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tank company
tank company

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Published by: Ayan Choksi on Feb 07, 2013
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Prepared by: Jalpa Choksi Moinuddin Shaikh

Dangayach .B. The man behind the iconic Sintex water tanks believes in constant evolution and creation of new products. S.He is not the owner of the company but in every other sense works like an entrepreneur.

 “Asian Paints was a very famous company. The job profile mentioned that only engineers with an MBA will be considered.B.About S. Dangayach was a science graduate.Dangayach  S. It was structured and very well managed. After completing his graduation from Bombay.B.  Asian Paints was a very prestigious job to join at that time. and then Asian Paints in 1972 when he was under 20. he joined IIM Ahmedabad.Dangayach grew up in Rajasthan. .

the company thought of venturing into chemicals and plastics. And within a few months.  The business was started with a seed capital of Rs 30 lakhs.  He joined The Bharat Vijay Mills Pvt Ltd (textile company). Dangayach realised that working at such a place was not conducive to his temperament. Dangayach had built an excellent equation with the Patels. Dangayach worked at Asian Paints for two years but he was not very happy. With an eye on the future. For the plastics division that person was to be Dangayach. .

The name of the company was one day to change to „Sintex‟. . which is a process.sintering and textiles. The small plastics division Dangayach took charge of became so big that the Bharat Vijay Mills became synonymous with it. It was also apt because it combined the two products of Bharat Vijay Mills .  The name „Sintex‟ comes from „sintering‟.

 Third I is industry.Dangayach has a very simple MANTRA which is to combine four I‟s.  The first I is initiative.B. which is hard work. correct choices.  Fourth I is integrity.  Second I is intelligence. . S.

then 60 lakhs. Sintex did a turnover of Rs 3 lakhs. Almost like Xerox with xeroxing.  It became a decent sized business. The next year the company did 20 lakhs. transportation.for storage.About Sintex  Mission statement: „meaningful innovations. . processing and material handling. In 1977 they had achieved break even.  Today the brand „Sintex‟ is synonymous with plastic water tanks.‟  Sintex diversified into industrial containers . In 1975.

all kinds of people. building research institutes. However. building organisations . . At least not at the price proposed by Sintex. “Then they thought why not use this process for making something which has a bigger application?” And thus both a water tank and an enduring philosophy was born.  Sintex created a new product category altogether and spent the next 4-5 years doing aggressive marketing focusing on actual end users.  They talked to government officials. Everyone expressed the need to look beyond cement and steel water tanks. when the company conducted a market survey it found that there was no market for plastic tanks. water bodies.

prefabricated medical centres.  In 1984-85. Sintex kept building up public awareness about the plastic tank being leakage free and corrosion free. the company created a whole new category of products based around plastic extrusions and then forayed into plastic doors. partitions and windows. .  Sintex is a leader in small to medium sized prefabricated structures in the country. prefabricated houses. Prefabricated schools. By advertising and publicity.

33 crores on total income of Rs 1700. .26 crores in the year ended March 2008.  70% of the company‟s revenues come from the Plastic division. The remaining comes from the textiles division. Sintex Industries‟ net profit was Rs 216.

 Plastic water tanks  Solar water heater.Successive Products  Sintex succeeded in doors. . etc. it succeeded in the profiles that can go for paneling and partition.

Still they are struggling since 20 years in this product.  They positioned it as a higher end product .Struggle  Sintex did not succeed in PVC windows which is number one windows worldwide. then as an energy saving window. .

Then there should be convergence and there should be compatibility with what you think your conscience tells you.Advice to young Entrepreneurs  you should do what you like the best of all. and what you want to do. .

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