West City Elementary School Library

Mrs. Fredita L. Villanueva Teacher, Librarian and Registrar

Hours of Operation
Students will come to the library with their classes during their scheduled times. 8:00-10:20 2:00-3:00 Open Checkout

You may enter the library………….

You may NOT enter the library………..

Check Out Policy Kindergarten thru 6th Grade 3 Books All materials are due in 3 days  .

General rules    No eating inside the library Proper School Uniform No playing .

Check-In and Check-Out    2nd-5th students Check IN/OUT their own books Scanners stay in the cradles Books are returned to the Shelving Cart SPINE OUT:     Carts are labeled E BOOKS and FICTION BOOKS on one cart NON-FICTION BOOKS on one cart Carts must be kept orderly!   Shelf markers must be used at the shelves Watch the clock… students have 10 minutes to check-out books and return to class!! .

place on table top .Check-In and Check-Out    Librarians will help with Check IN/OUT Always return your books to the librarian If don’t know where book goes.

Book Care .

Do not tear pages Book Care Use Shelf marker Clean Hands Keep books Dry No eating around books Return books on time. Keep books away from toddlers Keep books away from pets Use a Bookmark Do not mark or draw on pages .

history. biology. literature. values education books .Collections       Picture Books General references Professional books for teachers Magazines CD-ROMs More books: Languages.

Services   The librarian conducts storytelling Teachers can borrow the CD-ROMs to be used in the classroom .

Check out some photos of the library .