Crime Story Collection

Synopsis for Story 3 How’s Your Mother?

Mr Brownlow-need to go to Antwerp. and Mrs. Denton-buy newspaper • Humphreys Partridge meets his employer. Canada • He refuse • Got a letter from Reg Carter (postman) • Going to see Mr Brownlow-agree to follow the order .• Humphrey Partridge lives with his mother • Mother-86 years last July • Humphreys Partridge meets Mr.

the mother died already • See sergeant Wallace-doubt with Humphrey’s statement about the existence of his motheraccuse killing his mother • Not admit-tell sergeant the true story-tell the story because wants to be alone • Been put into prison until 2 days before go .• About the fire-Reg Carter trying to save Humphrey Partridge’s mother • Nobody in the house • Actually.

• His mother come to see Humphrey-but he murdered his mother • Next morning-see Sergeant Wallace • Admit murdered someone • Sergeant-release Humphrey .

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