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believe that this Catalogue contains particulars, not only most extensive, but also of the most valuable collection

of Armorial
for sale.

and Historical Bookbindings that has ever occurred


is the number of bound volumes by the world's greatest binders, and, moreover, all the books in this Collection are remarkable for


important feature of this Catalogue

their fine preservation.


desire to direct attention to the

very choice examples from the cabinets


Adelaide (Madame) Aguesseau (Chancellor






152 112
49, 50

Cambaceres (Prince de)


of Austria

. .



Barry (Madame du) Barry (Jean du)

159 146

Caraman (Comte de) Catherine of Aragon
Chalon (Vialard, Bishop o f)
. . ,

29 88




Charles II




Ben Jonson
Bourbon (Chas. de, Cardinal) Bourbon (Henri de) Buckingham (Geo. Villiers,






69 20


9 48

Charlotte (Queen)




Clement XI (Pope) Clement XIII (Pope) Cobentzel (Comte de)



Butler (Bishop)


. . tender") Francis I P'rederick the Great 136 La Reynie (N.. .. (Fr.. 67 54 155 . 128 ... . NO. .. 44 100. de) de) . Bishop of Nismes) Fleury (Cardinal de) Fouquet (Marquise de) Grolier) 33. 123 Fouquet-Belle-Isle . .IV FOREWORD NO.. 35 105 200 125 17 15 Henry VIII Henry.. . t/ie Poet) Derwentvvater (3rd Earl of) Dibdin (T. H.. . . 32 Grolier 124 195 Guise (Chas. loi Lomdnie (L. 70 de) . Prince of Wales Henri II Henri III Henri IV Henri IV and Gabrielle d'Estrees . .. Davies (John. . . . . . 24 87 55 13 62 Henrietta Maria (Queen of Two . de) Coligny 28 61 Conde (Claire Clementine de) Conde (le Grand) 64. . . 4 42 7. 21 .. . 199 16 Ligne (Prince de) Locke (John) . Marquise de) . . Charles Dreux (Catherine Ang^lique.. 8 Edward VI Elizabeth (Queen) ...) . .. George III George IV Goulx de la Berchere (Le. . Bishop of Narbonne) Gramont (Duchesse de) Gray (Thos. F.) 113 Cranmer 3 . 169 . 23 Elizabeth de France . . Eugene de Savoie Evelyn (John) Ferdinand I of the lies 108 Sici- ^^ iii Henrietta Charles Anne I) of England . . Polish (Esprit.) Dickens. 190. . . Cardinal de) 74 98 22 . Hoby (Sir Thos.. 157 189 89 150 137 i . 65 Conde (Prince de) 156 Congreve (Wm. Frederick William IV Frobishcr (Martin) Gentian . t/te Fitzjames (Due de) Fl^chier 132 71 Hoym James James James (Comte I de.. 191 Eu (Comte d') . t/ie Poet) . 129 .. La Val (Marie G. . .. George George I II 117 Longpierre (Baron de) Lorraine (Louis. 96 158 120 5 II 34 72 III (the "Old Pre122. Comte 73. .. Due de) Harley (Robert) .. . .

Marlborough (Sarah. 104 75. . . Matthaeius (Cardinal Hier56 11 ^'f Pembroke Earl of) (Wm. Due .FOREWORD NO. M.. Sheffield the Poet). d') . Duchess of) 102 and Adelaide de Bourbon-Penthievre 165. d'). Nodier (Charles) 198 Northumberland (Henry Percy. brother of Louis Philip II Philip 57 86 XIV 85 12 118. . " La Grande Mademoiselle " . . . 47 Mulgrave (Lord. 119 V 68 Pius VI 139 . 164 . Due d') The " wicked " Regent 115 Paulmy (Marquis de) 145 . Archduke of Philippe de France. .. .. Herbert. Duchesse de). Egalite^ J. Earl of) . J. . .26 Maria Theresa (Empress) 138 Marie Adelaide Clotilde de France 184 Marie Antoinette 181 Marie Josephe de Saxe 151 Marie Leczinska 131 Marie Therese de Savoie (Queen of Charles X) 183 . . Louis XIII Louis XIII and tria 45. de Gonzague. .. Penthievre (Due de) Austria . Bishop of) Montespan (Marquise de) Montpensier (A. Marat 76 6 160 Orleans (Charlotte Elisabeth de Baviere. . d').. XIV Napoleon XV XVI XVI le (when Dauphin) 135 178 Nivernois (L. d'Aubusson de la Feuillade. .. Philippe Due P.. Orleans (L. Anne of Aus46 71 to%i 133 ^(^ (Duke of Buck90 193. .. NO. .. 38 148 197 53 Peter Leopold. .. . . onymus) Maximilian II (Emperor) Mazarin (Cardinal) 51 Metz (G. Madame de Mansfelt (Count of) . Egalite 162 to . 179 182 103. Due de) 18 XVIII Grand Dauphin .. . (Louis Due 147 Orleans Joseph. 95 107 Marguerite de Valois 25... . Duchesse d') Orleans (Elizabeth d') . 166 Orleans (Philippe. . 194 inghamshire) Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis. 31 Maintenon. Orleans (Louis Philippe. Louise d'Orleans..

. 36 97 180 114 41 84 63 121 Ventadour (Duchesse de) Verrue (Comtesse de) Victoire .. 154 Just (Merard de) Sancroft (Archbishop) 168 58 Walton (Izaak) Wesley (John) William III William IV of Orange William IV. NO. . . 196 116 Hesse-Cassel Reduced facsimiles are given of a certain number of the all bindings. de) de) Valois (Charles de) Vendome (Due . ... (Madame) . . 94 167 14 Seguier (Pierre) Sixtus (Pope) . . 39 10 V . .VI FOREWORD NO. Saint Aignan (Due de) St. Thou (J. . Pompadour (Madame de) Sully (Due de) to 30 19 27 140 144 192 106 Tasso Provence (Comtesse de) 170 Prysler and Hooghart Oueensberry (Duke of) Racine Rignac . but exact photographic reproductions of nearly of the most important volumes can be sent on application. 130 Sartine (Gabriel de) 149 . Sophia (Princess) Stanislas Leczinski . . A. 153... Landgrave of .

Pj-inted i^t red and black. Folio. ^160 CATHERINE OF ARAGON (1485-1536) et vestigiis POLICRATICI DE NUGIS CURIALIU 5 philosophom Joanis Salesberiensis. with her . with Grolier's Autograph on the Title-page. Calf.SANTA BARBARA GROLIER (1479-1565) NSTITUTIONDELADISCIPLINEMILITAIRE AU ROYAUME DE FRANCE. vice Veli'iun. Lyon. Grolier de Serviere was the grandson of the famous bibHophile. An extremely gives precious joint-provenance. Bound for Catfierine of Aragon. 1559. and the arms of Grolier de Seron the sides of the binding. Guigard an account of the only other example of GroHer de Serviere's library that can be traced.

exactly similar to the one in the National Portrait Johannes Oecolampadius (Johann Hausschein)." . . LIBRI DUO. He was one of the most learned as well as one of the most moderate of the reformers. the celebrated reformer. Cratander. that when they wrote well nobody wrote better. in a letter connection with the present volume a passage from Cranmer to Joachim Vadian (1537): "I have seen almost everything that has been written and published either by Oecolampadius or It is interesting to notice in Zuinglius. Catherine's library and an extraordinarily A splendid example of Queen rare provenance. by Fliccius. the remark of Jerome respecting Origen.riti^jh Museum binding ARCHBISHOP CRANMER OECOLAMPADIUS. 1530. and not without reason. Paris. And. is exactly similar to No. 15 13. but his great influence was owing more to his character than to his works. 4to. Basle. etc. This binding is shown in Cranmer's famous portrait. those anus impressed on and ^/ Henry VIII on the reverse cover. This binding catalogue. 1527. In postremos tres prophetas. And perhaps one might apply to these men. And I wish that they had not trodden down the wheat together with the tares. . Th. and I have come to the conclusion that the writings of every man must be read with discrimination. PEARSON & the front cover. CO. Wolff. mainly biblical commentaries and treatises on the Eucharist. and died at Basle in 1531.J. 8vo. 4to. Original calf binding with Basle. . was born at Weinsberg in 1482. 6 in the P. Archbishop Cranmer's copy. Gallery. (1489-1556) IN DANIELEM clasps.

The great interest of the volume lies in the inscription oji the title-page. transferred to the nation in 1757. The present book never came into Lord Lumley's hands. who invariably wrote his name in his books. PALL MALL PLACE The period. In 1892 the Rev. enumerating 42 manuscripts and 369 printed volumes." A printed description. Mainwaring 5^. who gave them to his son-in-law. Earl of Arundel. Lord Lumley. both connected with Cheshire and It also retains its clasps Lancashire. was bound by Roffet and almost certainly presented to Henry VIII by Francis I when they met at the " Field of the Cloth of Gold. It contains an early autograph. E. There are also signatures of members of the families of Stanley and Smallwood. or of his nephew. ^150 4 HENRY HENRY A This It is VIII (1491-1547) VlirS "FIELD OF THE CLOTH OF GOLD" ANTIPHONARY. bought a large part of his Hbrary which thus became part of the Royal Library." probably that of Sir Philip Mainwaring (i 589-1 661) of Over Peover. " Thomas Cantuarien" shoiving that it was originally in the library of Thomas Cranmer.5. can be seen upon appHcation. "Ph. on his tutor's death in 1609. binding is a remarkably fine specimen of the English roll-work of the which are usually wanting in such bindings. . The majority of Cranmer's books fell into the hands of Henry FitzAIan. but the present book escaped him. by Professor Bradley. Burbidge issued a list of all volumes known from Cranmer's collection. Cheshire. believed to be absolutely the finest Renaissance binding in the world. superb Manuscript with lovely miniatures attributed to Fra Benedetto. of this wonderful volume with a full-size coloured reproduction of the beautiful binding. Lord Lumley was tutor to Prince Henry who.

The first book. " De Linguae " is the original edition of Erasmus' translation of the great philologist's (Theodore Gaza) second book of Grammar. livres sont chaque livre a un titre separe. Bound i7t a magnificent Mosaic binding for Peter Ernest. 15 18. Louis XII. Algid. et Parisiis.' and herFrancis I. 15 18. — '' '' The tools employed by the binder upon this volume were also used to decorate the bindings of his predecessor. iniiie Louvanii apud Theodoricu Martinu7n Ahistensem. PEARSON & CO. abeilles'. 6 COUNT OF MANSFELT (1517-1604) VINCENT DE BEAUVAIS." See Illustration. Count of — . Gourmontius 1516. Bound for matices libri quatuor (Grsece) 15 16. qui est fort rare. with the ''fleurs-de-lis^' " impressed in the centre panels on the sides. The " Litroductivae " is described by Brunet as very rare: "Dans cette edition. Erasmo Roterodami Interprete. Introductivse GramCa//.J. et les deux premiers imprimes en plus petits caracteres que les deux autres. In one volume. 4to. FRANCIS (1494-1547) ALPHABETUM HEBRAICUM ET GR^CUM— I Theodori Gazae de Hnguse graecee institutione liber secundus. LE QUART VOLUME de Vincent miroir hystorial Le cinquiesme volume de Vincent miroir hystorial.


r .

from the curious note on the fly-leaf states that this et Count of Mansfelt. library of the A most magnificently bound volume. The librarian of that college has written upon the title-page.'" Rene de Chalon has the written his name upon the title-page. " Collegij Dono Dnae de Chalon. 1607. Ora pro Ilia. A Chalon a vwti ajue Anne de Gros.with his Force m'est trop" and "Mansfelt. PLINII 15 19-1559) SECUNDI VERONENSIS NATURALIS HISTORIAE Lib. One of the most remarkable and jnost gorgeous bindings that has ever occurred for sale. Paris. title. Jleurs-de-lis and ermine. — tools . the celebrated general of Charles-Quint ("the Emperor "). with motto: "M 1 arms on the sides together'." Folio. stamped with the c7^ozv7ied dolphin. Francis I. i-xxxvij. £zoo HENRI PLINY. II (when Dauphin. collection. book " apertient a Rene de De feu gran pere k Later he gave princ et conte de Mansfelt Pier Erjiest. 15 16. 1627. Folio." This was one of the finest bindings in the Didot Soctis Jesu Nivellis. volume to the College of the Society of Jesus at Nivelles. Woodcut CAII Calf. This volume was almost certainly bound for Henri II exactly similar were also used to decorate volumes bound for his father.5. Bound for Henri II when Dauphin. PALL MALL PLACE his Mansfelt. Paris. and it is figured in the illustrated catalogue of that extraordinary collection. 4'"^ de ATars. 53 1.

635 CHARLES DE BOURBON (1520-1590) STAPLETON (THOS. Authore Thoma Stapletono Anglo S. coiiromd) impressed on the sides. De S. Duaci Ex officina Joannis Bogardi cio. 1588. by Clovis Eve. In Numerous woodcuts. 8 HENRI ARIOSTO. Calf.J. i6mo. TRES THOMAE SEU DE S. on the sides with a treble fillcl. Con giunta di cinque canti d'un nuovo libro del medesimo. /i?. post epistolam dedicatoriam proxima indicantur. I II (1519-1559) XVI. Summa rerum singularum Capita pag. PEARSON & CO. Olive morocco. . Bound. THOMAE APOSTOLI REBUS GESTIS. Thomae Mori Angliae quondam Cancellarii Vita. Arnoldi de Ganthois Abbatis Marchennensis. 1556. Botind /br Henri II (of France).^ Charles de Bourbon [Cardinal Archbishop of Rouen). Lodovico Arlosto Ferrarese. " Charles X" of the League. P. His adjecta est Oratio Funebris in laudem R. Doctore. the back also framed . ULTIMI CANTI D'ORLANDO la FURIOSO di M. with his device [H.lxxxviii. Theolog. D. gilt Olive morocco. Thoma Archiepiscopo Cantuariensi & Martyre. with his arms impressed on the back.). 8vo.

Written and Illuminated in gold for presentation to the Pope. "Superat candore et odore. within an oval. PALL MALL PLACE a simple gold line along the edges of the covers.1 5. was the first who took to this plain binding of Thou had first already begun to the title. the Crucifixion. written in Italian. The Cardinal. 1 5 full-page pen-and-ink drawings of the Papal arms. Poem. a natural surrounded by a motto. with his arms. the with a treble gold fillet. On the flat and bandless back there is hat surmounting the Bourbon arms (the lilies lily with a bendlet). and further down. TUS. the Cardinal's modern style. inlaid on the sides. einbkmatical subjects. etc. A portrait of the Pope. in Florilegium diversorum Epigrammatum Vellum ve- septem libros divisum. richly tooled. who died in 1594. ANTHOLOGIA GRAECA. Bound for Sixtus V." 10 SIXTUS V (1521-1590) MANUSCRIPT BY BARTHOLOMEUS GUIDDOand occupying 26 pages. Folio. stamped on vellum. edges of the book of the Bourbons plain-gilt. which De affect. . 1587. ^45 1 EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN II (1527-1576) STEPHANUS (HENRICUS). terum.

i. Caesaraugustae (Saragossa). 4to. name as He was born about 15 10 at . who in the fashion Vulteius. 12 PHILIP II (1527-1598) BLANCA (HIERONYMO). gilt. With numerous woodcuts of coats of arms. Comitum Depictas Effigies. Jean Faciot. VOULTE Xeniorum Sir INSCRIPTIONUM LIBRI libri libellus Hendecasyllaborum IV. 1538. (1530-1566) II. 1587. atq. is now generally known as of the times Voultd. the Emperor Maximilian 1566. in Regia Caesar-AugusQuae tanensi Deputationis Aula positas. An excessively rare provenance. aetatum capita complectuntur. Paris. PEARSON & CO. Sek Illustration. 13 SIR THOMAS HOBY (JEAN). Ad Regum Aragonum : veter- umq. Original gilt calf 2 vols in Simon de Colines. with his arms impressed in gold on the sides. Inscriptiones summa uniuscuiusq. with his arms on 4to. rerum. temporum. Latinized his Thomas Hoby's copy. II. Bound for the sides. The Dedication Copy to Philip II of Spain. is An original letter from the Emperor (with his sign-manual) inserted. Vellum.8 J.

w .

c .

John's College. Briconnet. issued his two books of epigrams. In 1537 he published a further two books of epigrams. It also throws a great deal of light upon the disturbances in the University of Toulouse. especially Italy and France. printed at Lyons by J. He matriculated at St. spent some years in travelling in foreign countries. though not of great merit from a poetical point of view. his The present copy the corners. Thomas Hobeiis Anglus. and beyond these he is only known to have written one small at tract.5. Pierre Duchatel and Guillaume Sceve. H. which has escaped the notice of bibliographers. Farisiis" showing that it formerly belonged to He was born in 1530. On the fly-leaf is the inscription "1553 mense Febr. son of William Hoby. and by the advice of his friends. Lyons.^4S . and frequently reprinted. Barbous. though little use seems to have been made of it by University. and was the second the celebrated Sir Thomas Hoby. and of which the only known copy is in the Christie collection in Manchester Lyons in Voulte was assassinated by an unsuccessful opponent in a law on 30th Dec. which were printed by Gryphius. when no doubt he bought this book. . He was greatly esteemed by his contemporaries for his literary knowledge and elegance of style. PALL MALL PLACE He Guyenne studied at Paris." first issued in 1561. and of the lives of his contemporaries others. suit — historians. His work. of Leominster. and. has much value for the small biographical details which it gives Dolet. is in the original brown calf-binding with giltfleurons at and a Renaissance design in gold in the centre. The present two works followed. as a lecturer at the College of Toulouse at In 1536 he was to study law. but died at Paris in July of the same year. Cambridge. after going through his course. in the upper part of either side are the initials T. in 1545. but gave it up in favour of literature. and went as ambassador to France. Later he migrated to Vandy-sur-Aisne near Rheims. Duchatel. He was knighted in 1566. most important publication being a translation of the " Cortegiano of Baldassare Castiglione. printed 1537. a funeral oration on Jacques de Minut. and in 1533 was engaged in Bordeaux. Marot. 1542.

A Joanne iji Lerio Burgundo Gallice Nunc vero primum Ruled red. 1586. is This splendid binding of the sixteenth century. See Illustration. I'ed. HISTORIA NAVIGATIONIS IN BRASI LI AM. gilt leaves. to the The Dedication Copy Founder of the princely house of Hesse-Cassel an excellent example of the best Venetian work obviously a notable volume. An is extremely fine and interesting copy of this most rare piece oi Americana. atque herbae. et variis Niunerous curious woodcuts. with the insignia in gold on the binding. and black. Above and below the arms Calf.'' with his arms in mosaics of green. reliquaque singularia et nobis penitus incognita. LANDGRAVE OF HESSE(1532-1592) CASSEL BRAZIL. Latinitate donata. Qua describitur aiitoris quaeque in marl gagnonis in America gesta navigatio. and back elaborately tooled in gold with floral arabesques. Genevae.10 J. Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel. nostris admodum alieni. 8vo. H WILLIAM IV. The Dedication Copy to William IV. figuris illustrata. the sides is a chej^ub's head in gold. memoriae prodenda VillaBrasiliensium victus et mores a cum eorum linguae dialogo: anividit : : malia etiam. . surnamed " The Wise. quae et America dicitur. PEARSON & CO. scripta. arbores.

14. .


and not quite correctly it described by bibliographers). Knight Lord of Argenton (translated by Thomas Danett). and was naturally led to look Italy. 1596. PALL MALL PLACE ii 15 QUEEN ELIZABETH (1533-1603) COMMINES. FoHo. and it picturesque way of narrating scenes and experiences which would impress Shakespeare. In the drama the author introduces the banishment of Mowbray. ^84 PICTURE COLIECTION PUBLIC LIhRaRY SANTA BARBARA . Imprinted Norton. This is the earliest English version of " is De Commines. that appeared time when Shakespeare had in hand his "Tragedy of King in Richard II. has the just at the point of powerful interest." The is impression of 1596 (which far rarer than that of 1601.5. and death there." De Commines. Capel reprinted a portion of this edition of De Commines in his " School of Shakespeare" (pages 201-3). his settlement at Venice. by Ar. whose manners still our tardy apish nation Limps after in base imitation. and with Venice itself. Hatfieldfor J ." ". ." printed the relations had then the following year. book in flattering colours. the Tudor rose sicrmounted by the royal crown. and he elsewhere refers to the " fashions of proud about for information concerning Italy. . sta^nped on the sides of the binding. Duke of Norfolk. between which country and England grown regular and intimate. Calf. Boimd for Queen Elizabeth. THE HISTORIE OF PHILIP DE COMMINES. who was describes the country well acquainted with Italy in his and the place was just that sort of personal. with her arms.

Frobisher. however. As regards the volume itself its preservation is admirable." fact that just as an interesting his friend Frobisher (in 1588) fought against the Armada. Palermo. On Wednesday the 24th. who. The Autograph of Sir Martin Froeisher (the great Elizabethan Admiral and Navigator) is contained in this. with Drake and Hawkins. when the English fleet was augmented from the Thames. MEDESIML 8vo. 1584. so velli) George Day (to whom he gave his copy of Machia- figures in the list of those Essex gentlemen who contributed money . later in the day he with Hawkins engaged Don Pedro de Valdez. Frobisher led one of the four newly-formed squadrons. George Day. "In 158S Frobisher commanded fight. and never before we had the good fortune to be able to offer one for sale. The famous navigator presented this copy of Machiavelli to his friend. in 1585. On Monday the 29th.' and Hawkins in the Victory. i6 FROBISHER MACHIAVELLI. very much to Frobisher's annoyance. his copy of Machiavelli. 21 July (Old ' Style). and the original binding is just as it was when Sir Martin Frobisher wrote his autograph Sir Martin Frobisher's aiitograpJi in it.12 J PEARSON & CO. gave their final blows to the leader of the Andalusian squadron. and at the same time wrote with his own hand the following inscription upon the fly-leaf: "To Maijster George Dave FFROM 1585-" his this book of Machiavell his woorkes grte (great) ffrende Martin Ffrobisher ve 26 March have is of stipe? lative rarity. ' the 'Triumph' in the great Armada On Sunday. did not yield until remains of the It is Armada while in difficulties on the shoals off Gravelines. in conjunction with Drake in the Revenge. Drake came to their assistance next morning. (i535?-i594) I (NICOLO).' he first beat the Spanish rear- admiral.

Paris. £2^. &c. Calf. As a February. Title within luith his VI (1537-1553) for Edward VI. with the monogram '* l & h" (Louis and Henrietta. PALL MALL PLACE Day principally 13 subscribed towards the cost of England's defence at that stirring period. woodcut border. his De Nanthoiie: wife) impressed on the sides. Due de Nivernois. Bound arms stamped on the sides. navigator. 4to. This is Simon Colinaeus' beautifully printed edition. .5. 1588. 1579. Calf Bound for Louis de Gonzague. ^150 17 EDWARD LUCANUS. et Duchesse de Niuernois: Princes Contes de Rethellois & dAuxerre. les (1540-1595) LA FONDATION FAICTE PAR MES SEIGNEUR Due. 12 mo. Sir Martin Frobisher is known to posterity by his three voyages in search of a North-West passage. in An exactly similar binding is to be found the Bibliotheque Nationale. 18 DUG DE NIVERNOIS ET DAME. 1543.

from Hibbert's late This splendid of the great Italian Poet passed from the possession of Professor Rossini (Tasso's world-famous library into that of Sir William Tite. From Tasso's Library. bel & pays estranges. ^200 20 CHARLES IX (1550-1574) MONSTRELET. The volume in a is in its old binding just as Tasso handled it. LE Venice. PROSE (rivedute da Varchi). exemple & de grand fruict aux Francois. biographer) to George Hibbert.14 J. This important Tasso manuscript has never been published. LES CHRONIOUES D'ENGUERRAN DE MONSTRELET GENTIL-HOMME jadis demeurant a Cambray en Cambresis. commenceant . I'expulsion d'iceux. and finally to the Lady Currie (better known under her ?iom de phime of " Violet Fane "). TASSO (1544-1595) BEMBO Folio. is annotated throughout by Tasso. Contenans les cruelles guerres civilles entre les maisons d'Orleans & de Bourgongne. This most precious copy of the great Italian Poet Bembo's works. roccupatlon de Paris & Normandie par les Anglois. but preserved morocco case. (PIERRE).& autres choses memorables advenues de Histoire de son temps en ce Royaume. enriched with his manuscript notes and annotations. 1525. The present famous volume was in Tasso's possession whilst he was confined in the Hospital of Saint and literally every leaf relic is Anne between the years 1579 and 1586. PEARSON & CO.




A» .

printed on large paper and preserved in a magnificent binding by Clovis Eve.5. Philippes de Commines. Oltre a cio. tutte le cose fatte da loro per terra. A matchless copy. & enrichie d'abbregez pour introduction d'icelle. gli ufficii. covered with the leaf fanfare motive of 07^namentatio7t. without doubt. richly tooled in 1572. PALL MALL PLACE 15 en Tan m.cccc. lxvii. & de Three vols. (1467) pen outre le commencement de celle de Mess. in diverse parti del Mondo. . etc. Magnificently BOUND FOR Henri III in red morocco. bound in olive morocco. fino al presente Sultan Selim II. and. Paris.cccc. . cominciando dal primo che fondo il Regno. Con le vite particolari de Principi Othomani. & per mare. & i costumi di quella natlone. III (1551-1589) SANSOVINO. in two. (1400) ou finist celle de lean Froissart & finissant en Tan m. Nella quale si contengono le leggi. Dedication Copy to Charles IX. The backs are the centre-piece beiiig a wreath of leaves. the sides entirely . ^300 See Illustration. Guillaume Chatcdiere. HISTORIA UNIVERSALE dell'origine. . 21 HENRI et imperio . the Probably the finest example extant of this famous Chronicle. de Turchi. ReveUe & corrigee sur I'exemplaire de la Librairie du Roy. Magnificently tables fort copieuses. i . Bound by Clovis Eve. Folio. gold with large panels enclosing corner decoration of a leafy fanfare design. .

porti'aits of the Duke and Cardinal. This most is figured in Techener's " Histoire de la Bibliophile. wood- CardinaT s tomb. in ab eode postea latine plenius expHcata. Mary Stuart and her Royal husband occur on folios 25" atid 94*. bound for Henri III by Nicolas Eve. He was assassinated at Copy. Printed on Large Paper. Ruled in red. Federici Morelli. 22 CARDINAL DE LORRAINE LORRAINE. of these two brothers. Venetia. ET FRANXISCI DUCIS GUYSII. with his arms imcut of the pressed in gold on the '577. 1573. woodc2it border. Francois de Lorraine. Pilois in The Dedication i 1588. Bocherio Theologo. This famous man (a first cousin of Mary. form an important page in the history Rffcremesio lives The of France. and Charles. A remarkable binding most splendid volume. Vellum. Title within funebri Oratione habita Nancij a N. Bound for Louis. sides.i6 J. covered with a semis of fleur-de-lis^ and having the Kings arms impressed in the centre of each cover and his chiflre repeated on the sides and back. Queen of Scots) was created Archbishop of Reims in 1574 and Cardinal in 1578. &c. PEARSON & CO. second Due de Guise. 4to." ^250 See Illustration. Cardinal de Cluisc. and zuoodcut borders to the pages co7nprising the epitaph. & (1552-1588) CAROLI LOTHARINGI CARD. Cardinal de Lorraine. Literae et Arma. Littetiae. 4to. I I .


c .

with the famous printer Estienne. this high found at the end of his books with the words Pietate et Justitia of the above work. the author of the Greek Lexicon i^Lexique grec). 59 finely e^igraved Bound for Henri IV in portraits of the Kings of France. a very extensive literary knowledge. works printed by Morel at his dwelling in rue Saint This to is one of the last Jean-de-Beauvais. He was the pupil. the title is — Charles IX's motto. In 1571 he was named the King's (Charles IX) printer. acquired fame both as a was descended from a noble family. called Vancien and a theologian. through modesty. — Morel. and was Mr. PALL MALL PLACE Mary Stuart 17 Over (their niece) and her Royal husband the brothers titiknoivn to acquired a real power. The Author and later Nicholas Boucher became Bishop of Virdun. and gained. and in 1557 the famous Vascosan bestowed upon him his daughter. D choses memorables . He commenced by Jacques Bogard. The vohime is extremely rare. but both he and Toussaint died soon after. he very rarely title is Sometimes. the bibliographer of Mary Stuart. doubtless removing more spacious quarters. of Jacques Toussaint (Tussanus).— 5. In 1581 the right to transmit the title of "the King's Printer " to his son was accorded him.\ Jo/m Scott. The solid learning of Morel now brought him to the front. title which. See Illustration. 23 HENRI IV (1553-1610) CRONIQUE SOMMAIREMENT traictee Heroiques de tous les des Faictz Rois de France. & des personnes & de leurs temps. for in 1578 he changed his residence. The printing of ithis celebrated work was printer printer The — — Federic — was preceptor to the Princes of Lorraine. title-page In the present copy found upon the Ex Officina Federici Morelli Typographi Regij — a very unusual occurrence. a used. however. at Paris.

and hitherto unknown. Attached to the library of the Vatican he was one of the first to appreciate the import- I . etc. PEARSON & his CO. This excessively rare volume. Gabrielle d'Estrees. notice of Mary Stuart. 1600. is was formerly in the The remarkable binding illustrated in the Didot collection.i8 J. by Duph-ac. ac Libri II..1 599) PANVINIUS (ORNUPHRIUS). tritwiphs. with for Henri W their joint device impressed on the sides. Ornuphrius Panvinius was a professor of theology at Florence. Olive morocco. Finely engraved title depicting Roman games. CENSIBUS. A splendid example of binding by Clovis Eve. /250 24 HENRI IV AND GABRIELLE D'ESTREES (1570. of ajicient Rome. with 1570- covered with fleurs-de-lis. An excessively rare provenance. Lyon. which contains a very early. Universa fere Romanorum Veterum sacra ritusq. DE LUDIS Liber unus. brown morocco. a vignette and numerous fine foldi7igplates of sacrifices andgames. arms on the sides. Folio. Bound and his mistress. 8vo. CIRQui- De Triumphis Illustrantur. bus declarantur. which are entirely Sm. Venice. Figuris Ad Serennissimus Franciscum Mariam secundum Urbini Ducem Sextum. Didot catalogue. Clement Baudin.




25. .

Duperac. Bound Eve for Marguerite de Valois. which had been commenced by Du Cerceau. Queen Marguerite woman of her line. most richly gilt with the exquisite decoration which marks (de Valois). These volumes must rank with the most perfect and most beautiful examples of the " Valois " binding now preserved. architect to painting. by marrying Henry became the link between the Valois and the Bourbon dynasties. medals. Citron morocco. and engraving. He finished the part of the great gallery in the Louvre. Annaei Seneca Opera. PALL MALL PLACE ig ance of the monuments. we note that he cultivated architecture. 1595. by Clovis Morocco. the most remarkable of Navarre. and inscriptions for the study of history. volumes in quite faultless preservation. They are quite as fine as the Queen's copy of " Guarini " (one volume only) which sold in the Beckford Sale (nearly thirtv years ago) for ^^175. See Illustration. Et. ^75 25 MARGUERITE DE VALOIS in (1553-1615) SENECA. Henri IV. and was Henri IV. . As first to the artist. richly tooled. and left many works of history and antiquities of which the present is one of the most famous.5. Queen of 2 vols.'' La Reine Margot!' Two charming the ownership of little 12 mo. earliest edition The mentioned by Brunet is that of 1642. JANI GRUTERI ANIMADVERSIONES L. who.

Rothoinagi. P. [Qicee7i sides. ab exordio Mundi usque ad Carolum quintum imperatorem. Ge7ievae. Calf. & Politicarum. with their arms impressed on the sides. (1553-1617) CHRONICON CARIONIS EXPOSITUM ET AUCTUM MULTIS ET VETERIBUS ET RECENTIBUS HISTORIIS. MARGUERITE DE VALOIS STATIUS. . EXTANT. Citron morocco. in descriptionibus regnorum & gentium antiquarum. '^ parts hi 2 vols. A Philippo Melanthone et Gaspare Peucero.20 J. PEARSON & 26 CO. Romanarum. (1553-1615) STATU PAPINII OPERA QUAE Bound for Marguerite de Valois. 1576. Germanicarum & aliarum. Graecarum. Tertia Pars Chronici Carionis a Casparo Peucero Expositi et Aucti. of Henri IV). Ap7id Romamtm de Beauvais. Apud Pctrum Saittandrcauum. with her device impressed on the 1 2 mo. Bound for Jacques Auguste de Thou and his second wife^ Gasparde de la Chastre. & narrationibus rerum Ecclesiasticarum. 1 6 3. 8vo. 1 27 JACQUES AUGUSTE DE THOU AND HIS WIFE CARIO. juxta porticum Beatae Mariae.



fillet a treble gold plain-gilt.^ki II and his mist ressX^ik^K DE PoiCTiERS." See Illustration. most precious volume bound for Fran(. Sm. HEURES A L'USAGE DE ROME. and the back.\ih." and "A. 1496. C. with the arms in the centre. Bartholomew ") and his wife." (CoLiGNY Chatillon). The edges are The flowered morocco were bound about 1606. The volume is ilhistrated with many splendid full-page zvood engravings. Apart from being an excessively rare provenance this " Livre A celebrated Admiral Coligny . his wife) interlaced. ajidthe well-knoivn " S ferine tised on the bindings of W'e. covers. 8vo. The flat and monogram There is of I divided into six panels by quadruple gold lines bearing the A G on each of the panels except the one that has the title. Paris. is seldom seen on De Thou's books. Black Letter. are entirely covered with the initials M. 28 FRANCOIS DE COLIGNY Both «' (1557-1591) Black morocco. PALL MALL PLACE 21 A beautiful man and bandless back and most unusual example of the y. " C Pigouchet for Simon Vostre. A. These volumes his When this Chronicle was published De Thou was engaged upon magnum opus. flower library of this great states- historian. M. the " Historia mei Temporis. on the sides." (Mar" guerite dAilly. and every page is within a border of emblematical designs.ois de Coligny (son of the who was killed in the " Massacre of St. Citron morocco ornamented is patknts in colour.5.

A fine Urban VII's from his collectors. Frangois de Coligny escaped from the " Massacre of St. 1538. He was the contemporary of Grolier. ET AENEIDOS vocum omnium ac rerum Sylvae. Venice. Bartholomew" and lived mainly abroad." 22 d'Heures " itself is J." 07ie of the finest volumes in the Didot collection and illustrated in the famous in silver catalogue.^I20 . He remained faithful to Henri IV. edition of 1496. example of Demetrio Canevarius' library. One striking point about this binding is that it is tooled entirely on black morocco.' Nouvelle Marine. Cal/. Bomid for Canevarius.' "The binding is of great interest and quite unusual in style.' In them the figures go in sets of three. 8vo. PEARSON & CO. of the greatest beauty and rarity. JC250 29 CANEVARIUS P. quo Nicolaus Erythraeus. set of cuts. GEORGICON.'' stamped in relief in the cent^'e of each cover. In this 1496 edition first occurs La Theologienne. and held several appointments. (1559-1625) VERGILII MARONIS BUCOLICON. The sides are divided into numerous small diamond-shaped compartments by means of ' ' ' dotted lines. being the Simon Vostre " It was in this year that Pigouchet began to use a second ' and also introduced his well-known borders of the Dance of Death.' and La Femme Grosse. with his emblem the " Car of Apollo. Sm. Canevarius was Pope physician. Index Certissimus. and volumes library are not only far rarer but held in even higher esteem by .



1562. 4to. La Rochelle (circa 16 10). Qui nunc primum I Mamitium. pendant corps. Botmd for Henry Percy. i2mo. Bound for Maximilien de Bethune." Henri IV's great minister. ^25 31 EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND (1564-1632) PTOLEMAEUS (CLAUDIUS). A library of " Le Grand A very rare provenance. with his device three times repeated on the back. . tant en I'un que I'autre monde. Eiusdem Federici Commandini liber de Horologiorum descriptione. LIBER DE ANAFederico Commandino Urbinate instauraeius opera e tenebris in lucem prodit. Aldi F. PALL MALL PLACE 30 23 DUC DE SULLY (1560-1641) NOUVEAU PANURGE (LE). Romae^ Apud Paulimi tus. le rajeunisse- Ensemble one exacte observation des merveilles par luy venes. en & le voyage qui fit son esprit en I'autre monde. Avec sa navigation risle Imaginaire. Red morocco.5. LEMMATE. zvith his arms impressed on the sides.. Vellum. Due de ment de son Sully. a & commentariis illustratus. son rajeunissement en icelle. charming and most unusual example of the Sully. (ninth) Earl of Northumberland.

PEARSON & CO. An etc. Davis. called the Grisons country." on E 8. Gordon-Duff considers that the present volume was with him in the Tower. Engraved title-page by Hole. ^28 See Illustration. Davies was the poetical the author of the five pages of "Commendatory Verses" and description of the frontispiece to the " Crudities. In addition to these five pages of manuscript." This is a most precious copy. because the manuscript " Continental Itinerary " on the fly-leaves. London. Mr. Northumberland. Davies has added several manuscript notes in the margins throughout the text. alchemy. 161 1. printed by W." the souknown because of his love for astronomy. ^175 . Newly digested in the hungry aire of Odcombe in the County of Somerset. are all in navies's autograph. some parts of high Germany.24 J. and a printed title Original beginning " Three Ci'-ude Veines" aiid plates. S. A unique and very important copy. being that which was given by Coryat to his friend. This is \. Da. was imprisoned in the Tower of London from 1606 to 1621. John Davies of Hereford. the Elizabethan poet. Italy. 4to. an original Quatrain signed "Jo. interesting briquet by which he was example of the library of " The Wizard Earl. and the Netherlands. 32 JOHN DAVIES CORYATS CRUDITIES Moneths Trauells in (i565?-i6i8) gobled up in five Rhetia comonly Helvetia alias Switzerland.\\Q first edition of Ptolemy's treatise on the Analemma. Hastily France Savoy. sheepskin." and the signature "Jo. who was the close friend of Sir Walter Raleigh. numer- ous satirical and emendatory remarks in the margins.


o # .

He printed about seventy books. stock.5. Edinburgh the August. ACTS OF PARLIAMENT. ends Finis. which vary slightly. for the paper used for the Hning and endpapers is the same as that on which the book itself is printed. usual in Scottish work. like the present. when so privileges. and was appointed King's printer in June. he is shown HOLDING THIS VERY VOLUME IN HIS HAND. many unique books and bindings were lost to the nation. the other ends " The end of the XXIII. Edinburgh. and died towards the end of 1627. while the whole ground is heightened with gilt dotting. an earlier printer. It seems most probable that tJiis binding ivas specially prepared for presentation to King James himself. I (1566. In the frontispiece to Laing's Life (printed in 1878). This beautiful volume was in the library of David Laing. PALL MALL PLACE 25 33 JAMES tooled. The whole side is minutely worked with small tools. Of this edition there appear to have been two issues. succeeded Waldegrave in 1604. The elaborate centre ornament is arranged in the form of a circle.1 625) Original calf. E . These in very richly 1. etc. who purchased and plant of Robert Smyth. and whose splendid library was sold in 1879-80. held at acts of the twenty-third Parliament of 1. It was also at One time in the British Museum. Edinburgh. One. in the printer's office. 161 2. Folio. a very curious and uncommon specimen of Scottish work of the period. who died in 1878." There are copies of each in the British Museum. The diamond shaped spaces throughout the ornament appear to have been coloured. 162 James VI. in place of a diamond or lozenge more common in England. The whole field is seme with gold rosettes and quatrefoils. 162 were printed by Thomas Finlason. while each corner of the panel is filled with a quarter-circle. but sold in the disastrous "duplicate" sale in 1769. The present copy is remarkable for its extremely ornamental and elaborate binding. hardly any use having been made of the roll. in 1602. Thomas Finlason. librarian of the Signet Library.

DUC DE GUISE (1571-1640) HORDAL (JOANNE). HEROINAE NOBILISSIMAE JOANNAE DARC LOTHARINGAE VULGO AURELIANENSIS PUELLAE HISTORIA. 1589. PEARSON & CO in A copy of the Life of Laing containing the portrait it. scholijsq. Due de Guise. Bound for Charles. with his . with his arins impi'essed the sides. 071 codicibus emendati. 35 CHARLES. Engraved Lotharingiae Consiliario.26 J. manu exaratis Bound for 8vo. and portraits of Joan of Arc by Leonard Gaultier. Ex Variis gravissimae atque incorruptissimae fidei scriptoribus excerpta Eiusdem Mavortiae Virginis Innocentia a calumniis vindicata Authore Joanne Hordal Serenissimi Ducis in I. James I. Calf. Annaebergensis Studio I (1566-1625) LUCANUS (MARCUS ANNAEUS). Et publico title Vellum. V.f200 See Illustration. 34 JAMES CIVILI. Doctore ac professore alma universitate Ponti-Mussana. Gregorii Bersmani & opera ex quatuor illustrati. DE BELLO vel Pharsaliae Libri Decern. which he is seen holding this volume accompanies .

Ponti-Mussi. 4to. per discoprir tutte le Sententie sparse per rOpera. Francesco Guicciardini Gentirhuomo Fiorentino." Villerieuve Catalogue. per Thomaso Porcacchi da Castiglione Arretino. "John Hordal Et qui a ecrit cette histoire de la Pucelle descendait du troisieme frere de Jeanne d'Arc par les femmes. & Auttori. Charles de Valois was the son of Charles IX and Marie Touchet. scritta da M. with his arms impressed on the sides. Remigio Fiorentino. dal Con un Giudicio fatto medesimo. surrounded by his motto. Bound for Charles de Valois. Riscontrata con tutti gli altri historici. & I'altra delle cose notabili. Et con due Tavole: una de gli Auttori citati in margine. che dell' istesse cose habbiano scritto. (1573-1650) di LA HISTORIA D'lTALIA M. 1612. and repeated on the back. 1599. 36 CHARLES DE VALOIS GUICCIARDINI. his chiffre {two C's interlaced^ at the four corne^^s.5. Aggiuntoui la Vita deir Auttore. adhuc spes durat avortimy 4to. Divisa in venti Libri. Duke Charles was the son of Duke Henri " le Balafr(^." who was assassin- — ated at Blois in 1588. Due dAngouLEME. ^20 . In Venetia. Appresso Girolomo Polo. Citron morocco. PALL MALL PLACE " 27 arms impressed on the sides.

Title in red mid black. 1530. 1536. Paris. 8vo. sive Contemplantes. (i573?-i637) IVood- LUCIANI SAMOSATENSIS DIALOGI OCTO. Dialogi. Marini Dialogi XV. lb. with the inscription "Nobilissimo Honoratissimoque Viro . PariMortuorum 1535. with his fine bold as AUTOGRAPH SIGNATURE. title.28 J. Earl of PemCalf.. notis Seldeni. Deorum Dialogi 1535. HISTORIAE NOVORUM.. 1530-36. lb. Earl of Pembroke. EARL OF PEMBROKE (1580-1630) SELDEN (JOHN). Dialogi Quinque. BEN JONSON cut siis. XXIIII. Ben Jonson's beautiful copy of Lucian's works. 1623. whole of the great poet's possessions were destroyed by fire in Jonson wrote his famous " Execration against Vulcan " in consequence of this calamity. Folio. PEARSON & 37 CO. Londini. Para- lb. 1622. siue sui VI res gesta sub Gulielmis I et II et HenAngliae Regibus ab 1066 ad 11 22. Lutetiae. Volumes from " Ben " Jonson's library are of extraordinary practically the rarity." on the title-page. 1536. 1536. Morocco. Guilielmi Stanesbeij. Charon situs. 38 WILLIAM. ubi artem esse parasiticam astruit. broke's copy. Lutetiae.. 1535. William. EADMERI MONACHUS CANTUARIENSIS. lb.. Saeculi rico I libri The unique presentation copy from John Selden to William Herbert. " Sum Ben: Jonsonii.



(1588-1672) CICERO. volume. LES ORAISONS DE CICERON CONTRE a Monseigneur le Chancelier par Bernard Les- The Dedication Copy to Pierre Seguier {Chancellor of France\ The sides of the binding are covered ivith fleurs-de-lis^ the Chancellor s arms occupymig the centre and alternating with his monogram on the back. probably by du Patrelle's library with his ex-libris. Brilliant impression of the excessively rare frontispiece^ containing portraits of Charles I and the hifanta Donna Maria . graph on the (" the is This Earl of Pembroke was one of the two Herberts. ROSA-HISPANI-ANGLICA SEU MALUM PUNICUM ANGL' HISPANICUM. magnificently bound. Red morocco. Paris. PALL MALL PLACE et " in 29 ac D. A superb From Eugene 40 DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM (1592-1628) DUVAL (M. This the sole example of Shakespeare's patron's library known to iis. . 1640. Virtutis et Doctrinae Patrono Willielmo Comiti Pembrochiae Selden's auto- Summae observantiae ergo has schedas offert qui edidit fly-leaf. William and Philip incomparable pair of brethren "). Seuil. 4to.).^6o 39 PIERRE SEGUIER VERRES fargues. to whom the First Folio Shakespeare is dedicated.— 5.

This beautiful volume was formerly in the Bindley and Beckford collections. the principal means of its being broken off. front ALEMAN Guzman de cover. See Illustration. PEARSON & CO. IzAAK Walton's copy with his signature on the inside of the A very rare volume of Shakespearean interest. 42 HENRY. ViLLiERS. Velhwi.30 J. This is Botmd for George Duke) of Buckingham. James I. Hollar's engraving is the very earliest state before the engraver's name was added. THE ROGUE. . 4to. 1623-4. Pkince of Wales. Circa 1610. Alfarache. 1 2mo. son of with his arms impressed i^i gold on the sides. Original calf Folio. of Spain. to the Marquis of Buckingham one time the great promoter of the famous match between Charles I and the Spanish Infanta and who was. (MATHEO). by Hollar.GIOVANNI DELLA CASA (title missing). afterwards. Bound for Henry. PRINCE OF WALES (1594-1612) RIME DI M. 41 IZAAK WALTON (1593-1683) or the Life of 1630. THE IDENTICAL COPY presented at (" Steenie "). Olive morocco. . Marquis {afterwards with his arms impressed on the sides.


o .

Folio.5. 3 vols. PALL MALL PLACE 43 31 CHARLES I (1600-1649) ITHE STATUTES AND ORDAYNANCES of the moste noble order of St. Certayne chapters not yet Registred into the Booke of Statutes of the most noble order of the Garter. 1588. Bound Eve for Gentian with Paris. Anno black. I quarto Elizabethe. declared. K. Saec. explayned. most excellent and most Puissant Prince Henry the Eight.Y^W. . his (/.G. 1600) LA BILIOTHEQUE by Clovis the sides. I This manuscript was prepared for presentation by Charles Cecil. is Accompanying the manuscript Order of the Garter in the robes a pen-and-ink drawing of a member of the — probably a portrait of Lord Exeter. Reformed. (1566-1640). 54 pages. George named the Garter. One nificent of Clovis Eve's chefs-d'ccuvre. arms impressed on Abel I'Angelier. whose arms are emblazoned first on the page. im- pressed on the 4to. with the arms of Charles sides. Manuscript written in red and Olive morocco. HISTORIALE. Olive morocco. to William Second Earl of Exeter. The sides volumes are one blaze of delicate and brilliant and backs of these maggold tooling most tastefully arranged. 44 GENTIAN VIGNIER. and renewed by the most mightie.

serait qu'il encore bien rare et bien pr^cieux. T/ie \o 1620. 7. une relique de la vie privee de Louis XIII. est en quelque sorte un monument hislorique. car tous les livrets de musique de chambre que vilege du roi. This charming book was afterwards possessed by the celebrated monastery of La Trappe. 1624. The arms of Gentian occupy the centre of each volume. 1608. Sm. 1621. The Dedication Copy to Louis XIII. in 5 parts. script songs. quatre et cinq parties. AIRS DE COUR. DE COUR. Ptzr/^. in 5 parts. the end fly-leaves. Bound in brown mo7'occo. — AIRS Guedron. de cuisine. guere a la les Ballard publiaient seuls a cette epoque. par P. 1 a 61 8. written in the Louis XIII's pocket song-book. outre son incontestable merite de rarete et de curiosite. par Anthoine Boesset. meme que les livres de Mais ce recueil. 161 2. et ne survivaient chasse. the sides and back entirely covered with the Kings crowned chiffre and the fleur-de-lis.32 J. 1620. en vertu d'un pri- etaient bientot gates et detruits par I'usage. 161 1628.^600 See Illustration. Tallemant generation qui les avait vus naitre. 1608-28. de jardinage et de predictions. one being to his " Amarillis " (Madame de The following note by Monsieur Paul Lacroix is inserted: " Ce recueil d'airs de cour n'aurait pas appartenu au roi Louis XIII. of his library that has survived. . 16 17. de i . PEARSON & CO. and probably the most interesting example This precious volume contains two manu- King's own autograph on Hautefort). 45 LOUIS XIII (1601-1643) GUEDRON ET BOESSET. 8vo. parts bound in one volume. a quatre et cinq parties. and has the words "Ex libris B''" Mariae de Trappe" in the librarian's {possibly the Abbe de Ranc^) autograph upon each of the title-pages.

I'intendant de la musique de la chambre du roi et de ordinaire. Tu le vois. y a plusieurs autres airs manuscrits qui sont certainement de ceux que celle aimait a chanter lui-meme en basse-contre. Herouard.' Nous sommes done fondes a lui attribuer les vers et la musique de deux chansons qii'il a ecrites et notees de sa propre main a la fin du recueil. 246) a place ce roi dans la t.! 5. Et ne sgais I'arrest des cieux Qui m'eslongne de " le roi II ses yeux. dont il des Reaux (edition de M. mais qui ont ete copies par une autre main. Cette Amarillis pourrait bien etre madame de Hautefort. le compositeur favori du roi. me vaudroit bien mieux tristesse N'avoir point revue tes yeux! Dans quel goufre de Mes Las ! jours sont ensevelis malgre moy je te laisse. Tune sur I'eloignement d'une dame qu'il ne nomme pas. composait en musique et ne s'y connaissait pas mal. Paulin. peut-etre de Moulinid. musiciens: confrerie des s'etait fait le chaste adorateur. qui I'a tenu plus d'une fois entre ses mains royales dans les concerts intimes que dirigeait Antoine Boesset. I'autre sur le depart ^Amarillis." This ext?'ao7'dinariiy interesti?ig volume was one of the gems of the great Didot collection^ and is described at great length in his catalogue. p. ! vy? que pui-je entreprendre? Helas tu Ah ! qu'il me I'as ravy. forme et relie expres pour Louis XIII. que Louis XIII entonnait de si gaillarde humeur quand il etait dans ses bonnes. N'oublions pas d'indiquer dans ce fascicule la fameuse chanson du Petit pon. Voici deux couplets de cette touchante chan- son d'amour: Quels Sans lauriers pui-je pretendre je Dans I'amertume ou coeur. du premier fascicule. Amarillis. On voit cela et bien d'autres choses dans le Journal de son medecin qui semble avoir mis son paraphe sur la dedicace Peut-etre y decouvrira-t-on quelque passage relatif a ce de cour. recueil d'airs la reine. Paris. PALL MALL PLACE 'II 33 ii. ^300 F .

the sides entirely covered with rich gold tooling.2(^ Anne d'Autriche.1 666) LUSIGNAN ont ESTIENNE DE). princes et seigneurs. PEARSON & CO. de Courtanvaux. P. gilt. Bound by Mad Ruette for Louis XIII ^. en Parle. de Bure. XIII (1601-1643) verifiez RECUEIL DES EDICTS DU ROY. et des (R. This truly magnificent volume. 47 LOUIS ment. Avec Privilege de sa Majcste. tant commande en-icelle. was formerly in the Le Tellier. P^m. payens que chrestiens qui Contenant I'entiere histoire de tout ce qui s'y est passe depuis le Deluge universel Fan 142 et du monde 1798 jusqu'en Tan de I'incarnation et nativite de Jesus-Christ 1572. It is in matchless preservation. /250 See Illustration. DESCRIPTION DE TOUTE L'ISLE DE CYPRE. . and Lacarelle collections. 46 LOUIS XIII(i6oi-i643)and ANNE D'AUTRICHE (1602. 4to. Vellum. Chambre des Comptes & Cour des Aydes Le vingtieme Decembre mil six cens trente cinq. Blue morocco. roys. a masterpiece of Ruette (the King's binder). Bound for Louis XIII.34 J. 1579-80.

^^^.- .


Mettayer. SCRIPTURAE SACRAE DARIUM LITERALE ET MYSTICUM.5. Red morocco. the centre panel contains the device of Henri de Bourbon {iiatural son of Hem'i IV and Gabrielle d'EstrSes) impressed in the centre. Pai'is. 1636. . above sented 1645. 8vo. LE VERGER TORIQUE. PALL MALL PLACE 35 with his arms impressed on the sides and fleur-de-lis on the back. HIS- Par Jean Pierre Camus Evesque de Belley. and P. and beloiv. 1626. The borders of the volume are tooled with a semis of flettrs-de-lis. library are of the greatest rarity. P. the sides VIRIOlive and back being entirely covered with fletirs-de-lis. Paris. 8vo.) 8vo. Bomtd for Anne dAutriche. A /18 48 %s.). Examples of Henri de Bourbon's 49 ANNE OF AUSTRIA morocco. Rocolet. Imprhneurs ordinaires dti Roy. HENRI DE BOURBON (1601-1682) CAMUS (JEAN PIERRE). {This device figures on books preby Henri IV to Gabrielle dEstr^es. with the letter S fer^nS on each side. Paris. (1602-1666) RUMETIUS(LUD. Par Antoine Estiene.

Queen of Louis XIII.JACQUES). REGIS CHRISTIANISSIMI A CONCILIIS. after Huret. PEARSON & 50 CO. QUAESTIO PACIFICA. and three efigraviyigs {each of the atcthor). by covered with a semis offleurs'de-lis. Paris. 4to. & conciliari possint per humanas Rationes. JACOBI GAFFARELLI THEOLOGI.36 J. BAUVAIS(R. The Dedication Copy to Anne d'Autriche. divisee en cinq livres. DIVIQUE AUMELII PERPETUI COMMENDATORIS. The sides and back of the binding are entirely and Le Sueicr. P. Conway and Charpigiion. ANNE D'AUTRICHE (1602-1666) B. fleuron on title. num orta in Religione dissidia componi. \(i^^. Red . Eustace. £^Z See Illustration. Ruled in red. & Philosophorum Principia: Per Antiques Christianorum Orientalum Ritnales Libros. Red morocco. & perpropria Haereticorum Dogmata. A SUPERB BINDING in faultless preservation. & ELEEMOSYNIS. LA VIE DU CESAR DE BUS fondateur en France de la cojttaining portraits PERE Congrega- tion de la Doctrine Chrestienne. CARDINAL MAZARIN (1602-1661) GAFFARELLUS.

mmm^ -. ..-^r^. . -' ^ ^ ^^ ^ W-^W^'^ ^ ^ ^ REDUCED FACSIMILE.




410. riinr r~ r\\ \ Z.r"T\r\K. The Dedication Copy/o Cardinal Mazarin. with his arms impressed on the sides. Sm. 52 CARDINAL MAZARIN Red morocco. Avec Privilege du Roy. This volume bears the Cardinal's large arms. Apud Carolum du Mesnil. Bound in con- rxi.\ .— 5. created Cardinal by pupil of Richelieu. Jules Mazarin. pres r Hostel de A M^ le Premier President. 1645. See Illustration. STILICON. 53 CARDINAL MAZARIN CORNEILLE (THOMAS). Dedicated to Cardinal Mazarin. with his arms impressed on the sides. Pope Urban VIII in 1642. Paris. See Illustration. PALL MALL PLACE 37 morocco. LETTRES ET DISCOURS Sur Diverses Matieres Curieuses. Chez Francois Clotisier. juxta sanctum Juonem. was the and on the death of his master inherited all his power. dans la Court du Palais. 1660. 8vo. (1602-1661) Tragedie. (1602-1661) SORBIERE (SAMUEL). 4to. sub Signo Samaritanae. This volume bears the Cardinal's small arms. Parisiis. via Jacobaed. The Dedication Copy to Cardinal Mazarin.

Probably the Dedication copy to Cardinal Mazarin. at the back of the two very ingeniously designed secret drawers. (1607. " covered with elaborate tooling. with Anno of front cover. A beautiful little volume 54 MARIE DE LA VAL {fl. First edition. and the date 1 607 in the centre of the other cover. hnprime a Rouen. and can only be . This beautiful ohjet d^art forms a cedar-wood casket entirely covered with embroidery and needlework of the best Stuart period. there are. with her name on the back.) HENRIETTA MARIA. Oblong 4to.1 669) I THE QUEEN'S JEWEL CASKET. 1607) Calf. 1 660. QUEEN OF CHARLES (1609. Bo^md for Marie de la Val. surrounded by the Lion of England and the casket. PEARSON & CO. In addition to the ordinary jewel drawers. et se vend a Paris.38 J. the sides entirely covered with fleursde-lis. Fleur-de-lis of France. preservation The of the casket is quite wonderful. The scheme of decoration portrays Charles and Henrietta Maria. the sides " in the centre AN ALBUM OF BLANK LEAVES. temporary red morocco. in quite faultless preservation.

Bernardus Caesius & Mutinensis. i6io) ANTONIO DE AMATIS (MARCO). The Dedication sides within Copy. Proderit haec pretiosa supellex non Philosophiae modo. DECISIONES ROTAE PROVINCIAE MARCHIAE. i6io. concretorum succorum tinentur. terrarum pretium. colorum & pigmentorum apparatus. 57 THE BISHOP OF METZ CAESIUS (R. Brownmorocco.5. verum etiam sacrae humanioris literaturae studiosis. . lapidum atque gemmarum dignitas con- Hoc publici juris fecit R. MINERALOGIA. a gilt oval frame. in quibus Metallicae Concretionis medicatorumque fossilium miracula. Ve7iice. A set of six p holographs of the casket sent on application. sive Naturalls Philosophiae Thesauri. virtus. P. e Societate Jesu. (1612-1697) BERNARDUS). ^375 56 CARDINAL HIERONYMUS MATTHAEIUS (/. ac Medicinae. with Boimd for Cardinal Hieronymus arms painted in the centre of the Folio. PALL MALL PLACE it 39 accounted for by the fact that has always been preserved in a strong cati be oak box. his Matthaeius. Cum Privilegio Regis. P.

1670. arid back. . With a tispiece revival! of the first Discoverer of America. 58 ARCHBISHOP SANCROFT (1616-1693) HERBERT (THOS. SOME YEARES TRAVELS INTO DIVERS PARTS OF ASIA AND AFRIQUE. 7 vols. Marshall. Jacobi & An inscription on the fly-leaf dated July.40 J. 1636. nature upon the Bancroft was one of the Seven Bishops committed II. to the Bancroft's (Archbishop of Canterbury) copy with his autograph sigfly-leaf. Lugduni^ Petri Pro st. PEARSON & CO. Wm. £\2 125.). ^10 \QS. Brown morocco. 1638. OPERA OMNIA. Sumptib. richly tooled sides Bound for Georges d'Aubusson de la Feuillade (Bishop of Metz) with his arms impressed on the sides. by Wm. Folio. Red Bound for ]KMi Baptiste Colbert. Original calf . FronFolio. This inscription bears the seal of the Society of Jesus. 59 COLBERT (1619-1683) LUTHER morocco. Marquis de (MARTIN). Tower by James interesting An volume of Americana. states that the volume was bequeathed to the Jesuits of Metz.

the latter in the Bibliotheque Nationale. He formed. 1558. PALL MALL PLACE sides 41 Seignelay. almost entire. It passed later into the collection of the Rev. Lord Dover (i 797-1833). and next. with kneeling figures at the sides of At the base is a Martin Luther and the Elector of Saxony. Colbert was still preserved. Mar" and produced loi livres. Theodore Williams. and the finest collection of manuscripts ever brought together. and spared neither trouble nor expense in trying to prove it. The present was lot 792 in the first volume of the catalogue "Martini Lutheri opera. edited known copy of the first collected edition of Luther's under the patronage of John Frederick. the celebrated minister of Louis XIV. This copy belonged to Jean Baptiste Colbert. On his death his library passed to his eldest son. figure of the Crucifixion. with his arms impressed on the volume. This Saxony. Elector of is The title-page a finely executed woodcut. and was sold at his sale in 1827 for fifty guineas. 7 vol. needless to say without result. even going so far as to per- suade Louis XIV to write to Charles to have the Scottish archives searched.5. Johann Ltifft. assisted by the taste of his librarians. Wittenberg. his bookbindings from He is also asserted to have obtained the moroccofor ^ certainly what an extraorditiary fine quality. being purchased by the Hon. who sold the printed books in 1728. 1558. Witeb. containing medaUions with figures of the four evangelists surrounded by clouds. whose book-plate it abroad by a special clause in a treaty and was used for his books is contains. who in turn bequeathed it to his nephew. Charles Eleonor Colbert. an immense library of printed books. George James Welbore Agar Ellis. Marquis de Seignelay (16 1 9-1 683). is of each Folio. the finest Latin works. obsessed by the idea that he was descended from the Scottish kings. to his second son. ^175 . Archbishop of Rouen. Carcavi and Baluze.

Officina Joan. and her chiffre at the corners.1 694) * FLORUS. 61 CLAIRE CLEMENTINE DE CONDE (1620. Item De Japoniorum & Siamensium. with his arms impressed on the sides. D. notis integris CI. PEARSON & CO. Salmasii additus etiam L. 60 JEAN BAPTISTE COLBERT (1619-1683) BERNHARDI VARENI MED. Rerum publicarum £\o los. and his Ca7itabrigicB. Bound for Claire Clementine de Conde. Impensis Samuelis Simpson Bibliopoles Cantab. Ex chiffre five times repeated on the^ Baptiste Colbert. with herarrns impressed on the sides. L ANNAEI Flori Hist: Rom: Lib: IV. celeberrimis Academics Typograhhi. De Diversis omnium Gentium Quibus. 1673.42 J. Engraved title. Marquis de 7norocco. DESCRIPTIO Religione REGNI JAPONIC ET SIAM. Ampelius Cum Ex \ eiusdem bibliotheca. Seignelay. Religionibus. praemissa Dissertatione de variis generibus. Hayes. adduntur qusedam de Priscorum Afrorum fide excerpta ex Leone Africano. and repeated on . Red 7norocco. J^ed Botmd for ]¥.

8vo. (the Diarist) John Evelyn's title-page. ex praecipuis Historicojure-peritis. exhibentur. PALL MALL PLACE Lugduni Batavorum Ex-Officina the wife of the " 43 Elzeviri- the back. 1650. 63 FRANCOIS DE RIGNAC (/. Original 4to. 1622. calf. & Roi). This famous woman was Grand Conde. Oxoniae. Paris." An extremely rzx& provenance. zvith his autres CEuvres.5. ana. 1620) PASQUIER (ESTIENNE). Qua Quae ad Pacem Bellum inter diversos Principes. Red morocco. Bound for Francois de Rignac (Procureur-General au arms hnpressed on the sides. Gentes & Quaestionum de eodem Explicatio. ^5 S^' . with his autograph signature on the ^665. Copy. 62 JOHN EVELYN et (1620-1706) sive. LES RECHERCHES DES RECHERCHES. aut Populos spectant. 8vo. A°. 1655. juris inter JURIS ET JUDICII FACIALIS.

Y con Privllegio. with his arms impressed on the sides. Prince DE CoNDE. Per Pedro Lacavaleria. 1 65 LE GRAND CONDE Mauros. Due d'Enghien {dit Le Grand Conde). a Consejo de los muy Ilustres Sefiores conselleres. nunc (1621-1686) I Im- MARTINUS(RAYMUNDUS). F. Por Mandado de los Sefiores Dep7itados. Dedicado a los muy ilustres Seiiores Deputados y Ohi- Ciudad de Barcelona. PUGIO FIDEI RAYMUNDI MARTINI Ordinis Praedlcatorum adversus et primum in lucem editus. Caledratico de Teologia de Barcelono. Sm. y Letor Magistral de la Santa Iglesia de Lerida. Judaeos. 4to. Y. Bound foi^ Louis Ano 64 1.44 J PEARSON & CO 64 LE GRAND CONDE (1621-1686) EPITOME DE LOS PRINCIPIOS. y senala da vitoria de Monjuyque Escrivelo el P. la dores. En Barcelona. Y PROGRESSOS DE LAS GUERRAS DE CATALUNA IN LOS ANOS 1640 Y 1641. Gaspar Sala del la Orden de San Universidad de Augustin. pensis Ordinis: Cura vero. y Sabio Olive morocco. M. & Auspiciis felicis memoriae Reverendissimi Thomae Turco: Subindeque Reverendissimi . II de Bourbon.



The sides e7itirely covered with the chiffre of Vialard. Editio Postrema. Apud Joannem 8vo. et Aquitaniae Pro Regem Optatissimum. Portrait of the Prince de CondL Olive morocco. librarian to Colbert) copy. Prince de Conde dit le Grand. ISOCRATES ORATIONES & TOLAE. ac ReverencHssimi D. de Maussac Comitis Josephi lensis. 165 1. and his arms Parisiis. recognita. The sides ajid back of the dividing are entirely covered with Parisiis. Consistoriani: Cum Observationibus Domini de Voisin Presbyteri. Libert. apud Mathtirimun Henanlt. The Dedication Copy to Louis II de Bourbon. 66 VIALARD. Cum et Latine. EVEQUE DE CHALON {/. fleurs-de-lis. morocco. See Illustkation Brown . Folio. vidjacobaed sub signo Angeli Custodis. PALL MALL PLACE 45 Joannis Baptistae de Marinis Magistrorum Generalium: Ope.) 1621) EPIS(Graece Latina I nterp relatione Hieronymi Wolfii. ISOCRATES. & ExSenatoris BurdegaAd Serenissimum Regiae Stirpis Primum Prin- cipem Ludovicum Borbonium Condaeum. & a mendis purgata. Episcopi Lodovensis: & Illustrissimi Praesidis D. This was also Etienne Baluze's (historian and and bears his signature. Burgedalae. et Opera Illustrlssimi. via Divi Joa7t7tis Lateran e regione Atiditorii Regii. Eveque de Chalon.5. 1621. impressed in the centre.

-General of the police during Louis XIV's reign. Jusques a le 2 Paix de Vervins. inclusivement. 8vo. in vols. HISTOIRE DES GUERRES CIVILES DE FRANCE. Paris. Paris. Paris. HISTOIRE DE Escrite en Latin par LA GUERRE DE FLANDRE. Mise en Fran9ois par P. Du-Ryer.— STRADA. PEARSON & CO. Engraved plate of La Rey7iie s coat of arms with an epigram befieatk. Henry la Regne de Francois II. 68 DUCHESSE DE MONTPENSIER plus (1627-1693) DAVILA. Sm. fly-leaf. Titles Huret. 1657. 1650- . Brown morocco. de la Compagnie de Jesus Premiere Decade. Professeur en Arithmetique. Barreme. Contenant tout ce qui s'est passe de memorable sous III. Henry IV. Surnomme Le Grand. with his arms i7i centre and monogram in the cor7iers of the De La sides. red and black. Reynie's signature also on the He was Lieut. Famianus Strada. 67 DE LA REYNIE (1625-1709) par ODE A MONSEIGNEUR DE LA REYNIE. Charles IX.46 J. is 1670. The Dedication Copy to Nicolas Gabriel de La Reynie. Frontispiece and portrait by L^rge Paper.



Folio.000 francs for her copy of " L'Histoire de la Princesse de Paphlagonae. PALL MALL PLACE in 47 red and black. 69 CHARLES RUSSIA. daughter of Gaston d'Orleans (brother of Louis XIII). his chififre is stamped on the title-pages.5. was the greatest heiress in Europe. The four volumes in red morocco. Fleurons on titles by Daret. These four splendid volumes are without doubt the finest examples OF THIS famous WOMAN'S LIBRARY THAT CAN EVER OCCUR FOR SALE. Duchesse de MontPENSIER. Large Paper. Superb copies printed on Large Paper. 2 vols. E de Sued. Bound 1654. e memorabili Imprese dell' Invittissimo SigisIII. GottI. There is scarcely any rarer or more esteemed provenance than that of the Duchesse de Montpensier. Paris. and numerous portraits. They afterwards formed part of the magnificent library of Prince Radziwill. See Illustration." Anne Marie Louise d'Orleans. Titles for Anne Marie Louise d'OrlEans. " La Grande Mademoiselle." that at the Turner sale Baron La Roche-Lacarelle paid 14. Dell' Atloni Heroiche. gilt leaves by Boyet. and one of the most brilliant and famous Frenchwomen of the age of Louis XIV. zvith her arms impressed on the sides of each of the volumes. fic2irs-de-lis at the angles and on the backs. 1650-57. mondo II (1630-1685) HISTORIA DI MOSCOVIA. Re di Pollonia. e Vandali ." At the death of the Duchesse de Montpensier the present volumes passed into the possession of the Regent d'Orleans. So rare are examples from the library of " La Grande Mademoiselle. and magnificently bound BY Boyet.

ENES. par Messire Esprit Flechier." ESPRIT FLECHIER. CO. 1661. Fl£chier's own copy with his arms impressed 1693. morocco. Re Hereclitario. Esprit Flechier (1632-17 10).704) DOUBDAN (JEAN).48 J- PEARSON & 4to. II. zvith his 70 JOHN LOCKE (1632. printed on Large Paper for Flechier's own library. HISTOIRE DU CARDINAL XIM4to. his John Locke's copy with autograph signature on the inside of the front Locke was the author of the celebrated " Essay on Human Understanding. Red morocco. LE VOYAGE DE LA TERRE1 SAINTE. and bound for him by Duseuil. splendidly Sek Illustration . Beneath the monogram stamped 07i the bottom panel the letters C. was the greatest pulpit orator in France during the reign of Louis XIV. cover. First Edition. BISHOP OF NISMES {1632-1710) FLECHIER. Red on the sides. 4to. II. are impressed. Bound for Charles crowned chiffre iinpressed in each of the panels on the back. R. Bishop of Nismes. Eveqiie de Nismes.



XIX . 73 COMTE DE LOMENIE A PRIMA GENTIS ORIGINE. fait elle C'est aussi la premiere qui soit complete. Gentium Illustratione non vulgari. 2 mo. 1 1697- for The King's copy of the First Complete Edition of Racine. recens & ipsa scripta & edita. Accessit & huic editioni eiusdem Scotorum Historiae continuatio. Bound him when he was in exile at St. his II 2 (1633-1710) vols.— 5. priced a copy {y<\i\\Q)Vii provenarice) at 1. ." Fontaine. Germains. SCOTORUM HISTORIAE cum Aliarum Libri et Rerum . Calf. in revue evidemment par Racine. Red morocco^ H . qui y Jules le Petit. Cette edition . modifie un peu le texte. Frontispieces by Le Brun and \2 plates by Chaiiveaii. CEUVRES. per Joannem Ferrerium Pedemontanum. et dans laquelle on ait entrer sous une pagination suivie Esther et Athalie. These arms differ from those used by him before his abdication. Bound for James II with arms impressed on the sides of each vohtme. Duo postremi huius Historiae libri nunc primum emittuntur in lucem. " Cette excellente edition est la derniere qui fut donnee par Racine. et a fixe le texte de toutes les editions posterieures. . . 1875.800 francs. PALL MALL PLACE 49 72 JAMES RACINE. Paris. et (1635-1698) BOETHIUS (HECTOR).

military books. Folio.Henri. Parisiis 74 COMTE DE LOMENIE UPTON Henrici codicibus (1635-1698) (NICOLAS). primus publici juris fecit. Bound for Louis. de Bado Aureo. with his arms impressed 1575- Folio.Henri.50 by Duseuil. Severino. DI Compita. With separate titles in red and black to each work. Giovanni (1635-1719) ROMA SOTTERRANEA OPERA POSTUMA Folding plan of Rome. Libri Ouatuor. Notisque illustravit. i6^/\. . Londini. 2 foldifig plates.. PEARSON & ojt CO. Tractatus de Armis Spelmanni Aspilogia. portrait of Henry Spelma^i by Faithoi'ne. etc. E MSS. Bou7id for Louis. Edoardus Bissaeus. Accresciuta dal P. One of the rarest of Bound by Duseuil. Red morocco. 75 MADAME DE MAINTENON ANTONIO BOSIO ROMANO. DE STUDIO MILITARI. Comte de Lomenie. Disposta. J. with his arms impressed 07t the sides. Johan. many folding plates by Miotti. & Severani da S. Comte de Lomenie the sides. Ntimcrous Jieraldic ejtgravings.



It was formerly in the De Bure and Lignerolles collections. omnibus lingua auctoribus collectum explicati. 285. Avec une Preface Cambray. correctly Thoma Dempstero. zuith his arms impressed on the sides. Citron morocco. . .. Ex . Red morocco." vol. PALL MALL PLACE zvoodcuts. p. Bozmd for Madame de Maintenon. Folding plans and zvoodcuts. . Bound for Louis XIV. en Latin. 1650. 1697.5. with her device {the Cross of St. sur I'instruction pastorale donn^e a . and his criticis et . (1635-1719) DIVERS ECRITS OU MEMOIRES la sur le livre intitule. (J. 77 LOUIS XIV (1638-1715) ROSINUS (JOANNES). Explication des Sommaire de Frangois. 76 MADAME DE MAINTENON BOSSUET etc. Doctrine de ce Livre. 51 and numerous Maintp:non. ANTIQUITATUM ROMAN- ARUM Corpus Absolutissimum in Quo Praeter ea Quae Joannes Rosinus. le 15 de Septembre. 1698. Quentin Bauchart in " Les i. This beautiful volume recorded by M. Calf. . ivith her arms impressed on the 4to. Paris. Femmes Bibliophiles de France. Cyr^ impressed on the is sides. Bound for Madame de sides. 8vo. Maximes des Saints.). B. et en Declaration des Sentimens de crois Evesques. Rome.

Bound for Louis XIV. CO.. Paris. Engraved title by Poussin. charming vignettes. PEARSON & Geneva. broad borders of gold on sides. with his arms impressed Folio. Red morocco. ^18 79 18. 1642. [by Poussin). title (1638-1715) I PUBLII VIRGILII MARONIS OPERA. (1638-1715) QUINTI HORATII FLACCI OPERA. bound (for presentation to the King) at the same time. on the sides. Engraved on sides. Folio. LOUIS XIV HORACE. J. ^18 185. Paris. ornamental capitals a7id culs-de-lampe. 1642. This and the preceding copy of Horace are similar both in type and The two volumes were. The broad border motif oi decoration is of a spiral character. LOUIS XIV VIRGIL. binding. and fleurs-de-lis entirely covering the sides Thick 8vo. broad gold borders Bound for Louis XIV. as exactly similar tools have been used in both cases. .52 crowtied chiffre ajid back. Charming vignette of the Royal Arms and three culs-de-lampe. with his arms i7npressed on the sides and his crowned fleur-de-lis at the corners and repeated on the back. Red morocco. ^10 78 10^. 1602. no doubt. An unusual binding.

Severiani Gabal. Praedicatorum Provinciae sancti Ludovici strictioris observantiae. S. Manuelis Calecae. 1672. PaiHsiis Venundat Sebastianus MabreCramoisy. P. Opuscula. S. suaque vena Latio reddidit. pleraque nova produxit : omnia recensuit. Fr. Monitum Lectorem pagina indicat. via Jacobaed. Bibliop. Didymi Alexandrini. Prsed. Nicetae Paphlagonis. Alex- Episc.). andri Lycopolit. PALL MALL PLACE 80 53 LOUIS XIV (1638-1715) BIBLIOTHECAE GRAECORUM PATRUM Flavii Josephi. the sides and back Louis entirely covered with fleurs-de-lis XIV alternately and the L couronni of arranged and his arms impressed in the centre. Bound for Louis XIV. Ord. & Mart. & Mart. ou I'Art d'Escrire aussi viste qu'on parle. Et Aliorum quorum Tractatus proxima post . Antiquioris. TACHEOGRAPHIE Two engraved . ac continuis Notis Excudit Aegidius Hotot. Aurelian. Auc- tarium Novissimum.5. Ordinis FF. C. sub Ciconiis. Methodii Episc. Franciscus Combefis. medii & vergentis aevi. dementis Stromatei. Photii Patriarch. illustravit. Hipolyti Episc. Orange morocco. Regis lypographics. 81 LOUIS XIV (1638-1715) RAMSAY (CHARLES AL. Folio. in quo varia Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum.

minister. Paris. The Dedication Copy to Louis XIV. 1 68 1. and the fulsome dedication of is his " Tacheographie to Louis XIV. Red morocco. 12 mo. with his arms impressed on the sides and his chiffre couronni at the corners and in the panels on the back. Paris. An interesting account of " Ramsay. given in the "Dictionary of National Biography. LOUIS XIV (1638-1715) DEZ (JEAN). Bound for Louis XIV. collars. etc. PEARSON & CO. apud Danielem Societatis Jesu. Portrait of Confuciiis Horthemels. a7id crown within an oval wreath. fleurons occupy the panels on the back. Red morocco. Prosperi Christiani Studio et Opera Herdtrich. Scientia Sinensis. Folio.54 folding J. sive Latine Exposita. tables. Patrum and charming vignettes. 1687. Also from the library of Jean Baptiste Colbert. Intorcetta. Louis XIV's famous £\2 83 \2S." 82 LOUIS XIV (1638-1715) SINARUM PHILOSOPHUS CONFUCIUS. with fleurs-de-lis as corner ornaments. On the sides ai^e the royal arms. LA REUNION DES PROTESTANS DE STRASBOURG a I'Eglise Romaine egalement .

& Superieur de la Maison de Navarre.o\i\^YAV with his arms impressed on the sides and jieurs-de-lis and crozvned dolphin in the pajiels on the back. 8vo. & facile selon leurs principes. with his signature on Magnificently bound by Duru in 1S69. the title-page. I \ (1639-1699) Very Fine Copy OF THE Genuine Elzevir Edition. PALL MALL PLACE 55 necessaire pour leur salut.5. Imprimee de nouveau par I'ordre de Messire FranQois de Harlay Archevesque de Paris. 1689. Boundfor \. LA MANIERE DE BIEN ENTENDRE LA MESSE DE PAROISSE. Commandeur des Ordres du Roy. 1665. Strasburg. Redmorocco. pour . Racine's (the great French Poet) beautiful copy. RACINE BOCCACCIO. IL DECAMERONE. Svo. Examples of the great dramatist's library are of the rarest occurrence. Proviseur de Sorbonne. £zo PHILIPPE DE FRANCE (1640-1701) HARLAY (FRANCOIS DE). Brown morocco^ double with red morocco. Due & Pair de France. £10 84 \Q>S. Faite par feu Messire Francois de Harlay Archevesque de Rouen. The Dedication Copy. Amsterdamo. From the Villeneuve Collection.

Botmd for the MhRquiSY. Marquise de Montespan. repeated at the carriers and also i^z the panels on the back. Paris. I' Archevesque. selon De la Traduction Missel & le Breviaire Remain. MugtLct. . MARQUISE DE MONTESPAN DISCOURS HISTORIQUE (1641-1707) de I'Election de I'Empereur et des Electeurs de I'Empire. £\2 86 \2S. Athenais. 1658. Due d'OrlEans {^'Monsieur" brother of Louis XIV). became the mistress of Louis XIV in 1668.56 J. rue de la A HarpCy 1685. She was the mother (by the king) of the Due de Maine and the Comte de Toulouse. with her chiffre cou7''omii im- pressed in the centre of the sides of the bindi7ig. ivith his arms iinpi^essed on the sides Paris. Chez Frangois andfieu7's-de-lis on the back. le . A very rare provenance. . de . Red morocco. Imprimeur de Monseig. Red mo7'occo. servir d'instruction a ses diosesains. de Montespan [mistress of Louis XIV). Bound for Philippe de France.1 670) OFFICE (L') DE LA SEMAINE SAINTE. 8vo. PEARSON & CO. Par le Resident de Brandebourg. 87 HENRIETTA ANNE OF ENGLAND (1644. 410.



Divisez en trois Parties. PALL MALL PLACE Avec une 57 M. An exceedingly xdx^ provenance. See Illustration. DE THEVENOT Tant en Europe & en Afrique. 88 COMTE DE CARAMAN VOYAGES DE qu'en Asie (1646-1730) MR. Duchess of Orleans (daughter of Charles I). Religions. Dans laquelle entr'autres choses il est soigneusement traite des Etats sujets au Grand Seigneur. receptions des Avec les choses memorables arrivees au dernier Siege de Bagdet. la Meque: Et de plusieurs autres lieux de lAsie & de lAfrique. 1667. Mumies.5. Premiere Partie qui comprend le Voiage de Levant. remarquez depuis peu. Terre-Sainte. Bound for Henrietta Anne. Par Fr. 8vo. & non encore decrits jusqua present. qui comprenent cinq volumes. Pyramides. Deserts dArabie. with sides. Et ou aussi se trouvent diverses particularitez de lArchipel. her arms imp7'essed on the the corners and her crowned chiffre at and repeated in the sixpanels on the back. Constantinople. Langues & Coutumes des Habitans de ce grand Empire. explication des sacrez Mysteres representez par les Ceremonies de cet Office. Forces. Egypte. Daniel de Cicogne. les Ceremonies faites aux Ambassadeurs du Mogol Et I'entretien de I'Auteur avec celui du Pretejan. Red morocco. Sm. ou il est parle des sources : I . Gouvernemens Politiques. de Marolles. des McEurs. Paris.

89 LE GOULX DE LA BERCHERE. 2 & enrichie des vols. . with his chiffre couronni i^npressed on the back. Chez Arnout Leers. Augmentez de autres plusieurs Traictez. XL & & & anciennes Impressions. & Godefroy. de diverses Observations. Comte de Caraman. Bishop sides. Paris. Pourtraits en Taille-douce. Marchand Libraire d de Plutarque. 8vo. divisee en deux Tomes. La V Enseigne £\o \os. LES MEMOIRES DE MESSIRE PHILIPPE DE COMMINES Seigneur d'Argenton. Contracts. BISHOP OF NARBONNE (i647?-i7i9) COMMINES(PHILIPPE DE). Derniere Edition.58 J. Par Denys & Historiographe ordinaire du Roy. Bound for Pierre Paul Riguet de Bourepas. portrait J Lyon d' Or. Actes. morocco. with his arms impressed on the Haye. Chez Charles Angot. Reveus corrigez sur divers Manuscrits. 1682. Red Bound for Le Goulx de la Berch£:re. jusques en 1498. Frontispiece. 1689. PEARSON & CO of the author. att du Nil. Testaments. and numerotcs folditig plates. Contenans I'Histoire des Roys Louys Charles VIIL depuis Tan 1464. Lib raire JurS. gilt 07i marbled edges. OF Narbonne. Red morocco. Conseiller. rue Saint agues. 5 vols. Porti^ait.

ivith his arms impressed on known as the sides. Duke of Buckinghamshire. Reveus & corrigez sur divers manuscrits. POPE CLEMENT XI SEGNERI (P. I'an 1464. 1701. Conseiller. Folio. The Duke is better Lord Mulgrave. of Parma (signed). Folio. Dedication Copy to Pope Clement XI. & Charles VIII. Par Denys Godefroy. Magnificently VITA. Bound for John Sheffield. & Historiographe ordinaire du Roy.5. Testaments. Parma. & de diverses Observations. Red 77torocco. autres Actes. A The Paris. DUKE OF BUCKINGHAMSHIRE (1648-1721) COMMINES. the sides . depuis LES MEMOIRES DE MESSIRE PHILIPPE DE COMMINES Seigneur d'Argenton. Contenant I'Histoire des Roys Louis XI. 1649. de rimprimerie Royale. & Anciennes Impressions. jusques en 1498.) (1649-1721) OPERE CON SUA Titles in red and black. Red morocco. present is a Large Paper Copy. 4 vols. Fine portrait. Augmentez de plusieurs Traictez. PALL MALL PLACE 59 90 JOHN SHEFFIELD. Contracts. zvith on the sides of each volume. the poet. The his arms and bound by Nicolo Edler.

1713. etc. vita del servo di Raccolte. in the Grolier style. backs richly adorned with gold tooling.D. Folio. with the Papal arms on silk let in in oval panels on the sides. upon a field of stars. (1649-1721) della ARRIGHETTL MEMORIE Franc. elaborately tooled in coni- partinents. Pope Clement XI. e descritte F. binding. Gio: richly tooled. XI . 4to. and possibly unique (from the Bibliotheca Lindesiana). 17 10. Lucca. Giulio Arrighetti. Ansaldo de Ansaldis Patricio Florentino. with Sm. arms impressed £21 See Illustration. PEARSON & CO. 07i Red morocco. his Bound for the sides.6o J. Maria Poggi. with his arms impressed on the to Pope Clement XI. £60 92 CLEMENT m red and black. . The Dedication Copy sides. A gorgeous 93 CLEMENT Dio P. Rome. XI (1649-1721) coram Ti^le DECISIONES SACRAE ROTAE ROMANAE R. Red morocco. . A Large Paper copy.P. .

m .


This valuable manuscript by the is signed twice by the King. and is also signed Duke of Shrewsbury. PALL MALL PLACE 6i 94 WILLIAM FORCES. etc. Folio. with expressae : . Red morocco. Lord Delamere. Bound for Charlotte Elisabeth de Bavi£.^40 95 DUCHESSE D'ORLEANS (1652-1722) GEMS.. \Z pages. rich de^itelle on sides. full 1689. with his arms impressed on the sides. Theodorus Gallaeus delineabat Romae ex archetypis incidebat Antuerpiae. MS. and the Earl of Duchesse d'Orleans. ET GEMMIS Quae exstant Romae major pars apud Fulvium Ursinum. The Duke of Shrewsbury and Lord Godolphin were Lords of the Treasury. Numeroiis engravings of gems. 1689. ILLUSTRIUM IMAGINES EX ANTIQUIS MARMORIBUS NOMISMATIB. III (1650-1702) AN ESTABLISHMENT OF HIS MAJESTIES LAND entended for His Service in Ireland with their Pay and Entertainment to commence the First Day of July. Bound for William III. Red morocco.5. .

4to. with on the La Sante e 2 vols. Lttdovicum Hippolytwn Guerin Jacobum Guerin. Via Jacobaed. Red mui'occo. & He Andre Hercule de Fleury was appointed. (1653-1743) de XAVERUS. her arms impressed on the sides. 1606. szib Signo S. 97 DUC DE VENDOME ESSAI OU DISSERTATION (1654-1712) sur les Galeres de France." Villeneuve Catalogue.— 62 J. ANN. 1741. le Dediee a Son Altesse Serenissime Monseigneur Due de .^55 96 CARDINAL DE FLEURY Societate Jesu Sacerdotis Orationes. 8vo. AEG. See Illustration. Anttcerpiae. his arms impressed Apud Lutetiae Parisiorum. and chiffre couronnS on the back." brother of d'Orldans ("Madame") was the second wife of "MonLouis XIV. PEARSON & CO. sides of each volume. ex officina Plantiniana. and mother of Philippe d'Orleans. Regent of France. XAVERII Bound for Cardinal de Fleury. afterwards became the King's favourite minister. Created Cardinal by Pope Benedict XIII in 1726. Thomae Aqiiinatis. The Duchesse sieur. " * Madame ' recherchait les pierres gravees et les m^dailles antiques et en avait reuni une pr^cieuse collection. in 17 15. tutor to Louis XV. .



'] beautiful vignettes.1 690) HISTOIRES DE PHILIPPE DE VALOIS ET DU ROI JEAN. his Manuscript. the sides. back. Bound . 6 vols. 1634. Bound for Hilaire-Bernard de Roqueleyne. ojt Red with the Bojmd for Louis Circa 1690. A very rare provenance. Engraved title by Duysendt. the other copy was sold by auction several years ago for 3.600 francs. Batavorwn. morocco. 63 Vendome. 80 pages. Red morocco. Anno \6'i^\. Ex Officina Elzeviriana. with his famous device impressed on the sides and back of each of the volumes. 98 BARON DE LONGPIERRE TITI LIVII (1659-1721) ex recensione HISTORIARUM LIBRI Heinsiana.5. This treatise was composed especially for Louis XIV's favourite general. Baron de LoNGPiERRE.^IOO 99 CHRISTINE VICTOIRE DE BAVIERE (1660. he was a great-grandson of Henri IV and Gabrielle d'Estrees. Lugd. Red morocco. 12 mo. . Longpierre had two copies of Livy. Due de Vendome. and fletirs-de-lis arms impressed on 4to. PALL MALL PLACE neatly written. Joseph.

" " Proceeding upon opening Parlia™V' " Bill not to be read twice in a day. Maj*^'''^ it by their Lords. au Palais. refers. 1 Mamtscript of 68 pages." " Not to speak twice to one matter without leave. . Members of the House of A neatly written Bound for George 8vo." " Imprisonment. Co7nprising Orders & Resolutions passed at different relative to the periods between the years 1660 and 172 necessary observances for the Lords." " Fines." "No Oath to take away the Priviledge of Peerage. with her the sides. anus impressed on Ba7'-bin. the sides. morocco. leaving the Solemnitys belonging to his shall'd tains. 4to." "Select Committees. when his Maj*y not there. £^0 100 GEORGE HOUSE OF Decency the to I (1660-1727) LORDS.. 64 J. PEARSON & CO. in the be kept Remembrances for Order and Upper House of Parliament by is Lords. to whome coming to be Marmore properly apper1." son of Loins XIV). to the of Parliament. with his arms impressed on 72 1 An extremely interesting manuscript. Chez Claude la Sainte Chapelle. Red I. sur le second Perron de 1688." etc. for Marie of " Anne Christine Victoire de Baviere {consort Le Grand Dauphin. A Paris. It contains particulars concerning the behaviour of members of the numerous other fore rules. among question of the " Prorouging of Parliament be- Upper House & after the first Meeting." " Proxies." " Asperity of Speech.

In Three Volumes.D. Jacob Tonson in the Strand. Folio. The Second Volume. 3 vols. The First Volume. Paul's Churchyard. Bound for George I.5. Published by his Grace An A . Learned Treatise of the Pope's Supremacy. THE WORKS OF THE LEARNED ISAAC BARROW. containing Forty-five Sermons. Compleating his English Occasions. Portrait by Loggan. London: PiHnted for Robert Knaplock and Daniel Midwinter in St.Alley. with his crowned cypher repeated several times on the sides and on the back. containing Thirty-two Sermons Preach'd upon several Exposition of the Lord's Prayer. &c. Late Archbishop of Canterbury. PALL MALL PLACE 65 lOI GEORGE I (1660-1727) BARROW (ISAAC). The Third Volume. . . the Creed. Jarnes Round in Exchange. D^" John Tillotson. richly gilt. £2% K . Late Master of all Trinity College in Cambridge (Being his English Works). Containing Sermons and Expositions upon all the Articles in The Apostles' Creed. and William Taylor in Pater-noster-row. in 2. D. Dark blue morocco. upon several Occasions. Works. 1722.

infante d'Espagne. the wife of the "Great" Duke. 1736. 102 DUCHESS OF MARLBOROUGH (1660-1744) POEMS ON SEVERAL OCCAPOMFRET (J. // differe sensibkmetit du texte imprim'e. 8vo. ManuContemporary calf. par Flechier. la premiere comprend 103 imprimee en seconde une quaran- . Lady Lytton. " Tandis que I'oraison classique debute par ce verset de I'Ecclesiaste. Mulier timens Dominum ipsa laudahitur. " Tres interessant manuscrit de I'oraison funebre de Marie-Thercse d'Au- triche. Original calf . la "L'oraison manuscrite est divisee en deux seulement. LOUIS LE GRAND DAUPHIN FLECHIER.). et mandata Dei in corde mulicris sanctcE. ORAISON FUNEBRE et tres vertueuse princesse (1661-1711) de tres auguste Marie-Therese dAutriche. From the library of Sarah. Afterwards in the possession of the unhappy Rosina. Fundavienta externa supra petrani soHdam. son of Louis XIV. SIONS. Bound for Louis le Grand script. PEARSON & CO. le manuscrit presente ce texte qui s'accorde mieux avec le ton general et les divisions du discours: Fallax gratia et vana est pukhritiido. reyne de France et de Navarre. with her autograph.66 J. 1737." on the fly-leaf. "Sarah Marlbro. Duchess of Marlborough. trois parties. femme de Louis XIV. Frontispiece. I'oraison feuillets. Dauphin.

" En un temps ou Ton recueille avec tant de soin les moindres fragments de nos auteurs classiques. presque cloitree de Marie Therese (qui auront peut-etre paru trop peu releves pour I'eloge funebre d'une reine). jugeant ensuite qu'elle depassait les homes ordinaires de ces sortes de discours. I'avait Les retranchements portent principalement sur les details de la vie retiree. pages ne le cedent Quelques-unes meme. 104 LOUIS LE GRAND DAUPHIN (1661-1711) VERIEN(NICOLAS). PALL MALL PLACE 67 taine de pages seulement. " et des Peres de I'Eglise (beaucoup moins frequentes dans ce manuscrit nous le texte En somme. LIVRE CURIEUX ET UTILE POUR LES SQAVANS ET ARTISTES. trente pages de I'aimable et eloquent eveque de Nimes ne sont point a dedaigner. et ces point a celles qui ont ete conservees pour I'impression. sur les citations latines de I'Ecriture imprime). que sa longueur fatiguerait peutetre les oreilles aristocratiques de ses auditeurs (le Dauphin et les princes et princesses du sang) il crut devoir la ramener a de moindres proportions. le manuscrit donne I'oraison funebre telle que Flechier d'abord congue et composee. d'ailleurs si efface. celle-ci celle-la est d'un tiers au moins plus longue que C'est surtout a partir de la fin de la premiere partie que les differ- ences s'accentuent. la version imprimee s'eloigne de plus en plus du texte manuscrit. " Ce tnatiuscrit a fait partie de la bibliotheque du Grand Dauphin (le fils UNIQUE DE Marie Therese et Louis XIV). d'un tour simple et aise. le dauphin et la gratid fleur-delis couron7ies se trouvent au dos de la reliure^ — Charavay. Compost de . sur ses pratiques de devotion et de charite. fait connaitre une trentaine de pages inedites d'un des maitres de la chaire frangaise. "Selon nous. I'emportent sur des morceaux plus soignes.5. ou Flechier a peut-etre trop prodigue I'antithese et les fleurs de sa rhetorique un peu travaillee. jusqu'a la peroraison qui differe entierement dans I'une et dans I'autre. sur son role politique.

doubles & triples fleuronnez et au premier trait. a Noble Protestant of France. Translated out of Italian By Edward Brown. Bound for Queen Annes favourite minister . PEARSON & . and a superb example of the Grand Proofs. Let. Rector of Sundridge in Kent. ^ de-lis at the corners. CO. 690. Red morocco. PAUL. Written To Monsieur Del Isle Groslot. An The elegantly engraved volume. The most sincere and faithful History of Things. A good Book never comes out too late. And Author of the Excellent History of the Council of Trent. lxxvii. Dauphin's portrait and plates are brilliant ^65 ROBERT HARLEY (1661-1724) THE LETTERS OF THE RENOWNED FATHER Counsellor of State To the most Serene RepubVenice. The Learned Monsieur Gillot and others in a correspondence of divers Years. 8vo. Paul. and numerous curious engravings. The Dedication Copy to Louis le Grand Dauphin (son of Louis XIV). by Sturt. Portrait lick of . . Paris. zvith his arms impressed on the sides. Alphabets de Chiffres Simples. Avec une Table tres ample par le moyen de laquelle on trouvera facilement tous les noms imaginables. Fa. Id. library. cxxii. and the crozmiedfleur-de-lis 1 and dolphin on the back. Let. fleurs. Fine p07^trait a charming dedication plate.68 trois J. is to be learn'd from the Epistles of the Writers of every Age.

Bound for James Douglas. Anno Dom. 106 DUKE OF QUEENSBERRY Fools.Yard. PALL MALL PLACE zvith his 69 Robert Harley. ^9 9^. for God. 1699. and Idolizer of Moderation. Sound Presbyterian. nor Excessively Laodicean. Earl of Oxford. by a fiery Covenanter. Being a Safe and Easy Remedy to Cure our Fears. In a time of Spiritual Prayers and Temporal Judgements. By A Person neither Unreasonably Cameronian. avoiding Extreams. King and Countrey. And why not for Co 1 too? Printed in a Land where Self 's Cry'd up. St. But to Make Wise Men Happy. a Throw-pac'd. in gold on the sides. Calf. 1693. London. arms and name 8vo. to whom the murdered Archbishop "The Arch-Traitor Sharp. and of The present National Calamities. Chiszvell." /5 SS' . 4to.5. Honest. with his arms impressed on the sides. 1699. A was rare volume. A Good. on either Hand: That is. 2nd Duke of QuEENSBERRY. and Ease our Minds. Trueblue Loyallist. but entre deus. and (1662-1711) to Startle A PROPER PROJECT FOR SCOTLAND Frighten Knaves. and Zeal's cry'd down. And therefore. With The undoubted Causes of God's Wrath. at the Rose and Crozun hi Printed for Richard Paitl's Church.

stir le second Perron allant a la Ste Chappelle. Paris. the back being entirely covered with Jleurs-de-lis. DICTIONNAIRE ITALIEN ET FRANCOIS. 1663) OUDIN (ANTOINE). Par Antoine Gudin. Proverbes & Locutions necessaires. 1663. and her " chiffi^e coitronnf at the corners. DucHESSE dAlen<j:on. /^ed morocco. 4to. Par Laurens Ferretti Romain. Les Recherches de tous les mots Italiens expliquez en Fran9ois. & les Irregularitez & Annomalies des verbes. non seulement d'une quantity de mots. mais aussi d'un grand nombre de Phrases. The Dedication Copy to Elizabeth d'OrLEANS. avec les accents pour prononcer les syllabes longues ou breves. and therefore granddaughter of Henri IV ^60 . corrige & augment^. witJi her arms impressed on the sides. Revue. is an excessively rare provenance. a V Escu de France. This France. Secretaire Interprete. ait Palais. PEARSON & CO. Elizabeth d'Orldans was the of daughter of Gaston d'Orldans.70 J. avec plusieurs Pro- & Phrases. Chez Antoine de Sommaville. 107 ELIZABETH D'ORLEANS (/. verbes Contenant. pour I'intelligence de Tune et I'autre Langue. Secretaire Interprete du Roy. & Maistre des Langues de leurs Altesses Royales Mesdemoiselles d'Alen^on & de Valois.

In quo sunt cometariis fami- opera praecipue moralia. In aedibns Ascensianis impeiisis eorum qui frente opeids significantur ad Idus Jtinias. 2 vols. Heroum quoq3 sanctorum trium vitae Dionysii Georgii et B. Bound for Prince Eugene OF Savoy with his arms impressed 07i the sides and his ^'chifire liaribus exposita hec J couronne'^ \Colophoii\ repeated 6 times on the back. 1 5 1 3. and ni/-TMDP miiFriiON . Exhortationis in turcas lib. MANTUANI etc. Parthenicon. 4to.5. Prince Eugene bequeathed his fine library to the Emperor Charles VI. De presidentia oratoris & poete & de suscepto mao^istratu theolog^ico lib. I. Veryfinely engraved border to titles. I. TOMUS. Titles in red and black. Red morocco.— SECUNDUS OPERU B. In quo sunt Commentariis Murrhonis. Contra amorem & de natura amorum lib. : MANTUANI : Ludovici Morbioli. etc. ornamental initials. Heroidu virginuqj sanctissimatii septe divae videlicet Mariae virginum Reginae divarum Catharinae Margaritae: Agathes: Lucie: Apollonie: et Ceciliae vitae. PRIMUS OPERUM TOMUS. I. Brantii et Ascensii hac illustrata. De calamitatibus temporum auctoris lib. Contra impudices scribentes. III. lib. with the device of the printer ehan Petit hi the centre. PALL MALL PLACE 71 108 EUGENE OF SAVOY (1663-1736) MANTUANUS (BAPTISTE). in This fine book was afterwards possessed by the Imperial Library at Vienna and has the ex-Hbris on the verso of each title. I.

pressed on the repeated on Bound for Prince Eugene of Savoy. work upon the Marbles of Florence. revision of the library taking place. 4to. The iczxcQ first edition of this curious See Illustration. Boundfor Prince Eugene . portrait. in lingua Volgare. & Compagni.) I (1663-1736) MARMI DEL DONI ACADEMICO Al mag'^ et Eccellente S. vol. ALESSANDRO). Con PiHvilegio. Upon a the books were incorporated in the Imperial Library at Vienna. of Prince Eugene's books were sold The remainder of were despoiled of the great morocco covers and rebound in gray pasteboard! Prince Eugene de Savoie-Carignan was the famous companion in arms their Duke of Marlborough. woodcuts after Marcolini. with his arms imsides. Red morocco. and his crowned chiffre and arms the back. (1663-1736) PICCOLOMINI (M.72 J. IIO EUGENE OF SAVOY . and numerous 4 parts in i PEREGRINO. Feltro Dedicati. notwithstanding the merit of their fine bindings. PEARSON & many CO. In Vinegia Francesco Marcolini. F. as duplicates. pressa Giovanni Guarisco. 109 EUGENE OF SAVOY DONI (A. ANNOTATIONI NEL LIBRO DELLA POETICA DARISTOTELE con la traduttione del medesimo Libro. In Venegia. 4to. Antonio da Woodcut titles. Red morocco. 1552.



perpetuis Historico-Chronologicis Nods.5. and his chiffre and arms i^epeated on the back. charming fron- & tispiece after Tiepolo by Zucchi. a Francisco Mediobarbo Birago. Fleuron on title by Pint. with his arms sides. The engravings are all printed in red and are brilliant impressions. Regiae Civitatis Papiae Decurione. portrait after Ferroni by Zucchi and numerous engravings from medals. etc. PALL MALL PLACE 73 crowned 1575- OF Savoy. Red morocco^ gilt on marbled leaves. zvith his arms impressed on the sides. I. ^2 III 1 EUGENE OF SAVOY a Pompejo Adolfo Occone olim congesta. pluribusque Addita- mentis jam S. IMPERATORUM ROMANORUM NUMISMATA Magno ad Heraclium ab Augustorum Iconibus. Ruled in red. by plain L . Bound for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Comite. 1730. In the lower part of the — bottom panel there links united is a transverse line or chain of a few groups of twisted lines. These four fine bindings exhibit the full escutcheon on the sides. In the panels on the back are stamped alternately the escutcheon of pretence (SavoyBourbon) and the monogram composed of EE. encircled by the collar of the Golden Fleece. Dedication vignette and initial {with portraits of the Emperor Charles VI and his Empress^ by ZuccJii. R. illustrata (1663-1736) OCCO (ADOLF). impressed on the the back. and crowned chiffre in the panels on Folio. Venice. and surmounted by a ducal crown. Mediolani.

74 J. Spondani commentariis. 114 COMTESSE DE VERRUE L'AMOUR SANS FOIBLESSE. Jo. ODYSSEA. Seconde Partie Almanzaris. Folio. title. PEARSON & I CO. priscas (1668-1751) ANTIQUISSIMI VIRGILIANI CODICIS et FRAGMENTA Finely engraved Picturae ex Bibliotheca Vaticana ad Imaginum formas a Petro Sancte Bartholi Incisae. BATRACHOMYOMACHIA. Original calf Folio. This is the only example of Congreve's library we have ever seen or heard of. 2 parts in i vol. 1741. with his signature on the title. (1670-1736) Premiere Partie. and numerotis curious plates. 113 WILLIAM CONGREVE (1670-1729) HOMERI QUAE EXSTANT OMNIA ILIAS. Blue morocco. Bound for Henri Francois d'Aguesseau. Anne de Bretagne. HYMNI. Basle. . Rome.. 1606. William Congreve's (the Dramatist) copy of Homer. with his arms impressed on the sides. 12 CHANCELLOR D'AGUESSEAU VIRGIL. vignettes. POEMATIA.

Fronby Sauvd after Brissart. Ser. corrig^es & tispieces Enrichies de Figures en Taille-douce. 8vo. et Sm. Paris.). Paris. CoMTESSE DE Verrue. au Palais. Bada-Durlacensis Consil. This edition was pubUshed. Claude Barbin.610 francs. (1677-1766) (F. 8vo. Chez Claude Bar bin. Due d'Orl£ans. Acad. 115 PHILIPPE DUG D'ORLEANS (1674-1723) MOLIERE. by Moliere's comrades La Grange and in Copies in contemporary morocco are excessively rare. Reg. Reveues. S. 1869 the 116 STANISLAS LECZINSKI. KING OF POLAND SCHMIDT Princ. March.5. LES CEUVRES." with his chiffre augmentees. Bound for Philippe. "le Regent. 1682. sur le second Perron de la Sainte Chapelle. DE SCHMIDT Aulici. Chez Denys Thierry. in 1682. wUh her ar77is impressed on the sides. 167 1. FRID. Contemporary red morocco. Chez Pierre The Vinot. Grand Dauphin's example was sold in Paris for 4. PALL MALL PLACE 75 Black morocco. " wicked " Regent's copy of the first complete edition of Moliere. and the devices of L^iynes and Rohan on the back. and numerous plates stamped on the title-page of each volume. . 8 vols. Bound for Jeanne Baptiste d'Albret de LuYNES. Trabouillet. SAM. gilt on marbled leaves.








Nemaus. Massil. Societ. Antiq. Londin. Etruscae Gorton Recup-Patav. Luccensis, Volatere. Goetting. Boicae, Basil.
Quibus Res Antiquae praeRed morocco. Bound for cipue Aegyptiacae explanantur. Stanislas Leczinski [King of Poland), with his arms imBernensis Socii
pressed on the
tiana, 1765.


Carolsrtihae in Ojficina Macklot-





II (1683-1760)

PEARCE (ZAGHARY), Bishop of Rochester. A SERMON preached before the Incorporated Society for the
Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; at their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish Ghurch of St. Mary-le-Bow, On Friday the 20*^ of February, 1729. Vellum. 4to. London, 1730.
Unique. Printed on Large Paper for presentation to George II, and bound for him. The King's arms are impressed on the sides.


Lowndes makes no mention
National Biography

of the present work,

and the

" Dictionary of

does not quote



presumably, quite

unknown. At pages

51, 52,

and 53

land Missionaries in


will be found the names of the Church of EngEngland, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania [sic\

and South Carolina.

la Royale Ville de Naples. . F. Cars. The Dedication Naples. Le tout tire des meilleurs Traduit en Fran9ois Par Antoine Portraits. with his arms impressed on the sides. Brilliant medallion portraits of Cornelius Tacitus andJulitis Ag7'icola. agreable dans son Abanlieve. frontispiece. fleurons at each corner. Preceding the Dedication is a brilliant portrait of Philip V by Magliar. & d'apprendre ce qu'il y a de plus remarquable dans Autheurs.5. Red morocco. with his arms impressed on 8vo. Copy to Philip V of Spain. & de plus Bulifon. the sides of the binding. 119 PHILIP V (1683-1746) NOUVELLE TRADUCTION DE DEUX OUVRAGES DE CORNEILLE TACITE. Red morocco.. and nume^'-ous folding and other plates by Federicus Pesche. a vignette by J. and folding maps of ancient Britain and Germany. 1702. Philip V's own copy. LE GUIDE DES ETRANGERS Curieux de voir. PALL MALL PLACE 77 118 PHILIP V (1683-1746) SARNELLI (POMPEE).

TEATRO DELLE FABBRICHE pubbliche. with richly tooled border of roses . Paris 1759. DE LA CURNE DE). Bound for Charles Louis Auguste 2 vols. and the back elegantly tooled in gold. consideree comme un morocco. " Cette traduction a este faite par Philippe V. Red morocco. —a Madrid. lorsque j'eus I'honneur d'y Due d'Orleans. 121 DUG DE SAINT AIGNAN picue in Prospettiva. il me la donnee luy mesme seigneur le fly-leaf). MEMOIRES SUR L'ANCIENNE CHEVALERIE. estant son premier vallet accompagner Monde chambre" {note on See Illustration 120 FOUQUET-BELLE-ISLE (1684-1761) SAINTE-PALAYE (M. Girolamo. Presso Giambatista Albrizzi q. che private della citta di Venezia. Plates by Zucchi. PEARSON & CO. Red Fouquet-Belle-Isle. si (1684-1776) Piu cos- VENICE. 8vo. etablissement politique & militaire.78 J. Roy d'Espagne. Lyo7iy 1706. Due de Gisors [Chancellor of Frajice). J with his ai^ms impi'-essed on the sides. Sm. gilt on marbled leaves.

and became M." fly-leaf.D. he intensely disliked. Bound for Paul Hippolyte de Beauvilliers. where he died in October.1 765) PITCAIRNE (ARCHIBALD). terian church. DISSERTATIONES 4to. being the magnificently bound presentation copy to James Edward Francis Stuart. The binding is an extremely fine example of the very distinctive Scottish school century. Robei^t Freebairn. several medical students he joined them in their studies. the University there in 1668. issued at various dates. and reprinted at Edinburgh in 1713. " Regi Scotorum Jacobo Octavo." H an unequivocal statement of the author's political opinions. He is perhaps best known by his satirical verses attacking the Presby1 7 13. chiffre at the corjters Due DE Saint Aignan. which flourished at Edinburgh in the early years of the eighteenth The material used was almost invariably a very deep blue-green . 171 J* at Archibald Pitcairne was born Edinburgh in 1652. after which he took up practice in Edinburgh. commonly known as the "Old Pretender. Pitcarnius. The present copy is of great interest." son of James and half-brother to Queen Anne. n. Edinburgh. " Premier tirage de cette charmante suite de Vues de 122 JAMES MEDICAE. On each side is the bold inscription. graduated in 167 1. PALL MALL PLACE 79 and shells. were collected together and issued in one volume at Rotterdam in 1701. in 1680.5. zvitk and crowned folio. Oblono- Note on Venise. his native and having entered Soon afterwards he probut making friends with After a few years in I town he returned to study medicine abroad. which. ceeded to Paris for the purpose of studying law. I III (1688. and on the back.d. To the Jacobites he was James HI of England and James VHI of Scotland. His various medical dissertations. his ai^ms impressed on the sides. with his strong Jacobite sympathies.

On the inner board is the book-plate of the Scots College at Paris. The centre panel was often worked with a The rest of the ornament was roll. A very fine example. at his death in his fortune and library to the college." Edinburgh. 17 15. who. PEARSON & CO. The first is that of Cardinal 1603. in the British Museum. the Old Pretender''). and on the left the arms of Scot- On the right are two shields surmounted by a cardinal's hat. The main portion of the library of the Scots College was dispersed at the James Beaton. is believed to have been removed to Omer. and was reproduced as Plate 55 in Fletcher's " EngUsh Bookbindings in the British Museum. 8vo. 1696. and a lavish use made of gold dotting. Green 7)iorocco. and worked with many of the same hand-tooled. o-Iles. /250 123 JAMES Dimanches. left all other bishop. all effect. very occasionally red. En Latin & Avec Texplication des Epitres & des EvanIV. In the centre land. though part St. much resembling the present. Andrew. the second that of some time of the Revolution. is a figure of St. dotibU with red ??iorocco.8o J.1 766) L'ANNEE CHRETIENNE & Tome contenant Les Messes des Fetes de toute I'Annee. engraved by Ingram. Harp surmounted Sm. rich dentelle borders." Another peculiarity of these bindings is that they are almost always lined with coloured and gilt German end papers. giving a very rich The corners were generally filled with rather florid sprays. III (1 688. Archbishop of Glasgow. tools is on a copy of "The Parfait Mareschal. and gold etid-papers. the '' {^ Irish sides. morocco. the arms being apparently that of the family of Murray. the one weak point about the bindings. Boimd for James Francis Edward Stuart James III. de7itelle borders aitd ela- borately tooled back. Feries en Fran9ois. luith a Royal crown impressed on the Paris. /15 15-y- .


^>1 .

Portrait. James Radcliffe. and has his ex-libris on the inside of the front cover. Folio. gilt panels on sides. GRANDSON OF CHARLES II (1689-1716) IRENE TRIUMPHANS.5. LES VERIT- ABLES CEUVRES. Bo7md for the Earl of Derwentwater with his artns impressed on the Addrest sides. Botmd for Catherine Ang£lique. with corner ornaments and cherubs heads. in Latin and English. etc. MARQUISE DE ST. Morocco. THE BRITISH MUSE'S CONGRATULATORY POEM. on the Peace Humbly His Excellency the Most Noble Duke to D'Aumont. DREUX (1689-1739) EVREMOND (SEIGNEUR DE). M . Publiees sur les Manuscrits de Red morocco. eighth Lord Petre (who married Anna Maria. See Illustration 125 CATHERINE ANGELIQUE. Embassador from the Most Christian King. gilt on marbled leaves. Charles II. third Earl of Derwentwater. PALL MALL PLACE 124 8i EARL OF DERWENTWATER. was a (natural) grandson of His devotion to the Stuart cause cost him his head in 1716. lAuteur. Marquise de Dreux. daughter of the above Earl of Derwentwater). This volume was afterwards in the library of James.

Londres. ^21 . tJie domo calf. 8vo. with Pistorozzi. PEARSON & CO with hey arms impi^essed four times on the back of each volume. and 126 BISHOP BUTLER THVCYDIDES. Old marbled A large-paper copy (with the two blank leaves) of Editio Princeps of one of the most beautiful productions of the Aldine Press. Evremond. 1766. St.'] (1692-1752) in Colophon: Venetiis Folio. {Graecc. Aldi mense Maio. arms impressed on the sides. POPE CLEMENT XIII (1693-1769) RAGIONAMENTO SUL DIRITTO DE' SACRI ASILI his deir Abate Giacomo heavily gilt sides and back.dii(i502). There was no copy in the Bibliotheca Spenceriana. Jacob Tojtson. Red morocco. Rome. This was Bishop Butler's (author of " The Analogy of Religion ") copy. m. Bound for Clement XIII. This is a marvellously fine copy of the best edition of was bound by Boyet for this famous woman. 5 vols. 4to. 1706.82 J.

PALL MALL PLACE 83 128 COUNT DE HOYM. . The " Life " of the Count de Hoym. J. by Baron Jerome Pichon. the "Polish Grolier" (1694-1736) Pearson and Co.5. and will be sent on application. A special catalogue of these is in preparation. have for sale the largest collection extant of splendidly bound volumes from the library of Count de Hoym. was one of the most noted publications of the Grolier Club.

interesting volumes to his nephew Samuel Wesley. The latter has written underneath his celebrated uncle's inscription "S. The Gift of the Author. 1750. £6 6s. 8vo. Reponse aux principales difficultes qui ont ete proposees contre son execution. Johnson. Charles DE Bourbon. Black morocco. Wesley by Dr. Poj^trait. 4 vols. De r Imprimerie de P. Son Utilite. i) in Wesley's autograph. with his arms impressed on the sides. 129 COMTE D'EU FLOQUET : (1701-1775) ou Canal (J. Red morocco. a la Provence & a la Compagnie des Propri^taires. Wesley the legacy of his This book was given to The unique Presentation Copy from the Author .84 J. A. 1781. d'Aix et de Marseille. CANAL DE PROVENCE. 8vo. and has the inscription " on the back of the portrait (in "J. PEARSON & CO. with critical observations on their Works. Wesley. to John Wesley. Dediee a Monseigneur le Due de Richelieu.). London. 1781 The great evangelist bequeathed these most vol. Paris. Sa Possibilite. FoldBotind for Louising plan of the canal. Comte d'Eu. Sa Nature Avantages qui en reviendront au Roy. 130 JOHN WESLEY (1703-1791) JOHNSON (SAMUEL). The Lives of the most eminent English Poets. Le A Mercier. G.

and plates by Scotin. Maison du Roy. A work presented by the great lexicographer to the great evangelist and founder of Methodism is a unique possession. **S. 1728. Imprime par expres Commandement de Sa XV and his Queen atprayer. much honored Uncle MARIE LECZINSKA (1703-1768) OFFICE DE LA SEMAINE SAINTE et en Latin & en Fran9ois a I'usage de Rome & de Paris avec des Reflexions et Meditations. probably in 132 DUG DE FITZJAMES Majeste. on the Charming ejtgraved title. gilt richly gilt border of shells a?id fleurs- on marbled leaves and an elaborate book- marker of green. Prieres et Instructions pour la Confession Communion. John Wesley. the autograph of Louis At page 281 a contemporary manuscript prayer XV's Queen. is with her arms impressed on the sides and fleurs-de-lis on the back. Wesley: the Legacy of the Revd. Bound for Marie Leczinska (Queen of Louis XV)." Samuel Wesley has written upon the top of the title-pages. Wesley 1791. . placed.5. 8vo. white. tions." The value and importance of this precious " Association " book needs no herald. Paris. Frontispiece of Louis (1709-1764) a I'usage de la L'OFFICE DE LA SEMALNE SAINTE. and 7^ed ribbons and silver wi^-e. de-lis Red morocco. PALL MALL PLACE 85 Besides these two autograph inscripJ. sides.

Red morocco. with fleurs-de-lis at each corner. Red morocco. neatly written. and repeated on the back. He with his arms impressed on the sides. Due de Fitzjames^ when Cardifial d Auvergne. Botmd for Louis XV. Bound for Francis. gilt on marbled leaves. circa 1731. 1772. LA RELIGION VENGEE Bound for Louis XV. 133 LOUIS XV (1710-1774) DU PUY 8vo. /21 . renounced his was "premier aumonier " to Louis XV. and An extremely xdso. to 1731. 134 LOUIS XV (1710-1774) MEMOIRE CONCERNANT LE TRESOR ROYAL. Unknown to Guigard. The period referred to in this MS. 410. and a most magnificent binding. their functions.86 J. An interesting historical manuscript explaining the origin of the Treasury. 8vo. PEARSON & CO. Manuscript of 40 leaves. richly tooled sides and back. provenance. title. de rincredulite par I'lncredulite Elle-meme. The Duke. a grandson of James II. Red morocco. Paris. (L'EVEOUE). with Paris. 1743. ^10 See Illustration 10^. who was entered the Church. ranges from 1285 etc. and engraved title. his arms impressed on the sides. nomination of Treasurers.



Ordinaire du Roi. Pier res. flettrs-debirds. the sides being covered with a scroll design. zvith his arms impressed Pa^ns. floral end-papers. with his arms and his chiffre couronnd (^repeated four times) impressed on the sides. & de sa Maison. 8vo. . PALL MALL PLACE 87 135 OFFICE (L) LOUIS XV (1710-1774) DE LA SEMAINE SAINTE le en Latin et en Fran9ois selon Missel et le Breviaire de Paris avec des Reflexions et Meditations. Bound by Padeloup for Louis XV. Imprimetir 8vo.5. 1785. Prieres & Instructions pour la Confession & Communion. Par M. 1752. A most magnificent binding. Dediee a son Altesse Royale Monseigneur Frederic-Guillaume. Red morocco. A I'usage de Madame la Dauphine lis. Prince de Prusse. on the sides. etc. (1712-1786) Scene Lyrique. Bound for Frederick the Great.. de Saint-Paterne. Black morocco elaborately tooled. Large Paper. 136 FREDERICK THE GREAT PANDORE. Ph.-D. shells. ^16 16^. Paris.

Gray. portrait. with her arms hnpresssed on the sides. by Clarke and Bedford. ou les et en vers. red morocco extra. g. y 139 TRONCON. Paris chez la Veuve Duchesne. (1717-1788) (DE). This copy formerly belonged to Thos. A Repr^sente a la Comedie Fran^oise le 13 Mai 1776. emplar Londinense. 1776. the Poet. EMPRESS MARIA THERESA FALBAIRE DE QUINGEY MCEURS. Empress of Germany. et chez Ruault. PEARSON & CO. 137 THOMAS GRAY (1716-1771) juxta ex- MATHEW PARIS. Redmorocco. Albani Vitae. . Verbatim recusa et duorum Offarum Merciorum Regum et viginti trium Abbatum S. etc. L'ECOLE DES drame en cinq actes suites du libertinage. Edited W. Botindfor Maria Theresa of Austria. HISTORIA MAJOR . PIUS VI (1717-1799) ESAMI PARTICOLARI sopra diversi soggctti Proprj agli Ecclesiastici ed a tutte quelle persone. and contains very numerous and interesting notes in his minute autograph. 8vo.e.88 J. 1571. Wats. 1640. £\2 \2S.

1634. L. Small 8vo. 1778. de . Francesco Rovira Bonet. Sulpizio. contre Charles 2. 140 MADAME DE POMPADOUR rendu a la (1721-1764) ARREST DU PARLEMENT DE PARIS donne et Requeste du Procureur General du Roy. TURES dessinees par J. andfloral corner orna7nents. Parte Prima.YiM^W. Due de Lorraine. N (1721-1764) RECUEIL DE CARICASaly et gravees par A. etc. with her moj^occo. 8vo. Red morocco. jour d'Aoust 141 2. In Roma.5. Bound for Vove. & les Remarques qu'en a fait Jean Juvenal des Ursins. with his arms impressed on the sides within borders of leafy decoration. Paris. Fatti stampare in Italiano dal Reverendo Signer D. arms impressed on the sides. & autres complices & accusez Avec une commission de la cour le I. Sm. du mesme jour pour I'entiere execution dudit Arrest. PALL MALL PLACE 89 che vogliono avanzarsi nella perfezione del Signer Trongon Superlore del Semlnario di S. ^21 141 MADAME DE POMPADOUR LA LIVE DE JULLY. Red Bound for Madame de Pompadour.

artists' 8 engravings. Louis Bontems. It is No.: : go J. PEARSON & by CO." was unable to trace this fine book when describing the Marchioness' library. This work was unknown to Cohen and Brunet. after Boucher. Madame de Pomsides. 36 (p. A plate Vase. etc. . 7 Recueil de Caricatures dessinees par Saly. {Paris. La 1 Live. with names etched in. with inscription on the Proof. after De Nyers. Red morocco. with name etched in. and had to be content with a catalogue description. after Saly. Proof before Letters. Monsieur Quentin Bauchart. ssissimo et amicissimo del autore La Live D. after Denyer. Dedicata Signorina di Mazade. After Rigaud. 74. Les Elemens a ia) L'Air. padour's 754-) with her arms on the Folio. {d) L'eau. Proof. Proofs before Letters. of the most important and most superb examples of Madame de Pompadour's library extant. after Boucher. One Tome II) in Bauchart's book. The plates comprised in the volume are Portrait of Dionysius La Live de Bellegarde 1 (the father of the engraver). Studio di Paesi Dedicato al 111"" Dupin de Franceuil Sig" VirtuoJ. Three are Proofs before Four peasant girls. La Terre. and artists' names etched Pierre Gilbert de Cange. copy. 6 are Proofs before Letters. with inscription on After Boucher. plates. Proof before Letters. Engraved title by La Live and 4 plates after Natoire as follows {c) Le feu. in his " Les Femmes Bibliophiles de France. Derome. with names etched in. Proof. A Vase. in. Letters with artists' names etched in. the plate and artists' names etched alia in. (J)) Madame De Roissy. La Correzione. A Pastoral Scene.

PALL MALL PLACE Proof before Letters. of the greatest beauty and rarity. 2 vols. etched etched in." in all. & insieme col remedio opportuno per liberarsi da tali difficolta. all' aggrandimento de' Del bene.5. Small 8vo. 1667. after Saly. Delia causa perche le Famiglie de' Pontefici non sono durate lungo tempo in grandezza. mdc lxvii. with artists' 91 names Another. impressed on the sides. His work is ^300 142 MADAME DE POMPADOUR NIPOTISMO raggioni che Nipoti. dopppo Sixto IV sino contrano i Delle difficolta che in- Ministri de Prencipi nel trattare con loro. d'Houdetot. he had the talent for miniature painting and etching. Two in. e male che hanno portato alia Chiesa al presente. -^30 . Vases. Proofs before Letters. E. after Pater. He became introducer of ambassadors to the French court. with names 45 engravings padour. /^F/V/^ ///^ ^r?. A distinguished amateur. Marquise de Pompadour.^^^/ Jeanne Antoinette PoissoN. (1721-1764) DI ROMA (IL) o vero Relatione Delia muovono i Pontefici. Moi-occo. Inserted are three holograph notes of " La Pom- The author was the brother of La Live d'Epinay and Mme.

Madame de Pompadour. It was especially designed by the most delightful French artist of his day for Madame de Pompadour. Eisen (signed). The arms of Madame de Pompadour are also impressed In this unique copy the printed . Sold 144 MADAME DE POMPADOUR ETAT DES TROUPES Anno an " (1721-1764) et des 1759. 1759. cy devant rois de la Grande Red morocco. gilt leaves. signed A. Marteau. dont ce Roiaume a et^ afflige depuis le regne de Jacques I. with her arms impressed on the Cologne. with the Pompadour arms in blind a7id gold on back and sides. Eisen inv. etf. silk linings and fly-leaves. PEARSON & CO. France et Irlande. 1689. enriched with Drawing in sepia by Eisen." Bound in olive morocco. et la desertion de Jacques II. 143 MADAME DE POMPADOUR et (1721-1764) SOURCE DES MALHEURS D'ANGLETERRE (LA).92 J. Bound for Bretagne. Madame de Pompadour's Etats-Majors des Places copy. et qui ont cause la perte de Charles I. 1 2 mo. 1759. P. whose arms are introduced. exquisite Original C. sides. exquisite title is replaced by an original and drawing by Ch. de tons les maux.






on the sides of the binding. This is, without question, one of the most beautiful examples of this famous woman's library that has occurred for sale. This exquisite volume is described by Monsieur Quentin Bauchart in his " Les Femmes BibHophiles de France," vol. ii, p. 88.


MARQUIS DE PAULMY (1722-1787) ETAT DES TROUPES et des Etats-Majors des Places.
Manuscript, covering 201 pages. Blue morocco. Bound for the Marquis de Paulmy, tvith his arms impressed on
the sides.


{Paris) 1758.



to this elegantly written manuscript

enclosed within an original

and exqjiisite drawing
for the

It was especially Marquis de Paulmy, whose arms are introduced. This Manuscript contains the census of the French troops, the names of the Commanders, the pay of each officer, and also of each regiment. It is a remarkable coincidence that this volume should have been presented to the Marquis of Paulmy, for it was to this nobleman that Madame de Pompadour (to whom Eisen presented the preceding volume) gave a copy of her Suite d'' Estampes gravees a Veau forte d^aprh les pierres gravees de That particular Guay, which is now in the Bibliotlieque de V Arsenal. example is handsomely bound in red morocco and has the following inscription on the sides in gold: CEuvre de Madame la Marquise de Pompadour,

in water-colours by Ch. Eisen {signed).

donne par elle-meme au Marqtds de Pauh^iy.

Marc Antoine Rene de Paulmy was the son of the Marquis d'Argenson, and is known to the world of letters by his numerous publications. The Marquis de Paulmy formed one of the richest and most precious libraries He sold it to the Comte d'Artois that any individual had ever possessed. (Charles X) in 1785, and it still exists as the Bibliotheque de P Arsenal.
See Illustration






JEAN DU BARRI (1722-1794) JEAN DU BARRI brother-in-law of Madame
His Original Autograph



Original Gambling Books

Livre de Jeu." T/iese a^-e the Jean dit Barri. 4 vols. of


unique memento of

Barri was the lover of

Madame du Barri (Louis XV's mistress). Jean du Madame du Barri before his brother Guillaume.

From Lord

Stewart de Rothesay's, Lord PoUington's, and Lord Orford's





de I'Orateur

de Ciceron, avec des notes par M.


Bound for Louis Philippe, Due d'Orl^ans, arms impressed on the sides. 8vo. Paris, 1737.








Chatellenie et Prevote Di Vols dit Carignan en bourg Fran9ois Enrichies de Notes.


Luxemsur les

Annales d'lvois. neatly written manuscript 0/64.S 4to pages, MAGNIFICENTLY BOUND BY Derome. Red morocco,
with figures of lions and Heurs-de-lis at each corner, the back tooled with fleurs-de-lis



and crow7ied

lions, ivatered silk


li7iings, gilt

on marbled

Botmd for presentation to Louis Jean Marie be leaves, Bourbon, Due de Penthi£vre {grandson of Louis XIV and Madame de Montcspan), Grand Amiral de France.

(Circa 1760.)

The superb binding

a masterpiece of the elder Derome.


GABRIEL DE SARTINE (1729-1801) CODE DE LA POLICE, ou Analyse des Reglemens
Police; Divisee en douze Titres.

de Par M. D. Conseiller du

Roi, etc.



richly tooled sides


back, gilt on

marbled leaves, by DE Sartine, with his arms impressed on the sides, and the His ex-libris is pasted Sardifie in the panels on the back.
on the inside of the cover.

Derome le P£re. Bottndfor Gabriel

Paris, 1758.

Gabriel de Sartine (1729-1801) was appointed Lieutenant-General de
Police a year after the publication of this volume. most charming example of Derome's binding.


See Illustration

derniere edition. Red shells. POLEXANDRE." MARIE JOSEPHE DE SAXE (1731-1767) Latin OFFICE DE LA SEMAINE SAINTE En & en Fran9ois a I'usage de Rome & de Paris Avec des Reflexions et Meditations. PEARSON & 150 CO. with her arms impressed on the sides of each volume. 1645. Engraved frontispieces to each volume by Bosse. reveue. It Paris. This famous aUiance with Chatelet. Red morocco. Duchesse de Gramont.96 J. Madame the sister of the Due de Choiseul. 8vo. morocco. Sm. woman was celebrated minister. DUCHESSE DE GRAMONT augmentee en cette (1730-1794) changee et GOMBERVILLE. She was guillotined with the Duchesse de Balzac said of this work: " Le Polexandre est a parfait mon avis un ouvrage en son genre. 5 vols. Engraved dentelle title and 3 plates by Scotin. Louis XV's was due to her that the Duke refused a political du Barry. . rich borders of fleurs-de-lis and Bound for Marie Josephe de Saxe. second wife of Louis le Dauphin {son of Louis XV) and mother of Louis XVI. Bound for Beatrix de Choiseul-Stainville. Prieres et Instructions pour la Confession et Communion a I'usage de la Maison de Madame la Dauphine.

PALL MALL PLACE 97 Louis XVIII. with hei'. gilt on marbled leaves. plans and numerotis plates. representee mardi 3 Mai 1785.). Olive morocco. chez la Vetive Mazieres et Gamier Libraires Imprimetirs de la Reine et de M'"^ la Dauphine. o . ivith her arms impressed on the sides. Bound by Blaizot. CONOUETE tragedle lyrique en cinq actes. (1732-1800) PIZARRE. . 1 746. ^55 152 ADELAIDE DE FRANCE DUPLESSIS (P.5. 1785. HISTOIRE DES JUIFS. Bound by Fournier {of Versailles). jusqua la mort de JesusTraduite de lAnglois. OU LA le DU^ms impressed on the sides and fle2irs-de-lis on the back. and Charles X. Paris. folding fnaps. . for Madame Adelaide. 8vo. 153 VICTOIRE DE FRANCE (1733-1799) PRIDEAUX (HUMPHREY). 6 vols. with a pla7t of the Holy Temple. Fro7itispieces. 4to. the borders par lAcademie Royale de Musique. silk end linings. Depuis la decadence des Royaumes d'Israel & de Juda. morocco. et des Peuples Voisins. for Madame Victoire Christ. Red and back decorated with fleurs-de-lis. Paris. .

gold fiezirons on the back.Marshal. Monseigneur le Prince de Co7idL There are few xdiXox 1756. Svo. Red morocco. Fils de Son Alt. Lmprimeur-Libraire Ordinaire de S. Olive morocco extra. MANUEL DE BOTANIQUE. with her arms impressed on the sides. {daughter of Louis sides This book her arms impressed on the 8vo. 169. Paris. the present volumes are from their military nature particularly desirable. PEARSON & XV). is described by Monsieur Quentin vol. i 764. Numerous folding plates. /18 18^. Bound for Victoire {daughter of Louis XV). Prince de Eigne. Charleville. Bound for CharlesJoseph. with his arms impressed on the sides. ii. DE)." p. 1742. le Prince de Turenne. Sm. Chez Pierre Thesin. A. zoith CO. Paris. provena7ias than that of this most famous Austrian Field. VICTOIRE DE FRANCE (1733-1799) DUCHESNE FILS. Svo. ^45 .Lamoral. Dediees a Son Altesse Monseigneur le Prince De Bouillon. Madame PRINCE DE EIGNE SIONVILLE (1735-1814) CEUVRES MILITAIRES (M. Sen Mgr.g8 J. Femmes Bibhophiles de France. 4 vols. S. Bauchart in his " Les of each of til e six vohunes.

. £60 . Bound for Louis Joseph. Mandements. and worked into the border with the Prhice of Wales feathers at each corner. & Pieces Academiques. in red morocco. occupying 187 pages. with his arms and six crowned Jleurs-de-lis impressed on the sides. and fleurs-de-lis on the back. Panegyriques. Red morocco. richly tooled borders on the sides. THE FULL Manuscript Score of his Admeto. . Large Paper. PRINCE DE CONDE (1736-1818) MONGIN(EDME). for George III {wheri Prince of Wales). PALL MALL PLACE 156 99 LOUIS JOSEPH. Prince de Cond£. Oraisons Funebres. as well as the famous Opera are known to have perished. " Conducting Score " of The present is believed to be the earliest manuscript oi At>u^t:o now existing. Written and bound. Paris. The Princes device and motto are stamped in the centime of the sides. CEUVRES DE MESSIRE EDME MONGIN. this Both Handel's original Manuscript. GEORGE HANDEL (GEORGE III (1738-1820) FREDERICK).5. 1745. Portrait by Petit. Evequeet Seigneur de Bazas. ^18 157 iZs. silk end leaves. . Oblong folio. 4to. Tun desQuarante de FAcademie Frangoise. A splendid binding. Contenant Ses Sermons.

BoiLnd for Madame du Barry. par Mme. Sheridan. Libraire de S. (1743-1793) OU HISTOIRE DE MIS BETSY Traduite de TAnglois. Francforty et Paris. a la Chariti.100 J. Nouvelle edition. chez Monory. ^3 5 159 MADAME DU BARRY ETOURDIE TATLESS. Comtesse de Gisors. parts in 2 vols.'' with her arms impressed on the sides. Jeanne B^cu. 1 An exquisite little volume. S. Red morocco ''double de tabisT The Dedication Copy to Hel£ne Julie Rosalie Mancini Mazarini. (L') 7. She was dominant at the Court of Louis XV from 1769 till the King's death . with her arms impressed on the sides. de L.1780) traduite NOURJAHAD. HISTOIRE ORIENTALE. par M. Chez Prault I'Aind. 776. dediee a Madame la comtesse de Gisors. A. PEARSON & CO. Monseigneur le Prince de Condd. was guillotined in 1793. 1754. born 1743. de I'Anglais (de Mme. Comtesse du Barry. the insignia on the back and at the coj'ners. Red morocco. 8vo. Paris. dite " Mademoiselle de Nevers. Marquise de Fouquet. de Serionne). L. Quai de Conti. The authoress was the mother of Richrird Brinsley Sheridan. 158 MARQUISE DE FOUQUET (1740.

Marat's own copy. by William Coxe. Blue morocco.A.R. PALL MALL PLACE stated to loi miUions of francs 1774. 5 LIFE OF SIR ROBERT original Correspondence and Authentic Papers. Examples of the rarity. wonderful manuscript Marat's autograph is of the first rarity.S. A — .I in 5. Bound for Queen . vols. i'j'j<^' Origmal ivrapper. crammed with corrections and amplifications in his Prepared either for a new edition of the book or a collected edition of his works.^120 161 QUEEN CHARLOTTE (1744-1818) WALPOLE (ROBERT)." enclosed in a ni07'Occo case. 8vo. F. to THE ORIGINAL HOLOof his Corrections and Ampliof his GRAPH MANUSCRIPT his own copy famous " Recherches unciU.A. autograph. Earl of Orford.S. Probably the only autograph corrected Proof-Sheets of this remarkable Frenchman (who fell by the dagger of Charlotte Corday) in existence. M. F. Physiques sur la Feu. never before published. MEMOIRS OF THE AND ADMINISTRATION WALPOLE. Louis is have lavished thirty-five upon her... library of Madame du Barry are of the very greatest 160 MARAT MARAT fications (1744. with Large Paper.1 793) (JEAN PAUL). Portraits of Walpole by Bovi.

and her book-plate is in each of the volumes. . together ivith the seal of the GRAN'D-0\u}Li<iT of France. 4to.102 J. a tracer generale du tres tres respectable et tres cher Frere Louis- Philippe-Joseph d'Orleans. gilt leaves. DUG D'ORLEANS (1747-1793) de I'installation PLANCHE serenissime. copy. Red morocco. with the arms of Louis-Philippe-Joseph. (consort the possession of the Princess Sophia (daughter of was afterwards in Charlotte). of George III). from the library of the infamous " Egalite. ^Hue A remarkable document relative to Freemasonry. Royal 4to. PEARSON & CO. It Queen Charlotte's unique large paper Queen ^35 162 LOUIS-PHILIPPE-JOSEPH. Paris. 1773. due de Chartres. Due d'Orl£ans. Charlotte 1798. prince du sang. This unique copy contains an original letter entirely in the autograph of Sir Robert Walpole. and the autograph signature de Breval et Baron de Toussaint on the last page. with her crozvfied cypher impressed on the sides of each of the volumes." See Illustration. en qualite de grand maitre de I'Grdre Royal de la Franche Ma^onnerie en France. impressed on the sides. addressed to the famous Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.



Due d'Orleans Egalit^""). pretty A S. with his This is an unusual example because of the repetition of the Duke's arms upon the back.5. I'Abrege de Fhistoire des Auteurs contenant I'Abrege de I'Histoire du Theatres Francois. Par M. end linings. & de lAcademle des Inscriptions & Belles-Lettres. Chez Sebastien Jorry. PALL MALL PLACE 103 163 LOUIS-PHILIPPE-JOSEPH. pressed on the Paris. A. S. 164 LOUIS-PHILIPPE-JOSEPH. DUG D'ORLEANS (i 747-1 793) MOUHY. de I'Academie Frangoise. Gaillard. Seconde Epoque Contenant I'histoire de la Querelle de Philippe de Valois & d'Edouard III. I'etablissement des Theatres a Paris. silk ^oral borders. sides and 7'epeated five times on the back. HISTOIRE DE LA RIVALITE DE LA FRANCE ET DE LANGLETERRE. {^' Joseph. TABLETTES DRAMATIQUES. M. Seconde Partie. Bottnd for Louis-Philippearms im8vo. Red . 1752. ^1818. et & des Acteurs. Dediees Olive morocco. un Dictionnaire des Pieces. le Due d'Orleans. DUG D'ORLEANS (1747-1793) GAILLARD. continuee sous leurs Successeurs..

Aubin.D.104 J. their son most interesting volume. An excessively xdxo. PEARSON & CO. Didot jeune.R. A . with sides. {'' Due d'Orl£ans of each of Egaliid''). Red morocco. & la quantite de metal qu'elle pro- Charming frontispiece after Moniiet by St. The arms of Egaliie and his Duchess are exceedingly seldom found together. with his ar?jis impressed on the sides the volumes. Paris. their arms impressed 07i the 8vo. Paris. Botmdfor Louis-Philippe-Joseph. sur la nature de chaque espece. ADELAIDE DE BOURBON-PENTHIEVRE (1753-1821) DELISLE(DEROME). 8vo. provenance. Ouvrao^e ou Ton donne de nouvelles idees sur la formation & la decomposition des Mines. morocco. 165 LOUIS-PHILIPPE-JOSEPH. King of the French. le Mineralisateur qui s'y rencontre. having afterwards passed into the library of Louis Philippe. Marie Louise Adelaide DE Bourbon-Penthi^vre.du Cabinet de M. de Madame La Da^tphine.'Louis-PHiLiPPE-JosErH. i5^2^«^y^. duit.L. 1773. Chez Moiita^'d Libraire 1774. DUCD'ORLEANS (1747-1793) AND HIS WIFE.D. avec un court expose des sentimens des Mineralogistes les plus connus. 4 vols. DESCRIPTION METHODIQUE D'UNE COLLECTION DE MINERAUX. Due d'OrLEANS [" Egalitd'') and his wife.

DESMARETS. with his arms impressed on the sides.PENTHifevRE. holding an open book with the words " Pax Tibi Marce Evangclista " at the corners of the ce7itre paiiel. WILLIAM IV OF ORANGE (/. with their arms impressed on Sm. ^10 167 IQS. 1747) ALBUM (AN) of blank leaves. Both this and the preceding stamp differ considerably from either of those reproduced by Guigard. 8vo. Amsterdam et Paris. sides. Red morocco. Folio. Philippe-Joseph. DUCD'ORLEANS (1747-1793) AND ADELAIDE DE BOURBON(1753-1821) Green morocco. and the Lion of St. 1783.5. PALL MALL PLACE 105 166 LOUIS-PHILIPPE-JOSEPH. LE TRIOMPHE DE LA NATURE. Neither of these books was known to Monsieur Quentin Bauchart. AuiiLAiDE DE Bourbon. Bound for Louisthe Due d'Orl£ans and his wife. Circa 1747* /21 . Mark. Bou7idfor William IV of Orange. PENTHIEVRE Roman Nouveau.











(M. DU).


Merard DE
Examples of

Olive morocco by

Bound for
the sides.

St. Just, with Ids

arms impressed on

Paris, 1749.

famous revolutionary's

library are of exceeding rarity.




del conte


Castone della Torre



delle belle arti.
nettes, a7td 3


Perpetuo della R. Accademia title, 3 charming plates, 4 vigOlive morocco.

pretty ciUs-de-lampe, by Bosse.

The Dedication Copy
Sicilies, with his


of the


arms impressed on

the sides.


Printed on Large and Thick Paper.


fine plates

are engraved in a remarkable


and brown









le Texte Latin de I'Editfon de par Mongault, Precepteur de Monseigneur le Chartres. Red morocco. Bound for Marie

Avec des Remarques, Et

Due de Josephine Louise de Savoie, Comtesse de Provence, with her arms impressed on the sides of each volume. 6 vols.
Paris, 17 14.







en Frangois, sur la Nouvelle Edition d'HolIande 1724. Avec des Remarques. Par M. de Villefore. Red morocco. Bound for Marie Josephine Louise de Savoie, Comtesse DE Provence, with her arms impressed on the sides of each
8 vols.


Paris, 1732.
;^i2 12^.









de rAcademie Fran9oise.




Bound for Marie Josephine Louise de

Savoie, Comtesse
the sides

DE Provence, with her arms hnpressed on
Paris, 1766.

of each




d'Olivet, de

Par Messieurs Bouhier,

TAcad^mie Fran-



Bound for Marie Jos£phine Louise

DE Savoie, Comtesse de Provence, with her arms impressed on the sides of each volume. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris 1766.





Colin. Red morocco. Bound for Marie Josephine Louise DE Savoie, Comtesse de Provence, with her arms im-

pressed on the








(1753-1810) CICERO.Aubin and Grave lot. . 1766. PALL MALL PLACE log 175 COMTESSE DE PROVENCE Scipion. Par M. Bound for Louis. engraved by Chenu. . Dnclos. Comte de Cobentzel. and Littret.5. 8vo. From the Edmond de Goncourt collection. par lAbb^ de Petity. with his arms itnpressed on the Paris. 2 plates of arms. 1768. sides. £2 2S. Debarrett. . les Paradoxes. Red morocco. ETRENNES FRANQOISES. CoMTEssE de Provence. 176 COMTE DE COBENTZEL Ville de Paris. Bound for Marie Josephine Louise de Savoie. LES LIVRES DE CICERON DE LA VIEILLESSE. le Songe de Traduction Nouvelle Avec le Latin revu sur les Textes les plus corrects. A portrait of the Comte de Cobentzel is added. de rAmitie. Red morocco. /15 I5-^- . with her arms impressed on the sides. 6 plates by Saint. 4to. (1753-1808) a la PETITY. Dedite pour I'annee jubilaire du Regne de Louis le Bien-Aim^. Paris. Sm.

by Audran. his device {the dolphin and the fleur-de-lis) on the back. Imprimeur du Roi.Chancellor.). Engraved fro7itispiece and mtfnerous vignettes. and was created Arch. PEARSON & CO. 3 vols. and 4to. Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour. de paix generale et J. DU DROIT PUBLIC et Du Droit des Gens ou Principes suivis d'un projet d' Association Civille et politique. after Chauveau. zvith his arms impressed on the sides. chez Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy 1675. Paris. . HISTOIRE DES CROISADES POUR LA DELIVRANCE DE LA TERRE SAINTE. Red morocco. LOUIS). Cambaceres was an especial favourite of Napoleon Buonaparte. Uncut. The Dedication Copy bound for the Prince de CAMBACfiRfes. B. J. 8vo. £^^s. Paris. and ultimately Duke of Parma and President of the Chamber of Peers. 178 LOUIS XVI (WHEN DAUPHIN) (1754-1793) MAIMBOURG(P. ^15 15-y- . 177 PRINCE DE CAMBACERES (1753-1824) GONDON (J. Bound for Louis XVI with his arms (when Dau-phin) impressed on the sides. 1807.

5. 1754.) ^200 180 DUCHESSE DE VENTADOUR VIRGIL. e Typo- graphia Regia. plates nettes and Cochin. morocco. XVI was in the habit of putting this charming copy of Horace into his pocket when he went for his walks in the park at Versailles. Green morocco Bound for the Duchesse de VenTADOUR. 8vo. with the initial L. Sm. Boimd for Louis XVI. & Frontispiece and ^ilt. Barbou. ^25 . mtmerous vigculs-de-lampe {unsigned). 12 mo. E. studio Stephani-Andreae Philippe. is Versailles. stamped on the sides. Paris. A contemporary note of authentication by Pigault-Maubaitlarcq. engraved by Duflos. PALL MALL PLACE 179 iii LOUIS XVrS (1754-1793) POCKET HORACE HORACE. is written upon the fly-leaf. with her arms impressed on the sides of each volume. possibly the most " intimate " example of Louis XVI's library {See note in volume by Mr. Gordo7i-Diiff. OUINTI HORATII FLACCI OPERA. exquisite little volume of the most pathetic interest. by. which was iised solely upon the books kept in Louis XVI's personal library at Versailles. 1733. Curls (/. Jleurons Red in the corniers and silk fly-leaves. elaborate gilt back. 1754) PUBLII VIRGILII MARONIS OPERA. Paris. to whom this precious volume was given by a friend employed by Louis XVI at the Louis An Chateau de This extant. 3 vols.

Mesnard. A most precious binding: " J'ai relic of Marie.). Manuscript on paper. collectis. Tres belle reliure signee Derome. apres y avoir bien murement pense. POETAE GRAEGI VETERES. P." 112 J. M." and he thus describes it: "Manuscrit d'une belle ecriture. 7'ichly tooled back with rose silk end-leaves. Toque wrote of the manie cinq cents reliures de Derome: je n'en ai jamais caresse une plus fine et mieux conservee. Green morocco. PEARSON & CO. Lyrici. par (i755-i793) PROJETS DE GOU- Monseigneur Le Due de Bourgogne.Antoinette by dated 1785) with the Queens arms impressed on Folio (1785). 275 pp. Derome le Jeune {with his ticket the back. i8i MARIE ANTOINETTE SAINT SIMON (DUG DE). Epigrammatarii. written for presentation to Marie. (i3f by 9 in. Additis Fragmentis ex probatis authoribus nunc primum Graece & Latine in unuin redacti .Antoinette. d'un Memoire attribue. par M. a Saint Simon.Antoinette. broad gold borders on resolus the sides. VERNEMENT Bound for Marie. C'est une perle! This beautiful and most interesting volume is cited by Quentin Bauchart in "Les Femmes Bibliophiles." Derome ^250 182 LOUIS XVIII (1755-1824) Tragici. Gomici.

). and Folio. 8vo. 1752." ^18 183 l8i-.5. 2 vols. MARIE ADELAIDE CLOTILDE DE FRANCE (1759. DE L'HISTOIRE pour Annees & par Le9ons.802) LE BLOND (M. Par Histoire Sainte. 6 vols. his 113 corpus. arms impressed upon 16 14. with her Paris. Bound for Louis XVIII. ELEMENTS DE FORTIFICA1 Numerous folding plates. the obverse of each volume. provenance—-^& have seen no other example of the Queen's Q . dinia). Red morocco. is Guigard notes that stamp " particulierement rare. I'Education de la (1756-1805) PRINCIPES Jeunesse. arms impressed on £\6 184 165. MARIE THERESE DE SAVOIE DU FRESNOY (L'ABBE LENGLET). PALL MALL PLACE Red morocco. the sides. i775* An excessively rare library. Bound for Marie Th£rese de Savgie consort of Charles X). King of Sar- TION. {Comtesse d'Artois. 8vo. fleurs-de-lis in the pa7iels on the Colonics this A llobrogum. with her arms on the sides. Bound Marie Adelaide Clotilde de France {sister of for Louis XVI and wife of Charles Emmanuel. Red morocco. with pretty border. with side back.

and has his autograph note. " Noailles. with Some of Beckford's notes are very caustic. BECKFORD M. 2 vols. Fine paper copy. in I. with 10 pages of MS. i2mo. OF GLENCAT. ABERDEENMEMOIRS. Original calf. 1799. Afterwards in the Villeneuve collection. notes by William Beckford. A superb example of Boyet's binding. . LETTRES SUR L'lTALIE. In a splendid binding of red morocco by Boyet with a doublure of red morocco. notes in his autograph. DE). 2 Beckford's copy. iS35>" o" the 186 BECKFORD GORDON SHIRE). particularly interesting example of Beckford's habit of annotation. (1759-1844) (JOHN. Lugd. 1670. Half bound.114 J- PEARSON & 185 CO. (1759-1844) VALERII MARTIALIS EPIGRAMMATA. This was formerly Beckford's copy. fly-leaf. pages of MS. 8vo. £\o \os. Frontispieces. 187 BECKFORD BROSSES A (1759-1844) (C. 3 vols. 1733. Batavorum.

" Another states "Q. and of the town of Nottingham in the First Parliament of Charles II. etc. 1806. . One of these notes refers to Mary Queen of Scots. Beckford's copy. Eliz. (1759-1844) (COLONEL). Portraits of Coloriel Hutchinson and Lucy Htttchinson^ by Neagle and Freeman. MEMOIRS OF THE Governor of Nottingham Castle and Town Representative of the County of Nottingham in the Long Parliament. Hutchinson who calls her a wicked Queen of a bloody. lustful temper. and states: " Poor Mary Q. 4to. view of Nottingham Castle after Barber by Medland. etc. . PALL MALL PLACE 115 BECKFORD HUTCHINSON LIFE OF.: 5." The present is portrait of Col. Rtissia. . urged on by the true-hearted Protestants to sign the deatha large paper copy with a duplicate unlettered proof warrant of Mary. with numerous extremely curious annotations by him covering both pages of one of the fly-leaves. Hutchinson. /15 iS-^- . Written by his Widow Lucy Hutchinson. of Scots most foully abused by the virtuous Mrs.




Madrigals. n. Original binding. Glees. — 34 4to. Canons. with his autograph signature volume and the Prince of Wales' feathers in gold on the front cover of each volume and the words: "His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales " beneath. &c. 4th. numbers in bound in 2 vols. (London. of Catches. Canzonets..d. of George The following inscription in pencil is also written inside the front cover Volume I: "This book was given to Mrs. Works of the Most Eminent Composers. . Gould Gent by the Prince of Wales afterwards Geo.) inside each IV's (when Prince of Wales) copy. Selected from the Engraved inclusive title.1 89 (1762-1830) GEORGE BLAND (JOHN). Numbers 17 to 50 all. IV THE LADIES COLLECTION." £10 \os. music and words.

brother. Trevoux. I'Eveque du Puy (J. 2 vols. Louis XV[\ with her arms impressed on the 8vo. those of his Sister. which are still visible beneath the King's impress. A remarkable example of two royal libraries. £\2 191 \2S. Red morocco. 190 ELIZABETH DE FRANCE (i 764-1 794) and LOUIS XVI (1754-1793) LEFRANC DE POMPIGNAN. and on the verso are those ^y Louis XVI. On the recto are the arms of Philippine Marie Helene Elizabeth de France {sister of Louis XVI). le Due De La R(ochefoucauld). LA RELIGION VENGEE de rincredulite par Tincredulite elle-meme. This volume was probably a present from Madame Elizabeth to her XVI. Bound for Madame Elizabeth {sister of par sides. as far as possible. 1772.120 J. Par M. . ELIZABETH OF FRANCE LOUIS XIV Red Sm. 1754. PEARSON & CO. morocco. Louis Paris. who caused his arms to be impressed on the binding after erasing. (1764-1794) LOUIS XIV. Georges Lefranc de Pompignan). Small 8vo. MEMOIRES de LA MINORITE DE M.

TER BRUILOFTE VAN DEN HEERE CHRISTIAAN PRYSLER. Beisson. Six brilliant hand-coloured vignettes by T. sides. 1767. with gold floral panels and borders. Z EEGENW ENSCH. . with 2 vols. ftd engravings in Proof State. PALL MALL PLACE 121 192 PRYSLER AND HOOGHART (/. " Zwee an Een" and "Gebonden 1767. with centre floral panels of gold enclosing the letters " C. Blot." after Prudhon. and the words. after C. 1767) HUWELYKS-ZANG. especially executed for presentation to the parties concerned. I (1769-1821) Fi^ontispicce and ^6 beauti- CEUVRES.5. Moitte. These exquisite volumes are the copies of a Wedding Poem They are enclosed in a contemporary red morocco case. en Gevierd Binnen Amsteldam. by Baquoy. Enjongkvrouwe Hendrina Hooghart. Blue silk with a gold lace border and wide silver and gold braid ties." Bound for Christian Prysler H. Crajens. Printed on silk in gold and black. In den echt vereenigt. Chaudet. PT and '' and date " 1767. Frihsch. F. their initials on the sides. Gerard Girodet. Chatillon. 4to. "avant les numeros.^40 NAPOLEON RACINE (JEAN). JUNIOR. Taunay. Serangeli. R . and Peyron. ny and Hendrina Hooghart. Den 2 September" on the Unique.

J's copy of covers. d'ailleurs. Glairon-Mondet. Coiny.ignifique que la ait encore produits. les 57 gravures dont ont ete executees par les premiers artistes de Paris. etc.^20 . Botmd for Napoleon 4to. 1806. pour la reception de M. Pai'is."— typographie d'aucun pays elle est enrichie Brunet. The plates are in Proof State " avant les numeros. Fischer. gold borders on sides. PEARSON & CO. Red mo7^occo. cette edition est un des livres les plus m. le 13 aout de Red morocco. I." This is by far the most magnificent and most beautiful and valuable example of Racine extant. Daru. Racine and one of the most magnificent examples of his Printed on Large Vellum Paper. Girodet. Diclot taini 1 80 1-5. ^300 194 NAPOLEON I (1769-1821) DISCOURS PRONONCES DANS LA SEANCE PUB LI QUE tenue par la Classe de la Langue et de la Litterature fran9aises de I'lnstitut de France. Folio." Cohen. Bound by Bradel-Derome for Napoleon I. I'an 1806. "Sans contredit. . etc. It was given by Napoleon to LieutenantGeneral Baron de Vincent on 8 September. Chaudet. Napoleon library. Dupreel. and an inscription to that effect is inscribed on the fly-leaf. 1806. "Edition magnifique et de grande luxe. I with his arms impressed on the sides of each of the 3 vols. watered silk linings. d'apres les dessins de Gerard. Duval. Paris.— 122 J. Prud'hon. Lavallee. Moitte. with his arms impressed on the sides. Langlois. Taunay.

Bibliographical Unique. or Book Madness. Romance in Six wood. Londres. 181 1." the fly-leaf that this was the first copy " bound by poor number 196 PRINCESS SOPHIA (1777-1848) CLERY (JEAN B. This ivas Parts. The Princess Sophia's (daughter of George The author was vakt-de-chambre to Louis XVI. (1775-1847) a BIBLIOMANIA.5. JOURNAL DE LA CAPTIVITE DE LOUIS XVI. with her ex-libris. Roi de France. III) copy. . Svo. ^6 6. Red morocco." of the woodcuts to " Bibliomania. 1798. Old russia gilt. Illustrated with 8vo.).)." and separate proof impressions of a Dibdin notes on Faulkner. PALL MALL PLACE 123 195 THOMAS FROGNALL DIBDIN DIBDIN (T.. F.engravings. It contains his ex-libris. illustrate some of his original tracings for the facsimiles which "Bibliomania. Dibdm's own copy.

A commencer du Comte de Champagne. Sotto The DedicaCOPY TO Peter Leopold. Archduke of Austria. Firenze^ A. Dedie A Mad. protezzione del Pletro Leopoldo dAustria. 1759. ^6 6. With embroidered borders of floivers and the Imperial Austrian Arms.124 J. DRAMMA GIOCOSO in per la Musica rappresentarsi tion Firenze nell' Anno 1781. PEARSON & CO. ARCHDUKE OF AUSTRIA (/. L. watered silk linings. . From the library of Charles Nodier. . D. jusques & compris celles de quelques Poetes vivans. P. CHOIXDE CHANSONS. 1781) DON CALANDRANO. 1781.. gilt on mai^bled edges. Bound in white silk. 197 IL PETER LEOPOLD. with a note concerning Moncrief in his autograph on the flyleaf Small 8 vo. embroidered and beautifully painted in variotts colours in the centre. G. Nouvelle Edition. Contemporary red morocco. Rol de Navarre. ^15 15^- 198 CHARLES NODIER de celles (1783-1844) MONCRIEF. 8vo. Pagani.

THE ORIGINAL HOLOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT (SIGNED) of his "HIDE SEEK. this A splendid and quite complete manuscript in the autograph of famous composer. Roi de Prusse. 200 CHARLES DICKENS AND and At the " Finished (1812-1870) WILKIE COLLINS. C" It is dedicated to the author's gifted Charles Dickens.. signed at beginning and end. compose et respectueusement dedie a Sa Majeste PVcdcric Guillaume IV. Covering 1 97 pages folio 2ip(^S^^ ^^^ (200 pages)." end of Vol I Quite complete. THE ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH SCORE of his "Concerto pourle Violon.5." Consisting of 156 pages. Red to morocco.2/^^^r. elegantly tooled sides. PALL MALL PLACE 125 199 FREDERICK WILLIAM IV (1795-1861) VIEUXTEMPS (HENRI). W. Botcnd for prese^itation King William IV of Prussia. Folio. had famous novel was "The Hair Bracelet. Accompanying edition of this this unique Manuscript is a copy of the original printed famous Concerto." and Wilkie Collins to give this . Wilkie Collins has written the date and signed it: May 3i/'53 W. The title which the author originally intended FRIEND. C^. and dated 1852.

is It is in away the cleverest novel I have ever seen some respects masterly." latter portion is evidently the original rough draft of a part of the Novel." "17 Hanover Writing to Miss Hogarth on the 22nd July. written by a as original. Valentine Blyth is and as well done. as anything can be. " Regent's Park. and Charles Dickens' bookplate and book-ticket in the first and second volumes. and contains some of Collins' the third leaf of Vol. 1854. Wilkie Collins. H first ideas for the story. In short I call it a very remarkable book. Wilkie Collins.126 J. Old Mat admirably done." On the verso of the second and third leaves of the second volume is a page and a half of Manuscript in Wilkie Collins' autograph under the title of decided upon " The Hair This Bracelet. The verso of bears his autograph signature.. full The scene where he shows is of an admirable humour. Dickens) did justice to CoUins's book ('Hide and Seek'). Dickens said: "Neither you nor Catherine (Mrs. ^325 . PALL MALL PLACE written those words finally upon the title-page. his pictures I think it far new hand." Vol. 5. afterwards replacing them by the title " Hide and Seek. and have been very much surprised by its great merit. PEARSON & — CO." Accompanying this precious Manuscript is the Presentation Copy TO Charles Dickens of the First Edition of the Novel with Wilkie Collins' holograph inscription (signed). Terrace. " W. Ill is signed in the top left-hand corner by the author: "W.


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