Impressionist Task Adele – Rolling in the Deep by Naomi Abraham

The video opens up to Adele sitting in a room

This Shot is few minutes after the first shot. On Adele’s track is sounds like she speaking through a tunnel. But she’s actually in a room where the sound of her voice bounces of the walls to create an echo.

Adele then sings the line “Finally I can see you crystal clear” This is where the lyrics and the video link together.

The drum then starts to come in and the glasses start beating to the sound of the drum. The beating also represents Adele’s heart.

The Broken Plates show the viewers how heartbroken Adele is. Adele sings about how the guy had her heart and her soul in his hands but it played it to the beat.

The plates are now being hit aginst the projector in time to the drum to represent Adele’s heart breaking every second.

The fireworks show how burst because they show how that Adel has had enough of being pushed about. Adele throughout the whole song has felt heartbreak and anger. And now that anger has boiled over.

The city model has not erupted into flames to show how angry adele is.

The last few shots started to run faster while Adele was getting to the end of her song. The shots represented Adele’s mind having so many thought run through her head.

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