen them. Prom From his bright life example take his blest grave let hope awake. Justus Harris. radiated the luster of a noble a patient man- made conspicuous by endurance under long . committee on memorial to Asa Mann Hoffman. 1). E. while we mingle our tears with those of the broken circle in which he was best known. presented adopted November 22. and. 1888: the following. to the Our beloved f rater. and. Sir Knight Asa Mann Hoffman.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. received in deep sensibility the intelligence of the death of our late frater. where contention no longer awaited. life Whereas. C.

Resolved. our council and whose voice commore he heard in never will newer more thrill . 1888: Sir Eliphalet Follett Bull. Nash. which was adopted December 2j. . be it. therefore. and our asylum shrouded gloom. That so well we deeply deplore the loss exemplified in his own life the virtues of one who of patience and fidelity to every trust of humanity. deatli we lose one of our most faithful members.208 continued physical early life. Titus and Thomas E. presented the following tribue to EliphaBull. While thus panion in called to mourn the loss of a cherished will arms. By the lessons taught through the symbols of our order our minds become so familiar with the emblems of mortality that we are apt to lose sight of its stern reality. F. Resolved. Walter B. not only opportunities in his career. his family a devoted husband. and whose memory we shall ever hold in grateful affection. Mac- Kinlay. I'll E KNIGHTS TEM PLAR. Follett Bull. and f< ir the supp< »rt of the Whereas. kind and indulgent and the community a good citizen. vigor and hopefulness ol for distin- affliction in the which wasted. committee. that a bright in and burning taper of life has been extinguished in our Gommandery. his widow and irphans and. By father. but in guished advancement frittered away the reserve accumulations required old age i and retirement. That as a testimonial of our respect for the memory of the deceased we cause these resolutions to be late frater. engrossed and sent to the family of our John let F. Tims have we again been reminded frater. whose footfalls halls. hut messenger of death sounds an alarm at the door of our asylum and summons hence one of our number we are startled with the realities of life and the fleetness of when the time. Sir in the death of our Knight E.

to memory. Mills Albert A. Corcoran Thomas E. MacKinlay 1 Junior Warden Warden Treasurer )avid Batcheller Recorder Standard Bearer Daniel C. high-minded devoted husband and father. our hearts with the eloquence of truth. Follett Bull our order has lost one of its brightest jewels. Smith James E. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year : Walter Briggs Titus Commander Generalissimo Thomas Coxy Fullerton Edward H. Resolved. cherish his yet^ 200. That virtues. society citizen. and his family a we will cherish his . Colley Sword Bearer .HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Wherever a field of labor. he Resolved. held December 12. in the it Grand Asylum heyond Therefore. we will ever memory as a true and courteous Knight who has fallen in life's full struggle full knightly with his armor on prepared for knightly deeds the dark river. At the annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery. imitate his and ever bear testimony his integrity as a just and upright man. an active. That in the death of Sir Knight E. That these resolutions be spread on the records of the Commandery and a certified copy transmitted to the family of the deceased. honorable. Sir Knights is not an order of selfish human cry for help is heard there is your 1890. Resolved. 1889. Cooke Paul Teissedre Captain General Prelate Senior John C. Yours. EXCERPTA: seclusion.

210 'I'll E K NIGHTS Tl-'.M l'l.AK. 73 .

and no our rank:. Grand Generalissimo of the Grand Commanderv. : Hans Gulbranson. to . their various duties. 1890. Ottawa Commandery was Km. Fornof. and it is above the average of Commanderies in both work and attendance. 1890. John Frank Toland and William Herbert Higby. Xo. Forbes. 21 I Warder Captain of the Guard George A. William Henry Boys. comfortably furnished. 1890. 10. pastor. the Order of the Temple was conferred upon one candidate in The officers are well posted in exceptionally good style. to do. Theodore C. John John James Withrow. members on January April 6. 27. inspected by April io. spection we quote from the inspection officer's report: "Em. Carpenter and E. Day.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Sir Sylvester O. kindly invited me to visit stated conclave. Of this inent. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter with forty-seven F. "They have a large and commodious asylum. Titus. Sir W. EXCERPTA: lack ofl The field in which we labor is opportunities for every valiant knight in ample. B. Warren swords in line. There were thirty-nine fraters presThe Order of the Temple was conferred. erv. Willard Stanley Arthur Lockwood and William life Bowman were made 25. 1890. I which 1 them at their was pleased found Xo. Rev. Charles Demitted: Wheeler. 10 to be a very prosperous Command- The regular business having been disposed of." ury. Gibson Alexander Hanna Created: \Y. Commander of Ottawa Commandery. and about two th< usand dollars in the treasMembership at last report was 140. occurring April 10th. Spring. and September respectively. Affiliated: Reinstated Charles Carpenter. service at the Congregational Church.

1890. James Marshall TreAngell. As soon as the officers were installed preparations were began toward the Commandery in attending the triennial conclave of the Grand Encampment. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: William Lee Roy Milligan Royal D. Charles Hubbard Rathbun. Denver. the aggregate of good through our instrumentality cannot but rebound to the good of Templarism and the glory of the Great Captain of our salvation. and. held December i 1. com- mittees were appointed and arrangements were concluded . Davidson Huggins. At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Duncan McDougall. [892. exemplify and impress our tenets in our respective communities. MacKinlay David Batcheller Henry Waklecker Albert A. Joseph Kopf and Jacob Benner Shuler. Samuel C. if faithful. Lewis Lyall Graves. Charles Schaulin. 1891. Ludwig Otto Lorenz. McDonald Paul Teissedre Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate James E. Affiliated: Albert II. Toland James Gentleman Thomas E.2 I 2 III E KNIGHTS TKM PLAR. Cooke John F. Lyston Drewett Howe. nary and Andrew There were no deaths and no demissions from Ottawa Commandery during the year. Robert Courtney Meyer. Clegg Alexander llanna Created: Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard E. Henry Hatton. Colley Warden Junior Warden Senior Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer John W. to be held in September. Smith. John Maxwell Stewart. Colorado.

1892. proxy for R. Pace. that we owe these ennobling virtues to the same influence that shaped the chivalry of the days of Bayard and Sir Sidney. In no other age of the world has there been so wide. Ottawa Commander}. In conjunction with Occidental Lodge and Shabbona Chapter the Commandery and third King & Hamilton building. At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Sir Edward C. sixty swords being in line. as well as the most beautiful type of gentle women. 89 1. courtesy and generosity have always been the characteristics of the true knight. including dining" car. courtesy. however. pure and generous. loyalty. for Masonic purposes. 213 before the close of the year for a special train of Pullman cars. pastor. forty-five swords being in line.was inspected by John Fisk Nash. Let us not forget. 1 May R. Sir EXCERPTA: This is the age of the noblest type of the true gentleman. MacKinlay Albert Captain General Prelate Atwood Colley Paul Teissedre Treasurer Recorder Senior Warden . Valor. second March 29. Em. Christian tenderness and helpfulness. 14. generosity.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Em. held December 10. a field for the exercise of these virtues as in this present age. day coach and commissary leased the car. so varied. Gilbert Frederick. What scope to-day for the exercise of these virtues. Rev. our wards. Dr. here a type of gentlemen in which are richly blended a sense of personal honor. The ideal of chivalry has always been lofty. 1891. 1891. the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year William Lee Roy Milligan Commander Generalissimo Henry Mayo David P>atcheller Walter Briggs Titus Thomas E. inspection officer. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter services at the Baptist church. The American gentleman is the noblest type of true chivalry the world has ever known. floors.

K. Sylvester Blanchard.Miller. Albert Lisle R. Thomas OlmLouis Hanson James Albert Curry. Augustus Howard Jennings and John Stuart Ryburn. Duffy. August 6. as per itinerary souvenir The description of each individual perof Ottawa Commandery. Ottawa. No. Tyler. Record of departure of Ottawa Commandery to Denver. Rock Island and Pacific Railroad company will require each individual person. T. 10. No. T. Wilmarth.214 ( I'll E K NIGHTS TKM I'l. William Eg- Wheeler MacKinlay. Colorado. T. Saturday morning. Rodgers Alexander I Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the ( I anna kiard Created: sted. Charles BenAndrew Jackson Daugherty. Milton Pope. Alvin E. entitling the holder only to one round-trip passage. . K. 10. at which hour the Chicago. are hereby ordered to assemble at the asylum of Ottawa Commandery. son entitled to travel on said ticket will also be stamped on the . William Morell L. at Ottawa. Guy C. August 1. Charles Sumner Beckwith and Affiliated: Charles William Fredenburg. George R. HEADQUARTERS OTTAWA COMMANDERY. on Saturday morning. August 6. No.. 1892 : General Order. John bert Christopher C. Colley. reorge Abram Mills junior Warden I tenry Waldecker Standard Bearer James Marshall Trenary Joshua P. Special Instructions Sir 1. at 8 o'clock sharp. Carpenter. Wilbur. Knights and others who are assigned sleeper berths on special train of Ottawa Commandery. Suspended: Demitted: Pied: John Arnold Koepen. George Henry Pruett.. K. Barber. ton Hess. 1892. NO. Brown. Illinois. male or female. — Read Carefully and Obey. Clark Brading Provins. to affix their signature to the excursion ticket. 10. to attend the Twenty-Fifth Triennial Encampment of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America. 1S92.AK. George A.

Knights Templar valises. 8 o'clock Saturday morning. Trenarv Joshua P. Ottawa. will be escorted to the depot in carriages. R. MILLIGAN. Attest: A. MacKinlay Oakley Griggs Richard Farnswortb William H. containing uniforms. No.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Main and Columbus preceded by Hentrich's military band. to the depot. Prichard Captain General Prelate Gustav Kneussl Senior James Gentleman Thomas E. Gilman James M. tern. at Ottawa. Treasurer tern. Ottawa Commandery. & P. BAGGAGE You should mark your baggage plain with your name. Send your baggage to depot early Saturday morning. Rodgers Alexander Hanna Warden pro Junior Warden pro Recorder pro tern. when taken up via La Salle. be presented to the the line of Commandery with and a new banner will appropriate ceremony. A. which will see to having them placed in special baggage car of ent in — special train. R. at asylum of Ottawa Commandery. it is imperative that each person should be presperson at the above named. march will be streets. Ladies Courteously. together with a vast assemblage of friends of the order. & P. rendezvoused 10. K . No. The lines will be formed at 9 o'clock. 1892: in the William L. L. 10. Persuant officers the above order the following' named in- and Sir Knights and their ladies and friends its tending to accompany the Commandery on pilgrimage. "Special Train. August 6. I. Standard Bearer pro Color Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard . Illinois. I." and have it sent to the depot of the C. E.. where it will be placed in the special baggage car of Ottawa Commandery. W. tern. will be taken care of at the asylum of the Commandery by special committee. as the C. ticket. 215 Therefore. Milligan Commander Generalissimo Henry Mayo David Batcheller William E.T. COLLEY. Illinois. C. to Recorder. ticket agent will be present at the asylum at that hour with tickets and stamps.

E. No. Colehour. Hess. Mitchell. John II. Swem. J. George A. J. : C. of Mendota. J. Metzger. E. J. Y. son. J. Sycamore Commandery. l». Bethany Commandery.Milton Pope. Josie ForsEdith Hess. sister ( 1. W. Ladies: Mesdames J. 5. Ward Sawyer. Cox. Also Sir Knights A. Sir Geo. Schoch. Commandery Knights from at Denver). Pern. Mc- Donald. 28.2l6 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Sycamore. L. A. P. S. F. John F. T. PI. Grace Mayo. McDonald. George W. C. John's Commandery. H. G. J. L. 15. F. Sliinn. Roberts. J. Oakley Griggs. C. Mary Reedy. John C. N. H. H. Read. No. . J. Curry. C. T- J. 111. Blanchard. C. R. Jessie Clark. J. S. B. 2(>. S.. B. Bach. B. Daugherty. J. Wilmarth. Frank T. Gibson. L. . Curry.. Clark. John Wylie. Al. Weis. No. C. W. Mary McGinley. of Morris. A. W. James A. J. Louis Rohrer. C. L. Graves. Hartenbower. E. W. C. Farnsworth. P. Wish. Bl. C. L. 111. Provins. Colehour. John L. F. F. John L. Spencer. W. Al. Blanev Commandery. 111. E. H. A. \A'. William Rising. \. William Wilson. C. Josie Porter. Blanchard. L. G. Schoch. No. R. Nash. J. Metzger. B. Sampson. E. Edwin T. J. Perry. Eldred. Nettie Ellsworth and Anna Gay. C. Howe. J. B. H. McPherson and Sir Knights A. A. Beckwith. Johnson. Hodgson. Pruett. G. Widmer. Barber (Sir Knight George A. Corcoran. E. Harry Hess and E. ( J. Widmer. Clegg. T. Anna Renz. Eeldes. Half. II. Shuler. A. L. Rockwood. Hall. C. Ebenezer Barber. A.' D. R. Hattie Hill. Beckwith. Hartenbower. Forbes joined the Provins. (lay. . M. George Groshens. Graves. GibI). Prichard. J. r. Louis Scheidecker. C. F. C. Gents (not Templars) M. James Briggs. Slagie. Julia Rabenstein. Swem. Weis. B. Roberts. Em. Gay. Godfrey. and the following named Sir : Commanderies C. Neff. St. S. Charles Neureuther. C. S. C. I). C. Hess. A. Misses: ter. Gilman. Eldred and H. Cox. Don MacKinlay. Mayo. Feldes. Georgia Gilman. James Shaw. M. Thomas II. G. W.

They city hut believed that there no longer existed any other Jerusalem or other habitable spot of earth but that which contained the tomb of Christ. in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. to visit Calvary. different the circumstances under which low changed the scene. silk L. Milligan. the black typifying terror to their foes. Under its folds the plains of Hattan were drenched with blood and the Holy City delivered to the Christians. C. the influence of climate and enemies the most formidable. and the white fairness to their friends. The beauseant was their battle flag. will not see without Providence sometimes employs great revolutions to enlighten mankind. and renew their baptism in the waters of the staff Jordan. At 10 o'clock the lines 21 7 were formed when Sir Knight W. contending against famine. with the following remarks Ladies. the tomb of Christ. passed through so interest that The discovery of the continent of America by Christopher Columbus 400 years ago was the beginning of a new era in the civilization of the world. which has many calamities. which has witnessed the out- break of many passions on the political scene. 'Jdie present generation. who with san- and scrip traversed rugged mountains and arid plains. Friends and Valiant Knights: It affords us very great pleasure to extend to you a knightly greeting. how we embark in com- parison with the pilgrimage of the valiant soldiers of the Cross dal. All the roads which led to the Holy City were deluged with blood and presented nothing hut the scattered spoils and wrecks of nations.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. presented the Commandery : with a American flag. Em. Through the dim starlight of superstition and idolatry . and to insure the future prosperity of governments. as pilgrimage that tory of will we are now about to embark upon a mark an interesting epoch in the hisI Ottawa Commander}-.

The beauseant no longer incites to deeds of bloodshed and carnage. The light of the Gospel emitted but the twilight of Christian truth. coal to propel the machinery of the world.2l8 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. with a Xile. way to knowledge. with the speed of the wind. and drawn by chariots of hTe to whirl us. gold to conduct its commerce. and. doubt the form of the earth. science has given us roads of steel and coaches with all the comforts of the most elegant homes. soil as rich as the valley of the fields. until mounfilled with the richest minerals. staff and scrip. its glimmering rays shone through prisons. . lead and copper. the city of Denver. Our swords are no longer drawn in mortal combat. The close of the Revolutionary war secured by law the freedom of conscience. The Stars and Stripes: Long may it wave. penetrated every recess of the earth and the elements to discover further light. iron. free inquiry came as an effulgent light. like an agile army of travelers. and. lighted by electricity. the influence of climate and enemies the most formidable. science from the limbs of science. new powers and grander and instead of traversing a continent with sandal. How changed the scene. through the peaceful valley of the Mississippi. The age of ignorance and superstition has passed. has magnified freedom in giving era of action. with the liberty of the press. inthe earlier ages of our race groped their Conflicting legends had left in quisitions and star chambers after the purer light had been closed i tut by creeds. contending* against famine. the origin of man and questions of theology were in doubt. Freedom her tore the fetters in grateful return. We will now take np the ensign of a free and entains lightened people. science awoke from the slumber of ages. remind us that we have arrived at the mecca of our pilgrimage. until Through wheat fields and corn the lowing of the great herds on the ranches of Kansas and Colorado mingle with the rumbling of our mighty train.

and that the equal laws of our country and virtuous conduct of the people will lie imitated by all the nations of the earth. Oilman. Knight William H. Well may you feel honored in being its bearer. as we were taught that white is an emblem of purity. mav its red stripes remind yon that you should ever defend the free institutions of your country with that fervency and zeal which should characterize all loyal American citizens. and the inhabitants of the world shall be free men and fellow citizens and patriotism itself be lost in brotherly love. Standard Bearer. of the lessons taught you in Masonry: that virtue should be as now have expansive in the breast of every Mason as the blue vault of Heaven. Let its blue held remind you. T. and the Knights Templar of Ottawa Commandery. stationed outside the asylum.] After the address the following order Hentrich's military band. With sunshine. line of march was taken tip in the Ottawa Commandery. if necessary. 10. and we trust that yon. finally. that no anarchist insults it and foreign nations respect it. Sir Knights. Sir Knights. T the very great pleasure of placing in your hands this property of Ottawa Commandery. and. relief and truth. with your swords. will see to it. the waving plumes and swords of the Sir Knights glistening in the the two Old Glories (the . And as you were taught that red denotes fervency and zeal. And Sir O'er the land of the free the home of the brave. No. Ladies in carriages. the first American flag ever presented to or carried by a Commandery of Knights Templar.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. struck up the "Star Spangled Banner" amidst deafening applause. Hentrich's military band. 2IO. may its white stripes inspire us to perpetnate this government as pure and undefiled as bequeathed us by our ancestors. K. [The address ended. Visiting Sir Knights.

Colorado._'_'•> I ll E KNIGHTS TEM PLAR. . SIR WILLIAM H. on Pilgrimage to Denver. OILMAN. 1892. Standard Bearer of Ottawa Commandery. Who Received and Carried the First American Flag Ever Presented to a Commandery of Knights Templar. August 6.

Em. Milligan. a new flag having recently replaced this historic one. 1892. S. the morning of the departure of the Commandery to the twenty-fifth triennial conclave of the Grand Encampment of the U. by W. 1892. This flag was purchased in January. A. at Denver. Commander of Ottawa Commandery.. The above picture is the remnant of the flag then presented. . but the formal presentation was not made until August 6. Colo.THE FIRST AMERICAN FLAG EVER PRESENTED TO A COMMANDERY OF KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. L.

I'll E K N tGHTS I KM I'l.2 02 •^ ^ m cts M .AK ia. 3i > »-« JJ £ M — n i j= < £ ^ OJ < S rf < < > £ c 5 Eh Eh c * £ ° ^ ^ -o iS O — o a H . "3 c or" 5 •^ "£ PQ rG ^ W .a .

north on Columbus to where the train. baggage car. KNIGHTS HOLD AN OPEN MEETING. No. An Innovation by Ottawa Commandery Before Ottawa. Ottawa Commandery passed the reviewing stand General John C. 10." three first class Pullman palace sleepers and dining car "Hotel de Pilgrim. and when. and Old Glory. the first ever presented to a Commandery of Knights Templar. who God speed. flag of 223 our country and the beauseant of our order) side by side fluttering in the breeze of a beautiful procession to Main. 111." Ottawa Commandery had seventy-three swords parade at Denver. — An innovation which marks an epoch . Smith." all handsomely and appropriately decorated. and when we arrived at Denver we observed had assembled at the depot to wish us a hearty that Commanderies. was in waiting to receive us. 6. on observing the approach of Ottawa Commandery with "Old Glory" floating on the breeze. was heralded in the Associated Press as an innovation in Templar Masonry. The presentation of the American flag. on the day of the grand parade. and dimensions from ten cents up in price. the train rolled away for the West. At ringing ii 125 o'clock. the of music from the band. Starting for Denver. and the reviewing officers. the asylum south on La Salle street the Rock Island Columbus. in Aug. day coach tourist sleeper "Saracen. the to summer day. in line in the We 1892: quote from the Chicago Daily News of August 7. whose flags of all officers were carrying sizes had read of this incident.HISTORY OK OTTAWA COM M AN DENY. consisting of engine. the waving of vast handkerchiefs and the cheers of the multitude of friends. strains amid the sounding of the whistle. rose from their seats and shouted: "Three cheers for Ottawa Commandery. east on moved from Main depot. bell..

The Ottawa Commandery turns out seventy-three plumes. dred tickets were sold to the organization and members of the craft who have not yet reached the Knights Templar degree. in The Commandery arrived ple Ottawa on return a large at 5 p. This was a most enjoyable trip. ing up a beautiful silk banner. on behalf of the Commandery. SevOver one huneral Sir Knights were accompanied by their ladies. the stars and stripes. on August 15th. and was met by concourse of peo- showing Ottawa Commandery had made while abroad.J 24 I ™ this E KNIGHTS TKM I'l. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter [892. with the assurance that it is the first American flag ever carried on a pilgrimage or elsewhere by a Commandery of Knights Templar. m. Sir John F. He touched upon the early struggles of Masonry and the Order of Knights Templar. Em.AU. at service April 17. saying: This emblem of the "Sir Knights and Brother Warriors: greatest free and enlightened country on earth I now present you. The Ottawa band outside the asylum struck up the "Star Spangled Banner" and the multitude cheered themselves hoarse. presented P." The announcement elicited wild applause. Milligan called for the color guard. and addressed them pleasantly upon their trip. They were escorted to their asylum hv a detachment of Sir Knights who had not gone to Denver. m. They left by special train at 11 a. Em. and returning via Topeka and Kansas City. sixty-four swords being in mandery occurred on in Ottawa Comwhen Em. Sir Walter Briggrs Titus a beautiful Past Commander's One of the most pleasant happenings the 12th of June . Sir William L. where a fine luncheon and refreshments had been who were proud of the prepared for the returning 'pilgrims. and halted them for orders. line. Nash. going via Des Moines and ( )maha. The routine details having been given. the appointed hour Captain General David Batcheller formed the Knights in line and marched them into the spacious lodge rooms. closing by pick- mandery The morning. he history of Knight Templarism was indulged in by Ottawa Com beautiful asylum of the organization was thrown open to the public to witness the assembling of the Sir Knights preparatory At to the embarking for the Denver encampment and conclave. the Episcopal Church.

Dr. W. 13. It came not once within our tears. where away he was so well known and highly honored. Very few are ing.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. self-sacrific- unassuming manifestation of kindly solicitude for those whom he came in contact. who have been the recipients of his generous benefactions in years past. and its coming was the (if like a dash of lightning from a clear sky. after a very short illness of only four days. with With what untiring energy and earnest solicitude he . prepared from the foundation of the world for who have clean hands and a pure heart. We loved to think of him as one To whom long years were given. and more especially those who came within his professional care. presented the following tribute to Sir Knight Dr. E. 'renins and T. B. September 21. which was 1892: Sir Knights at the inner : adopted October We have again been startled by an alarm f raters door of the asylum. and another of our beloved has been and highly esteemed Sovereign Master of the Universe those to that summoned by the Grand Asylum all above. And thus was he called to lay down be his life life mid-day of an intensely busy and useful love for his fellow will work in whose labors to duplicate men it will difficult and be sadly missed by the poor. in 225 token of the friendship and knightly esteem of the Knights of Ottawa Commandery toward Em. com- mittee. such an unselfish. Our most worthv Brother and Sir Knight. John Stew-art Ryburn. passed quietly at his residence in Ottawa at 7:30 o'clock on Wednesday evening". B. 1 Sir Titus. sending an electric thrill of sorrow and mourning throughout this community. 1892. Titus. John Stewart Ryburn. He could so early go. C. called away from our midst who have left such an unblemished record. Jewel. MacKinlay.

no road too rough. 10. his watchful The same assiduous attention was berich alike. thirty-first in annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery [892. no hour too untimely efforts. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing I Templar year: Icnrv Mayo Commander . That a copy of these resolutions he spread that an engrossed copy he presented upon the records. ( was held their asylum 1 )ecemher 8. those watched by the couch of suffering none know so well as who knew him best and have been the recipients of care. That the members of Ottawa Commandery. the author and exemplar. EXCERPTA: Our principles are heaven-descended. and tenderly commend them to give. Him who doeth all things comfort and consolation which He alone can Resolved. Resolved. for that hour of their great sorrow. 1). divine." to receive his quick response and earnest And relief thus went out a greatly valued life spent in the of the suffering of others. A. and thus furnishing an example of the highest type of manhood. Let none prove recreant to their vows.226 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. he it. is worthy of imitation. and it may well be said of him: "He was one of nature's noblemen whose example No. do hereby tender to the bereaved wife and in this rela- tives of our departed Brother and Sir Knight our sincere and heartfelt sympathv well. stowed upon the poor and said of and as one has well him: "No night too dark. Himself. The King of Heaven. We have vowed fidelity to these principles. [893. The 774. and tc the wife of our departed Brother and Sir Knight. A." Therefore. ).

A. by every honest endeavor. so must we. Created: Antonio Freeman. MacKinlay Treasurer David Batcheller Charles William Fredenburg James M. 227 Theodore Cunningham Gibson Gustav Kneussl Walter Briggs Titus Paul Teisseclre Generalissimo Captain General Prelate Senior Jacob Benner Shuler junior Warden Warden Recorder Thomas E. Milligan. Affiliated: Morahn. Easter Sunday was observed on the second day of April S. Olmstead and John F. Ottawa Commandery was net inspected (hiring the year 1893- Born amid the blaze of religious enthusiasm. 775. proclaiming liberty to the captive. delivered a very interesting sermon. pastor. assisted by James Milli- gan as marshal. Edgar Goodrich Dyer. Toland. Albert Frederick Schoch. Edward by the Commanclery attending divine services at the First Methodist Episcopal Church. Julius L. Rodgers Foster Heald McKenney Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard installed into their The above Past officers were respective stations on the twelfth day of January. Charles Philander Taylor and Jacob Isaac Warner. show our interest in this great and glorious work. comfort to the aching heart. and faith in the risen Redeemer of the human race. EXCERPT A: Sir when each . The Rev. Knight felt deep down in his inmost soul that he must bear an important part in the prosecution of the ultimate design for which his order was created. (). Trenary Joshua P. which of was highly pleasing to the fraters Ottawa Commanclery. and each bear his part in bearing aloft his banner to the breeze. 1893. Freeman. by Commander W. O. P emitted: Adelbert T. sixty-eight swords being in line.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDEKV. N.

Albert At wood Cblley. Steen. Albert Atwood Colley all and William Stormont. L). Heath. Walter Bogart Wignall. R. MacKinlay Treasurer David Batcheller William H. Charles H. B. yj^. F. John Fisk Nash. 1893. Coxy Fullerton and William Stormont. A. Rector Cass Hitt. when the following officers were elected and appointed tor the ensuing' Templar year Henry IMayo Theodore Cunningham Gibson William Lee Roy Milligan William E. D. assisted Francis Marion Created: Thomas C. A. whom It is with sincere sorrow that we here chronicle the de- parting of Sirs Charles H. A. A. yy^. Andrew Ritchie Van Skiver. Sir on Decemher 2^. Pruett Junior Warden Warden Recorder Thomas E. Rodgers Foster H. Smith. One waits for thee.: 228 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Sweet and Charles Wilkins. Charles H. James Morris. Hammond. (). Steen. Fullerton as marshal. McKenney Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard The above by Sir officers were installed 1893. Prichard Paul Teissedre Commander Generalissimo Captain General Prelate Senior George H. Affiliated: Demitted: Suspended Died: : Wilbur F. Yentzer. Knowles Joshua P. hv P. Em. These are the immortal hours of thou dost demand. Gilman William H. 1894. Thomas Bawden and Rev. P. valiant and magnanimous . O. K. Thos. The thirty-second annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery was held in their asylum December 14. Samuel Richolson.

O. A.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. after which dinner was served at the Columbia hotel. Rev. . Streator. and wielded a moral influence in the circles he frequented. He was also a member Valley of Chicago. He came to Ottawa in an early day and engaged in the foun- dry and machine shop business. and 229 better men of affairs that the world it. K. on March 2. 32 . as follows Thomas Coxy Fuller- the lessons taught through the symbols of our order our minds become so familiar with the emblems of mortality that we are apt to lose sight of its stern reality. but By the messenger of death sounds an alarm at the door of our asylum and summons hence one of our members we are startled with the realities of life's fleetness of time. of Streator. A.. P.. inspected Ottawa Commandery May 24th. Widmer and John F. Grand Junior Warden. 1894.and in our asylum shrouded gloom. On Sirs W. delivered a very in line. the committee. D. Titus. Hammond. One hundred and five swords were The rector. Fullerton. Fullerton. John H. consisting of B. Memorial to Sir Thomas C. Sir in the death of our Thomas C. and the Commandery passed a very favorable inspec- tion. O^toWr 12. //(->. when Thus have we again been reminded frater. pre- sented resolutions on the death of Sir tun. that a bright and burning taper of life has been extinguished in our Commander). was made by their being moving factors in Sir William Stor- mont was one of Ottawa's most progressive citizens. 111. fifty-five swords being in line. He was a sincere Christian and devoted to the church and Order of Knights Templar. knights. 1894. of Oriental Consistory. 1894. Sir William Jenkins. Easter Sunday was observed by Ottawa Commandery at Christ Episcopal Church. Nash. He passed to his reward interesting sermon. September 2j.

with his armor on. yy<i. and without price. 1). Fullerton our order has lost one of ciety ily a brightest jewels. generously. Resolved. our council and whose voice will never more will thrill our hearts with eloquence of truth.23O THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: The thirty-third annual conclave of Henry Mayo Albert Frederick Schoch Commander Generalissimo James Milligan Clarence Griggs Paul Teissedre Captain General Prelate Senior Junior Charles William Fredenburg Warden Warden . honorable. not meanly. That in the Thomas his C. not stintingly. freely as the air we breathe. Grand Asylum beyond death of Sir Knight its the dark Therefore. imitate his and ever hear testimony to his integrity as a just and upright man. 1805. whose footfalls will never more he heard halls. EXCERPTA: Render unto every man his due. That virtues we will cherish his memory. O. as the sunshine and the light. Resolved. yet we ever cherish his fallen in memory life's as a true full and courteous knight who has struggle knightly. A. That these resolutions he spread on the records of the Commandery and a certified copy transmitted to the family of the deceased. high-minded devoted husband and father. he it. but nobly. socitizen. [894. prepared for knightly deeds in the river. While thus called to mourn the loss of a cherished comin panion in arms. A. and fam- Resolved. ery was held in their asylum Ottawa CommandDecember 13. not grudgingly. an active.

Hale Francis. Edwards. X. 1895. The Commandery occupied a special train of Pullman . Camillus McClure. Sixty-eight Sir Knights were present. Pool. John Wvlie. William Earl Flick.. J. Charles Lawrence Gabkee. Charles G. Pied: David Robbins Gregg. 1895. Joseph William Bird. Nathan Fleming and David Refior. Gibson. April 14th. Clarence Beeman Chapman.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Grand Junior Warden of the Grand Commandery. August 2j. George W. and The the Commandery passed a most favorable inspection. by Em. delivered a very entertaining sermon. Affiliated: Charles Edward Harman and A. Rodgers James Marshall Trenary Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Captain of the Guard installed into their respective sta- The above tions officers were January 17th by Past Em. The Commandery was inspected May 25. Rev. MacKinlay Treasurer )avid Batcheller William Henry Oilman William Henry Knowles Joshua P. followed by the usual flow of Sir eloquence. after which a sumptuous banquet was partaken. P. Harry Lewis Manley. Sir Theodore C. Suspended Eugene Moffit. with Sir Gustav Kneussl acting as marshal. Ottawa. John P. displaying sixty blades in the parade. 23 I Thomas 1 E. Sam- uel U. Carlisle M. Order of the Temple was conferred. Created: Matthew William Bach. Lawry. installing officer. M^ss. The rector. Sir Henrv Mayo. Curtis. Wright. The musical program was exceptionally well rendered. took part in the twenty-sixth triennial conclave held in Boston. Werner. Ottawa Commandery. Sixty-two Sir Knights attended Easter service : at Christ Episcopal Church. under the command of Em.


St. a beautiful sub- urb of Boston. S. 5. Cook. 20. Schoch. (ins . Sir Knights of Ottawa Commandery were . D. 23. 31. George Rigden Farnsworth. J. Arthur Lockwood. and at Boston established headquarters at Woodlawn Park Hotel. Gary. 15. P. 18. Rodgers 35. G. . Al. Peru. Peru. Prr. John's Commandery.ett 30. Anderson. X. W... McPherson. John's Commandery.. F. October 1. 16. Brown. . son. J. where they were most courteously entertained by Gethsemane Commandery. 2(>. Suppes . William WilWithrow 21. of Newton.: . in Twenty line. they . HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. . duty at the lay- Ottawa Commandery took part mal School. James Gentleman. W. Auburndale. A. : Grube 24. 22. Em. Sir William L. John's 37. 10. at in escort ing of the corner stone of the Xorthern Illinois State Nor- De Kalb. : Dr. 8. Hall. C. W. mandery. F. This a delightful pilgrimage. C. B. 29. Com11. T. Past Em. Peru. 111. 36. M. R. 1895. Milligan a suburb of Boston. McDougall . 12. C. W. 2. 13. L. A. Leland. . opera house the day of departure: front rank. 14. Gilman. Bruner. 11. St. \Y. J. L. members who accompanied Ottawa Comshown in picture herein taken in front of the Beginning with the numbers from left to right. via 233 Niagara Falls. and long be hailed as a bright oasis in the history of Some mandery of the are Ottawa Commandery. R. 19. 9. S. Gibson. J. 111. Commandery. D. L. Kaiser. 17. C. M. . Dunaway. Lawry. Pern. reading with are: 1. W. C. . 111. John's 7. U. 34. the Thousand Islands and Montreal. George H. W. Kneussl . Mass. McFeely C. 28*. 27. Bach I\. H. Thomas Spencer. Milligan: 3. Heath. 0. ill. . sleepers while en route. 2$. was was adjutant will of the Fourth Illinois division during" the conclave and parade. Walter Reeves . Hitt 33. X. C. Mayo. 32. St. F. St. 4.

D. L. the knights at a tournament wore embroidery on their sleeves. 1806. 777. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: Albert Frederick Schoch . and if thought. The thirty-fourth animal conclave of in Ottawa Command12. The Commandery was inspected May 28. . Baird. like the dull color of a valueless stone. by ban. the rich golden setting of Templarism only intensifies the contrast. 1895.Commander Generalissimo Henry Mayo George Abram Mills "Walter Briggs Titus 1 Captain General Prelate )a\ id Refior Senior George Henry Prnett Theodore Cunningham Gibson Junior Warden Warden Treasurer David Batcheller William H. Sir Henry Mayo. O. as an emblem that gentleness should accompany courage. assisted by P. Seventy-five Sir Knights attended Easter services at the Congregational church April tor. pas- delivered an able sermon. Gibson. Rodgers Alexander Hanna Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel The above officers were installed into their respective offices December 26. by P. Gilman Paul Teissedre Recorder Standard Bearer Joshua P. EXCERPTA: vows not qualified to appre France. is The man of coarse fiber ciate the of Christian knighthood. A. 5th. To be gentle and courteous to all is one of the impressive lessons taught in the asylum. ery was held their asylum December A. In 1896. Em. installing officer. language and demeanor cannot be conformed to this standard. Em. 1895.2^4 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Sir Theodore C. Rev. a rose. as marshal. O. and that beauty is the reward of valor. in the middle ages.

Xo work was done 1896. Ottawa Commandery performed the burial services for all of the above f raters. he. Gibson. A. following resolutions : Once more at the the grim messenger of death has knocked is door of our asylum and another chair vacant. 1896. notwithstanding his criticisms. who was Commander Ottawa Commandery in 1868. he an}- many pronounced Ottawa Commandery the peer of in Commandery the state. Memorial to John Brooks On March 12. 10. Sir Knight John Brooks Rice rest was on the 24th day of February. 1861. Affiliated: by the Commandery during Samuel Hogan Heidler. but. the committee on resolutions of respect to the memory of Sir John Brooks Rice. Knighted December four years. wielding his . D. Thomas E. 1896 C. a safe counsellor. MacKinlay and William J. able lawyer. : Frank W.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. a ripe from labor to He was an scholar and an upright called man. 19. Em. John Brooks Rice and Austin Valentine Mitchell. Chapman. mandery. Suspended: Pied Also of P. of which he was elected Eminent Commander. Sir William L. Grand Generalissimo of the Grand ComSixty-eight swords were spoil in line. Rice. for more than thirty- moved among us as a valiant knight. Kansas. Ottawa Commandery by sparing the "rod" His was a most rigid inspection of the mili- tary tactics of the asylum. Howland and John Stout. deceased. demitted and affiliated with Eldorado Commandery. except perhaps two or three the year which have crack drill teams. No. presented the E. Em. Dcmittcd: Birth. Case. B. Sir Sher- win did not of criticism. Sir 235 James Sherwin.

Henrv Mayo. le was made a knight before main. and that these resolutions he spread upon the records of Ottawa Commandery and a copy forwarded to the famto the family of we extend brother our sincere sympathy in this. in Ottawa Comall mandery May the walks of 1887. widows and the Christian religion. purity and benevolence. Resolved.236 III E KNIGHTS Tl-.M PEAK. Dunaway. hut who have gone to their reward. their ily of the deceased. be it. 28. day. and was the confidential friends and adviser of many whose honored names now appear on the records of our Commandery. How land and X. sword in the defense of helpless orphans. and cherish his of our most esteemed members.noble qualities of head and heart. Resolved. Sir Knight who received that summons we must obey and passed 1. On January J. .of our members were horn. He has maintained and honored the sublime principles of our order by exemplifying. Resolved. all asy- late f rater. Octoher Sir 1896. The Grand Warder above has again invaded our lum and taken from our midst our Austin Valentine Mitchell. 1897. Therefore. comforted and brightened hv the knightly ministrations of his fraters. to the Grand Asylum above Thurs111. Knight Mitchell was knighted 19. at Streator. That memory as one our departed hour of bereavement. in lite. E. innocent maidens. Mis last destitute I hours were soothed. presented the following : mem- orial Austin Yal extixe Mitchell. truth. That Ottawa loss of Gommandery deeply regret the our departed brother. committee. and his remains were tenderly consigned to mother earth. let us emulate his main. That while we cherish the memory ^\ our departed brother.

1896. to the Hammond. marshal. Knott and Edgar El dredge. Affiliated: Suspended: J. Yockey. James E. when the following officers were elected and appointed : ensuing Templar year Frederick Albert Schoch Commander Generalissimo Clarence Griggs David Refior Walter Briggs Titus Charles Philander Taylor Captain General Prelate Samuel Hogan Heidler Theodore Cunningham Gibson David Batcheller William Henry Gilman Paul Teissedre Warden Junior Warden Senior Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Clarence Beeman Chapman Alexander Hanna stations Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel The above officers were installed into their respective January 14.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. Clair. Died: David Batcheller. by P. 237 EXCERPTA: By your daily walk and deportment. St. in support of these very principles. 1897. [897. baptized in blood the vows of Knighthood. Cooke. Em. A. and an unswerving fidelity to every principle promulgated and every lesson taught in Templar Masonry. illustrate that you are worthy successors to those men who. W. O. Sir Henry Mayo. Milligan. Herbert Allen Brown. thirty-fifth in their annual conclave of Ottawa 10. Recorder. death of Sir David Batcheller. Frank Young Herbert. The 778. Richard F. fired by love and strengthened by hope. as- sisted by P. Em. Austin Bell and John D. Owing . Sir William L. Berkley Gillett Barrett. E. Commandery was held for the asylum December A. D. as Created: Charles J.

1. June 1897. Logan memorial swords. 1897. Rodgers presented the following memorial David Batch Again has the is 1:1. April 18. silent messenger. with in fifty-two Chicago on the occasion of laving the corner stone of the John A. 5. Sir Hamer Hershel Green.M PLAR. fifty-seven swords being. February J. 1). year. participated parade statue. Of this inspection he reported to the Grand 10. was very quality. Steelman delivered the sermon. Commander: "Em. of line. borne with Him the lifeless form . and. [897. and the Rev. which election was held at a stated ary 28. for dispensation was issued the Grand Commander the holding of an election for the purpose of electing his conclave Janu- successor.: 238 a I'll E KNIGHTS 1>v I'l'. No." July 22. Sir Schoch. Ottawa Commandery fifty- attended Easter serviee at the First Baptist church. five swords being in line. [897. crossed the river which separates time from eternity. mandery. its satisfactory myself in The Commandery abounds ly Its in fraters who possess every knight- records and properties are in good order. The Commandery was inspected by Em. which was duly appreciated by the fraters of Ottawa Commandery. of Blaney. to My examination of No. and equipments complete. and the Eminent Commander to were the only Commanders of the Fourth District who took charge of the lines pursuant your general orders and went through the ceremonies it of inspection as 10 should he done. McDougall. James Milligan and P. Ottawa in the On Commandery. kr. Grand Sword Bearer of the Grand Com10. 11. when Sir John Stout was elected Recorder for the remainder of the ensuing" Templar 1897. Easter Sunday. every way. No. recrossing. the dip of whose oar never heard. Albert J.

'til the goal you win. upward. wife and child. Fail not for sorrow. we are deeply thoughtwho sit in the shadow of of our a deeper sorrow. In all the relafidelity tions of life calling for the exercise of good faith. In all in the cause of home. In business he was the soul of honor. EXCERPTA: The Christian Knight to-day. unstained by blood. But onward. Remembering our own ful great loss of the aged father and children. and to these we extend assurances sympathy. and especially adopted by our order. instantly reads the symbolism of the lessons it teaches: "Faith in God. mother. as he grasps liis sword. esteemed for the purity of loved for the generosity of his nature. Knight David Batcheller. incorporated in our rituals. They are our jewels. was a ruling passion. and honored for the nobility of his character. country the tender and sacred relations of the home. hope in immortality. Let us look at them a moment: Faith! Hope! Charity! . and charity to all mankind." They are the words in our lessons. With all the gentleness of his nature there was mingled the courage of the true knight as shown by three years of most ardent military service and liberty. he was a stantly in manly man.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. lie lived as though having conmind the following touching and beautiful words a gifted poet: from the pen of A sacred burden in this life ye bear. The gentleness of his nature is marked by his constant knightly courtesy throughout years of greatly impaired health. of Sir his 239 life. falter not for sin. bear it solemnly. Indeed. Stand up and walk beneath it steadfastly. which consecrate names father. His appreciation and observance of the high teachings of Templar Masonry is evidenced by his constant attendance and faithful discharge of every duty. Look on it.

Gladfelter. Affiliated: Charles C. Henry Lincoln Arnold. Eugene Daniel Allen. Sylvanus Sumner Thompson. 25. Fisher. [897. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: Frederick Albert Schoch Commander Generalissimo Joseph 1 Newton Dunaway )ayid Refior Captain General Prelate Walter Briggs Titus Samuel Hogan Heidler Edgar Eldredge Theodore Cunningham Gibson Clarence Warden Junior Warden Senior Treasurer Beeman Chapman Recorder Richard Farnsworth Paul Teissedre Standard Bearer Duncan McDougall Alexander Hanna The above stations officers 13. thirty-sixth animal conclave of in their Ottawa CommandA. (). The ery 77<>. Herbert Blaker McKahin. A. Ottawa Commandery observed . December 1897. Demitted: Walter Bogart Wignal. by P. Frederick L. I 898. Calvin Dallas Philips. Created: Hinton Trowbridge. Robert Lucien Smith. Sir Henry Mayo. John Joseph Becker. was held asylum December 9. Albert Thomas Charles W. Em. Strong. William Dyer Fullerton. installing officer. as marshal. S. assisted by Sir David Refior. Died: Robert Courtney Myer. Samuel Lardin.2_p> THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Pearson. James Morris and Cairo Darius Trimble. Campbell. Edward Webster Bach and Elnathan Pierce Ha the way. Irving Joseph Allison. Elmer E. Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel were installed into their respective January [898. 1).

up his Signed Lord bless thee. A. observed. Christmas in their 24 asylum in accordance with the Templar in line. Easter service was observed in the asy- lum by Ottaw a Commandery. may and be gracious uncounteance upon thee and thee. Ascension day was observed by Ottawa Commandery in Address was their asylum. r Easter service was used. one and the for the courteous treatment I thank have re- ceived from your hands. T. Ottawa Commandery was inspected May i-\ [898.. May the Lord make his face shine upon to thee. grim messenger of death knocked asylum and called from thence a be- the the door of our loved frater. office as Recorder ends. J.) 1 HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. which we herewith append "Sir Knights With the above record Christmas ob: : servance —my may — term of all. Was created a knight of the illustrious Order of the Red Cross Mav . forty-four swords being in line. J. He was born in Morgantown. With the recording of the Christmas observance Sir John Stout recorded his valedictory as Recorder of Ottawa Commandery. J. Va. The Order of the Temple was conferred. JOHN STOUT. Ladd. Templar service was delivered by the Rev. I you. Steelman delivered the discourse. Memorial Once more has at — Robert Courtney Myer. ritual. April 21. thirty-five swords being Riev. 1898. by Deputy Grand Captain General of the Grand Commandery. T." April 11. W. the Lord lift ( give thee peace. L830. Ladd. Sir Bates Iott. The Knights Templar delivered by the Rev. There was a large attendance of Masons and Templars and their families and friends The address was besides the sixty-eight swords in line. Robert Courtney Myer has entered into rest. and sixty-seven swords were in line.

Chapman. O. a prize no less than a crown of immortality. spirit From — Read I at burial services. Leaving the frail casket of the soul to decay. D. A. 1898. and which will be given to those only who are faithful unto death. lie lias His has passed the confines of that mysterious land. and dubbed and created a knight of die valiant and magnanimous Order of Knights Templar and Knight of Malta of the 11. To dwell in that Temple not made with hands.. May 5. not wholly forgetting those things that are behind. 1 2 [2 111 E KNIGHTS TEM PLAR. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: Albert Frederick Schoch Commander Generalissimo Joseph Newton Dunaway David Refior Samuel Hogan Heidler Edgar Eldredge Walter Briggs Titus Theodore Cunningham Gibson Clarence Captain General Senior Warden Junior Warden Prelate Beeman Chapman Herbert Blaker McKahin Albert Thomas Lardin William Dyer Fullerton Alexander Hanna Treasurer Recorder Standard Hearer Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel . Recorder. Order of St. B. improving the time. 780. A. but be up and doing. EXCERPTA: Let us not linger around the days of ancient chivalry for character or commendation. the darkness of night to the brightness of day. John of Jerusalem January fortune. [891 Life is all a mist in whose shadows we meet our emerged from the mists. but pressing forward to the prize of our high calling. Templar funeral. 1898. 1891. C. The thirty-seventh annual conclave of Ottawa Commanderv was held in their asylum December 8. 1899. 14.

HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. as mar- Created: Clarence Edward Tryon. November 2. He was installed Grand Warder by special dispensation to R. 243 The above stations stalling shal. Ottawa Commanderv was honored this year by the Grand Commandery of Illinois in electing Em. Fullerton and J. Ferrell. assisted by Sir Frederick L. John J. H. the ceremonies taking place in the asylum of Ottawa Commandery. Sir Henry Mayo. spection officer the We regret that the report of the in- was not published with the proceedings of Grand Commandery. eight Sir Knights were in attendance. Barber. Henry Sanson. The Commandery was inspected May 25. Sir Albert F. The record of Ottawa Commandery reSir Charles P. Austin Bell. Samuel Hogan Heidler and Christian Suppes. W. mained untarnished. [899. Command- Forty-one Sir Knights participated. officers were installed into their respective January 26. Higby. Schoch Grand Warder of the Grand Commandery. Modes. Bell. 1899. Em. E. W. W. Died: Edward Charles Modes. Harman. Charles E. Church. Christmas day was observed by Ottawa Commandery with apprepriate services in the asylum of the ery. Sir John Fisk Nash. Christian Gasser and Jonathan Montgomery Reinstated: Austin D emitted: L. 1899. 1899. inofficer. Grand Generalissimo of the Grand Commandery. one of We are again called upon to record the loss of . Easter Sunday was observed by Ottawa Commandery Forty- attending divine services at the First M. J. Past Grand Commander. November 9. Fischer. Kane. by Em. Em. Clegg presented the following memorial: Edward C. D. by P.

home by the Grand Commander of Heaven on the 15th day of March. The thirty-eighth annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery was held Decemher 14. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year Joseph Newton Dunaway Commander Generalissimo David Rehor Edgar Eldredge Edward Webster Bach William Dyer Fullerton Walter Briggs Titus Captain General Warden Junior Warden Senior Prelate . In the departure of Sir Knight feels that it Modes from our ranks less. liciously err. 1899. 1). It is herein- recommended that these resolutions lie spread upon the records. from the depths of a broken and contrite spirit. and in extend our profoundest sympathy their great hereave- To err is human. Knight Edward Clarke his earthly our number the person of Sir Modes. who was summoned from A. at the untimely end of our esteemed frater. EXCERPTA: to 1900. putting on sackcloth and ashes. 7S1. and that the Recorder notify the family of Sir Knight Modes of this action and express our deep sorrow ment. O. but to deliberately and mathe injury and pain of a brother. is an offense against chivalric manhood and the order of Templar Knighthood. with malice aforethought. The man who does these things.: _'44 T11E in KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. the Commandery sustains a decided loss. not only on account of making our number one hut also on account of the knightly and Christian character and hearing of our deceased frater. cry unto the Most High for forgiveness. A. and. should rend his clothes. [899.

Walter F. 22. 18. Eminent Grand Junior Warden. Blaney. Fairbury. Carpenter and John W. Joseph A. Stewart. Englewood. 34. John's. Aurora. 5. Rodgers Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel Alexander Hanna The above Created: per. Henry Smith and Frank Y. Farrar and Christopher J. Robert A. Grand Commander. Em. Chicago. Chicago. 28. Joliet. Irving De Forest Vincent. Teetzel. Aurora. William K. Xo. Guy C. Rock Island. No. Morris. George W. St. Brown. 1900. 26. David E. S. George A. Affiliated: Nattinger. Xo. Wilbur F. James Rhoads. R. William H. Of in this occasion the address to the Grand Grand Commander reported in his Commandery at the annual conclave 1900 "On the 25th day of January. Tryon. Heath. Xo. Byrne. Yockey Clarence Recorder Standard Bearer Gustav Kneussl Joshua P. Wilson. Wilderman. Weese. Herbert. No. Moon. Paul. 4 Everts. and Apollo. Theodore Cunningham Gibson Beeman Chapman Charles J. Deenis and George Craft Dunawav. No. The Commandery was inspected by Alonzo St. it was my pleasure . and a large delegation of Sir No. : Knights from Mendota.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Lukins and Clarence E. Bethany. No. Sir A. Gardner. Xo. Peru. with Em. 1. D emitted: Ewing. officers were duly installed January 11. 59. Died: Jacob W. Charles G. Suspended: R'obert G. McFatrich. St. Sir James B. Clip- Edward A. Grand Junior Warden of the Grand CommandThe occasion was made notable by the presence of ery. 245 Treasurer . Clair Wilderman.

adopted April 26. March 17. No. in Pitts- at Otta- April 18. Pittsburg. closed an early hour morning. Til.M PLAR. Commander . in very profitable Sir The day and evening were spent The work was exemplified by way. 185 1. present to the — Sir James Rhoads.. under the command of ham Sir W. il.. presented the following. and the banquet at evening. at which fully 300 in the were seated. Every in at- Commandery in the district was represented. line. Sir Em. died wa. 1. Dunaway (the veritable Darius) and his efficient officers. Forty- Ascension day service was attended by the at Christ Episcopal Church Commandery May 27th. No. knighted burg Commandery. and 1 desire to acknowledge my appre- ciation of this courtesy. purpose of holding an of located at Ottawa._>4<> I'll E KNIGHTS TI'. visit Ottawa Commandery. Pa. 1823. appointed to prepare and Commandery Sir resolutions of respect to the memory of Em. No. a Xevens. Wil- liam L. C. Memorial The committee. which were.'* Easter service was observed by the nine swords were in Commandery tending" services at the First Presbyterian Church. and a copy directed sent to Pittsburg Commandery. to 111. 1900. No. on motion. The passing closes the first James Rhoads chapter of the history of Ottawa Commandof P.. 1900. for the official inspection and a of the regular school instruction for the benefit Sir At Knights and Commanderies of the Fourth District. [oliet I was tendered an escort for forty-three swords from joliet Gommandery. 1. and an engrossed copy sent : to the widow of the de- ceased James Rhoads. Nash. James Rhoads. thirty-seven swords being in line. consisting of Sirs John F. P. Milligan and Henry Mayo. id. 4. in the Em. born March 4.

He 1856 came West and located at Ottawa. .. or a more worthy or beloved member. in later life. Xo. Pa. his birthplace. and let us discern in the sweet memories by which his name perceptibly distils creation. which. and was was granted form a Commandery first of Knights Templar at Ottawa. while yet a young man. Illinois. Ottawa. He removed and in to Pittsburg. he believed God. 185 one of nine Sir Knights whom a dispensation 1. 247 No. 10.. mandery of Knights Templar February 1861. was created a Knights Templar in Pittsburg ComI. he had the courage in of his convictions. was issued While we tearfully note the fact that upon his venerable head glistened the frosts of more than three-quarters of a century. to Pittsburg. No. and was the preside Sir Knight elected (under charter) to over the deliberations and confer the orders of Ottawa Commandery. whose patient fidelity to his every obligation was as a bright and an example to shining light upon the path of our duties follow which would bring honor upon us all.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. on the hanks of the beautiful Mononrespect. the fragrance which imof all upon the willing and obedient God's Brownsville. saw the development of that character. Reared Quaker. Our beloved frater was and magnanimous to form and open a ComIllinois. is enwreathed.has never had within her ranks a more venerable. Ottawa Commander}. Pa. mandery. io.. Christian Knighthood in — With a clear head and a warm a heart. had won for him the esteem and confidence of his fellowmen. 111. let us dry our eyes in the genial warmth of that radiance which has produced the blessings of each suc- ceeding season.. gahela river. to March 17. the dispensation at the last survivor of the nine valiant knights to whom i. Knights Templar. ery. and that lie was exempt from the trials of our com- mon humanity. Pa.

and that we look forward to the time when we shall all be raised from the prostrate state in which we are by nature. Xo. faithful perform- ance of all human obligations that we recall with affection his frank disposition. Therecon- fore. it. while yet the mub^tars were reflected in the tears of those gathered about the cast of earthly husk. and now write upon our records the departure of our beloved frater. the gentleness of his love. Memorial The committee. L. the — William H. on memorial resolutions to memory of Sir William H. his honesty of purpose. H. We have uttered the last farewell to the frater. the strength of his attachments: that while we mourn our loss we part with our frater in full confidence in the ineffable goodness of Deity and in perfect assurance of our faith in the immor- tality of the soul. Lnkins. so that in a becoming manner we may make a testament of our appreciation of his worth and extend to his bereaved family our sympathy and condolence. Lukixs. 10. 1900.2 J. father and friend. That stant expression of we recognize our frater's life as a manly virtues and of . the sincerity of his covenant. presented same and was approved by Ottawa Commandery. when the pale reaper to whom to pray is not foolishness. Bailey.8 'I'll E KNIGHTS TKM PLAR. Manley and Samuel McFeeley. hus- band. and admitted to the glory of the perfect Asylum above. he so gently and imperceptibly drew around our beloved frater the mantle of dreamless slumbers that the gulden dream of an endless morning glowed with the beauteous eyes of the spring's fair night upon the soft green grass and smiling gardens. and came with his sickle. H. of a blameless citizenship In all the duties which grow out we have delighted to honor him. as follows: . consisting of Sirs E. be Resolved. July 26.

. July 26. 1886. an agreeable companion a virtue outliving and a friend of the needy. home. and the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life forced upon us. and soon dreams. of which the deceased was memher at the time of his death. when the design on the trestle board will he may such be the lot of our brother. No. like wise men. Memorial At — Sir the stated conclave of Clarence E. hoping the strong hand of Judah's lion them to the companionship of that indis- soluble lodge. by from Meriden Lodge. Almost without warning the life of our brother is the shadow of the enemy of humanity fallen athwart our pathway. July 15. No. was made a Royal Arch Mason in Streator Chapter. only a look and a voice. eclipsed. and we die. We are born. 183. we breathe. and sterling worth and strict integrity. then darkness again anel a silence. Let us imitate his virtues. acter The men tomb. No. become stronger as we near our and speak is eternal to each "As ships that pass in the night. How sad the contemplation of existence. So may we live wrapped in virtue's draperies that at the last we may lie down as if in pleasant row or for laughter. 249 affiliation William H. and took the Knights Templar Orders in Ottawa Com- mandery. a man of seen complete. 1874. Lnkins joined Streator Lodge. a 10. Whence we come. a firm advocate of the right as he saw the right." So only a little while ours for sor- we shall all stand on the shore of the hereafter. earth to earth and dust to dust.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. No. and. 168. Thus survives what earth held more previous. we mourn. whose traits of character made him a kind father and husband. Ottawa Commandery. other in passing. what we are and whither we go seems surrounded for ages in the cheerless words. of strong char- and the characterless find the The former put their trust in will prevail to exalt God. June 7. Tryox. 607.

the Supreme Architect of the Universe. Resolved. Too many there are who wear the uniform. the plume. I II E KNIGHTS TI'. and these are really no evidence whatever. symbol. we tender our sympathy and condolences and loved ones with the firm belief that He who tempers the winds to the shorn lamb will hind up the wounds of the stricken hearts and that His love will dispel the dark clouds and bring light out of darkness. EXCERPTA: There are too many Free Masons to-day who are only in name. with whom many of us have been closely associated and united by the strongest ties of love and friendship. That to his family Resolved. Tryon. We need schools of Masonry. men who by good deeds and kindly lives are continually giving the Masonic sign that they are dwellers in that temple whose builder and maker is the Great Architect of the Universe.25O [900. That and a copy sent to this report he spread upon our records his family. appointed to prepare and present resolutions of respect to the memory of Sir Clar- ence E. It has pleased our Heavenly Father. consisting of Sirs James G. but who are able to find their way into the human heart the true temple. but most of men who are not all we need Masons. which was approved and ordered recorded and family of the deceased. the sword. the ( committee. We need symbols. ray and C. to remove from our ranks here below our highly esteemed and beloved companion. Tryon. word. — — . a copy thereof transmitted to the resolutions reports as fol- Your committee on obituary lows : Whereas. a brother of the strictest integrity and most unselfish devotion. the badge. S. Sir Knight Clarence E. badges and Masonic temples. students of Free Masonry only able to find their way into these temples built by hands.M PLAR. and yet have never tasted of the fountain of its living waters. That in his death this Commandery is called to mourn the loss of one whom it was pleasant to meet and have with us. S. Beckwith. Resolved. Milligan. who give to their fellowmen no better evidence of Masonic character than badge. presented their report.

1 25 I 90 1. mandery.. the committee appointed lutions of respect to the . Hatheway. Charles L. Glover. Frederick A. 1901. Wil- tember 26. Wilmarth and Edgar Goodrich Dyer. Frederick E. John A. Palmer.attended Easter service at the Congregational Church. conclave of 13. Clar- ence C. Died: George A. Ruffin D. 190T. Enos E. The Commander}. Belrose and George M. The thirty-ninth 10. William D. Enoch Yentzer. to present reso- a stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery. William G. Memorial At — Sir George A. Weese Joshua P. was held December Comwhen the following' officers were elected and appointed for the en- suing Templar rear Joseph Newton Dunaway Commander Generalissimo David Refior Edgar Eldredge Edward Webster Each Herbert Blaker McKahin Captain General Senior Junior Warden Warden Prelate Walter Briggs Titus Theodore Cunningham Gibson Robert Lucien Smith Irving Treasurer Recorder De Forest Vincent Standard Bearer Walter F. animal Ottawa 1901. Butters. Trimble. 111.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Weaver. Jamison. fifty-six swords being in line. Philo C. Harry Gilman Cook. at Marseilles. Rodgers Christian Gasser Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel The above Created : officers were duly installed January 10. memory Wilmarth. Duncan. Albert E. Suspended : Charles Schaulin. Mills. Fletcher. No. Demitted: Killelea. John Bergeson. held Sepof Sir George A.

Death has once more entered the ranks of our ComAnother of our illustrious fraters has laid down his armor. sheathed his sword. and a copv be forwarded to the family of our deceased frater. Blow out that taper and it becomes a painted sepulcher a fantastical mummery and we are all here acting a ghostly farce. as never before. J. Nash and II. His upright life was a shining example. mandery. by precept and example. That this testimonial of our sympathy and sorrow be spread on the records of the Commandery. in this sad hour. ever ready to extend hand of aid and the voice of sympathy to the dis- tressed of our order. and while it has filled the ages with its aroma. F. F\ Schoch. — — 1 90 1 -2. has not yet accomplished its greatest work. as the soldiers of the Cross. we extend all. our sympathy. As a citizen he was worthy of our respect and regard. and commend them to Him. responded to the call of our Great Commander and gone to a resting place from whence there is no return. To the bereaved family. God with us. transmitted to the family of the deceased. the giver of who is the only comfort in sorrow and affliction. Wilmarth Ottawa Commandery laments the who was loyal to the sublime teachings of our noble order. after reading. a regenerating force that has come into the world. we are called on. the loss of one In the death of Sir Knight George A. Resolved. EXCERPTA: Templarism lights its taper at the altar of Im- manuel. consisting of Sirs Al. by our courage and devotion. The fortieth annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery . and. Mayo. As the allies of the Church. they were ordered spread upon the records and a copy marth.252 Tl! E Is NIGHTS TKM PLAR. and his utmost endeavors were extended for the welfare of his fellowmen. presented same to the Commandery. to show that Christianity is a divine.

John X. Graves. Bur- rows. officers were duly installed June 20. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year . : Died: C.was amended to change the date of annual conclaves of subordinate Commanderies from the first stated conclave in December to the first stated conclave in June each year. section 17. Thomas W. McDonald and Israel At the annual conclave of the Grand Commandery of Illinois in 190O' paragraph 3. Haight. 1901. Demitted: John C. Cope. Williams. Schurman. Samuel E. Echard. Charles R. Robert S. Suspended Joseph W. Hugh George H. Milton C. 1901. Pirkey.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Weese Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Joshua P. Isaac F. Pirkey. Ahlborn. 253 was held June Joseph Newton 13. James Stewart. Dyer. Charles H. Eric Larson. of the Statutes and Regulations of the Grand Commander). Herbert Wiley. Edward A. C. Riale. Dunaway Commander Generalissimo Albert Frederick Schoch Edgar Eldredge Edward Webster Bach Herbert Blaker Captain General Senior Junior McKahin Warden Warden Prelate Walter Briggs Titus Theodore Cunningham Gibson Robert Lucien Smith Irving De Forest Vincent Treasurer W alter r F. George H. Howe. Edgar G. Rodgers Christian Gasser Warder Sentinel The above Created: Hall. Bird. Since this change we designate. Orion W. Neilson. Miller. Royal D. Jennings. in the History of Ottawa . C. Winlield Scott Hinkson and Lou H. Bergeson and William H. Scharfenberg. Abram Godfrey and Warren C.

Memorial — Sir Edgar Goodrich of Sir Dyer! At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery.01. presented same. indicates such a as two years' service at office bearer. Ottawa. 1902. Twenty-six Sir Knights also in the attended the McKinley memorial services held pal church September J J. at the 30. B.AR. Cook. continuing the practice of his chosen profession . Edgar Goodrich Dyer was horn 29. [886-7. Streator.. and was admitted to practice and became a member oi the . in consist- ing of Sirs Harry G. William McKinley. 1901. and Dr. at service 111. conveyed the Commandery and return. combination. [901. The Commandery was inspected February 29. 10. Fortyeight swords were inspected. in memory of the President of the United States. Ottawa Commandery attended the memorial services. & O. in Illinois. Episco- Fifty swords were in line. thus: say [goi-2. indicating one year. because the Templar year then began first the stated conclave in December. Sir William L. held November 14. by Em. Commandery. nf Templar year by combination of parts Prior to two years. held in the opera house. 1902. the committee on resolutions of respect to the memory Edgar Goodrich Dyer. and only i<)oi one year's service of an office-bearer._'5 ) IN a I'- KNIGHTS TEM a I'l. September 10.a Salle 1 county l>ar. Grand Sword Bearer. March [866. March Eighty-three swords were A special train to Streator over the C. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter Methodist Episcopal Church. Edgar Eldredge. After completing his course the Ot- tawa public schools he took up the study of law. Gross. John Bergeson. in line. which were read open Com- mandery Sir and ordered spread upon the records and a copy in transmitted to the family of the deceased.

1892. D. let this memento be read in Ottawa regular meeting of said the records thereof. A. It has its ministries are of an exalted and beneficent character. K. He this life.. and interment in the Ottawa Avenue cemetery August 26.. whereby it justifies its right to a place among It has lifted some the helpful institutions of the present day. burdens. sacred principles. M. No. brightened some paths. 1892. EXCERPTA: The modern and precious truths interwoven 1902-3. took place Sir His remains were brought to Ottawa. 9. and demands the love. until obliged to 255 go to California on account of poor health. Ottawa Commandery.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 10. and made prominent Its purposes are noble and far-reaching. of Ottawa. to the Cross and empty tomb in its impressive enforcement of the truths that are connected with man's redemption from sin and As in the past. annual conclave of Ottawa Command ery was held June 12. & A. and in its ceremonies.. passed June 27. again took up his profes- locating at Palo Alto. 1901. R. Order of Knights Templar has great in its system. 1901. departed surviving him his mother and sister. F. Commandery. and also spread upon it and is directed that the Recorder be ordered to send a copy hereof to the family. M. Cal. and in token of our love and high respect for his memory. 37. it stands for most his immortal being. lived long enough to show some accomplishments in the way of a worthy service. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: The forty-first Edgar Eldredge Commander . 1902. Lodge. May 12. leaving and on the 19th day of August. sion. T. 10. for most blessed work. and In deep sorrow for the loss of our dear frater. and raised September 1892. so now. 40. ^yalty and true service of all who bear the Templar name. No. Edgar Goodrich Dyer was initiated into Occidental 111. quickened some hearts with more It has pointed faith. No. at a Commandery. A. and moved them to a stronger sense of duty. He was a member of Shabbona Chapter. No. A.

1903-4 Herbert B. 1905. 1907 . William D. 1906 Henry L. Vincent. Arnold. Fullerton. Edgar Gldredge. MeKahin.PAST EMINENT COMMANDERS. 1902 Irving D.

Williams. George F. on behalf of the Commandpresented Em. of September en-. The Commandery was inspected March 5. Charles T. Harry H. 257 Henry Lincoln Arnold Herbert Blaker McKahin Irving- Generalissimo Captain General Senior Junior De Forest Vincent George Craft Dunaway Rev. Charles Hahn. Charles A. 1902.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Suspended: Andrew H. Kruse. Gapen and George M. a beautiEm. Sir Dunaway responded his usual captivating language. P. Samuel Smith. Tridel and Alonzo P. few well chosen remarks. the reCommander. Fischer Warden Warden Prelate Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Joshua P. Joseph P. Yockev. Easter was observed by Ottawa Commandery attending Sir divine service at the Congregational church. D en liit erf: George W. Pied: Charles 11. Modes. Sir Schoch. George George J. at a stated conclave Ottawa Commandery Em. Wiley and James R. Lewis. Dunbar. J. Rowland. Thompson.. Rigden. Hills. Farrar Theodore Cunningham Gibson Robert Lucien Smith Paul Teissedre Frederick L. Cleaveland. Angell. Gatiss. Ebenezer Barber. Wright. George W. Christian C. Sixty-eight swords were inspected. Sir Joseph Newton Dunaway. Rezin N. by Em. Forty-five swords were in line. 1903. Philip J. Rising officers The above Created: were duly Bliss. 1902. Edward C. . Farrar. Thomas C. Charles E. Grand Warder of the Grand Commandery. Rodgers Warder Sentinel Leman A. in a ful in tiring Past Commander's jewel. installed July 10. Timothy E. Wendel.

Lord. EXCERPTA: The romance of the Crusades does not belong to our experiences. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: . making our lives of service to humanity here and thus having our souls drawn toward God and Heaven. in lie it Resolved. Alexander Hanna has for the past fifteen years been Sentinel of Ottawa Commandery. We need that same enthusiasm of faith and high resolve which they illustrated in so conspicuous a manner. to the glorified Cross. One bouquet in life is worth a whole flower garden after death. Testimonial to Sir Alexander Hanna. for inspiration and strength. That appreciation of his faithfulness in the as a the him Ottawa Commandery pay him past and our esteem for Knights Templar. The forty-second annual conclave of Ottawa 1 Command- ery was held June 1. 1902 Whereas.00) a year until further order of the Commandery. We need. By this sign of Calvary we may be best directed and blessed. nor are we called upon to take upon ourselves the burdens and risks of the knights of the middle ages. hereas. such office therefore. No. [903. however. The above was a worthy tribute to a worthy frater who had long been an enthusiastic member of the Masonic lxxlies in Ottawa. By this sign we may conquer and win life's grandest victories! KJO3-4. that same quality of life which adds lustre to the character of the historic Templars. yet victorious. The following tribute to Sir Alexander Manna was offered by Em. and during ( '( : which time he has faithfully performed the duties of said 1 ffice \\ : and.258 I'll E K N IGHTS TEM PLAR. that of twenty-five dollars sum ($25. Sir Edgar Eldredge and approved by the immandery July 10. We need to look where they looked. By it we may go forth as true followers of our crucified. 10. from further performing ing' to Advancing years and ill-health prevent him all the burdensome duties pertain.

Martin Luther Sample. Duna- way. Ebenezer Barber and John D.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Charles Christian Modes. Hammond. Affiliated: Robert Joseph Reid and John George Waters. Edward Augustus NatHowland and Julius Antone Em. Reinstated : Samuel Smith. Sir J. annual conclave. 259 Henry Lincoln Arnold Herbert Blaker McKahin Irving Commander Generalissimo De Forest Vincent Captain General William Herbert Higbv George Craft Dunaway Walter Briggs Titus Theodore Cunningham Gibson Robert Lucien Smith Warden Junior Warden Senior Prelate Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer George Henry Ahlborn John Neil Neilson Joshua P. Calvin Dallas Phillips. in well chosen remarks. Walter Link Ross. Died: tinger. presented P. Ezekiel Freeman. William Beighel MySamuel Wallace Reynolds. Charles Geiger. Charles Bronson Anderson and Hans Gulbronson. Albert Henry Hatton. Em. a beautiful gold is watch as a testimonial of the esteem and regard he held . Hammond. Rodgers Leman Aranah Rising Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel The above Created: ers. Paul Raymond Chub- buck. William Harper Rollo. June 11. 1903. Sir Edgar Eldredge. John Purrucker. bv his fraters. Demitted: William Emory Bowman. Charles Joseph Metzger and Carl Joseph Metzger. 1903. officers were duly installed June 25. N. Everett Henry Butterfield. Peter McGilvary Campbell. John D. on behalf of the Commander)-. La Rue Perene Shaver.

The Commandery was inspected February iS.Templar year: Henry Lincoln Arnold Herbert Blaker McKahin Irving Commander Generalissimo De Forest Vincent Captain General Senior William Dyer Fullerton George Craft Dunaway Walter P. but in our behalf. Illinois. Rock Island. forty-seventh annual conin I The clave Commandery attended the of the Grand Commandery 'curia. The Commandery This inspection presented sixty-five swords for inspection. and we respond to the call made upon us by saying. God the Son. the same in substance. at the last. three persons in one God. 18. September i. equal in power and glory." 1904-5. Commandery 1904. reasurer Recorder Wendel Standard Bearer . Grand Warder. from the innermost recesses of our hearts. and God the Holy Ghost. 1903. The forty-third annual conclave of Ottawa was held June elected 9. Sir Arthur Melvin Otman. 1904. the profoundest depths of our nature are stirred. Fiji. Easter was observed by the vine service at line. was made auspicious by the presence of three officers of the Grand Commandery and fifteen swords from Rock Island Commandery. and. Forty-six swords were represented._'I:m TJ E I KNIGHTS TEM PLAR. not for himself. "I believe in God the Father. Commandery attending.diin the Baptist church with fifty-four swords EXCERPTA: which the Man of When we think of the sublime fortitude with Sorrows bore the relentless persecution of his enemies.riggs Titus Warden junior Warden Prelate \ Theodore Cunningham Gibson Robert Lucien Smith Philip J. when the following officers were and appointed for the ensuing. No. by Em. endured the most exquisite suffering.

The work was up to the usual high class maintained by OtSir tawa Commandery since its organization in 1861. attended the twenty-ninth triennial conclave o\ Grand Encampment of Knights Templar at San Fran- cisco. Albert Herzog. Church on Sunday. in September. June 23. Bennion. Bayne. Pirkey and Joseph A. Albert A. and those participat- ing in the pilgrimage had a most enjoyable and interesting . Louis L. under command the of Sir Henry L. Byron A. with fifty-four swords The Commandery was inspected May [8. E. Applegate. 1905. Daniel C. Demitted: Died: Edward A. by R. Ottawa Commandery enjoyed a very successful year. Jesse W. James T. John C. Benjamin Frankdin Trumbo. Graves. Wilson. Ascension day was observed by Ottawa day. Sir John Durham Cleveland. Richard J. John R. Brooker. Foster H. Arnold is to be congratulated for the efficiency of his stewardship over Ottawa Commandery. Howard H. Samuel B. 1904. 1005. with thirty-seven swords Commandery in line. attending divine services at Christ Episcopal Church Sun- Ottawa Commandery. Mills. Roath. Roberts. California.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Charles C. McKenney. Carr and Louis Go-wen. Rodgers Joseph Adams Wilson Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel installed The above were duly Created: E. Grand Junior Warden of the Grand Commandery. Bradford. 26l John Neil Neilson Joshua P.Frank F. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter in line. . Affiliated: Follett. Arnold. June 4. 1904. Em. Twelve visiting fraters were present. 1905. Howells. Dean. Cameron and Douglas Hapeman. Xinety-six swords were inspected. April 23. Albert J. service at the M.

Jas. There were also sixteen ladies fair in the party. J. H. trip and maintained the ancient fame and renown of OttaSir Knights II. Sample. Commandery on Vincent. A. H. Jas.of Sirs B. filial and simple and lofty as that between mother and . Mis fidelity was as child. Pool. Rohrer. hut that in a becoming manner we may make a testament of our appreciation of the worth of the deceased. Spencer. Gentleman. Twentyfive of the above were memhers of Ottawa Commandery. 1905. J. which was approved Born in Staffordshire. C. V. M. L. 1). Win. A. A. Rohrer and L. L. Wilson. llatheway. Type 3. C. Metzger. July the Asylum above May 2. F. G. R. Gibson following. Al. I>liss. wa Commandery. L. Milligan. C. reported the W. De Groff. D. At the conclave of the Commandery. I). C. I'. whose integrity was absolutely unimpeachable and pure as sterling gold. II. T. We frater.j Til E KNIGHTS I KM l'LAK. made up the 1. C. Wiley. Memorial — Sir Daniel Charles and W. Shaver. P. L. Xeu- reuther. Smith. Pillar of faultless worth and dignity. \Y. E. T. England. M. L. called to of a generation dropping fast. Read. T. 1905. Slagle. desire to mark upon our records whose the departure of our soul is not to gratify the dead. and each In- individual returned home when and whichever route he chose. The following this trip: I.jf . Sexton. Clegg. W. Rollo. F. McClnre. consisting. R. Scheidecker. the committee appointed to draft resolutions of respect to the memory of Sir Daniel Charles Mills. held June 8. This record of the unreturning past Is dedicated with loving hearts to thee. I*. : Mills. After the grand parade the Commandery hroke ranks and disbanded as a Commandery. F. lifted high above such honors. Arnold. C. L. Rodgers. W. Schoch. 1832. Fullerton. Titus.

Knights Templar. Habit is the conservator of character. our departed Thai . Character is the gauge that determines the dimensions. The destiny of Daniel Charles Mills life. Resolved. The c< trust confided to him has been faithfully fulfilled and inscientiously discharged. 1886. and as a friend always faithful. and now that "he is no more" awakens feelings of regard for his memory. Xo. In all his relations as a citizen his by the standard of excellence. which is the sponsor of to freshen the all our hearts can give — a legacy of tears remembrance of his virtues. As a conduct was squared husband and father he was kind and indulgent. is and the veneration which we feel for his memory Ottawa Commander}-. 10. The golden bond His heart is forever stilled. him where His mam' noble virtues were the mantle that overshadas a confirmation to his family owed his faults. and were as constant and regular as the rising.and setting of the sun. And the hand that touched the damascus blade upon his head deposited the Emblem of Innocence in his grave in Ottawa Avenue cemeterv that beautiful city of silence and repose the tribute of — on the banks of the peaceful Illinois. is broken. capacity and destiny. As a Knight Templar his deeds along the pathway of life were jewels that reflected the sterling consistency which governed every act of his life.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. That frater our heartfelt we extend sympathy to the family ^\ in their bereavement. 2()^ His habits of industry were remarkable. chord of sympathy with the living. doing with him was worth doing Whatever was worth Everything to which lie gave his attention touched a well. in which he was created and dubbed a Knights Templar and Knight of Malta June 3. is the completion of a useful and well spent wreathed in the sunlight that falls and to us that it is well with flowers ever bloom and never fade nor wither.

Interment at Ottawa. — Sir John of R. to.him more his intimately and to cherish the memory of his virtues. to whom was referred the prepara- tion of suitable resolutions of respect to the memory of our deceased frater and Sir Knight. 1905. C. Cameron. and he will he greatly missed by his many friends in this community. the sterling integrity of his character and true manhood in business and in social relations with those life. with whom he came and contact in daily always a true and loyal friend. in a page the records of Ottawa apart to his K. May 25th. 111. Cameron. Sir Cameron and was active in the for several vears.. and this memorial be recorded thereon and an attested copy thereof transmitted to the family. B. Gibson. Templar Orders May 28. he Resolved. Cameron passed away to-day 111. management of the affairs of the order since which we have learned to know. That passing away of Sir Knight has lost Cam- Commandery one of its highly valued community an estimable citizen. John R. [868. though he lived eron Ottawa fraters. R. the another in the Therefore. presented the following report: On this at his the twenty-second day of telegram: May. be set Commandery.. which which occurred the lines of our May 22. consisting John Nash. leaving another vacancy in called to Commandery. but . 1905. to be in charge of of And tints human life by Ottawa Commandery. one more name received the there shall be no response. home in Clifton. John Rush Cameron. Titus and T." are we again admonished of the uncertainty reason of the passing away John of our sin- cerely beloved Brother and Sir Knight. No. earlier it years._>(>4 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. F. W. T. his delight was in to meet the friends of city. we received "Mr. Memorial The committee. memory.

As leaves from autumn branches blown. D. Yes. for that comfort and consolation which the records He alone can give. 1865. No. And. hereby tender to the bereaved wife and family of our departed Brother and Sir Knight our sincere and heartfelt sympathy in this hour of their great sorrow. and with his father's family came to La Salle county and settled in Earl township in 1845. presented which was approved by the Commandery. Resolved. He accepted the position tendered and was commissioned the war. 1861. — Resolved. infinitely 265 more by those to whom he was a kind and affectionate husband and a hiving and indulgent father. He enlisted in the army in April. . 1905 Sir Douglas Hapeman was born in Fulton county. 1839. New York. : Vincent. B. That a copy of this memorial be spread upon and that a copy of same be suitably engrossed Brother and Sir and presented Knight. ever solicitous for their comfort and well being. So quickly sear. June 8. Douglas Hapeman. 10. when he was tendered the position of lieutenant colonel of the 104th Illinois infantry. That Ottawa Commandery. Chapman. as another has said : How fast they fall those we have known.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. to remain with his regiment in until the close of when he was mustered out June. January 15. until in the in Company H. following. and was commissioned second lieutenant and served fantry. one by one they drop away As withered leaves that fall and stray And disappear. and commend them to the loving care of Him that doeth all things well. to the memory the of consisting of Sirs C. to the family of our departed Memorial Sir — Sir The committee on memorial tribute Douglas Hapeman. Henry Mayo and I. 1 ith Illinois in- month of August. 1862.

It is said death loves a shining mark. f).266 hi I'll E K NIGHTS TEM I'l. arduous duties of the Cool and brave he knew not the meaning of horn And yet his fearlessness was not bravado. field c\\ As a soldier in and officer in the he was ever reaclv and prompt service. and was to assist in preserving unimpaired which had heen purchased at such great cost of blood and sacrifice by those who founded and reared this matchless republic.Ak. when failing life. hut of his sterling manhood which nerved him to perform whatever duty was placed upon him. [868. A. No'. health obliged him from an active business Sir Knighl llapeman was knighted on the T(>th day and ol June. Not he- brought him plaudits. As a young man he possessed those qualities of mind and character which made him respected and which he carried with him through life. D. whether as a soldier upon the tented field or as a quiet. He knew and felt that he was performing a high and sacred duty cause to his country. [867 he entered into business ( in the city of Ottawa. Against his integrity and character not one breath suspicion had ever been cast. When who life in death called for Sir Knight Hapeman all it called for one adorned and shed luster upon of the relations of which he had heen placed. a faithful A. but because' as an ideal American citizen he felt that that country which had heen horn and dedicated to liberty and gave him birth was that his highest duty that liberty in peril. 1905. 10. . the discharge of the in battle. and was one of eight tire Mtawa's prominent business men until about to re- years ago. although these were well earned and modestly received. modest and unassuming citizen. in Ottawa Commandery. fear. re- mained and consistent member of the order until the alarm was heard at the door of our asylum and his spirit took its flight to the Asylum above on the third day of June. it He was patriotic and brave.

Commandery in Resolved. which endeared him to the whole community. modest and unassuming and its always interested anything which had for lived. He helieved in Knight Templarism and its teachings. and respected and trusted army commanders under whom As he served. a faithful attendant at Christ We rejoice in the close companionship which we have been privileged to enjoy with the brave and fearless soldier.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMAISTDERY. He had been for many years a true and consistent Christian and Church. loss His re- we all deeply deplore. and that loyalty to Him was his highest privilege. the warm-hearted friend. That this memorial be spread upon the records. he was an example which all might follow. 267 As an officer. division. the upright and honest citizen. benefit the Honest and straightcity. . the genial and kindly neighbor. but we know that his hrm upon the truths contained in the Holy Word has insured him eternal and immortal happiness in the world to liance come. As As a friend he was kind and genial. officer it has been said of him that he was "a model loved by all by brigade." a citizen he in was quiet. a knight he was courteous and true and faithful to his knightly obligations. He believed that he had no higher duty to perform than to his God. As Knights Templar we fragrant and strive to will ever keep his memory emulate his virtues. and the Christian knight. corps and under him. warm-hearted and generous. state or nation in which he forward in all his dealings. bereaved family and friends we extend the kindly frater of our To their his sympathy of each and every deep affliction.

268 a THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. associations and reminders connected with the stirring periods of the crusades that most properly find place in the Templar ritual as we have learned it. brave and magnanimous that so he may illustrate the character of a true man and a true Christian. 1905. Rodgers Joseph Adams Wilson Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel installed The above Created: officers were duly June 15. EXCERPTA: There is a flavor of the old historic spirit im- pressed on modern Templary that gives to it a delightful charm. there are lessons and symbols gathered out of the past. He who bears the name of Knights Templar to-day is pledged to defend the weak and oppressed. James Henry Monteith. Richard Daniel Mills. and a copy also furnished the press of the city. Ottawa Commandwas held June 8.officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: The forty-fourth annual conclave of ery Herbert Blaker McKahin Irving Commander Generalissimo De Forest Vincent William Dyer Fullerton Captain General Senior George Craft Dunaway Milton Eben Blanchard Walter Briggs Titus Theodore Cunningham Gibson Robert Lucien Smith Philip Warden Junior Warden Prelate Treasurer Recorder John Wendel Standard Bearer John Neil Neilson Joshua P. when the following. and only in this way can he show a worthy appreciation of an institution founded upon the Christian religion and the practice of the Christian virtues. . Only as he is thus faithperforming some good service in the fulfillment of the duties ful of related life can he be a true and loyal Knight Templar. 1905. to the copy be sent family of the deceased. — — — — 1905-6. He is bound by solemn obligations to prove his devotion to truth and duty to be courteous.

H. to Past Commander Theodore C. C. William Camp Hall. Eugene Chubbuck. Reeves. L. and was chartered October 24. . S. M. Oscar John Ackerman. No. Hugh Hall. Graves. Bonar. Rowland. Affiliated H. Curry. P. Henry William Silver Blanchard. J. S. Brooker. Bourne. Bergeson. B. N. -R. Echard. H. O. T. W. Taggart. Blanchard. R. L. Smith. W. John Lowe Barnard. 70. L. C. C. Colehouer. John Fletcher Gibson. Jones. Flick. J. W. Jas. H. Law. H. L. Edwin Randolph Spencer. B. M. Lorenz. R. C. D. Griggs. one to each. C. O. W. L. M. containing fifty dollars in gold. then working under dispensation. One of the most pleasing incidents occurring during the Templar year was the presentation. Williams. on their fiftieth wedding anniversary. A. F. L. L. J. H. L. L. William Holland Sindel. Jack. C. M. Manly. J. Daugherty. A. A. R. Sexton. E. Williams and J. H. Joseph Kopf. Davidson. Ross. W. Pirkey. H. Clark Brading Provins Died: Suspended: and Samuel Richolson. of two purses. W. K. Spencer. Huggans. Rathbun. Jennings. J. H. T. E. Cherry. : John Charles Corcoran. 269 Hopkins Irwin. Gibson a beau- . Bawden. W. Tyler. by the members of Ottawa Commandery. R. Shinn. Thos. J. Emil J. O. February 26. Albert Clinton Bradish. S. Stewart. S. Bailey. T. T. Howe. A. William Herman Johnson. J. M. C. H. W. Howe. Gibson and his worthy dame. Demitted: J. Luther. Fornof. David Alpheus Cook. and in addition to Mrs. J. E. R. O. B. McFeely. O. E. The above demitted for the purpose of becoming charter members of Streator Commandery. Ames. C. 1906. B. F. Howells. Louis Scheidecker. J. Albert Lawrence Trager. R. 1906. Scharfenberg. Colley. as Streator Commandery. Smith. Boys. Chubbuck. Ryon. Applegate. A. Schurman. L. S. I. H. D. Mills. also S. W. W. RL Van Skiver. C. Bennion. L. E. Charles Wallace Long.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. J. W. Hoffman.

The formation at new Commandery of Knights Templar Streator deprived Ottawa Commandery mous Sir Knights. A in pleasant evening was spent by those who were fortunate being present in hearing the Sir reminiscences of the earlier days of Ottawa recited Commandery Em. final Heaven has summoned frater. [906. G. consisting of Sirs J. of fifty-eight valiant and magnani- The Commandery attended Easter 1906. Grand Sword Bearer. held S. of ( whom only 1'. to Ottawa Commandery consented new Commandery at the formation of a of the Streator. ribson remain.: _'7 ( ' HI E K NIGHTS TEM 1'I.AK. Louis Scheidecker. and T. Memorial At the stated June gers. tiful bouquet oi fifty ruses. Twenty-two visiting' Sir Knights was most creditable to the Commandery and reflected the wisdom of the Commandery were present. P. 15. Sharp. Nash by the early members. C. 1906. by Em. 111. presented the fol- lowing resolutions of respect the records to the memory of Sir Louis Scheidecker. Pled- Dunaway and Bradford. service Sunday. April Forty-three swords were represented. C. — Sir 28. who summons and in passed from his labors on the earth to eternal refreshment I Grand Encampment of . Sir The Commander). The Grand Master swered the leaven. at the Presbyterian Church. conclave of Ottawa Commandery. Com- mander.was inspected May 10. McKahin for Em. B. Sir Herbert B. from our an- midst our well beloved Louis Scheidecker. selecting in Em. the committee. William L. which were approved and ordered spread upon Again there is a vacant chair of in our council chamber. Sixty-five The inspection swords were inspected.

and emigrated to this country with his parents in 1840. He died at Santa Ana. on year. col- He then settled in Ottawa and commenced his . which was approved and ordered spread upon the records and a copy presented to his family: Clark Brading Provins. consisting of Sirs Henry Mayo. California. John Stout and H. hv the March 6th of this age. After passing through the high school in of that city he graduated from Jefferson college 1868. 28. 1900. and courteously extend onr knightly sympathy to his bereaved family. Blanchard. Memorial 28. ceived the Order of the Temple on October 30th which date he has been same continuous member.onr fraternal appre- ciation of the life and character of onr deceased frater. presented the following- resolution of respect to the memory of Sir Clark Brading Provins. Sir 2JI 17. He then came west. We as a recommend that a page in onr records be set apart memorial to him. 1853. settling near Somonauk. June 1906. July 1883. and that the nsual emblems of mourn- ing be displayed for the next thirty days. Pennsylvania. He was buried at Somonauk on Blue Lodge with a Templar escort. F. was born February at Masontown. taught school for several years and then in took up the study of medicine the office of Dr. R. where he has since resided. and subsequently graduated from Rush Medical lege in 1882. a frater in this Commandery. and reof the Sir Knight Scheidecker was constituted a Knight of the in this Red Cross year. Knight Scheidecker was born in France January 1833.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Fayette county.. being 73 years of April 22. since Commandery on a 19. Dyer. the committee. — Sir Clark S. At the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery. We take this method of expressing. 111. Brading Provins.

in his practice in he resolved to ht himself for spefor that work profession. The God that gave him existence has called him hence. skill The in character. His was strenuous even when the fatal disease had fastened its grip niton him. The ties sewered by the death of our brother and the vacant chair in the asylum of Commandery man. energy and which distinguished him the earlier periods of his life soon brought him an ex- tended practice. . skill could not cope with. and. the ravages of which medical the 4th day of June. and purpose took a course of instruction at the Ophthalmic and Ayral Institute of Xew York City.272 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. and we shall newer more he able to extend to him the fraternal hand and welcome him into the asylum of our Commandery. XV sentinel has ever heen able to stay the entrance of this unhidden guest to the asylum of our Com- mandery and none ever this will he. made him an from these In his later years he suffered much from a disease. in chosen profession and continued fatally stricken such practice until by disease. the silent messenger of death spirit made his final call. In is hut an oft-repeated reminder of the fate of the death of our brother the its Commander)' has a lost life. one of most valued fraters. He was acknowledged well skilled in to be a man of sound judgment.fitting himself especially for the In treatment of diseases of the eye and ear. and careful investigation of cases undertaken by especial favorite with persons suffering afflictions. and the of our departed brother its crossed the dark river and wafted way to the shore oi immortality. all his profession. practice he his patient his special was not without distinction. his clear judgment. on 1906. him. therein. and highly esteemed by to who had Later cial the good fortune his make his acquaintance.

182 1. presented the following resolution of respect to the memory of Sir William Camp Hall. Sir Knight William Camp Hall was born at Hartford. All that 2/3 was immortal shores of immortality. January 22. in this county. Ottawa Commandery. consisting of Sirs Dougall. courteous and exemplary Knight Templar has been removed from the roll-call of the living that it might be inscribed upon the roll from which erasures are never made. and. He was received name . the committee. December 4.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Byrne and Joseph Allison. Though he be dead. J. we We learn with sorrow that the of another valiant. and was removed from life's activities at his home in Freedom township. Thus we are again reminded are environed by death. but in their hour of affliction we invoke tion of the Ruler of the Universe as our hearts join with theirs in sympathy for the loss they. the stated conclave of 1906. 1906. the Commandery and of our order has sustained brother. and messenger was he who sooner or later will summon all that in the midst of life who sojourn here. June Duncan Mc- At 28. good To the widow and family of our departed brother we extend our deepest sympathy. C. which was approved by the Commandery and ordered spread upon the records: the Again has an alarm come to the door of our asylum. in the death our departed Memorial- — Sir William Camp Hall. Washington county. may his life be an inspiration to the shall result in accomplishment of those things which to our fellowmen. We cannot call back our the protec- brother. New York. him has watted its way to the We cherish his memory. under in the guidance of a divine hand. may we emulate his virtues.

though not very seriously interfering" with his business till very recently. a Knight of Malta [875. affiliated 10. commencing here. art not dead. Cook received the Templar orders Little did we the passing in Ottawa Commandery. to whom was referred etc. Later he took a demit and with St. has lost one of its most highly esteemed members. Al. Titus. 1867. consisting of Walter B. but a prelude to its full career. who. him being so near "that other shore. F. in away of our beloved Brother and Sir Knight. presented the following" report October 12. . No. Cook. And Is life. we have occasion to mourn the one of our members by the death of our greatlv beloved Brother and Sir Knight. Sir David A. Xash. Sirs — Sir David Alpheus Cook. 111. Cook.. 1905. when. which was read before the Commandery and approved. Schoch and John F. the preparation of an appropriate memorial of respect to the memory of onr deceased frater. at his home in' Ottawa. John's Commandery. 10. 1905. this Commandery Thou Only takes away the mortal breath. Sir Knight David A. Sir Knight Day id A. The committee appointed to prepare and present a meEm.: : 274 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. for dealh into the illustrious order of the . No. Cook. would respectfully present the following report Once again. we realize that Ottawa Commandery. midst the busy cares of everyday loss of life. Red Cross January 21. Your committee. Memorial morial tribute to P.m<l in was created a Knight Templar and April 26. 1875." and. David A. surrounded by his loved ones. after a short serious illness. February 5. That his all on the morning of September 21. he passed quietly away. our hearts were made sad as the knowledge of think of death reached us that morning goes without saying. after many months of ill-health.

always a loyal Templar. after which member of Bethany Commandery. in an official capacity in our Commandery. And while we mourn his loss. country. He re-affiliated with Ottawa Commandery on moving to Ottawa. Peru. retaining" his membership therein while he lived. ever solicitous for the best interests of each individual member. 275 was a charter member. While not especially active. yet he had endeared himself to us. 1877.. not only by his native manhood. and a true friend whose memory we of which he he demitted and was charter will ever cherish as in immortal green. he served as bank examiner. with patriotic devotion to his As a citizen in early life he. 111. 28. yet he friends. bringing him with many of the best business men of the state and leaving an enviable record for himself and the government. March 8.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. No. where he was always a kind and loving husband and an affectionate and indulgent father. manifested in numberless ways. with integrity unquestioned in every walk of by reason of which he was called to fill an important in contact position of trust for many years. but also by his genial companionship and his ever courteous treatment of all with whom he came in contact in every day life. gave efficient service at the front in the hour of greatest peril. whom to We that shall measure the loss of the husband and father all its home he loved so intensely with pleasurable sur- roundings. yet not without the Christian hope of a .. returned to his home and from serious wounds at was providentially and with returning health and strength later to enjoy the well-earned blessings of a high order and a character united country. never to be forgotten. and. 111. and was later Eminent Commander of Bethany Commandery. after moving to Ottawa. Mendota. though suffering different times and battle-scarred. ability of a untarnished. With business life.

Judge Dickey being admitted to a partnership. Boyle soon had to retire from the firm on account of his health. — Sir Samuel Richolsox. administration. hereby tenders to the bereaved wife and family of our departed Brother and Sir Knight our sincere and heartfelt sympathy in this hour of their great sorrow. and. K. and would commend them all to the loving care of Him who doeth things well for that is comfort and consolation which He alone able to give. Aside from his profession Sir Richolson in public affairs in was most prominent beneficial for relating to the welfare of Ottawa. . and his efforts that direction resulted mosl Ottawa. That this memorial be spread upon the records and that a copy of same be suitably engrossed and presented to the family of our deceased Brother and Sir Knight. for three years was its presiat the He was dent. Memorial Born March June 24. and the same year the firm of Dickey. 1906. yet economical. 25. a talented young man. [O. He was to the city three times honored with the mayoralty and gave a head of the hoard of directors of the public library for seven years. Boyle. Resolved._'7 () III E KNIGH IS II \l PI. He came to Ottawa in 1868. bless€d resurrection in the Master's Kingdom. 1841 knighted March 22. 1894: died Samuel Richolson was for many years one of the most prominent attorneys of Ottawa. No. Therefore. Sir Judge of the Circuit Court for many years. Boyle & Richolson was formed. and the firm &* of Richolson Dickey continued to exist until Col Dickey moved to Chicago. and began the study of law with Charles Blanchard.AK. After his admittance to the practice of law he formed a partnership with H. he it Resolved. progressive. That Ottawa Commandery. .

Commandery March and greatly loved the teachings of the Order of the Temple and loved to observe the conferring of the Orders. hail and fare- Let the sublime principles of our order be acted and the world will be conquered. and the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year Irving De Forest Vincent Commander Generalissimo William Dyer Fullertnn George Craft Dunaway Philip John Captain General Senior Wendel Milton Eben Blanchard Junior Warden Warden Prelate Walter Briggs Titus Theodore Cunningham Gibson Robert Lucien Smith Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer William Harper Rollo Peter McGilvary Campbell foshua P. 1894. Rodgers Sword Bearer Warder . knight. and humanity proclaim in trumpet tones the excellency of its plans. intellectual and impressive manner. based on the ocean. spans the sky. Samuel Richolson. The forty-fifth annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery was held June 14. well ! friend. and his loss to Ottawa Comcommunity and the city in which he sudden taking off was a shock to all who knew to the him. as the glorious rainbow. Sir 277 Richolson was knighted in Ottawa 22. especially when dune in a solemn. for he did hate slovenliness and assassination of the English language. but lived. out EXCERPTA: 1906-7. His passing was not only a serious mandery. 1906.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. f rater. the utility of its triumph: and the time is not far distant when fraternizing principles will embrace the world.

. Charles F.. I 111. Schooh regarding which we herewith append : inspection. Adams Wilson Sentinel he above officers elected and appointed for the ensuing remplar year were duly installed June 28. Clarence Champlain Glover and James Henry Montieth. 1907. Ottawa. Everitt Anthony Sherwood and Frederick Alexander Peebles. which is certainly a high mark and one which you can point to with pride and gratification. of Illinois. Albert John Weirick. The annual inspection of Ottawa Commandery was held May 2.. Ottawa. 10. Knights Templar. Em. Commander Ottawa Commandery. Affiliated: Denritted: Harry Charles Barbour. 111. The Commandery reEm.communication from R. Created: Herbert Lewis Kline. Lester Olney Phillips and George Henry Pied : Charles Blanchard and David Henry Slag'le. 1906. Your percentage on military tactics was 96% per cent. June 5. Wilson. Grand this Commander Albert F.JjX Joseph I THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. In closing I cannot help but quote the remarks of the inspecting officer for your benefit." . Em. looking over the inspection report of your than pleased with the results achieved by you and your fraters and the high mark attained. special inspection officer. Sixty-one swords were inspected. Suspended: Pruett. Circle Jay Cody. making an average of 97% per cent.. and I count it always as one of my most pleasant privileges of having been permitted to pass upon the proficiency of the home Commandery of the R. 1907. 10. ceived the following. No. No. Erwin Christian Rabenstein. which shows that Ottawa still holds her position among the subordinate CommandIn Dear Frater: Commandery am more eries of Illinois. Irving D. in which he says: "The Grand Commandery of Illinois should feel proud of Ottawa Commandery. by Sir Fred Lehman. Vincent. Grand Comritual mander. Sir Grand Commandery. and 98% per cent. Headquarters of Grand Commander.

Past Em. Commander Bullen. Haight. Em. in the Commandery. 1907. the stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery. with kind regards. I beg to remain. Taylor and W. Easter service was observed by the Commandery in at- tendance at divine services at the Congregational Church in line. Sir Al. the following resolution. The presentation speech esteemed frater. Again expressing to 279 for the future success you my appreciation. and. C. Our esteemed Rrioo-s Titus. September 26. P.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. lauding our which R. and with best wishes and welfare of your Commandery. SCHOCH. and had been characterand particularly in the . on behalf of his Commandery. Very courteously yours. Grand Commander. his Whereas. Em. L. with forty-nine swords Testimonial Presentation to E. Sir Schoch responded in a feeling spirit. this Sir Knight Walter Prelate of Commandery for twenty-two years. excellent frater. Schoch. to decline longer to accept this re. Ottawa Commandery observed Christmas service in their asylum December 25. AL. with thirty-six swords represented. At Testimonial to Sir Walter Briggs Titus. Schoch a handsomely bound certificate of honorary membership in Siloam Commandery. 1906. has and growing sponsible trust felt obliged. skill ized by enthusiasm. held Januarv 2j. Through in long service his efforts fidelity. to was couched in beautiful language. Em. of Siloam Commanderv. presented R. 1907. F. Sir Albert F. because of advanced age infirmities. Milligan. F. signed by Sirs George H. At a stated conclave of Ottawa Commandery. was presented to Ottawa Commandery and adopted by a rising vote Whereas. various official positions.

and express the hope that the Grand Commander of the L niverse will prolong his stay among us for many. November 7. he was chosen by in 1891. Seminary he came AYest. 1885..280 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. 1872. was born in Sir Charles Blanchard Peacham. while our frater is yet alive. He moved to Ottawa in 1861. and . from which office he retired as he entered it with the good will — of the people. and. 185 1. Memorial August 1906. — Charles Blanch ard. in good health and able to be among us and fully understand and appreciate our motives. At the ensuing election.. 31. Illinois. and served as such until December. therefore. in which he passed a successful examination before Judge Treat at Springfield. moral I and religious truths taught by the order. and passed to his reward October 31. 1884. one of the judges of Governor Hamilton. Through recognition of his ability as a law1. many years. arriving Peru. congratulations upon his useful and exemplary life. and during his leisure hours applied himself to the study of law. in He taught school at Granville and Hennepin. was elected State's Attorney November. he it Resolved. in June. 1829. 111. Having completed his education as a student at in Peacham 1848. As a private citizen his life has heen pure and his reputation such as to reflect credit upon this Com- mandery . ( 'relate) he has with performance of that important office pilgrim penitents who exceptional ability impressed upon all have had occasion to travel his way the wholesome. his constituents for the full term of six years. extend to him our grateful ac- knowledgments and thanks for his long service. That this body. 111. 1864. Vermont. Whereas. to fill the yer he was appointed. August the Ninth Judicial Circuit by vacancy caused by the resignation of Judge Goodspeed.

. 111. as a citizen. Chapter. when the following officers were : and appointed for the ensuing Templar year William Dyer Fullerton Commander Generalissimo George Craft Dunaway Philip John Wendel Captain General Milton Eben Blanchard William Harper Rollo Joseph Newton Warden Junior Warden Senior Prelate Dunaway Theodore Cunningham Gibson Treasurer . show the culture of a Christian character.. Ottawa Commandery was held June 1907. R. John's Lodge. to be good men and true. 1885. Ottawa. April and as a servant of the people he so deported himself that in positions of public trust. 1867. ^y. The elected forty-sixth annual conclave of 13. January 22.. by demit from Social Lodge. 13. EXCERPTA: No one 1907-8. and affilwith Occidental Lodge. iated 17. No.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 70. does not in his life. Knights Templar. August Was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Shabbona 7. A. He was a man of strong mentality and possessed a thorough knowledge of the law. June 5/1856. should enter our sacred asylum who as well as belief. when the end came he could The darkened universe defy To quench his immortality Or shake his trust in God. St. 1875. 111.. As. 40. Hennepin. and in all his long career as a man of family. his decisions. so to be the Christian gentleman is the most essential of knighthood. No. 28l 1897 and 1903 was again elected and served until his death. Demitted from 1874. M. as indicated by Peru. was the first lesson taught in Masonry. No. and knighted in Ottawa Commandery. John's Lodge. July 18. 111. No. Sir Blanchard affiliated with St.

2cS2 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. 72 O 5 o o <j g < < 72 .

Grand Sword Bearer. Stevens. Em. July escort to R. Sixty swords were inspected. He is with us no more. at 4 o'clock i\ m. for he sturdy Scotch stock. July 1907. Ottawa Commandery celebrated Easter April by attending divine service tawa. 111. Albert Frederick Schoch.. 1907. Saratoga Springs. at at the Baptist line. John L.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. the conclave left 2. 1907. Charles C. Saturday. He was Captain of the Guard of Ottawa Commandery many years. Walter Madison Mathes. Y. twenty-seven Sir Knights 6. Grand Com . Ottawa. Robert Lucien Smith Peter McGilvary Campbell 283 J Recorder Standard Bearer Frederick Alexander Peebles Sword Bearer \Yarder Sentinel Joshua P. Felix Ernest Ma- Thomas Henry Trimmer. Modes and Alexander Hanna. 1908. Ot- Forty-eight swords were in Ottawa Commandery was inspected by Sir Thomas A. of the older of our Order and was of make men good and true to their calling. John Charles Corcoran. Church. and also to act as Em. John Bergeson. X. In accordance with arrangements held July 111. George Alexander Clipper. Rodgers Joseph Adams Wilson The above Created: der. Clark. April 23. Saratoga Springs Pilgrimage. the type that is Hanna was one risen as He said. to attend the to be held at triennial conclave of the Grand Encampment.. Clayton Simmons Bruce and Reinstated: George Grant Galloway. John Charles Corcoran and Christian Demitted: Gasser.. 1908. 9. officers were duly installed June 27. Suspended: Died: Sir Jacob Benner Shuler. made at 1907. 19.

of the Slagle found light in in Marseilles Lodge. E. N. and died at Marseilles. C. M. R. A. Ferrell. bis years. L. Refior. of the mander Grand Commandery of the State of Illinois. at February 21. 417. L. presented the following resolutions Whereas. Spencer.: 284 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Bradish ami B. J. One son and a loved to mourn bis absence. Memorial M. Illinois. 37. Duncan. Vincent as Commander and P. 1843. Grand Commander A. Sample. J. E. Farnsworth. Gladfelter. Ohio. Thirty-one swords took part 9th of July. J. A. Roberts. Rollo. J. Clegg. —David H. [907. Slagle. are. C. D. L. Haight. Knights Illinois. 1873. G. Illinois. M. Ottawa. H. In line from left to right. H. Sir Knight David Free Masonry August 22. Marseilles. N. Schocb. 10. l . 1). reading. R. 1873. P.from left to right: In background. sixty-three illness March 8. was exalted to the august degree Holy Royal Arch at in in Shabbona Chapter. J. C. D. J. Withrow. Rodgers. . March 23. C. Go wen. Wiley. Em. W. W. J. being the Grand Commander of the Grand ComSehueh. J. Myers. I. Barbour. E. Wendel. C. L. James Gentleman. Knights Templar. at November 20. Xo. Ottawa. Xo. of the State of Illinois. W. 1868. C. FI. E. Y. A. A. 1007. Royal Arch Masons. Fleming and AY. H. Ottawa Commandery shown in picture at Saratoga Springs. Byrne. G. D. Hale Francis. Strawn was on the staff of R. Ottawa Commander)-. and knighted Templar. J. Cody. Blanchard. aged days. C. Arnold. W. Metzger. Illinois. mandery. Smith. com- mittee. in the grand parade on the Ottawa Commandery taking position at . AYas born Delta. the right of the Illinois division in honor of Sir Albert member and Past Commander of Ottawa Commandery. F. Mills. The members of Paul Teissedre. Fulton county. McClure. No. J. eleven months silent and fifteen being brief and passing wife are left and painless..

Joseph Newton Dunaway . Blanchanl . but into the dim deep stillness. not with the roll of drums or cheers that greet the hero when home from the battle he comes.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA Resolved. To alone has been reserved the pleasant task of elevating the degraded nations. C. Not to the sound of the bugle. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year .Captain General William Harper Rollo.. The of forty-seventh annual conclave Ottawa Commandery was held June 11. of throwing the soft mellow light benevolence over the dissolving rigors of the heart's of widening the horizon of human happiness. mellow and clear and sweet. GEO.. 285 in their trouble we offer our sympathy widow and son of our deceased frater and reverently commend them to "Him who is Lord of life and death. his loved ones. . 1912-13.. Prelate Treasurer Theodore C. do they pass homeward march with never returning feet. [908-9. That O >M MANDERY." who in His all wise providence has removed the husband to the and father from frater. for his sterling qualities. the Christian graces its chief tenets. Gibson Robert Lncien Smith Recorder . DUNAWAY. and flingof promise across the distant sky of the future. where never more war may come with never a footfall sounding the soldiers are marching home. rugged character and many virtues. ing the arch Templarism. Senior Warden David Refior Junior Warden . 1908-9. That we cherish the memory of our deceased David Henry Slagie." EXCERPTA: chief The perpetuation of the Christian religion is the aim of these graces and refining of universal long winter. "Not with the clash of sabers. Generalissimo Milton E. Resolved. 1908. George Craft Dunaway Commander Philip John Wendel .. E.. C.

N. S. Borchsenius. C). Frederick Rudolph Kuhlman. John James Lacy. The Commandery had sixty-four swords in line for in Knights There were thirty-seven visiting attendance and a royal good time was had.286 I Hi. E. Thornton. Dunaway. H. inspection. rustave John Malaise. "We do not need to write upon the walls . KNIGH TS TEMPLAR. 1900. George C. Milligan. 1909: Ottawa Commandery attended Faster Universalist Church. Pearson. Harvey Louis Eastegord. Read. Wheeler. Ralph Jason Callagan. Pearson. 111. Ottawa Commandery was inspected May 29. Samuel Burritt Reed. Demitted: Thomas Egbert Wheeler MacKinlay. A. Died: George C. consisting of W. Hupp. L. service at the with fifty-six swords Rev. 'Idie memorial committee. William Conger. Arnold and Henry Mayo. Read. Ed- win T. memoriam. presented the following memorial to deceased f raters S. The Silent in Voices. F. George Wat( son Thompson. Standard Bearer Martin Luther Sample Peter McGilvary Campbell Joshua P. L. John Mathias Berg. George C. Suspended: Philo Curtis Weaver. Marseilles. Peebles and J.. T. by Em. as special inspection officer. Rbdgers Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel Joseph Adams Wilson William Lee Roy Milligan Historian installed The above Created: Charles Beck. which was read and approved by the Commandery January 28. in line. Sir Knight II. 1908. Grand Recorder. Peebles. pastor. Samuel S. Joseph Newton Dunawav (P. Borchsenius. Frederick A. Sir Harris A. Frank Burton Courtright. L. officers were duly June 25.

Wade. even delightful. to make us pause and kneel. and with whom they will await our coming to meet and greet us on the Elysian fields in the Paradise of God.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDEKV. Burgess. Frederick A. Rhoads. And deep within our hearts we seem to feel A spirit cause. our A shadow on the floor. should not we. they have "uncovered" and deposited their chapeaus at the foot of the cross on which is inscribed "In Hoc Signo Vinces" — "By this sign thou shalt conquer. dead. They have met and saluted with the Templar sign of the cross our beloved and immortal Commanders: Gray. McArthur and Trimble. their genial greetings and pleasant smiles. Peebles and Joseph Newton Dunaway." 287 It is with a most profound sense of our inability to pen a fitting. Is record made. that we entered upon the task soldiers of the Cross as our late beloved fraters assigned to this committee. who are nearing the portals of eternity. Peckham. the intelligence and love that from their eyes. where their silent tongues will plead Justice. Pearson. Where falls or roof above. and the valiant fraters of our Commandery sojourning there. These valiant knights have unbuckled their armor and laid it aside forever. shall for us before the Why should not we call the day glorious God of when we of depart to join that divine company and conclave spirits and quit this troubled scene? As we flashed reflect upon their amiable characters. a silhouette of love. when such as these have gone before and are waiting holy land? to receive and greet us in that What delight will it afford to renew with them that . that far-away land of infinite space. The deeds of these.tribute to the memory of such valiant an<l magnani: mous uel S." They have crossed the fabled river and penetrated the great unknown. Read. comfort ourselves and make old age more tolerable. SamEdwin T. Lininger. Gibson.

. [898. He married Miss Emma Congram life. S. Ohio. to Ottawa. M. M. Knight Samuel S. F. an ^ passed November 1908. where he resided at the breaking. sweet counsel we have taken together. January 20. we pronounced in "Immanuel." Then. Pear- \Yas born a wav in Ottawa. who were the joy and pride of his off His sudden taking friends. and was knighted in Ottawa Commandery. where Sir is is thy sting? thy victory?'" Knight Samuel 111. 40. 10. When a young man he moved with enlisted in the his parents to Defiance. K. where Oh Grave. He was son. a prominent physician during the pioneer days of Ot- tawa.. which union was blessed by five children. care-free manner. engaged in the active pursuit of his vocation and meeting and greeting his friends in his usual hearty. 21..^7. and ringers interlaced when with bended knees and unison the immaculate word: and with bowed heads. and served until the close of the war. 1849. A.. Xo. Pearson the son of Dr. for Sir was a shock to his family and minutes of his Knight Pearson was.288 I II E KNIGHTS TIM PL VR. and no man ever came with purer heart and cleaner hands to lav upon our sacred altar and assume the vows of Christian Knighthood.. May 10. to approach the thnnie of God in company and join in the symphony of angelic voices amid the splendors and fruitions of the beatific vision! "Oh Death. when he Third Ohio cavalry. Xo. Sir No. & A. . three sons and two daughters.out of the Civil War. Pearson was a member of Occidental Lodge. R. A. to recount the hal- lowed scenes in our asylum when we participated in that emblematic cup of death. when he returned in 1879. up to within a few demise. Shabbona Chapter. T. when we shall have finished our reminiscences.

in Ottawa. . and com- pleted his earthlv pilgrimage at his home 13. faithful knight! Sir Knight Frederick Alexander Peebles in Was horn Akron. yet no truer friend ever No more generous heart heat in a human hreast. sur- rounded by his loved ones. and of a principle. and whenever he it supported or opposed he did earnestly and zealously. moved to concede an iota wrong. a He was frank and ready in his denunciation of was not. Ohio. in 289 manner. and held that difference of opinion was no one cause for severing friendship. hearts Language fill to express the deep emotions of sadness that our when we realize the us. But. While he respected an open opponent. and the majority.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 1868. could not endure deceit in others. even though it might he followed by repeated injuries. greater than all this. Blunt lived. therefore. sin of ingratitude was not at his He was to not to he turned from following that which the just course by selfish considerations or seemed him because others. condolence of Ottawa Commandery. He was an earnest and self-reliant man. frank in speech. took the opposite course. he ordinate right to policy. He never forgot a favor. December 1908. To fails the bereaved family we extend the sympathy and 10. dear brother. Septemher 20. he was a loyal husband and a tender and indulgent father. Hail and farewell. No. he never afterward trusted who sought to win his favor by pretense or chicanery. the door. He had a keen perception of the right that gave him a contempt for anyone in whom he discovered any inclination to subPlain and outspoken himself. sudden severing of his earthly connection with Let us place within our archives this record of his virtues and there let it worth and to keep his remain as a lasting testimony of his memory fresh within our hearts.

F. hnt went about During a work our as usual. 25. 1907.. April 10. 555. His kind and genial manners. R. ness to business. The genuine friendship of his character was always apparent. A I.. but that. Ottawa Commandery. his short residence in city he had acquired in wide and intimate acquaintance with the best people It our community. R. Although dis- warned by trict his physician that the ii]> summons might come his vocation. was crowned Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret. Peebles had been in failing health for some at time. Shabbona Chapter. that (if any time. He was & a tal a member of Humboldt Lodge. Xo. dear brother. T. in S. sition of life He was one of those men in who are not content to look out for themselves.. maintaining his usual cheerful disposition until the last. A. that placed him at the insurance profession. 37. M. K. full So Knight! manly and virtuous im- . yet he did not give superintendent of the Metropolitan his Life Insurance Company. Consistory. in Orien- Valley of Chicago.. A. and his straightforward honesty of purpose shone out so clearly that he inspired confidence in every one who ap- proached him. and 2. Masonic circles. he would have been of service to the man next him. knighted 1907. A. being afflicted with valvular heart trouble. was his strict integrity and attentive- combined with head in the his strong personality. his epiick and generous sympathies opened an avenue to every heart. whatever po- he might have been placed.29O Sir ECnight THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Xo. Xo. of Hail and farewell. May Esteemed and honored as he was in his public relations it was the possession of those noble traits of character and finer qualities of heart which endeared him in so short time to his friends and gave him the highest claim to the admiration of those who fraternized with him in our of life. A. faithful noblv endowed by nature. A.

He & A. loyal to 20. Salle county. -R. The great work laid upon your two score years is done. born in New York Christmas day. a priceless jewel of our order. 10. No. pulses. and in years gone by.. true to your manhood. corresponding degree of success. Was 1908. K. unassumingman. $7.. His residence being so far removed from his Masonic affiliations he was unable to be an active member in our mystic rites. F. Cut prime of your usefulness. They had no issue. A. dear brother. No. earliest years ago. Read was a modest. join with your be- reaved family off in the in mourning your untimely away. 417. No. 1887. Hail and farewell.1 your friends. and his efforts were attended with a was a member of Marseilles Lodge. pation and a business man of rare sagacity. time of his demise. A. devotedly attached to the Order of the Temple. La which had been his continuous residence to the He married Miss Helen Ebersol in was the daughter of Joseph Ebersol. Read 22. kindly and gentle in disposition. faithful knight! Sir Knight Edwin state. He was. however.. and was knighted in Ottawa Commandery. your taking- brother Knights. T. we older members re- . September 1. one of the She She died a number of settlers of La Salle county. and passed to that house not made with hands November Sir fifties Knight Edwin T. we have lost in you a bright example of Christian Knighthood. Sir Knight Edwin T. T. and well done. and a well wisher for He was a thoroughly all he met in his daily walks of life. Read came to Illinois in the early and located on a farm in Grand Rapids township. 1832. 1858. M. Shabbona Chapter.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. M. Soldiers of the Cross. well informed man on all topics of value and enjoyed the He was a farmer by occusociety of well informed men.

initiates of the divine Our late in Em. A. S. in & S. and. 32d degree. 1883. R. No. July '1. and was Commander in [900. R. M. Royal Secret. No. Valley of Chicago. 111. No. was knighted in Arch He passed the Circle of Perfection in Oriental Council. A. as near as possible for frail humanity. Our beloved Past Commander was Prelate of Ottawa . alike in Commandery below and in the Heavenly conclave above.. f rater. faithful knight! P.. He we loved the institubelieve. 63. A. 1901. 1909. One by one. 1901 EC. the virtues which it professes. departed this home in Ottawa. and was High Priest in 1007. as fast as we are called. AT. 9. 1835. October life at his was born 14. 1880. Occi- was Master of the Holy in 1899. in Oriental Consis- November 21. Hail and farewell. tion for the good there was in it. in We were always pleased circles. E. we shall follow after him along the still way to asylum in that unknown world which opens only to the degree of the resurrection.... He was constituted a Sublime Prince of the [883. T. our fraternal his are the He now rests secure in his high immortality. and He was exalted to the August degree 37. Em. 10.. August 2. Sir Joseph Xewtox Dux away. and as far as we prepared. 40.J')- THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Green county. to meet and greet him and the hearts of his fraters who knew him best went out to him and he was lovingly enshrined in them all. in His Masonic career began when he was raised dental Lodge. ] member pations his frequent in attendance at our conclaves and partici- our Templar pilgrimages. in & A. P. practiced. A. June 28. Shabbona Chapter. M. leaving a family circle of three sons and two daughters to mourn his loss. [881. Jan. Pennsylvania. Sir Joseph Newton Dunaway. R. dear brother. and [902. No. Ottawa Commandery. tory.

It was quite marked that in the ceremonials of conferring the Orders of Knighthood while Eminent Commander or rendering the beautiful Templar service for the dead. 293 Commandery Templar at the time of his death and had. and he walked through the bitter baptism of tears. while Prelate of our Commander}'. solemn and impressive ceremonies. In his extemporaneous addresses and presentation speeches the well-formed sentences seemed to flow as smoothly and naturally as in the ritualistic work of our order. . their imposing. but a short time previous to his passing away. always surprising and delighting his hearers with both the brilliancy of his thought and the beauty of his lan- guage.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. in the hours of his private grief. but in that exalted sense where brightness is accompanied by mental brilliancy. when the clouds of bereavement gathered over his heart and home. that he embraced all that is sublime. impressive and effective in the teachings and observances of T. and. which are necessary for the appreciation of these orders. Read and Frederick A. Edwin Christian Knighthood. Peebles. He possessed all the high qualities their ritualistic formalities." not in that common sense applied to him who has the verbiage merely of the order. and was most highly complimented on the excellent and impressive manner in which he led in this beautiful service.engrave on the heart and the conduct of the recipient what is meant by Free Masonry and Christian Knighthood. without feeling or impress. all were deeply engraven on his mind. exemplified the beautiful burial service at the funerals of his beloved fraters. their teachings to the heart and soul. the sublime lessons of Christian Knight- hood were a balm to his afflicted spirit. where the refined taste and intellect lend their influence to enhance the value of language and tend to. one who can repeat the words only. He was truly a "bright Mason.

but the whole length and breadth of human character is graduated by the scale of a higher. but rejoiceth in doing good to which "Thinketh no all. the polished soul. As a citi/. Hail and farewell. the true gentleman. nobler philosophy. such as his. and shines in the light of a revealed immortality." that glorious ema- nation well expressed in the epithet.4 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. the Chrishumanities of the world. that enlarged charity evil. of to acquire. faithful knight! EXCERPTA: Breadth of muscle and fierceness of spirit no longer constitute the standard of greatness nor the test of virtue._>(. dear brother. devoid selfishness. his all the elegant and refined excellencies which a cultivated taste and mind. would seek To his sons and daughters. the honored citizen. and that the highest tribute of respect that we can offer to his his footsteps memory is to pledge ourselves to follow in and to emulate his virtues. tian soldier of the Cross." With such a man it home was the abode of domestic affection would he superfluous to add that and bliss. the all compassionate heart. who most mourn his passing away. the revered husband and he represented the graces and courtesies "tree which constitute the of gentleman. ." the one the cheerful. we hereby tender renewed assurance of our abiding sympathy." the internal ex- cellencies. earnestly alive to all "A good soul. pleasant amenities and Such were the high qualities that constituted him the "true man.

1909-IO. Reinstated Charles Schaulin. Campbell . Bradford . Em. by P. Dunaway. Robert Charles Lucas. Edward Farnsworth Peck. . Samuel B. . Frederick William Gleim. Rodgers William Lee Roy Milligan ddie above officers. Em. Leman Aranah Rising. Carl William Lutz. Elias Erb. acting as mar- Created: Franklin Buehner. Charles Henry Stockley. -'95 The of forty-eighth annual conclave Ottawa Commander). Ole E. Frederick Rudolph Kuhlman. Charles Paul Vaupel. Harlev Elmer John Booker. Samuel Congram Pearson. were duly Sir in- 1909. Benjamin Franklin Tummel. . when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year : Philip John Wendel Commander . Edward Chase Lewis. Frank Bruce Davidson. ( Affiliated: James : B. Herman Haines Elder. Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Historian and appointed.was held June 10. George Lester Farnsworth. Demitted: Herman Haines Elder.Captain General . 1909-10. Gibson Treasurer Robert Lucien Smith Recorder . 1909. Herring. Henry L. Henry G. Gamber.Junior Walter Briggs Titus Prelate Theodore C.Senior PHILIP J. Benson. Milton Eben Blanchard. elected stalled July 1. Warden Warden John M. Sir George C. C. as- sisted shal. WENDEL E. Berg Charles Beck Joshua P. Arnold. George John rleim. George Oliver Grover.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Carl Clement Lawrv. by P. Generalissimo William H. Rollo Peter M. .

sixteen special. Died: Schaulin. his zeal in the interest of Templar Masonry. The records of Ottawa Commandery. and the Recorder. Berkley Gilbert Barrett. thirty-nine conclaves. a total twenty-two. Ottawa Commandery began the past most successful year with a membership of one hundred and eighty-two. This increase ery. three a emergent and one Easter conclaves were held. cessful is to a very great degree responsible for the sucjust closed: showing for the for the Templar year number knighted. loss of nine. are models of neatness and Commandery Recorder. Charles Arthur this Wiley. Charles Sylvanns Sumner Thompson. one admitted membership and one reinstated. is to be congratulated in having such an efficient Easter service was observed by Ottawa Commandery . was and that the treasury of Ottawa kept by our Commandery is in splendid financial condition. leaving a net gain of thirteen and a member- ship of one hundred and ninety-five. four. and died. making a total gain of The losses were: demitted. and his eloquent and impressive manner of exemplifying the beautiful and instructive ritual of our order. Samuel Mm id. Robert Lucien Smith._'(>f> III E KNIGHTS TKM PLAR. we cannot let this opportunity pass without exCommander our hearty congratulations. for the treasurer's report discloses the fact that the year also a financial success. hut also in not only a financial aspect. of to During this period twenty were knighted. as accuracy. and in membership in one rear has heen exof ceeded by hut one other pressing to the Commander Ottawa Command- with the of him. During total Templar year nineteen stated. five. and acknowledgment that it was just what we expected His personal magnetism.

Knights and Christians. There were pres- W. and charity to all mankind. events speak in language more emphatic and pronounced than mere words. 1910." Ottawa Commandery we chronicle the death of rive of our most esteemed f raters. Thompson. Commandery were in line for inspection. Their purity of life and honesty of purpose was devoted to the cause of truth and justice. . at the 29/ Episcopal Church. S. "Friend after friend depart. The Commander). we have no doubt the scenes of their passing away most These impressively demonstrated Thus.was inspected Elwood Pierson. H. "To we leave behind is not to die. consisting' of M. and inculcate in us who yet are among the living a lesson of deep significance. giving practical evidences of their faith in God. Rollo and C. Blanchard." and each year grows dark and cheerless when we are compelled to bid farewell to those who for many years have been our comrades and friends. rector. as time rolls on. The memorial committee. and thus illustrating how good men should live. and the impress of their characters has been left upon the history of Ottawa ComIn this chapter of the history of mandery. which was read and approved by the Commandery 1910: May 26. March 27. 19 10. Sir Stuart ent f< irty-hve visiting live in hearts f raters. May Farrar. E.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Grand Senior Warden of the Seventy-seven swords of Ottawa Grand Commandery. Spencer. how good men die. Masons.. we are passing away. the Rev. Sir Knight George 12. W. by Em. After having lived their lives of usefulness as citizens. presented the following tribute to the memory of deceased Frater S. hope in immortality. with seventy swords in line. R.

Sir Knight Thompson was horn settled in in Washington county. [910. Grand Rapids township. 1910. Another dark cloud has come over our asylum. and its work is a matter of record among us.. held. and whose demands are always answered. years.298 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. The Masonic brethren members numbers formed front of the house and slowly led the procession to Riverview cemetery. Thompson. summons came and was answered by our late Frater Sylvanus S. 1906. Moved to Marseilles in help or to comfort funeral. April 30. 111. and was again honored hv President Taft to the same in April. impressive the closed His life lips which do not tell us of the mysteries beyond. who died at his home in The last Marseilles. to Illinois in Moved 1854 and 111. whose coming none can forbid. with his parents Pennsylvania. Solemn is the silence of death. That he was always courteous and congenial." Our large brother will he long remembered for the many kind in acts of a busy and devoted in life. 1847. appointed to succeed himself by President Roosevelt June. and reappointed by President Roosevelt May. the relentless hunter of men. 1902. where he resided for thirty-eight 1881. 1898. was evidenced by in his largely attended his which showed the respect which memory was "The clods have fallen upon his casket. After the rendering of the Masonic service and with the sprigs of evergreen dropping upon the . hut the sunshine lingers about his memory. ready to Salle La county. and with it came that swift messenger. January 10. was appointed postmaster by President McKinley July. the of the Knights Templar formed a wide cordon in which a smaller square was formed hv members of the Blue Lodge.. drawn up in close formation. for it has heen a public life.

and an unevery principle promulgated and every lesson taught. illustrate that you are worthy successors of those men who. and we feel. rest. must be some night of darkness. was exalted to the August degree of the Holy Royai Arch in Shabbona Chapter. But through the gloom there shines the stars of faith. To be writing this report is like communing with the dead. baptized in blood the vows of knighthood. and in the shadows of the acacia blooms the emblem of immortality. 1883. In There must be some days daily walk and deportment. or seem to feel. of sorrow. T. Sir Knights. December. the morning comes again. April 7. ^y. Marseilles' re- spected public servant. No. and we are reminded that There But There But must be some clouds foreboding. Thompson. in support of these very principles. EXCERPTA: By your swerving fidelity to . coffin the 299 body of Sylvanus S. With its Heaven-light aglow.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COM M ANDERY. fired by love and strengthened by hope. and created a Knight Templar in Ottawa Commandery. 10. and as we go down the dark valley into the very shadow of death to pen our last tribute to the memory of our beloved brother. was laid to Brother Thompson was raised to the Sublime degree of Master Mason 1883. the icy arms of the grim reaper about us. 417.. September. and we wonder how soon we may be living only in lrfemory. the work of your committee is not a pleasant one. But they brighter make the morrow. they bring refreshing rain. K. Royal Arch Masons. 1898. our journey here below. the shadows thicken the gloom. No. No. in Marseilles Lodge.

Commander William Harper Rollo. Warden M. . John H. Godfrey. . John G. Reinstated: Ahram C. Edward C. Praefcke.!<X> Til E KNIGHTS [9IO. Malaise. Frederick C. DuPlain. Charles B. Prosper J. 1910.. Jos.Generalissimo Peter M. Gibson Recorder Robert Lucien Smith Standard Bearer John Mathias Berg Benjamin Franklin Tummel Joshua Joseph P. Axel Heiberg. E. The fiirty-ninth animal conclave of Mtawa Commandery was convened June 10. Mundorff. by P. B. Sir Henry L. 33° E. Arnold. as marshal. Em. Daggett. Charles B. Affiliated: Nathan G. Messenie. Gaussin. Simon Anthony William Lee Roy Milligan Organist Historian installed The above Em. Captain General Senior Charles Beck . Fred L. when the following ( officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year: Milton Eben Blanchard .. Chester P. Samuel C. . Alexander Reed. William Robert Maxwell. Sir William Created: officers were June 23. William D. Milligan. Herring. Sterrett. Campbell . Wm. assisted by P. Joseph Hatheway Pearson. L. 1910-11. C.M PLAR. P. Goodell. BLANCH'D. Francis P. [910.] I I'K. Brignon. George W. Newport. Wilson Conard. Bteardsley.Junior Warden Prelate Walter Briggs Titus Treasurer Theodore C. Yenerick. Adam Shufelt. McLean. . Lynn A. Rodgers Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel Adams Wilson I). Jones. Pearson.

" a history of Occidental Lodge." that every man of prominence in the early days of old Ottawa was a Free Mason. who have been crowned with honors by Ottawa Commandery. Higby. William B. 3OI D emitted: Died: Fifty William H. seven were royally enter- .HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. cidental Lodge. Francis L. and. on imi- tation of Streator Commandery." my fraters. Gibson. Of those who were charter members of Ottawa Commandery fifty years ago. report for the year closed the Commandery since The Recorder's its organization. only two are among the livingPast Grand Commander John Fisk Nash and Past Commander Theodore C. This is an excellent showing and the Eminent the sincere mander deserves thanks of this ComCommandery fraters of for his untiring efforts in behalf of the Commandery. twenty Ottawa Commandery enjoyed a very pleasant and visit to old Blaney on the 13th of March. he met had finished reading a copy of the "White me and reI marked : "William. and that during the past year nineteen have been created. and two passed to their eternal rest. and wielded their Damascus blades in our asylum for fifty years untarnished by flight or shame. Thompson. list could not help but observe. Rezin N. 191 1. who was a charter member of Oc- Apron. William Osman. one affiliated and two reinstated. Fiske. When the late venerable editor of the Ottawa Free Trader. in 'White Apron. years have come and gone since Ottawa Com- mandery was organized under dispensation. Myers. as of I ran the down the of members Occidental Lodge. profitable On invitation of Blaney Commandery. So. can the same be recorded of the membership of Ottawa shows that membership of the Commandery at the close of the year was one hundred and ninety-five.

AR. .3°2 Til K KMCHTS TKM I'l.

No. and Humboldt Lodge. No. plans for which were presented and ap- proved by the Commandery on the 13th of October. Sir William I). M. and on the 20th of October following the Commandery authorized the issuing of eighty $50. to act in conjunction with a like committee created by Occidental Lodge. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. There have been held during the past Templar year thirty-five regular and special conclaves and one emergent and one Easter conclave.. Of the thirty-five conclaves the the average Eminent Commander attended thirty-two. A. & A. 1910.00 4 per cent. F. notes to meet the Commandery's share of expense in the building of the Temple. tained by our daughter 3O3 Commandery Ottawa at Streator on the 25th of April. 37. Idie committee having in charge the construction of the new temple deserve excellent ried the thanks of the in Commandery for the and satisfactory manner which they have carof E. A. by-laws were amended creating a Masonic Temple committee. attendance of the regularly elected officers at each conclave and of the fraters fourteen. & A. for the gov- ernment of the temple. attended the Em. A. No. On the 22(1 of December. The new Masonic Temple has been the foremost topic among the fraters of Ottawa Commandery during the past Templar year. R. under command Blanchard. Sir M. M.. and Shabbona Chapter. 40. 555.. 19 1 1 Sixty-one Easter service fraters at of Commandery attended the Congregational Church. Ful- and wife deeded the undivided one-fourth interest the lot purchased by the Masonic bodies on Columbus street to the Commander)-. Commander. 19 10. or holding body. tri- thirty-first . On lerton in the 24th of November. Ottawa Commandery.. M. 1910. on this work to its completion. F. while was only six.

street. Tummel. B. and were joined by twenty-two fraters of St.n Conard. Wendel (M. Weirick and Win. Chapman. Callagan. Gamber. Courtright. Brooker. B. J.. H. Pearson. l\. C. 1. J. F. Lacy. Pearson. E. Geo. F. E. 13. I. G. ters. A. Peck. as they Sir were passing the Em. Elias Erb. Fredenburg. G. D. E. 111. H. B. D. J. H. L. of Peru. Davidson. Conger. E. J. m.304 ennial THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Arnold and picture dimly shown. Campbell. E. R. J. Trimmer. P. C). . embarked on a G. Waldecker. Wilso. P. consisting of W. Gladfelter. Campbell. Wm. & I*. W. R. J. No. Peed. W. Trager. C.Becker. Carl Metzger. . M. J. F. R. James Gentleman. M. with the sixty-four fraters of Ot- tawa Commandery participating in the parade. A. Mader. G. l\ M. H. G. Blanchard Henry Mayo. I. as shown in picture and records of the Commandery. J. W. L. Sample. J. E. conclave of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar in Chicago August 9. Thompson. J. in the parade during the Triennial Conclave of the Grand En- campment in Chicago. McKahin in fore part of Polio marching in front of of E. L. C.. are David Refior. Geo. G. Eastegord. Mendota. Strawn. G. Kline. [. C. McKahin. made a total of eighty-six swords in line to the credit of Ottawa Commandery. G. C. Francis. Duncan. \\ Thompson. with ninety-one swords in line. W. Roberts. Knott. Farnsworth. L. in the parade which. W. E. S. Crowden (then member of Bethany. Barnard. H.). Wilson. Smith. Stockley. . H. Blanchard. B. Wa- A. L. R. C. L. Dunaway. 28. H. E. W. Clegg. S. Malaise. J. A. Camillus McClure. 1910. \\ Myers. Gleim. Spencer. P. P. J. John's Commandery. Krnse. The picture herein shows Ottawa Commandery 1910. H. F. rhe Commandery. X. Lucas. 111. L. F'nllerton. \\ ni. 1. train at 6 a. L. T. Gowen. B. Charles Beck. C. B. platoon. L. H. first Other members Ottawa Commandery participating. P. Palmer House on State and staff. F. IT. E. 11. H.

" he nttered a great truth. HISTORY OF OTTAWA (OMMANDERY. then much of the interest and pride felt by the members in its welfare is lost. When carefully its an organization is known to be prosperous and managed it is generally popular. and particularly so brought about by mismanagement. to was a source of conand re-crimination among the members.than the setting sim. or on the decline. Lm. and there are but its few proselytes fortune. "harmony especially in the strength and support of institu- ours." and there. especially with its own members.. and one that applies to institutions as well as to individuals. who if it take pride in attending in meetings if hut becomes involved debt. although they paid their dues. perhaps. Schoch was on the Grand 305 Com- mander's of Illinois staff and had charge of the second subdivision part in the parade. succeed. the Great told the Dictator of Commanderies taking When Pompey that : Rome "More worshipped the rising. a large number demitted. Sir Al. as well as to Occidental Lodge and Shabbona when otherwise they had every opportunity to The discussion of an indebtedness incurred in the building of the Masonic temple and Opera House block in the early seventies produced discord and tinual crimination that. never attended the meetings of any of the bodies. Let a Commandery to or any other institution be known to be involved in debt. F. One that tions. in- debtedness came very near proving fatal to Ottawa Com- mandery Chapter. Past R. avoid the discussion of the subject. of the first is lessons we are taught in Masonrv all is. never was a time the history of Ottawa Commander}' when heed this it be- hooves the fraters and than at the present. officers to admonition more . and others. do it reverence or share embarrassed Within the memory of a few of our oldest f raters.

gratitude and appreciation this evening. has attended thirty-two of the thirty- seven conclaves held during the past Templar year. as well as a diligent and con- scientious preparation for the part to be performed hy them. We ery. The welfare and success of Ottawa Commandery is of far more importance than the personal ambition of any one or more of the fraters for official position. adapted and dedicated Masonic purposes. stimulate the zeal of the fraters. find by a reference to the records of the Command- that our Commander. and to which we point with and congratulate the building committee on their in Illinois. to makes it incumbent on the fraters of the Commandery exercise discretion in the selection of officers for the en- suing Templar year. and thus insure the exemplification of the Orders of the Temple in such a manner as to make a favorable and lasting impression on the neophyte. The indebtedness incurred by the Commandery in as- sisting in the construction and completion of one of the most magnificent temples to purely just pride. although residing at Marseilles. regardless of their qualifications. We trust that the officers whom for you shall he pleased to honor with your preferment. Sir M. EL Blanchard.306 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. while . and redound to the honor and glory of Ottawa Com- mandery. for the just Templar year eight closed. and that they conclaves of will attend regularly the stated and special the Commandery. by a prompt and regular attendance claves of the the con- Commandery. will show their in the confidence reposed at all them. excellent judgment and management of this great work. miles distant. We office to trust that you will cast aside your 'personal feelings adapted for the and make a selection of officers peculiarly the)' which may have been elected.

practice gotten into. and note the average attendance of the officers. promiscuously for "Tom. show only an average attendance of six. assist report that." If a great many. of rotating officers the . the large majority." "Dick" and "Harry. equipped to make a wise and judicious selection of I am.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. who were elected as his support at the last an- nual conclave. favor of nominations am. would still greater improve in proficiency. they would be far better officers. we are often installing one as our presiding officer who. made in the selection of office-bearers of Masonic and whereby the from the nominees whom thev desire not be casting their ballots members can more intelligently select as office-bearers. and limit the services of an excellent and efficient presiding officer to one year. This not as should be. destroys the interest and zeal attained by the fraters created under the magnetism of the officer whom you rotated out of office. at three conclaves attended by the there were not present one single officer to the it him with is work of conferring the orders. yes. of those who attend the annual conclaves of the Commandery would be as punctual and zealous in their attendance on the regular and stated conclaves of the Commandery. and the sooner Ottawa Com- mandery abandons officers the practice of treating the selection of with indifference as to their qualifications and rec- ords for punctual attendance at the conclaves of the Com- mandery. the better I it will be for the in Commandery. of late years. for lack of the necessary qualifications. and always have been. one who is not favorably impressed with the from bottom toward the top each year. instead. if continued. and thus deprive the Commandery of one who. being bodies. also. and we regret to Commander. and increase the zeal of the fraters in their interest and attendance at the conclaves: but. by our rotating process. 307 the subordinate officers residing within the corporate limits of Ottawa.

Thus we of the find that the average absentees the the conclaves Commandery during past Templar year was one hundred and six. during the incumbency of Em. after having" heen elected Commander the seventh consecutive term. Schoch. Nash. that only 16 per cent. the Sir Albert Schoch was elected Grand Warder of Grand Commandery after having heen elected Commander of Ottawa Commandery the fourth consecutive term. who served as P. in the past. Sir John F. Ottawa Commandery would never have been honored hy the Grand Commandery in their seF.AK. who served the lection to pass through the chair of that honorable body. Ottawa Commander)'. and that at two conclaves there was only a hare quorum. Sir John Commandery as Commander seven consecutive years. Templar year thirty-seven stated and special conclaves of the Commandery. Can it he possible that in this beautiful city. Had this system been practiced 1*. and at several conclaves scarcely enough fraters present to form triangle guard in conferring the Order of the records of As gleaned from there have heen convened during the past the Temple. or Km. F.3< >8 III E KNIGHTS TKM I'l. Sir Al. The records of the Commander}" show roster of two hundred and fifteen. of the fraters of Ottawa Commandery are zealous and faithful members of Ottawa Commandery and the Order of Christian Knighthood? It cannot he possible that 84 per cent. Xash. and of the city at »f ( that this we have a number one limits of hundred and twentv reside within the corporate ( )ttawa. . Eminent Commander four consecutive years. and Em. of our membership have enlisted for personal and mercenary motives only. Em. and that the average attendance of the fraters was only fourteen. F. Grand Commander. with a population away above the average in what makes for good citizenship.

with sword and baldric. why It not support your officers and give them an average attendance of at least 20 per cent. there when the as on Easter day. of the home membership? is an injustice for a Com- mandery.? want to show a disposition to reform your habits. true that when there are held stated occasions. public. such as in- spection of the Commander)-. attending Easter service or any other public occasion or demonstration. with the reputation abroad for knightly achievements that crown Ottawa Commandery. we believe that anv one absents himself from the conclaves of the Commandery for the purpose of injuring the ComIt mandery. 309 Tt is We cannot nor will not believe such to be the case. detracts from the inspiration in the work and nullifies all efforts to make a lasting and the standard of excellence attained by favorable impression on the neophyte. just as important that you should attend the conclaves assist the officers in the ^\ your Commandery and conferring of the orders and transacting the business of the Com- mandery behind guarded doors as it is to appear in public. or imposing a thankless duty on the that is officers: but is the verv thing that you are unintentionally doing. It is an imposition on the officers. there is is always a splendid showing of members. also. whose name is is on the roster of Ot- tawa Commander}-. If for the fraternity. but a sincere at heart a Knight Templar and Neither do devotee of the Order of Knighthood. there is We do not believe a single frater. So. Commanderv musters before the when nearly one hundred snow in white plumes are seen waxing the breeze and one hundred swords glistening Is this for the in the sunshine. . or visitation of some notable. honor and glory of the individual Knight or for the honor and glory of the all Commandery.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. to select officebearers and not support them in their endeavor to preserve Ottawa Commandery. or that yon etc. and waving plume.

310 Til E KNIGHTS TKM I'l. We there. his his energy. The Order orable faiths of Knights Templar is an ancient and hon- institution. its It a moral. and in this his benevolent qualities are included.Ak. which the experience of human life proves has been the might)' source which has developed and safeguarded the highest type of civilization known to man. is therewith. noted men. We we do those who of differ in politics or business af- In Commanderies is Knights Templar the solid char- acter the test of the man — A his equity. It is semi-military allied with an- cient craft Masonry. his prudence. The virtues we cherish are founded on the Christian religion. As an order we neither the rich ostracize the poor man nor seek man in choosing our membership. The Order the practical Templar represents on its common sense r\i the whole community of Knights in roster solid — men of judgment. Commandery of Knight'- . his social worth and Christian faith. and believe the oftener thev meet and fraternize in our asylum the better they will be for it. who are firm believers in the Christian religion our Redeemer — His — the divinity of birth. neither dn we seek the erratic scintillations oi the genius nor the unimpressionable apathy of the ignorant. selected from men interested the walks of society for the good of society. We welcome men of different Christian faiths as fairs. improve good men. welcome good men of all parties. Upright and honorable men in all life. but the foundation must be must exist before. of all Christian it a high honor to become affiliated organization. social and sense. death and resurrection. have deemed a and men. Lei us have a reformation in attendance at the conclaves. honesty fraternal order and of its basis is the good and morality de\( !ees.

and deprived our ranks of one of our oldest and most esteemed fraters. and Hope. 1858. wife and one son. 1903. Sir Rezin Naylor Thompson was horn in Marseilles. And Love. 80S. 1910. gressive business men and did much for the welfare of the Lyman 1 and community. and better citizens. in the dark abyss. 191 1. lie left to mourn his passing away his widow and two daughters. to whom Ottawa Commandery extends its sympathy and condolence in their hour of bereavement. Flit from the heart. men. give the order good material to begin on. the frosts of trouble lay Their withered touch upon our happiness. dav hv day. Even as the hoar-frosts of the Autumn kiss The green life from the unoffending leaves. and passed to his reward May 7. October 26. 25.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. One after one. Was knighted in Ottawa Commandery March 26. while youth his day-dreams fondly weave. 111. to whom Ottawa Commandery extends its condolence and sympathy in their hour of city grief. 311 Templar possesses no divine power generate. or a rogue such to an honest man. Sir Thompson was a valiant and magnanimous knight and held in the highest esteem by those who had the pleasure of He left to mourn his loss a forming his acquaintance. and of men she will make hetter live. Like the brown leaves our loved ones drop away. and youth's warm cheerfulness Age lonely sits and grieves. and had always been true to mandery He was one of Ottawa's most prohis Templar vows. . Sir Francis Sir Fiske was knighted in Ottawa ComAugust [8.. to change a foolish to regenerate a deof man to a man wisdom. His funeral was under the auspices of the Commandery and was largely attended. as long as they We had hoped that the year would pass without the grim messenger of death paying our Commandery a visit: but he came on July Fiske. Of sleep and death. But. — Or sadly smiles.

Senior Warden . ROLLO. Carter. Created: A. Charles S. installation officer. Prichard. . 191 1. Spaulding. Treasurer Theodore C. Perry G. Edgcomb. Willsey. Albert F.Commander George Craft Dunaway Generalissimo John Mathias Berg. . J. admonish you of the saeredness Again to-day and remind you thai only in its sign may you con- quer. P. . Shnte. Arthur I). 1911-12. Miller. Berndt. Royal E. Arthur J. Osgood. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year William Harper Rollo . Russell. Gibson E. fiftieth animal conclave of Ot- tawa Commandery was convened June 1911. Glenn W. IQI I-I2. Schoch. Oliver J. Ray A. Weese. Stordock. Belknap. Captain General George John Waters. as marshal. William E. Fread. Com. P. assisted by Com. Recorder Robert Lucien Smith Standard Bearer Albert Lawrence Trager Sword Bearer La Rue Perene Shaver Warder P. 1 KXCKRl'TA: of our faith. William I*. Wilson. . Geiger. Milligan Historian P. John William Clegg. Henry David I).: J 12 111 E K NIGHTS TKM PLAR. Arthur J. . The 8. Roe. . John S. G. Conard. The above officers were duly installed June 28. William C. R.Junior Warden Prelate Walter Briggs Titus WM. John William Herbert Stockley. Henry C. Frederick S. H. Prichard. Rodgers Joshua Sentinel Harry Jndson Lee William L. Simon C. C. Wendel.

Templar year. Benjamin F. Merman Blanchard.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Edwin C. a Past Commanders' conclave was held and the illustrious Order of the Red Cross was con- . McKahin. September 25. T. Pern. Streator. Wilson Conard. Morris. Ackerman. 1. the last sad rites for P. Mendota. Aurora. Dcmittcd: stein. Crowden. the daughters of our late Fran- Fiske. Trnmbo. Ottawa Commandery performed the 191 1. S. Camillns McClure. It was an elaborate affair and the program was carried out to the letter with the exception the rain eleminated the grand pageant or parade of Commanderies which was scheduled to be the distinguishing feature of the celebration. 313 George A. sad rites for Sir Wilson Conard. Affiliated: J. October 26. Princeton and Chicago. William J. IE Raben- Suspended: Oscar J. Edward Reinstated: Eugene Moffitt. No. vicinity. tiful pitcher. 10. Gibson. presented Ottawa Commandery with a beau- November December last 8. K.. Harry A. made it an auspicious year Ottawa and celebrated. the semi-centennial anniversary of Ottawa Commandery was dred knights and ladies tation More than six hun- fair from Commanderies from were present with a represenJoliet. 191 son. 191 1. 191 cis L. February 29. together tion of the new Masonic in Templar Masonry in October 30. Lee. Theodore Cunningham Gibf rater. 1. the last sad rites 20. it) 12. The fiftieth anniversary of the chartering of Ottawa Commandery. Ottawa Commandery performed Com. falling within the present with the completion and occupa- Temple. Reed. Louis Rohrer. Died: Theodore C. Ottawa Commandery performed for Sir Benjamin Franklin Trnmbo. 191 1.

A .I 3 J4 III E K N [GUTS 'I 'KM I 'I.

Masonry scorns Athe- upon the gates of our cemeteries.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. fair. and magnanimous Knights have sheathed their to the mandate of their Great Comworld of disappointment this memory must weep. with sixty April t8. ferred on six postulants." and Templarism detests infidelity. Ottawa Commandery Andrew Logan Anderson. William L. catching reflections of glory beyond the grave. In until. and Em. No. the Blanchard a beautiful Past Commander's jewel. Grand Standard Bearer of Grand Commandery. But she hark- . m. on behalf of Commandery. 191 2. The Commandery passed muster 1 was inspected by with its usual flying colors. Since the five valiant last annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery swords and surrendered mander. Com. which is one of the distinguish- ing characteristics of old Ottawa Commandery. administration. rejoices with exceeding- Standing face ism. Com. Ottawa Commandery has enjoyed one of its most eventful years. and the one. Our Sacred Dead. Rollo is to he congratulated on the success of his On the whole. it ing that death does not end great joy. both socially and financially. service at the Baptist Church. "Gone forever. Milligan. A Templar ball was given by the Commandery and was largely attended Past by the knights and ladies affair. 3 I 5 Order of the Temple on Em. 19 Sir the 2. Ottawa Commandery attended Easter swords in line. learnall. and was a most enjoyable April 7. Com. presented Past Em. Milton E. which offers no consolation or comfort to dry the tears of sorrow when laid low by the "setting loved ones have been removed — maul*' and covered by the clods of the valley. that writes to face with death.

the "Son of Man. who said he saw no guile in . is the great ab- sorbing thought of Yet trouble enters each door im- mediate . insignificant. Jesns of Nazareth. Word. sharing with their sorrows. realms beyond the clouds and awaits with patience while a voice of "Blessed are — melting tenderness heralds the glad acclaim: the dead who die in the Lord.316 ens to the "True THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Generations waxes of the restless sea. Army are swept like forest leaves into army of strong men the cemeteries of the past to mingle with mother earth. compared with their eternal Since the earth human heart yearns for a more serene home than affords. He sealed the Gospel of Love with His Him." which points to the "ladder that to reaches from earth to Heaven" into the stars. raters we see through the shining" as constellations in The hardships of pain and disapbliss. The hearse bells follows closely the The merry have scarcely sent their response the living joyous echoes into surrounding space ere they begin to give forth their solemn notes." expounded the new law of love. The cruelty of the Jewish Priesthood and the cow- ardice of Pontius Pilate. bridal carriage. He called to him the humble and the poor "Pdessed are they that and announced the new gospel: mourn for they shall be comforted.} behind pleasure. their afflictions. pointment." lie poured the oil oi consolation and peace upon every crushed and bleeding and sympathizing with heart. life." f Reviewing the lives of our night of sorrow their witness the firmament of glory. why should we not brush away the rising tear soul has when another throng ? gone to join the great white-robed The attempt 1 to better one's condition life. im- pressing the comforting thought that this world is not the home of the soul. and in come after to plant the acacia succeed generations like upon another grave.

earthly existence on the 28th day of Sir Knight Louis Rohrer was one a this of the most prominent farmers of the northern section of La Salle county and was man of more than ordinary intelligence. He was a member of the Board of Supervisors for a number of years and also served his constituents as a member of the Legislature of the state of Illinois several terms. Rohrer was knighted in No. Theodore Cunningham Gibson. Sir Sir Louis Knight Louis Rohrer.. 1883. and in his political career there was not a blot upon his escutcheon. Their memories long linger in our hearts for their the hearts of presence in our asylum our conclaves always imbued our filled asylum with the odors of incense. Masonry and Templarism we cherish men like Louis Rohrer. . December 6. and passed from June. and we who knew Sir Knights Conard and McClure know well that they were not the men who would subscribe to that in which they did not have an abidingfaith. 10. nailed 2) l 7 Him to the Cross and He we expired uttering blessings teach in our asylum. Camillus McClure. Benjamin Franklin Trumbo and Wilson Conard. to family which man as an inestimable inheritance. in its upon the human purity. That our beloved f raters who departed from among us during the past Templar year were firm believers in Him who died on the cross that mankind might he redeemed not the least doubt whatever. and our f raters with a sweet savor. Ottawa Commandery. 191 t. but for the sunshine they throw around our fraternal gatherings. K.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. for our appreciation of their merit and the reflecting light we absorb from will at it. not to display them as rich jewels for the admiration of a profane In world. because we had frequent talks of the future mysteries with Sir Knights Gibson we have and Trumbo. T.

[94. No.. and was one of . and Ottawa Commandery. duty characlife. A. vows of Knighthood and took commendable pride in at- A more genial companion nor tending the conclaves of the Commandery and and devotion to also in ac- companying terized all the Commandery on her triennial pilgrimages. 1\. rectitude his actions and the labors of his and we a have no doubt but that he perfect faith went down his to the grave with that. Masonry he was Master of Freedom Lodge for number of years. No. and passed from this earthly 1. and as a ritualist and executive officer was unexcelled." Mail and farewell. La Salle county. No. No. Mis Masonic affiliations were with Freedom Lodge. his genial smile. energy. t where he was loved so well by his raters. 'fhe funeral services were conducted by Freedom Lodge. and were largely attended by the brethren from the saddest Ottawa and surrounding towns. while parent dust. 37. bis affection- and brotherly greetings be missed in our asylum. 10. M. R. Sir Camillus McClure was one of the Masonic fraternity. A it halo of sadness was cast over the Commandery when In symbolic a was heralded that Camillus McClure had passed away. and the shining lights in all was beloved by will who knew him. 194. valiant knight! Sir Knight Camillus McClure. ate 1 lis radiant countenance." his soul would "live forever body would "return to its in the immediate presence of the Father of Light and Life. a more loyal friend than lie was faithful to his Sir Louis Rjohrer is seldom met. Ability. T. 191 at his home in Freedom township. Shabbona Chapter. existence on the 19th day of August.3 [8 'I'M E KNIGHTS I i: M PLAR. 10. Sir Knight Camillus Commandery October McClure was knighted in Ottawa [895.

in spirit of patriotism. 111. and recognition of his able service . years. hut can never find expression.. when on pany 11. but. Naught then is left but memories Sweet memories of our dead. September nine years [831. II. On the expiration of to the ninety days' service he re-enlisted and was assigned duty with this Company B. When all is said that can be said. [850. Sir Theodore Cunningham Gibson. 22d of April. at the grave with one so loved Tims closes the record of a true acts of charity and honorable life. close of the )n being mustered out of service at the to war he returned in Ottawa. and when he arrived in La Salle county settled with his parents on a farm near Ottawa. he. he enlisted tinder the first becoming captain of Comllliin is 11th infantry. in Licking county. Em. in time.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. on the breaking in out of the gold excitement California in [849. of Ottawa. Ohio. he conducted a furniture business. Em. His and of kindness and of love are treasured in the hearts of all who met him. under ( command of Captain Reed. mained three where. 319 and most impressive partings and respected. but. at the which he was engaged breaking out of the civil war. 53d Illinois infantry. for a where he rewhen he again returned to Ottawa. When war with Mexico broke out he was being imbued with lite sixteen years old. L. Hail and farewell! Hail and farewell. the call for troops for ninety days. valiant knight! P. Wallace. it He was with regiment in all of the battles in took part in until after the battle of Corinth. made the long journey overland to California. W. [861. commanded by the gallant Sir Knight Gen. P. Was in a youth of [840. attendthe ing the district schools as opportunity offered. When all is done that can be done. be enlisted Company ( i. 5th [llinois infantry. Sir Theodore Cunningham Gibson was born 5.

\K. 37. called at their when Ottawa Commandery. and was one knighted in 7. M. October 1884. Xo. in 1856. of the 10. interesting event in the life Mrs. Theodore Cunningham Gibson served the ComSir mandery as Eminent Commander during the years 1884 and 1SS5. Xo. . Of this valiant and magnanimous company of men only Sir Knight John bisk Xash is numbered among the living. R. Gibson.320 IN E K NIGHTS TKM I'l.. Miss Susan Sample on February of Sir Knight and 1856. and was Treasurer of the Commandery at the time of his death.. and knowledge of military matters was commissioned major. K. March 8. Gibson was the celebration of their golden wedding1906. & A. was elected on the Democratic ticket a fall member and of the Legislature of Illinois in the lie all of [862. John F. F. January 31. when his brother. which office he had held for many years.. 1859. proclaimed a Sublime Prince of the Royal Sedegree. A most February 6. and on March 8. by which lie title he had since been known. Nash. K. William J. A. Knight Theodore Cunningham Gibson was made a Mason in Occidental Lodge.. 40. the first [861. No. exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Shabbona Chapter. M. Levi Mason and Theodore Cunningham Gibson were knighted. 10. 1861. while the Commandery was working under first dispensation. T. T. No. Thomas Wade were knighted. and Knighted in OtSir tawa Commandery. He was cret. work being on March L. and Ottawa Commandery. 10. filled had held many important political positions of them with honor married to to himself and S. He was 5. Valley of Chicago. credit to his constitu- ents. thirty-second in Oriental Consistory. home and presented them one hundred dollars in gold. A. 1861.

let it be in- scribed upon its records "Loyal to his God and country. where his social 1. His entire life was spent on the farm. and. F. the impress of his earnest work deeply emVallev of the in the early history of the Order in the In loving remembrance of his nition of his services to life.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. He was . which he was called. M. His ancestors were of Virginia stock and traced their settling in Virginia back to the seventeenth century. Illinois. and passed from his earthly existence on the 8th of November." Hail and farewell. and Shabbona Chapter. 1862. and has bedded Illinois. both public and private. R. true to his friends. & A. notwithstanding his advanced age and business occupation. found time to devote to the fraternity he so dearly loved. La Salle county. his life was brightened by the love of many friends. No. valiant knight! Hail and farewell! Sir Sir Benjamin Franklin Trumbo. he gave some of the brightest and best hours of his His tion life. A. A. 1905. loving and Kindly and companionable by nature. left He was earlv attracted to Masonry. Fie was knighted in Ottawa Commandery Mav 15.. 191 40. sorrow. and in grateful recogOttawa Commandery. No. one who pur- few short months ago was among of Although crowned in the with four score years. at the Trumbo homestead in Dayton township. was worthy of admira- and imitation. M. ^2 1 Thus a briefly have we glanced at the history of us. he was actively engaged suits life. also a member of Occidental Lodge. and to which life. faithful and capable in the discharge of every duty to to his wife. Benjamin Franklin Trumbo was born November 25. and his grave is crowned with their charitable to all. 37.

he lived Frank Trumbo is gone. in the full vigor of his manhood. and that the world could give to cut is make life come. dear friend and frater! Hail and farewell . which he idolized. in years.AK. the quiet lake widens and widens as the pebble sinks and sinks. But his life work and he rests in the peaceful em- brace of an eternal sleep. all lie and surrounded with a devoted wife and wel- family. of As an evidence La Salle county of his popularity. but the world is better because in it. Hail and farewell. some effort to benefit the race of good deed done. be realized and appreciated as time widens the How blessed to close life's record with a knowledge that there remains a stream of personal haustless force has risen in influence. should down over. full of How life sad to realize that one so young intellect. or some noble man. performed from a sense of duty and in true friendship. whose exsome kind word spoken. when the county was Republican by In keep- ing with the conduct of his personal affairs. he in was elected Sheriff 1902. on the Democratic ticket. retiring from the office at the end of his four year term with a clean record. a large majority. and hearts are truer and more tender because they came in contact with his true. nature was often manifest entertaining his friends and those of his family. "Is there in fate To sing thy deeds an hour reserv'd for me in numbers worthy thee?" the pebble As the wavelet made by of upon the surface of his deeds. so will the memory Frank Trumbo. while the influence of his labors and the fragrance of his many good deeds will remain a halo of glory about his name. he discharged the duties of the office with great ability and a singular reputation of integrity.! 322 THE KNIGHTS TKM in I'l. earnest and noble life. and more and more vanished days.

A. He was a pleasant gentleman to meet because of his genial dis- position and his friendly regard for others. Sir Knight Wilson Conard was affiliated with Occidental Lodge. He spent his life work on the farm and had accumulated a handsome competency of this world's goods when. and passed from this life on the 15th day of Decem1. unswerving integrity and high of moral worth. Shabbona Chapter. but he has left a record for splendid business ability. 191 The sudden and a tragic death of Sir gloom over the whole community in Knight Conard cast which he was so loved and admired. 40.. he moved to Ottawa. Wilson Conard is gone. Knight Wilson Conard was born in Miller township. for his quiet dignity. A. which constitutes a rich heritage for his surviving family and friends. ber. October 5. 323 Sir Knight Wilson Conard. dear friend and brother! farewell EXCERPTA: "By a larger growth in ourselves and a wider influence upon our fellowmen we must emphasize the meaning of our name and the signification of our symbols. 111. Hail and Hail and farewell. No. R. M. & A. 1863. No. Sir Knight Wilson Conard was admired by the fraters Ottawa Commandery for his many excellent qualities of mind and heart.! history of ottawa commandery.. and of which all who knew him and loved him may feel justly proud.. F. M. He was knighted in Ottawa Commandery August 4." . where he at once became identified with the business interests of the city and was soon recognized Sir as one of the substantial and influential men of Ottawa. 37. La Salle comity. 1904. and he took an active interest in all the Masonic bodies with which he was affiliated. in July. his pleasing and welcome presence. his gentleness and soft voiced speech and his beautifully molded temperament. 1910.

Thrasher. Rodgers Harry Judson Lee Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel Anthony David Simon William Lee Roy Milligan Organist Hist< rian The above officers were installed June 27. Ottawa Commandery attended the [8. James M.v }-'4 I'll E KNIGHTS TEW t9I2-I3. Stoessinger. [912. Dale.. 1912. Pied: Fbenezer Barber. Arnold. IM. and August 1 1 j were the recipients of the plaudits of the people assembled on the streets to witness the parade. annual conclave of the Grand Commandery at Peoria. Bradford. and made a very creditable showing n the grand parade. Fred. EVENTS DURING THE TEMPLAR YEAR. Crowden Warden Warden Prelate John Hubbard Goodell Albert Frederick Schoch Robert Lucien Smith Albert Lawrence Trager George Lester Farnsworth Joshua P. Spencer. Harry C. Carlos 0. Jr. Noah H. Megaffin. Demitted: John H. McCarty. John G. by Past Commander Henry L. Hoganson. Widmer. Harry L. Thompson. Yenerick. James Milligan. Chas. The fifty-first annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery was convened June [3. Joseph M. John R. Trenary. Created: Charles T. 9 2. . Charles F. Royal E. Tyler A. Wilson.AK. when the following officers were elected and appointed For the ensuing Templar year: George Craft Dunaway John Mathias Berg < Commander Generalissimo Captain General Senior Junior reorge John Waters John William Clegg George A. Willsey.

notwithstanding the inclement weather. Ottawa whole. and was a most enjoyable affair. and a very interesting sermon by the Farrar. 1913. 325 the Sir 19 12.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. OUR FRATERNAL DEAD. Easter Sunday. rector. We can pass an infinitely higher encomium on our deceased fraters by our future lives than we can by the most eloquent panegyric the tongue of man can pronounce. A. sad rites over the remains of their beloved John George Yenerick. the Rev. vain are "the trappings and the suits of woe" which we display. Geo. fifty-two valiant and magnanimous Sir Knights of Ottawa Commandery formed in line and proceeded to Christ Episcopal Church. spection of Streator Ottawa Commandery attended the inCommandery. October last 5. April 15. where they attended Easter service on invitation therefrom. the annual Templar ball was held in Masonic Temple. Dunawav. Empty tues barren eulogy is mockery pronounced by the admiration of the lips of hypocrisy. & A. Ottawa Commandery acted as escort to Waltham Lodge. at the funeral ceremonies over the remains of Sir Royal E. Under the command has.. Ottawa Commandery performed f rater. M. W. 1913. as a Commandery satisfactory year. . the church The fraters were delighted with the impressive services in accordance with ritual. February the 20. 384. No. 1 913. 1913. If there is not sincere vir- and graces which were cultivated by those whose mem- ory we profess to cherish. January 3. Willsey. and was pronounced a brilliant success by those in attendance. 70. Xo. F. and was most George C. March 2^. a characteristic of old Ottawa Commandery. had a most prosperous and of Sir hospitably entertained by the fraters thereof. and the eulogistic language which we utter.

and from valiant scenes and the following and magnanimous Sir : Knights of Ottawa Com- mandery Ebenezer Barber. faithfully. their families and the practice of the undying principles of the Order of Christian Knighthood. knighted in Ottawa Commandery March _\ 1911. one of the oldest members of Ottawa Commandery. affiliated with Ottawa Commandery November 26. Willsey. Royal E. and died September 22. [912. with faith in the promises of their Redeemer. Willsey. they could look beyond death's cold river to the spirit land. 191 3.326 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. 1912. and died January 1. spanned by the Cross their gain. and died October 2. 1912. our Barber. the triumph of the Pilgrim Penitent: their triumph Asylum of Angels and the redeemed of Heaven. 191 1. fairly. Trenarv. their To the these Sir Knights our loss was death. Knights Templar. in Ottawa Commandery [869. ranks. and. John George Yenerick. and left to posterity a record more enduring than words of eulogy or monumental marble. and acceptably performed. They performed life's pilgrimage in the duties which they owed to God. 1891. sincere sympathies and condolences. James Marshall Trenarv. we extend the condolence of Ottawa Commandery to our sympathy and As Historian of . knighted in Ottawa Commandery October 26. hail and farewell! Ottawa Commandery. their country. To their respective families and friends we extend on behalf of Ottawa Commandery. Yenerick. spirit land. boldly and triumphantly cross to that of Christ. He died August 30. who was knighted January 19. It was their aim so to live that when life's duties had been honestly. No. 10. God in I lis inscrutable lite's wisdom has removed from our life's duties. valiant and magnanimous Knights.

as I am now. were united with those that went up from his desolate home. who for nearly sixty-three Years had shared the joys and sorrows of our grief stricken Commander. 10. page. Jon x Fisk Xash. lies at his home in a semi-conscious state. waiting. Walter Briggs Titus. in his 327 hour the The most vivid idea cue can have of death is when white winged messenger invades the sanctity of the family circle. . No. Titus. the sympathy and condolences of his Commandery. words of sympathy and condolence cannot however sincerely they may be uttered. waiting for the final command from his Great Commander to cross to the great beyond from whence no pilgrim knight has ever returned to that await us there." What is the worst of woe that waits on age? What stamps the wrinkle deeper on the brow? Never do we feel man than when To view each loved one blotted from life's And be alone on earth.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. waiting. beloved Past Commander. Our beloved and Most Eminent Past Commander. and one of the near and beloved is borne away narrow house appointed for all the living. praying that his suffering tell us of the awards To him and tend. Knights Templar. as Historian. his sorrowing family. John Fisk Xash. we exon behalf of Ottawa Commandery. In the death of Mrs. a void has been created that close. nf bereavement. to that tiny of more reconciled to the inevitable deswe reflect that all we most prized. most loved and clung to on earth has gone before us to "that country from whose bourne no traveler returns. that He who "tempers the wind to the shorn lamb" would strengthen and comfort him as he "in all the manliness of grief" walked the remaining span of life. but we do assure him that the prayers of every f rater of Ottawa Commandery.

show ourselves unworthy of this sacred trust. . . "The Order of Knights Templar has witnessed nations. were installed June 26." I KXCERPTA: fall he rise and of many ' ( )PPI-P The fifty-second annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery was convened June 12. JOHN James Milligan. Let us not. been a "well spent life.328 KNIGHTS 'I'l-'.AR. when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing- Templar year : Commander John Mathias Berg George John Waters. William Created: Kirk . 0)13. or an apology to make.Generalissimo George A. Prichard ( Recorder Standard Bearer reorge P.. but realize ever the responsible position we occupy as the present depositories of this noble order. .Junior Warden Prelate M. then. Jones Joseph Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel Adams Wilson D. and has dispensed its beneficent influences upon the lives of many generations of men. Albert P. In its original purity of character and dignity of purpose. Schoch Treasurer Robert Lucien Smith Frederick S. it is to-day our rich heritage." that in the nearly four score lie years and ten committed not one act fur which gret t<> has a re- offer. BERG.. The above Charles Rodgers Stevenson. Farnsworth Fred P. may be lessened by the knowledge of the fact that his has lie. 1913-14. . John 1. Goodell 1 .Senior Warden . Crowden. 0.Captain General Arthur 1). E. Prichard. 1913.M I. . Jr. 1 Anthony William Simon Milligan officers I Organist Hstorian .

Xot withstanding the loss of nine f raters by death and dismissions. with sixty- swords in line. Edward H. Smith. Jacob Isaac Warner. Samuel Emery Clegg. The finances of Ottawa Commandery are in good shape. Three hundred and fifty dollars of the temple indebtedness has been paid. John Stout. The reports of the Treasurer and Recorder show that the financiering of our Commandery has been in excellent hands. and were edified with an appropriate sermon by the pastor. Leverich. leaving a net membership of two hundred and thirty-six. Charles Ferdinand H. 329 George Clement Ford. Irving Hinton Trowbridge. Ottawa Commandery. Lawry. We congratulate Commander Berg and his corps of efficient officers for the efficiency of their work and the prosperity of Ottawa Commandeiw during the Templar year just closed. John Fisk Nash. which now leaves a balance of only $2. George Affiliated: Edward Ten Eyck. Demitted: Died: Frederick William Gleim. Charles Edwin Jordan. Samuel U. Walter Rush Green. and a glimpse of the records will demonstrate the neatness and efficiency of the Recorder. Walter David Strawn. . which was largely attended and proclaimed a terpsichorean success. the records disclose an increase of two mem- bers over that of 19 12. Herman Haines Elder. George Clarence Nelson. at- tended divine services on Easter Sunday at the Marseilles Congregational Church. During the holiday season a Knights Templar ball was given by the Commandery. to There were knighted during the year nine and admitted membership two.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. Eugene Chubbuck. Brenn. Joshua P.13. Clarence Edgar Hulse. Rodgers.500 on this account.

MPr. Grand Sword There was a large and enthusiastic attendance of fraters from sister Commanderies. Man may forget God never does nor — — — — — Can the drapery of the tomb conceal us From His Omniscient Eye. To-day we live to-morrow die. and your Historian is have been taken to preserve this historic first AmerCommandery of Knights gratified to know that steps flag. Or fires with burning words of truth the Busy marts of trade. Commandery was inspected by Em. the ever presented to Templar. [914. The Common Lot of A [ax.AR. Pilgrim. Dismantled by divine command derelicts Upon the infinite Sea of Time ghastly relics Only will remain to remind others of their Impending doom the common lot of man. please with shafts Of ready wit and keen retort Companions of the road. but not Our souls the souls that now hold royal court In thought's mysterious seat within the Chambers of our skulls receptacles with Ethereal spirits filled. A ican new American flag- flag was purchased by a the Command- ery during the year to replace the old one. or glow with — — — — Beacon lights of love.^O The THE KNIGHTS TF. attendance. Mouldering canopies will but remain Where now the bright and busy eyes blaze Forth with fires of rage. and charms With soft melodious speech loved ones at home. and the feast of soul and flow of reason was greatly enjoyed by those in Bearer Milton Everett Robinson on April 30. The world will move on without us and soon Forget that we did once exist. or. Hollow caverns will denote where now The silver tongue holds sway. Our forms will remain. A banquet was served. heed the warning — pause! . naught will remain but grewsome relies Of souls forgot tenements deserted. Whence hath fled all that had honored and Ennobled us. Then. and then.

186 1. Sir John Fisk Nash. the radiance And lies down to pleasant 21. And your passing to the bosom Of the Everlasting God be like one who Draws the drapery of his couch about him. of our community. Sharp officiating.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. live. Aug. but may well stimulate those young men of the present generation. July 6. at the time of his passing. that he should inquire of the Words of eulogy may not add anything to the honor due name of John Fisk Xash. — W. and Past Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the state of Illinois. was the oldest living senior one of member of Ottawa Commandery as well as the Past Commander. Sir Walter David Strawn. 1913. when your Of its tenement That flows from the Almighty's throne May reflect His benediction upon you. dreams. 111. to higher ideals and stricter integrity. Sir Irving H.. He was buried with knightly honors. Memorial Tributes. Smith. the answer was. Ottawa. so shine soul takes leave of clay. Sir Joshua P. That. 1913. a having been created and dubbed on the 8th of March. and had maintained continuous membership in his Com- mandery to the date of his death. Rodgers. Trowbridge and Sir Edward II. upon whom responsibilities in the present and may in the the future rest. Grand Commander Sir William L. Sir John Stout. Ottawa Commandery acting as escort to the Grand Commandery. During" the past Templar year death has taken from our ranks five valiant and magnanimous fraters. When Zeno consulted the oracle in what manner he should dead. And let 33I your light. L. . Milligan. Sir John Fisk Nash. He was Past Commander of Ottawa Commandery. He had the distinction of heing the verv first men knighted in Ottawa Commandery. henceforth.

Having known and admired him from my boyhood days.M I'l. when business cares were cast aside.Ak. among the money vaults and in the busy marts of trade. he foresaw the might)' future in store for the broad prairies and fertile valleys of the Illinois and left his native state of Massachusetts when he was sixteen years of age and located near Hennepin. where for more than the allotted span of life he so lived and so deported himself that no eulogium which we can here pronounce. beatific vision and in when we should approach the throne of God symphony of angelic voices. where he remained in until 1847. in 1840. and located the beautiful valley of the Illinois. In all these relations we . and are cognizant of the services he rendered the community in which he lived and the interest which he represented.. whose friendship it was our privilege so long and so uninterruptedly to enjoy." Being of an ambitious and resourceful disposition. 111. when he came to Ottawa. and in where our souls mingled in unison contemplations of the splendors and fruitions of the in fraternal circles. as we took part scenes and ceremonies that take away the ''sting oi join in the ^\ death" and deprive the grave "victory" — scenes beyond the pale of the vulgar world and in which hut a comparatively few are fitted to participate. Sir Nash entered upon-this life at the threshold of the most wonderful era pending the most wonderful strides that have characterized civilization since time began. and drew the drapery of his couch about ant him and lay down to pleas- dreams at a time when is the scientist in and the inventive the language of genius might. exclaim the preacher: "There no new thing tinder the sun.332 I'll E KNIGHTS TI'. with propriety. and having observed him as a model in all the daily walks i^i life. can equal what should he awarded him by all who knew him and appreciated the vigor and fertility of his intellect. in social life. no tribute which we can bring to his memory.

fitted for any trust reposed in him. with his pleasing conversational powers. Whatever he supported or opposed he did it earnestly and zealously. of position. his favor by such prac- He was be as firm as the rock of Gibraltar. and a delightful dis- Having a keen perception of the right. openly and above board. fraternal circles and the majesty of his home. for which he was frequently called at public and fraternal . made him a most agreeable companion in the club rooms. a reputation for strict business integrity. there are but few among and was con- versant on current topics as well as versed in poetic lore and classic literature. Sir The sin of ingrati- Nash was endowed with a fine literary taste. found in 333 him its a man who possessed a manly steadiness of conduct. a thoroughly cultured gentleman of the old school. mirth free from indecency. even injuries. he could never have a feeling for one who practiced deceit or chicanery. and was always in the pronounced denunciation of a wrong. eral A man of admirable parts. Being plain and outspoken filial himself. Favors he never forgot. whose great felicity was attained in intellectual pleasure in purity. he had a haughty in contempt for anyone whom he discovered any inclination to subordinate right for policy. always using the choicest language and ready wit and repartee. infinite wit and pleasantry. and could not moved to concede an iota of a principle. and never afterward trusted anyone who endeavored to secure tices. of gen- knowledge. of a versatile understanding. unfortunately.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COM MANDEKV. which. remaining He was us. of which. and the shelves of his library contained books of the choicest literature from the most eminent authors. In his extemporaneous as well as his prepared addresses. so repugnant to his nature. and wit void of licentiousness. though followed by repeated tude was not at his door.

in John Stout was born Springfield. Ohio. his compassionate heart. when [6 years of age. the well the brilliancy of his thoughts and the beauty of his lan- guage. [829. interspersed by rare taste with the choicest shrubbery and beds of the most beautiful roses. January i. always alive to all the cheerful amenities and humanities of the world. representing the graces and courtesies that constituted in him the "true gentleman. 1840. in a Illinois. tended with his own hands. Illinois. the revered husband and father. in October. Such were the high qualities that constituted him the man. then a new and flourishing town on the Santa Fe railroad. Mis internal excellencies. the constant friend. It would he superfluous to add that his home. conducting a store on Court street until ittyj. maintained his residence in Salle county. always surprising and delighting his hearers with functions.AK. the courteous gentleman. was the abode of domestic affection and bliss. . leaving to future genera- example of the art of growing old with pretensions resigned to the pleasantries and pleasures of youth. ( )ttawa. Came to Ottawa. the honored citizen. formed sentences flowed smoothly and naturally. traveling overland most of the way with a ox-team. just completed through southeastern La He. Sir Sir i John Stout. in which true he took so much pride. however." and one tions an who never indulged contemptuous negligence or impatient idleness. his earnestness. when he retired and embarked in the grain business at Ransom. Clerked dry goods store for term of years and eventually became one of the pioneer dry goods merchants of Ottawa.334 TH E KNIGHTS TEM I'l. surrounded with beautiful lawns. and elegant and refined excellencies such as his cultivated taste and mind could acquire. his polished mind.

111. New York came to with Sir L. mandery. 10. which he continued ber of the As all a Mason and Knight Templar he was true to the teachings of the institutions. Past Edward H. Smith. and was for several years City Collector. No. 335 Having sold his interest in the grain business at in som. He of never held an elective to fill office in the Comtern. when he removed . any position pro that Prelate. and was a pioneer member in of the Masonic bodies. A. and took an active interest in their welfare.. Smith. His capability and fidelity in positions of public trust was evidenced by his long official career. respected by all who knew him.. under Sheriff Milligan. mandery.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. he engaged real estate Ranand insurance business in until his death. and was a prominent and influential citizen. and until the first of April. June 9. Sir Sir Edward H. After the dissolution of this firm Sir Smith served as Deputy Sheriff under Sheriff Thomas Clark during 1881 and 1882. and conducted. in in the absence of the elected He was knighted Ottawa Commandery. 1883. to he conducted several years. Sir Knight Stout was always a generous contributor to churches and charities. the manufacturing of cigars for a number of years under the firm name of Smith & Rising. 19 13. a native of Commander state. 1913. Ottawa. Rising in the later sixties. when he which Chicago. 2^. on a large scale. and was buried by 1862. but was ever ready especially officers. His strong and salient traits of character were such as commanded uniform esteem and confidence. his Commandery October We miss his hearty laugh and fraternal greetings. and passed to his reward October 21. moved to Streator and established a retail cigar store. of Ottawa ComOttawa. He was a memBoard of Education of the city of Ottawa a number of years.

[868. Smith was a affiliated with Occidental Lodge. and was created Knight Templar August of the tive [8. held three consecutive years. he in was agent for the ele- vated lines Sir Chicag< >. He was a man of kind and genial manhis ners. and. No. A.336 where. earlier standbys of Ottawa Commandery and was a long and faithful worker in the interest of Ottawa Commandery and Templar Masonry. December [869. sion of these noble traits of character and finer qualities of . quick all and generous impulses and straightforward in It was the possestransactions with his fellowmen. under leadership of Captain General Smith. when he was elected Commander. and in so doing he would put them through movements forming that created for Ottawa Commandery the reputation of being the hest drilled Commandery in Templar Sir Smith was a man of tactics in the state of Illinois. 37. and again [882 and [883 and Captain General Having served through the versed in civil war with the rank of captain he was of the hest drill-masters military tactics which. exemplified the beautiful service in conferring' the Order of Knighthood in a manner that made a deep and He was one of the lasting impression on the neophyte. K. Xo. in l ll I. M. 40. Shabbona Chapter. & A. and at the 1. Commandery animal conclave of the Comin Ottawa mandery. with his personality and skill. which office he held for eight consecuyears. M. which office he was Commander in in [887. KNIGHTS I' KM PLARj ticket his later years. and when Sir Nash was Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery to pay an official visit to constituent Commandthe he invariably had Ottawa Commandery.. strong personality. was elected Captain General Commandery. of Illinois. as Commander of Ottawa ComTemplar emhlems mandery.. commanding- made him one in the state and Captain Generals and wished eries. act as an escort. F. A.

1850. and whatever he undertook he invariably. 40. by his push and ac- . being general manager of the mining properties of the Chicago. and soon after moved state of Illinois. of Serena township. Sir Sir Walter D. Our deceased f rater grew to manhood on his father's farm. Ottawa Avenue Cemetery with Masonic honors by Occi& A. Walter D.. one. Strawn was born on a farm in South Ottawa township August 1. 111. we tender renewed assurances of our abiding sympathy. later atat tending the normal school Normal. early married a daughter of Jeremiah Wood. as historian. Illinois. Paul He railroad. one of the and successful business men of Ottawa. the eldest. To this union was born three sons who are successful business and professional men. Illinois. He retired from his farm in 1890 and moved to Ottawa. and was educated in the public schools of Ottawa. to near Strawn. To his bereaved widow and sons. A. No. His father. getic He was an active and ener- man all his life. the heart that endeared 337 him to his friends and gave him the highest claim to the admiration of his fraters. F. was one of the pioneer farmers and cattle men of Illinois. Sir Walter D. M. He in passed to his reward January 3. large tract of as fine fanning land as could where he devoted his where he owned a lie found in the life and energy to farming and stock-raising to a successful issue. being at one time one of the directors of the National City Bank of Ottawa. He married Miss Florence Parr. on behalf of Ottawa Command- erv. 19 14. where he had builded a fine residence in which to spend his declining years with his family. Milwaukee & St. Strawn was full of life and energy. and was buried dental Lodge.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. who most mourn his passing away. David Strawn. Strawn.

he acquired handsome competency in of this world's goods. From Pennsylvania when it he moved to Omaha. November 23. hale fellow met. agricultural pursuits. He never held any elective or appointive office. that of printer. Sir Walter I). an editor. 1886. where he worked at his trade. known citizens. with and . Sir Joshua P..338 tivity. at his residence in Sir Joshua 1'. until in the sixties. 1876. a hearty. and magnanimous Knight.. Knighted in Pennsylvania. Brownsville. Ottawa Commandery. a hearty and robust constitution the community was greatly shocked on learning of his untimely death December 4. T. on the Omaha Bee. of which spirit at the he was the active and leading lie time of his death. of national reputation. well was always Being of in a good humor. and passed to his reward February 8. as evidenced in the success of the La Salle County Fair association. August 6. T. at that time. by habits of industry and a where strict in the economy. South Ottawa. hut was always He was a valiant a willing helper at any fraternal doings. and purEli Strawn farm. He in retired from the farm 1890. His burial was private. No. K. Fayette county. 1836. K. THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. chased the when he came to La Salle county. and held a continuous memhership until called by death. May 6. When a young man he served an apprenticeship as a printer on the Brownsville Clipper. then edited by Seth C. Nebraska. No.. was a thriving western village. 10. 10. three miles west of Ottawa. Strawn was knighted in Ottawa Commandery. Pa. Illinois. [914. Rodgers. made a success of the undertaking. where. taking his wife up his residence South Ottawa. [913. Nurd. best Rodgers was one of Ottawa's oldest and He was horn in Luzern township.

in his belief in the As an evidence 40. M. We miss him except on account of our conclaves to-day. his The word bond. He was a firm believer in the brotherhood of man and the the teachings of the orders. and always ready to assist in alleviating the distress of a friend. He took a great deal of pride in holding the office of Warder in Ottawa Commandery. fatherhood of God.. and was one of the most faithful and prompt attendants at the communications and conclaves ol the various Masonic bodies in Ottawa.. he. No. and was unshaken Christian religion. Rpdgers was as good as fulfilled. would request the recipient it. M. and I doubt if he ever missed a conclave of the that at office. F. He never boasted of his charity dwellin his on the contrary. He was strong to convic- was always willing concede to the opinions of others when convinced they were right. and the office of Warder of Ottawa Commandery. for many Years. to say nothing about ing within him at tions. and throughout his Masonic career strictly observed the precepts of Masonry and Christian Knighthood. of Joshua P. R. of his popularity as a Mason he was elevated to the office of Master of Occidental Lodge. No. A.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMM ANDERY. As a Free Mason and Knight Templar he was true to and was prominent in Masonic circles. K.. He never made a promise but that he He was charitable and humane. R. 37. and the older fraters will long miss fraternal pilgrimages of the him on convivial occasions and Commandery. . but all Thus was the true times. M. charities.. T. 63. No. life 339 daughter. until his death. and to various offices in Shabbona Chapter. 10. lived the of an honored and respected citizen with a character unimpeachable. A. & S. Council. but. & A. Com- mandery while holding sickness. Thrice Illustrious Master of Oriental No.

He was knighted in Ottawa Commandery January 27. Knights Templar. This day witness the hand of time pointing to the beginning of another Templar year.. Stout. The past is written in their allegiance to . Trowbridge. and was drowned in the Illinois river at Marseilles. 1898. \o. M. Trowbridge was born near Delta. Smith. there is not a link missing in the long line of my All are among the living and holding Ottawa Commandery. No. 111. A. Marseilles. 417. 10. No. and was largely attended. while it leaves vonr Historian the senior living Past Commander of ( Ottawa Commandery. March 10. his friends and his fraters.! — 340 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. He was a member of Marseilles Lodge. Strawn. Xash. 37. 417. In disposition he was qniet and reserved. 1849.. lie took an Sir [rving II. 10. March [6.. actiye part in politics. and. lie was engaged in the drug" business for a number of years and was a highly respected citizen of Marseilles. No. and was one of its most progressive citizens. besides serving his township on the Board of Supervisors of of years. [914. and was quite popular among his f raters. Sir [rving 1 1. hail is and farewell a There singular coincidence in the passing oi Sir John Fisk Nash and Sir Edward H. M. Trowbridge. 111. 111. A. and one who wore well with long standing acquaintanceship. Ohio.. successors. His was a sad taking off and was a shock to his family. and Ottawa Commandery. F. Shabbona Chapter. yet a genial and whole-souled companion. T. R. in that. K. \o. Smith knights of the valiant and magnanimous Order of Knights Templar. Ottawa. & A. Sir Trowbridge had resided in Marseilles since 1807. was also elected a in La Salle county for a number member of the Legislature of in the state of Illinois [896 and re-elected [898. Rodgers. His funeral was under the auspices of Marseilles Lodge.

Captain General .Commander George John Waters. . : . 1014.Treasurer Albert E. . . Crowden. be enabled to pilot old Ottawa Commander)-. through another Templar stations. L. year with a record in keeping with those that are now re- corded in history. Junior Warden Warden Prelate John Hubbard Goodell Frederick Schoch. 10. 34* The future is before us like an undiscovered con- about to he penetrated by an explorer. . when the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing Templar year . whose mind is never swayed by conditions or considerations of fear or personal advantage. Samuel Emery CI egg Emil T. with whom I9H-I5- The fifty-third annual conclave of Ottawa Commandery was convened June tt. Hoffman Sword Nearer Warder . George A. Farnsworth . which enables him make his reckonings and locate his new officers elected to preside over tawa Commandery assume the duties to bearings. 1914-15. Albert Jay Roberts. C. who goes So may respective about his task with chart and compass. . J WATERS. .Senior Geo.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY history. . Robert Lucieri Smith Recorder Standard Bearer William EC Leverich GEO.. tinent. No.Generalissimo Joseph H. the the destinies of Ot- of their and with chart and compass. Pearson." EXCERPTA: "He is ence for God. the worthy knight who feels the reverevery manly virtue becomes a part of knightly honor. . and who is ever ready to draw his sword in defense of that cause to which it has been so solemnly dedicated.

Hoffman. Wendel 1*. 27. to the office McKahin. Robert Floyd Scoffern. such as are the event a terpsichorean off always pulled by the Peru Knights.342 Joseph THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. William Griffin Watson Cowley. acting as marshal. Walfred Mercer.. Edward X. were installed by 19 14. Em. A goodly number of the knights and ladies of Ottawa Com- mandery attended and pronounced and social success. On December 10. Sentinel Adams Wilson Anthony David Simon William L. Albert Henry Parks. 1914. Ottawa Commandery accepted an imitation from Streator Commandery. T. John's Commandery. John Thomas Morris. Straw n Aldrieh Gay. Philip J. Stead. William Archie Affiliated: Harden and John Ott. Anmld June Created: 2^. K. Died: Emil J. the occasion. McReynolds. Bert HarSahl- rington. . ford Charles Clif- Eichelberger. K. Com.. Sir William Henry Jennings. Suspended: Samuel Burrett Reed. McReynolds. Ottawa Commandery received and from St. Claude B. [915. Talbert Ray Mers. berg. 70. C. Com. January Peru. of of of Illinois. Henry Charles Miller. in honor of his election by the Grand Commandery. William H. No.. 19 15. Charles Secrist Roe. No. Robert James William Briggs. state large number of invitation Ottawa Commandery availed themselves of this and the Commandery was well represented on 14. T. J. 1914. Claude B.. to attend a reception to be tendered by the Commandery to Em. Deriitted: William John Rosene. accepted an invitation 111. P. Henry Km. annual ball to attend their January 27. Grand Warder of Illinois the to be held on Grand Commandery of the A December 14. Organist Historian Milligan officers The above J.

No. a large number On and the the above date the matter of enlarging the banquet ball room and moving the kitchen to the basement of Masonic temple was brought before the Commanderv for its consideration when the Masonic temple committee was authorized to obtain and submit plans and specifications for said change. The imitation was extended by the pastor. 191 5. . January 25.. 191 cepted by the 5. 4. on invitation of the Rev. February 25. McKay. 19 1 5. A. Commander Philip John member of the Masonic Board of Ottawa Commanderv thereon for four P. the annual Besides a large membership of the also ball was staged by Ota splendid tawa Commanclery and. 10. 1 1. C. The annual balls given by Ottawa Commandery. Commanderv attending. an invitation was received and ac- Commanderv to attend Easter service at the Congregational Church. annual ball. April C. March erv. McKay. K. T. as usual. are heralded with delight by sister many from the valiant knights and their ladies fair and recognized as the biggest social event of the season in Ottawa. and were highly entertained with a sermon exceedingly appropriate for the occasion. March of was received and accepted and knights and their ladies attended. Commanderies enjoyed the Hospitality of old Ottawa Commanclery. A. was success. Rev. 19th. 70. elected a Control to represent Em. 1915. Wendel was years. 343 191 5. January 14. and your historian is confident that every f rater of Ottawa Commanderv who heard the sermon was glad that he was there. an imitation from Streator to attend their Commandto be held Xo. in a eighty-four Sir Knights of Ottawa Com- mandery donned proceeded their trappings of ancient knighthood and body to attend Easter service at the Congregational Church.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDEKV. Easter Sunday.

Decatur. The Grand Commandery was represented by the presGrand Commander. eight from Aurora.. As a man grows older he may always make it in some manner profitable unto himself to look back along the way he has journeyed. Grand Senior Warden. Grand Sword Bearer of the Grand Commandery. Mt. 111. Ottawa Commandery. Chicago. T. besides the eighty-four fraters of Ottawa Commandery. 19 14. of the is \yell for us sometimes to cast up and balance our . Peru. as of old. twenty from Streator. It commune with the thronging past.344 April 15. The last enemy in of man is Death. our asylum the past Templar Sir Emil J. Vernon.. ten from St. but his touch has been light during year. Sir Louis Lincoln Emmerson. Ottawa Commandery was inspected by Em. No. has reason to be proud of the work accomplished under the commandership of Em. two from Kankakee. In Memoriam. and Grand Warder. John's. Ottawa Commandcry maintained her high rank riie in efficiency in every respect. Grand Standard Bearer. This inexorable enemy has frequently visited the past. and ories. and to him must all of us succumb. and one each from Chevalier Bayard. 111. mem- welcome and unwelcome. [915. Hoffman died August 5.AR. THE KNIGHTS TKMPI. There were also present. and. Alt. Sir George John Waters. the afternoon. K. Vernon. 10. and Beaumanoir. in the Order of the temple was conferred in the inspection of the ing. six from Bethany ^\ ence of the Deputy Mendota. and we congratulate him on his excellent record. 1914. the usual Commandery taking place evena banquet and flow of eloquence being part of the program. and Sir Henry Charles Miller December 12.

HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. or bring to their memory. of storm and fair weather. the call of They will complete. can equal what should justly he awarded them by those who knew them longest and best. The past is not a dead past for any of us. the memories of enmities and and successes. a land which our dead inhabit. oi gains that seemed losses. and our rounded with a sleep. and shadow. portion of the road by which 345 From the near and far we have come. and it is with bowed forms and voices of melting tenderness and quivering pen that we add to the roll the names of our dead. Ottawa Commandery. interest for all It rules our present. We It is live more and more and in it as we journey westward. Sir Julius . and their earthly record roll call never again answer to the They have answered high. of cares. of wise acts and and sorrows and disappointments. It is with very great satisfaction that we can at this con- clave of Ottawa Commandery report that the monument to mark the last resting place* of our beloved frater." Avery Monument. and extend to their families our sympathies and conroll The dolences. and losses that seemed to he gains. Their work is among men ended. accounts with time and opportunity. a realm into which we also are soon of our Templar dead is increasing every year. They is are no longer of this earth. But no tribute or eulogium that we can here pronounce. It is a retrospect through a long vista of sunshine reconciliations of failures foolish ones. the Grand Warder from on of "We Is are such stuff little life As dreams are made of. nor for any order or any nation. to pass. is full of living- of us. with the faces of the dead friends and fraters come the ghosts of lost opportunities to mock us.

Gladfelter. P. which you have solemnly vowed. H. J. Malaise. A. the unmarked for nearly one-half And it is with just pride that names of of the fraters of we herewith record Ottawa Commander). Fullerton.3-1-6 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Duncan McDougall. F. Irwin. L. Gleim. Fread. and let us never lose sight of the sublime precepts and divine . E. to preserve its high standing. H. Wendel. J. which had remained century.00 each to this tribute to Sir Julius C. Alex. Blanchard. Rollo. in C. M. George C. Stockley. George L. Miller. B. Fredenburg. H. C. C. Roberts. Ottawa Commandery occupies a high and commanding position among the Commanderies of this Grand jurisdiction. Belknap. many of all: whom W. allow me a few words of admonition. F. one worthy of its fair fame and ancient renown. H. Schoch. FI. as it your constant duty. J. E. C. Joseph Allison. A. A. John F. William Wilson. A. (). Fisher. there to receive their reward from the Grtat L. Farnsworth. Gustav Ivneussl. G. impressive scenes. F. which our and ever to stand forth as the champions of the Christian religion. have themselves passed beyond. F. Goodell. W. George J. A. M. Al. William Conger. Chapman. to inculcate the great religious and moral duties ritual teaches. J. J. Cook. William P. Dunaway. to maintain. Perene Shaver. Herzog. in the presence of the most all Fet us strive to culti- vate the social virtues. Simon. on bended knees and bowed forms. Nash. Fred L. Geo. is Fet it be your constant aim. Henry W'aldecker. As your historian ami senior Fast Commander. W. Milligan. F. Commander W. Waters. J. D. Charles Geiger. Arnold. E. Hills. George J. McLean. Gibson. Avery. W. and render our friendships and connections with each other of the most lasting character. F. H. Berg. has been purchased and placed position at his grave.who conto the great tributed $1. Robert J. Butters. E. Rodgers. J. Oilman. D. T. H. Avery. C. W. Clarence Griggs. Trager. Henrv L. Reid.

347 teachings which that beautiful symbol. C. installing officer.Generalissimo . that great good may redound to our race. preserve its reputation unsullied. . .Commander . 191 Em. Commandery was convened 1915. Crowden Joseph H. June 24. should continually impress upon us. . 1915-16. may we study its teachings with that faith and humility which will enable us to keep its principles and precepts everywhere alive and burning upon the altars of our hearts. Alhert Frederick Schoch. Arnold acted as J. the Cross. The Ottawa June ficers fifty. Captain General William K. assisted by Philip Wendel. . Sir and appointed. elected 5. may we nurture it with care.fourth annual conclave of 10. . and the Orders of Christian Knighthood be preserved in all their purity to the latest posterity. E. . Pearson Alhert Jay Roberts. . Ray Adelbert Carter. 1915-16.Junior Warden Prelate John Hubbard Goodell GEO. .Treasurer Robert Lucien Smith Robert Floyd Scoffern Clifford Charles Eichelberger Recorder Standard Bearer Joseph William Phineas Fread Adams Wilson William Lee Roy Milligan Sword Bearer Warder Sentinel Historian Anthony David Simon Organist The above stalled officers. as marshal. .Senior Warden . EXCERPTA: May we keep vigilant and faithful sentinels posted in all the avenues to our Heaven-favored institution. were duly inHenry L. Leverich . A. above the dais. . CROWDEN.: JUS TORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. when the following ofelected were tor the ensuing Templar rear George A. .

Edward Rudolph Clans. John Charles Gleim. Affiliated: John Harold Edgcomb and Charles Arthur Milton Eben Blanchard and William Pier- Briggs. James McCredie. K. Carl Frederick Clans. Donald John McLeod. Fer- Pied: Rohrer. Kile. and by whom a very in- . Demitted: gue Messenie. Lester William Leipold. Ami Manuel Markeson. Henry Ward Conde. 19 16. Franklin Stauffer Ebright. 26. Beem. eral. Oscar Albert Sieffert. George Walter Briggs Titus. Xels Albert Fruland. Lewis Henry Clapper. No. Em. William II. Harry L. which festive hoard the fraters participated in quet. Created: John Rutherford Ford. Collins Eugene Knapp.34& THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Thrasher and Jonathan M. Suspended: rell. It was a successful affair. Floyd Marsh DeLapp. 1. around the usual (low of eloquence interspersed with wit and humor. Frederick E. (diaries Arthur liriggs officiating. John's. Charles Sumner Cnllen. James Lindsay. Leon Frank Levy. Clarence Miner Watts. two from Apollo. 70. Wilbur Grimes. Benjamjn Kbcn Dale Frank George Yentzer. Inspection of 1916. Celestine Ahlhorn and William Holland Sindeh II . James Chester Manning. Arthur M. Templar hall was given by Ottawa Commandery on February 25. at the Methodist Episcopal Church. A as all valiant knights and ladies fair acclaim. No. Fred Smith Keeler. Joseph Allison. at the Armory. Rev. [916. There were present sixtyeight swords of Ottawa Commandery. August Ledrich. Sir Ottawa Commandery was held April 6. Springhorn. four from St. No. George Henry Brandenburg. Grand Captain Gen- was the inspection officer. and thirteen from The inspection was followed by a banStreator. Henry Ehly. Easter Sunday was observed by Ottawa Commandery on April 23. Jr.

was only excelled in Ottawa Commandery in 1886. teresting discourse 349 was rendered. history and practically out of debt. with the largest is memberare. the largest attendance by four swords that ever turned out for Easter Sunday serThe Eminent Commander was justly proud of this vice. was thirty-seven. good and faithful servant. as having been Em. Commanden. Sir George Adelbert Crow- den over the destinies of Ottawa Commandery it can be and truthfully said. financially splendid condition. which leaves only $1. The records of the Commandery as kept by Sir Robert Lucien Smith. which. a net gain of twentythree since our last report one year ago. Sir worker in the interest of twenty-nine. thirty-six of whom were knighted between May 20th and September 2d.150 has been liquidated. Briggs was very appropriate for the occasion and was greatly appreciated by the Commandery.000 due on that account. Eighty-seven swords were in line in full Templar uniform. the same degree of prosperity the The temple the amount in- incoming year ship in in will wipe off the slate." Crowden has been a faithful and energetic Templar Masonry and Ottawa particular. Sir Charles A. when your Historian was Commander. Ottawa Commandery its to-day. in the language of the Redeemer: "Well done. models of neatness and accuracy. display and manifested the same by his lofty carriage and military bearing as he marched down Columbus street.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. of debtedness of Ottawa Commandery to $1. Of well the stewardship of Em. when the number reported to the Grand Commandery. and the number of initiates. The discourse by Rev. and was . Ottawa Commandery has now on her roster a membership of two hundred and sixty-four.

35' ' Til E KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. ceremonial. pageantry. however. Sir Crowden is an impressive ritualist. Men of high various vocations. We do not helieve that Ottawa Com- in the mandery has on her roster a Knight who is not interested welfare of Ottawa Commandery and willing to sacrifice not only his time hut his energy and intellect for the honor and glory of Ottawa Commandery. True Templarism is not pomp. than . trust one of the grand characteristics of our will he just exactly order. and we always will he. unless he should he so unfortunate as to libertine. High moral purity is. tawa Commandery has standing in their what its memNothing more. claves. tion of the beautiful and impressive Templar ritual. at the conto to especially make the when a good attendance is required work more impressive on the neophyte. Otbody of repre- a roster of as fine a sentative citizens as can he found anywhere. always has heen. No. and then only by St. outside of the jurisdiction not excelled by any Commandery of the city of Chicago. Ottawa Commandery. or light attendance. is life. and Englewood Commandery working under dispen- sation. a dee]) and lasting impression on the neophyte. has not given the Commander the support to which he was den. The Commandery when it succeeded in electing one so Commandership as Em." lie a "stupid atheist or an irreligious With a membership of two hundred and sixty-four. nothing less. to he congratulated peculiarly fitted for the was entitled. Ottawa Commandery bers choose to make it. and. Bernard. Sir Crow- who has so faithfully performed his part toward main- taining the honor and glory of It Ottawa Commandery. should certainly make. 35. men of honor and char- acter unassailable. and we can only account for the non-support. Em. with his in his rendi- bearing and personality.

for one moment. to If there is for creating a knight of the valiant and Ottawa Commandery. and are not given to the . he had. one. whose mer- wear the jewel of the order. has cast a pearl before a swine. we have any "Judas sole ambition is among our apostles. individually. toward main- taining and supporting an institution that had exalted him to and nobler conception of human existence in —of the We mortality of the body and the immortality of the soul." Now But it this feeling is well and good if the other fellow had not caught the same contagion and created an epidemic. should bear as a feel Com- mandery of Knights Templar. thought a higher it necessary. is not as it should he. then On the contrary. We single do not believe that Ottawa Commandery has one not appreciate the good official the member who does Commander and his year. instead of magnanimous Order of Knights Templar. its if you feel that the Commandery is not in maintaining exclusive social and moral distinction.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. feel that if it which you. work the of staff put forth past Templar We do not believe there is one member hut who would if have been willing to have sacrificed a portion of his time. having' so large a membership. you that the fraters are not maintaining that fraternal fellowship that should follow the reception of the orders. there has de- veloped a feeling will among the individual fraters that "there he enough to assist without me. Knight of Malta of the Order of St. 35 I the fact that. do not believe that there are any "tares roster of ciate the the wheat" on the Ottawa Commandery — those who do not appre- symbolism and the teachings of our beautiful and Neither do we believe that Iscariots" impressive Templar ceremonials. or cenary or other unworthy motives. John of Jerusalem.

of the Christian in as promulgated by our in and exemplified you complain our ceremonials.AK. There is no flock. We see but dimly through the mists and vapors. One J Sunday afternoon. But has one vacant chair! The air is full of farewells to the dying. beautiful transition. on vanished days. is What seems so is no death. and Smith. usual strolls in the month t^i May. and their serious Gibson. and McArthur. took one of my 1 through Ottawa Avenue cemetery." Memoriam. in and im- . with us no more forever. where departed parted friends spirits. But oftentimes celestial benedictions Assume this dark disguise. I'l. But one dead lamb is there! There is no fireside. funereal tapers May There be heaven's distant lamps.352 practice ritual 111 E KNIGHTS TEM virtues. Amid these earthly damps. The heart of Rachel. This life of mortal breath Is but a suburb of the life elysian Whose portal we call Death. What seem to us but sad. may glorify our Father which is in Heaven. was wont to worship at the sepulchers of and fraters and commune with their dewhich seemed to he hovering around me. recalling while meditating in hallowed scenes enacted our asylum when Nash. and Trimble. correcting the and "Let your light so shine among men. And mournings for the dead. and Titus. attend the conassist claves of your evils Commandery and of. howsoe'er defended. and Dun- away. however watched and tended. seeing your good work. Will not be comforted! These severe afflictions Let us be patient! Not from the ground arise. for her children crying. that they.

the vapors that 1 God had seen ascending from the into small clouds. they. in the higher atmosphere. It was a beautiful May walked over to the bank of the river and looked down a ripple to be seen. and the birds were flying about in joyous caroling. those small clouds soon began to roll in huge black masses in the west. and which had seen condense came . among and reverberate up the valley. began to gather into could see those clouds forming and floating and swim- ming around the Condensed still more by in the ambient air. scarcely murmured along through I the valley on journey to the great ocean. and the zigzag lightnings began to flash from the black masses. as it floated away. I the flowers and blossoms. as its on it its broad placid surface. celebrating festivities New Life. looked up into the infinite space of the blue cloudless sky. change of temperature. 353 pressive manner. and lovingly. singing their melodies and whisking from shrub to shrub among day. exemplified the beautiful and impressive ceremonies of our Templar service. and the to and there was the great sun looking down earnestly invisible vapors rising from the river eye but God's beheld those vapors as they rose. meet him. . Mother Earth was resplendent splendent with tiful its in her Easter garb Spring verdure just violets green walks — — the foliage —carpeted just — re- with a beauforth and in beginning to shade the grassy the rose and the had come the opened their glad eyes. No Soon clouds. and the thunder began to roll ing and re-echoing hillsides. then.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. I began to condense into mist. echothe glens and grottos along the Soon river.

AK. The grassy mounds were refreshed and all nature seemed brighter and newer after the storm. the storm.354 THE KNIGHTS TKM I'l. in And ticity. The birds were bathing their beautiful plumage in the little pods of water and singing more joyously than before. all should devote our time and our energies walking in . the clouds. the clouds vanished. "If a The uncertainty of man die shall he live again?" human life. there. the sunshine As standing among 1 the stones and lettered before me. a New Life in the verdure and foliage around Our gaae cannot soar to that beautiful land. not having examined the evidences of authen- we are contented in our temporal well being. and the trees and shrubbery began to sway and bend with the force of the wind as if bowing an acknowledgment to the iod of Heaven for the vapor he had taken from the river and condensed into the clouds from which was now falling the rain refreshing Mother Earth. and the great sun again reflected his refulgent rays upon the glad earth. the certainty of death. so it is human life. its gardens are fanned When we faint in the desert of this. I know the secrets of lis lie placed us on this all God never intended we should Neither do we believe that terrestrial sphere intending that we asylum. the vapor. it Perhaps is just as well. picted and the immutable evidences of an immortality were deall around and about me: The river. and. We cannot see the spiritual its vapor. and the storm passed over me. and the rain to replenish the earth from which arose me. beheld with no uncertain vision. ( — The storm and the rain soon passed away. God's answer to the question. rolling up the valley. while monuments. symbolizing the affections of surviving friends and fraters. But our visions have told And our souls by the gate of of its bliss.

cheerfulness. March 3. noble and holy life affections. January 1916. Sir George II.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COM MANDERY. and detach our hearts from and unworthy.. 11. 1015. of Heaven. Sir Joseph Allison. sackcloth and ashes crying 355 its down its this earth with splendid its beauty. in Ottawa Com- mander). tality. Sir Sir Walter Briggs Titus. we have accom- plished the object implanted in the bosom of every Knight Templar and believer in the Christian religion — eternal hap- piness in the world to come. energy and dignity of human hope in existence. and passed to his reward in Nash[916. 10. Sir Celestine Rohrer. and is appended hereto. George H. 191 5. The lives and Templar virtues of Sir Knights Walter Briggs Titus and Sir Joseph Allison were reviewed in a memorial by your memorial committee and presented to and approved by this Commandery November Ahlborn was knighted 11. and we its was firm believer in the Christian religion. January Knight Ahlborn was a sojourner with us as a citizen but a few years. There has passed to This Estate since our last annual of this conclave four valiant and magnanimous Knights Commander}- Em. Ahlborn. and while here was connected with the riage trimmer. spirit have no doubt that when his departed from tene- ment of clay that it took its flight to Realms of Light and . September 1. 25. and our city made a host of friends. immor- and charity toward all mankind. 1915.April ville. fleeting in seeking" if an inher- itance in the Kingdom But we cultivate the Held of courage. this earthly as empty. Sir Tenn. glorious works. lie was in a during lie his a few years Gay carriage factory as a carman of a lovable disposition. June 20. and have an abiding faith in God. 1916. [902. its thrilling interests.

and farewell! in erv August Ottawa CommandMarch 3. There are but few Sir Celestine Rohrer was knighted 9. and life. We were always pleased circles. practiced. Sir Rohrer was born in France in May. Rohrer was a faithful member of Ottawa ComSir Knight mandery for more than thirty-two years. He was ternity. the to virtues which it professes. meet and greet him fraters will in our fraternal and the hearts of his mourn them his passing all. were witnessed in our Commandery While Sir of our Rohrer's residence was more than twenty miles away. away back in the 8o's. and passed to his reward of us old fraters left to recount the hallowed scenes which years ago. Celestine Rohrer. away.AK. [916. buried under the auspices of the Masonic fra- Ottawa Commandery acting as escort. and took great pleasure in attending with his Com- mandery Easter services and Templar pilgrimages. to its mandery extends George II. is now reaping the reward of a well spent He left surviving his widow. he. and. hail and farewell! . Louis Rohrer. as near as possible for frail humanity. we believe. knight. I'll E K NIGHTS I KM IM. for he was lovingly enshrined in We immortality his family have no doubt that he now rests secure in his high To those of in the Supreme Conclave above. Ahlborn. 1883. [839. was seldom absent from any conclaves. sincere whom Ottawa Comsympathy and condolence in hail the loss of a devoted husband.356 Life Eternal. He was a brother to our late frater. who at one time represented this district in the legislature. who remain its to mourn his passing Ottawa Com- mandery extends sincere sympathy and condolence. He loved the institution for the good there was in it.

they found the thin mask ly of civilization rent in twain and thrown contemptuous- away. and the roar and shriek The old world of a war of nations was all around them. only a short time before. 35/ THE EUROPEAN WAR. Round them hung the clustering grapes in their vineyards. from their delusive dreams. . they laid little down ful to sleep in their hamlets. and the clash of sabers and the rattling of machine guns in their gardens and vineyards. and the green leaves of the olive trembled in the soft night air over them. Men who. they heard the blare of bugles and the rumbling of artillery along the high- ways. startled when all of a sudden. leaving desolation and ruin behind them. after all." and the constellations of heaven reflecting a beatific vision upon them. dreaming of the bounti- harvest ripening for the sickle. shone the "milky way. the smoke of bat- shrouded the bosom of the sky. Above them. and no tive struction. and their great armies rolled their hideous waves over field and hamlet. earth had fondly dreamed that the Utopia and the Millennium were at hand Satan bound and Holiness triumphant throughout the world and had begun to believe that man was not. were engaged in peaceful pursuits were now racking their ingenuity and tasking their inven- powers in the development of infernal engines of deby which to more expeditiously and effectively tear and mangle human beings.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. as if startled from a dream. from a peaceful firmament. The nations were called to arms. a hyena half-tamed and that the smell of blood would wake The peoples of the nations of the — the savage instincts within him. was a pandemonium. Homes and hamlets were pillaged and plundered. With the dove of peace hovering over them. Suddenly. The lightning flashes from tle the artillery lighted up the heavens.

with reaching heavenward. lie asks us if be perfect and everlasting. escaped not the vandalism of the invading foe. that had watched the stars course by night. each. hellish engines of and that such ghastly warfare entitled the con- tending warriors to heroic badges and the thanks of Christian nations. child the admiration of the world. The nursing was snatched from its mother's breast and borne ruthlessly away. Laws. while the press and the pulpit and potentates of the contending nations. man is not after all but a little removed from . in wondrous men. alike exulted and urged the extermination of their foes by destruction. the handy workmanship of towering minarets in their operative masons centuries ago. never again to be replaced. and the deity of the Am- in His stead. in that religion of which the Cross we wear light He asks us. and the reign of Em- manuel. the prince of peace.M PLAR. In the wake of this great misfortune we see the taunt- ing infidel trying to cast the shadow of doubt upon the soul that would fain love. trust is and believe a symbol. treaties. Works of art. in the of the misfortunes of this great war. was shown to age or sex." which had been expounded for centuries the : precepts of Christ "Peace on earth and good will to God seemed monites to reign tianity. Old cathedrals. and shot and shell completed the destruction of those structures. and by day had caught the the rising sun first rays of and reflected its farewell benedictions among the aisles and arches. lie asks us when swords will are to be beaten into plow- shares and spears into pruning hooks. blasphemously claiming God on their side. Chrismercy and pity had disappeared. to doubt the truth of revelation and the very existence of a beneficent God.358 respect of person 'I'll K K NIGHTS I'l'. and innocent maidens shrieked in vain for mercy. to have abdicated. through windows dim with the dust of ages. were destroyed. Gray hairs were dabbled in blood. courts.

as professors of a firm disis and unshaken so well belief in the Christian religion. Hoffman. human vanity and we abandon reason. H. Miller. C. then.— — HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Many Tt a thoughtful mind is wavering in doubt and despair. up not thev learn war any more when the reign of this horrible war shall be shall lift . Arnold and P. The memorial committee. J. H. therefore. the Prince of Peace. the Captain of our Salvation. be- hooves us. shall be perfect and everlasting. Historian. as a guide. W. the savage. L. 1915: Tt can be trulv said that in our ranks . Milligan. Thrice blessed are they who never doubt and on whose is soul never rests that awful shadow. Milligan. consisting of W. to see to that our faith shall grounded and complete that we never hear those painful whisperings of infidelity within our souls. as Knights of the valiant and mag- nanimous Order of Knights Templar. B. with unbiased minds. presented the following- tributes to the deceased fraters. Sindel. self-conceit — and if the theology of the faith as the religion in the defense of Pagans has not the same claim on our implicit which we have sworn This is to wield our swords. L. Titus and Joseph Allison. it wherever persed throughout the globe. Let us. which were read and approved by Ottawa Commander)." —W. not a pen-picture painted by imagination. E. as Knights Templar. J.November 25. Wendel. watch and pray day when day "when nation neither shall ended and that sword against nation. which the absence of Divine Light. Immanuel. 359 and all our boasted higher state of civilization and Christian professions but the creation of imagination the heir-apparent of when. for that wherever dispersed throughout the globe. H. W. L.

'tis the draught of a breath.AK. And he so skilled as to put by? There one. the flowers which might spring the ashes of spirits. tomb as odor.— 360 I'll E KNIGHTS TEM fly 1'I. From the blossom of health to the paleness of death. \\ hither we tend all that the survivors of us while here. locks "silence in now. in hope and in love. the sunshine and the storm. one in faith. the snow and the rain. a burden. the flowers and the sweet music of birds shall come and are still go. And although the "dewy i)\ 1 sis" hath power to sewer the earthly bond. A German philosopher conceived of the soul or spirit as springing. renders almost how much more sad when the destroyer's hand strikes down manhood in the prime of life. From the gilded saloon to the bier and the shroud Oh! why should the spirits of mortals be proud? Whence or how we came is we know not. and voices.from the how sweet in from the graves of the rest in peace. it The cup goes round. 'Tis the wink of an eye. our voices hut the evening zephyrs that dally the leaf for a moment. genius and trtte manhood in these memorial pages we are reminded that our lives are but as the sands upon the shore. and one in . for whom also the seed- time and harvest." Reviewing the long roll of departed worth. Death's shafts thick. even old age. and then join the mighty infinite caravan that has gone forward to the each falls his Beyond. fall As place is filled. We do know shall tarry hut a little a mystery. and life attendant infirmities. and as these perish and away others advance and take their places. enamored of the mute music her rugged cell. would he a flower. is always something sad about the death of any the allotted lifetime of its when with Bttt man has passed. yet the spirits all true Sir Knights one. whose bodies its The smile has faded from our sight. and pass away forever. How lovely in tint.

His funeral services were conducted in the Masonic . Hoffman. for. 1914. Sir in J. stands as an angel of consolation. if Even we cannot touch is hand or hear the sound of the voice that Death hath In love and No outward But there's That greets < still. in hope and trust: sign or sound our ears can reach. an inward. Hoffman was a native of our all city and spent nearly ill his life in this beautiful valley. as in echo. And bids do the work that they laid down. the cheering consolation of that our faith bids us ever hear in mind made no breach sympathy. Illinois. for ten years.. and was the employment of Marshall Field & the drug he department. hope. when thirteen years ago severed his connection with this firm and returned to his native town and obtained a position with the Western Cottage Piano and Organ Co. Knight Emil J. and her every breath fragrant with the promise of final victory. August 5. spiritual speech us still. In the vacant council chamber. and his sudden taking off was to those who knew and loved him for his a druggist many manly Co. He was a shock traits but a short time. all 361 that conquers death. in of character.. in of the glad time when there shall be no mystic orphanage of spirits that are fraternal. which position be held at the lie was united in marriage twenty years time of his death. in response. in He was by profession. 1865." Emil Born Ottawa. ago and leaves surviving his widow and four sisters. and heart. and even in the saddened form more beautiful than the Diana of Grecian mythology.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. no more mystic divorce of hearts the vanished that are wedded. died in Illinois. Ottawa. though mortal tongue be dead. September 14. to the "dust to dust and ashes to ashes" there comes ever the injuring music of hope.

his constancy and courage. acting escort to Occidental Lodge. No.. No. & A. 1865. Hoffman was affiliated with the fol- lowing Masonic bodies: Occidental Lodge. 191 1. in His remains were deposited by the Masonic fraternity beautiful vallev of the in their last resting place the cemetery overlooking the Fox river near Serena. & A. F. His patience and perseverance. A.AK. T. Knights Templar. Born February 20. M. Commandery. his home for the past fourteen years prior to his death. A. I Sir Knight Emil J. and retained his affiliation to the time of his death. and farewell! Henry Charles Miller. No. No. M. tery. F. died December 12. Shabbona Chapter. 40. The interment was in Ottawa Avenue CemeOttawa Commandery. He had made Serena. that He was a man of spotless character and was admired by those who knew him longest and best. - & '. No. Sir Knight Henry Charles Miller was knighted in Ottawa Commandery September 14. as A. temple under the auspices of Occidental Lodge. A. working at his trade.362 I'll E K \ FGHTS I'l'. 19 14. 10. rat- with Ottawa is mourned by his many friends. In his friendship A. M. . Illinois. who extend. M. 40. who more than any others feel keenly His loss their sad bereavement. 10. 37. their sympathy to his bereaved widow and sisters. R. tawa Commandery valued him among her most valiant ers. 40. his faith and humility. Emil hail j. Ottawa his sonic duties he in the he was true and steadfast. fruition of the paradise of God.M 1'l. . have doubtless culminated in the rich of blacksmithing. No. valiant and magnanimous Knight. K. Hoffman. Commandery. In was enthusiastic and always ready MaOtf to assist ceremonials or respond to appeals for charity.

in Marseilles in 1871. who survive him. and. sleeps. Knights Templar. 10. where he has since married to Miss Alida C. 1844. 191 5. and we entertain the hope that when the blare of the trumpet shall summons his surviving friends and fraters there will be a meeting on the other shore where tears and sorrows are unknown. Morris Island and Petersburg. an honored and affectionate husband and father. Sir Knight William Holland Sindel was knighted in Ottawa Commandery. besides his widow. he has nobly earned his rest. hail and farewell William Born in 1 [olland Sindel. 27. patriot. a peaceful citizen. and who most miss his genial smile and affectionate disposition. 111. No. [872. 1906. and a faithful and valiant Knight of the order. After the war he located in Toledo. Wilsey March 21.! ! HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. having seen service at the hattle of Winchester. He came 1866 and located resided. Ohio January May 30. and to its sincere the order. died in Marseilles. hail and farewell . Ohio. for we knowhaving discharged all the duties of life as a soldier. Ottawa Commanderv extends its sympathy and condolence. I lenry Charles Miller. valiant and magnanimous knight. but He that William Holland Sindel. valiant and magnanimous Knight.. and was wounded on three occasions. where to Illinois in he worked at the carpenter trade. leaves two daughters and one He was whom Ottawa Commandery extends sympathy and condolence. and has ever been a consistent and valued member of son surviving. we would not awaken him. 363 To his aged mother and his two sisters. Sir Knight William Holland Sindel was a veteran of the civil war. Mav 17.

life in and Michigan canal for a number He wa. Sir Titus was a contractor when he came Illinois to ( )ttawa and was assistant superintendent of the of years. No. and we Interment was i who were knighted that while he was officiating as Prelate know- we became better knights and better citizens because us in of the impression he made on Templar ritual. & A. No. which was ever after their home. and knighted in Ottawa Commandery. in He is survived by two and one nephew. who reside Otta- auspices of in Ottawa Avenue cemetery under the Ottawa Commandery. 10. A. $~. He was elected ComKnights Templar. Ottawa Commandery December [3. A. retired from active nieces the early eighties. I June A. with the exception of three years. M. Illinois.^>4 the knights templar. He was raised in Occidental Lodge. M. well knowing his rendition of the that he was a firm believer . 1853. in moved to Ottawa. S79. and a few years prior to his death affiliated with Humboldt Lodge. most impressive ritualist in this grand jurisdiction. 1881. 1875. He was exalted in Shabbona Chapter. Sir old at 9 5. died in Ottawa.. [889. he was elected December [2. [850. F. Xew York. F. P><>rn in Walter Briggs Xew York September 20. [824. Knights Templar. 1874: demitted March [3. Knight Walter Briggs Titus was nearly 9] years le was married to Miss Mary the time of his death. No. Titus preceded Sir Titus to the Great Beyond hut a few years. Buell December 25. and November. 40. iSSS. No. Illinois. June 3. 10. i. until and including the Templar year 1911. elected Prelate of his Commandery. and remander of On January 17. No. nearly As Prelate he was considered the thirty consecutive years. & A. April 7. which office he held. 555. in Victor. 1 1 Titus. Mrs. November 23. two of which he was Commander. 1S75.

and his generosity was so open-handed and unselfish as to subject him not unfrequentlv to the wiles of the sharper. he was most thoroughly impressed with the principles and teachings of the Order of the Temple. the outward as well as the internal organization and government of the order. a reputation for probity. and his fidelity was and always has been an inspiration to those to witness the who were fortunate ceremonies as exemplified by him. and unselfish to an extent rarely known in these grasping and greedy times. but even this check the generosity and kindly sympathies of his nature. the esoteric mysteries. His belief in the usefulness of the institution effects in the elevation of and its beneficent humanity and as an instrument for the promotion of good was abiding and founded upon an intelligent and thorough appreciation of its principles and teachings. in the ritual. even to his to own pecuniary in- jury. which secured for him the well earned fame "for deeds of charity and acts of pure was impotent benevolence. benevolence and generosity which made his name revered by those who knew him longest and best.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. his charity and benevolence never failed to give relief to the needy. and sympathy to the suffering. His honesty and probity was never assailed by the breath of calumy. and his appreciation and discerning inBeing" a truly Christian gentleman and a faithful telligence rose to the highest conception of all that is in- volved truths." . Sir Walter Briggs Titus was public-spirited to an unusual degree. 365 himself in every word he uttered. the sublime and the deep foundations. kind-hearted and charitable in the broadest sense of the word. commutor of the Congregational Church. Through all the mutations of changing fortune he maintained unsullied his knightly characteristics and left as his richest heritage an escutcheon untarnished. hospitality.

from New York City. 1801. ( Illi- nois. resided. for a short time. in railroad. was one of )ttawa's best known men. who deeply mourned his untimely taking ( Kir beloved frater ( away. England. at South Church. [915. Born July jo. His was a lovable nature. Sir Knight Joseph Allison came to to the United Stales Illi- twenty years ago. since coming to this city. first residing in Streator. for the lie C. at Ottawa. and magnanimous knight. bow lowly >is." faithful award awaited him on the other side. where he has since tive engineer when he moved his family to )ttawa. Illinois. near Bishopaukland. and came direct nois. link in the chain which He passed through firm faith that his his earthly prilgrimage bearing his cross with humility and approached the dark river with a "Be thou of life. February 21. to his knightly deeds! He ( sleeps placidly in the beautiful cemetery on the banks I :f the Hint Our esteemed frater passed away as quietly as he lived.AK. unto death and I will give thee a crown To its his immediate relatives Ottawa Commandery extends valiant sincere sympathies and condolences. died September 1.M I'l. England. B. at was united marriage to Miss Margaret Hopper 1886. hail and farewell Joseph Allison. and to Bishopaukland. In the Masonic fraternity he held active membership in . and thus has been severed another unites us with the past. La Salle county. & O. Sir Walter Briggs Titus.! 366 Let ns Til E KNIGHTS I'l'. By occupation he was a locomoin and had operated a switch engine Ottawa. this union seven children were born. and made him friends oi all his fellow workmen.

nature generous and his fest in His friendship was warm. Joseph Allison. sobbing dirge and funeral song Their force have spent upon the mourning throng When tone. the church em- . and as long as it confines itself to its proper sphere we have nothing to fear from the assaults of our enemies. valiant and magnanimous knight. his earthly which spirit all true Sir Knights entertain. M. Naught then is left but memories of our dead. as well. pilgrimage to realms of his Our sincere sympathies and condolences are extended to widow and fatherless children in their hour of sorrow. No. possessing to constitute a valiant those virtues which are requisite knight. and magnanimous his His faithful reliance on the promises of the Holv the Scripture.! — HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. In its collective sense. hail Alas! and farewell when all is said which we can say. & A. if persisted in. . 37. ever true to his Masonic obligations and trustworthy in his dealings with all mankind. Above the pallid. and served Chapter as High Priest during their last resting place His remains were deposited in in the valley he loved so well by the Masonic fraternity.. 555. A. He held his many important offices in the above bodies. the year 1906. Masonry (and Christian Knighthood) has an appropriate mission to perform. Shabbona ChapR. prove a deathblow to our institution. When throbbing. No. 367 Humboldt Lodge. 10. Knights Templar. But the disposition manifest in certain quarters to substitute Masonry (or Christian Knighthood) for the Church will. A. EXCERPTA: As the handmaid of religion. ensures us that his trials life passed oxer the and vicissitudes of and light eternal. his humanity broad and more maniall action than in words. Xo. cold and silent clay. ter. F. and Ottawa Commandery. Sir Knight Joseph Allison was ever constant and devoted to his Masonic duties and performed them with marked ability. and firm trust in mercy of Redeemer. Fidelity was his prominent characteristic. M. from speaker's voice has sped.

The fifty-fifth annual conclave of Ottawa Commandwas convened June 8. we should remember there was a Judas among the twelve. [917. and when assailed by bigotry and intolerance. instead of condemning the church. H. the church universal. bracts all who profess to believe in Christ. have nothing to do. From June 8. Templar year Recorder 1901 Joseph fatheway Pearson Commander Generalissimo Albert Jay Roberts William Kirk Leverich Captain ( General Chark^ Arthur Briggs. who compos. fell and betrayed his Lord and Master. ADDENDA. [9 [6. who. we. PEARSON. E. as Templars. Jr Albert Frederick Schoch Prelate Treasurer Robert Lucien Smith Recorder Senior Ray Adelbert Carter William Phineas Fread John Arnold Edgcomb Floyd Marsh De Lapp Warden Junior Warden Sword Bearer Standard Bearer James Chester Manning John Harold Edgcomb W Warder Pro arder Tern. 19165 to April S.: 368 I'll E KNIGHTS TK. to date.AK. 1916-17.M I'l. C. and acknowledge Him With the different creeds of those to be the Saviour of mankind. when ery the following cers offi- were elected the JOS. 1 for ensuing ROBERT L. by transgression. SMITH. .

on Easter Sunday. 23. 11. 191 7. Jan. was greatly appreciated and most favorably commented on by the f raters who availed themselves of the privilege of being present. sisted Historian their re- 1916. Geiger. Arnold. Joseph H. Ami M. All the stations were filled by Past Commanders. Marke1917. Commander. 1917. Jan. which. Jan. Thus. Maxwell. the Rev. J. Albert T. A. 1916. Commanders' night was held December 7. when he conferred the Order of the Temple on F. April 191 7. C. Ottawa Commandery on Easter Sunday afternoon performed the last sad rites for their beloved f rater Sir Ami Manuel Markeson. by Henry L. L. 17. 27. Past Created: Leslie Edward Randall. March 31. invitation On with eighty-three swords in line. E. Pearson. Walter Burnham Hartshorn. Walter Clayton Lindemann. Sidney William Weise. H. William Henry Oilman. Lardin. Jan.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY.. under command of Sir 1917. 4. Milligan. Vonckx. 14. John F. Wendel. 25. William R. as marshal. Nov. Died: 5. Feb. B. Dec. Roath. Sept. Simon C. 1916. with W. son. Past Commander. Dec. The pastor welcomed the Commandery with a few well chosen words and delivered an interesting and instructive sermon. Butterfield. we close the last chapter of the . as- by P. attended Easter service at the First Presbyterian church April 8. Ottawa Commandery. Frederick Stormont Knowles. together with the excellent musical program. from the pastor of the First Presbyterian church. Joseph 369 Sentinel Adams Wilson into William Lee Roy Milligan The above officers were duly installed spective stations June 22. as Commander. 25. Demitted: Jan. Knowles. 7. n.

passed from its tenement of clay to realms of Light and Life Eternal. when he came to Ottawa. the spirit of our beloved frater. 555. No. in his daily intercourse with his fellowmen. laid aside his ireat Beyond. William Robert Maxwell. without dread or sword and buckler. EMORIAM. But death comes not at call: justice divine Mends not her slowest pace for prayers or cries. F. Knights Templar. and we have no doubt but that he was prepared for the mandate of his Creator when called to the fear. William Robert Maxwell was horn in Tazewell county. William Robert A lax well. and.3J I I I'll E K N [GHTS TKM I'l.. July 12. & A. to its closed the history of we had hoped Ottawa Commandwe had recorded. 10. Illinois. and embarked in the mercantile business. while the autumn winds were wrestling" with the russet leaves of the and sweeping with shadowy gusts the fields of ripening corn. prior publication. [916. 37. A. West Virginia. displaying a marked business ability and enjoying the esteem and confidence of all who knew him. the last of our fraters to pass to the great beyond. 1865. No.AK.. and of him it can be truly said that he exemplified. History of Ottawa fathers be with Commandery. He was a member of Humboldt Lodge. . R. M. A. M. No. 1916. that When we had ery June 8. bless you yon and A I Max the God of our now and forever mure. On forest. March 5. [9] 1. the twenty-fifth day of September. which he conducted until his death. Shabbona Chapter. and illustrated a chivalrous devotion to the precepts of our magnanimous ( order. the virtues of a Christian gentleman. where he resided until 1890. and was knighted in Ottawa Commandery. Moved to Missouri when a young man.

No." but the Ottawa more profoundly shocked than when. A. hail and farewell! Simon Conrad Geiger. a member of Humboldt Lodge. care-free engaged business in the bakerv and confectioner}. who most mourn his loss. 555. Illinois. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COM MANDERY. and came to Ottawa in 1890. & A. always for the hetterment of the city's institutions of learning. apparently in his usual robust health jolly. Shabbona Chapter. and by and conscientious attention to made himself one of Ottawa's most reliable and successful merchants. rested in its shadows. Sir William Robert Maxwell. 1876. and was knighted in Ottawa Commandery. A. F. . when life's work was done. 10. walked in its light. January in the precincts of 18. eternal. R. knight. Knights 9 1 7 they had learned of the sudden death of Simon Conrad Never were the people of 1 Geiger on the evening previous. M. on the morning of January 24. M. Simon Conrad Geiger was . "The life given us byi nature is memory of a well-spent life is short. No. its last battle fought and won. 37. and commend them to Him who alone can af- To his ford them comfort and consolation in their hour of sorrow*. He was business. he was crowned with glory and immor- him tality. Ottawa Commandery extend its most sincere sympathy and condolence. and. years. 371 widow and daughters. And we who knew our asylum know that he lived under the influences of a Christian life. No. for less than twenty-four in his hours prior he had keen on the streets and place of and in his and happy manner greeting his friends and patrons.. Aside from his personal affairs he his habits of strict integrity took a most active interest a in educational at the work and was working Board of Education which position he had held several of the Sir member time of his death. November 11. Simon Conrad Geiger was born in Peru. [912.

April [881. of Illinois. who passed ing of February 17. Henry Gilman was born at Troy Grove. A.372 Til E KNIGHTS I I'M PLAR.. and never once has our affection for each other been impaired. M. 19 17. William Henry Oilman. R. God's finger touched him and he slept. July perfection in 1881. and became charter member of Oriental Council. He was created a Knights St. our beloved frater. K. when organized under the jurisdiction of the Grand Council. Sir Simon Conrad Geiger. & S. most mourn can afford them comfort and consolation. And in all these years he has maintained an It was then that unbroken affiliation in all these bodies. 10. passed the circle of the degrees Shabbona Chapter when der the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter. exalted in 6. We knew him in the pride and glory oi his vigorous and athletic manhood. A.. 1849. we were brought into intimate relationship with each other. many now upon Since our last animal conclave we have written the memorials of into the pages of the history of two of our beloved fraters Ottawa Commandery and reward on the morn- now we must add liam that of the third. A. Xo. and commend them to the mercies of Him who alone To his widow and children and his loss. M. Shabbona were unin Chapter. Illi- May 10. and after an unbroken friendship for nearly forty years his death comes to us difficult . his aged parents. Wilto his Henry Gilman. Sir William nois. 18S1. M. Novem- ber 23. No. knight. Tem- and Knight of Malta of the Order of Jerusalem in Ottawa Commandery. Was raised in Occidental Lodge. K. M. who we extend the most sincere sympathy and condolence of Ottawa Commandery in their hour of sorrow. & S. plar John of T. 37.. 40. R. F. R. hail and farewell! The memorials of our dead are very the pages of our history. No.... 11. [881. & A. M.

its leaves dead. while his big bright eyes beamed with beacon lights of love. . noble heart. its limbs shattered and dying. may the winter's purest snows rest spotless on your grave. The hand now was never withdrawn from one in distress or want. who are left to mourn his passing and to whom Ottawa Commandery extends its sympathy and condolence. the trunk decayed. may spring entwine her brightest garlands o'er your tomb and summer gild them with the mildest sunshine.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. to realize 3/$ all and seems too. to herald the moment when of our old-time friends and fraters shall have passed to the better life. he. . earned by the toils and cares of "Billy" Oilman was faithful and true to his friends and was staunch and palsied by death loyal to Free Masonry. and his suffering ended. charity and sympathy pulsated through his whole make-up with every throb of his big. a stoic. The last few months of his life were melancholy ones to Like a us who knew him in the prime of his manhood. old friend! the est Sweet he thy slumbers! And may the rustling leaves her soft- autumn winds harp through requiem over you. His presence was like the benediction of sunshine. in whose depths the beautiful and pure alone are mirrored. hearty greeting an event to stir the blood of To our latest pleasant savor to us. and we." But. and obediently he laid down the armor he had worn so long and so worthily. Farewell. great oak stricken and paralyzed by the lightning. soon shall he called to that peaceful repose this world. and his cheery. "His sunny spirit was like a stream. alas! came the fateful summons. day the memory of Billy Gilman will be a who knew him when in his best estate in our secret and select chambers in Masonry and Knighthood. lay prostrate with the life that God gave going slowly out of him. at last dying slowly. He was devoted to his wife and daughter and sister.

Valparaiso. Xo. a He acquired good common school education while on the farm and University of then taking a course at paraiso. 1807. Death .AR. fairness anil systemat- administration of his office. Thomas Lardin was raised in Lodge..374 I'll E KNIGHTS TEM l'l. To its this one. and. & A. Septemher 26. Illinois. 12. each year being elected by increased majorities. A. Indiana. and came with his parents to Illi- nois in [870 settled in Ophir township. Knight of Malta of the order of Ottawa Commandery. who passed to his reward Sir Albert March _\ 1917. in magnanimous order St. graduated from that institution in after which he spent one year at the University of Michi- gan. For the fourth time since closing the History of Ottawa Commandery are we called to chronicle the death of one of our most illustrious f raters. and of created a knight of the valiant and of Jerusalem. La Salle county. 1900. Ottawa Commandery extends most profound sympathy and condolence. M. California. He was ical Probate Judge of La Salle county in 1894. administrators. guardians and litigants before his tribunal. F. R. May John [898. \l. 37. bowed grief. His boyhood days were spent on the farm. when he came to Ottawa. A. Pennsylvania. Knights Templar. has heen continuously main- tained. Thomas in Lardin. April 2j. and (Rigby) Lardin. 40. February Eliza r863. Sir Lardin was united in in marriage with Miss Ethelbert Morey in Santa Cruz. because of his capability. April 14. and entered the law office of Mayo & Widmer elected as a law student until admitted to the bar in 1888. the son of John \V. No.. Thomas Lardin was horn lie Butler county. executors. Val1884. 1896: Sir Albert Occidental exalted in Shabbona Chapter. Sir Albert 31. thus hearing witness to the fact of his popularity with attorneys. Albert Thom as Lakdix.

truly cheered by the divine whisper. but he was loved for his goodness. there. overflowing with charity and good He was the poor man's friend. Who in his does not consecra- here is the true glory of manhood. tion to noble aims. hearted man. we look and a long for a presence. ye have done it unto Me"? Thomas Lardin. but never enters. So his death brings a sad sense of loss.! HISTORY OK OTTAWA COMMANDERY. a footfall is ever at the door. but no one us to pause and reflect. this fidelity to unselfish ends. hail and farewell Ami Manuel Markeson. Asylum Peace beyond the Sir Albert Thomas Lardin was emphatically a greatwill. Sir Knights. lent such a personal was this knightly trait that charm to his presence and gave that refinement and courtesy and grace to his bearing every- where. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these. the comforter and helper of the It suffering and unfortunate. who was so recently among us enjoying the best of health and . a all pang of per- sonal bereavement. this toiling" for human welfare. It is with sincere grief that we are called to chronicle in this volume the death of Sir Ami Manuel Markeson. his passing the portals of that veils of this earthly tabernacle. He was admired for his mental gifts and acquire- ments. to feel that who knew him. we look up to greet one for whom our soul yearns as the embodiment of love. to 375 him was disarmed of in its terrors by a firm reliance upon of the merits of that hallowed sacrifice offered by the blessed Immanuel. knight. and shadow appears. light is and happiness. it behooves recently since we have had so demonstrated to us the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death in this state of existence. Sir Albert my brethren. The death damp still pervades our asylum. never so happy as when lifting some heavy burden from another's shoulders.

37< i 'I'll E KNIGHTS TKM PLAR. 532. F. & A. lis presence will be missed so by the fireside of his will our how much more his happy home. T. K. after a short illness. but forever. circles. The places thai once knew him I know in him no more asylum. two years ago from his farm north of Seneca. Markeson was born in Miller township. hail and farewell! .. La Salle He moved to Ottawa Illinois. being. R. He was chairman of the board of supervisors of Grundy county for several years. 19 16.. John of Jerusalem. A.. November 19. 37. To them we offer the sincere sympathies and conCommandery. knight. Shabbona Chap- Xo. prominent Masonic member of Seneca Lodge. M. 10. never more while county. Xo. A. gone. 1805. where to return. M. to surrounded with everything But he is make life worth living will for. Xo. He died April in 5. May 6. orphaned daughters hours of sorrow weeping for the father dolences of Ottawa Sir away the gone.a He was ter. in Ottawa Commandery. and was created a Knight Templar. Ami Manuel Markeson. Knight of Malta of the Order of St. [917.

To find the loved ones waiting on the other shore. often think but for our veiled eyes We should find Heaven round about us lies. When I shall cross the intervening space Between this land and the one over there. They make it seem familiar and most dear. It is but crossing with abated breath set face a little strip of sea. More beautiful. And so for me there is no sting of death. And join the lost ones. more precious than before. yet shall I love to go And meet the friends who wait for me I know. And so the grave has lost its victory. When from this dear earth I shall journey on To that still dearer country of the dead. I love this world. And yet not strange. think I cannot make it seem a day to dread. so long dreamed about. One more to make the strange beyond seem fair. But that I think one more to welcome me. As visiting friends bring distant regions near. I never stand above a bier and see The seal of death set on some well-loved face. seemeth such a little way to me Across to that strange country beyond. So close I it I lies when my sight is clear I I almost see the gleaming strand. And white . 2>77 THE BEYOND.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. know I feel those who have gone from here Come near enough sometimes to touch my hand. for it has grown to be It — The home of those of whom I am so fond.

£ b£ M a ..a a a sa O C .-J . <U v^ a> .* -a — a a ~ a o /: o o ra m - a c Jist^i.378 Til E KNIGHTS TKM I'l. ^ a:>- a a 5^^^^-azzzzzzzz^-^ «Bjm a -a « fa fa fa fa six :^: ...^^r""-"-" t. a> <u pq — u u ~ a §2 £P££5££ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . v~J .3 ^ -5 a a:' cQ(omcQ<ca3DDm _• _.Ak.a . 552ig£ w w _2 j < pq • .— aaeaeaea a a d a a -^r-^h ** * ********* fa i..a ~ s T3 "H 1* 1 1 55 . C „ a a c a a a: a —— a ^ ^ I S rtc^ '^ ccJ ^d • * ^oi r -i|Smm^Sii|sSS|Ss r 03 x ad o o *~^» • • 0) O c3 ddci^dpihsi^u^^^-c- c c . . .: C Oj .

S -55S X5 3^ 3 -G £ CO .< 1 HISTORY OF OTTAWA C'< ) M M A X >KRY.^X5 o g. CO o o W X . _«CCOOO<(a3a3>3C>oo >> ?.2 E-| £ g *W §s > • f— ^ S3 . * * S o g %%uimmai 5 2 5 £«:«.3 3h •rgo^So^ • • 3 U _• Q l~3 <i X ^X <Io^ OOi CD CP • • • £3 CJ . . X CD 9 cj £7. XJ X3 rC M cp e bJj-= cG CP <| CP cpcdcpcc-^-^s^cpi-jo « 0) 0/ Cp 05 CP cm 2 « u 3 3 • X « G > 2 ^ CD £ 3 • .<~ a^ 5 • o CO >> >> • • 5 £ Q c o o >'0'£ ~— /.3 . ' " H o 3. MS I M2 2 : : .a a S * B = = scp2Go50 • xj • • s s o Oj co : - 5 £ g 3 2^ Q I- o o fH e- a> ti £Z k x xj xj xs -—— ' h • • en no s . . « Olj ? C cp c f— -a cp > * # * . G G 3 3 3 fc fx.3 . G > G 05 g O' b£ m . >> >> i: f-i CP >cp bJD —= 3 G G cp cu £} ££x XXX ^ r: r: . CJ v v 3 o o o o ^ X X! X >> >> >> 03 sj 3 ij ouoo &h 6h CU CP CD CP o o * „GGO„ ho •CO st cp CP QQQ H J J ^Q t. G o S^ £ . 1 379 3 3 lflt-t>IZ)(»»00OO01OHOHNfl>t-00fflHM*M*te OS Cp xJ >> 5 °* 3 g *G cp g-O.3 cp Oh QO > x * 5 3 3 S "3 "3 X3 ^^C o cp aw^ £ > • .

— Rudyard Kipling. eternal roughness Seem 1 wonder just the same? Should we help where now we hinder? Knew — — Should we pity where we blame? Ah! we judge each other harshly. Know what spur the action gives Often we would find it better Just to judge all actions good. Knowing not life's hidden force- Knowing Is less not the fount of action turbid at its source! Seeing not amid the evil All the golden grains of good. Understood the loss and gain Would the grim.— — ?80 'I'll E KNIGHTS I l-. we knew the cares and trials. We should love each other better If we only understood. And we'd love each other better If we only understood. [F If WE ONLY UNDERSTOOD. Could we judge all deeds by motives That surround each other's lives.M PL \U. . See the naked heart and spirit. the efforts all in vain. And the bitter disappointment.

showed a membership of 150. M. Lininger. who were knighted in Ottawa Commandery and demitted for the purpose of becoming charter members of Temple Commandery. Princeton. tered October 22. A. P. Jefferson Harrison Fawcett.. N. No. Temple Commandery. in standing on inspection. J. P. S.. and had an average of 90 points standing on inspec- tion. who were knighted in Ottawa Commandery and demitted for the purpose of becoming charter members of St: John's Commandery. T. Davis. 111. Liscom. For genuine hosreport to the they are unexcelled. 1867. Holmes and George W. Among its charter members were Joseph Mercer. 2i>. Brown. was George Emerson. J. Mendota. C. [866. was charmembers were Reuben Evarts. Bross. chartered October 27. George Crossley and William 1. Fraternal courtesies have been the distinguishing characteristics between Ottawa Commandery since its and to St. John Brevoort. George Emerson. David A. DAUGHTER COMMANDERIES. Philo Hamlin Zeigier. 1868. Bromfield demitted from St. Cook. B. Davis. Cook. John's Commandery. E. Moore. Casper Ruedy. Gould and W. Jonathan Duff. No.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. David A. John's Commander}* ever pitality organization. 111. . Ira B. John's Commandery for the purpose of becoming charter members of Bethany Bethany Commandery. in According in Grand Commander}1 1915 they had a membership of 15. with an average of 88 points 20. 26. Pern. This is one of the staunchest Commanderies in IlliIn 1915 their returns to the Grand Commandery nois. C. its Among charter 111. Henry D.. No. V. was chartered October 23. St.

A. M. C. Streator Commandery. It. O. C. L. T. J. D. Streator. I. Jones. Silencer. B. Howe.. C. C. W. J. A. R. C. W. H. Hall. 11. J. T. \Y. O. B. Pirkey. R. Huggans. J. X. Luther.3©2 I II E KNK. R. Joseph Kopf. A. L. Williams.II IS ThM I'l. Echard. W. Daugherty. J. J. J. Brooker. Howells. was and [905. Stewart afterward demitted from Ottawa Commandery and affiliated with liams. T. W. Ross. Bethany Commandery. Those who demitted from Ottawa Commandery for the purpose of becoming charter members of Streator Commandery were S. H. C. L. W. Ames. Streator Commandery. Since Streator Commandery drew from Ottawa Commandery fifty-eight as valiant magnanimous knights around our sacred as ever wielded a altar we. Rathbun. P. L. 111. R. Bourne. look sword or knelt upon this Commandery as the child of Ottawa Commander}-. 111. in Ot- tawa Commandery and demitted organize John's Commandery I Vru. James Sexton. I). A. L. Bennion. \Y. L. Smith. Williams and J. 70. Jennings. Mills. Bawden. F. S. Harry M. C. C. Scharfenberg. R. L. R. Ryan. L. W. R. W. Walter Reeves. Commandery. B. S. C. Schurman. L. J. Bethany is a royal entertainer. Flick. Howe. O. Cole- houer. L. chartered October -'4. W. Chubbuck. Curry. F. Griggs. E. Boys. R. Fornof. Smith. M. Lorenz. No. H. of this Ottawa Commandery was proud company oi .AU. J. according Commandery age of 90 in 1015. Van Wil- Skiver. Shinn. F. S. Applegate. Blanchard. W. II. Taggart and John M. had a report to Grand t<> membership of 95 and an aver- •points in standing on inspection. Craves. Colley. J. ( The at first four of whom were to knighted St. II. Davidson. Manly. C. M. II. Jack. E. Bonar. Law. Hugh M. Pirkey. with just pride. II. L. O. Cherry. Thos. S. J. Bailey. L. McFee ley.

La Salle county has four 10. and Streator. St. John's. their early training in Ottawa Commandery. Bethany. Ottawa. which sixty of her certainly wonderful record for so young a Commandery. No. 28.II IS Kim OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. These exchanges are quite frequent between the "child" and its "mother" and are greatly enjoyed by the entire family. La Salle county is the only county in the state of Illinois which there are located more than two Commanderies. Streator. Commanderies. namely. Mendota. For hospitality and knightly courtesies Streator Commandery is unexcelled and has hut few equals. 26. as Grand Warder of the Grand Commandery to the at the annual conclave in 19 for 191 5 14. a pleasure to 383 have the honor to recommend new Commandery at Streator. notwithstanding the numerical loss to Ottawa Commandery. No. with a total membership per returns to the Grand Comin mandery [915 of five hundred and seventy-four . Sir William Henry Jennings. No. Ottawa. 70. which has been verified in its the preferment of one of youngest Commanders. The returns Grand Commandery mandery with a membership show Streator Coma of T23 and with an average of is 96 points on inspection. and Champaign has but two Commanderies. No. No. for men. in except Cook and Champaign. Em. notwithstanding nearly membership had 10. and it was their petition for a Ottawa Commandery istics so well fitted to well knew that with their character- add to the Masonry attain an in Illinois that Streator honor and glory of Templar Commandery would soon in eminence of high standing the councils of the Grand Commandery of Illinois. Peru.


O.. T. in 1858. and all that makes a man. Not only to keep down the base in man. K. 1917. General Pittsburg where he was killed in battle April 1862. Deer Park Illinois . was created and first in Blaney Commandery. A glorious company. 10 K. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Wallace. and the desire of fame. U. Oliver Cromwell. served in Mexican Infantry. A. Avery & Bnshnell created in Pittsburg Commandery. February to [861. To lead sweet lives in purest chastity. A. nor listen to it. O. dispensation. Charter Members.. the flower of men. Eminent Commander OttaBrilliant member law firm Gray. 5. From Organization. Pittsburg. . And courtliness. And love the truth. 743.. i. February 1.. T. no. D. 10. Xo. 385 MEMBERSHIP OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY No. lace. at war. To speak no slander. Colonel Eleventh Brigadier and promoted Landing.. I made them lay their hands in mine and swear To reverence their conscience as their king. Gray. lawyer and poet. Morris. wa Commandery under mitted February 2. charter Captain General of member Ottawa Com- mandery. — But teach high thoughts and amiable words. 1. No. To ride abroad redressing human wrongs. 111. To serve as model for the mighty world. And be the fair beginning of a time. Pa. of Son of John Wal. de- 1869. To break the heathen and uphold the Christ. William Heryy Lam me. lawyer State's Attorney 1852-57. 799.

demitted May 9.I 38I ill E In NIGHTS TI'. charier K. reaffiliated February 9. Qtjincy 1). Ottawa. Walker. I*. : Whitman. Ottawa. as David Walker.. residing in in Dayton township. Farmer. Pittsburg. Utica. 1K71 demitted February 8. 111. charter member Ottawa Commandery Generalissimo [861. T. 5. Musician.. k. No.. Sword Bearer [868. [872. member '. Commander Ottawa Commandery [862. ery. Morris. revenue collector . [826. Ottawa. T. [875. 5. [877. druggist: served mayor of Ottawa. created in Blaney Commandery. David. Dr.. [866. B. [864. [860. No. and [872. was a prominent and progressive citizen. No. created Pittsburg Pa. demitted December 9. and held a continuous membership from charter member to date of death. EC. demitted May 1. Morris. charter member Ottawa Commandery. [868.M PLARj 111. April iS. McMillan.. and of education several was member of hoard years. [86] : demitted April 7. Stone.. physician of high standing. I t86] Grand RhoadSj James. Grand Commandery )ttawa .. [goo. [862 . PECKHAMj John 111.. Sword Bearer CommandCommander [863. t86o. William B. No. Came to Ottawa with his father. charter member and Warder Ottawa Com1 mandery. 1. ( created in Blaney Commandery. D. Commandery. Daniel C. merchant: charter . 10. retired from farm several years prior to his death and was one of Ot- tawa's most respected citizens: a sturdy yeo- man of the ild school.

[880. Ottawa. March with 7. buried in Ottawa Avenue cemetery. . C. Kan. demitted Feb. the roll in stricken from [862. Goodsell. created Ottawa. grain merchant. [866. Ottawa. grain merchant. Ottawa. Charles S. [868. Eldorado. i860. ery and Standard Bearer 1861 S. No. No. Samuel C. charter Morris. 5. 111. Eldorado Commandery. William L. Ottawa. demitted Aug. ber Ottawa is Commandery March 22. [860.: elected honorary mem[888. 1877. Blaney i860. created in Blaney Commandery. [864. Ashton. 387 member Ottawa Commandery.. No. [860. m. created No. drugs.. 111. Commander affiliated 19. Crane. grain. . Blaney Commandery. 5. merchant tailor created in Commander)-.. Captain General 7. Morris. furniture. [864. Created and Affiliated in Ottawa Commandery Since Organization. Rier X.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. charter member Ottawa Command. No. Morris. Morris. 6. member Ottawa Commandery. charter member Ottawa Commandery and Captain of the Guard [86] and [862. Miner. detective agency. Generalissimo [863. Generalissimo 1867. demitted Dec. charter member Ottawa Commandery and Warder [86] Standard Bearer [862 and Blaney : [863. 111.. 1867. Grand Sword Bearer Grand Commandery [863. Gibson. 5. Sword Bearer [865 demitted April 26. [861. 5. Daniel H. . in 111. created in Commandery.

Prelate [865. Bank . cashier First National 8. 1893 and [894. Standard Bearer [866. superintendent Gas Co. demitted June and moved to Titusville. AK. March 1861 Senior 1913. Ottawa. WadEj Thomas Jefferson. Gen- eralissimo 1864. demitted Dee. Clerk Circuit Court and Recorder 1855 to 1861. and 8. especially in the symbolic branch. John Fisk. 1869-76. Captain General 1883. proprietor old ManMain and [86] : Court streets. Pa. created March [861 Captain General 1803. thirty-five years created Warden 1862and Junior Warden 1868. Ottawa. where he with Commandery. . admitted to bar [849. Levi. Gibson. to Xasii. Warder 1807. elected Furniture dealer and in early clays manufacturer of farm machinery of Ottawa: ture member Illinois Legisla- [862. Grand Commander Grand Commandery Illinois 1878.. died Sept. inclusive. Ottawa.. inclusive. Mason. in came Ottawa in 1847. served as County Agent several in years. 1874 and [890. was prominent man. Treasurer [896 191 r. the insurance business. 14. Theodore affiliated business Cunningham. Commander 63. t 9 i i : .. 1861 . 6. Recorder 1862. died July 6. jt. created March Com- mander [864 and [866. 388 THE KNIGHTS I' I'M I' I. buried with Templar honors.. inclusive. created March Bearer 8. 1865. 1884 and 1885. Standard 1865. was active in Masonic circles. sion Mouse that stood on corner of 7. inclusive. 1876. Sword Bearer Commander to 1880. Clerk State Senate 1861 and 1865.

HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. created Aug. 1861 . No. served war with Mexico and the war. first Walker. Samuel C. Julius C. Brown. Peru.. died Nov. lawyer. inclusive. Henry D. Clark Stebbins. moved in Nebraska and became prominent Masonic Walker. St. Lininger.. 26. buried 389 his civil with in the country Templar Ik mors. 1861 Treasurer 1862 and buried 1868. 1861 1863. . demitted Nov. member firm Colwell. 111. . : one of the legal lights of the La Salle county candidate for Congress on Democratic 1870. son of George E. contractors and builders. with Templar honors. ticket ex-mayor Ottawa firm Gray. Dec. Farmer. charter member Peru. late Ottawa: created Dec. [865 and [866. to circles. Hexrv F. 1862. John F. 22. on Chicago . 24. died Oct. created July 23. 1869. 1870: with Masonic honors. 1867. Generalissimo 1865 and 1866. Ottawa. 1861 Warder 1862.. created Aug. Commander as demitted Oct. Junior Warden 14. 5. 1864. Junior buried Warden Clark. Sword Bearer 13. Avery & Bushnell : lawyer . Prelate [866. road. created Aug. Avery. La Salle county. 1861 Warder 1863 and 1864. 111. 9. Lamb. Senior Warden 1867: demitted Nov. Rutland township. created 10. Pre- . demitted Dec. 7. 10. John's Commandery. & Ottawa. Senior Warden. 1862. Sheriff" 6. 22. . 1876. 1871 moved to Kansas. 1861 . Generalissimo t868 and 1869. Ottawa law member bar. of . George \^C)y: W. 1867.

Rice. buried with Masonic honors. [864. 4. [886. [862. Philo. C. killed at Altoona. Lawyer: ex-mayor Ottawa [86] : . 20. 1862. June 24. 111. Ottawa: contractor. R.AU. Stout. George John. 21 . created Feb. nursery: dep- uty Sheriff [883 to 4. 1SS2. Elias Cushman. : merchant: 187c). member firm ColClark Junior & Stebbins.i'. Festus 1. inclusive. GuSTAVUS. Captain of the Guard 18(15: Commander Prelate 181)7.. 1866. [862. created 1882. druggist: 8. [864. created Burgess. merchant: created S. March Ottawa. [865 and [866. [ohn Brooks. Recorder [803. demitted March . Ottawa: 3. 1S7S. Ottawa: Circuit Clerk Quartermaster 53d 111. 2. in part Treasurer [913. 1869 and 1897 died Oct. Groceries. inclusive. 1877. 1863. created Dec. died [896. John. demitted Sept. Junior Warden [878 to 8. 21. Ottawa: minister: created April 1. mors. [863. well. [868. [86] : Sword Hearer [863. buried with Templar Lixin. .390 'I'll E K NIGHTS TKM I'l. created [866. 24. was a ripe scholar and one of the brightest legal lights that ever practiced before the ty bar: La Salle coun- buried with Masonic honors. machinist and plumber: 7. Colwell.: Perrin. 1887. Utica. Aug. 1862: demitted Dec. March 24. 1 Km 11. StandS. er 10. [863. Ga. WardFeb. Ik insurance: created June 1862. Generalissimo 1870 and 1871: demitted Jan. inclusive. March Cleveland. [869 and [872 to [880. 4. Dec. Ottawa. [ohn. Standard Bearer [864. during civil war: created Oct. ard Bearer [867. March 4. Hatheway. Warden [863. C.Y.

Silas W. St. demitted Jan. [863. resided on north- west bluff on Townsend farm. where he ac- cepted a position in the public schools. 111. Ottawa. 13. inclu- Commandery sive. affiliated Dec. created June 23. 14. from Blaney Commandery. General. and 1862. Ottawa. 1864. died Nov. 1863. 1867. bv demit minister. John's Commandery. buried Williams. principal third ward school. Nov.. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Stover. Ciieever. 22. De Witt S. as charter member. County Treasurer 1861 created March 24. Peru. was prominent citizen and pillar in the Methodist church. Peru. Captain with Templar honors. and afhiiated with No. created April 23. Ottawa. 13. Prelate Ottawa Commandery [864. William H. [865. 1884. Edward M. Thomas H. 29. 18. . [863. English capitalist: resided in E. [863. 187O. 1. 1S70. Morris. inclusive. created June 16. Grand Prelate Grand of Illinois 1863 to 1807. de- mitted Jan. ill. Clark.. N. 2. Recorder 1864 to 1870. created Sept. street. turned to England. demitted Oct. Bross. 2~j created demitted Jan. 1866 and 1867. 5. English capitalist. ior Peru. 1863. 1863. [8. Ottawa. 39 Ottawa. our old teacher.: to Aurora. George S. inclusive. and re- Wade. Sword Bearer [864. demitted May 3. Xo. Ottawa.1. Jun- Warden 26. created Sept. returned to England where lie soon after died. 1876. 1867. demitted Sept.. PvAWSON. 111. merchant on Main 1863. Stebbtns. 1864. moved 111. Ira B. [867. Seymour.

Duff. 14. (ia. demitted Nov. [864. March 6.3<)-' THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. demitted Oct. Thomas E. had wagon opposite Columbus street. Frank March B. St. de- mitted Dec. mitted 111. mitted Peru. member city council in earl_\- days. ed April 23. t Wallace to Brigadier General. affiliated April 5. Jonathan. 1 . factory on corner Baptist church. Captain of the Guard 1865 and 1866. 22. photographer. side of that of buried with Masonic honors. express agent: created i860. . [867. Palmer. Chapman. [868. Ottawa. 111. created May eral 1868. [3. de- March 3. [866.ll. as charter member creat- John's Commandery. created July 5.: Dec.. Peru. de- May Peru.. Ottawa. William. 1871. [864. created July 23. .. William E. 1877 . G. 111. demitted Dec. E. his portrait Oct. Nov. Warder [865. Bowman. [866. Standard Bearer 1869 and 1870: 12. Peru. 29. 1871. 111. Peru. by non-affiliation in Maoill. died near Rome. 7. Illinois during civil promoted Colonel ith war on advancement of . Ottawa. Sword Hearer [866 and 1867: Captain Gen- 1886. . 1804. John L. [864. wagon manufacturer 8. 4. [864. Pi-. 1864. [865. Mathew. created Ramsey. demitted Feb. 1903. blue lodge. Ransom. William E. postmaster 1882 to [3. Ottawa: bridge builder and contraccreated tor. Wallace. 14. 1800. hangs in the reception room of Ottawa Commandery along Gen.

111. 111. Temple Commandery. 111. . . and demitted same date to become charter member of Temple Commandery. Princeton. George ter W. 1866. Avery & Bushnell. Crossley. harness manufacturer. ter Princeton. 9. 111. 20. 1866. 1875. Joseph.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Philo H. 1866. Princeton. 111. 20. Gondolf. Princeton. 1866. 1866. Lawyer. created April 10. Commandery. Hou gh tali ng. and 1868. 111. Princeton. Captain of the Guard 1867 S. Captain Houghtaling's war created July 24. city attorney three years and State's Attorney four years and elected Atdied June 30. creatt. 20. inclusive. No.. . ed May Ottawa. 111. . buried with Masonic honors. 1866.. Zeigler. and demitted same date to become char- member of 111. William ter I. BusHNELL. Jefferson H. State Senator i860 to 1864. created April 20. Princeton. and demitted same date to become char20. Joseph. 393 io. battery during civil Ottawa. No. Mercer. 1867. No. Princeton. Washington. torney General of Illinois 1868.. Princeton. Princeton. Charles. created April 10. created July 24. and demitted member of same date to become charTemple Commandery. Fawcett. demitted March 5. created April 1866: demitted same date as charter member Temple 111. No. 1866. 111. member linn Gray. No. Princeton. 1885. Sept. member of Temple Commandery. Moore. created April 10. 20.

Pern. [867. T. was afterward charter member 28.Commandery. 111.. to demitted Oct. 111. Xo. St.394 Til E KNIGHTS TEM PLAR. 22. Commandery. de- mitted Oct. created Jan. 28. become member 111. Peru. 22. charter 26. _>o. 5. Mendota. John's . Mendota.: created 1807. John's mem- Commandery. F. [867. [867. No. 26. created Jan. Cook. demitted Oct. was afterward charter member of 28. Xo.. John's Commandery... memPeru. 111. created Feb.. Bethany Commandery... John's 111. member Pern. 111. St. Conrad A. George [867. Mendota. in Mendota. John's CommandeFy. was afterward charter member ^\ Betham. 1S07: demitted Oct. 22. Bethany Commandery. become charter No. created Jan. Stannard. Jo. de- mitted Oct. Mendota. moved to Ottawa the early seventies. No. to become charter mem- Commandery. Mendota.. No. 28. was afterward charter member Bethany Commandery. 26. of which ber St. 28.. 22. 111. No. 111. 5. No. 22. 111. charter Mendota. Liscom. Xo. 22. to become charter ber of St. [867. 22. Xo. 111. Peru. 111. to become charter ber of St. was afterward charter mem28. K. Ri'kdv. Mendota. David Ajlpheus. 22. 111. 111. 1867. No. become member 111.. Holmes. Commandery. George. [867. St. 111. No. 26. 111. 111. Mendota. to Jan. Mendota. Jason M. ber Bethany 111. 22.. to Emerson. for lil lawyer and bank ex- aminer teen years prior to his death: created Feb. was afterward charter member Bethany Commandery. [867. Peru. Mendota. John's Commandery. [867.. Mendota. Casper.

1867. Pern. member Pern. starch helped to the Ottawa moved Colorado. 1868. 1867. Mendota. demitted 22. April 2. 111. become charter No. demitted Oct. 13. 1905: was one of Ottawa's most respected and honored citizens. Oct. Pern. ed Feb. 1867.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. he was also Captain General of St. John's Commandery. Reuben. established "The Bank factor)-.. 395 Commander}. 111. 1874.. . St. No.. become charter _'(». Mendota. created July 16. Brevoort." build now the First National Bank. 26. to become charter ber of St. John. Warder Ottawa Commandery 1878. died Sept. Rutland. No. 1869 and 1870. John's Commandery.. created Feb. member Pern. 22. 10. 111. 21. he demitted from Bethany Commandcry. 26. 22. on moving to Ottawa.he was Captain General 1868. in U. 111. created 1867. member 111. Ottawa in 1835. John's 111. 111. Davis. Mendota. [867. Xo. No. mem- Commandery. bar in [839. creat- McArthur. No. Preston J. afterward became charter 2S<. 8. Robert McKim. Everts. Norris. March 9. 111. thence to Florida. owned County Surveyor ten admitted to the justice of the peace. John's Commandery. de- mitted Oct. No. [876. [867. demitted Oct.. o\ St. 28.. ^i Ot- tawa. physician. D. Junior Warden 1869 and . to 26. George IP years. 111. Came to ferry on Illinois river. 1877. to 5. created April 1867. and affiliated with Ottawa Commandery. Bethany Commandery. Pern. 111.. Ottawa. 2.

[87] to [876. April 28. S. honors. Ehward eral civil L. 12. 1874 and (. 1880. Trask. sev- years. April Ford. inclu- and [870. Treasurer 1875. Warden [884. inclusive. [869. Quartermaster during war. Ottawa. Ottawa. 1877 and 1878. Ozell. [868. dry goods merchant. [2. [876. Ottawa. 22. Senior Warden 1869 to 1875. created March S. created May 1872 28. 1869. Ottawa. John Lyall.39^ Til E KNIGHTS TKM PLAR. 1881 to and inclusive. 5. 28. April 5. Recorder 11. 13. [868. [869. served for through civil war in Ilenshaw's battery. Cameron. 1868. [8. Charles. 3. dry goods merchant. no record of his creatine or affiliating with Ottawa Command- . died April [876. Ottawa: farmer. where he May remains brought to Ottawa and buried with Templar honors. 1875. John Rush.. buried with Templar Charles P. to [868. jeweler. in appointed postmaster by President Grant created May 111. Captain General [883. Generalissimo to Clifton. Commander buried with Tem- Morrison. Warder inclusive. Generalissimo 1876.lied moved 1905 . demitted Aug. Ottawa. [868. Deputy County Clerk 104th 111. created Feb. plar honors. [880. created May demitted Aug. Sword Bearer 1873 sive. Herrick. inclu- Generalissimo [877 to [879. Episcopal minister. created 10. [886. died Aug. clerk in general store Win. Senior sive. [870. Clark. Joseph. Stout. Reddick several years. 1873. 1868. 1871.

Batcheller. died July 2^. Standard Bearer 1871. in Ottawa Fiske A'venue cemetery with Templar honors. 1896. and acted died Dec. to created June 1868. Douglas. [914. and 1889. Recorder. 2^>. died June 3. clothing. established first electric lighting plant in 111. 1869 1870. Ottawa. Bearer [869. General 1892.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 3. Edward Henry. 18. Ottawa. buried with . 1872 and 1879. several years in clerk for Win. died Jan. Rising in the 70's created Aug. firm & Beem 19 10. 1870. civil Ottawa. 1905. to j 1896. cigar . war. David. inclusive. 26. Reddick Henshaw's battery during 23. 1877 to 1879. 1868. lien- tenant-colonel 104th during the war. Ottawa. his 39/ the list name in first appears among of oi members the proceedings in the Grand and Commandery [868 and is also contained in the proceedings for the years 1868. inclu- and [893 as Recorder in sive. proprietor news and hook store. now Kneussl Bros. Ottawa. 1868. ery. he died Dec. and [882 1883. Francis Lyman. Fiske. associate editor Free Trader several years. firm Smith 18. Warder 1870. Hapeman. Captain General [869 to 1876. 1889 to 1891. . 1868. was an upright and honorable citizen loved by all who knew him. created Aug. and 88 1 to 1890. inclusive. inclusive. . manufacturer. inclusive. civil .. in1 & clusive. Com- mander and Masonic honors. Smith. Junior 1 Sword Warden Captain 87 1 1875. created June id. Standard Bearer 1880. and buried 892 when Captain General.

and [884. created Feb. [871. buried with Masonic honors. created David Robbins. SIMON. Ottawa. _\ CoaNj Edwin. Captain of the Guard [872 to [876. County Oerk [873 created Feb.398 Barber. Captain of the Guard [870. Commander}- since be- coming' a member. Anthony store sic . 1 [869. musician. to [877. 1887. and j^/j. demitted Aug. inclusive. contractor and created Jan. [869. created March [869. Hubert Ottawa. [869. Ottawa. [869. bridge [9. Ebenezer. 1878. III E KNIGH TS TEM PLAR. city marshal several years. colonel civil of a colored regiment during the war. 30. Gregg. <j. buried with Templar honors. minister. 2. [888. Sheriff [867 and [868. [6. [871. [886. 1879. [882. died Aug. buried with Ma- Simon. [895.:. inclusive. DeWolFj Erastus. demitted March [878. 23. E. [869. D. 1912. builder . [869.. McCaleb. Marseilles. Ottawa. and teaeher of muorganist the 1869. Sword Bearer 1871 14. at the present writing the senior in the membership among of Mtawa living ( Commandery tinuous with a conoi A. created Music March for 30. Justus. March in. died Nov. [883. died March sonic honors. 27. membership forty-eight years. Ottawa. [881. _>. Harris. David. . created Feb. A.

Ottawa. affiliated [869. June Rutland 4. in- stead of John Colwell. 1870. 1871. 1869. demitted March minister. buried Templar honors. bankers during the 70' s 18(19. the of created should read James Neil Colwell. demitted created [869. Clark created June 12. 9. 1877. iSo(j. 12. April created March 3. Samuel. Colwell. 23.. 18. killed Streator. 14. & Co. glass factory in the 70's S. Sept. John 1 Tilton. . Aug. page [63. William Caswell. Ottawa. Oct. member MacKinlay. justice . proprietor old City Mills on La June 1 Salle street. Ottawa. Ravens ed June Ottawa. . Fstabrook. & 1869. of the peace for many Nov. Brundage. 1 1 . 1870. 1880. created Feb. 399 farmer. 8. June 15. Ottawa. buried with Masonic honors. created 1869. Walter. Feb. in railroad accident 10. W. Grand Ridge. William Sept. 14. farmer Farm Ridge township. Smith. William A. Poundstone.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY.. S. 17. 24. Contractor. 880. Standard near with list Rearer 1873. de- mitted Dec. druggist. Feb. 111. 1881. created 1869. demitted Nov. created _\ [869. Prelate 1870 and 1871. living in Sept. [869. James Neil. Nichol. Todd. Stebbins. Ottawa. creat- 15. caq^enter S. In 1870. 11. years. died 1896. John Fisher. 14. Catlin. firm Colwell. MacKinlay. Charles M. township. created LocKwooi). Ottawa. connected with window . Arthur. 1878.

demitted Dec. CarpenteRj Charles M. telegraph instrument maker. in- struments. March 1870. Nov. 111. coal operator: created Nov. .. 1889. [879. demitted Sept.. 1 1 created July 1870. March Rising. Henry Clay. coal operator. 111. 1870: demitted Sept. Alvan H. firm Smith & Rising in the 70's. V. i Seneca. 1870. demitted 1888: Dec. 1890. Ottawa: telegraph instrument maker Nov. 1870. Francis P. 14. 23. Sept. 1876. 1877 11. S. Black. 1901. 10. lator.AK. Leverett on _'4.on I III E KNIGHTS TK. clusive.M I'l. R. (). manufacturer telegraph 1. John. farmer and specu- created Sept. 20. R. Fulton. R. 1870. created in- Oct. 1 1 Robert. 111. affiliated 1 [892. 22. Streator. Warder 1872. Bohlander. to Chicago. 1884. 906. affiliated March 1903.. demitted June Tyler. Ottawa: cigar manufacturer. 1. Leman Aranah.. created Dec. Du Plain. 14.: locomotive engineer created (). years. <>. demitted . 13. 1870. 17. . ( ). 14. John i:\xi no. teller First National Bank many moved 4. 22. ADDISON Streator. [880. 1876. Aug. created Nash. created Nov. 11. for Ottawa. Feb. 1880. Treasurer 1871 to 1887. Streator.*). 22. [909.. 1870. demitted Dec. . 111. Streator. created April 1870. C. & S. Ottawa. 15. Tyler. F. [883. created [876. machinist. 3. 1870: demitted Sept. since moved to Chicago. Sentinel [902 and demitted Sept. 14. 1. Ottawa.

died 12. Patrick. Sept. 28. Henry M. created Nov. William C. created Oct. . created April 24.. Tillotson. 1876. Captain of the Guard 1880 and 1881. Edward J. 1884.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 15. . demitted Jan. Aug. Ottawa dry goods merchant created . 1875. John Henry. Dec. . demitted Jan. Tillson. died June 13. 1871. 1873. created 12. J. 24. Ryan. 11. 9. Aug. 1875. William H. 1880. 1888. Follett. buried with Templar honors. 1873. 1871 . later Marseilles. Walker. 1873. grain buyer. created June 13. 4. 1. 401 agent. 1870. de- mitted April 26. . demitted June 13. . Lawyer.. David H. Ottawa. . buried with Masonic honors. demitted Sept. merchant. 1871 demitted Feb. . George. Bull. ticket created Dec. 1877. 1878. 111. 1877. 1875. n. 22. created Sept. 20. . 1881. Dent. Dwight W. came to Ottawa from La created Jan. 1871 . dry goods clerk. 4. 1873. B. 1872. Dec. 111. Ottawa. Affiliated Fusselman. John June Marseilles. Salle. created July 10. De Motte. Slagle. 1871 . capitalist. George Lee. physician. Beatty. created Feb. Moore.. William H. 15. Ottawa. 111. 14. 1873. Streator. Marseilles. postmaster at Marseilles 8. & O. C. was an able attorney Warder. E. 10. 1874. died March 1907. . Waite. railway mail clerk and . 1881. 11.. created . demitted Jan. 111. Marseilles. Earlville. demitted Feb. 1873. died 1876. Ottawa. died Jan. Fuller. 1872.

_'-\ created June 1S74: Nov. created Feb. 1875. postmaster for several years is prior to election of Woodrow Wilson. Henry. 14. 1874. 11. lawyer of extraordinary ability and strong advocate before a jury. n. Generalissimo j8q2 Commander [893. l'l. 1894. Sword Bearer [877. grain dealer. Ottawa. Ottawa. demitted March 24. . [884. created fanner and stock Sheriff La Salic county [873 to [876. canal superintendent 1 creat- 1. WidmeRj John H. Ottawa. created March Mayo. Bearer [877. carpenter. William.. ity. 1875. demitted Jan. ed Feb. boon companion and a hale-fellow well met: true to himself ami loyal to his friends: created March 25. Jam i:s 18. 1878 and 1879. James. moved to Joliet. E. McIntire. 1874.|t >2 Til E KNIGHTS TEM Streator. 1S7S. 1875. Ottawa: grain dealer created Feb. [3. demitted Dec. 111.AK. is a most remarkable man. 1876. Mendota. and commanded Ottawa Commandery on one and [896. With row. inclusive. Streator. S. 18. ( ) I )oxxell. raiser. . 26. lawyer of exceptional abil- Major 104th Illinois during civil war. created March 4. 1875. . Ottawa.Kixs. Thomas. 1882. Arthur Cox. [894. Charles. 1875 and demitted Wn. 1875: demitted Dec. an upright and honorable citizen. of now serving as Judge Comity Court. Daniel C. [913. and carries his eighty years with a mentality and physical ability apparently unima paired. [895. Standard Sept. 13. Rath mx. May [876. 11. demitted Jan. 23.

editor Ottawa Journal . affiliated Dec. ty Ottawa : lawyer Judge Coun. Cairo Darius. Ottawa. Boston in [895. Commander 1889 and 1890. Charles Henry. manufacturer affiliated of bottles. a man of marked personal it v and a most prominent citizen of La Salle county.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. 111. 9. Exsminger. Walter Briggs. 22. retired. died Hall. Campbell. Mendota. contractor and superin. of of its 403 to triennial most pleasant pilgrimages at — Grand Encampment C. created April [906. William Prairie Center . 1885. [Masonic honors. tendent Illinois and Michigan canal created June 3. 13. 191 5. Preto Senior late Warden [877 to to [880. sive. Ottawa. Court in the seventies. 9. and 1 ( ii i. inclusive. 1875. demitted Jan. Streator. demitted Aug-. after years of devotion to Templar Masonry he died June 20. Dee. 1898. and 1892 [893. [6. Clerk Supreme Court. Junior inclusive. and was buried in Ottawa Avenue cemetery with Templar honors. of Illinois. created Jan. Tins. Commander [881. 22. 22. 1875. buried with [875. 1877. [88] [885. April honors at Nov. Warden 1878. August. coal operator and contrac- . Ottawa. Ottawa. 1875 died and was buried with Masonic 1880. inclu- 910 to 1913. Northern Division. 24. [875. Junior Warden 1877: Captain General 1879 and 1880. Henry W. hardware. Trimble. John C. demitted Sept. inclusive. Haeberlin. farmer. n. and from [896 to 1007. 1876. . created 14. inclusive.

1907. and energetic citizen. tor. Streator. Lester O. Robert G. 1876. 1909. S. 0. Ottawa. Hawley. Streator: musician. i_\ Ottawa. 10. 14. painter. 4. [882. hardware. In died Sept. 1900. Charles E. de- mitted June 9. William 11. 1903: buried with Masonic mors. created June 1. 1876. S-f > . [878. created Feb. Charles A. May 25. Jan. created Nov. County Treasurer: created \K\\ inclusive. 1881. [876. affiliated April 13. affiliated April 13. Jacob W. Prairie . Asa Manx. Edward Charles.404 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. created June 8. Phillips. Deer Park township: lawyer: prominent citizen: chairman board of supervisors several terms: created Jul}- [9. 1882. groceries. Lewis. demitted Sept. S. died Dec. buried in Otta- . Hoffman. demitted May 25. LandeSj George W. created May 18. EwiNG. K/. S. [878. [876. Moon. 1887. counties: Ottawa: a prominent farmer and Salle large land holder in La and Livingston a persevering-'3. Stephens. demitted Streator. and holds an unbroken affilia- tion with Ottawa Commandery.KkiKL. Streator. 1877. created Nov. 29. died May Recorder [880 to \^J. Walter D. Mow land. II. Streator. 4. 18. 1876: Strawn. j Streator. Jan. created still May [876. created Oct. 1913. Pilch ER. 1876. buried with Ma- sonic honors. capitalist. 4. 1. 1876. 2 1 1878. March 14. Center: farmer. died March 1900.

city council and : department an active and useful citizen . Deputy Sheriff.. 4O5 wa Avenue cemetery with Templar honors: was genteel and courteous Perkins. bears the disfirst tinguished honor of having presented the American Templar. Moline. created Sept. Mills. 1883. created 1883. George Abram. representative Marseilles 111. Captain General 1884. Commander and filled all was punctual marked ability. flag to a Commandery of Knights Arnold. . superintendent Gas Co.. 1891. member board of supervisors. Senior Warden 1888. attendance. Ottawa. 17. Junior Warden. 28. 28. & Q. created April 14. William Lee Roy. C. Ottawa. 1881 demitted Dec. Plow Co. factories. Captain General 1894. 1884. station agent. 13. 1881 S. Ottawa Warden County Asylum. one of the John Deere . E. 24 .. created Oct. 1891 and 1892. 1881 Warder 1882. a zealous Templar and 1896. 22. George R. Generalissimo 1880 and his offices with in 1887. Generalissimo and Recorder Commander 1886. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. general traveling Co. Captain Gen1888. Feb. Milligan. 1884. retired . Ottawa. .. : : 1889. 1881 Senior Warden 1882 and 1883. died Sept. and buried with Masonic honors and Templar escort. Webster Wesley. fire in all his actions. Sept. Lothrop. farmer 1881 . created April 2X. Farmer. B. 1887. Junior eral 1885 Sword Bearer 1882 and Warden 1884. . Wilbur.

1895. fitter Ottawa. grain dealer. lawyer. 1890. DunawaYj Joseph Newton. Clegg. [882. Captain General 1888 and Senior 1894 and Warden 1889. S. and Color Bearer [892. . 8. [895. MacKinlay. James. created June 2. 1. 1 [897. 1887 and 1891 . died Feb. Sword Bearer 1897 and officer 1898.ever presented to a Command- erv of Knights Templar. [882. Warder [891. painting contractor son of Judge Charles II. ii i. created May 1882. as an he could be relied on. [882. Nov. 1882. Ottawa. Warder 1883. Ottawa. 1917. E. John William. 1893. Standard Bearer 1884 and 1902: 1881 . [88] . MiLLiGAN. steam- contractor. [896. demitted March 12. created June 28.896. 1888. April r888. School teacher. Thomas 3. 23. [885. always punctual in attendance. Junior Warden 1911 . Sword Bearer 1884 and 1885. [892. Warder 1886. Senior warden [885. Generalissimo 1888. Captain General to 1895. SenWarden [886.:\i w. created June 13. 17. Captain Genera] 1883 and [895. buried with Templar honors. Paul. tailoring. [886. 1883. Senior Warden 1912. Teissedre.. ior Ottawa. Ottawa: dry goods clerk created Dec. created Standard Bearer [882. Treasurer 1888 1. Woodward. created June [886. 4©6 ( Til E KNIGHTS TEM l'l. Gilman. [887. William Henry. [896.AK. inclusive. Ottawa. and as such tears the honor of having received and carried the first American dag. Captain of the Guard 1885. Walter M. 1901 and . Generalissimo 1898 and 1800: Commander 1900. farmer. plumber and 30.

1902. 2. J. (). 1883. . farmer. 23. St. photographer. 1 Stormont.. moved to New York. March 8. dealer. John S. 'I2. Member . Richard. buried with Templar honors. Peru. Celestine. created Aug. Murphy. an honored and respected citizen a Christian and Pettit. Sheridan. Donaldson. South Ottawa. Rohrer. gentleman. John Stewart. 28. past Ottawa. Ottawa. 1883. retired grain Commander 111. physician. Jesse E. 1883. a true Templar. Halladay. M. 1909. Somouauk. 3. with [883. 1896. affiliated Feb. Rvbi'rx. [892. died March 101O. & A. demised March 1. firm Charles E.. Garyy. 28. created Oct. A. Feb. Corydon Cornelius. buried with Templar honors. 40. buried with Masonic honors. died Sept. affiliated Feb. re- Farnsworth. buried Templar honors. Printing Co. as Secretary twenty con- secutive years. 407 9. created April 26. No.. 1886. 1894. Ottawa. 1883. 22. died Oct. William. Sword Bearer created 1886. 111. civil war veteran created April has served Occidental Lodge. [886.. 111. Republican-Times . 1889. created April 14. 21. died Jan. dry goods S. Aug. 10. John's Com- mandery. created May [883. Ottawa. Ottawa. 21. buried with Masonic honors. Standard Bearer 1898.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. clerk. tired. 28. 1883: died -@et. 18S3. foundry and machine work. F. 1883. dairy farm. Morgan. Prelate 1908 and 1909.

1906. 111. [884. Nov. Somonauk. 30. E. buried with Templar honors. Daniel Fletcher. died June 28. . promicreated 11)14. Black onel 53d 111. 24. Prelate 1SS7. 14. demitted Feb. 1883: died March 4. Ottawa: political lawyer: Illinois General state oi in two terms. Mexican. 1888. col- in war until incapacitated by injuries: one of the early pioneers of the Illinois valley: surveyed Northern Illinois and the Lake Superior regions for the govern- ment.. created 1883. 1889. Louis. [884. 13. nent . John Fletcher. [889. created May 27. 191 1 Masonic fu- neral with Commandery escort. Ottawa: Superintendent County Asylum. 111.: [889. 8. 28. created Dec. Co. Sheridan. civil engineer: in Hawk civil and Civil wars. elected Attorney- Stead. Prichard. 1883. farmer . one of nature's noblemen. fanner: (>. demitted Nov. minister. William nent II.: Scheidecker. 1884. vice-president Ottawa Banking & Trust [886. in now promi- Scottish Rite circles in Chicago. creat- Feb. [883. member : Illi- nois Legislature several terms: created Dec. 26. Ottawa. circles: Nov. created March 1906: buried with Masonic honors. [889 and [894. 1884: died with Templar honors. Thomas. Oct. created is May 8. 1 1 111.}<>X the knights templar. Somonauk. 8. 6. died 111. buried White. retired Gibson. demitted Feb. Reedy. farmer. ed May 6. RohreRj Louis. Abel M. Ottawa. William Ottawa: importer and breeder of draft horses.

buried with Masonic honors. Hammond. Warren C. 26. 3. retired farmer: created May 27. Martin C. 27. farmer: 14. Suppes. demitted April 1905. terms. Alexaxder. retired farmer created July 16. 1886. on the Republican ticket when was prominent in 2. Ottawa. Charles. Generalissimo 1889 and 1890. South Ottawa. .. was candidate for Congress he died Aug. died May 24. 10. demitted March 24. 1885. William H. 4OQ 14. traveling salesman 3. importer and breedcreated Nov. May 19. 1885. Northville. 1906. Thomas Coxy. Ottawa . groceries. created Nov. 22. Captain of the Guard 1887 to 1892. inclusive. created June 1886. creat- ed Sept. Ottawa. 1884. created Feb. Oct. created Hanna. and 1894. and [896 clusive. Mills. Riale. 1904. Ottawa: Judge several created Jan. the stained glass 1885. created Ottawa: 1885: acted as Senior Warden 1886. to 1903. Watts. buried with Templar honors. Nov. 111. 1885. Hodgson. 1. farmer . demitted Dec. [908. John D. 1899. Circuit er of draft horses.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. McKenxey. Hammond. Ottawa. 31. Blanchard. crown and cross over the throne in our asylum was presented to OttaSir wa Commandery by Fullertox. Grand Army circles. Captain of the Guard 1893 13. 1884. S. . lawyer. 2. . died Oct. died May 1905: buried with Masonic honors. South 1885. retired. 1894. in- except 1900. Daxiel Charles. South Ottawa. Ottawa. Christian. Foster H. 1902.

1. Harry Earl. 1888. . Revenue 1880 . John Charles. Ottawa: harness and sad8. Corcoran. Barnet I-. 4IO P. 1886.onak. died Oct. Sept. demitted Pec. Farm Ridge township. Ottawa. Ottawa: farmer. Ottawa. No. PuRRUCKERj John clerk: Michael. as charter member Sloan. Dunbar. 1. 19. [886. [886. 1903. S. 25. Ottawa. Streator. dlery store. created June 1 photographer: 11.. created June 8. Junior Warden 1888. Farnsworth. THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. insurance: created June Pirkey. 1908. 1904. created 1. Simeon (in. created June as 3. moved to near Clarion. 1005. 25. 1005: charter 70. Wheeler. Willard Stanley. Sept. demitted Nov. William Streator. demitted Streator Nov. S. magnetic healer [886. Jun1904. Iowa. Warden E. coal Cherry. John Calvin. carriage manufacturer: created June 8. hardware and lumber. Commandery. 1905. 1904. [901 . Gay. [886. affiliated Dec. 890. Streator 1. railway mail created June 10. charter 70. 17. [886. No. tanner and stock raiser: created June ior 8. Collector. U. Streator. 19. created June 8. created June [886. S. Ottawa. operator. John Charles. in Chicago. Sword Bearer 1887. physician. ford. Charles [886. Chicago. John C. demitted Sept. Junior Warden 1890: demitted Jan. RocKwooi). mem- ber Streator Commandery. Ames. 17. 24. [886. No. 22. member Commandery. June demitted Nov. Streator.

Streator: coal operator . Benjamin Schmidt. Lctii er. Commander 1911. as member Commandery. 1. Generalissimo [910. Blanchard.. as Griggs. Oakley. coal operator event- 1886. Streator. F. July 26. created July as charter i. as charter 1905. created July 15. charter 70. created July as 1. eral Senior Warden [908. carriage salesman . Frederick W. Lukins. Ottawa . HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Milo J. creat- No. manufacturer . . 1. . member Commandery. No. 1886. No. No. 1900. 1886. 1880. [886. Marseilles . Henry. . Commandery. [2. Streator. Sweet. Streator. Oswin Hallet. July 8. died May 18. 70. Streator. 1905. 1886. . Los Angeles. chief of police created July [886. Streator. coal operator. Commandery. 1915: moved to Cal. Streator 1905. created July 22. bottle manufacturer r. [909. 1894. ed July 15. died [May *8. demitted Nov. Junior Warden 1906 and Captain Gen- 1907. Streator charter 70. H^ee. William Hayes. 1886. created July 15. Mathew William. ed July 29. S. Streator Bourne. created 1905. member ed July charter 70. Streator. 1905. druggist. member Streator Commandery. demitted May _'_'. 70. demitted Nov. Milton Eben. demitted Aug. demitted Nov. physician creat- 1880. buried with Masonic honors. buried with Templar honors. No. demitted Streator Now 1. Gay. 22. 8. 4II 1. demitted Nov. K>oo. 1886. member Jack.

1889. Streator: civil engineer created Sept. farmer. 1902. inclusive. Aug. 12. Hinkson. and July Nov. retired farmer. farmer.. demitted June 25. druggist. 2. 1905. Summers. banker. [891. ated Jan. Frank Thomas. politics. S. photographer. Ottawa. 1886. Streator. Cleave. Marseilles. [srael C. 1888: created Aug. . 1886. 1. created demitted Jan. Sentinel since [905. died March 4. Utica. 5. created Aug. Streator. . member prominent created National in Congress na29. and 1900 to 91 3. 31. 1900. buried with Masonic honors. 1886. demitted Nov. Streator. Moffitt. Anderson. [886. 30. Ransom. 2. Freedom township [886. Alexander. Warder 1892 1 [896. created Wilson. tional lawyer. 14. [886. hardware. Marseilles. 1887: buried with Masonic honors. Wi n field Scott. died Feb. 1886. 1886. 1886. 1914. farmer. Neff. James. 1886. Eugene. created Aug-. i_\ Ottawa. affili- [905. to created Aug. Cope. buried with Templar honors. died July 14. . terms. demitted Dec. John Francis. 30. Joseph Adams. Deputy Marshal. Aug. died Feb. Walter. 190 1 Rodgers. as member Streator Commander}-. Grand Rapids township farmer: created Aug. inclu1. 31. 30. Joshua P. sive. demitted charter 70. created Aug. . creat- ed Sept. 1. 30. 4i- > the knights templar. 1886. John Lewis. 5. ChIarles Branson. U. VVylie. Anderson. No. several state Reeves. 2.

Rigden. McFeely. Streator 1905. 2. Edward Clark. John Nixon. member Commandery. 2. Streator. created Sept. Niles Wynkoop. Sparland druggist . 1887. lawyer. Streator. 1889. & station agent. as charter 70. 1886. 12. 26. Streator 1905. Marshall. Shinn. jeweler. demitted Nov. Streator. 1887. Austin Valentine. demitted Dec. died Oct. 2. mem- Commandery. Ind. 70. demitted March 12. 1884. Streator. 1. 19. Streator. May 12. No.. buried with Templar honors. I. 15. 26. j 413 2. demitted Nov. affiliated March 1887. 1. created June 1887. 11. er. 1887. 1886. No. created May. lumber. 1903. Streator. as char- ter member Commandery. demitted Nov. minister. 1887. glass flattener 1. Timothy 10. created retired farm1. Modes.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. ber Streator 1905. died March tle works . George Morrison. 12. created May 70. Heermans. created Sept. Ottawa. Streator. demitted May I. 1899. demitted Dec. assistant manager botcreated June 2. Charles Howard. No. created May Davidson. . E. 1887. : Gapen. 1. Streator. Oscar Benton. No. Mitchell. . John Nov. 904. Samuel. created Dec. 1896. Smith. [886. May 19. created Sept. moved to 1887. Ryon. as charter member Commandery. as charter 70. I. demitted Anderson. 27. carpenter and contractor. 1902. demitted Streator 1905.

Nov. Daniel Ei>ward. Streator. train despatcher A. buried with Templar honors. demitted Jan. Colly. Henry. created April 26. Ruffin Drew.4- Smith. demitted Nov. created 1905. clerk . Marseilles. demitted Dec. April 28. [890. 1888. ed Sept. superintendent water works A. Streator. John Arnold. [888. 4 14 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. 1899. clerk. [887. died fanner: _'_'. Freedom township. created Sept. 8. 25. No. buried with Templar honors. mine manager. [888. 1 _\ [888. 1892. foreman. charter member Streator Commander)-. ScheyinGj John Philip. buried with Masonic honors. Ottawa. [888. 094. created Sept. 17. . 1SS7. Reed. creat- S. Ottawa. . [908. created [6. Daly. William Lloyd. created Aug. 1887. ECoeppen. dry goods [887. died Aug. F. demitted March [901. Streator. creat- Warder [888 and [889. Ottawa. bottle farmer. moulder 1892. Luman Seward. 14. Austin James.. Aug. 23. . Edwin T. Streator. [888. physician. T. Streator: . [899. created Sept. Streator. created May 3. 1. & S. 30. & S. Samson. ed June 1. 24. Bell. ed Nov. ice dealer. Albert Atwood. F.. as May 70. Sanson. 19. Jennings. 12. 1NN7. o. Recorder [892. T. died Dec. created Aug. Streator. 1 S<. JO. [888.. SteeNj Charles Hexry. 1. Fletcher. demitted May 25. S. traveling salesman now milling. creatdied Jan. Augustus Howard.

created Nov. William S. Ottawa: lawyer. Streator charter 70. James. Jan. 11. manufacturer. 28. contractor. Streator. 1888. James. S. William created James. March 14. Junior : insurance. demitted Nov. May 1903. Commandery. late created Nov. Bailey. William Kellogg. creat- Teetzel. demitted Dec. as charter 70. No. Griggs. Warden 1889. demitted Nov. Streator 1905. created 1905. 22. S. 29. 1888. tile Thomas Corwin. & created Dec. S. member Jones. Generalissimo 1897. 29. . 1902. created Streator. 29. Streator. 415 Stewart. manufacturer. April 1889. Streator. 1905. April as 11. member Streator CommandMarch No. 29. Stewart. demitted 1 .. Nov. tailor. carpenter and created Nov. 1896. 18. created 1. Cooke. Streator. Prelate 1888. transfer line. 2^. 1900. 22. 1888. 1915. Streator. maker. merchant created Nov. 1890 and [89] Tridell. Streator. 1900. 1. Clarence. T. 1905. hanker. Rosene. J. Jan. John. No. April 8. created Nov. John William. 1 Ottawa. Commandery. 1889. retired. F. 10. Streator. 1. created 1889. 1895.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. demitted Jan. 29. Ezra Hunt. 1897. member Sexton. demitted Nov. 1888. S. 70. Ottawa. demitted Nov. 1888. Aug. 22. 1. material agent A. 12. boiler William Batik. Williams. 1888. as . 1888. Byrth. 1889. James F. County Attorney Pre- several years. sand dealer. ed Nov. Ottawa. as charter ery. 1.

mitted Nov. cigar created Frank W. carpenter and contrac- created Sept. Streator created 1. Benjamin Franklin. member Commandery. factory. 1889. demitted Dec. Streator. as charter 70. Fisher. accountant . Streator. No. William Ellis. Long Point. Modes. 1890. Colhour. farmer. St. i_\ [889. June Cask. May 1910. Newton. 1889. . 10. ber Streator Commander)-. 3. de- 1905. Xo. Charles Christian. April 25. S. [889. Streator. Streator. April 8. 1889. Law. Waldecker. 1905. merchant 17. affiliated Postox. yard master. May 2$. Robert Watson. Waltham township. Utica. 1897. 25. William. demitted Nov. works: created 1907. Thomas H. farmer. Henry. member Com- mandery.416 THE KNIGHTS TEMTLAK. Spencer. creat- ed June 27. 11. died Dec. S. May as 1889. buried with Masonic honors. bookkeeper. 1889. 70. created farmer. tor 1. [889. No. Utica . Sept. Streator. Ottawa . created Sept. demitted Nov. Charles E. created 1.o. Streator 1905. 1889. Wilson. created Oct. as charter memglass 17. Streator . Clair. Samuel. and banker. 14. May 2. [889. No. affiliated April 1889. [9. dry goods merchant . charter 70. 3. member Streator Commandery. I loon. charter . Ottawa. 1890. . foreman May 9. Waltham died township.

8. Ottawa. 14. demitted Oct. William created Dec. post30. 10. druggist. Oct. . 1890. Sword Bearer 1894 and 1895. William Henry. 1. James. 1889.. Streator Streator. Gardner. minister. tailoring. 1889. 1910. Godfrey. ( Ottawa. druggist. created April business college 1890. Kneussl. affiliated May 9. 3. Streator. Ottawa. locomotive engineer 17. No. Free Press. 10. [89a. Ottawa. 189 1. Ottawa. Duncan. Hans. demitted Jan. George A. 9. John W. Streator. Junior Warden Hitt. foundry and macreated Nov. Abram Cross. master 1890. lawyer. charter 70. Forbes. Ottawa. Gustav. 1889. H STORY OF OTTA W A COM M A N DER V I 41 / created Oct. chine shop. 1899. created 2=. 1891. lawyer. organ tuner. John Frank. branson. grocer. editor .. in. member Streator Commandery. id. Streator. 1890. 1890. created 1890. William Henry. 1904. demitted Nov. 1889. member Fornof. created April McDougall. Ottawa. Captain General 1893. Peniiallegon. as Jan. created 1905. created Nov. David Edward. John James. 1905. 5. [893. 1889. 25. as charter 70. 28. . created Oct. 9. Sept. demitted) Nov. under McKinley 1. demitted May 9. Knowles. . . Forhes created Jan. farmer. created Nov. 14. Withrow. Tol and. Ottawa. 1889. 1. created Jan. Chicago. Gentleman. demitted June JIigbv. 1890. Ottawa. firm Carmichael & Boys. 2y. Commandery. William Herbert. demitted Dec. No.

2T. mem- ber Streator Commandery. LokKxx. Graves. Trenary. No. affiliated member Nov.. died May 3. 1891 demitted Nov. painter. May 7. Streator. . Streator Commandery. as charter 70. Streator charter member Commandery. farmer. 11. Lewis Lyall. demitted Nov. machinist. No. 70. 1. Myer. Ottawa. 11. 1891. demitted Nov. 1905. 189 1 . retired. Sword Bearer [892 and 1912. 1. . 26. member Command- No. [891. 1893. created Streator. 1. . coal operator. Samuel C. Sentinel 1895. RathbuNj Charles Hubbard. demitted Streator 1. Streator. created April 1891. Smith. I'LAU. as charter 70. [89] : Ottawa. Robert Courtney. 1905. John Maxwell. created [905. Howe. James Marshall. . HugganSj David 23. 1906. Nov. demitted Stew art. carpenter and con- created June 11. tractor. Ludwig Otto. demitted Nov. as June 70. Xo. buried with Templar honors. 1898. died Sept. 22. . created May 7. 1905. 1905. created May died in Chicago May 10. created June Streator. as charter 70. buried with Masonic honors. Streator. 1. No. as charter member Streator Commander). Streator. as charter ery. Streator. Streator. 70. engineer. sand dealer creat- [89] May 24. Schaulin. member Streator Commandery. Charles. contractor. 1891 demitted Nov. created June [891. 22. 418 THE KNIGHTS TKM E. 1. mine superintendent 11. No. Lyston Drewett. ed Oct. 1905.. 1909. 1891.

Colley. James Albert. and mining' engineer. butcher. created Shuler. demitted April iy. 1893. April 26. Streator. Streator. 1905. 1 May 1892 S. 12.. Ottawa. 1906. Streator charter 70. njoo. created April 28. coal dealer. Andrew H. Streator. [901. . 1908. physician. Hatton. watchmaker. Guy 12. created Nov. as charter 70. created Hess. May 14. Ottawa. Olmsted. created Carpenter. accountant. demitted Dec. created May 12. 1891 May 28. 26. 1904. Provins. Peru. 26. buried with Templar honors. No. Jacob Benner. 12. Sylvester Albert. 189 1 Junior . demitted civil May S. Albert Henry. member Commandery. 1892. Kopf. Ottawa. conductor. physician. 1. C. Hanson. created 1892. 1892. 1892. demitted Nov. Lisle R. No. Lou Commandery. 419 . S. Jan. Curry. . demitted Streator Nov. died June 4. 12. 1 affiliated 891 . [892. physician. created May 70. clerk . demitted Nov.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 111. capitalist. 24. 1. spector. Ottawa . as April i ^. created 1905. grain inNov. 12. as charter 70. Streator 1905. Angell. dentist . May . Charles Benton. Adelbert ThIomas. 1891 1. created April 14. No. Joseph. 1903. 1892. Streator. No. member Miller. 1 Streator. as charter member Commandery. 1. affiliated Sept. Streator. Blanchard. 1892. Jan. member Commandery. Clark Brading. 1. Warden 1893. Streator. demitted Streator Now 1. 1005.

ex- Mayor. George Henry. Clerk Appellate Court created June 13. Seneca. 9. Millington. created June 13. Wilmarth. 1892. 1893. created June 2^. died May 1904. capitalist. Generalissimo . Edgar Goodrich. Albert Frederick. Streator. Miller died town- created June . Seneca. John L. U. S. 1892. Schoch. E. carpenter and contracJunior created June 13.420 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. S. Jan. traveling salesman. Fredenburg. 1892. created June i(>. 8. demitted Streator Nov. Pruett. as charter ery. 1892. farmer. Milton. 13. created June [892. created Nov. Ottawa. Brown. 13. member Commandcreated No. Wedron. Ottawa. army. farmer. tor. 1905. Ottawa. lawyer. 1892. Duffy. [893. 14. Charles W. 1901. created June 8. Pope. man: created June 13. 1892. Warden [894 and [896. [893. 1901 buried with Masonic honors. 13. 111. George ship. 30. 1892. A. Julius Antonio.May. June 70. demitted Dec.. hanker. 19. Ottawa. William June Morell. Ottawa. buried with Masonic honors.. created Oct. since 1890. Waukegan. traveling sales- Ottawa. 1907. Freeman. Barber. Dylr. May 5. 1899. MacKinlav. 1892. farmer. Ottawa. W. Charles S. died in California Aug". created dairy farm. physician. 13. 13. 1. Christopher C. DaughertYj Andrew Jackson. 111. [892. demitted Beckwith. William [909.

insurance. Ritchie. Streator member Com- mandery. demitted Jan. Andrew 1. Moraiin. created [898. Streator. groceries. demitted Morris. No. 1. [898. Nov. James. Wilrur F. 22. 11. n. inclusive. No. Sheridan. created Senior Warden 1897. demitted Nov. Treasurer since 1912. Samuel. created Feb. moved to Danville. affiliated Feb. 11. Charles Philander. Nov. member Streator Commandery. traveling- salesman . Cow Dunne. Rector Cass. Edward 23. Warner. Hitt. Ottawa. demitted March 10. created Feb. Ottawa. Jacob r. March 8. cashier. demitted Nov-. as charter 70. created Feb. Taylor. as charter 70. Ottawa. ex-Mayor Ottawa. 24. created Jan. May 111. 42 T Commander 1896 to 1899. . 1893: demitted S. Heath. Streator. Yentzer. Grand Commander 1907. 10. Isaac. Richolson. Walter Bogart. 23. lawyer. lawyer. insurance. banker. Wignall. Van Skiver. 1905. 1895. 111. Ottawa . Ottawa: banker. Thomas. 1894. created May 1894. canal comaffiliated missioner under 1893. created March 24. March 1. Bawden.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 1894.. T900. created Dec. 1905. manager clothing store. 14. 1894. 1894. 8. 1906. 1894. Streator. 1894: died June 24. Ottawa. Francis Marion. 1894. Streator. 1914. [893. editor Free Press.

2. Aug. John. created Oct. 191 1. Carlisle M. Utica. Francis. locomotive engineer. William. Pool. farmer. 1913. P. Nathan. retired. retired. 21. 1895 demitted Wylie. 111. 1895. K NIC. 9. 19. created May 16. Camillus. demitted July 24. . manufacturer creat- Fleming. Hale. died Aug. Waltham township mem. Captain Gen1898 and 1899. [895 May 28. created May Werner. S. Junior Warden Ottawa. Bach. Streator S. Refior. [895. May 10. K. La ex-member Legislature Salle county. 1903. farmer. . Math ew William. piano tuner. McClure. Streator.22 Till'. 1902. several years . ITS I TEMPLAR. . created Aug. [894. John P. 23. 12. 10. affiliated June ij. Wright. Samuel U. Ottawa. Freedom. Senior 1897. G. 1895. May : 24. eral Warden 1896. David. created 1 I am mom). 1895. 1899. for : creat- ed July 5. ed May 2.: . minister. 1 celebrated 90th birth- day Jan. Ottawa.(. Ottawa. 1895. I895- Ottawa. Charles *3. Bird. merchant created Aug. Marseilles. hardware. Jan. Lawrv. Streator. lawyer. 12. 8. ber Board of Supervisors. affiliated Sept. created May 30. demitted Dec. created June l8 95- IIakmax. Charles Edward. 19 7. [osepb Freedom: farmer. 26. : 1895. 1895. 1895. Taw Paw. 1908 and 1909. buried with Masonic honors. Alonzo P. created farmer and capitalist.. 1895.

turer. Streator. Recorder 1898 Ottawa. as Manly. Warden 1898. 7. 2y. Brown. Streator. 2^. Yockey. Herbert. 1896. Gabkee. William Carl. 1910. Dec. Sheriff died 1897. Oct. Harry Lewis. 1902. 1905. J. created Nov. 1895. 1895. Junior Warden 1898 Captain General 1900 and [90] : Commander accountant. buried with Masonic honors. Samuel Hogen. teacher. bank clerk: elected Treasurer La Salle county in 191 2 moved to Ottawa. created 1895. Flick. Eldredge. _'4. I. Streator charter 70. Clarence Beeman. inclusive. 1897. Aurora. affiliated to 1900. demitted Nov. Sept. Ottawa. Herbert Allen. . buried with Templar honors. 22. Ottawa. Ottawa. 1897. Oct. member Commandery. Charles 8. 1897. 2/. dentist. affiliated . Richard Francis. 423 created 1905. 5. 1. lawyer. Senior 1899. lawyer. Berkley Gillett. demitted Streator. Ottawa. 1900. Warder 1897. 1902. Marseilles. Junior Warden 1897. Frank Young. 1895. Heidler. accountant. created April died Dec. Edgar. demitted Jan. April 2/. 1897.: HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. Deputy 14. 1 created Feb. Now i. Ottawa. locomotive engineer. demitted June 8. Judge Circuit Court created May and 1899. 23. created Feb. created Nov. 15. Barrett. 1. ex-Sheriff. member Streator Commander)-. glass worker. No. Knott. as charter 70. 1900. Charles Lawrence. Chapman. paper manufac- created April 1897. No. demitted June 2$.

April 14. Joseph. buried with Templar honors. 21. postmaster. Samuel 10. [898. John Joseph. died April 27. Marseilles. 1898. and sterling Pearson. member Board of Education of city of Ottawa. i. [910. Gen- Ottawa. Marseilles. buried with Masonic honors. Phillips. Salle count}-. Sword Bearer [902 and Gladfelter. created April 21. ex- member died Ik Legislature. Marseilles. Fischer. 27. created Jan. Ottawa: merchant. created April [903. Calvin Dallas. . April Ottawa. Marseilles. secretary eralissimo [902-3 and [903-4. . 1898. died Aug. Henry Lincoln. S. [898. of Commander member Masonic Board Control Masonic Temple. created April 7. Trowbridge. [908. druggist. Ottawa. created [898.. furniture and undertak- ing. [898. to. ex-Treasurer La Ottawa Banking & Trust Co. created May 5. Allen. locomotive engineer 7. 1915 buried with Templar honors. Sylvanus Sumner. druggist. butcher. ceptional ability as an accountant integrity as a citizen. Becker. created March Thompson. 1898. buried with Masonic mors. [898. Eugene Daniel. Ottawa: hardware. 1903. 2 1 . created . [898.4-'4 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. a man of ex[901-2 (one year). Frederick L. died Sept. [898. Allison. Ottawa. [rving Hjnton. hardware: created May died Nov. created March to. Arnold. March [914. _»4. (>. Elmer E.

. General Fullerton. life physician: 1898. his Ottawa. buried with Templar honors. 15. has earned the tecting the 425 the office of Ottawa. Junior Warden 1900. Nov. 1898: Standard Bearer 1899. 12. general man111. has held Probate Judge since 1894. inclusive. io>7affiliated Earlville. Senior Warden 1905-6. Charles I". insurance.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. Captain Sept. Herbert BIlaker. McKatiix. his records are a model of neatness and accuracy. created June 9. 1898. 17. created Captain General 1902-3. Bach. 1907-8. Charles W. Ottawa. Lardin. Campbell. ager and secretary and treasurer of the MarCo. created May March hanker. Recorder of Ottawa Commandery igoi to 1917. 1. Albert Thomas. Edward Webster. created May 26. Senior 1905-6. died 111. Strong. seilles Moline. 1898. 6. Hatiiewav. [898. May i_\ [898. city commis- sioner for several years. Smith. Generalissimo [906-7. Deputy County Clerk: created June 5. Tryon. Ottawa: 1898. . "eternal vigilance" watchword. William Dyer. created Warden 1904-5. created April died July 10. Robert Lucten. Junior 1901-2. 1900. as Probate Judge title of "Just Judge" in prowidows and orphans in the settle- ments of estates.: 31. 1898. livery. Ottawa.. Senior Warden 1900-1.. Ottawa. Clarence Edward. [898. Commander accountant. simo 1903-4 and 1904-5 Commander lawyer. 111. Elnathan created Dec. ex-Mayor of 900-1 Marseilles. Omaha: Pierce. Warden 1 . Sword Bearer [899. Generalis.

2^. Warden Senior Warden 1- Captain General 1906-7. . 1903-4 and 1904-5. 27. & P. Ottawa. 1903. lawyer. Gasser. Ottawa. Dunaway. superintendent public Cook. Ottawa.. Senior Warden Captain General 1905-6. rector Episcopal church affiliated April 1900: Prelate 1902-3. [902-3. 908-9 and 191 Vincent. [900. 1899. George Craft. Utica and Ottawa. K)l6.. Ottawa. J. S. R. Ottawa editor "Ottawa Times" 5.. Christian. R. created April 1900. Jonathan M. Deenis. Jan. 1900. grain merchant at 18. Generalist simo 1907-8. died Sept. Commander 12. Marseilles. Christopher schools. created May 25. . merchant. created 1900. 1906-7. 12. Ottawa. T900. created Jan. Weese. 1. Ottawa. Walter Ins.. Byrne. 12. 1903. 1900. George A. F. Ottawa. Harry G. 1900. 000. 9. T. Edward A. Junior [905-6. : Nattinger. Ekkkki. created May 31. in 1 affiliated June 28. 426 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. de- mitted April 14. Ottawa. engineer. FarraRj George W. 1904-5.l. merchant tailor. created Standard Bearer 1901-2. created Sept. veterinary. Generalissimo Commander Clipper. demitted April : 1906. [899. May 25. agent C. 16. Charles G. created Feh. 7. Ottawa vice-president Central Life Co. Irving De Forest. R. created Oct. Sword June Rearer 1901. has served as Master Chancery several years.

1 Ottawa. . Duncan. created Feb. Clarence C. 1. 1 901. Charles L. 28. 190 1. tary Building16. Fred Nov. Ottawa. Jamison. 1 901. Ottawa Feb. Ajug. oculist . . 14. dealer. John A. 1901. physician. Orion H. created April it. 7. merchant. life insurance. created Jan. 1908. Frederick E. Bergeson. created Oct. created May Howe. Enoch. Belrose. 1907. A. April 25. Commandery. created April 1 . Killelea. 90 1 1 manufacturer pianos created S. 1 Ottawa: druggist. 3. Palmer. George M. electrician. La Grange. 111. 17. Marseilles: traveling salesman. demitted Nov. Streator. 1901 23. No. D. . 28. 1900. lawyer. created Feb.. Mills.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Ottawa. created Nov. accountant. as charter 70. Hatheway. William G. Piiilo C. grain created Trimble. Streator . demitted Jan. No. demitted Nov. . 1907. 1900. as charter member Streator Commandery. 10. 900. Williams. Charles H. 190 Ottawa. created March demitted Oct. Glover. merchant created Nov. 1905. 1900. . 427 . William Yentzer. 10. Albert E. 90 18. Ottawa ex-County Clerk secreand Loan association created . Enos E. created April 4. Wedron. created April 4. 1. Streator. 1901. . 70. and aurist. 1. member Weaver. Butters. John. Streator . 24. 1901 grain dealer. 22. 1905. Ottawa. accountant. Ottawa.

70. Hugh. ice dealer. demitted Nov. Streator. Xo. Haight. George 11. demitted Nov. Streator charter 70. lawyer. [902. 3. insurance. created Dec. Xo. Jan. Chari. created April 17. created Ahlborn. engineer. Commandery. Streator. A. clothing. firm created Feb. member Streator. physician and surgeon. [901. Streator. died 1916. Schurman. Echard. No. Edward Feb. Streator 1. ber Streator Commandery. [905. 1. Herbert tion. 6. buried with Masonic honors. 1 . as charter \<>. demitted Nov. [902. civil 1. piano tuner. 3 1. i. as charter 70. Streator member Commandery. No. April 10. 20. Ottawa. S. Commandery. 1902. Eric. Scharfenberg. as [902. Burrows.. Ottawa: carriage trimmer at . George 90 1 II. created Oct. II. Isaac F. 1902. Moline. 1. 3. created March 5. clerk. as member Commandery. Larson . C. Nashville. member Hall. 1905. [902 .es March charter 70. Robert April 17. optician: . 1002. Streator. demitted Streator 1905. R. created 1905. died Jan. created Jan.428 7. as 13. Milton C. THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. Nov. : Ottawa. demitted Nov. Pirkey. created 1902. charter 70. Tenn. secretary \Vilev Browne & Building & Loan associalawyer. Thomas W. Streator. created 1905. created April [905. 1 : Ottawa. mem30. Graves. ex-member Ottawa City Council. Wiley.

Gatiss. George P.' circus. transfer line. switchman. for Sell's Marseilles. created Dec. Kiusk. created May 28. created Jan. 1902. 191 1. Streator i. John N. James R. Ma26. created Nov. Streator. Samuel E. created March 1903. Marseilles. May Jennings. Ottawa. J created iS. demitted Nov. member 8. Charles A.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. May 6. 1. created 1905. Hills. Joseph F. manager sleeping cars created March 20. Rezin N. 429 as 1905. demitted March 22. Streator charter member Ottawa. lawyer. No. 1902. George F. as charter member Streator Commandery. member Board 18. 1909. Bergeson. 70. buried with 1903: died May 7. drug' clerk: 1. died farmer. j Streator. Rowland. buried with Ma- sonic honors. Earlville. 1906. created accountant. T. of Education. charter 70. 1902. 902. 1905. 1903. 'Thompson. created June X. Streator. 15. 1902. as May 70. Bros. Commandery. sonic honors. demitted Nov. charter 70. No. farmer. . demitted Nov. Charles Dec. tinner. George J. 1903. 1903. clothing-. Freedom. as member Commandery. 1902. Freedom. 1. demitted Streator Now 905. Ottawa. Williams. Wiley. 20. William H. 1902. 15. No. Buss. created Jan. fanner. Neilson. 28. No. Commandery.

artist: ShaveRj Larue Perene. Hobson. Ottawa: stock dealer . 1908-1). 191 1. 1903. ( Command: RuTTEREiEi. Everett Henry. 10. 1904: demitted Jan. Captain Mont. creat- May 5. 18. created Dec. farmer.. Utica. Ottawa: created Sept. Samuel Wallace. 1917. Ottawa. 430 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. city waterworks : created June i . 5. 1903: Sword Bearer 1908-9. Stand[907-8. 1903: Standard Hearer 1904-5 and 1905-6. Cam itjell. Reynolds. was for several years auditor Illinois Traction System: created March 3. 1903. Philip Ottawa: dentist: created June 11. Senior 1 Warden 1909-10: 1 9 o. ed )ttawa : physician 11. Standard Hearer Geiger. Peter McGilyaky.: General created Dec. teller: now credit financial representative I Jnited Agency department: created March ard Hearer [906-7.n. Ottawa: merchant: firm Fisher & Myers: created Nov. J. Generalissimo 191 0-1 er 101 [-12. Martin Luther. Senior Warden 1908-9: General 1909-10.1 1 Sample. Ottawa: grocer. 2. Myers. Captain General Senior Warden 1906-7. 1903: deice nutted May 25. created Feb. Ottawa: hotel. Deer Park township. 1904. William Beighel. Charles. 1903: Sword Bearer 1911-12. i Hah n. 1904. [904. 1007-8: Commander 1908-9. . Marseilles: hank 17. RollOj William Harper. Charles. Junior Warden Captain 1 . 13. now and wheat ranch. Wendel.

physician. retired. Applegate. member created [905. Brooker. broker. Ottawa. 1904. Streator. 28. 1905. 20. created May 70. railways. Warden 1014-15. Charles C. physician. Blackstone. traveling salesman. Metzger. 1. No. Streator . demitted Nov. 1904. Dec. Ottawa. Streator member Commandery. 1904. 20. Walter Link. Robert Joseph. Albert J. Carl Joseph. Charles Joseph. 14. as charter 70. as charter member shop. Chubbuck. Generalissimo 0)10-17. superintendent Ross. 28. railway and manager. April 1904. Albert E. affiliated March 904. Senior Warden Gen- 1911-12. Paul Raymond. No. president Clover 1904. 1905. as Commandery. 1. Waters. 1. Herzog. demitted Streator 1. Nov. April 28. Leaf line created May 70. . J Ottawa. 1913-14.1 HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Metzger. Roberts. James T. No. ladies' created April 28. Streator 1905. as charter member Commandery. 24. demitted Streator Streator. Ottawa. demitted Nov. George John. grain buyer. created Dec. charter 70. No. 1904. 1904. created July Senior 1904. Commandery. lawyer i. 1904. eralissimo Captain General 1912-13. Ottawa. created Dec. 43 . created Reid. affiliated Ottawa: 28. Commander 1014-15. Captain General 1915-10. Nov.

I May [905. tun township. Marseilles. 1 : created May 15. created June 1. Lite Insurance Co. Byron Allen. I Bavxk. 191 irs.. . lawyer. 1905. [oward IIalsev. civil engineer. 1905. F. [905. demitted Nov. as charter 70. Streator. [905 demitted June 1907. Howe & Davidson 25. created Nov. created May 1905. No. oi. TrumbOj Benjamin Franklin. charter member Commandery. created . 1917. March as 70. Bradford. County created Nov. farmer. 1905: Commandery. Frank KJ05. Ottawa lawyer. Ottawa. Illinois Printing Co. Ottawa. Ottawa. 9. Day- ex-Sheriff. physician: created April 27. insurance: [3. J [owells. clerk. Streator 1905. Carr. Justice of the Peace. [ames A. created Sept. created April 1905.ktt. Louis. (iowKx. Richard Daniel. koATii. 8. buried with Tem- plar horn Dean. Louis. created 1. Paper Co. Ottawa. March U ) G ?'. No. 'kith Ik win. salesman 25.demitted Nov. . .432 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.. 9. Marseilles. secretary Central 6. 2^. died Nov. Ottawa. member Bennion. Mills. [905 . Streator 1905.i. 9. 1905- Mo. salesman.. Jesse Wasson. demitted Jan. Richard 2 3> J. Sheridan. Streator. Samuel Baldwin. lawyer. created 1. 14- Ottawa. [905.. William H. 23. Surveyor. Albert Arthur. created March . created March [6.

S. Marseilles. 1906. Ottawa. salesman . secretary and treasurer created Feb. 19 12. Feb. 1905. Marseilles.. 1 Marseilles. Weirick. 30. J. 5. Ottawa. 914 buried with Ma- sonic honors. 1905. Long. 1 created April 12. Ottawa. [906. Ottawa. Charles W. Tracer. R.. 1906. Albert John.. Chubbuck. created Nov. Albert L. L. 22. John Ottawa. Eugene. Hoffman. Sindel. 1906. Edwin 1 1 . president Ottawa Banking & Trust Co. died May E915 buried with Masonic honors. Blanchard. created May May 1906. 1906. 1. created . 11. Barnard. 433 25. 1906. physician. now residing in Peoria. Herman Silver. created 1. farmer. Marseilles . J. . 2-). fanner. Henry W. [906. died Sept buyer. William 17. ex-Circuit Clerk ex-Judge County Court. lawyer. 21. 19 1-'. Oct. 1 created . Rutland township. 15. merchant. II. lumber. created Feb. Illi- nois Valley Grain Co. Ottawa. ex-State Senator. . vice- president executive Illinois Traction System. Ottawa. electric engineer. insurance. and also Central Life Insurance Co. demitted July 913 . Ackerman. Emil Ottawa. Oscar 8. 1906. Johnson. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. demitted Jan. created Feb. Albert C. to. Ma v 9. Spencer. Bradish. 1906. created Dec. created May 31. H. created Jan.

bank teller: 11. 1908. 1908. [906. Cody. 22. Hupp. demitted June . Ottawa.. buried with Templar honors. April 11. 20. Dec. 14. created May died 1907.Marseilles. demitted April Peebles. Utah. 111. created 1912. [3. Galloway. Felix Ernest. Clyde Jay. 30. 1912. Barbour. 19 1314. Ottawa. Generalissimo [912-13. Captain General 1911-12. affiliated Ottawa. Freedom. 6. Ottawa. F. 19. C. created Mader. Harry Charles. Elgin. created Oct. George 1 electrician: creat- ed April 23. 908. Rabenstein. March C. fanner. 1907. insurance. John Math 10 and 1 as. Ottawa. 1908. Walter M. . Ottawa: master mechanic 1907. Erwin Ottawa. creat- ed Jan. created May Mathes. retired. [3. created Dec. George Grant. 1908. [906. [906. retired farmer. Herbert Lewis. Sheridan. 2. telephone manager. Dec. Clayton S. mechanical engineer: created Dec. student. created Sept. Sherwood. 1908. Commander . civil WilsoNj Charles Kline.434 Tlll : ' KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. custodian: created Jan. Marseilles: retired farmer. 3. 24. 1908. 13. 1907. Everitt A. Bruce. Trimmer. Berg. 9. Thomas H. 26. Ottawa. Payson. traveling salesman: created Feb. 1907. Frederick A. engineer. created Dec. Standard Bearer 1909- 1910-11.

Kuhlman. merchant . merchant. proprietor sand created June 24. created Malaise.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Grand Ridge. James B. . Reed. 13. created May 2J. created June Peck. Ottawa. Ottawa. Gustave J. Senior Warden 1910-11. 1909. Sheridan. [909. 24. Charles. George Jan. Cal lagan. 20. superintendent . created May 2j. Freedom. created May Sheridan 1909. 435 Dec. 7. 1909. John James. 1908. . 17. laundry. farmer. created Lacy. George W. Borchsenius. buried with Masonic honors. created May 6. physician. Thompson. Herring. created June works. 1909. 28. banker. William. Stockley. Charles H. retired. Ottawa superintendent May 20. Grand Ridge. Frank B. Ottawa. R. July 22. Frederick Beck. 1909- Freedom: farmer. Sheridan. J. Conger. Jan. Ottawa. April 1. 1915. created . La wry. _'4. Samuel Burritt. died Feb. 4. railway mail clerk. 1909. created Feb. C. created i<)Chj. Carl Clement. Ralph 1909. 1909. Sheridan. 1909. creat- ed Feb. Edward F. merchant. Eastegord. . court reporter. Ottawa. 1909. created May 27. S. Harvey L. created [909. 24. Ottawa: retired. Courtright. 1909. 1909.

Pearson. Junior Nov. Buchner. i_\ [910-11. lawyer. Ottawa. Ole Ottawa. where he resides. Harley 1909. Ottawa. Benjamin 16. ( Grover. Elias. titter. 1910. created Elder. Robert Charles. Lucas. created Sept. grocer. created Feb. 1909. 1909. 1909: Sword Bearer Ottawa. Brooker. eralissimo Commander [916-17. 1909: Warden 19 10-11. George John. 18. superintendent Frank Bruce. George Ottawa. Marseilles. . steam March 17. created Dec. 1909. now mancreated ager of insurance company. 30. 23. 17. 8. 23. Tummel. C. Ottawa. Gen[915-16. Ottawa.. druggist. Feb. [910. created July Davidson. : ex-Sheriff. E. [910. Marseilles. Ottawa.. Herman Haines. [OSEPH H..M I'l. engineer. Benson. Erb. member Legisla- ture created March to. Ottawa. Ottawa. County Recorder. created Dec. 24. F. Samuel Kansas City. created Vaupel. created March [910. retired: created Oct. retired: created March [9 to. 3. 7. insurance. >. Howe & Davidson Co. Gleim. [909. demitted April [914. Dec. PEARSON. 9.436 'I'll E KNIGHTS I'l'. 14.AK. Kansas City. Charles Paul. Mo. cashier Ottawa Banking & Trust Co. created '"eh. 2. [910. created Dec. [911. Joliet. Captain General [914-15. Carl William. 1909. reaffiliated bookkeeper. hardware. E. Lit/. John I F.

George L. 8. Axel. Henry G. Ottawa.14. created Dec. Freedom. . retired farmer 2. Ottawa. Tones. Bbignon. March Gleim. County Auditor. created March . Dec. created Nov. 1912: buried with Templar honors. John Hubbard. created Dec. 4. 910. created 13 Ottawa. late 191 2 Marseilles machinist and 2. 1910. John George. 1910. ed Ottawa. Heiberg. inclusive. died Oct. 1 D. author. Malaise. manufacturer. Mundorff. 1 . created Aug. telephone manager Serena . . Edward 1910. Peoria. merchant. 24. created Dec. 15. civil Farnsworth. in- ventor. 1910. Ottawa: grocer.. Maxwell. buried with Templar lioni >rs. grain. SiiiFELT. . 191 1 . created March 191 1 : Pre- and 1916. May 12. 10. Frederick W. 437 Camber. Sword Bearer [912Junior Warden 1914-15. Yen erich. 19 10. created Dec. created 12. : Goodell. Wedron. creat- March 2. Wilson. farmer . William 1. city engineer. May 1 [910.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY.14. died Ottawa. demitted June [913. Prosper 1910. Conard. 22. Serena. jeweler. 191 Warder 19 13. J. 1910. and 013. retired U) 1 1 . 26. 12. created Jan. William R. C. Senior Warden [915-16. druggist. 15. Fred Lamb. business manager and treascreated urer Peoria Musical College. Adam. Ottawa.

Ottawa. created Oct. 12. dentist. Ottawa: farmer. May C. Spaulding. Stocklev. Nathan 23. created May Reed. Morris. 1915.. McLean. millwright. created Oct. railway mail clerk. created 1. Charles B. J. . 191 1 25. Waltham 12. G. Ottawa. 12. Belknap. THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. electrician. Ottawa. 0)14. K)i died Dec. Lynn A. April 6. 1 Serena. Marseilles. Prafcke. Henry C. 191 Messenie. 25. . created May 3 1 Miller. created Oct. 10. created Oct. [911. Joseph P. William 11.1 [. 191 demitted Aug. township. . . died Sept. glass worker. created Sept. William P. Herring. 438 5. 13. Marseilles. 25. township. 1 . 14. Waltham 5. created April 20. created Ottawa: 4. Alexander. created April Daggett. farmer. buried with Templar honors. created May May 191 1. [911. Arthur Troy Grove. (i. Ottawa salesman . Frederick 4. [9. Sheridan. plumber. Ottawa. grain. proprietor sand works. IQII. farmer. [911. Storimkk. created April 27. Oliver u) 1 1 I. George W. Gaussin. blacksmith. [911. manager lumber yard. 1 2.. Charles B. 1916. Chester P. Blardsley. retired. Perry 101 1. 1911. affiliated March created i9 J iMarseilles. Sterrett. Newport. [911. Earlville.

Osgood. D. Louis. Ottawa. Marseilles: created Jan. Geiger. Carter. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. Reed. real estate. created March created Russell. S. lawyer. died Jan. 439 Royal E. affili- ated Dec. 2. 1. 1912. Berxdt. 27. Ottawa. Conard. Prichard. created Oct. created April 18. farmer . 1911. . 18. affiliated Jan. William April C. William 1012. 1912.14. plumber. 1917. 191 1. Glenn W. 21. importer and breeder draft horses. created Dec. created Feb. . and breeder created Oct. Stand- ard Bearer 19 13-14. died Jan. auditor. 191 Junior Warden 1912-13. John 101 S. John A. 21. Ottawa agricultural implement dealer 11. 1912. editor Fair Dealer. 1912. Captain 1914-15. Wilson.t. bakery and confectionery. Weese. 29. Simon C. Ottawa . Wh. Ottawa. Frederick 19 13. 28. George W. Ottawa. Ottawa.. Generalissimo General 1913-14. Utica . . 21. created Feb. retired. Crowden. 26. created Dec. farmer. Utica. F. David Roy. Edgcomb. 1912. 1. 1913 buried with Masonic Ray A. 26. Ottawa. Junior Warden Prichard. created March 14. 191 Arthur D. 18. 1. 1911. 1015-16. Ottawa. Waltham township. 1912. 1 . Commander . created Jan.. importer draft horses. Henry 11. Edward A. bookkeeper. Ottawa St. Waltham township. farmer.

Bradford. created March )i3- . [9] 2. Marseilles. Morris. Ottawa. created Dec. foreman. 19 1 2. Warder [915-16. [916-17. Arthur Lee. 6. John Ottawa: laundry: created March la. Ottawa shoe . [912. Ottawa. [912. Sentinel June n. P. McKahin. publisher. Spencer. Harry J. created April 25. affiliated created May iS. druggist : created Dec. Senior WardApril en 1916-17. Marseilles. Tyler A. Dale. William [8. created [912. May J. creat- McCarty. Ottawa: piano tuner. Ottawa. Stoessinger. Roe.AR. Fread. [913. 1912. [914. Ottawa . S. store: created March 19 1 3. James. ( > Ottawa. 23. William Shltk. Hogaxsox. Noah H. bookkeeper. affiliated April 25. '7- insurance: created Thompson. [912. 1914. 1913: Senior Warden [913- M loaf li \. Milligan. ed Nov. Charles S.M I'l. Harry C. [912-13. Fred C. tanner and stock feeder. 16. Carlos O. Warden [915-16. salesman and accountant: 6. March 17. Ottawa. 12. 8. 1912. '4- Jr. physician. Ottawa. Junior Warden abstracter: 4. Charles T.440 Til E K NIGHTS TI'. 1912. R. 19. created Feb.: Des Moines. created Nov. [912 Junior . demitted Oct. Joseph M. J. traveling salesman. merchant.

5- Sword Bearer 1014fanner Green. Villisca. . May jr. Harry 19 16. [913. 29. 1914. Hulse. and dairy. Ottawa: plumber. Clarence E. postoffi. tailoring - : created April 30. Parks. F. 24. creat- ed Sept. Dayton. demitted G. plumber iol|: and steamfitter. engineer and 1 oil opera created Nov. 11)14. Standard Bearer 1914-15. affiliated June 26. 1914. clerk. Ottawa . [9 3. _'_>. 1 March 11. George Nelson. 3. 1 Clegg. Marseilles . merchant. 1915. 1914: Jordan. Charles E. Colony. Senior Warden 1915-16. 1914. Ottawa: assistant 17. Samuel [ Ottawa. E. 5. L. George 2.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. Ottawa: machinist: created Feb. Charles tor : l\. Marseilles. creat2. B. Albert Henry. 1914. 19 4. Brenn. la. Walter Rush. mining engineer . William K. Ottawa. created April [913. Charles F. 1914. 12. Ford.. William 10. McReynolds. created April 1914. George C. Ottawa. created Sept. Captain General 1916-17. Ottawa. 44I Thrasher. minister. created Jan. manager Tent S. created Feb. Leverich. Ten Eyck. E. created Jan. Stevenson. Howe 5. electric engineer . ed April C. salesman . created Feb. 19T4. &: 1 )avidson press- man. Serena. Claude Cowley. affiliated July 2^.

Bert. proof Construction Co. Morris. Sword Bearer 1915-16.44-' THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.. C. Ottawa. 14. Ottawa: salesman: created Feb. Ottawa: electrician: created April [915. W. bricklayerj created May Ottawa. Ottawa. 23. Serena: . Walter Ray. traveling' salesman: created April 5. Standard Bearer 1915-16. Straw x Aldrich. 1914. (I. 23. F. Talbert L. Ott. [915. 24. 11. acting physician. 1915. 3. 20. Valley : Printing created Sept. affiliated Sept.. Ottawa. 111. Dec. 1 la. Gay. Harrington. 1015. 1915. [914. John Harold. veterinary. 1915. Clifford C. Briggs. created Feb. 11.. 0)1(1-17. Harry 30. William Sept. Ottawa. John Thomas. salesman: created Jan. 1 Sahlberg. 1915. farmer. 9. Edgcomb. John. Floyd M. 1915. Scoffern. accountant. 19 4. architect: created Dec. I lot. Mers. [915. BrandenberG. Walfred Chicago. created Feb. Chicago. Co. Des Moines. 1015 Sword Bearer Springhorn. meat market created . Eichelberger. Ottawa. Robert manager Pioneer created Fire17. Ottawa: 4. automobiles and garage: created Feb. 4. ansox. Warder 0)10-17. Ottawa: Ottawa. igi 5. 1915.. farmer. Illinois 2-. created Sept. R. Harden/ William 1. Robert J. affiliated Sept. De Lapp. A.

Francis Marseilles. 30. August. created Oct. Ottawa. 1916-17. 9. Warder . jeweler. superintendent Gas. Mich. 9. Yentzer. farmer: created March Gleim. Keeler. 191 5. Edward ated Z. created Dec. affiliated [915. created Jan. I9I5- Joliet . created April Deputy Circuit Clerk.. created Oct. affili- March Watts. created Dec. 1916. created Nov. engineer. Charles Arthur. Conde. . blacksmith. Ottawa. 11. Lindsay. created Oct. 6. Thomas R. created Dec. 6. Ledricii. created Dec. 1 Ottawa : automobiles 23. merchant. 19 16. Ottawa. telegraph operator. Frank J. Benjamin E. Briggs. Frank George. Leipold. Ottawa. 1915. 21. 1915. Prelate 1916-17. 9. Herbert. retired. Grand Ridge. Mercer. created Dec. i9 J 5- Ottawa. Clarence M. created Nov. Ottawa. Dec. Dale. Ehly. Ottawa . minister. printer . Manning. Co. traveling salesman. James C. Ottawa. 18. 1915. created Dec. Fred Smith. 1915. 91 5S. Ford. 1916. grain. Ebright. Ottawa. 191 civil 5. 2. 443 T4. 19 15.. Harry W. 30. 2. clerk. South Haven. Lester \Y. 28.' Ottawa. 23. HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. John Charles. Collins E. 1915. Kxaim'. 1916. Ottawa. carpenter.

Leox Frank.. 23. traveling- salesman : created Kxowles. Ottawa: merchant: created May 9. Carl F. created Dec. [916. created May Cullen. 19 if). 18. . April 5. retired: created May n> 7 1 : buried with Templar honors. [916. Ottawa. Ottawa. Ottawa. Sieffert. created Fruland. floor manager. S. Levy. Manuel [916. Frederick Weise. created 9. Ottawa: superintendent created May Beem. Ottawa: insurance: created May iS. ex-State's Attor- created May 9. created May . automobiles. Wilbur. 14. Ottawa. H)\(k . Charles ney. Fred C.444 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. died Ottawa. created Dec. Donald John. Ami 6. Lewis H. Sidney S. [91 6. dentist: Kile. 2j. Claus. Ottawa: 7.Ais. Arthur M. & Hamilton Co. druggist. 9 1 6. Nov. foundry and machin- ery. 1916. created May Ottawa: bank clerk. Nels Albert. created May 1 2j. W. K) 1 6. May Markeson. Ci. 19 1 6. King & Hamilton Co. 1916. Ottawa. Ottawa 9 16. Edward ed R. Clapper. 6. McLeod. lawyer. Ottawa. : Randall. manager United Telephone Co. 1916. Grimes. Ottawa.. 1916. 1 Ottawa. 19 16. creat- May 6. Leslie E. King 6. May 9. Oscar A.

445 created Hartshorn.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. lineman. 1917. accountant. created Jan. Ottawa. C. 1917- . Ottawa. Walter B. Lindemann. Jan. 4. Walter 11.

the privations and scorn. and the parting of raiment. —Joaquin Miller. be worthy! For a God was the price of the world. The stars brought us morn. stand far and unearthly. the price and the payment. And watered by tears of the woman. Are finished. What song is well sung not of sorrow? What triumph well won without pain? What virtue shall be. The Cross. . The birth. Look starward. or reached forth his red hands. has spread like a palm. Has spread in the frosts and far regions Of snows in the North. O brother. Where never the tramp of his legions Was heard.44^ 'HE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. and South sands. Be worthy. HOPEi. Has flourished. Free-souled as a banner unfurled. Be thankful. and not borrow Bright luster from many a stain? What birth has there been without travail? What battle well won without blood? What good shall earth see without evil Ingarnered as chaff with the good? Lo! the Cross set in rocks by the Roman. And nourished by the blood of the lamb.

is it 1 ? He said unto him. Master. 14-25. I will keep the passover disciples thy house with my disciples. Now when the was come. bread. of the twelve. is he said. xxvi. The Son of man goeth. do into the city to The master sayeth. trayed him. but woe unto that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It had been good for Then Judas. and they did eat. and began every one of them to say unto him. And they were exceedingly sorrowful. the same shall betray me. to sought opportunity betray him. answered and said. And the did as Jesus had appointed made ready the passover. as it is written of him. that one of you betray me. went unto and said unto them. Lord is it I ? And he answered and said. Verily shall 1 say unto you. Matt. Now the first day of to of the unleavened the disciples came Jesus. My time at at hand. 447 THE APOSTASY OF JUDAS Then one and the chief priests. Thou hast said. where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the passover? And such a man. He that dippeth his hands with me in the dish. he said. he sat down with the twelve. I ESCARIOT. What will ye give me.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. and say unto him.. called Judas tscariot. which bethat man if he had not been born. will deliver him tor the feast thirty him unto you? And they covenanted with And from that time he pieces of silver. . saving unto him. And as they even them.

~ a S-. f ^ ft tt • c o 2 .5 t~ re a. 1^" 2 hO r. S^ 73 o b at: S2So C C 5 •" i. £5-5 nZ a) a- •- — gd be ~~7 a* h "*" r-.•- <M •r- « E G 1 o ^ O IV. o x 0) S3 a> o— = •- c" a.O 01 o> — « Q * . 1 '/.44* Til KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. O it -~ t-.' s 0/ os sa •— r. <tf rj ai _f >: M ft ^ — * '- .z. E- ~ > » i M » h "^ B r! o> o o .

— /!NCE! The window beside in the it. TN'AAEMORJAM t^mr . is there naught in the unerring speech of silence To let me know your presence. mother. sunshine and the empty chair The loneliness that mocks me as I find the sacred place O. though I cannot see your face? — Grace Duffield Goodwin.


IN vV\E/v\ORJA/\4 . By the deep booming of the Templar knell.f ' I If mo*' ese Pages ed to the Memory of OUR TEMPLAR DEAD. We mark a Templar fallen. By the slow march that endeth with the grave. and sign. By funeral badge. and sorrowful brow.

12. 30. 1870 Charles P. Nov. alius C. Walker Avery Clark Oct. Colwell William H. McArthur Corydon C. July 29. Dec. 1876 1880 1881 1881 14. 1885 1886 Oct. S. 1887 1887 1888 May July 14. 1867 C. DeMotte Lothrop Perkins Washington Bushnell Robert M. 1869 22. Moore Charles H. 1886 March 4. G. TN AAE/\AOR!A/V\ . Oliver Cromwell Gray 1871 Edward L. Sept. 1876 Dec. 13. Halladay John Francis Cleave Asa Mann Hoffman John Lewis Summers . John J. Ryan June Jan. 10. .. 1870 31. 1884 June Aug. 1864 Thoman George Samuel . 26. Gilman Patrick April 11. 1876 Oct. 17. April . 1864 Stebbins Nov. Ransom Oct. . 1862 June 25..fv!NCES William Hervy Philo Lindley Lamme Wallace April 10. Herrick James N.1 E. 24. 29. 4. 10.

Oct. 1894 2. 1. 1894 1895 David Robbins Gregg John Brooks Rice Austin V. 24. . Follett Bull Nov. 1892 May Aug. 6. Gray Albert ' March Jan. 1899 1900 1900 1900 1900 1900 William Hayes Lukins Clarence E. Moon James Rhoads Charles A. 12.• 18. Mitchell March Feb. Dec. Tryon May 6. 1893 1894 Atwood Colley Charles Henry Steen Thomas Coxy Fullerton 16. 4. IS.iVlNCES Justus Harris E. Aug. 1888 1888 1889 Thomas Reedy Augustus H. 4. May March March April Edward Clark Modes Jacob W. May 18. 18. 20. 1896 1896 1896 1896 189S Arthur Lockwood David Batcheller Robert Courtney Myer Nov. IN V\/\EAAORfAAA . 3. Wiley 15. Jennings Frederick W. Dec. 23. 28. July io. 27. Dec.

Cameron Douglas Hapeman David Alpheus Cook William C. 1903 1903 Edward Ezekiel A.1. May May June Sept. 5. Feb. May Aug. Graves Daniel Charles Mills Oct. Vockey Calvin D. ' Sept. Nattinger . John M. 1901 19. 1. Dec. . 6.Winces George A.. 1903 Julius A. . Howiand Sept. Wilmarth Edgar Goodrich Dyer Israel C. 27. '-4£2~~ IN -AAEMORIAAA . 1903 1904 1904 1905 1905 1905 1905 1905 May Oct. Hall Louis Scheidecker Clark Brading Provins Samuel Richolson. 2. Phillips Sept. 2. 22. 1. 25. 22 1906 March June June 6 1906 1906 1906 4 24. 8. 29. Purrucker Freeman William Stormont Edward A. 12. John R. Jan. 1902 Aug. Jan. 21. 21.". 1901 Cope 1902 John Stewart Ryburn Charles .

1909 Berkley Gillett Barrett S. Jan. Thompson Louis Rohrer 25. Slagle Charles Christian Modes March Dec. Edwin T. 23. Samuel S. 1910 April 27. 190S 1908 1909 Frederick A. 1910 Sylvanus Francis Thompson Samuel Hood May July 14. 1906 David H. Camillus McClure Theodore C. Dec. Nov. 1910 1910 1911 1911 1911 Lyman Fisk Rezin N. Dec. Borchsenius Charles Schaulin Feb. 1907 1907 1908 1908 17. Pearson Reed 21.V1NCES 1 Charles Blanehard Oct. 31. 1911 8. 13. 28. 1909 May 10. 8. Nov. 24. 9. Alexander Hanna May Nov. April 27. 7. 24. Peebles Joseph Newton Dunaway George C. IN 'A4EA40RIAA4 *>>» . 1911 1911 15. Gibson Benjamin Franklin Trumbo Wilson Conard Sept. May June Aug. 22. 19.

Miller Dec. Ahlborn Celestine Rohrer Jan. 21 1913 Dec. July 6 Oct. Trowbridge March Sept. Jan. 1914 Irving H. 4 3 1 1913 1914 Rodgers Feb.Ebenesser Barber Aug. 30. 10 1914 5 Emil J. Willsey 1913 1913 John Fisk Nash John Stout Walter David Strawn Edward Henry Smith Joshua P. 25 1916 Jan. Jan. 23 1917 Feb. 17 1917 Thomas Lardin Ami Manuel Markeson Albert March April 31 1917 5 1917 rM'MEMORIAM . 12 1914 Walter Briggs Titus Joseph Allison William Holland Sindel June 20 1915 Sept. Hoffman 1914 Henry C. 1 1915 May March 30 1915 George H. 1912 Royal E. 11 1916 3 1916 William Robert Maxwell Simon Conrad Geiger William Henry Oilman Sept. 1.

n him a scarlet robe. and set up over his head his accusation written: This is Jesus the King of the Jews. Simon by name (And when they had is come unto a place called Golgotha. king of the jews! And they spit upon him. casting lots. and when he had us. blood of this just person. and gathered unto him the whole hand of soldiers. and they bowed the knee before him. . they came out they found a And as . scourged Jesus. the people and said. and parted his garments.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. 457 THE CRUCIFIXION. And they crucified him. they put it hand. man of Cyrene. that to say. And after that they had mocked him. and led him away to crucify him. and took. Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the common hall.] Matt: xxvil. And sitting down. 24-38. see ye to 1 am innocent of the all it. Then answered and on our children. they stripped him. mingled with gall. and a reed right and smote him on the head. and mocked him. they took the robe off from him and put his own raiment on him. a place of a skull. When rather a saw that he could prevail nothing but tumult was made. saying. he took water and washed his - Pilate . hands before the multitude. he delivered him to be crucified. and put < And And upon when they had platted a in crown his of thorns. Mail.the reed his head. they gave him vinegar to drink. saying. and when he had tasted thereof he would not drink'. they watched him there. His blood be on Then released he Barabbas unto them. him they compelled to hear his cross.

i-io. And they departed quickly from the sepulcher with fear and great joy. And the angel answered and said unto the woman. for knowleaven. came Mary Magdalene and the to see the sepulcher. there shall ye see Him: lo. My brethren that they go into Galilee. In the end of the Sabbath. as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week. for risen. behold. x.— 458 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. and become as dead men. lie is which was said.wiii. THE RESURRECTION. and did run to bring His disciples word. it. saving. He is not here. and there shall they see Me. and. and sat and upon I that ye seek Jesus. All hail! And they and wni-shippcd Him. Fear not ye. I have told you. behold. . Then Jesus said unto them. and tell His disciples that Lie from the dead. there was a Lord descended from came and rolled back the stone from the door. behold. other Mary great earthquake: for the Angel of the I And. lie goeth before yon : into Galilee. His countenance was like lightning". Be not AIatt. crucified. and And for fear of Him the His raiment white as snow: keepers did shake. as He Come. Jesus met them. as they And went to tell His disciples. afraid: go tell came and held Him by the feet. see the place where the Lord is lay risen and go quickly.

Let his habitation be desolate. which was guide to them that took Jesus. i. from which Judas by transgression fell. and no bishopric man dwell therein. falling headlong. to be a witness with us of his resur- And the_\- appointed two. spake before. all and all his bowels gushed out. And disciples in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the about an hundred and twenty ture and said (the number of the names together were ). concerning Judas.— HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERV. that be might go to. called Barsabas. and Matthias. Justus. insomuch as that in their called proper tongue. Lord. and had obtained a part of this ministry. and. who was surnamed and said. Men and brethren. and the lot upon Matapostles. And Acts they gave forth their lots. the held of blood. For he was numbered with us. Aceldama. he burst asunder in the midst. have companied with us the time that the went in and out among us. and his of these another take. For let it is written in the Book re. shew whether of these two thou hast chosen. by the mouth of David. of Psalms. which the Holy (most. that is to say. thias. that he may take part of this ministry and apostleship. unto that same day that he was taken up from must one be ordained rection. Joseph. his fell own place. . And it was known unto field is the dwellers at Jerusalem. Now this man purchased a held with the reward of his iniquity. which knowest the hearts oi all men. 45Q THE ELECTION OF MATTHIAS. this Scrip- must needs have been fulfilled. And they prayed Thou. beginning from the baptism of John. Wherefi all men which Lord Jesus us. and he was numbered with the eleven 15-26.

The other disciples.Nk. But Thomas. and said Peace be with you. one of the twelve.MI'I. . John xx. And after eight days. the doors being shut. and behold my hands: and reach hither thy hand. 24-28. . unto them. there- fore said unto him. and Thomas with them. shall see in his But he said hands the print of the and put my linger into the print of the nails. Then came Jesus. and he not And Thomas answered and said My Lord and my God. and thrust faithless. unto him. THE UNBELIEF OF THOMAS. was not with them when Jesus came. it into my side. and 1 thrust my hand into his side.again his disciples were within. Then said he to Thomas. called Didymus. but believing. Except nails.— 4^0 THE KNIGHTS TI. Reach hither thy ringer. and stood in the midst. We I have seen the Lord. will not believe.

" was a branch. the author of several poems. Ottawa Commandery.' by Gray. from the 'Song of the Cable. in a finely written review. among which is "The Golden Wedding. Ohio. One who knew Sir Gray. under the head of "Gossip With the Poets. Gray was admitted to practice law in 1841 at Cleveland. and continued in the practice until war was declared with Mexico. fect verse is What may be called a per- haunting our memory now. 46 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. portals." thus spoke of him : "We need not confine ourselves to standard works to find the ring of the true metal. and left with the organization for the seat of war. Eminent Commander Under Dispensation. let the summit rest in light!' An August domain Tenants of "We the could wish this sedate man would bend oftener to lyre when such strains flow from his touch. of which Thomas Gray. First Cromwell Gray descended from an old English family of the same name. while the sea is asleep. Ohio. Sir Oliver Cromwell Gray. : 1 HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. And a spell is upon the tide. His father was David Gray.' "The same writers says in the 'Sea Coral's Dream' 'Upward build through sea-green Lost Atlantis Occidental elfin island. At this time he was first lieutenant of the Jefferson Grays." Sir Oliver The subject of this sketch was also the author of several most beautiful poems. . of Ottawa: 'Drop me down in the deep. of Steubenville.—— . poet and author of the "Elegy in a Country Churchyard. Let the base be laid in silence." Sir Oliver C. — home life's for mortals such as loomed on Plato's sight for races hid oasis.

D. OLIVER CROMWELL GRAY.. U. Eminent Commander Ottawa Conimandery. .4^2 THE KNIGHTS TKMl'LAR. 1861.

the day following the death of Mr. Gray. reciting his student in Ohio.. 463 During. In [868 Sir Gray was nominated for Con- gress by the Democratic party. Was of 1854. 40. and was buried with Masonic honors. his services in the Mexican war. F. A complete biographical sketch of life Cromwell in Gray. which would require volume of Sir Gray M. and during the war Major General of volunteers. Tresdav morning. No. under dispensation. There was a large attendance of the bar as well as many promient citizens. the civil strongest firm of practitioners that ever graced the bar of La Salle county. B. A. 37. Ottawa. would he of absorbing interest. Cook.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. and passed to his reward July 31. . 1871. Shabbona Chapter. although the district was strongly RepubOliver lican. 10. R. No. in itself. 1871. Avery & Bushnell. He demitted from the Commandery February _\ 1860. Knights Templar. A. August 1. his adventurous career California in the all early stages of the gold excitement. charter member and High Priest.the continuance of the war with Mexico he served as adjutant of the Third Ohio regiment. affiliated with Occidental Lodge. & A. and ran against the Him. and. he was defeated by only a small majority. M.. Sir Gray came to Ottawa in 1853 and entered into a law partnership with Washington Bushnell. C. and we a regret that we cannot afford space. No. commanded by Samuel R. Curtis. and was the Eminent Commander while working under dispensation. the announcement of his death was made in the Circuit Court at Ottawa. 111. and was elected Master the same year. afterwards Governor of Iowa. and was one of the promoters and charter members of Ottawa Commandery.. and then his trials and triumphs as a leading lawyer at the local and Supreme Court bar of Illinois. [856^7. and later was senior member of the law firm of Gray.

Tear- son. but so. Gray. lie was a man of energy. Mr. a office. like all the of us. either here or elsewhere. lie will he missed by your honor. as a lawyer Remarkable in all the brilliancy of his conversational powers.4 r »4 TIIK KNICHTS TEMPLARj the ct [mmediately after Judge Leland had taken his seat upon bench the Hon. they were indeed few. was not word of unkindness spoken between "I don't helieve that any unkind feeling- ever existed be- tween Mr.years was our he- a partner of mine. to now comes my solemn tint}' to announce your honor. members of this bar. intellectual remarkable as an equals man. true in rest all Kind in his engagements. former student of ours. Washington Bushnell addressed the nirt as t"( illows : "If the court please: the last few It has fallen to my sad lot within months to announce to this court the death of Julius Avery. Gray. duty. but his professional he had superiors. in the moment of excite- . For these fourteen years a I have to say that there us. who for long. as well as the death of William C. who for the death of both of lung' rears was It in whom we mourn. a member of this bar. in the moment of heat. Mr. and to this bar. the death of Oliver C. companion. practice. always at his post of Mis countenance was familiar to us and to the comto all those munity and in who were in the habit of assembling this court-room. Gray was an active practitioner of the law. in all had perhaps departments of the law. "For ewer fourteen years myself and Mr. remarkable lie if the departments of the profession. a it as a social and agreeable intellectual it may he possible to supplv his place. he will all he missed and deplored by parties litigant in this court. Avery and myself during the time we were partners together. Grav were partners in the practice of law. I will he very difficult to do need not say that Mr. and by As a clear-headed lawyer. Gray was in remarkable man.

His mind was cultivated in He was at home in the all the various fields of intellect. at home in mental philosophy. He has finally met an ad- versary stronger and more powerful than he had ever met before. but he did he was always prompt. know that to many all of us. more. at fault. he has met lentless many a shrewd. merit. He is gone! We shall go to him." "Mr. have had to yield to word was given. Mr. When he met a man in legal controversy he met him as upon the held of a battle. indeed the most of us. For this Mr. grasping. when the passed away. . after victories. Gray was remarkable. he is no longer a victor. his determination endless. 'To err is human to forgive. He never will again! He has had man).a stern conflict here. . Gray was a man whose here shall see him no his intellect was It firm. he 465 if may possibly have sometimes erred. to make full moment of excitement had all and complete amends for that he had done that could he said to he unjust. and unyielding. long may the work of ashes. all at home in I the various languages — they were familiar to him. In branches of literature his mind was highly cultivated. his mind was grasping. he would struggle and struggle when other memhers of the bar would apparently he discouraged: he fought nobly with his antagonist. keen and re- advocate in this room. We have learned many lessons from him. The blade of the intellect was ever keen and sharp. death has become his victor. Mr. Feace to his Long may his memory live. memory was seldom. if ever. The grasp of his intellect and his physical nerve The a power superior to his own. divine. went to Mr.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. hut he will not return to us! By the decree of an unalterable We who have seen him natural law he passed away. was strife the very moment he entered this court-room. Gray was a man whose intellect was not confined within the practice of the law. Gray consult him as a student does to Webster's dictionary. Gray yielded. law.

" assistance. as to society it his intellect survive. to cheer them. At the breaking out of the Mexican war. and them freely information which had accrued to him from long years of labor and study. Born at [82] . enlisted as a private in a in in 184(1. Illinois. first came with his parents to Illinois in 1834. Gray and asked him for gave it most would tend to reveal some of the features of his own case. to his profession!' Ever industrious. whose daughter he subsequently mar- . indulgfent and forbeariner. 8. Deer Park. July 10. ever hard work- ever seeking to develop and aid the members legal profession. killed at battle of Shiloh April 1862. he company raised by Col. He distinguished himself the battle of Buena Vista by his bravery and heroism. will be said oi Gray.466 THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. or information. particularly so was he to the younger members of the bar. but that he cheerfully and gladly. and an ornaof the ment ing. or advice. Ohio. and finally to the position of adjutant of Col. and may it be 'He was an ornament said of us. Lvle Dickey. Dickey Ottawa. In [845 he came to Ottawa and entered as a student of law Sir Wallace locating in in the office of T. and on the organization of the campaign was orderly sergeant. At the close of the Mexican war Sir Wallace resumed his studies in the office of Col Dickey. except when it Sir William Hervy Lam ml Wallace. hut was soon promoted to third lieu- made din's tenant. I say he was kind. Urbana. to encourage them. 1 do not think that any cue ewer approached Oliver C. his bearing towards the younger members was always kind. Harat regiment. lie was willing to assist even the younger members to give oi the bar. La Salle county.

Captain General Ottawa Comrnandery. . U. D. 1861.. 1862. Killed in battle of Pittsburg Landing April 10. 467 GENERAL WILLIAM HERVY LAMME WALLACE.HISTORY Oh' OTTAWA CUMMANDERY.

as if exit the left eye. For vanced his bravery at Fort Donelson he was commissioned Brigadier General. E. At this battle he bore himself nobly and safely through perils of that unlooked-for and overwhelming Finding his division assault on Sunday till about 4 p. He cheerfully yielded to the self to his of his companions in arms and gave him- country. The next day our troops recovered the held and found him unconscious. tenderly after his retreating men bore him leave them to him on the field. "For this almost miraculous preservation of my life amid such dangers I am . and motion of his linger pointing her to the peaceful Heaven The very last acts. Lieutenant C. but alive. Term. who had arrived the day previous on seen him. On the breaking out of the rebellion he was invited to command the Eleventh regiment of call Illinois volunteers. fell He disengaged to dismount. taking in his feet. coupled with above were his last acts. and for distinguished services he was ad- Major General just before the battle of Pittsburg Landing. and two His brother-in-law. to the care of his wife. )f his career as an attorney it is sufficient to say that was eminently honorable and successful. The ball passed from near the top of the its left the temple. but as yet had not at last A slight return of consciousness. liable to be flanked on either side he had just given command to his brigade commanders "to fall back steadily. a visit." to act as and while overseeing its execution the fatal messenger ear along sealed his lips in silence. to this effect. it ( THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. columns till the hard pressure of the foe obliged transferred to Savannah. He was supposed to be dead. bis >olemn written resolve after bis seemingly providential deliverance at Donelson.. m. his pockets He was immediately rifled and a blanket tossed over him.468 ried. Dickey. and to the ground. an occasional in smiling recognition of his companion a sorrow.

in [848 and [849. and at the time Ottawa Commander}' was organized demitted from Blaney Commandery and was a charter member of Ottawa was Master of the lodge exalted to the degree of Royal Commandery. General inan_\-.. the Masonic the fraternity. No. T. No. his in most respects above that of ordinary men. where they were viewed by thousands of his friends and strangers. and was High Priest of his Chapter in 1859. Morris. Wallace was universally respected. 40. K. attended by to the Episcopal church. m. 5.. life. in [846. from whence. July 17. in 1858. and a delegation of citizens accompanying them met the remains at the depot and accompanied them to his residence. 111. the citizens turned out en masse to do homage to his memory. .. F. under escort of Ottawa Commandery. m. loved by far naturally noble and generous. & A. and the Captain office at the General under dispensation. time When his remains were brought home from the held met at the Rock Island depot. always courteous. Tuesday morning. 111. 1856. Knights Templar. 37. Ottawa.. at 4 o'clock a.. The tolling of the church bells having announced the hour of arrival. R. M. An escort of Ottawa Commandery. M. they were laid in state in the Supreme of battle they were Court-house.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. A. Monday. K. was a model of manly dignity and honor. He was created a Knight Templar in Blaney Commandery.. T. at two p. No. Sir Wallace was'raised to the degree of Master in Mason and Occidental Lodge. and held the of his death on the held of battle." leaves us the consolation that he found rest in Heaven. A. and yet of engaging He had occupied a simplicity and unaffecting modesty. body was carried from which. April 14th. resolved that henceforth all I 469 am shall be the Lord's.. 10. Was Arch in Shabbona Chapter. No. at Ottawa. in prominent position in public La Salle county and held a high place esteem.


it \~\ for inter- was taken ment to the family burial ground of Col. near his residence. Wallace on the bluff near ly bis late residence. Wreaths and bouquets were placed around the tomb by 1 a delegation if ladies. which did honor to the heart and intellect of the living friend. L. II. to Alan must die some time. no less than the dead friend eulogized: " Tie is not dead but sleepeth. but do not imagine form so erect and manly may rest in the yet abroad workremembers him but Exalted in his manners and It is grave.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY.] We "On pressive. Washington Bushnell (a knight) gave an eloquent eulogy. and to few. the Knights Templar had charge of the day's services. At the grave the flowery tribute as well as the solemn appearance and knight- hearing of the Commandery was very imposing. Dickey. "If I die it is glory enough to die in such a cause." his grave! Look upon that he is dead. vet firm? . 1874." die nobly is a boon granted [Gen." on the north bluff. ing for good purposes and ends. H. and furnish no reason for regret. L. at Ottawa. and deposited in its last resting. A Heboid his tomb. Wallace": Decoration Day. after appropriate funeral services. but a spirit so noble cannot with the solemn and impressive cere- monies of the Masonic fraternity. "he sleeps the sleep that knows no waking. ({note the following from Miss Isabel Wallace's "Life and Letters of General YV. while the knights so placed their flowers as to form a cross o'er the breast of their illustrious though fallen comrade. "Then Hon. A beautiful white cross within a triangle of ewerat the foot greens rested of the grave and a cross and crown decked the head of the grave of the departed hero. as kind Who and gentle." 'Yes. Wallace's letter to his wife. "The Oaks. which were im- In the afternoon after the other exercises were finished they proceeded to the grave of General W.


in his 473 this leafy impulses? Look through him walking from that front door to yonder gate with form erect. whether carrying terial ma- upon his shoulder bluff to beautify an early home. counteance beaming with kindness and hashing with thought and intellect? Be not deceived. Oh! how the hopes of true-hearted friends drooped. to To it them and his country his death was a calamity. 'The inanimate form which his tomb confines was hut a short time hearts that ever honored our land. April. the name. yet he was Wallace ever. Mortally wounded upon the sixth of Pittsburg Landing. example. for looking again you see him not. how hallowed surroundings! how glorious. him . ' Can you not 'And here let me say to the widowed wife. but was a glorious fading into immortality. [862. like these faded flowers upon his his grave as they heard the are thousands mournful news! of those Around tomb to-day who knew him best and loved him longest. for here he see lies. he was Wallace still. or gathering laurels in legal contests.HISTORY OF OTTAWA COMMANDERY. forget your mourning. and pure grove. the Whether making up the friends in the social circle. and who yet liveth in spirit to comfort and protect you. or wearing upon the same shoulder the glittering epaulets upon the field of strife and carnage to victory and ultimate death. for a it is as familiar as household word. yet how sad. he died upon the tenth. to ago the abode of one of the purest patriotic He was one of the first volunteer in the Mexican war and won unextinguishable officer in the First United States regiAt the breaking out of the rebellion he was the first 1 honors as a brave ment. for what woman has had bequeathed to her a legacy so rich as the name and fame of him of whom I speak. of our citizens to offer his services to the government. need not detail his subsequent career. lay aside your grief.




'Fearless and self-reliant, open in dislikes,



friendship, he ever

and truth.
his equals.

marched straightforward in line of duty As a man to be judged in private life few were Never was he charged with broken faith or vio-

lated trust.

'And now at eventide, as the shadows lengthen toward the East, where he loved to sit so well and from whence


we have often obeyed his gavel call, let us turn again to the West and behold his sepulchre, fully realizing" that the Grand Supreme Commander of the Universe has by His
gavel called our comrade to his


and peaceful



neighbor, good friend, true patriot and noble hero, hail!

and again


the concluding sentences of the eulogy

were uttered

knights presented arms and
their appreciation of the




dead hero.


the last

'farewell,' fell

from the eloquent speaker the trickling
love and respect which

and moistened eyes of the vast concourse of people
plainly of the

was gathered

there to pay tribute to the


of the fallen patriot.

"After the ceremony

at the

grave the knights visited Mrs.


at her residence

and by words of comfort renewed

the assurances of their sympathy.


years before the Knights Templar had presented

Mrs. Wallace with a beautiful

painting of her husband

(a duplicate of which hangs in the entrance to the asylum



Ottawa Commandery Author), thus showing their reand esteem for her no less than the loving memory
"For many years Mrs. Wallace had
a desire to place

held of her husband.


memorial window


the church at




her husband.

She gave much thought

to the subject, visitin






country and


Glasgow cathedral she


admired the stained






where the windows are exceptionally
in the




memorials given

years 1861-1863.



selected of





uniform plan

of illustration and harmonious treatment of the entire series
of windows.

The Royal Establishment

of Glass Painting,

Munich, was selected to carry on the work, and many of the most eminent artists in Germany were the designers of
the windows.

One window

especially interested Mrs.



the subject of the Resurrection, designed by

Professor Julius Hubner, of Dresden, director of the Royal

and one of the

finest artists in


She made

a note of the name, and

when two years

later she visited

Dresden, called upon him. asking
artist to

he could suggest some

design a


for her.



him she would

like the subject of the Resurrection, but as

her means were

limited she feared she could not have a design so elaborate.

"Professor Hubner became very much interested



and her project and offered


undertake the work himself.


he would like to have some of his work

America, he

the glass worker.

would charge nothing for it, only for the mechancal part of His work consisted principally of large canvasses on historical and biblical subjects which hang on the walls of many public and private European galleries. Occasionally he made designs for memorial windows, some
of which were placed in the royal palaces near Dresden, to

which he gave Mrs. Wallace and her friends the entree to
see his

work and


the interesting places.

"He made
for Mrs.

most beautiful design of the Resurrection

Wallace's window.

the figure of


Christ with the angel holding open the tomb.


the halo

around the Christ head


the text:

'Grave, where


After the

window was completed Professor Hub-



Wallace a present of the drawing of the


into the

window, which she has incorporated
the library at her

book cases


home in Ottawa. "The window was placed in Christ Episcopal church in The lower section of the window represents the [872.


ieneral Wallace.


was executed under Mrs. Wallace's direction by a no renowned artist than Professor luhner. The first scene


log cabin representing' the childhood

home with



[834 and the text:

'That our garners



The next

scene. 1840. represents the student's life with table

and hooks and the text



hold of instruction.'


and central figure represents

profession, Justice

with her scales and the text. 'Teach
pillar to right in this scene


thy statutes.'



Masonic emblem showing






The next



•Mexican war

1846 with the text: 'Thou hast covered



in the

day of

last one, is

the river at Pittsburg
the battle

smoke of

horse, with the text: 'In

picture, and the Landing with boats and in the distance, and the riderless have put my trust. I the Lord

The lower

not fear what flesh can do unto me.'

hi the

in full

corner of this same picture

a beautiful

oak tree

vigor riven with lightning and broken

twain; cling to


a vine

with the text:



not mine,


The oak
in his

tree representing the vigorous




prime; the vine, the
in life


love remaining the





of this

in beautiful stained glass is

pictured the blessed

truth of a risen

beyond the sorrows and disappointments

patriots find a

life, where the noble deed of heroes and reward more exalted than the plaudits of

their fellowmen, for a country saved in
self-sacrifice and exalted patriotism."

entirety by noble




General T. Thomas Edward

E. G.


adorns the wall



Ransom, whose porof our asylum, was horn at Norwich, 1834. where he was educated for the

profession of a



On coming
to Chicago,

west he settled



removed thence
Fayette county

and was engaged




war broke out. Enlisting in the volunteer service of the army, he was at once elected Major, and soon after was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel of the Eleventh
the civil





which he






Fort Donelson, and where he was wounded.
after the battle he


of Shiloh.

of his regiment

was commissioned Colonel, and while in was again wounded at the battle

In June of 1862 he became chief of Gen. McClernand's

and Inspector-General of Volunteers, and the following

year distinguished himself at the siege of Vicksburg.


more than ordinary abilwas conspicuously demonstrated in Ranks' Red River expedition, and where he was again severely wounded at Sabine Cross Roads. In acknowledgment of his superior promoted to the command of the ability he was finally Seventeenth Arm}- Corps. While thus his brilliant fame was attracting the attention of his country he was attacked with camp dysentery and died near Rome, Ga., )ctober 20, [864,

Ransom was


loved and lamented by comrades and friends.

He was
T. E. G.



Ottawa Commander}- July
cause of his country the

23, [864,

in consideration of the

eminent services of Sir Knight


in the


ery declined to accept from him the usual fee for conferring
the orders of knisrhthood.






[861, and

Ottawa Commandery, No. m, EC. T., (ulv Eminent Commander [867; died at Omaha,

Xeb., June



He demitted from Ottawa Commandery October 22, [867, and was a charter member of St. John's Commandery,


Peru. Illinois.
for St. John's

The dispensation

Commandery, No.


was issued to Em. Sir George W. Lininger, Commander; Sir George Emerson, Generalissimo, and Sir David A. Conk,




Em. Sir Lininger was active in other Masonic bodies and was Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Illinois in 1868. On account of poor health he
removed from Peru. 111., where he had resided since 1848, when he came to Illinois from Franklin county, Pa., where he was horn December 14, 1834. to Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Grand Masonic bodies of Iowa, having been Grand Senior Warden in the Grand Lodge and Deputy Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery and Grand Captain of the Guard of the Grand Council, and would have undoubtedly presided over these Grand bodies of Iowa had he remained within their jurisdiction.
active in the

He was

On January




removed work prompted
1874. he



Xeb.. where

in that. state in all in Illinois


ters pertaining to

our institutions as did

and Iowa.

Aside from these duties
with his

— which







discharging the minor, but equally
chapters, councils




and com-

manderies as


drill-master and expounder of
011 a


sonic jurisprudence

— he carried


and remunerextensive

implement business and found time


Europe and other countries.


established the


Lininger Art Gallery


Omaha and

and wealth, and
attained in his



gave to it much time proud of the prominence he had



citizen of integrity,

crowned with Masonic,


and social honors, proving the respect and confidence of his
fellow citizens.

Honors worthily worn,



served, and confidence never betrayed.

Peace to his ashes!










Accidental Lodge,

No. 40, A.


A. M.. Oc-

tober [3, [879. Exalted in Shabbona Chapter, No. 37. R. A. M.. December 17. 1X71). Passed the Circle of Perfection

Oriental Council, No. 63,








a Knight Templar and Knight of Malta in Ottawa Commandery, No. 10, K. T., April _>S, [881. Constituted a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 32' in Oriental Consistory. Valley of Chicago, October 7. Crowned [881. Sovereign Grand Inspector General. 33d and last degree A. A. S. R., at Providence, R. I., Sept. 20, 1SS7. Master Occidental Lodge, No. 40. A. F. & A. M., [885 to [887, in-



to S.



Shabbona Chapter,





[887, inclusive.

Master Oriental Council. No. 63, R.

M.. [883 to [887, inclusive.

& Commander Ottawa Com-

10, K. T., 1886, [887, [89] and [892. Grand High Priest Grand Chapter, R. A. M., [895. Grand Master Grand Council, R. & S. M., 1899. District Deputy Grand

mandery, No.

Master, ninth Masonic


[885, [886, [887, [888, [896
Illinois Ala-





of the

Board of Trustees

sonic Orphans'


in membership No. Illinois Masonic Home for Aged Masons for several years. Honorary member Fortitude Lodge, No. 47, La Grange, Ky. Representative of the Grand Lodge. South Australia, near the ('.rand Lodge of Illinois, with the honorary rank of Past Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of South lias represented the Grand Chapter Australia since [886. of Quebec near the Grand Chapter of Illinois and the Grand Council, R. & S. M.. near the Grand Council of [llinois, for

[886 to [891, inclusive, holding lite said home. Second Vice-President

several years.

Lodge, Xo. 40, A.

Author of the "White Apron," a History of Occidental F. & A. M.. and the "Knights Templar," history of Ottawa Commandery, Xo. 10, Knights Tem-

















— ELobe

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