A Taliban Marriage

By Elton Camp Afreet, finding his marriage was increasingly grim Located a marriage counselor & took his wife to him “This woman is ungrateful for all the good I do for her. That she might kill me why I sleep actually did occur.” “For her good, our marriage was arranged by force. But this vixen has no appreciation for that, of course. I require that she wear the burqa anytime she goes out For the face of a woman is what corruption is all about.” “When the laws of the Taliban she outrageously violated, I had her severely flogged until her evil acts she hated. With unrelated men, I have allowed her no association So that she is kindly spared the temptation of flirtation.” “To wear those high-heeled shoes my wife never must The sound of a woman’s footsteps cause a man to lust. When in public, for her to speak softly is my choice Because no stranger should ever hear a woman’s voice.” “So, marriage counselor, I now make this request of you What, with this rebellious wife, do you suggest I do?”