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82119643 Maeterlink the Blue Bird

82119643 Maeterlink the Blue Bird

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Published by: Enrique Soberanes on Feb 07, 2013
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The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Six Acts by Maurice Maeterlinck #5 in our series

by Maurice Maeterlinck Copyright laws are changing all over the world. Be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading or redistributing this or any other Project Gutenberg eBook. This header should be the first thing seen when viewing this Project Gutenberg file. Please do not remove it. Do not change or edit the header without written permission. Please read the "legal small print," and other information about the eBook and Project Gutenberg at the bottom of this file. Included is important information about your specific rights and restrictions in how the file may be used. You can also find out about how to make a donation to Project Gutenberg, and how to get involved. **Welcome To The World of Free Plain Vanilla Electronic Texts** **eBooks Readable By Both Humans and By Computers, Since 1971** *****These eBooks Were Prepared By Thousands of Volunteers!***** Title: The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Six Acts Author: Maurice Maeterlinck Release Date: August, 2005 [EBook #8606] [Yes, we are more than one year ahead of schedule] [This file was first posted on July 28, 2003] Edition: 10 Language: English *** START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE BLUE BIRD ***

Produced by Charles Aldarondo, Tiffany Vergon, Charles Franks and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team



TRANSLATOR'S NOTE A new act appears for the first time in this edition and is inserted as Act IV--_Palace of Happiness_. It has been specially written for the Christmas revival of _The Blue Bird_ at the Haymarket Theatre, where it will take the place of the Forest Scene (Act III., Scene 2). In the printed version, however, the Forest Scene is retained; and in this and all later editions the play will consist of six acts instead of five.


COSTUMES TYLTYL wears the dress of Hop o' my Thumb in Perrault's Tales. Scarlet knickerbockers, pale-blue jacket, white stockings, tan shoes. MYTYL is dressed like Gretel or Little Red Riding-hood. LIGHT.--The "moon-coloured" dress in Perrault's _Peau d'âne;_ that is to say, pale gold shot with silver, shimmering gauzes, forming a sort of rays, etc. Neo-Grecian or Anglo-Grecian (_à la_ Walter Crane) or even more or less Empire style: a high waist, bare arms, etc. Head-dress: a sort of diadem or even a light crown. THE FAIRY BÉRYLUNE and NEIGHBOUR BERLINGOT.--The traditional dress of the poor women in fairy-tales. If desired, the transformation of the Fairy into a princess in Act I may be omitted. DADDY TYL, MUMMY TYL, GAFFER TYL and GRANNY TYL.--The traditional costume of the German wood-cutters and peasants in Grimm's Tales. TYLTYL'S BROTHERS AND SISTERS.--Different forms of the Hop-o'-my-Thumb costume. TIME.--Traditional dress of Time: a wide black or dark-blue cloak, a streaming white beard, scythe and hour-glass. NIGHT.--Ample black garments, covered with mysterious stars and "shot" with reddish-brown reflections. Veils, dark poppies, etc. THE NEIGHBOUR'S LITTLE GIRL.--Bright fair hair; a long white frock. THE DOG,--Red dress-coat, white breeches, top-boots, a shiny hat. The costume suggests that of John Bull. THE CAT.--The costume of Puss In Boots: powdered wig, three-cornered hat, violet or sky-blue coat, dress-sword, etc. N.B.--The heads of the DOG and the CAT should be only discreetly animalised. THE LUXURIES.--Before the transformation: wide, heavy mantles in red and yellow brocade; enormous fat jewels, etc. After the transformation: chocolate or coffee-coloured tights, giving the impression of unadorned dancing-jacks. THE HAPPINESSES OF THE HOME.--Dresses of various colours, or, if preferred, costumes of peasants, shepherds, wood-cutters and so on, but idealised and interpreted fairy-fashion. THE GREAT JOYS.--As stated in the text, shimmering dresses in soft and subtle shades: rose-awakening, water's-smile, amber-dew, blue-of-dawn, etc. MATERNAL LOVE.--Dress very similar to the dress worn by Light, that is to say, supple and almost transparent veils, as of a Greek statue, and, in so

A scimitar. but fuller and more voluminous than that of LIGHT.. Eunuch's headdress. Scene 3--The Kingdom of the Future. Scene 2--The Palace of Happiness. SUGAR. ACT IV.--A rich pasha's dress. Scene 1--Before the Curtain. Scene 2--The Forest. red and puffed-out cheeks..--Red tights. a vermilion cloak.--A silk gown. SCENES ACT I. ACT V. An aigrette of iridescent flames. white. Scene 2--The Land of Memory. Pearls and other stones as rich and numerous as may be desired. half blue and half white. Scene 1--The Palace of Night. with transparent reflections and effects of rippling or trickling gauze..--Dresses of different shades of green or the colour of the trunks of trees. provided that they do not break the pure and candid harmony of the whole. Head-dress of aquatic flowers and seaweed.--The Wood-cutter's Cottage. A huge turban. ACT III.. cut like that of a eunuch in a seraglio.--A pale-blue or bluish-green dress. An ample crimson silk or velvet gown. THE ANIMALS. The Blue Bird ACT I . Scene 1--At the Fairy's. ACT II. Scene 2--The Awakening. THE TREES. Distinctive attributes in the shape of leaves or branches by which they can be recognised. with changing reflections. WATER. Scene 1--Before the Curtain. FIRE. ACT VI. lined with gold.--Popular or peasant costumes. BREAD.. Scene 2--The Graveyard. An enormous stomach. to suggest the paper wrapper of a sugar-loaf.far as possible. Neo-Grecian or Anglo-Grecian style. Scene 1--The Leave-taking.

Under one of the windows. The scene remains in darkness for a moment. MUMMY TYL _tucks them in. The lamp on the table lights again of itself. Kitchen utensils. But Father Christmas won't bring us anything this year.. TYLTYL ... but its light is of a different colour than when_ MUMMY TYL _extinguished it. on tiptoe.. TYLTYL Mytyl? MYTYL Tyltyl? TYLTYL Are you asleep? MYTYL Are you?. how can I be asleep when I'm talking to you? MYTYL Say.. On a table._The Wood-cutter's Cottage The stage represents the interior of a wood-cutter's cottage.. On the wall hangs a round cage containing a turtle-dove. TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _are sound asleep in their cots_. The two_ CHILDREN _appear to wake and sit up in bed_. with clothes carefully folded on them. etc. A recessed fireplace containing the dying embers of a wood-fire. MYTYL Why not? TYLTYL I heard mummy say that she couldn't go to town to tell him . a lighted lamp. is this Christmas Day?.. When the curtain rises_. On the right also are two little children's cots.. each with his nose in his tail. a cupboard. with closed inside shutters. simple and rustic in appearance. a grandfather's clock. filters in through the shutters. at the head of which are two chains. On the right.. but in no way poverty-stricken. leans over them. MYTYL Is next year far off?. At the foot of the cupboard. MUMMY TYL _lays a finger on her lips. after first putting out the lamp. But he will come next year. At the back. on either side. with a big latch to it. rolled up. a water-tap. a_ DOG _and a_ CAT _lie sleeping. gradually increasing in intensity. A ladder leads up to a loft. not till to-morrow. Then a light. _who thrusts his head through the half-open door_. TYLTYL Not yet. Between them stands a large blue-and-white sugar-loaf..... a bread-pan. and then goes out to the right. a spinning-wheel.. a stool. watches them for a moment as they sleep and beckons to_ DADDY TYL. On the left is the front door. another door. to impose silence upon him. TYLTYL No. two windows.

..A good long while.. there's no one to stop us... . MYTYL Can we?. TYLTYL Hullo!. But he will come to the rich children to-night. Do you hear the music?.... there's no one about.. MYTYL Oh. run to one of the windows... MYTYL What?.... MYTYL But we mustn't.................. There's two carriages.. TYLTYL How silly you are!. A bright light fills the room.. TYLTYL Of course. TYLTYL It's the lights of the party. MYTYL They've got knickerbockers.. MYTYL What party?... how bright they are!. They're little girls.) TYLTYL We can see everything!.... Let's open the shutters... TYLTYL It's snowing!... MYTYL There are twelve little boys getting out!.. I've an idea!... TYLTYL The rich children opposite. with six horses each!. Do you see the shutters?. The_ CHILDREN _look out greedily_. Mummy's forgotten to put out the lamp!. It's the Christmas-tree. climb on to the stool and throw back the shutters.... TYLTYL Why.. TYLTYL Let's get up....... MYTYL (_who can hardly find room on the stool_) I can't.... (_The two_ CHILDREN _get up.. MYTYL Really?.. Let us get up...

MYTYL And dolls.. I have no room at all!. TYLTYL Be quiet!.. .. MYTYL I never touched you..... TYLTYL Dolls?.. TYLTYL (_giving her a miserly little place on the stool_) There!. MYTYL Are they angry?. cannons... guns.TYLTYL What do you know?. MYTYL What tree?.... You're looking at the wall!... That's too silly. hanging from the branches? TYLTYL Why. there's no fun in dolls. TYLTYL (_who is taking up the whole stool_) You're taking up all the room.. the Christmas-tree!... MYTYL And what's that all round the table?.... soldiers. Don't push so!. to be sure!.. say. Will that do?. are there any dolls?. MYTYL What are those gold things there. what lots and lots of lights!. MYTYL Why. TYLTYL Why... MYTYL What are those people doing who are making such a noise?. TYLTYL They're the musicians... but it's hard work........ TYLTYL Do be quiet! I see the tree!. toys. TYLTYL No. I say.. MYTYL I'm looking at the wall because I've got no room.... Now you're better off than I!........... Swords... MYTYL Another carriage with white horses!... And look!..

MYTYL To us...... TYLTYL Because it's not right. Why not?. TYLTYL To whom?. ..... TYLTYL We mustn't... MYTYL (_stupefied with astonishment_) Not hungry?....... The whole table's full. TYLTYL Because they're not hungry. MYTYL (_clapping her hands_) Oh.. MYTYL Will they eat them all?. MYTYL Why don't they eat them at once?.. it's nicer than bread.. TYLTYL They say so....... MYTYL I had some once when I was little..TYLTYL Cakes and fruit and tarts.. MYTYL Why not?... MYTYL They've got plenty over there.. MYTYL (_incredulously_) Every day?. but they don't give you enough.. TYLTYL Well... Will they give any away?...... TYLTYL They don't know us... Are they going to eat them?. TYLTYL So did I... MYTYL Suppose we asked them...... what else would they do with them?....... they eat whenever they want to. TYLTYL Of course. how pretty they are!..

They can touch them!. MYTYL (_scared_) It's Daddy!... yes.. too!... They've got two. But I'll give you some. She is obviously a fairy_...TYLTYL (_rapturously_) And how they're laughing and laughing!.... THE FAIRY Why not?.. (_A knock at the door of the cottage_.. TYLTYL Because it's mine.) MYTYL Oh. three.. with a grating noise. but it can't sing... and she walks bent on a stick..) TYLTYL (_suddenly quieted and frightened_) What's that?.. how lovely!. they're eating... TYLTYL And I four times twelve!. She is humpbacked and lame and near-sighted... . TYLTYL Yes.) THE FAIRY Have you the grass here that sings or the bird that is blue?. TYLTYL They're getting the cakes!.. MYTYL (_counting imaginary cakes_) I've got twelve!. let's dance too!.. what fun!.. the door half opens to admit a little old woman dressed in green with a red hood on her head.. They're eating...... (_They stamp their feet for joy on the stool_. how lovely. TYLTYL But I can't give it away. how lovely!.. Oh. they're eating!. MYTYL And the little ones dancing!. MYTYL Tyltyl has a bird........ four apiece!.... TYLTYL We have some grass. her nose and chin meet. the big latch is seen to rise of itself. TYLTYL (_drunk with delight_) Oh.. MYTYL The tiny ones. (_As they hesitate before opening the door..

or that way?. the chimney and the window_) Will you go out this way.. This is intolerable!. TYLTYL What's the matter with her?..THE FAIRY That's a reason. TYLTYL You're rather like our neighbour. THE FAIRY No more do I.. who is very ill.. TYLTYL (_pointing timidly to the door_) I would rather go out that way.. (_Pointing to the window_) We'll go out this way... TYLTYL Oh! Very well. Get dressed at once.... THE FAIRY (_growing suddenly angry again_) That's quite impossible.. . she wants to be happy. It's for my little girl... THE FAIRY We don't quite know. TYLTYL Are you coming with us? THE FAIRY I can't. THE FAIRY (_growing suddenly angry_) Not a bit!...... (_The_ CHILDREN _do as they are told and dress quickly_.... Well?. no doubt... it's not blue enough.. I am the Fairy Bérylune....... because I put on the soup this morning and it always boils over if I leave it for more than an hour.... What are you waiting for?.. and it's a shocking habit!.. TYLTYL But I don't know where it is.. You will have to go and find me the one I want. at a pinch. THE FAIRY (_putting on her glasses to examine the bird_) I don't want it... THE FAIRY You will have to start at once..... Madame Berlingot.. THE FAIRY Do you know who I am?... I can do without the grass that sings. There's not the least likeness!... or that way. Where is the bird?. (_Pointing successively to the ceiling..... That's why you must look for it.) I'll help Mytyl. but I must absolutely have the blue bird. TYLTYL Really?.... TYLTYL (_pointing to the cage_) In the cage..

.... TYLTYL (_pointing to the door on the right_) They're asleep in there. just on the left. THE FAIRY And your grandpapa and grandmamma?... THE FAIRY That doesn't matter.) THE FAIRY (_at the window_) But it's the others who are eating them!....... Show them to us!.. too... Come and look..... Where are your father and mother?. but we can see them eat. it's so lovely..TYLTYL We have no shoes... At once!... THE FAIRY Have you any cakes?... TYLTYL Oh. THE FAIRY And your little brothers and sisters... But this is very lucky. (_He drags the_ FAIRY _to the window_. MYTYL And four little sisters.. THE FAIRY I haven't got them in my pocket.... TYLTYL In the house of the rich children. TYLTYL Oh.... yes.. It's on the way to the Blue Bird.. TYLTYL Yes. What were you doing when I knocked?....... yes!.. three little brothers.. past the third turning... Where are they?. TYLTYL They are dead.. THE FAIRY . TYLTYL They're dead... I will give you a little magic hat.. you will see them when you go through the Land of Memory.. THE FAIRY Would you like to see them again?........... TYLTYL We were playing at eating cakes?.. THE FAIRY Where are they?. Have you any?.

..... I think it's very wrong of them not to give you some.... no. (_An awkward silence from_ TYLTYL.. THE FAIRY (_suddenly angry_) I tell you that you can't see!. I can. TYLTYL Not at all. Am I young or old?..... And my hair.. THE FAIRY (_growing more and more irritated_). THE FAIRY For eating all the cakes. What do I look like?. no. do you see that?. and I have very good eyes. I don't say that. Perhaps you'll say I have a hump?. THE FAIRY Oh.... answer me. Who put it out?. impudent boy!.. it's bigger and brighter and blue as the sky. TYLTYL Oh. THE FAIRY (_indignantly_) A little!. TYLTYL Ugh!...) Won't you answer?.. TYLTYL Oh... Are my cheeks pink or yellow?..Aren't you cross with them?. (_The silence grows more and more uncomfortable_. But it's not out!. It's darker here and smaller and there are no cakes. yes.. Am I pretty or ugly?... Have I a hook nose and have I lost one of my eyes?. TYLTYL What for?.. Do you see it on my hands? (_She holds out two lean wisps of grey hair_..) TYLTYL Yes.. ... It's not a big one. I can see all that isn't hidden... I know there are people who say that they don't see any.. You wretched... It's much finer than the other. It escapes on every side... but you're not one of those wicked. TYLTYL Yes. I see a little. I can see the time on the church clock and daddy can't. no.. they're rich.. isn't it beautiful over there?. I should hope?........ I say. TYLTYL (_in a conciliatory tone_) No. only you can't see.. And I've such heaps and heaps of it that it weighs my head down............... to look at you. it's like virgin gold!.. will you? I want to know if you can see!... How do you see me?. THE FAIRY It's no more beautiful there than here.... THE FAIRY It's exactly the same.) Well...... blind people.... It's fair as the corn in the fields. any one would think it enormous........ Sheaves! Armfuls! Clusters! Waves of gold!..

Luckily. One little turn more and you behold the past. TYLTYL Really?. they see nothing at all and they never suspect it. for instance... The old_ FAIRY _alters then and there into a princess of marvellous beauty...... You at once see even the inside of things: the soul of bread... from right to left........ I hate unnecessary questions.. Another little turn and you behold the future. which. Human beings are very odd!. Oh. One turn and then...) Now. What am I taking out of my bag?.. THE FAIRY He won't see it... I always carry with me all that is wanted to give new light to dimmed eyes. THE FAIRY (_suddenly cross_) Of course you can!. you turn the diamond a little... no one can see it as long as it's on your head... I was almost forgetting!. of pepper. The soul of sugar is no more interesting than the soul of pepper. when you've got the hat on your head..THE FAIRY But you ought to see the rest with as little doubt!.. THE FAIRY On the contrary. while the door that contains the pendulum opens and releases the Hours. do you see?.. Since the death of the fairies. begin to dance to the sound of delicious music_...... the deal table assumes as grave and noble an air as a table made of marble... the flints of which the cottage walls are built light up. turn the diamond..... THE FAIRY That's the big diamond that makes people see...... (_She puts the little green hat on_ TYLTYL'S _head_.. like this. I know that the flying carpet or the ring which makes its wearer invisible would be more useful to you. holding one another by the hand and laughing merrily.. I give you all I have to help you in your search for the Blue Bird. become transparent and gleam and sparkle like the most precious stones....) .... what a dear little green hat!.. THE FAIRY Yes. (TYLTYL _has no sooner turned the diamond than a sudden and wonderful change comes over everything... TYLTYL Doesn't it hurt?. There...... TYLTYL Oh. (_Pointing to the diamond_) When you hold it like this.. But I have lost the key of the cupboard in which I locked them. Then it presses a bump which nobody knows of and which opens your eyes. What's that shining in the cockade?... for instance. the face of the clock winks its eye and smiles genially. do you see?...... It's curious and practical and it's quite noiseless. TYLTYL Daddy will take it from me. MYTYL Can you see the soul of sugar... of wine. it's enchanted. turn blue as sapphires.... Will you try it?. The humble furniture takes life and becomes resplendent. too?....

..... one of whom has the face of a bull-dog. Good-morning..... TYLTYL And the big red fellow... they are the hours of your life and they are glad to be free and visible for a moment. THE FAIRY Don't be afraid.. with the nasty smell?. . Don't speak too loud... springing from the hearth in yellow and vermilion tights. the little man with the bull-dog face. THE FAIRY Oh.. I love you!. that's Fire.. who are taking advantage of the reign of truth to leave the pan in which they were too tightly packed. Would you like to see me walk on my front paws or dance on my hind-legs?. utter a loud and simultaneous cry and disappear down a trap. good-morning!. and in their places rise two persons. THE FAIRY All stones are alike. (_While they are speaking.. at last we can talk!. _lying rolled up at the foot of the cupboard. The souls of the Quartern-loaves. where they are caught up by_ FIRE. Bark and wag my tail as I might. whom we will simply call the_ CAT. washes his hands and strokes his whiskers before going up to_ MYTYL.. The_ DOG _and the_ CAT.... TYLTYL And why are the walls so bright?.. in the form of little men in crust-coloured tights.. Shall I do some of my tricks?.. Are they made of sugar or of precious stones?...... good-morning. (_This dialogue does not interrupt the enchantment.... THE FAIRY Hush!.... writhes with laughter as he chases the loaves_. they're nothing.. Good-morning.) TYLTYL Who are those ugly little men?. TYLTYL (_to the_ FAIRY) Who is this gentleman with the dog's head?.TYLTYL (_displaying a legitimate bewilderment and pointing to the Hours_) Who are all those pretty ladies?... I had so much to tell you!.. _rushes upon_ TYLTYL. my dear little god!. while the little man with the face of a tom-cat. _combs his hair.. But now!.) THE DOG (_yelling.. _kisses him violently and overwhelms him with noisy and impetuous caresses.... Forthwith. THE FAIRY Don't you see? It's the soul of TYLÔ whom you have set free.. flurried and all powdered with flour. He's dangerous.. you never understood!.. they are merely the souls of the Quartern-loaves. scramble out of the bread-pan and frisk round the table. whom we will henceforward call the_ DOG. _who. all stones are precious.. the other that of a tom-cat. Shall I beg?. unbearable_) My little god!. jumping about.... At last. the scene of enchantment continues and is completed. but man sees only a few of them.. knocking up against everything.

) TYLTYL And who is that wet lady?. through which darts the soul of_ WATER. she has broken her jug.... (_The sugar-loaf.. I'm going to frighten Tylette I Bow. ...... THE FAIRY (_threatening the_ DOG _with her stick_) Keep still.. at the foot of the cupboard......THE CAT (_going up to_ MYTYL _and putting out his hand to her..) MYTYL (_greatly alarmed_) What does he want?. _like a young girl.... white.. MYTYL (_reassured_) Has he any barley-sugar?.. too!.. the tap.. How well you look this morning!.... It's Water just come from the tap..... grand!.. Oh. turning into a luminous fountain.) TYLTYL And the frightened lady in her nightgown?... who immediately begins to fight with_ FIRE. THE FAIRY That's Milk.. the enchantment has pursued its course: the spinning-wheel has begun to turn madly in its corner and to spin brilliant rays of light. whence issues a mawkish and hypocritical being. and from the spilt milk there rises a tall. begins to sing in a very high voice and. MYTYL Good-morning.... (_The milk-jug upsets. streaming.. THE FAIRY Don't be afraid.. with much ceremony and circumspection_) Good-morning. THE FAIRY Why. falls from the table and smashes on the floor. Kiss him. in another corner. he is the soul of Sugar!.. wow.. or else you'll go back into silence until the end of time. I've kissed everybody!... THE FAIRY Why.. Miss.. (_Meanwhile. bashful figure who seems to be afraid of everything_.. don't you see? Its the soul of Tylette offering you his hand.. I've kissed the little god!.. THE CAT Sir... will you. sir. What fun we shall have!. I've kissed the little girl!. dishevelled and tearful. who goes up to_ MYTYL _with a sanctimonious smile_. I don't know you... dressed in a long coat half blue and half white. wow!. grows taller and wider and splits its paper wrapper. (_To the_ FAIRY) Who is it?. THE DOG (_hustling the_ CAT) Me. floods the sink with sheets of pearls and emeralds.

the saucepans on the shelves spin round like tops... (_The lamp falls from the table and. its flame springs up again and turns into a luminous maid of incomparable beauty.) TYLTYL (_alarmed_) That's daddy!...... there is. in the general hurry and confusion. (_Meanwhile. But.. there is... THE FAIRY No... MYTYL It's the Blessed Virgin!... looking for the chimney.. (TYLTYL _turns the diamond quickly_. etc.. at the same moment..... . vainly struggling to enter the pan_) I can't get in!. She is dressed in long transparent and dazzling veils and stands motionless in a sort of ecstasy_.. But. the spinning-wheel stops.THE FAIRY His pockets are full of it and each of his fingers is a sugar-stick.. they will not have time to resume their places and we shall have a lot of annoyance. You turned it too briskly.. (_Pushing the other loaves. which have resumed their original places_.) BREAD (_utterly scared. who has been unable to squeeze into the pan. quick. I can still kiss you!. three loud knocks are heard on the door at the right_. yes. while_ FIRE _runs madly round the room.) THE FAIRY What's the matter?. The Hours go back into the clock....) TYLTYL It's the Queen!... (_The FAIRY becomes an old woman again... my children..... I am still here!.. with which mingles a no less splendid array of rags and tatters that come down the ladder from the loft. (_The knocking at the door is renewed_. Heavens! It's too late!.. He'll eat me first!. THE DOG (_frisking round_ TYLTYL) My little god!... He's heard us!. suddenly.... THE FAIRY (_stooping over the pan_) Yes. THE FAIRY Turn the diamond!. the walls of the cottage lose their splendour.. Once more! Once more! Once more!... I can still talk!... BREAD (_in tears_) There's no room in the pan!. it's Light. one of the loaves of bread.. From left to right!.. the linen-press throws open its folding-doors and unrolls a magnificent display of moon-coloured and sun-coloured stuffs.) Come. bursts into sobs and utters roars of fright_..) Not so quick!. make room there.

. I was too late to return to silence.......... THE CAT Idiot!. ALL (_excepting the_ DOG _and_ LIGHT) Yes.. .... yes! Now.. THE CAT (_to the_ DOG) Come. in your traps and taps.. I want to go with the little god!..THE FAIRY What... My pan!. SUGAR (_hovering round his paper wrapper_) I've burst my packing-paper!. THE FAIRY Well....... MILK (_lymphatically and bashfully_) Somebody's broken my little jug!. what fools they are!.... Fools and cowards too!... I want to talk to him all the time!.... I won't!. you too?. My chimney!.. at once!........ WATER (_vainly trying to get into the tap_) I can't get into the tap!. hissing with anguish_) I can't find my chimney!.. I'm bound to tell you the truth: all those who accompany the two children will die at the end of the journey. What is going to happen?.. My tap!. THE CAT So did mine. THE DOG (_yelling with delight_) I too!.. Are you there still?..... let us get back into the trap. the trap closed too quickly.. My trap!.. THE FAIRY Goodness me.. THE FAIRY (_to_ LIGHT.. THE DOG What luck!.. (_More knocking at the door_) BREAD (_shedding bitter tears_) I don't want to die at the end of the journey!. I too!.... So you would rather go on living in your ugly boxes... than accompany the children in search of the bird?. what do you say? LIGHT I will go with the children.. I want to get back at once into my pan!.. no!. THE DOG No.. Light. _who is dreamily gazing at the wreckage of her lamp_) And you..... FIRE (_who has done nothing but run madly round the room. Is there any danger?...

the_ CAT.. SUGAR... don't tease the Cat..... They are sleeping quite quietly. hold yourself up and try not to run all over the place. and you. half white and half pale-blue. The room has become dark again and the two cots are steeped in shadow. like a door. porticoes.) TYLTYL (_listening_) There's daddy again!... where the_ CAT _draws them up under a portico on the right_. It's the cricket chirping. Bread. _They come from a room which emits rays of light..... The_ CAT _has donned the classic costume of Puss-in-boots_. and_ FIRE _wears a number of many-coloured aigrettes and a long vermilion mantle lined with gold. Water..) DADDY TYL It was nothing... They cross the whole length of the hall to the front of the stage.. He's getting up this time.. you. But you. quick. let us waste no time. . You shall all come to my house. it's too late to go back.. staircases..--_At the_ FAIRY'S.. Besides.. _A magnificent entrance-hall in the palace of the_ FAIRY BÉRYLUNE. (_The door closes again_) CURTAIN ACT II SCENE I..... The door on the right opens ajar and in the aperture appear the heads of_ DADDY _and_ MUMMY TYL. sumptuously clad. SUGAR _and_ FIRE. THE FAIRY Let us go out by the window. you have no choice now... after which the window resumes its primitive shape and closes quite innocently. (_A violent knocking is again heard at the door on the right_. you must all start with us. _Columns of gleaming marble with gold and silver capitals.. (_The window suddenly lengthens downwards. etc_..... Fire. DADDY TYL I can.... don't come near anybody. it is the_ FAIRY'S _wardrobe. on the right. _a silk dress. It will be in your charge. (_To_ BREAD) You.. Dog. They all go out. MUMMY TYL I can hear their breathing. take the cage in which to put the Blue Bird.... where I will dress the Animals and the Things properly..... balustrades.THE FAIRY That's right.. MUMMY TYL Can you see them?. I can hear him walking. Quick. _Enter from the back..

... I seem to recognise it....... I have brought you here in order to discuss the position in which we are placed. FIRE Nothing.... Are we all here?. SUGAR It is too late.. for a fellow who looks a fool and carries an enormous stomach?... It's real gold and no mistake!. where is he? THE DOG He was making an endless fuss about choosing his dress. THE CAT (_to_ WATER) Is that Catskin's "colour-of-time" dress?... But let us hide behind the balustrade.... don't let as quarrel. It was left to the Fairy Bérylune by Bluebeard.. FIRE (_between his teeth_) She's not brought her umbrella. WATER Yes.... Aren't we fine I.) THE DOG (_frisking about_) There! There!. adorned with gems... THE CAT He has put on the livery of one of the footmen of Cinderella's coach... it's the one that suited me best.. (_The_ DOG _and_ WATER _join the first group_. He has the soul of a flunkey........ while the children and Light pay their visit to the Fairy's little daughter... I know every inch of this palace.. We are only waiting for Bread... Just look at these laces and this embroidery!......... SUGAR I see the Dog coming out of the Fairy's wardrobe. here is Water also coming out of the wardrobe...... how fine she is!...THE CAT This way. WATER What's that?. Goodness me. we have more important things to do.. FIRE What on earth has he got on?... THE CAT Come... Look... he decided in favour of a Turkish robe... nothing.. It was just the thing for him. He has discovered us.... It's strange how I mistrust him..... isn't it. THE DOG At last..... Let us make the most of our last minute of liberty. He had better not hear what I have to say to you.... a . FIRE Worth while.. WATER I thought you might be speaking of a great red I saw the other day.

I should refuse to be seen with her. _in the costume described above. But there is another thing: we must think of the fate of our race and the destiny of our children... hear!.. Our future is at stake. THE CAT And then?. FIRE They ought to have bought her a lampshade!. stop chattering.. But the great thing was the dressing of Light!.. mark the end of our lives. and Miss Mytyl has Gretel's frock and Cinderella's slippers..... BREAD Yes.... BREAD Hear... THE CAT And what answer did the Fairy make?.... BREAD The Fairy thought her so lovely that she did not want to dress her at all!. at the same time... It is our business... THE CAT Come. He has put on Bluebeard's finest dress. THE CAT There he is!. at the last moment.. BREAD I allowed myself to be convinced..... You have heard--the Fairy has just said so--that the end of this journey will. and I ended by declaring that..scimitar and a turban.. THE CAT Why?.... What do you think of this? THE DOG (_frisking round the_ LOAF) How nice he looks! What a fool he looks! How nice he looks! How nice he looks!.. therefore. Light decided on the moonbeam dress at the bottom of the chest with Catskin's treasures. The silk robe is crossed tightly over his huge stomach.. THE LOAF She hit me with her stick on my head and stomach.. THE CAT (_to the_ LOAF) Are the children dressed?..... The Cat is right!. under those conditions... .. time presses.... BREAD (_waddling conceitedly_) Well?........ _Enter_ BREAD. to prolong it as much as possible and by every possible means. In one hand he holds the hilt of a scimitar passed through his sash and in the other the cage intended for the Blue Bird_... Thereupon I protested in the name of our dignity as essential and eminently respectable elements. Master Tyltyl has put on Hop-o'-my-Thumb's blue jacket and red breeches.. but...

Things and Elements.... What are you interfering with?. BREAD I quite agree with SUGAR!. SUGAR (_intervening sweetly_) Excuse me... Just say that again.. he will see all and we shall be completely at his mercy. We have to obey him and do as he tells us!. you are both of you right... It's not your turn to speak!. possess a soul which man does not yet know... THE DOG (_indignantly_) What's the fellow saying?.... Hurrah for Man!..... Let us not embitter the discussion. This is a serious moment.... If you do anything against him... to see if I heard right?. Man for ever!. who is also the guardian of the mysteries of Life... BREAD I quite agree with the Dog.. In life or death... Fire you yourselves. all for Man!.. BREAD Order! Order!. above all things...... Bread and the Dog. if he finds the Blue Bird.. This is what I have just learned from my old friend. I recognise no one but him!.. And I want none of your remarks.. decide what measures to adopt...... FIRE I shall interfere where I choose. WATER (_to_ FIRE) Hold your tongue!.. THE DOG There are no reasons!.. That is why we retain a remnant of independence.... BREAD I quite agree with Sugar and the Cat.. therefore... I will throttle you first and I will go and tell him everything. at all costs to prevent the finding of that bird... We must. From a certain point of view.. Man is God!... he will know all.... Night. even if we have to go so far as to endanger the lives of the children themselves. FIRE Who made you chairman?... will you... Animals..... It is to our interest. There is Man and that's all!. There is something to be said on both sides...THE CAT Listen to me!.... SUGAR (_concilatorily_) Excuse me... All of us here present. all of us. THE DOG This is ridiculous!..... I love Man and that's enough!. That is the one and only fact!.. Water.... Do not let us quarrel.. THE CAT (_to the_ DOG) But at least give your reasons. I'm in the chair at this meeting...... but...... THE CAT Are we not. the .

. THE CAT (_hypocritically_) That is just what I was saying to them.. _Enter. before the coming of the despot. As for us puny descendants of the great wild animals.... _in the shape of an old woman.. THE FAIRY Well?.. I was encouraging them to do their duty bravely and conscientiously... What is it?..... I have decided that Light shall be your leader..... the cage? BREAD (_solemnly_) One moment.... _followed by_ TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL... THE FAIRY (_interrupting him_) Enough!. the_ FAIRY...... They will spend the evening in the bosom of their dead family. Let Bread hand the cage for this evening to Tyltyl. _but_ TYLTYL _foreseeing his intention. on the right.... that is more discreet.) TYLTYL Down. The children will pay a visit to their late grandparents this evening.. Meanwhile.. Pretend to be doing nothing!. THE FAIRY Come..... Mrs. It is time to start. if you please. Light has taken sides with Man.. Here they are.... and. up..victims of a nameless tyranny?. It is just possible that the Blue Bird may be hidden In the Past. which will be a long one.. Look out!... you don't know.... that will do. Fire and Water were the sole masters of the world.... You will obey her as you would me and I am giving her my wand. which was entrusted to my care by. What are you doing in that corner?.. No speeches!. madam. Tylô!... Fairy. it was he who.. at the grandparents'. THE DOG My little god. You look like conspirators.... I see the Fairy and Light coming. Well. Do you remember the time when... unfortunately......... if ever I catch you again.. (_Like an orator making a speech_) I call upon all of you to bear witness that this silver cage.. the Dog.. stops with a threatening gesture_.... who kept on interrupting me. be off and every one to his post!. Take care.. MYTYL . she is our worst enemy..... You will remain behind.. TYLTYL (_threatening him_) Be quiet!. you will be getting ready all that is wanted for to-morrow's journey.. Come. we wandered at liberty upon the face of the earth?.... TYLTYL (_rather anxiously_) Are we to go all alone?. THE DOG What's that?.. Bread. We will go out this way and the children that.. (_He is about to leap upon the_ CAT. it Is a chance which we must not neglect... Just wait a bit I.... and_ LIGHT....... In any case.... and see what they have come to!.

whereas you. THE FAIRY (_to_ BREAD) Open your Turkish robe and give them a slice of your good stomach. THE FAIRY How can they be dead.... and presents them to the_ CHILDREN.... TYLTYL Are they here?.I feel hungry!. clean fingers... TYLTYL Is Light coming with us? THE FAIRY No.) SUGAR (_approaching the_ CHILDREN) Allow me at the same time to offer you a few sugar-sticks. Men do not know this secret.. MYTYL (_tasting one of the fingers_) Oh..... MYTYL Does that hurt you much. it is more proper that this visit should be confined to the family. children.. because they know so little. when you break them off?.... On the contrary. when they live in your memory?...... SUGAR (_engagingly_) Taste them. He is breaking all his fingers!.. I will wait near here.. THE FAIRY You shall see them at once.. they grow again at once and so I always have new. when they are dead?.... don't eat too much sugar.. draws his scimitar and cuts two slices out of his stomach and hands them to the_ CHILDREN. it's a great advantage.. so as not to appear indiscreet...... (BREAD _opens his robe. one by one. THE FAIRY Come......... as many as I want. They did not .) MYTYL What is he doing?... (_He breaks off the five fingers of his left hand.. SUGAR (_modestly_) Yes. They're made of real barley-sugar. are about to see that the dead who are remembered live as happily as though they were not dead.. thanks to the diamond.. how good they are!. SUGAR Not at all.... TYLTYL How can we see them. Don't forget that you are to have supper presently with your grandpapa and grandmamma. too!. Have you many of them?... TYLTYL I.... they are capital...

... A great big little girl like you.. MYTYL There's the board!. while the_ CHILDREN _go out to the left_. But don't forget that you are to be back.. _the_ ANIMALS. LIGHT.... the trunk of a large oak.. It says. MYTYL Well.....) This way...... from which stands out... milky.. Now mind and be punctual. Wait. TYLTYL Behind the fog. I don't want to travel any more. _etc_. with a board nailed to it. the fog is lifting .. TYLTYL Yes. As soon as you have turned the diamond.. there's an arrow... just like Water. I will climb up on this root.. And the little ones that way.. by a quarter to nine... (_Calling the_ CAT... Good-bye for the present!.... (_She goes out to the right. TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _are at the foot of the oak_... It is extremely important. with_ LIGHT... You are on the threshold of the Land of Memory. don't keep on crying. on the right.. both of you. Look.. for all would be lost if you were late.. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. TYLTYL I can't read it....... TYLTYL Here Is the tree!." MYTYL Is this where it begins?. you will see a big tree with a board on it.. We shall see.. I can't see my feet or my hands..... A vague. _the_ DOG....invite me. which will show you that you are there. TYLTYL Come.. MYTYL I can see nothing at all!.. close to the footlights. impenetrable light prevails_. _A thick fog...--_The Land of Memory_. TYLTYL Which way are we to go?.. That's it..... THE FAIRY Over there..... _etc. (_Whimpering_) I'm cold!. "Land of Memory... I want to go home........ where are grandad and granny?..) CURTAIN SCENE 2..

Let's keep behind the tree... for I feel anyhow and I have pins and needles in my legs.... Here we are!.... (_The_ GRANDPARENTS _and the_ CHILDREN _exchange frantic embraces_. GAFFER TYL No.. TYLTYL'S _grandfather and grandmother. no...... Soon. It's you!.. (_Trying to run to meet them_) I can't run!.) GRANNY TYL I have a notion that our grandchildren who are still alive are coming to see us today. _who also wakes slowly from his sleep_. MYTYL (_clapping her hands_) Yes! Yes!. We shall see what's behind it. for I see tears of joy dancing before my eyes.... evaporates. Gaffer! Granny!. That's because of my wooden leg.. a cheerful little peasant's cottage...... flower-pots on the window-sills. GRANNY TYL Tyltyl!. gives a sigh and looks at_ GAFFER TYL... GRANNY TYL I tell you they are here..) TYLTYL (_suddenly recognising them_) It's grandad and granny!. both sound asleep_..... I've still got the rheumatics!. I still feel weak. they are a long way off. It's we!.. TYLTYL (_still a little distrustful_) Take care!... which I still wear instead of the one I broke when I fell off the big oak. The door and windows are open. stretches herself....... TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL (_rushing up from behind the oak_) Here we are!... on which an old peasant and his wife_... Beside the door is a bench.......) GRANNY TYL . What did I tell you?. I am quite strong..... You see?. raises her head.. Mytyl!. GRANNY TYL I think they must be quite near. disperses. It's we!. GAFFER TYL (_hobbling along as fast as he can_) No more can I. in a more and more transparent light. appears..... covered with creepers. GAFFER TYL There!.. I was sure they would come to-day. are seated. We don't know yet if they can stir.. It's she!... It grows thinner and lighter.already. So it is! So it is!.. There are bee-hives under a shed. GAFFER TYL They are certainly thinking of as.. (GRANNY TYL _opens her eyes...... a cage with a sleeping blackbird...... (_The mist begins to move. under a leafy vault.

... We didn't go out that day.. The last time you were here... It is months and months now that you've forgotten us and that we have seen nobody. How are Daddy and Mummy Tyl?.. Just look at her..How tall and strong you've grown... They don't know yet.. GAFFER TYL And what about me?...... we wake up and see you again. What pretty hair... It was on All-hallows...... TYLTYL All-hallows?. and to-day its only because of the Fairy.. GRANNY TYL We are always here. They come so seldom!.. Do they never learn anything?... GRANNY TYL But come.. what pretty eyes!.. TYLTYL Quite well.. up there. TYLTYL What.. you know that...... when the church-bells were ringing. let me see. It makes us so happy!. Come to me first.... . GRANNY TYL Come and kiss me again!. GRANNY TYL No.... GRANNY TYL No. TYLTYL Yes. but you thought of us.... Tyltyl! GAFFER TYL (_stroking_ MYTYL'S _hair_) And Mytyl!... TYLTYL No.. waiting for a visit from those who are alive.... for we both had very bad colds.......... is it enough to.... no.. They were asleep when we went out..... when was it?.. Come on to my lap. granny...... GAFFER TYL It's as in our own time. you know. Why don't you come to see us oftener?.. Was it mummy who washed you?. every time you think of us. I didn't know. GRANNY TYL Well.. The Living are so stupid when they speak of the Others.... granny.. how pretty they are and how nice and clean!..... GRANNY TYL (_gazing at them and covering them with caresses_) Lord. And there are no holes in your stockings!.. GRANNY TYL (_to_ GAFFER TYL) It's astonishing.. I used to darn them once.. TYLTYL We couldn't.......

.. it is good to sleep when life is done... TYLTYL That's different.... You ate such a lot of it that you made yourself ill. Do you remember. TYLTYL Aren't you allowed to smoke?.. Now he's using words we don't understand.... And granny hasn't ...... GAFFER TYL Yes... Is it a new word... GAFFER TYL Oh. GRANNY TYL Don't talk nonsense. Here. TYLTYL Why.... GAFFER TYL Yes. that was the word. a new invention?.... yes. What does it mean?.. GAFFER TYL How silly they are..... if one could just have a smoke.... Tyltyl?. TYLTYL The word "dead"?.... not a bit. it means that one's no longer alive.. But it is pleasant also to wake up from time to time..... The last time I baked you a lovely apple-tart. Ah..TYLTYL Do you sleep all the time?. What is he saying?. it's allowed.. but I've broken my pipe... we get plenty of sleep. GAFFER TYL What do you say?.. while waiting for a thought of the Living to come and wake us. grandad.... not bad........ we have them always. all would be well.. GRANNY TYL What? That's different?... GRANNY TYL Yes.. TYLTYL But I haven't eaten any apple-tart since last year. GAFFER TYL Yes. if only you would come and see us oftener.. Why.. TYLTYL (_looking first at his_ GRANDMOTHER _and then at his_ GRANDFATHER) You haven't changed. yes. not a bit. up there!.... and. TYLTYL Is it nice here?... nothing's different when we're able to kiss each other. not bad. There were no apples this year........ TYLTYL So you are not really dead?....

.. I won't answer for the bird... And you never told us that you had him here!. We have stopped growing older. granny?... how tall you're growing!.. will you give him to me?. Yes.. Look. when I wasn't looking. he's blue....... MYTYL And here is the old blackbird!.. (TYLTYL _stands up against the door_.. How they've grown. TYLTYL (_observing with amazement that the blackbird is quite blue_) But he's blue!. As soon as one thinks of him... oh. really... Aha.. Does he still sing?. I left it behind the big tree. And Light too!. where is my cage?.... Oh. It still has its fine red plums... We never hear him sing. (_The blackbird wakes and begins to sing at the top of his voice_..... Oh. fetches the cage and puts the blackbird into it_. He does nothing but sleep.) Four fingers taller!. certainly. that's the bird. I'm afraid that he will never get used again to the restless life up there and that he'll come back here by ... TYLTYL (_looking around him with delight_) Nothing is changed. stand up straight. Why...) So. (_Entreatingly_) Grandad... Only everything is prettier!.. over there............ But you. perhaps. I say. everything is in its old place!..... you've really given him to me?. GAFFER TYL Yes.. ill weeds grow apace!... granny.. What do you think. perhaps. four and a half!. TYLTYL I will put him in my cage.....changed a bit either. we feel all right...... Now then.) GRANNY TYL You see.. What use is he to us?. That was on All-hallows...... GAFFER TYL And here is the soup-tureen you chipped a corner off... GAFFER TYL Mind you... GRANNY TYL Certainly..... you've done some damage in your time!. blue as a blue glass marble!.. the Blue Bird which I am to take back to the Fairy... how they've grown!.....) And Mytyl.... But you're better-looking. is the mark of the last time... TYLTYL But they are finer than ever!. (_He runs to the tree. blue.. (MYTYL _also stands up against the door_. you're shooting up finely.. GAFFER TYL Yes.. the day I found the gimlet.... There is the clock with the big hand which I broke the point off.... That's immense!.. How pleased the Fairy will be!...... I know... TYLTYL And here is the hole which I made in the door. And here is the plum-tree in which you were so fond of climbing.. on the door..... GAFFER TYL Well.

... it won't go away.... Madeleine and Pierette and Pauline!. how fat and glossy they are!.. What jolly cheeks they have!... TYLTYL (_noticing the hives_) And how are the bees getting on? GAFFER TYL Oh. And Robert!.) TYLTYL Hullo.. There's nothing more to fear. GRANNY TYL Yes. MYTYL And where are my three little brothers who were buried?... Riquette. All the flowers are so beautiful!. are they here too?.... They look well fed. As soon as you think of them. And my little dead sisters. They are no longer alive. . I can smell the honey!. Riquette!.. (_At these words.. how well they look... TYLTYL (_going up to the hives_) Oh. Pierrot!.... here they are!. nobody is ever ill.... I say. the darlings!. MYTYL Oh. However. as soon as you speak of them. yes!. they are there.... what's become of your top?.. And here's Riquette!. GAFFER TYL (_sententiously_) No.... one has no anxiety. whose tail I cut off with Pauline's scissors. we shall see.... Leave him there. one by one_. but they work hard... like a set of Pan's pipes. (TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _run to meet the_ CHILDREN...... as you call it up there. so we're going to fight again..the first wind that blows this way...) Ah.. _They hustle and hug one another and dance and whirl about and utter screams of joy_. GRANNY TYL They have been much better since they ceased living.. TYLTYL And Pauline still has a pimple on her nose. GRANNY TYL Yes..... TYLTYL (_noticing the little_ DOG _yelping around them_) There's Kiki.... pretty well....... TYLTYL Oh. and come and look at the cow.. she has stopped growing... (_They clutch each other by the hair_... there's nothing to be done for it. nothing changes here.. _of different sizes.. seven little_ CHILDREN. How heavy the hives must be!... Jean.. as in the old days.) GRANNY TYL Here they are..... for the present.. come out of the cottage.. She's still crawling on all fours!. He hasn't changed either.

.) GAFFER TYL Come. It never strikes..... It must be the clock.. children. and you'll break your plate.. GAFFER TYL Because we no longer think of the time.... and lay for supper outside the door........ just as supper's ready!. as I've got the Blue Bird.(_The clock inside the cottage strikes eight_. TYLTYL Light expects me at a quarter to nine.. a little more quiet. travelling..) TYLTYL Well... (_He seizes the tureen. if you're in a hurry.. (_They have lit the lamp and served the soup. Was any one thinking of the time?... Quick. It's extremely important. all helping_... let's lay the table outside.. dishes..... It struck eight times.... more!.. drags it toward him and upsets it and the soup... which trickles over the table and down over their knees and scalds them...... Oh.) .. I was... TYLTYL Yes. GRANNY TYL Don't leave us like that. I'm off!. GAFFER TYL I'm sure I can't tell.. GRANNY TYL It can't be. What is the time?. how good it is!.. jostling and elbowing one another and laughing and screaming with pleasure_..... The_ GRANDPARENTS _and the_ CHILDREN _sit down round the table. I'm sure. And then it's so long since I tasted cabbage-soup..... so I suppose it's what they call eight o'clock up there.. They don't have it at the hotels. TYLTYL (_half-raising himself on his stool_) I want more... Sit down. etc.. (_They get out the table. I've got some capital cabbage-soup and a beautiful plum-tart.I want some more! More!... I've forgotten how... come........) GRANNY TYL (_amazed_) What's that?..) TYLTYL (_eating like a glutton_) How good it is!. Ever since I've been. GRANNY TYL There!. Don't let us lose time. That didn't take long!.. GAFFER TYL I don't know. quick... Yells and screams of pain_. You're just as ill-behaved as ever... plates...... It's because of the Fairy. (_He brandishes his wooden spoon and noisily hits his plate with it_.........

Mytyl...... yes. granny.. TYLTYL No.... .. GRANNY TYL Come back every day!....... we've only just got time!.. I told you so!..) Mytyl.. I say!..... Riquette and you. You know... Pauline.. GAFFER TYL (_handing him the cage_) Here they are!. and if he's not the right colour..... how nice it was and how good it makes one feel!.. I don't warrant him.. TYLTYL (_staggered for a moment. Robert. My cage!. Madeleine... Good-bye.. GRANNY TYL It's our only pleasure and it's such a treat for us when your thoughts visit us!.. GAFFER TYL (_giving TYLTYL a loud box on the ear_) That's one for you!..... TYLTYL Good-bye! Good-bye!. TYLTYL Quick..... if you like them.... Come. we will come back as often as we can... TYLTYL (_taking his cage and hurriedly kissing everybody all round_) Good-bye. come!. Just a few minutes more!. grandad. Grandad... We see you so seldom..GRANNY TYL There!. too. And I promised her... Kiki. next puts his hand to his cheek with an expression of rapture_) Oh. GAFFER TYL We have no other amusements... granny.. I must give you a kiss!.. Good-bye. that's just like the slaps you used to give me when you were alive?... (_He flings down his spoon_. (_The clock strikes half-past eight_) TYLTYL (_starting up_) Half-past eight!. brothers and sisters... quick!.. Your house isn't on fire!.. Don't cry.. GRANNY TYL Oh. there's more where that came from. My bird!... we will come back often....... Pierrot. Light is so kind. GAFFER TYL Goodness gracious.. how tiresome the Living are with all their business and excitement!... I feel we mustn't stay.. TYLTYL Yes.. GAFFER TYL Very well. we can't possibly.

) But the bird is no longer blue!. I am worn out. the_ CAT NIGHT Who goes there? THE CAT (_sinking heavily upon the marble steps_) It is I. a monumental door of brass.. TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _are again alone visible under the big oak_. Have you been fighting on the tiles again.. flagstones and ornaments of black marble. almost naked. NIGHT.... between the columns. (_Looking at the bird in the cage_..... He has turned black!.... are doors of sombre bronze... MYTYL Where is Light?. is smiling in a deep sleep.. clad in long.... at the fall of the curtain_. (_They all wave their handkerchiefs while_ TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _slowly move away. The hall is trapezium-shaped.. so that. But already.THE BROTHERS AND SISTERS TYL Good-bye.. You look pale and thin and you are splashed with mud to your very whiskers. motionless and veiled from head to foot_... metallic and sepulchral magnificence. Remember the barley-sugar!.... which rise gradually toward the back. .. _in the form of a very old woman. in the foreground. _A large and wonderful hall of an austere.) TYLTYL It's this way. At the back. I feel so frightened and so cold. Tyltyl! Good-bye.. Basalt steps. during the last sentences. is seated on the steps of the second stage between two children.. divide it into three successive stages. while the other is standing up. little brother.. Come again!. CURTAIN ACT III. black garments.. child?.--_The Palace of_ NIGHT.. at the end. occupying almost the entire width... Mother Night. Mytyl. Good-bye!. in the snow and rain?.. Mytyl!. the fog of the beginning of the scene has been gradually re-forming. architraves... giving the impression of a Greek temple with columns. Come again!. The palace is lit only by a vague light that seems to emanate mainly from the brilliancy of the marble and the ebony.. like Cupid. _Enter from the right... TYLTYL I don't know. gold and ebony. At the rise of the curtain_. all has disappeared in the mist and. NIGHT What's the matter. of whom one. SCENE 1. rigid. On the right and left. MYTYL Give me your hand...

he is coming here to demand the Blue Bird of you. but it is never possible to keep him away... You must forgive her. this way. Well..... behind which they would find the Birds of the Moon. but she is sending the children... Water is not very well and Fire could not come...) THE CAT (_rushing up to TYLTYL_) This way. The Dog is the only one who is not on our side. THE CAT He will have it soon. NIGHT (_listening to a sound outside_) What do I hear?.. they should lay their hands on the real Blue Bird.. who is guiding him and betraying us all. Bread and Sugar. I have told Night... the real one.. The secrets of the other caverns will be enough to distract their attention and terrify them... we must give them such a fright that they will not dare to persist or to open the great door at the back. I do not know how all this will end. Must he absolutely know everything?.. What has happened?. NIGHT Oh dear. Mother Night... She knows that she is forbidden to cross the threshold of your palace... MYTYL.THE CAT It has nothing to do with the tiles!.. if.. (_Enter timidly. TYLTYL. THE CAT I have told you of little Tyltyl. Light has learned that the Blue Bird. the only one that can live in the light of day. What is he aiming at?. I see only one way: as they are children.. oh dear!.. little master. all my Terrors are afraid and dare not leave the house.. unless we perform some miracle. because he is related to Light.. unfortunately. THE CAT I know. and of the magic diamond.. in the foreground. I never have a moment's peace... This is how the matter stands: Light...... on the right.. In any case... the greater part of my Sicknesses are ill. the times are hard and we are almost alone in our struggle against Man...... NIGHT He hasn't got it yet. that is why she was not able to come to meet you....... Are there many of them?. these last few years.. BREAD.... Already he has captured a third of my Mysteries. . there would be nothing for us but to disappear.. What times we live in!.. SUGAR and the DOG_... I know... it is our friends. and. is hidden here. I have managed to escape for a moment to warn you. I cannot understand Man............. the woodcutter's son. NIGHT Why?. It's our secret that's at stake!.. but I greatly fear that there is nothing to be done. among the blue birds of the dreams that live on the rays of the moon and die as soon as they set eyes on the sun. for she has placed herself entirely on Man's side. THE CAT It is nothing.. But I hear them coming.. my Ghosts have taken flight.. as you cannot prevent Man from opening the doors of your secrets.... she is a little indisposed.... It's the beginning of the end!. who is delighted to see you...

.... hiding himself?............ ma'am. ma'am. at least. NIGHT (_in an offended voice_) Good-day?. You might say.. Why does he veil his face?... TYLTYL (_mortified_) I beg your pardon....... Will you tell me where he is?. But let us talk of something else.... TYLTYL Light. TYLTYL Why is he so fat?... TYLTYL And the other... Night.I did not know.... Will you hand me your keys?..... TYLTYL You have no right to refuse them to Man when he asks you for them.... NIGHT This is Sleep...) Are those your two little boys?.... NIGHT But you must understand........ What is his name?. Mrs.... that I cannot give my keys like that to the first comer... I have the keeping of all Nature's secrets and I am absolutely forbidden to deliver them to anybody. NIGHT That is because he sleeps well. or.. Good-night.... NIGHT I don't know. All I can say is that he is not here... NIGHT Who told you?..I know that..... I have never seen him... . TYLTYL Yes.TYLTYL Good-day. Good-evening. and Light knows what she is saying.(_Pointing to the two_ CHILDREN....... The Cat tells me that you have come here to look for the Blue Bird....Is he ill?. They are very nice... especially to a child.. TYLTYL Yes. I am not used to that.. dear... It is better not to mention her name. if you will allow me. Light told me that he was here.. NIGHT That is Sleep's sister....... yes. dear.. TYLTYL Why?. NIGHT Because her name is not pleasant to hear.

TYLTYL (_placing the key in the lock_) I will see. NIGHT Certainly.. TYLTYL (_touching his hat_) Behold the Diamond!...... NIGHT I think it is the Ghosts.. I assure you... How dare she interfere... and it is not without difficulty.. all the sicknesses........ all the mysteries that have afflicted life since the beginning of the world.. my experience and my devotion make me the natural protector of these two children. It is long since I opened the door and since they came out. in each of those basalt caves.NIGHT Light again! Always Light!. NIGHT There is no way of escape.. therefore. that I keep some little order among those undisciplined characters....... keep quiet and try to behave. (_To_NIGHT) Come..... my little god?. All around the hall. What is behind this bronze door?. THE DOG Shall I take them from her by force. Where is it?. but don't you think it would be better not to open the . madam..... BREAD (_very anxiously_) Is it dangerous?. TYLTYL Hold your tongue.. all the plagues.. (_To_ BREAD) Have you the cage for the Blue Bird?.... I have had trouble enough to Imprison them there with the aid of Destiny... BREAD (_with chattering teeth_) I'm not frightened. NIGHT Dangerous?. NIGHT Have you the sign.. all the catastrophes.. please. Mrs....... TYLTYL (_taking the key and climbing the first steps_) Let us begin here. BREAD My great age. how dare she?... BREAD In case of danger. Look to yourself if you meet with a misfortune. at least?. give me your keys. all the terrors.. You have seen what happens when one of them escapes and shows itself on earth..... I will go so far as to say that I myself do not know what I shall do when certain of those bronze doors open upon the abyss.. I will not be responsible. then.. Night....... which is the way of escape?. NIGHT (_resigning herself to the inevitable_) Well. Here is the key that opens all the doors of the hall... permit me to ask you a question. are all the evils...

(_To_ TYLTYL) Open the door a little.) Help me!....... TYLTYL (_with the key in the lock_....) NIGHT Quick! Quick!. TYLTYL (_to the_ DOG) Help her... where's Bread?.. that's it. here I am...) .. with the aid of a whip formed of snakes. It's the Sicknesses.... Open the doors if you like.. THE DOG (_leaping up and barking_) Yes.) There. ever since Man ceased to take them seriously..) NIGHT (_to three_ GHOSTS _whom she has seized by the neck_) This way. However.. but to peep through the keyhole?..door.... Where is Sugar?._) TYLTYL (_going to another door_) What's behind this one?....... yes.... TYLTYL I don't want your advice.. (_The_ DOG _brings up two more_.... you!.. Tylô. They will all escape and we should never be able to catch them again!.. (_She pushes the_ GHOSTS _into the cave_. _running after the_ GHOSTS... (_She closes the door..) And these two. BREAD... Shut the door!.. five or six_ GHOSTS _of strange and different forms escape and disperse on every side_... BREAD (_at the back of the hall_) Here. miss. Here!.. (_He turns the key and cautiously opens the door.. _terrified. Here!. TYLTYL Enough of this!. as you please... _cries out to_ TYLTYL.. MYTYL (_suddenly beginning to cry_) I am frightened!... I am near the door to prevent them from going out. at them!. to drive them back to the door of their prison_... I want to go home!.. (_She runs after the_ GHOSTS _and endeavours.. Forthwith. NIGHT What is the good?. (_One of the_ GHOSTS _moves in that direction and he rushes away at full speed.... while_ NIGHT... quick.. Come.. SUGAR (_eagerly.... They have felt bored in there. MYTYL _gives a scream of fright_.... obsequiously_) Here I am. I will break off one of my fingers so that you may have a sugar-stick. Don't cry. TYLTYL And Bread.. in with you!. You know you're only allowed out on All-hallows.. uttering yells of terror_. yes!.... throws away the cage and goes and hides at the back of the hall...I have already told you the Blue Bird has never been here.

They are very quiet.. Nothing appears_. a dressing-gown and a cotton nightcap escapes from the cavern and begins to frisk about the hall_. They are huge and awful!. all together!..) Look!... They have seen me!.. They are more terrible and powerful than ever.. . He at once doubles his back against the door.. _with a thousand precautions. all of you!.... Push.. (_One little Sickness in slippers. what are you doing?....) TYLTYL (_going to the next door_) Let us look at this one. (COLD-IN-THE-HEAD........... (TYLTYL...... NIGHT It's nothing. they are rather heavy and slow-moving. They are giving way!. TYLTYL Yes.. Did you see them?.. But we must stand ready to push back the door.. Ah.... you must wait for the winter.It's too soon yet. They look very ill... Open. Bread..) TYLTYL The Blue Bird is not there... There's a little one escaping.... it is not worth while............ They are all coming!.. shouting_. those Sicknesses of yours. has been waging such a determined war upon them!... returns to the cavern and_ TYLTYL _shuts the door_.. the poor little things... NIGHT Come.. one of the smallest. What is in here?.. They did not even lift their heads.. opens the door ajar so that there is only a little gap to which he can put his eye. dear.... Man. It is one of those which are least persecuted and which enjoy the best health. Especially since the discovery of the microbes. (TYLTYL _enters the cavern and comes out again immediately_. Which one is it?. (TYLTYL _opens the door quite wide.......... _sneezing. They are not happy. all of us together.) TYLTYL Don't they come out? NIGHT I told you they are almost all poorly and very much discouraged... Heaven knows what would happen if one of them escaped!. How strong they are!.. Push with all your might!.. (_Calling to_ COLD-IN-THE-HEAD) Come here.. you will see.. Push hard!.. Go in for a moment and see for yourself.) TYLTYL Quick! Quick!.. Fortunately... NIGHT No. The doctors are so unkind to them. It was high time!.... for some time.Must I be careful in opening?..... while you take a rapid glance into the cavern. that's it!..... yes!..... coughing and blowing its nose..... It is the Wars.. I don't think that they have the Blue Bird..... NIGHT Take care!. it's Cold-in-the-Head... They are breaking down the door!...

And the Terrors also. This is a darker one.... TYLTYL (_going to the next door_) I say!..NIGHT You may be sure they haven't..... and taking a look into the cavern_) Are they not there?... with a certain mistrustfulness... Shut it quickly!. I saw!.) Come.... What is in here?. they would eat him at once... don't be afraid.. TYLTYL Let us go to the next. (NIGHT... _the_ DOG. Shades..... it will do you good.... piteously venture to take a few steps outside the cavern. Light said so.. What is here? NIGHT There are several Mysteries behind this one. Well. It's an easy thing to say when one's afraid and stays at home.... push! They are pushing against us!.. NIGHT Light said so!. (_A few_ SHADES _and a few_ TERRORS. TYLTYL (_half-opening the door.. My eyes are smarting!..... But don't go in... what are you doing?...... If you are absolutely bent upon it. It's only a child. the former in black veils and the latter in greenish veils.... NIGHT They are chained up.. and then.... with unparalleled precautions and passing his head fearsomely through the aperture_) Oh!.. TYLTYL I must see everything.... TYLTYL (_looking into the depths of the cave_) Oh... _in the shape of women... TYLTYL Can I open the door?. how terrifying they are!... _hastily run back again_. How cold!. TYLTYL (_half-opening the door. upon a movement of_ TYLTYL'S.... But shut the door. There is nothing to be afraid of. _the_ CAT _and_ SUGAR _push back the door_... You see there is nothing to be done. If they had..... except the great ones.. Come out for a moment and stretch your legs. he won't hurt you. They are pretty quiet..... lest they should grow angry. they are like the Sicknesses. NIGHT (_looking into the cavern in her turn_) Well. (_To_ TYLTYL) They have become extremely timid. have you had enough of it?. NIGHT This is where I lock up the Shades and the Terrors........ those whom you see at the back... NIGHT Certainly.. as we did with the Wars.. They are the only ones that are not afraid of Man... Push. shrouded..) Oh.. .. you may open it too.... oh.... Be very cautious and let us get ready to push back the door....

NIGHT It was probably Silence.... _the_ FIREFLIES _and the transparent_ DEW _join them... it was awful!.. the Stars.... It is where I keep the unemployed Stars.. the_ WILL-O'-THE-WISPS..... TYLTYL (_upset_) I don't know. NIGHT Those are the Perfumes of my Shadow. NIGHT No. he has charge of this door. I would never have believed... Who was the giant who tried to seize me?.. a few Glimmers that belong to me. TYLTYL And how well they dance!... (TYLTYL _throws the door wide open.....NIGHT What?.... the Song of the Nightingales.. disperse over the hall and form graceful groups on the steps and around the columns. while the_ SONG OF THE NIGHTINGALES _streams from the cavern and floods the Palace of_ NIGHT. also the Dew.. NIGHT It will be worse presently if you go on.. The_ PERFUMES OF THE NIGHT... TYLTYL Just so. MYTYL And how sweet they smell!.. TYLTYL (_going to the next door_) And this one?... there Is nothing very bad inside. You are quite pale still and trembling all over. I had never seen... my personal Perfumes. _in the shape of beautiful young girls veiled in many-coloured radiancy. _who are almost invisible....) MYTYL (_clapping her hands with delight_) Oh. It appears to have been alarming?. They were all seated like monsters without eyes... if you like. NIGHT Open it. TYLTYL And how beautifully they sing!. Glow-worms and Fireflies. such as Will-o'-the-Wisps. the Song of the Nightingales and so on... TYLTYL Yes..... And my hands are frozen... there is a little of everything here.. MYTYL What are those. Is this terrible also?... bathed in a sort of luminous penumbra.. The_ STARS.... This must be the door. whom one can hardly see?.. escape from their prison. . what pretty ladies!..

. Light told me so. _all in tears. I implore you on my knees. . At the same time. TYLTYL Then it's here that the Blue Bird is hidden.... They would never have done. (MYTYL.. You see that Night is right. It is the devil's own business to get them back.... I feel pity for your youth and innocence and I am speaking to you as a mother.... I like you.. do not open that door. PERFUMES...... I have been kind and indulgent . TYLTYL (_a little shaken_) But why?...... once they begin to dance. in spite of everything.. NIGHT Because I do not wish you to be lost. and believe me. Come...... will ask you to wait until I have sought safety in my windowless tower.. child .. But enough!.. So much so that I myself. Stars.. I have given up all my secrets to you. for you to reflect.. NIGHT They are the Dew of the plains and forests. NIGHT (_maternally_) Listen to me.. in spun glass?.. not one of those who have opened it. do you hear.... upon touching that door. NIGHT Because it's not allowed... the song of the_ NIGHTINGALE _ceases_... THE CAT You are sacrificing the lives of all of us. utters cries of inarticulate terror and tries to drag_ TYLTYL _away_. if you are bent. Because not one of those.. were it but by a hair's breadth...... master dear!. NIGHT (_gravely_) Do not open that one... Listen to me. because all the terrors... Now it is for you to know. relinquish your quest. (_Clapping her hands together_..... This is not the time for dancing... The sky is overcast and heavily clouded.... go no further. quick.. TYLTYL Why not?....TYLTYL And those others.) Now then.. has ever returned alive to the light of day. and the door is closed upon them... quick!.. over there.. (_The_ STARS..... do not tempt fate. all the horrors of which men speak on earth are as nothing compared with the most harmless of those which assail a man from the moment when his eye lights upon the first threats of the abyss to which no one dares give a name.. my child.. take to flight in dismay and rush back into the cavern. or I will go and fetch a ray of sunlight!.... I have done for you what I have never done for any one before . in with you. Because every awful thing imaginable.) BREAD (_with chattering teeth_) Don't do it. _etc....) TYLTYL (_going to the door at the back_) Here is the great middle door. (_Flinging himself on his knees_) Take pity on us!.

) You see!.. MYTYL (_stamping her feet. the azured atmosphere. There are too many of them!. birds innumerable to the point of appearing to be the breath. Kiss me... NIGHT Run for your lives!. bewildered..... I shall stay!. (_She flees... all!.. Don't bite them.... Tylô!... that's right!. A cry of alarm comes from the other end of the hall... the very substance of the wonderful garden_..... We have them at last!.. I can't hold them!...) TYLTYL (_dazzled. Oh.. You and I are two. glide apart and disappear on either side in the thickness of the walls... There are so many blue wings.... it's they..) You can catch them by handfuls!. (_Darting in among the birds_. Come. (MYTYL _and the others run up. suddenly revealing the most unexpected of gardens. where the runaways have taken refuge.. Tylô. amid her sobs_) I won't!.. unreal... (_He places the key in the lock. .. flying ceaselessly from jewel to jewel and from moonbeam to moonbeam.. I shall stay with my little god!... take Mytyl by the hand and run away with her..... illumining all that they touch.. fairy-like blue birds hover perpetually and harmoniously down to the confines of the horizon. TYLTYL Sugar and Bread.. Come quickly!. It is time!.. There will be too many!... standing in the light of the garden_) Oh!.... infinite and ineffable... They fly into my hands!. Take them very gently!. a dream-garden bathed in nocturnal light.. It's they.. TYLTYL _remains alone with the DOG by the monumental door_.. They all enter the dazzling garden. Mytyl!. Thousands of blue birds!.....) THE DOG (_panting and hiccoughing with suppressed fright_) I shall stay. MYTYL (_covered with blue birds_) I have caught seven already!. Mytyl....... (_Turning to those who have fled_) Come quickly!. Millions!. The key has hardly touched the door before its tall and wide leaves open in the middle.. And now. I shall stay!... Thousands of millions!... it's they!. where. They are here!.. I am going to open the door.. (_They hide behind the columns at the other end of the hall_. I sha'n't!... I shall stay!. Heaven!...........TYLTYL I must open the door... They are not shy!.... Here! Here!. so many feathers falling that one cannot see anything for them!. I'm not afraid!.. where are you?. they are eating the moonbeams!... steady!. Help me!... except_ NIGHT _and the_ CAT. THE CAT (_also fleeing_) Wait! Wait!. Don't hurt them!. They are not afraid of us!.. among stars and planets. Come.. Look............ Tylô!... TYLTYL (_patting the_ DOG) That's right._) BREAD (_fleeing wildly_) At least wait till we are at the end of the hall!... how they flap their wings!... Come... I shall stay!.

. go out on the right. have you caught him?. Do you see them?... _who run up all covered by the birds which they have captured.. It is night.. notably an_ OAK.. What have they done to them?.. You did not catch the one that is able to live in broad daylight. _a_ CYPRESS.. (_Looking at the birds.. my child. A forest. Here they are!. _etc_. too!... _who have caught no birds_... They will drag us with them!.. They will take us up to the sky!.... _and perceiving that they are dead_) Why. _a_ FIR-TREE. Old trees of various kinds...... (_He hides his head in his arms and his whole frame is shaken with sobs. _left alone... But already the birds appear lifeless and. this is too bad?. before the dropped curtain_. let us go out this way!. with their hands full of struggling birds.TYLTYL Nor can I!.. (_Angrily flinging down the dead bodies of the birds_) Oh. (_The_ CURTAIN _falls.. on the left_. (_They all go out on the left_.... yes!. We shall find him again.. they are dead!.. _a_ CHESTNUT-TREE.... Tylô's also?. he kept too high. ENTER. The moon is shining. _a_ BEECH. return to the back of the stage and look anxiously into the garden_.) SCENE 2. followed by_ BREAD _and_ SUGAR. Light is waiting for us!... (_They escape from the garden.. He has gone elsewhere... Quick.. TYLTYL Yes.. I see him there.. THE DOG (_looking at the dead birds_)) Are they good to eat?. where they first entered. Mytyl?... _at the same time... this way!... _a_ LIME-TREE.. I am too unhappy!....As many as we wanted!. Tylô has some.--_The Forest. I have too many of them!. with hanging heads and drooping wings. They're coming back!.. crossing the whole hall amid the mad whirl of the azure wings. NIGHT _and the_ CAT... and.. They could not reach him.. Immediately after. LIGHT _and on the right_... There are thousands of them!.. .. They're escaping!... _an_ ELM. This way. which he holds out to_ LIGHT.. TYLTYL..... THE CAT No..) NIGHT Haven't they got him?.._) LIGHT (_pressing him maternally in her arms_) Do not cry... are nothing more in their hands than inert remains. Who killed them?... How pleased she will be!.... MYTYL _and the_ DOG.. _a_ POPLAR.. on that moonbeam._) LIGHT Well. Yours too. ENTER _the_ CAT......

.. let him beat the troop at once. They are a little shy and dare not come near. How well you look and how pretty... Yes.. even the trees. It is Tyltyl.. we must take the opportunity.... (_The roll of the_ RABBIT'S _drum is heard. Enter_ TYLTYL. All Is going well.) What did you say?....) Who is speaking?. MYTYL _and the_ DOG. to_ TYLTYL.. THE CAT This is a great day.... I am sure. greeting!... he is with his little sister. (_A murmuring in the leaves_. Ah.. Our enemy is coming to set free your energies and to deliver himself into your hands.) TYLTYL Is this the place?.. Does the Liquorice no longer look after you?... who is rather doubtful....... I have told you he is on the worst terms with everybody... the son of the wood-cutter....... (_The sounds are heard of different animals.) I beg your pardon?. (_A murmuring in the leaves of the_ OAK. _taking him apart_) But why have you brought the Dog?. too... Oh. THE TREES (_murmuring in their leaves_) Greeting!. (_A murmuring in the leaves_. Here they are!.. I fear that his odious presence will spoil everything...) I didn't quite catch.. etc. Yes. Ah... but she won't come.... you put too much of it on your feet.. horses. I went before you to announce your arrival. it's the Poplar!.... Impossible.THE CAT (_bowing to the trees in turn_) To all the trees here present.. that's the Beech's voice!. I made the children believe that they ought to steal away while she was asleep.... yes..... There never was such an opportunity.. they have the Dog with them.. (_A murmuring in the leaves_.. (_A murmuring in the leaves_. They are all with us... that's because of the moss. Is the Blue Bird still with you?. he must he done away with.. he can compel us to hand over the Blue Bird and thenceforth we shall be definitely at Man's mercy.) Still got your cold?... TYLTYL I could not get rid of him. my little master!. Water and Bread besides.. there are Fire.. Yes.... (_A murmuring in the leaves_.. there you are.. I have tried everything.... .... Light alone is on Man's side. he possesses a diamond which has the virtue of setting free our spirits for a moment. _threatening him_) Go away. (_A murmuring in the leaves_.. THE CAT (_obsequiously. (_A murmuring in the leaves of the_ OAK. _aside.) Ah.... We shall have the Blue Bird to-night..) What do you say?. this evening!.. there is no keeping him away. Has the Rabbit got his drum?.. Sugar. How are you?.. Bribe him?. Yes.. (_To the_ DOG.. she must die. we must inform the animals... Good.. you are right..... Yes. there is no room for hesitation...) Ah.) Yes. Can't you throw off your rheumatism?...... mealy-mouthed. He is seeking the Blue Bird.. get four planks ready. a day of days!. Listen!... rushing to meet the_ CHILDREN) Ah...... whom you have kept hidden from Man since the beginning of the world and who alone knows our secret.... You can hear them already among the foliage. is that you... eagerly. donkeys... except Bread. Believe me... diminishing in the distance... such as cows. Is he with you?.... pigs.... who has done you so much harm.... I have just sent the Rabbit to beat the troop in order to convoke the principal animals of the country... you ugly thing!... (_A murmuring in the leaves_. The_ CAT.. the Oak!.. Fir-Tree?.

There... THE DOG (_leaping up and almost upsetting_ MYTYL. we shall see!... the_ CYPRESS. reserved and restless.... How good she is!. _whom he overwhelms with hurried and enthusiastic kisses_) Oh... I am afraid of everything when he is not there.... TYLTYL What do you say?....I must kiss her!. (_He covers_ TYLTYL _with violent kisses and embraces_.... no. Once more. THE DOG (_yelling_) Ow! Ow! Ow!. the_ WILLOW. TYLTYL Where shall I stand?...... go away!. the_ LIME-TREE _is placid. the_ FIR-TREE.. .... THE DOG I must kiss you now you've beaten me!. the dear little girl!. Why?.. We don't want you here and there's an end of it...THE DOG Who?.. lean and taciturn.. the_ BIRCH. turn it gently!. THE CAT In this moonbeam...... THE CAT What an idiot!.... MYTYL No.... Go away!.) TYLTYL Come. _elegant and agile.. THE CAT (_aside. THE DOG I sha'n't say a word. _tall. how sweet she is!.. crabbed gnome. They sha'n't see me. Let us lose no time.. That will do. _stunted..... _white.. Shall I beg?.. What have I done?............. pot-bellied. I shall follow you at a distance.. Hit him on the nose with your stick....... I want him to stay. the_ BEECH. Turn the diamond. dishevelled and plaintive... familiar and jovial. you will see better. The appearance of these souls differs according to the appearance and the character of the trees which they represent. _for instance. to_ TYLTYL) Do you allow this disobedience?. A long-drawn-out rustling shakes the leaves and branches. once more!... How beautiful she is!. TYLTYL I tell you. he is really unbearable!. That's enough. once more. TYLTYL (_beating the_ DOG) There. Well.. The soul of the_ ELM. that will teach you to be more obedient!.. is a sort of pursy..... The oldest and most stately trunks open to make way for the soul which each of them contains.. I?.. You're a nuisance. How beautiful she is. (TYLTYL _turns the Diamond. there!..

. Little men!. Who are they?.... THE TREES Silence!. We shall be able to talk to them!. He leans with one hand on a knotty stick and with the other on a young_ OAKLING..... He looks far from well this evening. the other trees draw themselves up in a row and bow respectfully_. Mr..... Give it to me!. THE POPLAR Oh... Some emerge slowly from their trunks.. We've done with silence!... I don't know them. but I am sure that he exaggerates.... _who serves as his guide.. At his approach..... I assure you. Quick! Quick!. ever since you have refused to show yourself except in the streets of the big towns. cumbersome. THE POPLAR Silence!. THE POPLAR Oh. crowned with mistletoe and clad in a long green gown edged with moss and lichen. _while keeping as near as they can to the tree in which they were born_... (_To the_ LIME-TREE. Listen. the_ CHESTNUT-TREE. He is blind. What are they?... The Blue Bird is perched on his shoulder..... THE CAT (_to_ TYLTYL) Take of your hat.. eagerly. Done with it!. yes. _who comes forward quietly smoking his pipe_) Do you know them... Chestnut-Tree. torpidly stretching themselves.. THE CHESTNUT-TREE (_affectedly adjusting his eyeglass_) Who are these?. the_ POPLAR.. talkative. Don't you think he is growing very old?........ _sprightly. THE OAK (_to_ TYLTYL) Who are you?..... What can his age be?.. They are too young still.. as for you. You know all the men. Here is the Oak leaving his palace!.) TYLTYL He has the Blue Bird!... others leap out actively...... It's the Oak!.. I only know the lovers who come to see me by moonlight and the topers who drink their beer under my branches... Here!.. he will tell us all about it...... They have come to cut off my head and arms again for fagots!. oh dear!...... Where do they come from?. ... as though they had been imprisoned or asleep for ages. _pretentious and rather dandified. and all come and stand in a circle round the two_ CHILDREN. you're always hanging about their houses. He is fabulously old.) THE POPLAR (_running up first and screaming at the top of his voice_) Men?. THE WILLOW (_hobbling along in a pair of wooden shoes_) Oh dear... Daddy Lime-Tree?. you must have!.. THE LIME-TREE I do not remember ever having seen them. THE LIME-TREE (_examining the_ CHILDREN) No..._tragic. his white beard streams in the wind.. Are they poor people from the country?. (_The_ OAK _comes slowly forward. The Fir-tree says he is four thousand.

It is right.... the Wolf. I do not hear the Animals. We.. who is very ill. Here are the souls of the Horse... _who roams to and fro. the Goat... three hundred and eighty daughters-in-law. that is to say. (_Enter the souls of the_ ANIMALS. I know that you are looking for the Blue Bird. so that Man may make our servitude still harder. must not assume the responsibility alone for the grave measures that have become necessary.. and twelve thousand great-grandsons!. sir.. The Cat said that you would tell us where the Blue Bird was.. TYLTYL I beg your pardon... sir.. twelve hundred cousins of both sexes. THE OAK What have you come here for. that our agreement should be unanimous.. the Ox. the Cow. so that our silence may be the same. sir.... the Fox is ill--here is the doctor's certificate--the Goose did not understand and the Turkey flew into a passion. TYLTYL Oh. it is for the Fairy Bérylune's little girl.. _who. THE OAK Your father has done us much harm.. THE OAK (_laying silence upon him with a gesture_) Enough!.... he has put to death six hundred of my sons. sir.. therefore. and of the_ PIG.. On the day when MAN hears that we have done what we are about to do.. THE OAK Yes.... for disturbing you.. THE OAK Tyltyl. He did not do it on purpose... as the_ FIR-TREE _utters their names....... the Hare is out on a run. They are following the Rabbit.... and why have you made our souls leave their abodes?. with the exception of the soul of the_ GOAT.... the Sheep. In my family alone. the Trees. TYLTYL Yes. the Cock... sir. and the Bear..... Where are they?.) THE OAK Are all here present?..TYLTYL I am Tyltyl.. All this concerns them as much as us. come forward and sit down among the trees. ... the Pig. When can I have the Blue Bird?. the Stag has a pain in his horns.. no. there will be terrible reprisals. the Ass... TYLTYL I know nothing about it.. _who snuffles among the roots_. THE FIR-TREE (_looking over the top of the other trees_) The Animals are coming. the great secret of things and of happiness.. the Bull.... THE RABBIT The Hen could not leave her eggs. the wood-cutter's son?..... four hundred and seventy-five uncles and aunts....

THE CAT (_aside. I'll be even with him!... wow. the nature of our business... thanks to a talisman stolen from the powers of Earth. Ivy. You know. all right.. It is a serious moment.. he is unbearable and one can't hear one's self speak..... to_ TYLTYL) It would be a good thing to chain him up... Leave it to me. It's a misunderstanding...... THE BEECH (_indignantly_) He is insulting the Oak!. TYLTYL Yes... pack of old roots!..... you old cripple?. the child must be done away with before it is too late..... Mr. you ugly brute!.... or he will commit some folly.. THE DOG All right. he insults everybody. to_ TYLTYL) Send the Dog away. TYLTYL What is he saying?...... Be off. you tiger. I'm going.. I will arrange things.. TYLTYL (_to the_ DOG) Will you be off!.. I have lost his leash... THE CAT (_aside... That is why it seems to me that any hesitation would be both foolish and criminal. will ... It will be such a joke!... is able to take possession of the Blue Bird and thus to snatch from us the secret which we have kept since the origin of life..... Now we know enough of Man to entertain no doubt as to the fate which he reserves for us once he is in possession of this secret. Ugh! Goutytoes! Timbertoes!... THE CAT Here's the Ivy just coming along with strong bonds. But send him away as quick as you can... Drive him out! We must suffer no traitors among us!. THE OAK Is that the Dog?.. It's the Cat who's at the bottom of all this!.. I'll come back when you want me.. However... TYLTYL Hold your tongue!.. And be off with you!.. wow!. you Judas!.. The child you see before you.. THE CAT You see.... THE DOG Do let me worry the gouty old beggar's moss slippers!... I'll come back!... the Trees will be angry and all will end badly... TYLTYL What can I do?.. you sneak... THE DOG (_prowling round the_ OAK _and showing his fangs_) Do you see my teeth..... we have a quorum. Pack of old stunted growths.... my brothers.. What have you been whispering about.THE OAK These abstentions are most regrettable. THE DOG (_growling_) I'll come back... Wow...

) THE OAK Is that done?. I've muzzled him finely... come along. He's choking me!.. Let him bind you. now that we are rid of this inconvenient witness. (_The_ IVY _and the_ POPLAR _carry the_ DOG _behind the_ OAK'S _trunk_. They are a little annoyed because Spring is late. Just wait and see!.... .... He's cutting my paws!...... Come along.... I do not think that... TYLTYL (_to the_ CAT) What is the matter with them?..... you old ball of twine. Eat him!.. Obey the Ivy.... Are they displeased?. Death!... you!.. let us deliberate in accordance with justice and truth. of this renegade... They mean mischief...... for all that.. Hunk of yarn!... you're unbearable!. TYLTYL I don't care!. I can't speak!. my little god I .. No doubt at all!. The abuse too wicked!. THE DOG (_growling between his teeth........ Well. He's closing my mouth!... TYLTYL (_threatening him with his stick_) Tylô!..... I will not conceal from you the deep and painful nature of my emotion... my little god!. Hangman's rope I.... Look.. Hanging!.. THE CAT Don't be alarmed. He's going to kiss you!... THE DOG (_cringing at_ TYLTYL'S _feet and wagging his tail_) What am I to do. ALL THE TREES and ALL THE ANIMALS No! No! No!.. Here and now!. We will decide later what had best be done with him........ be quiet.... THE DOG You're wrong. after the monstrous injustice which we have suffered.... THE DOG (_growling_) On the contrary.. on the contrary!... my little god? TYLTYL Lie down flat!. Leave it to me.. THE IVY (_timorously going up to the_ DOG) Won't he bite?.... to my big root. It has lasted too long!.. At once!... after the harm which he has done us...... THE OAK Fasten him tight down there behind my trunk........ He can't utter a word. I will settle it all. while the_ IVY _binds him_) Ball of twine I..... Crush him!. Hold your tongue.. or.you chain him up.... Take care..... This is the first time that it is given to us to judge Man and make him feel our power. THE IVY (_who has tied up the_ DOG _like a parcel_) Where shall we put him?. there can remain the least doubt as to the sentence that awaits him.. The injustice has been too great!.... please?... It's your own fault. Calves' leash!..

... .... I will take charge of that. the quickest and the safest..... which form of execution will be the most practical.. We must now decide............. but they are not real trees. THE OX I also. let him hand it over........... I have all the grass to browse in the field which you can see down there in the blue light of the moon. I seem to recognise the honeyed accents of the Lime-tree.. THE IVY And I the slip-knot.. THE FIR-TREE Yes.. THE BULL (_coming forward_) The most practical and the surest way is a good butt with the horns in the pit of the stomach. as among the Animals?.... THE CYPRESS And I a perpetual grant of a tomb. I am getting tired of this. it's he..... THE BEECH I can offer my highest branch to hang them on.. in order to avoid reprisals. Hitherto we have only had to deplore the disloyalty of the Fruit-trees... THE CAT It's the Bull... I have quite enough to do... come. THE OAK Who speaks?. Shall I go at him?...... He has got the Blue Bird..........THE OAK This unanimity was inevitable.. What is he driving at?.. We could quite simply prevent them from doing any harm by keeping them prisoners in an enclosure which I will undertake to form by planting myself all around. They are very young. THE OAK Who speaks?.... the easiest. Is it really necessary to go to such extremities?.. THE WILLOW The simplest way would be to drown them in one of my rivers.. I won't meddle with it.... which will leave the fewest accusing traces when Man finds the little bodies in the forest... TYLTYL What is all this about?.. THE FIR-TREE And I the four planks for their little coffin.... I agree to everything beforehand.. However.. THE COW It would be better to keep quiet. THE OAK So there is a renegade among us. THE LIME-TREE (_in a conciliatory tone_) Come..

I shall have. THE OAK (_bursting out with indignation_) You are afraid of Man!... brother. you.. And. if not the privilege of burying them. I am too old!. THE BEECH You know I am worm-eaten and my club is no longer to be relied upon........ who have witnessed the birth of most of these glory... crippled..... Are you serious?. trembling. THE POPLAR Me?... No. I don't know what's the matter with me.. I am ready... Alas. Even those unprotected and unarmed little children inspire you with the mysterious terror which has always made us the slaves that we are!.. the Fir-tree.. speaking?........ next to ourselves.... A mole twisted my great toe last night. THE ELM I should be only too pleased... But as I shall. THE FIR-TREE That honour falls to you.. Just look at my leaves. against the hereditary enemy!..... I am shivering with fever.THE PIG (_rolling his small eyes gluttonously_) I think we should first eat the little girl... She ought to be very tender.. Why.. in default of myself..) . in any case.. of the noble act of our THE FIR-TREE I thank you. (_Groping with his stick.. I must have caught cold at sunrise this morning..... blind as I am. Ask the Poplar.. our tops the greatest danger that has threatened us since the birth of Man... to you. who shall ward off from.. he moves towards_ TYLTYL. Just wait a bit. at least the advantage of weeping over their tomb... THE OAK Silence!. trees.. to you be the deliverance. THE CAT I don't know what is the matter with them. THE CYPRESS As for me. Where is he?.. but I can hardly stand upright. It would be an unlawful plurality of offices. ever to you. I shall go forth alone..... Enough of this! Things being as they are and the opportunity unequalled.. and I think that. THE OAK Is that the Fir-tree infirm and my numbed green. like my brother..... What we have to decide is which of us shall have the honour of striking the first blow... I should be afraid of arousing the just jealousy of my colleagues... have the honour of burying the two victims.. But the Elm and the Cypress have powerful weapons. our king and our patriarch. I am blind and arms no longer obey me. old. besides. TYLTYL What's he saying?.. my wood is more tender than the flesh of a child!....... venerable father. But... but things are beginning to look badly... ever upright.... the oldest and the worthiest and the one that owns the best club is the Beech.

.......... It's the wild animals' business. _who faces him and raises his knife. That's against the rules!. ...... my aunt..... your last hour has come... wait. (_He moves ostentatiously towards_ TYLTYL. so be it!.. Wait and see!.. THE OX _and_ THE COW (_holding him back by the tail_) What are you doing?. He's defending himself!. THE HORSE (_haughtily pawing the ground_) You shall see what you shall see!. It's a bad business!..... THE PIG You can say your prayers. when you're down.. THE SHEEP Nothing at all. that old one.. my two sisters.... they step in between and hold back the_ OAK) The knife!. But don't hide the little girl. TYLTYL What have I done to you?. (_Flinging down his_ _stick_) Well.. That's not fair!. It's my business!.. _who is uttering piercing screams_) Don't be afraid!...... I'm going to eat her first.. THE BULL No. THE ASS Why.... TYLTYL So you've made up your minds..TYLTYL (_taking his knife from his pocket_) Is it me he's after.. Don't be a fool!. THE BULL That's right!... _seized with panic. Let the Animals deliver us!.... I'll see to It!... And with one blow of the horns!. THE OAK (_struggling_) Let me be!. Wait. with his big stick?.) Ah.... Do let be.. you've taken long enough to see it!. my little man.. Eaten my little brother. Stand behind me. What! You all want to... Suddenly the_ HORSE. What! Are you all here?.. THE ASS And I hoofs!. of course.... It is we who will pay for it..... The knife or the axe!.. I have my knife. you shall see that I have teeth also......... my grandpapa and my grandmamma.. ALL THE TREES (_uttering a cry of alarm at the sight of the knife.. it's me you're going for?... Would you rather that I tore you with my teeth or knocked you down with a kick?.. Who's holding me back?... What does it matter?... no!..... I want to feast my eyes on her. The knife!...... TYLTYL (_to_ MYTYL. THE COCK He has plenty of pluck... turns and rushes away_....... no!... Look here... Take care!. hold me back or there will be an accident!.. my three uncles. Shame upon us!. my little man.. It will end badly.... the little chap!.

.... Now then. who utters yells of distress. it's warm work!....... The Fir-tree's making tracks!... Seeing him half overturned.THE COCK (_unable to hide his admiration_) I don't care. I can't hold out!.. the little chap's full of grit!.. Tylô! Tylô! Tylô!. _whom he defends furiously_. Tylô!... This time...... I have sprained my paw. TYLTYL (_warding of the blows and defending himself as best he can_) Help!.. (_Dragging his broken bonds after him...... I will support you from the rear... holding aloof_) I can't come.... all the_ ANIMALS _and_ TREES _come up and try to hit him_. We will throw them down and share the little girl when she is on the ground... THE CAT (_hypocritically. there's one for you... TYLTYL (_overcome_) I'm done for!. There are too many of them!...) THE DOG (_distributing great bites_) Here! Here. _flings himself before_ TYLTYL. that's for the Pig and that's for the Horse and that's for the Bull's tail!. His father drowned your seven puppies!.. (_He goes round_ TYLTYL. elbowing his way through_ TREES _and_ ANIMALS.. they're charging down upon us..... TYLTYL They're coming back.... Come! Come!.... THE DOG .. That's the Willow!. Tylô! Tylô!. TYLTYL _calls distractedly for assistance_.. Our brother!. THE DOG Wait till I give him one for himself!. the_ DOG _leaps from behind the trunk of the_ OAK _and. Tylô! Tylô!. I know how to use my teeth!.. all together!. He's broken my paw!.. it's the Wolf!. THE WOLF Fool!. The Cypress has caught me a great blow on the head........ I am going to make a turning movement. Whew.....) Help! Help!.. Tylette! Tylette!. THE DOG Ow!... The Bear! The Pig! The Donkey! The Ass! The Fir-tree! The Beech!.. There. THE PIG (_to the_ BEAR _and the_ WOLF) Let us all rush on them together.. Don't be afraid! Have at them!... Bear. I've torn the Beech's trousers and the Oak's petticoat!.... in your fat hams!... _whom he attacks from behind and half overthrows_.. THE WOLF Divert their attention in front. Here. who wants some more?. my little god!...... Here..... (_He raises himself on one knee brandishing his knife and doing his best to cover his little sister..) TYLTYL You brute!. Where is the Cat?...

. Turn the diamond!. LIGHT What is it?. Kiss me!.. Idiot!......... TYLTYL I'm done for.. my hand's bleeding... the souls of all the_ TREES _rush back into the trunks.. _Enter_ LIGHT. Simpleton!. Immediately.... my little king!.. Saved.. Let me kiss you.....Quite right!. Never! Never!. which close again.. _As she comes forward..... LIGHT No.... TYLTYL Light!... Beware of the Bull!. TYLTYL (_dropping to the ground_) No... I alone against all of you!. This time.. Felon!.... They will return into silence and obscurity.... There.... The Forest becomes harmless once more_.... THE DOG (_listening_) They are coming!. TYLTYL Where?...... Traitor!... Look... It's Light!. Tylô!. they are always like that. Come over to us!. THE DOG (_drunk with ardour and devotion_) Never! Never!.... And a good thing too!. Leave him!... to the greatest!. it's serious!. Judas!. Look!.. That was a blow from the Elm.. I can hold out no longer!. THE DOG There! There!...... (_To_ TYLTYL) Take care. I scent them!. TYLTYL _looks around him in amazement_. and a peaceful_ COW _and_ SHEEP... but we do not know it because we do not see it... are seen browsing in the distance. We must stand firm!. my poor boy... (TYLTYL _turns the diamond.... Hurry!. That's a kick. here's the Bear!. The souls of the_ ANIMALS _also disappear........... Yes. though.. Ah!...... But. They're retreating!... Keep behind me.... it is dangerous to wake them when I am not ....... ALL THE TREES AND ANIMALS Renegade!.. What has happened?. The Ass has broken two of my teeth...... Who?. That's the Wolf or the Pig. which becomes light_. They have rebelled!... That will do you good..... Come quick!. What was the matter with them?.. It was because they looked like you!. I told you so before. They are all against us!.. He's a dead man!......... Light!. a good lick. We are saved!.. _etc. Were they mad?..... Here they are coming back!. They're afraid!... They dare not come again. didn't you know?... THE DOG Wait.. Ow!....) TYLTYL Where are they?.... to the best.... I'll jump at his throat. I hear them.. True to the gods. and you will no longer perceive their hidden feelings. my little god. She has found us!... the dawn rises over the forest. They're alarmed!...

--_Before the Curtain_. while attacking that horrid Pig. he's insulting me..... It will keep!...... (_They all go out_. to_ MYTYL) Mummy dear... And then the Oak gave me a great blow which struck me senseless.... As for Mytyl. TYLTYL Nothing serious.. THE CAT (_plaintively. who wanted to eat you..... you ugly beast?..... It won't show to-morrow.. LIGHT You see that Man is all alone against all in this world.. THE DOG It is not worth speaking of...... my little god?. Your mouth is all over blood and your paw is broken!. MYTYL (_to the_ DOG) Leave him alone.. THE DOG Are you very badly hurt.. _between his teeth_) As for you. _The curtain represents beautiful clouds_ .... He wants to hurt me.) CURTAIN ACT IV SCENE 1...... I want a word with you presently.. I did not see you........ And the Oak broke my paw.... MYTYL (_stroking the_ CAT) My poor Tylette.there.. they have not touched her.. But you. You can't see the marks.. Where were you?. did he really?. my dear Tylô?.. I was wounded at the first. but it's very painful. but for the Dog and if I had not had my knife!.. limping_) I should think so!. I would never have believed that they were so wicked!. THE DOG I should like to know which one.. THE CAT (_hypocritically_) Mummy dear. THE CAT (_appearing from behind a thicket. will you... TYLTYL (_wiping his knife_) Well. The Ox caught me a blow with his horns in the stomach.. THE DOG (_to the_ CAT............ But it was a tough fight!.

I should like to see some at last!.. and Fire.. all men's Happinesses are gathered together in the charge of Fate.... FIRE I'm going!. he can do as he likes. _the_ DOG. LIGHT Hold your tongues! Who asked your opinions?. We are at the entrance to the enchanted palaces where all men's Joys. But the idea came to me.. This is what I have decided: the Dog. like a ray from the sky. SUGAR... this morning only... BREAD I have an idea! If they are dangerous and treacherous.. which communicates with the Garden of Happiness and is separated from it only by a sort of vapour or fine veil.. lifted at every moment by the winds that blow from the heights of Justice or from the depths of Eternity..... some are coarse and some are delicate. BREAD Do they have any eating as well? WATER (_moaning_) I have never known the smallest Happiness!.) LIGHT I believe we have the Blue Bird this time... Light? Aren't you coming? . so that we may lend a hand to the children should they be obliged to fly?. BREAD..... Bread and Sugar shall go with the children. WATER _and_ MILK. THE DOG Not at all! Not at all! I mean to go everywhere with my little gods! Let those who are afraid remain at the door! We have no need (_looking at_ BREAD) of cowards (_looking at the_ CAT) or traitors!... But the ugliest were expelled from the garden some time ago and took refuge with the Miseries. the Joys are very good. because he is so impressionable. What we have now to do is to organise ourselves and take certain precautions. TYLTYL And you. TYLTYL Are there many of them? Shall we have any? Are they little? LIGHT Some are little and some are great.. LIGHT.. would it not be better for us all to wait at the door.. Water shall stay outside. when I recovered my strengthen the dawn. but. who live next door to the Joys. some are very beautiful and others not so pleasant to look upon. there are some of them that are more dangerous and treacherous than the greatest Miseries.. I ought to have thought of it before.. because she is too cold. As for the Cat. FIRE.... THE CAT I shall take the opportunity of calling on the chief Miseries of my acquaintance. I strongly urge Milk to remain at the door. still.. I hear it's great fun!. because he is too turbulent. Generally. MYTYL. For we must not forget that the Miseries inhabit an adjoining cave...(_Enter_ TYLTYL. They dance all the time. _the_ CAT.

the overturned jars and ewers. Vulgar. MYTYL What beautiful cakes they have!. MYTYL. BREAD _and_ SUGAR _are a little awestruck at first end crowd round_ LIGHT _in the foreground. the stage represents. with garlands. for there are many Happinesses that are afraid and are not happy. The_ CAT. They are not ill-natured. covered with velvet and brocade. like this.. the biggest luxuries of the Earth sit eating. incredibly fat and red in the face. The architecture suggests the most sensual and sumptuous moments of the Venetian or Flemish Renascence. gold and silver plate and fabulous viands.. (_The curtain opens and discloses the next Scene_) SCENE 2. glass. That is why you must not turn the diamond yet. _When the curtain of clouds opens. vases. For form's sake. between which hang heavy purple draperies. gildings. the miraculous fruits. But I have here the thick veil with which I cover myself when I visit happy people. though not very likely. to the right. drinking..LIGHT I cannot go into the Joys like this: most of them cannot endure me. the ones that can be seen with the naked eye. shouting. that the Blue Bird may have strayed among them for a moment. It is possible. THE DOG And such game! And sausages! And legs of lamb and calves' liver!. Around the table. Beautiful female slaves incessantly bring decorated dishes and foaming beverages.. in the forefront of the palace. (_She unfolds a long veil and wraps herself in it carefully_. The stage is bathed in a red and heavy light_.--_The Palace of Happiness_.) TYLTYL Who are those fat gentlemen enjoying themselves and eating such a lot of good things? LIGHT They are the biggest Luxuries of the Earth. laden with candlesticks. a sort of hall formed of tall marble columns... fringes. singing.) Not a ray of my you! must startle them... _without a word. blatantly hilarious music. in which the brasses predominate.. supported by golden ropes and concealing all the background. (TYLTYL. lavishly distributed on every side. lifts a dark curtain and disappears_. also to the right. In the middle stands a massive and marvellous table of jasper and silver-gilt. we will begin by searching this part of the hall.. crowned with gold and pearls and precious stones. They are enormously. although they are vulgar and usually rather ill-bred. _the_ DOG. horns of plenty. There . statues. walks to the background.. TYLTYL Can we go up to them? LIGHT Certainly.. tossing and lolling about or sleeping among the haunches of venison. There. even the ugliest and coarsest of them will have nothing to fear. as seen in the pictures of Veronese or Rubens.....

Allow me. (_The_ LUXURY OF SATISFIED VANITY _gives a patronising nod_. in the name of my brothers. I beg your pardon. Who are you?.... Do not accept. TYLTYL (_surprised_) Why. I believe they have seen us. do you know me?. surpass in grandeur and magnificence all that exists in this hall..... (_They bow. I beg a thousand pardons... here is Fat Laughter: his mouth is split from ear to ear and he is irresistible.. who is as blind as a bat.. THE LUXURY I am the biggest of the Luxuries.. to beg you and your family to honour our endless repast with your presence... and I come. do not accept anything. Refuse politely.is nothing nicer or lovelier in the world than liver!. if I may say so. I would not like to hurt anybody's feelings. the Luxury of Being a Landowner.. Here is my son-in-law.. (_A dozen of the biggest_ LUXURIES _have risen from table and now. big Luxuries of this Earth. which form the glory of that table and which. allow me.. who is as deaf as a post. the Luxury of Being Rich. How lovely they are! How lovely they are!. lest you should forget your mission. who has a stomach shaped like a pear. or perhaps anywhere else?.. Lastly. so well iced with sugar. THE BIGGEST OF THE LUXURIES (_holding out his hand to_ TYLTYL) How do you do.) These are the Luxury of Drinking when you are not Thirsty and the Luxury of Eating when you are not Hungry: they are twins and their legs are made of macaroni.... who has such a nice... advance laboriously towards the_ CHILDREN.) . SUGAR I beg your pardon. And they are shouting! And laughing! And singing!.. holding their stomachs in their hands.. puffy face. TYLTYL What? Not even a tiny cake? They look so good.. so fresh. they are very affable.. and the Luxury of Understanding Nothing.) Here are the Luxury of Knowing Nothing.. but are you not forgetting the sweetmeats. You will find yourself surrounded by all that is best among the real. (FAT LAUGHTER _bows. TYLTYL How pleased and happy they look!.. This is the Luxury of Satisfied Vanity. Here are the Luxury of Doing Nothing and the Luxury of Sleeping more than Necessary: their hands are made of bread-crumb and their eyes of peach-jelly.. They will probably invite you to dinner. but firmly. staggering_. BREAD Except quartern-loaves made of fine white flour! They have splendid ones!..... Allow me to introduce to you the chief of them.. writhing and holding his sides_..) LIGHT Have no fear. A man should know how to sacrifice something to the duty he is performing.. Tyltyl?.. covered with candied fruits and brimming over with cream!.. LIGHT They are dangerous and would break your will...

They are sitting at the table!. I can't come for the moment.. What are you doing there. TYLTYL Tylô!.. But don't trouble. TYLTYL Is it amusing? THE LUXURY Why.. We are in a great hurry... or this will have a bad end!.) TYLTYL Why. LIGHT Do you think so?. (_During the whole of the preceding conversation a crowd of_ LUXURIES _of the second order have been busying themselves with the_ DOG. Luxury... TYLTYL No. Mr.... (_Offering his arm to the two children_) Allow me to lead you to the two seats of honour... You shall share our life.... where he is hiding? THE LUXURY The Blue Bird?. Yes.. I believe....... At any rate. It's most engrossing.. that is not good to eat. TYLTYL What do you do? THE LUXURY Why........ to_ TYLTYL) Who is that ill-bred young person?.. SUGAR _and_ BREAD _and have dragged them to the orgie_. And you too.. I suppose... That means that we have a poor opinion of him... TYLTYL _suddenly sees them seated fraternally at the table with their hosts.. LIGHT Call them back.. eating.. It is the twelfth time since this morning... He is a bird.. who dares not come up to us and who is turning his back?....... I am so sorry. Do you hear all the revellers calling and shouting for you?.. drinking and flinging themselves about wildly_. look. We are only waiting for you.. We never have a moment's rest. Come here at once.... Some one was telling me about him the other day... we are looking for the Blue Bird. without permission? .. we have to sleep.. It needs must be.. who told you to leave me?. we occupy ourselves incessantly in doing nothing. we have much better things.. we have to eat.. it's all there is on this Earth. Light!....... Wait a bit. THE LUXURY OF BEING RICH Do not ask about him: he is a little awkward and is not fit to be introduced to children... _aside... there are so many of them.. you shall see all that we do. I remember. (_Seizing_ TYLTYL'S _hands_) But come along! They are beginning the banquet all over again. I cannot introduce you to all of them. Sugar and Bread. THE LUXURY (_pointing to_ LIGHT. Here.TYLTYL (_pointing to a_ LUXURY _who is standing a little on one side_) And who is that one. We have to drink.. yes.... will you? Do you hear?.. thank you very much... Tylô!..... he has never figured on our table.. You don't happen to know..

in an angle on the right. the velvets. We won't hear of a refusal.) TYLTYL (_watching the_ LUXURIES _flying_) Goodness.. THE LUXURY You see!.. help me!... to hide themselves in corners which they hope to find dark. As for the_ DOG. closes the vault of the Cave of Miseries. The heavy ornaments in the foreground. a sort of cathedral of gladness and serenity.. exchange glances... while_ FAT LAUGHTER _seizes_ LIGHT _vigorously round the waist_. notably the "Presentation of the Virgin" in the Uffizi Gallery. we could not possibly leave such charming hosts so abruptly: they would be offended. whose endless fabric rests upon innumerous long and slender. we are waiting for you. And you. they begin to utter yells of shame and dismay. Let us push them to the table by force.. how ugly they are!.. The table of the orgie melts away without leaving a trace... limpid and blissful columns. LIGHT .. trying to flee.) LIGHT Turn the diamond. amid which those of_ FAT LAUGHTER _are clearly distinguishable above all the rest. the garlands of the_ LUXURIES _rise before the luminous gust that invades the temple tear asunder and fall.BREAD (_speaking with his mouth full_) Can't you keep a civil tongue in your mouth?. naked.. suggesting the architecture of the Palladian churches or certain drawings by Carpaccio.. But there is not a shadow left in the dazzling room. BREAD _and_ SUGAR. And so the majority.. Forthwith. raises a skirt of the curtain.. together with the grinning masks. _they hang their heads. (_All the_ LUXURIES. you Luxuries. that is to say. Tylô?. I'm at home to nobody and I hear nothing. come here.. seeing themselves at last as they really are. the stage is lit up with an ineffably pure... hideous. harmonious and ethereal brightness. the thick red hangings become unfastened and disappear. Come... so that they may be happy in spite of themselves!... on your knees. like burst bladders. They are setting you an example. The_ LUXURY OF UNDERSTANDING NOTHING _alone remains perfectly calm. (TYLTYL _obeys_ LIGHT'S _order. decide to pass through the threatening curtain which.. what's come over you?.. at the feet of the astounded revellers. Come. revealing an immense and magnificent hall. the brocades. Each time that one of them.. And look sharp!. in their despair. while his friends rush about madly. drag the_ CHILDREN.. TYLTYL What? Is Bread daring to be impertinent?. on your knees!.. blink their eyes in the unknown rays that hurt them... innocent and almost transparent. flabby and lamentable. Why. and..... it is time!. _who struggle. SUGAR (_honey-mouthed_) Pardon us.. divinely roseate. imprecations and maledictions is heard to issue from the hollow depths of the cave.. We shall have to resort to a gentle violence. Where are they going?. THE DOG (_muttering... from the end of the table_) When I'm eating. join the group of the_ CHILDREN _and hide behind them very sheepishly_. Is that the way you obey? Now then. These become visibly deflated. tall. in his panic. a storm of oaths. _uttering cries of joy and skipping about as nimbly as they are able.....

as the influence of the diamond spreads through the halls. Hullo! It looks as though people were coming to talk to us... I know them all. Where do they come from.... LIGHT You will see plenty of others.. I often come to them....I really believe that they have lost their heads. and we shall perceive the soul of the Joys that endure the brightness of the diamond.. amber-dew.. how very pretty they are!.. (_A troop of little_ HAPPINESSES.... without their knowing who I am.. where I very much fear that they will be kept for good. They are crowding from every side! LIGHT There were many more of them once.... TYLTYL Do you know them?... (_The halls begin to fill with angel forms that seem to be emerging from a long slumber and glide harmoniously between the columns.) LIGHT Here come some amiable and curious Joys who will direct us. etc_. wonder-struck_) Oh.... .. blue-of-dawn.. LIGHT We have not moved: it is your eyes that see differently. We now behold the truth of things. TYLTYL No matter.. TYLTYL (_looking around him... rose-awakening. of soft and subtle shades. The Luxuries have done them great harm.. but the generality of men do not discover them.. who are they?. what a beautiful hall!... TYLTYL How beautiful it is!. what a lot of them there are!. water's-smile. there are a good few of them left.. We have no time to make the acquaintance of all the rest. There are many more Happinesses on Earth than people think. LIGHT It is unnecessary: those which interest us will pass this way... It is just like midsummer. TYLTYL Here are some little ones: let us run and meet them. They are going to take refuge with the Miseries.... They are clad in shimmering dresses.. Where are we?... _frisking and bursting with laughter.... LIGHT Yes. And what lovely weather!.) TYLTYL How pretty.. TYLTYL Oh.. what a beautiful hall... run up from the back of the halls and dance round the_ CHILDREN _in a ring_....

.. LIGHT Why... but they do not talk yet. rush into the hall. (_To the_ HAPPINESS) Who are you?. TYLTYL Another one who knows me!.. They sing... there are many more poor than rich.... I don't remember seeing any of you. look at that fat one laughing!. dance a merry fling around the_ CHILDREN. what pretty frocks they have!. (_All the other_ HAPPINESSES _burst out laughing_) Why. "There they are! There they are! They see us! They see us!" and... I don't know. He has never seen us!. no. we have no time.. THE HAPPINESS There.... they laugh. here... (_To_ LIGHT) I am getting known wherever I go!. (_Another troop of_ HAPPINESSES. TYLTYL (_unable to restrain himself_) I should like to dance with them. I'll wager that you don't recognise any one here! TYLTYL (_a little embarrassed_) Why... Besides. my dear Tyltyl.... _at the end of which the one who appears to be the chief of the little band goes up to_ TYLTYL _with hand outstretched_. What pretty cheeks they have. do you hear?........ I see that they have not the Blue Bird..... Tyltyl?.. THE HAPPINESS Don't you recognise me?. _a little taller than the last.. TYLTYL Where are the poor ones?. we are the only things you do know!.. We are always around you!... they dance. singing at the top of their voice.. TYLTYL Can one speak to them? LIGHT It would be no use... wake up.. for childhood is very short. LIGHT It is absolutely impossible... no. TYLTYL (_skipping about_) How do you do? How do you do?..... they are in a hurry: you see..... They too have no time to waste. breathe and live with you!.. LIGHT You can't distinguish them....) THE HAPPINESS How do you do.. Are they all rich here?. We eat. . as everywhere.... they have already passed.LIGHT They are the Children's Happinesses.. A Child's Happiness is always arrayed in all that is most beautiful in Heaven and upon Earth.. drink.. I was sure of it!.. Oh.

. Let me introduce myself first: the Happiness of Being Well.. Meantime..... and I must first send word to the Great Joys. in future. is dressed in blue..... THE HAPPINESS I can see that you know nothing.. TYLTYL Where Is he?.. This is the Happiness of Pure Air.... you will know how to encourage them with a smile.. of course.. who is almost transparent.. we sing... and all these are the other Happinesses that live there. who opens his beautiful purple mantle to frozen hands. when you reach home again. who is covered with pearls. we create enough joy to knock down the walls and lift the roof. you will recognise them more easily and.. you will be a little more sensible. for they really do all they can to make your life easy and delightful. _who comes forward capering_) Off you go!. when evening comes.. just so. in every house. because no one ever looks at him. here are the Happiness of the Rain. who is the nimblest of us. and he is the brightest of as all...... it is Sunday every day. Here.. who is diamond-coloured. We should never have done. is the good Happiness of Sunny Hours... Then. Why. Here is the Happiness of Loving one's Parents. and who have not yet heard of your arrival. Here are the Happiness of the Blue Sky.... TYLTYL Then there are Happinesses in my home? (_All the_ HAPPINESSES _burst out laughing_.. and this is the Happiness of Spring.. to thank them with a pleasant word.... It is just possible that the chief Happiness of your home knows where he is. (_To the_ HAPPINESS OF RUNNING BAREFOOT IN THE DEW.. who is grander than all the kings in the world and who is followed by the Happiness of Seeing the Stars Rise... you little wretch.....TYLTYL Oh.. who are right at the back... yes. But really there are too many of them!. I will send the Happiness of Running Barefoot in the Dew. but... Are there Happinesses in his home!.. TYLTYL And are you as fine as that every day? THE HAPPINESS OF BEING WELL Why.. But I should like to know what your names are...... you might enquire about the Blue Bird. And then here are. and the Happiness of the Forest. is clad in green: you will see him every time you go to the window. because he is nearly a brother of the great limpid Joys whom you will see presently: his name is the Happiness of Innocent Thoughts.... again. when the weather breaks. who. Will you know me again?. Then. ... do what we may.. also of course... but I am the most important. I am the chief of the Happinesses of your home.) THE HAPPINESS You heard him!. near the gates of Heaven. We laugh. and the Happiness of the Winter Fire. yes. who is clad in grey and always a little sad... you shall shake hands with the more noteworthy of us.. you see nothing and you hear nothing. at the end of a fine day. when people open their eyes.. LIGHT (_to_ TYLTYL) In the meantime.. I know. I am not the prettiest.. who. it is crammed with Happinesses in every nook and cranny!. who is gilded like a god of old. And then. at your service. I remember.... here is the Happiness of the Sunsets. And I have not mentioned the best among us. who is bright emerald... I hope that..

far away. first of all.... come slowly forward_.. He went to the Miseries with the Big Luxuries. TYLTYL Do you know their names?. (_All the_ HAPPINESSES OF THE HOME _burst out laughing_.) TYLTYL How beautiful they are!... Here. (_Tall and beautiful angelic figures.) THE HAPPINESS Come. But do not speak of it to his sister. and it is very difficult to keep her from going to the Miseries... LIGHT It is not when one laughs that one is really happy.. is the Great Joy of Being Just. clad in shimmering dresses. There's nothing to laugh at. next to the Joy of Thinking. I am too young: I have never seen her smile yet. among the greatest Joys. I do not know... who is the happiest. THE HAPPINESS Of course. She would want to go and look for him and we should lose one of our most beautiful Joys. before the others.... Behind her is the Joy of Being Good. He doesn't know: well...... Are they not happy?....) TYLTYL (_vexed_) No. Why are they not laughing?..... TYLTYL Who are they?..... we often play with them. On the right is the Joy of Fame.. but the saddest. THE HAPPINESS I was certain of it. He has turned out badly.. TYLTYL But I have seen her brother!... what do you expect? He is no more absurd than the majority of men... for. who is always looking for her brother... is the Joy of Seeing what is Beautiful... who daily adds a few rays to the light that reigns amongst us. Here.THE HAPPINESS He doesn't know where the Blue Bird is!. far away.... whom she would like to console. (_Fresh bursts of laughter_. who smiles each time an injustice is repaired. TYLTYL And there.. if she left us. the Luxury of Understanding Nothing...... . don't be angry.... the one whom I can hardly see when I stand as high as I can on tip-toe?.. in the golden clouds. THE HAPPINESS They are the Great Joys...... and let us be serious.. But little Happiness of Running Barefoot in the Dew has told the Great Joys and they are coming towards us. we should be almost as miserable as the Miseries themselves.. keeping evil company has corrupted him entirely. After her comes the Joy of Understanding.

. Why.. You are like Mummy. and here are you two climbing to that Heaven where the souls of all mothers beam with joy!.. TYLTYL And over there.. silver or pearls?. yes. But take a better look at her.. Why are they standing aside?. What.THE HAPPINESS That is the Great Joy of Loving. I was very lonely at home.. Mytyl?. you are ever so much too small to see her altogether......) THE JOY OF MATERNAL LOVE Tyltyl! And Mytyl!. aren't you laughing?... heaps and heaps of kisses!..... Each kiss you give me adds a ray of moon-light or sunshine to it. perhaps the purest that we have here... my arms?. TYLTYL Who is it? THE HAPPINESS Don't you recognise her yet?..... of course. but I did not know. Where used you to hide it?.... TYLTYL (_wonder-struck.. it is made of kisses and caresses and loving looks....... acclaim the_ JOY OF MATERNAL LOVE _with their cheers and then fall back before her in silence_. She runs up to you. Tyltyl. TYLTYL How funny....... right at the back. MATERNAL LOVE Why. ... I have stopped growing old. my lips.. holding out her arms!. Nor you either. the two of you... Into my arms.... do what you will.... She has seen you. TYLTYL What do the others want with us?. that does not show.... but here everything is seen and it is the truth. I never expected it!. Each of your smiles makes me younger by a year. it is the peerless Joy of Maternal Love!. Don't you know your mother's love when you see it?.. Is it silk. But.... I recognise them.. I should never have thought that you were so rich!......... Was it in the cupboard of which Daddy has the key?. but you are much prettier. It is your mother's Joy. she has seen you!. _who have run up from every side. gazing at her and kissing her by turns_) And that beautiful dress of yours: what is it made of?. those who are veiled and who do not come near?.. (_The other_ JOYS. there is nothing on earth that gives greater happiness!... TYLTYL Yes.. do I find you here?... And every day brings me fresh strength and youth and happiness..... open your two eyes down to the very heart of your soul!. But first kisses. THE HAPPINESS It is before a new Joy who is arriving...... THE HAPPINESS Those are the Joys whom men do not yet know.. look at me: are these not my eyes. MATERNAL LOVE No. At home.

. it's true.. Now that you have seen me.. And. And they are really your eyes. All mothers are rich when they love their children... your eyes are filled with stars... but you speak much better than you do at home. discreetly.MATERNAL LOVE No.... TYLTYL Light.. As you are here... because people see nothing when their eyes are closed. TYLTYL I don't want to go back..... TYLTYL (_looking at her with astonishment_) Why... Every child has only one.... but you have to know her and to know how to look. when they seem most sad. But why does she hide herself?... yes. But what one does not say one hears all the same. Their love is always the most beautiful of the Joys. once and for all. TYLTYL . Mummy: you have the same voice also. I want to stay also. how to see me when you see me down below..... I always wear it.. TYLTYL (_pointing to_ LIGHT. no old ones.. MATERNAL LOVE But it's just the same thing: I am down below. Doesn't it do any work like the one at home?.... MATERNAL LOVE Who is she?.. But how did you manage to come up here and to find a road for which men have been seeking ever since they began to dwell upon the Earth?. in my torn dress... And this is your hand too.. But it is much whiter. with the little ring on it.. it is the very same: did you never see that it becomes quite white and fills with light the moment it fondles you?.... You have come up here only to realise and to learn... it needs but a kiss which they receive or give to turn all their tears into stars in the depths of their eyes. You believe yourself in Heaven.... MATERNAL LOVE I have never seen her. but Heaven is wherever you and I kiss each other......... _who. no ugly ones. Do you understand.. when you go back to the cottage tomorrow?.. It even has the burn which you gave it one evening when lighting the lamp... There seems to be light flowing through it. Tyltyl dear?.. Does she never show her face?.... MATERNAL LOVE Why yes. I was told that she was very fond of you both and very kind. MATERNAL LOVE At home. no. There are not two mothers. will you know me again. and you have no other. only they are much more beautiful.. but people do not see it. one has too much to do and there is no time........ There are no poor mothers... TYLTYL It's wonderful. has drawn a little to one side_) She brought me.... and how delicate the skin is!. and it is always the same one and always the most beautiful.... as long as you remain. we are all down below..........

.. dear. THE JOY OF UNDERSTANDING Come. who have besought you so long. LIGHT Hush.... I am obeying my Master. I am the Joy of Being Just.) TYLTYL (_surprised_) Why are you crying?.. when they separate and raise their heads. You are our queen and our reward. and.... Do you Understanding. tears are seen to stand in their eyes_. THE JOY OF BEING JUST (_embracing_ LIGHT _in her turn_) Do you recognise me?... like sisters lost and found.. LIGHT I shall always be good to those who love one another... with cries of "Light is here!..... Farewell. I am the Joy of Seeing what is Beautiful. the others aside.. MATERNAL LOVE (_embracing_ LIGHT) You have been very good to my poor little ones.. come. all my sisters are kneeling at your feet.... but we cannot see beyond our shadows.. _who draw nearer..... rise and let us kiss once more.....") THE JOY OF UNDERSTANDING (_thrusting all embrace_ LIGHT) You are Light and we did not know it!.... See. We are very happy. (_They exchange a long kiss. come. we are pure enough.. while waiting for the day that will soon appear. it will strike. But why have all of you tears in your eyes?... CURTAIN . MATERNAL LOVE But doesn't she know that we are waiting only for her! (_Calling the other_ GREAT JOYS) Come..... We are very happy... sister.. to come and And we have been waiting for you recognise me?. and I shall return without fear and without shadow..... Put aside those veils which still conceal from us the last truths and the last happinesses... but she is afraid that the Joys might be frightened if they saw too clearly. THE JOY OF UNDERSTANDING (_going up to_ LIGHT) Let the last kiss be laid upon my forehead. (_A stir among the_ GREAT JOYS.. (_Looking at the other_ JOYS) I say! You're crying too!... for years and years and years!... who have been seeking you but we cannot see beyond ourselves. who have loved you so dearly. We are strong enough.. LIGHT (_drawing her veils closer_) Sisters... We are very happy. yes.. but we cannot see beyond our dreams.... I am the Joy of for so long!.. do not keep us waiting any longer.. sisters! Come quickly..Oh.. my beautiful sisters. perhaps.. THE JOY OF SEEING WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL (_also embracing_ LIGHT) Do you recognise me?. The hour is not yet come.... all of you! Light has come to visit us at last!.. Light! Light!_.

LIGHT It is very simple: at midnight.. It appears that one of the dead in the graveyard is hiding it in his tomb. TYLTYL And has the Cat nothing to say?.. that was much more amusing than nowadays ... TYLTYL Will they not be angry?. TYLTYL Where?.. LIGHT.. _Enter_ TYLTYL. . so as not to disturb them too greatly. LIGHT I have received a note from the Fairy Bérylune telling me that the Blue Bird is probably here.. SUGAR. but if you went away... LIGHT Not at all.. They do not like being disturbed. LIGHT (_aside to TYLTYL_) Do not mind them. you will turn the diamond... they will not even know. I should go too. too?... TYLTYL Under review?... I'm not trembling!... in any case.... I am never afraid...... as it is their custom... in the graveyard behind that wall. _the_ DOG... How is that done?.. TYLTYL And why Is Tylô trembling?. Time was when I burnt them all. MILK (_staggering_) I feel I am going to turn. to come out at midnight... WATER _and_ MILK. We shall see them come out of the ground... _the_ CAT. FIRE. FIRE (_frisking about_) I'm not afraid of them!.. Sugar and Milk so pale and why do they say nothing?. We must find out which one it is..... that will not inconvenience them...--_Before the Curtain_.. MYTYL. BREAD. We shall have to pass them under review.. TYLTYL Why are Bread..... but.....ACT V SCENE I... I am used to burning them. THE DOG I?.. They are afraid of the dead. Is he afraid. LIGHT Here.... or else we shall see those who do not come out lying in their tombs...

(_To the_ THINGS _and the_ ANIMALS) This way. Some of them would be too frightened and I fear that the others would misbehave. TYLTYL (_to LIGHT_) Are you coming with us?. THE DOG Very well....... it makes no difference..) Those who love me and whom I love always find me again.. wooden crosses..--_The Graveyard_. I shall not be far away.. grassy mounds. MYTYL I say.. very well... I shall stay here I. Numerous tombstones. etc_. in particular. The moon is shining on a country graveyard. TYLTYL Why. I want to stay with my little god!. yes.. no. _It is night. LIGHT No. TYLTYL And may not Tylô stay with us?. and that is no longer done. besides.) SCENE 2.... If they are vicious. there is nothing to fear..... _The_ CHILDREN _remain alone in the middle of the stage.. The curtain. (_She kisses the_ CHILDREN..THE CAT (_mysteriously_) I know what's what. it is better that I should remain at the gate of the graveyard with the Things and the Animals. It will be just as in the forest: Wow! Wow! Wow!.. LIGHT Come. opens and discloses the next scene_. (_he whistles_) and you shall see....... TYLTYL (_not too much at his ease_) I am never frightened..... good-bye.. The Fairy gave formal orders. are the dead wicked?...... .... all of you... LIGHT It is impossible. MYTYL I am frightened!.. as of old. would want to burn the dead.. my little god. THE DOG Yes. Fire.. dear children . (_She goes out with the_ THINGS _and the_ ANIMALS. all you have to do Is this ... TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _are standing by a short stone pillar_.... I shall stay.... I shall leave you alone with Mytyl.. stone slabs. they're not alive!.

MYTYL Have you ever seen one?... TYLTYL Yes, once, long ago, when I was very young.... MYTYL What was it like, say?... TYLTYL Quite white, very still and very cold and it didn't talk.... MYTYL Are we going to see them, say?... TYLTYL Why, of course, Light said so.... MYTYL Where are they?... TYLTYL Here, under the grass or under those big stones.... MYTYL Are they there all the year round?... TYLTYL Yes. MYTYL (_pointing to the slabs_) Are those the doors of their houses?... TYLTYL Yes. MYTYL Do they go out when it's fine?... TYLTYL They can only go out at night.... MYTYL Why?... TYLTYL Because they are in their shirts.... MYTYL Do they go out also when it rains?... TYLTYL When it rains, they stay at home.... MYTYL Is it nice in their homes, say?... TYLTYL They say it's very cramped.... MYTYL

Have they any little children?... TYLTYL Why, yes; they have all those that die.... MYTYL And what do they live on?... TYLTYL They eat roots.... MYTYL Shall we see them?... TYLTYL Of course; we see everything when I turn the diamond. MYTYL And what will they say?... TYLTYL They will say nothing, as they don't talk.... MYTYL Why don't they talk?... TYLTYL Because they have nothing to say.... MYTYL Why have they nothing to say?... TYLTYL You're a nuisance.... (_A pause_) MYTYL When will you turn the diamond? TYLTYL You heard Light say that I was to wait until midnight, because that disturbs them less.... MYTYL Why does that disturb them less?... TYLTYL Because that is when they go out to take the air.... MYTYL Is it not midnight yet?... TYLTYL Do you see the church clock?... MYTYL Yes, I can even see the small hand.... TYLTYL Well, midnight is just going to strike.... There!... Do you hear?...

(_The clock strikes twelve_) MYTYL I want to go away!... TYLTYL Not now.... I am going to turn the diamond.... MYTYL No, no!... Don't!... I want to go away!... I am so frightened, little brother!... I am terribly frightened!... TYLTYL But there is no danger.... MYTYL I don't want to see the dead!... I don't want to see them!... TYLTYL Very well, you shall not see them; shut your eyes.... MYTYL (_clinging to_ TYLTYL'S _clothes_) Tyltyl, I can't stay!... No, I can't possibly!... They are going to come out of the ground!... TYLTYL Don't tremble like that.... They will only come out for a moment.... MYTYL But you're trembling, too!... They will be awful!... TYLTYL It is time, the hour is passing.... (TYLTYL _turns the diamond. A terrifying minute of silence and motionlessness elapses, after which, slowly, the crosses totter, the mounds open, the slabs rise up...._) MYTYL (_cowering against_ TYLTYL) They are coming out!... They are there!... (_Then, from all the gaping tombs, there rises gradually an efflorescence at first frail and timid, like steam; then white and virginal and more and more tufty, more and more tall and plentiful and marvellous. Little by little, irresistibly, invading all things, it transforms the graveyard into a sort of fairy-like and nuptial garden, over which rise the first rays of the dawn. The dew glitters, the flowers open their blooms, the wind murmurs in the leaves, the bees hum, the birds wake and flood the air with the first raptures of their hymns to the sun and to life. Stunned and dazzled,_ TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL, _holding each other by the hand, take a few steps among the flowers while they seek for the trace of the tombs_.) MYTYL (_looking in the grass_) Where are the dead?.... TYLTYL (_looking also_) There are no dead....

the Cat and Bread?. their instruments.--_The Kingdom of the Future_. since everything here is blue. from the light and the lapis-lazuli flagstones to the shimmering background into which the last arches run and disappear.. the apparatus which they are constructing.... Everywhere. are great opalescent doors.. figures of a sovereign and silent beauty move among the_ CHILDREN _and would seem to be angels.. To the right.) Heaven. which_ TIME _will throw back towards the end of the scene.. the plants.CURTAIN SCENE 3. fairy-like blue. clad in a paler and more diaphanous azure. many are asleep.. . as though by stealth.. LIGHT We are in the Kingdom of the Future.. in the midst of the children who are not yet born. how beautiful it all is!.. at future inventions. they would know the future and would not obey...I have locked them all up in the vaults of the church. Enter on the left. Only the plinths and capitals of the columns.. Figures of a taller stature. As the diamond allows us to see clearly in this region which is hidden from men. and their tools. intense.(_Looking all around him_. _who come running up on every hand. LIGHT Look at the children running up. These doors. is a crowd of_ CHILDREN _robed in long azure garments. that he should know what awaits him in the course of the ages. we shall very probably find the Blue Bird here.. MYTYL Where are Sugar. Their arrival causes a certain movement among the_ BLUE CHILDREN. harmoniously peopling the hall.. where the children wait that are yet to be born. TYLTYL And the Dog?. is of an unreal.. _The immense halls of the Azure Palace. down to the smallest objects.. Everything.. TYLTYL. TYLTYL Where are we?.. a few seats and circular benches are of white marble or alabaster. Some are playing. LIGHT It is not well. between the columns.. gliding between the columns in the foreground_... MYTYL _and_ LIGHT.. Infinite perspectives of sapphire columns supporting turquoise vaults. others talking or dreaming. others strolling to and fro.. flowers and fruit which they are cultivating or plucking are of the same supernatural and luminous blue as the general atmosphere of the Palace. many also are working. TYLTYL Certainly the bird will be blue. form a group around the unwonted visitors and gaze upon them with curiosity_. everything. LIGHT They cannot enter here. between the colonnades. the key-stones. either.. open upon actual life and the quays of the Dawn.

TYLTYL Are they angry?... LIGHT Not at all....You can see, they are smiling, but they are surprised.... THE BLUE CHILDREN (_running up in ever-increasing numbers_) Live children!...Come and look at the little live children!... TYLTYL Why do they call us the little live children? LIGHT Because they themselves are not alive yet.... TYLTYL What are they doing, then?... LIGHT They are awaiting the hour of their birth.... TYLTYL The hour of their birth?... LIGHT Yes; it is from here that all the children come who are born upon our earth. Each awaits his day.... When the fathers and mothers want children, the great doors which you see there, on the right, are opened and the little ones go down.... TYLTYL What a, lot there are! What a lot there are!... LIGHT There are many more.... We do not see them all.... There are thirty thousand halls like this, all full of them.... Just think, there are enough to last to the end of the world!... No one could count them.... TYLTYL And those tall blue persons, who are they?... LIGHT No one exactly knows.... They are believed to be guardians.... I have heard that they will come upon earth after men.... But we are not allowed to ask them.... TYLTYL Why not?... LIGHT Because it is the earth's secret.... TYLTYL And may one talk to the others, the little ones?... LIGHT Certainly; you must make friends.... Look, there is one who is more curious than the rest.... Go up to him, speak to him.... TYLTYL

What shall I say to him?... LIGHT Whatever you like, as you would to a little playfellow.... TYLTYL Can I shake hands with him?... LIGHT Of course, he won't hurt you.... But come, don't look so constrained.... I will leave you alone, you will be more at ease by yourselves.... Besides, I want to speak to the tall blue person.... TYLTYL (_going up to the_ BLUE CHILD _and holding out his hand_) How do you do?... (_Touching the_ CHILD'S _blue dress with his finger_.) What's that?... THE CHILD (_gravely touching_ TYLTYL'S _hat_) And that?... TYLTYL That?... That is my hat.... Have you no hat?... THE CHILD No; what is it for?... TYLTYL It's to say How-do-you-do with.... And then for when it rains or when it's cold.... THE CHILD What does that mean, when it's cold?... TYLTYL When you shiver like this: brrrr! brrrr!... When you blow into your hands and go like this with your arms.... (_He vigorously beats his arms across his chest_.) THE CHILD Is it cold on earth?... TYLTYL Yes, sometimes, in the winter, when there is no fire.... THE CHILD Why is there no fire?... TYLTYL Because it's expensive and it costs money to buy wood.... THE CHILD What is money?... TYLTYL It's what you pay with.... THE CHILD Oh.... TYLTYL

Some people have money and others have none.... THE CHILD Why not?... TYLTYL Because they are not rich.... Are you rich?... How old are you?... THE CHILD I am going to be born soon.... I shall be born in twelve years.... Is it nice to be born?... TYLTYL Oh, yes!... It's great fun!... THE CHILD How did you manage?... TYLTYL I can't remember.... It is so long ago!... THE CHILD They say it's lovely, the earth and the live people!... TYLTYL Yes, it's not bad.... There are birds and cakes and toys.... Some have them all; but those who have none can look at them.... THE CHILD They tell us that the mothers stand waiting at the door.... They are good, aren't they?... TYLTYL Oh, yes!... They are better than anything in the world!... And the grannies too; but they die too soon.... THE CHILD They die?... What is that?... TYLTYL They go away one evening and do not come back.... THE CHILD Why?... TYLTYL How can one tell?... Perhaps because they feel sad.... THE CHILD Has yours gone?... TYLTYL My grandmamma?... THE CHILD Your mamma or your grandmamma, I don't know.... TYLTYL Oh, but it's not the same thing!... The grannies go first; that's sad enough.... Mine was very kind to me....

. TYLTYL Well. those great blue wings?.. which dazzles me a little. TYLTYL What invention?. but little girls do.. TYLTYL Yes.. TYLTYL I have not been crying....... I shall have to invent the thing that gives happiness. I don't know how...... Don't you cry here?. But if I had cried... then?. Are they making pearls?.. when one cries. TYLTYL What?... that..... TYLTYL Nothing.. it's not pearls. That's for the invention which I shall make on earth... THE CHILD Does it come from the eyes?. sometimes. yes... THE CHILD Does one often cry?. THE CHILD What does that mean........ it is the fault of that blue... Have you invented something?....... you will learn.. TYLTYL . it's all that blue. THE CHILD There.... it is a little water.. THE CHILD What is it.. When I am on earth. it would be the same thing. haven't you heard?. crying?.. THE CHILD What is that called?..THE CHILD What is the matter with your eyes?. falling down. THE CHILD These?.. TYLTYL Not little boys. TYLTYL No...... TYLTYL It's nothing... What are you playing with.. THE CHILD No.. THE CHILD Why...

where each of the inventors sets his ideal machine going. TYLTYL ........ A FOURTH CHILD (_pulling_ TYLTYL'S _arm_) Do come and look at my machine which flies in the air like a bird without wings!. you can see it from here. flywheels. There...... TYLTYL Very much.. straps and strange and as yet unnamed objects shrouded in the bluey mists of the unreal.... you hear nothing.. Does it make a noise?.. open books. uncover azure statues and bring enormous flowers and gigantic fruits that seem formed of sapphires and turquoises_... A THIRD CHILD (_stepping out from the crowd_) I will show you a light which nobody knows of!. between those two columns. what is it?. the_ LIVE CHILDREN _are dragged towards the blue workshops.. Would you like to see it?. THE CHILD There.. mine is much finer!. THE CHILD I work at it every day... A FIFTH CHILD No....... He stole the idea from me!...Is it good to eat?. come and see mine!. TYLTYL Yes.. There ensues a cerulean whirl of wheels.. TYLTYL That's a pity. Where is it?.... His is no good!.. Mine is a wonderful invention!..) A LITTLE BLUE CHILD (_bending under the weight of some colossal blue daisies_) Look at my flowers!.... isn't it?. mine first! It discovers the treasures hidden in the moon!.. THE SECOND CHILD The thirty-three remedies for prolonging life. (_Amid these disordered exclamations... while_ CHILDREN _unfold charts and plans. (_He lights himself up entirely with an extraordinary flame_. It is almost finished.. disks. A crowd of odd and mysterious mechanisms dart forth and hover under the vaults or crawl at the foot of the columns. say?.. THE CHILD No.. THE BLUE CHILDREN (_crowding round_ TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _and all crying together_) No.) It's rather curious. Mine is made of sugar!..... pulleys. driving-wheels. ANOTHER BLUE CHILD (_coming up to_ TYLTYL _and plucking his sleeve_) Would you like to see mine... no. no.... in those blue phials. No..

..... like a lustre hanging on a pole.. four months and nine days..... TYLTYL But they are pumpkins!... carrying... each larger than a pear_. ANOTHER CHILD (_wheeling a blue barrow with blue melons bigger than pumpkins_) What do you say to my little melons?.... TYLTYL But those are melons!.. They are as big as tables!........ TYLTYL (_smelling them_) Wonderful!. I have discovered the system!...) ONE OF THE CHILDREN (_carrying the grapes_) What do you say to my fruits?... TYLTYL The King of the Three Planets? . the melons will be splendid!. they are grapes!. Look at my apples!. TYLTYL Impossible!. I shall be the gardener of the King of the Three Planets. an incredible bunch of grapes...What are they?... no!. (_Two_ BLUE CHILDREN _arrive... They will all be alike when I am alive. THE LITTLE BLUE CHILD In fifty-three years.. THE CHILD No... THE LITTLE BLUE CHILD They are daisies!... THE LITTLE BLUE CHILD And they smell so good!..... THE CHILD WITH THE MELONS When I come on earth. They are my apples and they are not the finest at that!. I have found the way.. TYLTYL A bunch of pears!... ANOTHER CHILD (_staggering under a basket of blue apples the size of melons_) And mine!.. THE CHILD No. I don't know them...... TYLTYL When will that be?.... THE LITTLE BLUE CHILD They will grow like that when I am on earth.... They will all be like that when I am thirty.

.... they are very comical. TYLTYL On the left?. TYLTYL And the other.. what will he do?. . TYLTYL Oh!.. You can see him from here. THE CHILD I don't know.. to make fun of them. TYLTYL Why?...... The one on the left is the child who will bring pure joy to the globe.. THE CHILD He is to discover the fire that will warm the earth when the sun is paler than now.THE CHILD WITH THE MELONS The great king who for thirty-five years will bring happiness to the Earth.... THE CHILD It seems that they will not be able to leave together... TYLTYL Where is he?.. are they brother and sister?..... that little fat one with his fingers to his nose. kissing and bidding each other farewell..... TYLTYL And the two holding each other by the hand and always kissing..... They spend the day looking into each other's eyes. TYLTYL How?.. who looks so serious and is sucking his thumb. THE CHILD It appears that he is to wipe out injustice from the earth. THE CHILD WITH THE MELONS No. THE CHILD (_the one that first talked to_ TYLTYL) By means of ideas which people have not yet had....They are the Lovers. Time calls them that. THE CHILD WITH THE MELONS There.. on the right.. TYLTYL And the little pink one. TYLTYL What is that?.... THE CHILD No....... Mars and the Moon....... what is he?... the little boy sleeping at the foot of that column...

. seeing that I shall be your brother.. what a number of them there are asleep!. THE CHILD They are thinking of something. TYLTYL What?... TYLTYL Hullo!. Are you coming to us?....THE CHILD They say it's a tremendous work.) And all those asleep. THE CHILD They do not know yet..) How are you?.. it seems that he is to conquer Death. Tell mummy that I am ready.... give me a kiss...... TYLTYL (_pointing to a crowd of_ CHILDREN _sleeping at the foot of the columns. THE CHILD Time.... but he will become so. but they say it's a great thing. All right?.. He is very tiresome. Do they do nothing?... on the steps....Look at him well...... TYLTYL?... THE CHILD Not yet. Come. TYLTYL Of what?. Tell daddy . who walks as if he did not see where he was going.......... packing up my ideas.... TYLTYL And the little red-haired one..... and you too. THE CHILD (_who has just run up and who now kisses_ TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _effusively_. You will see when he opens it. is he blind?.. Mytyl... but they must take something with them to earth.. the benches...... TYLTYL What does that mean?... A CHILD (_running up from the back of the hall and elbowing his way through the crowd_) How are you. It's not surprising that I should know your name.. They have only just told me that you were here. How does he know my name?.. next year.... THE CHILD Certainly. I was right at the other end of the hall.. Don't tease me too much when I am little.. we are not allowed to go from here empty-handed. who stands at the door. TYLTYL Who says so?. etc_.... I am very glad to have kissed you both beforehand... on Palm Sunday. THE CHILD I don't exactly know...

....... This is the hour when the children who are to be born to-day go down to earth... TYLTYL How will they go down?... THE CHILD After that?.. We even have cakes sometimes.... Are there ladders?... MYTYL On New Year's Day and the fourteenth of July.. TYLTYL Oh... THE CHILD That's Time!.. TYLTYL That depends. TYLTYL Where does that noise come from?... And mummy is so kind!.. TYLTYL What have you got in that bag?. what will you do?. don't we... _Most of them leave their machines and their labours. THE CHILD We can't pick and choose!. Mummy makes them....to mend the cradle. (_At that moment... And.. whooping-cough and measles. which are irradiated by a brighter light than before_. Is it comfortable in our home?.) LIGHT (_joining_ TYLTYL) Let us try to hide behind the columns.... TYLTYL Not bad.... Mytyl?. THE CHILD ....) TYLTYL What is that?. THE CHILD And the food?... (_A great change comes over the crowd of_ BLUE CHILDREN.. It will not do for Time to discover us... He is going to open the gates!. a sort of prolonged. TYLTYL It will hardly be worth while coming!.. crystalline vibration is heard to rise and swell. it seems to emanate from the columns and the opal doors....... I shall leave you.. powerful........ after that. numbers of sleepers awake and all turn their eyes towards the opal doors and go nearer to them_. THE CHILD I am bringing three illnesses: scarlatina. A CHILD It is the Dawn rising.. that's all.. is it?.... Are you bringing us something?..

.... Here we are!. as a phenomenon. sir... _a tall old man with a streaming beard... A thirteenth shepherd?............ THE BLUE CHILDREN He doesn't want to. THE CHILD We are sorry when we are left behind. appears upon the threshold.. There are too many already... Where is the honest man?. TYLTYL Who is Time?. THE CHILD An old man who comes to call those who are going.. And where are the engineers?.. TYLTYL Is he wicked?. there are many more of you than are wanted!. what's the matter with you?.. Prepare something.. Once again..) You appear to me to be a very poor specimen!. TIME....... He doesn't want to?. (THE CHILD _nods yes_...... empty-handed?. No objections.. or a fine sickness. the days of Theocritus and Virgil are past. while he resists with all his strength_. You know that the hour has come. A red and green light penetrates into the hall_. Then you can't go through. if it's not their turn.... (_The great opalescent doors turn slowly on their hinges. More doctors?. Nothing at all..... There are only twelve wanted. but he hears nothing.. Beg as they may. go in and return in ten years..) Well.. They want a hero to fight against injustice... There! There!....... you're the one: you most start....... over there.. you. a great crime. They want an honest man. what are you bringing?. but we are sad when we go.. .(_Pushing back a_ CHILD........ Is it you?. Nor you either. Where does the little monster think he is?.. they are grumbling about it on earth. BLUE CHILDREN (_elbowing their way and running up from all sides_) Here we are!. TYLTYL Are they glad to go?. Go back and wait till to-morrow.. we have no time to spare. he pushes back all those who try to go.) TIME (_on the threshold_) Are they ready whose hour has struck?. He is opening the doors!. and the spectator perceives the extremity of the white and gold sails of a galley moored to a sort of quay.. THE CHILD No.. but you mast have something..You shall see. formed by the rosy mists of the Dawn_.. TIME What?..... only one. (_Catching sight of a little_ CHILD _whom the others are pushing forward.) It's not your turn!... Here we are!... I don't care ... if you like.. there is no need for more. You can't deceive me!. Time is drawing the bolts...... Hallo... The sounds of the earth are heard like a distant music.. not so fast!.... It's always the same thing!.. not so fast.. armed with his scythe and hourglass.. TIME (_in a gruff voice to the_ CHILDREN _defiling before him to go out_) One at a time!..... And you.

. another refuses.) There is still one missing. (_To a_ CHILD _who. Is every one at his post?. what is it?... TIME . on the point of crossing the threshold.. let me go with him!. no....... at your proper time.. let me stay behind with her!. TIME Run quick and fetch them!. it's too soon or it's too late.) Oh..... (_Laying hold of a_ CHILD _who tries to pass between his legs to reach the quay_. One wants to go....... TIME That is not the question. (_Surveying the_ CHILDREN _standing on the quay or already seated In the galley_.. Come.. forward!.... A THIRD CHILD I have forgotten the graft of my finest pear!. Time. Now then.... What's the matter?. (_Pushing back some_ CHILDREN _who have encroached upon the threshold_. it comes!.. TIME None of that!.. the little fellow whom they call the Lover...) Well.THE CHILD (_who is being pushed_) No. quick. there are four who are trembling like leaves. You will start at your proper hour.. It is no use his hiding...... and you know that it's not amusing there!... let me pass!..) THE FIRST CHILD Mr... I see him in the crowd.. not you!. when your turn comes.... (_The two_ CHILDREN _who are called the Lovers. You can't deceive me!. Look.. I would rather not be born!.. We have only six hundred and twelve seconds left.... Come on. THE SECOND CHILD Mr.I don't want to go!. You are in a hurry now. Time... go up to_ TIME _and kneel at his feet_.. THE CHILD I have forgotten the box containing the two crimes which I shall have to commit. This is the third time you've tried to be born before your turn......... you will be frightened and hang back.. you children!. say good-bye to your sweetheart... When the hour comes.. The galley of the Dawn is already flapping her sails to show that she is waiting.... later.. no!. Those who are not starting have no business outside. I would rather stay here!... We should never be done if we listened to you. I will go and take his place!......... You will come too late and you won't be born!.... you. fondly entwined. They say that my parents are old and have been waiting for me so long!. suddenly goes back_. Don't let me catch you at it again..) Not so near. But come. ANOTHER CHILD And I the little pot with my idea for enlightening the crowd.. you inquisitive ones!. or you can wait forever with my sister Eternity. their faces livid with despair..... quick.. A CHILD (_stepping forward_) Oh.... are we ready?. Back. on board with you!.

......... (_Last and violent movements among the_ CHILDREN _departing and remaining. I shall come too late!.. Send me your news!... he is not going to die....... Leave him!.. Pierre!... that is all.. (_She falls and remains stretched on the ground_.. no!.... come.) Come!.. Have you got the new turnscrew?...... but to live!...) Come along!. We have only three hundred and ninety-four seconds left. I unite and part as I am told. A sign!... Have you forgotten nothing?. THE SECOND CHILD (_beseechingly_) Mr.. I shall find you!... (_Dragging away the_ FIRST CHILD.. Announce my idea!. no....... Good-bye. THE SECOND CHILD (_stretching her arms out frantically to the_ CHILD _that is being carried off_) A sign!.) THE BLUE CHILDREN Good-bye.(_Seizing one of the_ CHILDREN...... Try to . TIME You cannot choose...... TIME Come.....) TIME You would do much better to hope... Mind you speak of my melons!. Time... Try to know me again I.... try. THE FIRST CHILD I shall always love you!. Tell me how to find you!. THE FIRST CHILD I shall be gone before she comes down!.. (_Consulting his hour-glass_. Oh. THE FIRST CHILD I would rather not be born!. Jean!... THE SECOND CHILD I shall be the saddest thing on earth!. THE SECOND CHILD (_clinging to the clothes of the_ FIRST) Leave him with me!... too!....... Don't lose your ideas!. They say one can't. She. THE FIRST CHILD We shall be alone in the world!.. Address your entreaties to Life.. They exchange hurried farewells_. THE FIRST CHILD (_struggling_) No.Impossible!. THE SECOND CHILD I shall never see him again!. You will know me by that!..... And now... Don't lean too far into space!. Have you all you want?..) We have only sixty-three seconds left... do try!. TIME All this does not concern me..

What are you doing here?. How bright it is!.. because I don't know.. The voices of the_ CHILDREN _in the galley are heard in the distance_: "The Earth! The Earth!... Let us escape.. no. it is the song of the mothers coming out to meet them. I shall be born on a throne!... He turns to take a last look at the hall and suddenly perceives_ TYLTYL...... He is hidden under my cloak.. I will come to meet you I. he will lose our traces. LIGHT. MYTYL _and_ LIGHT. LIGHT Yes... TYLTYL It is a red wall and a little green door.. Turn the diamond... threatening them with his scythe_.... BREAD. Why are you not blue?.. _The stage represents a wall with a small door. How big it is!". It is not they singing..) CURTAIN ACT VI SCENE I. I can see it!.... (_They slip away on the left. (_Enter_ TYLTYL. as though issuing from the depths of the abyss. ......... FIRE _and_ MILK) You would never guess where we are. TIME (_shaking his keys and his scythe_) Enough! Enough!.. between the columns in the foreground_... Who are you?.... LIGHT And doesn't that remind you of anything?... (_Meanwhile_.. Light. (_The sails of the galley pass and disappear. SUGAR. MYTYL. How did you get in?.... (_He comes forward.--_The Leave-taking_.....tell us if it's nice!.. LIGHT Don't you recognise that wall and that little door?... an extremely distant song of gladness and expectation_.) LIGHT (_to_ TYLTYL) Do not answer!..... TYLTYL Well.. TIME _closes the opalescent doors. WATER. I have the Blue Bird..) TYLTYL (_to_ LIGHT) What is that?. _Then.. It is the break of day_.) TIME (_dumbfoundered and furious_) What's that?.. The anchor's raised!.. How beautiful it is!... It sounds like other voices..

. TYLTYL But I haven't got the Blue Bird!...... They are sound asleep.... Is it my fault if they .. then... However..... you look ill..... This little door. TYLTYL What hour?..... LIGHT How odd people are when they dream...... I have nothing more to do here. the Fairy is coming back to ask you for the Blue Bird... They do not recognise their own hands..... Who can tell?..... Why. LIGHT One moment. LIGHT Come... The one of the Land of Memory turned quite black.... Don't open great eyes like sapphire caves. the year is over..... I feel a little sad...TYLTYL It reminds me that Time shewed us the door. It's the dear old house of your father and mother.. Is there long to wait?.... to a day. Yes.. LIGHT Why yes. the one of the Future turned quite pink.. child..... TYLTYL Who is dreaming?.... Are we near mummy?.. I want to kiss her at once!.... no!.. really. It is the house which we left one evening.. I want to go in at once. the door will not open till the hour strikes..... It seems to me.. the Night's are dead and I could not catch the one in the Forest. come!... You are quite pale. LIGHT It's nothing.. LIGHT Perhaps it's myself.... Am I?... just a year ago... LIGHT I must. What is it. LIGHT Alas. A few poor minutes... TYLTYL (_going up to the door_) But I think. Light?... TYLTYL Just a year ago?. Besides. Are they in there?.... I recognise the wooden pin.... this wall contains a house which you have seen more than once since you were born. because I am leaving you. sleepy-head!............ TYLTYL A house which I have seen more than once since I was born?. you must not wake them with a start. TYLTYL Aren't you glad to be back?... TYLTYL Leaving us?...

........ (_Like an orator making a speech_) And now.. FIRE You fat pasty-face! BREAD (_raising his voice_) Will not prevent me from doing my duty to the end. BREAD Here.. What would you be without me?.. FIRE He has not been called upon to speak!.... with all the grief and all the fondness which a mutual esteem.. untouched and carefully closed.. It was entrusted to my diligent care during our long journey.. therefore. I wish... BREAD In the name of all and with a restrained but simple and deep emotion. .... WATER Order!. (_They threaten each other and are about to come to blows_..... It seems likely that the Blue Bird does not exist or that he changes colour when he is caged..... as I received it. FIRE Not in mine!.change colour. When bidding them farewell.. whose exalted mission ends to-day...... or escape?. I crave permission to add a few words.. in the name of all.. I restore it to your hands. Will the Fairy be angry and what will she say?... BREAD The malevolent interruptions of a contemptible enemy. of an envious rival. BREAD The insults and the ridiculous pretensions of an element whose notorious misbehaviour and whose scandalous excesses drive the world to despair.. in the name of all. to take leave of two distinguished children......... TYLTYL Where is the cage?. WATER Order!.. or die.... now that my mission is drawing to an end. FIRE I won't be shouted down by you! . master.. FIRE An envious rival!... to-day.. A lump of shapeless and indigestible dough. LIGHT We have done what we could.. I have a tongue of my own!..) LIGHT (_raising her wand_) Enough!.

needs must... TYLTYL Oh! Oh!.. WATER What an idiot!. but I shall always he there.. since the hour when men's eyes are to be opened has not yet come...... You are bidding us farewell?. FIRE Well.. Good-bye...... But don't forget me. Be quick and kiss the children. I am leaving you... Remember you're not in your chimney... FIRE There. LIGHT Come.. Think of me if ever you want any one to set fire to anything. I will put my hands in my pockets... FIRE That will be no loss!.. (_Violently kissing the_ CHILDREN... with Water and Fire....... Tyltyl and Mytyl!. WATER Order! Silence!. no longer see me in my living form. the hour is at hand which will send us back into silence.... if I may say so. BREAD What a vulgarian!.. on the shelf.. FIRE I shall keep silence when you cease babbling in the kettles.. It is the coming separation that sets your nerves on edge like this... you will no longer hear me speak..... my darlings. but the separation will only be apparent.. Fire. You are all very quarrelsome.... ... you will no longer hear me speak.TYLTYL What?..) Good-bye.. the oldest friend of Man. and what about me?... look.... BREAD Alas. LIGHT (_threatening them with her wand_) That will do.. the waterfalls and the taps. BREAD (_with great dignity_) That does not apply to me. the wells.. FIRE (_rushing forward_) I first! I first!. MYTYL Oh! Oh!... the most faithful companion.. the minutes are passing. I who am........... Your eyes are about to close to the invisible life of the Things. moderate your transports. the brooks. beside the soup.. In the bread-pan. He's scorched my nose!. on the table. Are you leaving us too?. it is true. He's burning me!.. LIGHT Come.. I was saying.. do you hear?.

I am the friend of Man...... FIRE She has flooded the whole place. and I will come sometimes and put out my tongue for you when you are cold or sad. FIRE It doesn't sound like it!.. You will find me also in the ewer.. but you will not forget that that is what I am saying to you when you hear my voice... I shall always be there. That is all I have to say.. Alas!.. listen to the brooks... WATER (_approaching the_ CHILDREN) I shall kiss you without hurting you. MILK (_approaching timidly_) And me in the milk-jug.... Is everybody going?. Alas! I have to be silent there.... I am kind to human beings. I shall always be there.... SUGAR (_naturally mawkish and sanctimonious_) If you have a little corner left in your memory.. WATER When you sit down.... the cistern and the tap..... BREAD Jesuit!. FIRE (_yelping_) Sugar-plum! Lollipop! Caramel!.... tenderly.. WATER I am loving and gentle. I shall be warm in winter and roast chestnuts for you. the watering-can. I can't swim!.... I can say no more.. Tears are not in harmony with my temperament and they hurt me terribly when they fall on my feet..... in the evening. in the hearth and in the oven.. so shy and so good?.. FIRE Take care..... you too.. remember sometimes that my presence was sweet to you.... WATER I shall no longer be able to tell you as clearly as I do to-day that I love you.... my dear Milk... my children... beside the springs--there is more than one here in the forest--try to understand what they are trying to say. WATER Think of me when you see the water-bottle. ... WATER Love the wells........ but my thoughts will always be of you. FIRE Enough! Enough!.... My tears choke me and prevent my speaking.... you'll get wet!... FIRE What about those you drown?. TYLTYL What..

unworthy since you have chosen for this disgraceful exhibition the already most painful moment when we are about to part from these poor children.... And we shall tell each other everything... Yes! Yes! Yes!. his clothes torn... nothing. And I shall be very good. Well.. I shall cry too. will you?... my little god?.. he beat me. _running.. you've had some and you're going to have some more!.......... holding his handkerchief to his cheek. You will understand me now.) LIGHT What is it?.. blows and kicks_. Down!.... (_They part the_ DOG _and the_ CAT _by main force_.. will you not.) No! No!.. nothing at all!..... He utters angry groans and is closely pursued by the_ DOG...TYLTYL But where are Tylette and Tylô gone to?.... There! There! There!... Light...... _whom he loads with violent and tumultuous caresses_. ... as though he had the toothache. Do you want any more?.. and I had done nothing.. with a mocking grimace_) Never mind.. Have you had enough?. We shall no longer be able to speak to them.. Are you mad?. I refuse!.... MYTYL (_pressing the_ CAT _in her arms_) My poor Tylette. I refuse!. THE DOG (_mimicking him_) Nothing. THE CAT (_blubbering and wiping his eyes_) It's the Dog. THE DOG (_suddenly uttering real howls of despair and flinging himself upon the_ CHILDREN..) THE DOG (_beating the_ CAT) There!. _severely_) Your conduct is all the more. He insulted me... the hour which you know of is at hand. (_In an undertone. he pulled my tail...... nothing at all!. And I shall never steal anything in the kitchen again. you've had some.. And I shall learn to read and write and play dominoes!.. LIGHT (_to the_ DOG. nothing. LIGHT... Stop that. Shall I do a wonderful trick for you?.. We are going to return to silence... he put tin tacks in my food. And I shall always be very clean... How dare you?. (_The_ CAT _is heard to utter shrill cries_.. LIGHT Yes... (_Enter the_ CAT.......... He is being hurt!. Tell me. What has happened?..) MYTYL (_alarmed_) It's Tylette crying!. TYLTYL and MYTYL (_rushing forward to part them_) Tylô!.... I never!. everything. Wait.. Would you like me to kiss the Cat?. Mrs. What are they doing?. I shall always talk!... wait!. THE DOG (_suddenly sobered_) To part from these poor children?..... _who overwhelms him with bites. everything!. his hair on end and dishevelled... where has he hurt you?.

) SCENE 2. no.. Daddy won't mind.. The stage remains empty for a moment and then the scenery representing the wall and the little door opens in the middle and reveals the last scene_... But I watch over him to the end of his days. over there... happier. my dear little ones...... which has half-opened and which closes again behind them_.... SUGAR _and_ WATER.. give you a last kiss... TYLTYL No. TYLTYL _and_ MYTYL _lie sound asleep in their little beds. The_ DOG _howls behind the scenes. I have only my brightness.. I have not a voice like Water. no... Have you nothing to say to us?. which Man does not understand.... the walls and the atmosphere all appear incomparably and magically fresher...MYTYL (_to the_ CAT) And you. my children. at the back_.) Listen!.. more smiling. _etc. (_Eight o'clock strikes behind the wall_.. BREAD _wipes away a furtive tear_..... To the right. The_ DOG.. _Enter_ MUMMY TYL . LIGHT Do not cry. LIGHT Alas! I cannot!.. The hour is striking!. in every good and bright thought of your soul.. _before the arrival of the_ FAIRY. _but the objects. in every dawn that rises.. Tylette?. TYLTYL and MYTYL (_hanging on to_ LIGHT'S _dress_) No. in every lamp that is lit... LIGHT Not very far. (_She pushes the_ CHILDREN _through the door....... LIGHT Now let me.. We will go with you... Light!. in my turn... in every twinkling star. This door is closed to us and I must leave you.. Stay here with us!.. The daylight penetrates gaily through the chinks of the closed shutters. THE CAT (_in an affected and enigmatic tone_) I love you both as much as you deserve. I shall tell mummy... I won't have you go.. to the Land of the Silence of Things. TYLTYL Where will you go all alone?... Never forget that I am speaking to you in every spreading moonbeam. We will tell mummy how kind you have been.. _the_ CAT _and the_ THINGS _are in the places which they occupied in_ ACT I. children. in with you!..--_The Awakening_. flee precipitously and disappear in the wings to the right and left.. The door is opening!... _The same setting as in_ ACT I. no. Good-bye!... all in tears. In with you.

MUMMY TYL What's the matter?. (_She leans over and kisses the_ CHILDREN.) There! See!.. Lord.. I haven't changed my face since last night...... get up........ Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?.... Has been for ever so long..) They are quite rosy... come... TYLTYL It's you. Why don't you wake up?. I mustn't let them grow up idle... It's so long. no... Where is she?...... it's I. TYLTYL (_rubbing his eyes_) Mummy. MUMMY TYL What journey?. Light?. Why do you stare at me in that wonderstruck way?.. of course. Tyltyl smells of lavender and Mytyl of lilies-of-the-valley. There they are... Put on your breeches and your little jacket. MUMMY TYL Why.MUMMY TYL (_in a cheerfully scolding voice_) Up.. You look quite blinded..... Yes. I must kiss you at once. (_Kissing them again_) What sweet things children are!. of course it's light.. TYLTYL (_waking up_) What?. (_Gently shaking_ TYLTYL) Wake up. TYLTYL Why......... yes..... MUMMY TYL Light?. Come. Wait a bit till I open them. you little lazybones!.... MUMMY TYL . though the shutters are closed. I am back at home!. Let me see. so long ago!..... mummy!.. I've got my shirt on!... It's you!.. Who did you think it was?. Don't tell me you're ill. And how comfortable my bed is!...... don't go away. Again! Again! Again!........ Tyltyl.... it's you!.. last year. TYLTYL Hullo... (_She pushes back the shutters and the dazzling daylight invades the room_... I have heard that it's not very healthy... It's as bright as noonday........ how nice it is to see you again!....... how they sleep... Why.... besides. get up and dress..... And...... MUMMY TYL Of course you have.. Still.. MUMMY TYL Yes... What's the matter with you?.. TYLTYL Oh..... TYLTYL Is that what I did on the journey?. Is my nose turned upside down.. yes. they can't go on sleeping till midday.. on the chair. how they sleep!. wake up. it's I. It has struck eight and the sun is high above the trees!. by any chance?.... No. show me your tongue.

.. MUMMY TYL What! Still asleep. MYTYL Riquette still goes about on all fours!. For sure. Light--how nice Light is!--Bread.. MUMMY TYL What are you talking about?. but they are quite well... Why? I've been up since six o'clock... You're not angry with me?...... is that better?... TYLTYL But. mummy. They are dead.. It was on our way.. MUMMY TYL (_more and more bewildered_) Grandad and granny?. You haven't left the room.. we have had such adventures!. Oh.... when I went away with Mytyl... (_She gives him a friendly shake_. Water. It's you that's still asleep. Fire: they did nothing but quarrel!....... I could not refuse.. Did you feel very sad?.......... We saw grandad and granny. TYLTYL Why. MUMMY TYL Have you found the key of the cupboard where daddy hides his brandy bottle?. It was last year. too.... am I?.......) There.. yes!. and here you are this morning.... I put you to bed last night.... MUMMY TYL When you went away?. the Fairy.... TYLTYL Yes..... There. And then the little brothers--Robert. I assure you.. And what did daddy say?. One has to hide everything when one has little meddlesome . What do you mean?. I've finished all the cleaning and lit the fire.... TYLTYL And Pauline still has a pimple on her nose. TYLTYL She was with me..At Christmas...Last year?... MUMMY TYL Certainly........ when I went away. Have you dreamed all that?... Sugar....... TYLTYL But ask Mytyl if it's not true. wake up. MUMMY TYL Why Mytyl?. in the Land of Memory.. Granny made us a lovely plum-tart.. I left a note to explain...... TYLTYL But you don't understand!.. Jean and his top--and Madeleine and Pierrette and Pauline and Riquette.... either you're ill or else you're still asleep. TYLTYL Does daddy hide a brandy bottle?..

. when they woke up.) Come in!. (_A knock at the front door_. DADDY TYL Well... she calls out_) Daddy Tyl!.. (_Enter_ NEIGHBOUR BERLINGOT.. no. daddy!. but who are quite well.. everything was wrong. I sha'n't beat you... MUMMY TYL (_weeping_) You can't trust their looks........ I shall lose them too. _a little old woman resembling the_ FAIRY _in_ ACT I _and leaning on a stick_. TYLTYL .) DADDY TYL What is it?....... I put them to bed quite quietly last night.. They don't know what they're saying. Come. THE NEIGHBOUR I have come to ask for a bit of fire for my Christmas stew....) THE NEIGHBOUR Good-morning and a Merry Christmas to you all!. and this morning. TYLTYL It's the Fairy Bérylune!........ what's the matter?. (_Enter_ DADDY TYL. They don't look ill.. Good-morning. out with it.. Good-morning... MUMMY TYL Do you hear?.. I would rather it was that.good-for-nothings like you.. and then God took them.. with an axe in his hand_. (TYLTYL _does so_) No. they look very well... no.. It will be as with the others... how are you?.. confess that you took it. TYLTYL and MYTYL (_running up gaily to kiss their father_) Hullo.. I don't know what's the matter with them. Have you had plenty of work this year?.... daddy!.... But come. let us look into this.... who are dead.. Run and fetch the doctor!.... They looked quite well also to the end..... MYTYL And granny her rheumatics.... quick! The children are ill!.... it's not that......... I don't know where it is. TYLTYL But...... Come. MUMMY TYL Just walk in front of me. DADDY TYL Why. mummy. TYLTYL But grandad still has his wooden leg. as I lost the others!...... They are not dead yet. _very calmly.. children... what is the matter with them?. Dear heaven... It's daddy!.. I sha'n't tell daddy.. (_Suddenly mad with alarm. It's very chilly this morning. so that I may see if you can walk straight. They have seen Light and grandad and granny... they talk about a journey......

You don't even look at it now.. THE NEIGHBOUR Béry. MUMMY TYL Your bird. for all that. how is your little girl?.. MUMMY TYL Don't ask me. pooh!..... it's Tyltyl's bird.... I will give them a smack or two. They don't know what they are saying. don't you remember Goody Berlingot. My little girl..... you mean Berlingot. for her Christmas box.... I know all about it. The doctor says that it's her nerves...... MUMMY TYL Yes.. But Mytyl knows. Tyltyl.. They have been like that since they woke up..... TYLTYL Why. yes.. You are the Fairy Bérylune. your Neighbour Berlingot?. That will soon go... THE NEIGHBOUR Only so-so.. You're not angry with us?... They must have eaten something that wasn't good. They must have slept in the moonbeams.... It's no use to you.. ma'am. mummy?. It's not worth while... THE NEIGHBOUR What is he saying?.... that Mytyl also.... what? Goodness gracious me!.. it's a notion she has. I know. I know what would cure her.... THE NEIGHBOUR Why... She can't get up..... MUMMY TYL By the way. TYLTYL Bérylune.. TYLTYL .... as you please.. it's only a little fit of dreaming..Fairy Bérylune.. TYLTYL Bérylune or Berlingot. And she has been dying to have it for ever so long!....... Madame Berlingot..... Tyltyl. aren't you going to give it at last to that poor little thing?.. MUMMY TYL That's the worst of it.. ma'am. DADDY TYL Pooh... I could not find the Blue Bird. THE NEIGHBOUR Don't... TYLTYL What.. Well.... who is very ill. She was asking me for it only this morning......... is often like that.. THE NEIGHBOUR Berlingot.

I will take down the cage.... there's the cage!.) TYLTYL (_after taking a long look around him_) Daddy. but it's much prettier. He knows me.. Where is he?. DADDY TYL How do you mean. I fly!.... Ah..... the loaves are very quiet.... Some of them change their colour.. He's a good one!. One would think it was new!.. How happy I feel here!... in the forest?. Tylô... what have you done to the house?... I fly!.. be quick...... She still talks. TYLTYL (_going to the window_) And look at the forest!. Has he eaten the other. do you see the bird? What would Light say?... Take him off quick to your little girl. Fire!. Lord.. TYLTYL Yes.) There..... you shall see!....... Who's taken my little green hat?. (_Kissing_ TYLTYL) I must give you a kiss!. Ah. It's just as it was...... He crackles and laughs to make Water angry. mummy.. everything is clean and polished.. Never mind. it's prettier?... (_Feeling his forehead_) Hullo.. (_He climbs on a chair and takes down the cage and carries it to the_ NEIGHBOUR.. Water!... TYLTYL Why.. there you are.. TYLTYL Mr... Mytyl.. THE NEIGHBOUR Really?. Good-morning. It was not like that last year. yes...... But it's my turtle-dove!. yes.... the diamond's gone!. but that will come... Do you mean it?. Oh...... do you see the cage?.... DADDY TYL Last year?... you had a fine fight!.. TYLTYL . I wonder?...... why... but there's only one bird in it.. I say... We went so far and he was here all the time!. MYTYL And Tylette....... he's blue!. it's the same one... (_She goes out_. Why... Madame Berlingot. my bird!....... Do you remember.. Bread. (_Running to the tap_) And Water?.. MYTYL I don't see Sugar. Tylô!. Mytyl. but it's wonderful!. Yes. Oh.... that's the blue bird we were looking for!. everything has been painted and made to look new.... Hullo.. (_Going to the bread-pan and opening it_) Where's Bread?.. And then here's Tylô!........Hullo.. How big and fine it is!.. He's not quite blue yet.. how happy she will be!. I don't want it any more. straight away and for nothing?. that's true. But he's much bluer than when I went away!.... but I don't understand her as well as I did. It's the one which Bread carried. Do you give it me like that.. but he has stopped talking. Hullo.... What does she say?.. THE NEIGHBOUR I will come back to tell you what she says.. yes..

MUMMY TYL They are better.. she jumped. with one bound.. It will be all right when they have had their breakfasts.. (_Enter the_ NEIGHBOUR.. MUMMY TYL Why?. TYLTYL I liked Light best of all... (_A knock at the front-door_. Can we light it?.. come in!.. happy...... to see by the light if it was really Tyltyl's dove.. It was as much as I could do to keep pace with her. just like that. _holding by the hand a little girl of a fair and wonderful beauty. she can fly!. MYTYL She is much smaller.... ........... happy!. how lovely it all is and how glad I feel!.Lord. how like Light she is!.. (_Looking round him again_. Out into the street.... TYLTYL Yes. happy... Can she walk?. TYLTYL I don't know.. mummy.. MUMMY TYL Impossible!.. indeed!. THE NEIGHBOUR What are they saying?. TYLTYL (_going up to her.. MUMMY TYL What are you spinning round for like that?.. Where's her lamp?. whoosh!. she can dance.... they are mending.... like an angel!. to the window..... They are playing at being happy. DADDY TYL Don't mind them and don't distress yourself.... And then. so am I!. But she will grow bigger.) Goodness me.) DADDY TYL Come in.... She can run.... MYTYL So am I. how happy I am. THE NEIGHBOUR Can she walk?........ Haven't they got over it yet?...) THE NEIGHBOUR Do you see the miracle?... When she saw the bird.. who carries_ TYLTYL'S _dove pressed in her arms_. wonderstruck_) Oh.

. a good big kiss.) If any of you should find him. Another one!. takes a step back_.. THE LITTLE GIRL Not yet.... what's the matter?.. he's lovely. TYLTYL I have seen bluer ones. (TYLTYL..) TYLTYL Is he blue enough?.. child. You look as if you were going to cry... She resists instinctively.. then_ TYLTYL _strokes the dove's head_.. TYLTYL Has he had anything to eat?..... TYLTYL Anything: corn.... a better one than that. and.. _suddenly frightened.) THE LITTLE GIRL (_with a cry of despair_) Mother!. Come...THE NEIGHBOUR (_pushing the_ LITTLE GIRL _into_ TYLTYL'S _arms_). Are you afraid of the little girl?... later on.... the_ DOVE _escapes and flies away_.) TYLTYL Never mind.) MUMMY TYL Well.. You're not so shy as a rule!.. stands before her for a moment and the two children look at each other without speaking. THE LITTLE GIRL That doesn't matter... Don't cry... I will show you. _after kissing the_ LITTLE GIRL _rather awkwardly... CURTAIN .. come and thank Tyltyl.. He is gone!. bread.... you know. I am so pleased with him.... you can't catch them. What does he eat?. do what you will.... You'll see. give her a kiss... grasshoppers. But those which are quite blue... (_She bursts into sobs_.. Indian corn. say?... (_He moves in order to take the bird from the_ LITTLE GIRL'S _hands... Come along.. (TYLTYL. taking advantage of the hesitation of their movements.. THE LITTLE GIRL Yes. I will catch him again.... (_Stepping to the front of the stage and addressing the audience_. No..... would you be so very kind as to give him back to us?.. We need him for our happiness. Tyltyl.... TYLTYL With his beak. But what's the matter with you?. THE LITTLE GIRL How does he eat...

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