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Robert Chilson 547 Greenwood Ave.

I am a Thomas Edison State College student, I major in Journalism, and I am also a die-hard and proud citizen of the City of Trenton. As a college student I voted “Yes” to the referendum on the ballot in the last election that is financially allowing schools like Thomas Edison to expand. As a Trenton resident, had I known by voting “Yes” I would be burdening my fellow Trentonians who ACTUALLY PAY property taxes even more, than they have already been burdened lately, I would have voted “NO” to the referendum, twice if allowed. We simply can’t hand over another piece of River-View-Prime-Real-Estate to another tax-exempt entity of any kind, we just can’t, not unless they are willing to agree to some sort of PILOT that will invest money into Trenton’s future forever, not be privileged enough to own a piece of Trenton’s most Prime Real estate For Free--- Forever. The PILOT program being worked out in current state government does not address this proposed new development. These are people who can’t see through the money and into the future, their foresight is clouded. They must be stopped and they can only be stopped by you. Trenton will never rebound if you keep giving our property away. Think about this question for just a second……..right about now in Trenton NJ how do we citizens feel about the people who handed over 50% of our taxable property to tax-exempt entity’s? A better question would be… will Trentonians 100-years from now look back on your decision to hand over yet another tax-exempt piece of prime real estate during one of the worst financial disasters Trenton has ever experienced? Yes our individual suffrage rights our important, crucial in fact, our power to vote though is condensed into seven votes represented before me tonight, yours; and it is your vote, not ours, that is extremely powerful right now, history-making type of powerful. As a great poet once wrote…“The decisions that you make are truly prolific, and the future will become your toughest critic.”