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Team Application
For the last 10 years, GAP Community has been investing in the lives of women and youth in South Africa. The relationship has spurred freedom, empowerment, and hope. We are committed to continue to sow into the lives of the people there as a tangible expression God’s love and so that love may continue to be sown into others around them. “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” Come join us in the privilege of being in relationship with this precious community. You were made to experience and create freedom through the work of God’s spirit in and around us! On our next trip, we will be creating opportunities for our South African Trainers to train the youth. We will work with both high school and junior high school age students by serving as team members for after school workshops. In addition, we’ll work on physical projects at Legacy Center, serve food to the children on the street, and support families in the community through food donations, hosting community meetings and creating a ‘test and treat’ program for HIV/AIDs infected individuals. __________________________________________________________________________ TEAM MEMBER CRITERIA We are taking a maximum of 10 people to South Africa. There are currently 7 spaces open, 4 for men and 3 for women. We are using the following criteria to determine who will be selected: - Current involvement with GAP in your city or area - A special handy skill or education that is useful to the groups we serve - ‘Drama free’ individuals with a heart to serve without complaint - Committed follower of Jesus, participating in a local church community

Last Updated: 2/6/13

TEAM SELECTION PROCESS This application is due to Jean-Marie Jobs: by March 15th 2013. Please also include in your email submission, the following three attachments:


Pastoral reference letter Peer reference letter Copy of insurance card

Once your documents are emailed, you will receive a phone call to set-up a 45 minute phone interview with one of our GAP Trainers or Team Members. If selected, your $500 deposit will be due on April 1st. Specifics for team member communication, preparation, and any further questions you have can also be further discussed during your phone interview time. $500.00 deposit due April 1st 2013. 1315 Pacific Ave, Santa Rosa, CA, 95404 Make all checks payable to: GAP Community The total cost of the trip is $3000 per team member. Payments due: May 1st $1,000 June 1st $1,000 July 1st $500 Funds cover all lodging, food and transport for the trip. Questions? Jean-Marie Jobs (707)843-1732 Amy Maxwell (703)599-3590

Last Updated: 2/6/13

PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: ________________________________________________ Age: ________________ Street Address: _______________________________________________________________ City: __________________________________________________ State: ________________ Home Phone: ( ____________ ) _______-___________ Cell Phone: ( ) ________-

E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________________ EMERGENCY CONTACT Emergency Contact Name: ___________________________________________________ Phone Number: ( ) _______-__________

Relationship: _________________________________________________________________ INSURANCE INFORMATION Insurance Company: _________________________________________________________ Insurance Policy #: ___________________________________________________________ Company Phone: ( ) _______-__________

Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: ______________ (Electronic Signature accepted by typing in your name)

Last Updated: 2/6/13

Please respond to the following five questions with specificity and honesty.


Why I want to go to South Africa is:


My gifts, talents, and strengths are:

3) What I am currently struggling with is:

4) My vision for my life and community is:

5) What leadership means to me is:

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