Subhiksha Giver of All Good Things


Contents • • • • • • • Background As is situation Idea Course of action Major hurdles faced Current Situation Advice to Young Entrepreneurs .

Background • • • • • About the entrepreneur Family Education Economic status Temperament .


As is situation • What was the scenario before he/she started on the new business idea • Market condition • Available options at that point in time .

Idea • Basic idea • Its scope as dreamt by the entrepreneur at the start .

Course of action • • • • Methodology tried by the entrepreneur Resources used by him /her Help received from others Capital used initially .

• Competition – Competiton was not that much .5 crores to net worth Rs 80 crores.But right upto 96 .staff was there but nothing much to do . They started from 2. the stock market collapsed. money . • Economical - Economical condition was very good.Major hurdles faced • Market. • Government . • Customers – Money .Governement was polite because the field they were working was for good purpose. • Others - Death of Viswapriya .During 1993 and 1994 market was good when they started IPO Financing.

During 2006-07 it achieved growth of 53.Current Situation • Current business status.R Subramanian was planning to achieve 2000 store and worldwide.8%.It was started in 1997 & closed in 2009. • Turnover. • Number of Customers served till date • New Expansion plans .And was planning of 30 Billion per year. .

. • The thing make difference is better thinking and experience otherwise world is full of minds . challenge yourself. • Go for smaller companies than bigger ones because smaller the companies more tools you have to operate and opportunities . Go in the market fight for your ways. Get some contacts and lot of information.Advice to Young Entrepreneurs • Filter the friends who think better and work with you .

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