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21, 1882,

Philadelphia, November

Messrs. Washington Butcher's Sons:

beg leave



of the case of Olive Butter, and return thanks for the

have tried




more economical
I will cheerfully

and decidedly better than





Truly yours,
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12 Girard Street.

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1883, by

Washington Butcher's Sons,
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S SONS. and we solicit everybody in search of more economical. January. Rorer. Philadelphia. the highly-esteemed Principal of the Philadelphia Cooking School^ and compiler of this book. some of which we ap- pend . 1883. wholesome. among them a letter of endorsement fro7n Mrs. . S. T. and from the public press in all parts of the country. to and palatable cookery give Olive Butter an intelligent and careful trial. We present ^^How to Use Olive Butter ^^^ a collection of valuable recipes^ with a view of more fir?nly establishing the great merits of this article among the commimity in general. Our aim is to supply a long-needed want.INTRODUCTORY. We have had numerous encomiums from scientists.

salt. one teaspoonful of salt. . and then . roll out half-inch thick . Mix well. board pound with a potato masher fifteen minutes. and let stand until morning:. cover. two teaspoonfuls of baking-powder. milk enough to make and a batter. or half a cup of yeast. SODA BISCUIX. cut with a round cutter. one teaspoonful of three tablespoon fuls of Olive Butter. . In the mornintj add sufficient flour to make a soft dough knead them for ten minutes on the Olive Butter. Boil the milk and let it cool . add salt. and set away to rise in a temperature of 72° Fahr. bake in a quick oven for twenty minutes.HO"W TO USE OLIVE BUTTER. and add the flour. yeast. put in a greased baking-pan. Mix well add the Olive Butter to the milk. quart of flour. One quart of sifted flour. four tablespoonfuls of Olive Butter. . half a yeast cake. and half a pint of milk (sour is best) add the salt and baking-powder to the flour. Now give the whole a good beating. TEA One BISCUIT. When light. . let stand one hour.

cut with a small. cut- to the flour. two tablespoon- Olive Butter. ing-powder carefully. salt. powder. bake roll out . delicate crust. but quickly. one egg. one teaspoonful of salt. MUKKINS. one large spoonful of Olive Butter. one inch thick. and two teaspoonfuls of bakingPut the milk into a bowl .WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S add ter it SONS. BRKA0. add milk and Olive Butter. is best). and the yolks well beaten. three cups of sifted flour. one teaspoonful of two teaspoonfuls of baking- powder. bake in a quick oven twenty min- utes. Now add flour. beat the whites to a stiff froth. One quart of flour. a griddle. A tablespoonful of Olive Butter. makes your bread kave a very i»a:ncak:es. greasing Bake on it. One fuls of pint of milk or water. Yeast may be used. round . one pint of milk (sour salt. added to every quart of milk or water. Use Olive Butter for ^3- . two eggs. and give the whole a vigorous beating. Beat the ^g^ until veiy light. add the Olive Butter. Mix thoroughly. then salt and flour. Beat well add baking. and add them and the bakpowder. in a very hot oven These are delicious. full Fill greased gem pans half of the batter. put in a greased baking-pan for fifteen minutes. and the muffins may stand over night.

flour one teaspoonful of baking-powder. sary. and stiff then the whites of the eggs beaten to a for at least froth. half a teaspoonful of two eggs. and fritters. brown paper. -4- . a bowl. but not batter longer than twelve hours. When brown on one side. with the yolks of the eggs beaten. one tablespoonful of Olive Butsalt. One cup ter. dip up a spoonful of the and quickly slide it into the hot oil. fry in Olive Butter same as strain As soon as you are done frying always it "the Olive Butter and put away to use again. now add more water. turn and brown on the other. 7vhen hot. the baking- powder and thick . flour. Take out with a skimmer. of flour. add stir in and oil. one cup of sugar. Put a pan of Olive Butter on to heat. two eggs. drain on soft.HOW TO USE OLIVE BUTTER. with half a cup of cold water. . the fruit into and then White grapes and squares of oranges make very pretty fritters. One cup to of sour cream. and cold Put the flour into water enough to make a thin paste. sugar and then the cream. Fruit fritters are this batter made by dipping frying. salt if neces- and give a good beating. roll out on a board half an inch then cut out the centre cut with a round cutter with a smaller cutter. dredge with powdered sugar. Beat the eggs until enough add light . Mix well add . and put away two hours. and serve. and make a soft dough.

— — in in a carefully. cut. and put in a warm place (72° Fahr. a half-cups of sugar. stir them the vanilla and baking-powder Pour into a greased cake pan. whites of four eggs. three eggs. or half a compressed yeast beat cake dissolved in lukewarm water. stand until cool. and one of baking-powder. three cups of flour. One pint of milk. . Beat the eggs very light. add water and flour. roll out about half an inch thick. cover. One and a half cups of sugar. well .WASHINGTON' BUTCHER'S SONS. In the morning add sufficient flour to make a dough knead them lightly. and beat . When add half a cup of Butter and one yeast. then add yolks of eggs. -5- . stiff Beat the whites of the eggs to a very froth . until two tablespoonfuls of Olive Butter. When and light. one cup of sugar. CUI» One and CAKK. and put away again to rise. moderate UKtrlCAXK CAKE. add sugar. four eggs. and pour over them milk boiling hot.) until morning. half a cup of water. add the Olive pint of flour . one cup of water. again Beat the sugar and Olive Butter together until light. one teaspoonful of vanilla. and mix thoroughly. scant half cup of Olive Butter. and bake oven for three-quarters of an hour. quarter of a cup of Olive Butter. finish same as crullers. let the cool.

two eggs. and one large teaspoonful of baking-powder. and bake in a but carefully. Beat the Olive Butter and sugar together until veiy light. beat the whites to a very stiff froth. a cup of milk. Mix thoroughly. and add to it the Olive Butter quite hot. PASTRY. moderate oven for three-quarters of an hour. flavoring. for one hour. Pour into a greased pan. but recollect the amount of butter or lard you have been in the habit of using. and bake in a very moderate oven . and add half of them to the mixture then the remainder of the flour then the remainder of the whites.kai>. one teaspoonful of soda. one teaspoonful of bitter almond. kinds of cake same manner. . beat well. SOFT Three cups of half cups of gi:p«gbrbr. two and a half cups of flour. and the well-beaten whites. quarter of a cup of Oiive Butter. one and a flour.J/OJ^V TO USE OLIVE BUTTER. now add these to the ^gg and milk. three-quarters of a . baking-powder. and . half New Orleans molasses. One quart of sifted flour. add water and half the flour. Beat the yolks of the eggs add to them the milk stir the soda into the molasses. one large tablespoonful of ginger. a square cake pan. one teaspoonful of -6salt. ginger. and use one-third AH may be made in the less of Olive Butter. add Pour into flour. quarter of a teaspoonful of soda.

scrape. it out on a bakingit board fold first the sides. Clean. roast or boiled chicken. stirring always the Mix all well tois same way. drop -7- . free it from all cut it into dice. and a dash of cayenne. turn it around. which must be spread on every time you roll and fold it. it Mix the Olive Butter and water. and stand it on the : Now make a mayonnaise dressing as follows Set an earthen bowl in a basin of ice water. Butter. cup of very cold Olive Butter. . one of sugar. Take cold skin and until fat. ice.WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S of ice-cold water SONS. a very is very sweet and rich. add half a pint of cold Olive Butter. and put it on the ice wanted. three-quarters of a cup . . This crust flaky crust is and put on the ice until wanted. use half the quantity of Olive and the rest dairy butter or lard. gether. Mix quickly and lightly. then the ends in. and then add one tea- spoonful of fine salt. add salt and soda roll to the flour. put into the bowl the yolks of three uncooked eggs beat them lightly with a fork. one of ground mustard. Do this four times. and wash enough Cut the celery with tender white celery to (if make two-thirds of a quart you have one quart of meat). and then add to the flour. After this well mixed. but if wanted. fold and roll again. SALADS. and roll from you it . a sharp knife into pieces half an inch long.

spoonful of vinegar. add fuls of six tablespoon- Olive Butter. Now add three in thin tablespoonfuls of vinegar. dry mix with the chicken. dish and garnish with the light celery tops.HOW by drop. boiled. make a French salad dressing as Put into a bowl one teaspoonful of one saltspoonful of black pepper. the celery on a clean towel. Pare and boil three medium-sized potatoes. and beat for five minutes. make a mayonnaise as for chicken salad. mix it with the lobster when wanted. and mix very carefully while hot. and put it on the ice. as the potatoes are done cut them chop one good-sized onion and a sprig of pars. Cold. and serve immediately. Stand on the ice until wanted. Make same as chicken salad. As soon slices. I^OBSXKR SAL. Chop the meat of a boiled lobster. and serve. POTATO they are boiling follows : SAI^AO. and then mix both with the dressing . and mix with the potatoes now pour over the dressing. and mix well. TO USE OLIVE BUTTER.AD. Then add one table- stirring all the while. garnish the dish with salad leaves. ley. served the same as lobster salad. or fill in the lobster. baked fish chopped into small pieces make a very nice salad. When it wanted. While salt. Place on . and the juice of one lemon. or the celery loses its crispness.

fuls of salt. two hours. and set on SONS. them into slices. pepper. and stir all over the fire for two minutes.WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S a cold dish. in a salad bowl. is KR. often results in burning is the outside whilst the inside article in a coating of grease. and cover them with the dressing.Y. and add the well-beaten add it to the milk when boiling whites of the two eggs. add lemon and two table- spoonfuls of vinegar. and one of good fresh butter. common of culiperis Frying. Add one tablespoonful of Put the tomatoes onion juice to the French dressing. XOMAXO Take and remove all SAI^AO. moisten one large cold milk and spoonful of corn-starch with a little . garnish with parsley and boiled beets. two tablespoon- Olive Butter. for about Where the flavor of oil is not liked. HOUV TO nary operations. six good-sized tomatoes. and the salad is Let them stand ready. We cannot -9- insist too strongly on . Take from the fire. or serving the It is very iftiporiant that the Olive Butter should be actually boiling before the article is put in. cold. the following instead of mayonnaise : salad dressing may be used Put one cup of milk on to boil. cut the seeds. though one of the most one that It least commonly formed perfectly well. juice of one Mix well. he ice for an hour or two. add the well-beaten yolks of two eggs.

Take them out with a skimmer let all the oil drop off. because the temperature of the oil will fall below the point necsuccessful frying is essary to fry properly. if strained and . put in the potatoes. SARATOGA POTATOES. if it burns the bread. When the oil is hot enough to send o^ jets of smoke or brown the bread. Let them . ready . crullers.) doughnuts. rises four or five degrees during The temperature certain of the Olive Butter should vary fried. to There should be enough fried. croquettes. Pare one large potato and cut it into very thin slices (a vegetable cutter is nice for this). Pare two large potatoes and cut them into quarters wash and dry them in a cloth. it is of proper heat throw in a it is of bread if it it browns quickly. let them boil until they are a deep golden color. and rissoles require the oil quite hot (say . and serve on a hot dish. immerse the be If too many things are put in the fiying-basket they will be badly fried. The Olive Butter may be used over and over again. The most when the temperature the frying. 300° 320° Fahr. about 385° to Fahr. according to the nature of the things To little asbit when . is Fish. Put enough Olive Butter in a pan to cover the potatoes well. article to TO USE OLIVE BUTTER. too hot. not allowed to burn. potatoes. and fritters. sprinkle them with fine salt.HOW this point. TO KRY POTATOES.

Stir and cayenne. Shake the pan until all are well mixed.WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S Have ready SONS. one tablesalt. Take from the fire and in add the parsley. salt. CORBf OYSXKK-S. spoonful of chopped parsley. tatoes. and toss I»OXAXO CR. soak in cold water one hour. and fry in boiling Olive Butter. . and a little cayenne. a pan of boiling Olive Butter. the yolks of two eggs. Do not put too many in at a time. Pare two large potatoes and cut them into dice. and serve. .OQUKXXKS. or the oil will fall too low the potatoes in stir . then dry them on a towel. for frying. add a tablespoonful of chopped parsley. Throw them with a skimmer occasionally to secure an even cooking. and add them to the then add salt a frying-pan. add to it one teaspoonful black pepper. and pepper. Two cups of mashed potatoes. Drain them on a wire sieve sprinkle with salt. in which fry two sliced onions. put in the po- them now and then until they have a nice yellow color. dish. light. One of salt. and put them them over the fire until they leave the sides of the pan. roll first ^ggj aiid then in bread crumbs. and serve very hot. Beat the eggs until very potatoes in . pint of grated a little com. two eggs. Put two tablespoonfuls of Olive Butter into a fryingpan. Form into croquettes.

a sprig and one tablespoonful of Olive Butter into another pan fiy them for five minutes. COR-N KRIXXERS. turn them (with a knife) and brown on the other serve on a hot dish. . . salt. Take six good tomatoes take off" the stalks. . and stir them carefully in. Beat the whites to a froth and heat a pan of Olive Butter stir them carefully in until it begins to smoke drop the mixture in by spoonfuls. 1-R. and two tablespoonfuls of flour. to float the fritters.HOW TO USE OLIVE BUTTER. TOMAXOHS A I^A . a per. Place them in a saucepan with two tablespoonfuls of Olive Butter. it thoroughly. As soon as they are brown on one side. and with a small spoon remove the seeds. corn. and one cup of flour. ture Heat . half a cup of milk. now add one tablespoonful of flour mix and add one cup of good stock stir over the fire until it boils fill the tomatoes with this sauce.OVHNCAI^H. There must be oil enough turn and brown the other. little salt and pep- Now put one pint can of mushrooms. to the pepper. Add milk. flour. cut them open a little. Beat the whites of the eggs to a froth. . One eggs. -12- . pepper. . pint of grated corn. and of parsley. . These are very nice. and put in the mix- by spoonfuls as soon as they are brown on one side. stirring constantly. two salt. Put enough OliA^e Butter in a frying-pan to well cover the bottom. and the yolks of the eggs and beat well.

and let them stand over night or for a few hours. They may be fried and served with salt and pepper only. One pint of cold chopped -13- veal. carefully. and fry until tender. . and serve. put KRIED MUSH. half pint of milk. Put six . flour two large tablespoonfuls of and one of butter. . and pepper.WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S if SONS. HOMINY.egg VEAI^ CROQUEXXHS. tablespoonfuls of Olive Butter in a frying-pan as hot put the tomatoes in skin side down. dust KHIKD TOMATOHS. EXC. and fry same as . EGG slice P»I. salt dredge them with of flour to the pan. slices. add one pint of milk. stir it Add one tablespoonful fire over the until a nice brown.AI*JX. and put them in Dish them up a quick oven for fifteen minutes. it slices about half an inch thick thickly with flour. rub each them one on top the other. Cut the mush in dredge plant. Now dip them in beaten egg and then in bread crumbs. and serve. place a weight on top. dish them carefully. Wash and soon as it is cut six good tomatoes in half. and stir continually until it boils add salt and pepper. and fry them same as corn oysters. Pare and cut an egg plant into thin with salt. you have any sauce left pour it around the tomatoes them over with bread crumbs. and pour it over the tomatoes.

taste." FRIKD SHAD. " Small fish should swim twice. the as for veal. one tablespoonful of onion juice salt and cayenne to . then put in the fish flesh side fry it down. once in water and once in oil. the skin side take it and fry up with a cake-turner. then turn it on a hot dish. stir and cook for a few minutes. -14- . Cover well the bottom of a frying-pan with Olive Butter. the meat. one tablespoonful of chopped parsley. pepper.HO IV TO USE OLIVE BUTTER. and dredge it it with a with salt. and flour. and add add it it to the boiling all milk . and serve brown. Clean and wash well a nice shad. All kinds of large fish may be fried in the same manner. FISH. It can be strained and used over cover them well. and mix thoroughly When cool. Put the milk on to boil . form into croquettes turn out to cool. the seasoning to . then again. and fry There must be enough to in boiling Olive Butter. a little nutmeg. it until a nice . rub the butter and flour together. dry towel. add to the milk. heat it boiling hot. substituting fish Cold beef or may be used in same way. and then in bread crumbs. roll first in egg. Proceed in same manner chicken for veal.

and then in bread crumbs. and add to it one tablespoonful of hot water. if it float the oysters in a fry- thoroughly. beat an egg well. then in the egg. Drain them brown paper. and then in bread crumbs. Drain nice large oysters free from all liquor. There must be enough oil to float them. season them with salt and cayenne. or two of the oyster liquor (hot) . Put six oysters in it you have one. and heat a frying-basket. boiling oil. finger. plunge into the on soft and fry until a nice brown. a slight opening at the gills. as they come out of the hot oil perfectly dry and free from grease. at the the them first in beaten egg. All small fish may be treated in the same manner. Put enough Olive Butter to ing-pan. These are delicious fried in Olive Butter.WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S SONS. and fry them in a pan of boiling Olive Butter. dip FRIHD OYSXHR-S. make tail. and serve on a hot dish. -15- . To clean them. all then draw them between the thumb and This will press out beginning insides. dip the oysters first in cracker crumbs.

is 1882. without a preThe firm cedent in anytliing of a similar nature. but. except its color but.HOW TO USE OLIVE BUTTER. about seven hundred of the most prominent wholesale houses of Eastern cities have given orders for these goods. Here was fornierly the situation in the kitchen . NEW CULINARY ARTICLE. a name. OLIVE BUTTER. probably. This article is a pure vegetable oil. Cincinnati. since the article was placed in small packages in cases. and is used as a substitute for butter and lard for culinary purposes. Olive Butter is an article thnt has made a progress into demand for consumption. the relative cheapness of the article and its freedom from all de- leterious qualities commending it to the favorable consideration of consumers. nothing of the " olive" in the butter. Cincinnati Price Current. besides being assured by chemists that this is a perfectly pure vegetable oil. all housekeepers who have tried it will agree that it is extremely economical and makes a very delicate frying material. October — S. PRESS NOTICES. absolutely free from animal fats of any kind. and in their efforts to present an article of the highest order of merit have far exceeded their sanguine expectations in the demand which their enterprising labors have created. introducing it has a reputation second to none in the country for honorable methods in business. THE NEW OLIVE BUTTER There's something in excellent for frying purposes. -16- . and over five hundred of these have given successive orders. Within the period of about two months. probably. Ohio.

or you could use salad oil. which is the frying material of all South Europe. it does not burn away or waste as rapidly as lard. but a clear. which. as should always be insisted on." or dripping. by its first expensiveness. to try using sweet oil. warranted pure. to conciliate our ridiculous American prejudices. The Qgg plants. But very few American housekeepers could be brought. Anybody who tries it will agree that it cooks as well as salad oil and as all vegetable oils heat at a lower temperature than the solid animal fats. to count much in the home market. you had butter. besides being expensive. this can be carefully strained and returned to the can. which was not cheap and "used up" very fast. after cooking. coming back to us in wicker-covered flasks as Italian olive oil. greenish oil have agreed to give us a home product. It comes in convenient cans. except it has been used for fish. like the kerosene oil cans. though. though costing alarmingly to begin with. which. as yet. It has a slightly pungent smell when — . oysters. required so little to do the work that the cooking school would tell you it was like the widow's cruse it did not seem to lose perceptibly after frying fifty oysters the bottle was neirly as full as before. and. because there is seldom enough of this to do the entire cooking with. without the ocean voyage. required a skilful cook to keep it from burning. the former of which it probably is. both of wliich are understood to have been for years exported to Europe. with a mouth-piece. Real olive oil from California is too small a product.WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S : SONS. cookmg. but which is no worse than other frying through the house. so that you can pour off just the desired quantity for use. leave out of the list " clarified fat. do not label it cottonseed or peanut oil. -17- . over the frying-pan You could take lard. The two best known vegetable oils that this country produces are cotton-seed oil and peanut oil. The manufacturers of the new Olive Butter which is not butter at all. wlien it must be put into a separate bottle and kept apart for this use. even wuh a conscientious person in the kitchen who understands how to save and use it all. We — . which is said to be entirely removed by the use of a pinch of salt.

and superiority. October 7. OLIVE BUTTER. Public Ledger. Philadelphia. it is beyond a doubt destined to supersede entirely both lard and butter for kitchen use. This commodity. If the product now being manufactured and sold by Washington Butcher's Sons under the name of Olive Butter is but one-half as excellent and useful for culinary purposes as its friends claim. just introduced by Washington Butcher's Sons. clam. and who appreciate healthful and unadulterated food. The grossness of the former and the expense of the latter have always been and always will be seriously objectionable and any pure and tasteless product that will accomplish the same or better results is certain to find millions of appreciative consumers. nor any taste whatever of the medium in which they are fried. and it is said by chemists to be the only material in which food for dyspeptics can be properly prepared. It is now used in nearly all of the large firstclass hotels and restaurants. it cannot fail to meet a long-needed want. The Inquirer. It is an absolutely pure vegetable oil. especially when a house having the repute of Washington Butcher's Sons places it fearlessly upon the market. 1882. — OLIVE BUTTER.HOW TO USE OLIVE BUTTER. prepared with great care. of this city. 1882. . Philadelphia. and. and guarantees its usefulness. is worthy the attention of all seekers of economy in the household. Olive Butter is therefore worth at least a trial. It is claimed by the manufacturers to require but half the quantity for the same purposes as lard and butter are used in cooking. and is destined to become very popular. -18- . August 2. the basis being refined cotton-seed oil. purity. August — S. The Press. Philadelphia. which is perfectly wholesome. 1882.or corn-fritters that are turned out of Olive Butter by a good cook have not a particle of greasiness about them. with a cheaper price.

and a well-known firm. August 30. OLIVE BUTTER. made from selected seed. Public Record. The price is alaout one-half that of lard. free from all adulterations. Philadelphia. For cooking purposes it is by some regarded as more satisfactory than either butter or lard. August 22. Even the Boston bakers use cotton-seed oil in their cooking. Buffalo {N. 1882. doughnuts fried in it are said to be cooked in "cotton butter. OLIVE BUTTER. The proprietors. 1882. 1882. enthusiastic writer says The A pound of Olive Butter will go twice as far as a pound of lard or butter. of Philadelphia. " An daintiest tidbits may be dressed in Olive Butter without fear of detracting from their flavor. Olive Butter is said to be a healthful and very nutritious product. Evening Telegraph." Frenchmen have for a long time resold the oil to us both as pure olive oil and as a packing for sardines. and treated and prepared exclusively is by Washington Butcher's Sons. Y. sweet and savory. Evidently the people cannot do better than to give it a trial. pressed with ice. SONS. August 6. Their guarantee is therefore to be accepted. are extensive dealers in lard. Philadelphia. An Atlanta authority defies any one to tell the difference between a steak fried in lard and one fried in cotton-seed oil. is advertised under of "Olive Butter.) Express.WASHINGTON BUTCHER'S OLIVE BUTTER. and rather with a certainty of improving it. A new article for cooking purposes name the -19- . of Philadelphia. under letters patent." It is claimed to be a pure vegetable oil. It is not so easily absorbed. Washington Butcher's Sons. This new rival of lard and butter for culinary purposes a product of cotton-seed oil. superior to either butter or lard for use in cooking. and food cooked in it is free from the greasy taste so : obnoxious to epicures.

free from adultera- tions.OLIVE* BUTTER <~^=7 MEANS Health. no greasy taste is imIt is muck cheaper than parted. and Cleanliness. in butter. and have been refiners of lard. is lieu of lard or of itself a sufficient guarantee. remains perfectly sweet in every climate lard or butter. and is unaffected by age. and requires but half the quantity to attain the same Articles of food cooked with results in cooking. "ZJYG present Olive Butter ^-*-' to the public with the conviction that it will permanently take the It place of lard and butter for culinary purposes. for many years. because product. It is the following a pure vegetable product. it retain their natural flavor. the oil not being so readily absorbed as it ordinary lard or butter. manufacturers amounting to —our trade millions of pounds annually. needs but a single trial to demonstrate for it its great value and merits. viz. Economy. is a vegetable The fact that we are. and It is much more nuiriiiotis than lard or butter. and we guarantee qualities. -20- . ABSOLUTE FREEDOM FROM ALL ADULTERATIONS OF ANY KIND. — and now and vegetable oil offer to the public this of our own manufacture for culinary purposes.

when heated. and luiiversally praised by dyspeptics for its great value. it. the basis of the very choicest re- fined cotton-seed vision. I A. have the Olive Butter boiling hot before using. after considerable experiment. Sole Manufacturers. C.*=^-J — Use in the same manner for cook- ing as you would lard or butter. For frying. ^-^=^PHILADELPH Directions. to admit air and permit free flow. 5. and. prepared under our own super- and warranted pure in every respect. oil. is Our Trade-Mark secured by letters patent. hold the mouth-piece upper- most. WASHINGTON + BUTCHER'S * SONS. Put up in 60 pound cases of 3. barrels. a pinch of salt will neutralize oil To pour from can. It is recommended by physicians as being more healthful than lard. cans. 5 and 10 gallon cans. . D. and we have succeeded which is in perfecting Olive Butter. regis- tered at the Patent Office in Washington.Cotton-seed oil for a long time has been used for effort cooking purposes. and first if any oily flavor is noticed. only use ^a(f the quantity for the same purposes. FOR SALE BY ALL GROCERS. and 10 pound and half barrels.

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